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Shel Lupescu

Ms. Kevorkia's page

13 posts. Alias of Bombadil.


"The Duke does have the experience to be a team leader. Running a desert planet while under the threat of assassination seems a good resume to me. And hopefully he'll provide us with some spice for the cooking competition"

"You know, we don't have to stop at only frying Ice Cream. Why, I remember a wonderful state fair where they fried just about anything you could imagine. I did have to prune several patrons at the fair for being both slow walkers and loud talkers, but they had fried butter cubes, fried Dr. Pepper, fried Oreos, fried Snickers, fried...."

Ms. Kevorkia winks at the flea bitten carnival barker as she runs down the list of sponsors that had their food fried at that particular state fair.

"Deathmatch Extravaganza and NO death by robots or lynching! My word, I should have pruned you instead of the producer of the Krapdashians." Ms. Kevorkia proclaims with disdain towards the flea bitten carnival barker.

"Well, a cooking competition should be good, though I have a sneaking suspicion that our Monkish friend here will surprise us with his culinary expertise."A slight nod to Murder Monk. "Fried Ice Cream does sound delicious, I can't image anyone not enjoying that treat, why, we outta beat to death anyone that doesn't partake of it. Don't you agree Eldon?"

"Oohh, it just doesn't seem right, voting for Murder Monk as Team Loser, he's such a great advocate of the pruning program. Sure, his methods may be more a complete re-landscaping, but still it's just a version of heavy pruning." Ms. Kevorkia looks around wide eyed at the other criminals. "If anyone is a robot it's that Theremin-jigger playing fellow, only a robot could like that strange electronic sounding noise. Why, how do we know that isn't the robots speaking to one another, they could be plotting our very demise in front of us right now! And that Eldon fellow, practical, unassuming, down to earth, those are good qualities for a Team leader!"

Vote for Team Leader: Eldon
Vote for Team Loser: Leoian

Misinterpreting the interpretive dance of Alina, Ms. Kevorkia offers her sympathy. "Oh, dearie, I don't have any toilet paper with me, you better find a shrubbery soon by the looks of it!"

Turning to the crowd of miscreants, she offers up a positive, enlightening song. "And now for something completely different!"

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life..."

"Oh, Great", whines Ms. Kevorkia, "New Cars for the robots, so they're materialistic as well as being killers. I very much look forward to Pruning them from among us!"

Turning her attention away from the frivolous, yet admittedly good announcer, Ms. Kervorkia beams her smile at Alexander and claps her hands in glee.

"Oh Yeaaa, I loved your musical contributions, and if people had just heeded the message and used more deodorant then I wouldn't have had to Prune all those silly hippies at the music festivals!"

"Well, no one can Caterwaul worse than that, clearly Mittens has lost the Music Round already, and since everyone is vulnerable to Robot attacks then I hope those mechanical monstrosities have her head on a plaque soon."

The pouting Ms. Kevorkia turns a cold shoulder to the feline host, still upset that her Pruning Program was nixed.

"Bah, definitions, that's what got me into this mess! Pruning, I said, but no, murder they called it, society gardner I said, psychopath they called me. Now a simple program of selective pruning and dismemberment you label it." A frown stretches the pretty face of Ms. Kevorkia, "I'm just trying to help, why am I so misunderstood?"

Flouncing into the midst of the group, Ms. Kevorkia beams her bright smile and interjects her opinion.

"This will never do for selecting a team leader, we can't trust manager types, they are much too robotic already, it would be easy for a robot to adopt that role. A true 'manager' leads by example and the leadership we need is someone that can expose the robots. I offer a solution, the first person to do so I must note, and it is a simple matter really. I'll prune a limb from each of us and the ones with wires, mechanics, and circuits exposed are the robots. See, it's easy! Now line up, people, line up, and choose which limb you would like pruned. Does anyone have a set of large pruning shears?"

Ms. Kevorkia looks around expectantly, waiting for the queue to form.

"Ohh, splendid, it's time for Pruning!"

@Monk - Speaking of the 'time of illumination at hand', the awesome giant Cthulu mini in the Reaper Kickstarter set is great, thanks for showing me the coolness of Kickstarter (pledged $155, vampire level, plus 2 dracolich things, Jabberwock, and Cthulu monstrosity).

Join, people, Join! These games are great fun, see the links above. Everyone is welcome, 20 players makes it better. Don't be shy, give it a try!

Ms. Kevorkia settles into her interview chair, all smiles and sugar and spice.

"Oh, thank you so much for the chance to be here!" she beams at the camera, "I just know this contest was meant for me to gain freedom, everyone knows that I shouldn't be incarcerated."

She stares wide eyed at the camera, convinced of her absolute innocence.

"I'm no criminal, I help society! With so, so many people now-a-days it's necessary that we remove those that aren't fit for civilized populations. Selective Pruning is the only answer, I'm sure that I'm just misunderstood and that once people realize my good works they'll embrace the pruning program."

Beaming her smile at the producers, she addresses them, rather than the camera.

"Surely you gentlemen can attest to my good works, with all the terrible reality shows on TV it was necessary for me to prune the incompetent among your ranks. My elimination of the producers for the Krapdashians was healthy for society and reality TV, don't you agree?"

Without waiting for an answer, she turns back to the camera and continues.

"Pruning is sooo good for everyone of us. Just like it makes a shrubbery healthy, it helps society to be healthy! Shoplifters, illegal lane changers, slow walkers, inattentive parents, loud talkers, imagine how great society would be if we pruned these people from among us. No more overcrowded schools, no more traffic jams, no more reservations required, if we just pruned society we could all live in bliss!"

Batting her long eyelashes and flashing her winning smile, Ms. Kevorkia postures for the camera, eager to begin the game show.

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