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Priest of Pharasma

Mrdarknlight's page

954 posts (4,311 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 19 aliases.


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Twentieth First Session:
Cloak of Resistance +2
Large broken leather armor
huge leather belt with 6 human skulls on it.
Ring of Sustenance
warhammer +1
Magical cook book
great club +1
potion of cure serious wounds x2

Twentieth Second Session:
Few changes of clothes
scroll of age resistance
oak container
javelin of lightning
+1 light crossbow
10 fire bolt
10 acid bolts
Masterwork Scale mail
potion of cure light wounds
potion of cure moderate
creeping breastplate +2
wand of lighting bolt 10 charges
Alchemist Kit
3 masterwork blowguns
3 dose of concentrated shadow essence

Twentieth Third Session:
Devil's dung
Masterwork Kukri
Masterwork Spear
amulet of natural armor +1
handy haversack
battleaxe +1
masterwork morning stars x2

Twentieth Fourth Session:
unholy of Mestama
phylactery of negative channeling
potion of protection from arrow
bejeweled skull(Hag that was the woman we helped.)
piton x2
warhammer +2
belt of mighty constitution +2
masterwork breastplate
potions of cure serious wound x2
periapt of health

Twentieth Fifth Session:
4 Polish defoliant
2 wands of plant growth 9 charges
wands of speak with plant 12 charges
4 Oils of good berry
6 Flasks of defoliant
15 small rubies
1 large ruby(Soul in it.)
Eye of the Void.

Twentieth Sixth Session:
4 vials
Habit of the Winter Explorer
Obsidian Raven

Twentieth Seventh Session:
masterwork Glaive
necklace of fireballs type 2
potion of cure serious wounds
scroll of dimension door
scrolls of whispering wind
cloak of resistance +2
ring of protection + 1
bolts x20
heavy mace
masterwork heavy crossbow.
Rock of light

Twentieth Session:
2 potions
3 scrolls
masterwork silver dagger
Corn Husk Key
Skeleton Key(made from bone)
great axe
charred corpse of a small humanoid

Alright I will have updates done by later today, sorry weather+class been keeping me busy.

I was waiting to see on exact changes before I leveled up.

Nineteenth Session:
Grim Lantern
Masterwork Cold Iron Scimitar
+1 Giantbane Spear
Masterwork Pan Flute
Masterwork Alchemical Silver punching dagger.
Masterwork Falchion
Falcata +1 Ghost touch
3000 cp

Good to be back guys, now how do you want me to change my character to now fit things? Since it seems some things have changed while I was gone.

Hi guys.

Seventeenth Session
Lion Shield
potion of non-detection
rope of climbing
iron spikesx2
block and tackle
mossy green ioun stone
short bow
20 arrows
masterwork pan pipes

Eighteenth Session:
cloak of resistance +1
goat stomach bag
rough gemstone(Dead half eaten giant.)
50 ft of giant sized rope
climbers gear kit.
Staff of Healing
Gem of Brightness.

Sixteenth Session:
pieces of amber 2
deep blue spinel
2 jasper
12 pp
110 gp
707 sp
830 cp
Half Plate +1
potion of levitate
scroll of firewall
headband unshakable resolve
2 master scythes
4 javelins
spell component pouch
wand levitate 19 charges
potion of reduce person
12 gp
2 great clubs
hide armor x 2
4 javelins

Hey most likely will be a little late tomorrow.

Is cool man babies always come first.

Fifteenth Session:
warhammer +1
Expeditious Full Plate +1
Global of Blizzard
Breastplate x4
longbow x4
120 silver arrows
4 shortswords
Icelink Chainmail

Fourteenth Session:
Creepy Cat Thing(Shin)
Dragon Amulet
Money Amulet
Athame Amulet

Thirteenth Session:
2 great clubs
large great ax
clubs x2
dagger x2
tankard of ale x2
masterwork pipe
masterwork rapiers
Hyperboreal Robe
Potion of barkskin x 2
shield of faith Potion x2
Cure Moderate Potion x2
blue quartz tiara
ice diamond necklace
Magic Spectacles

My new pc is having an issue and will not turn on and all of my stuff is on it. I will see if I can get it working but I might have to miss this weeks game if I cannot fix it in time.

Eleventh Session:
Large Battle Ax x4
Fur hides x2
8 gp
Leather Collar studded with blue quartz
+1 Greatsword
potion of spider climb
|iron nose
12 brightly polished children skulls.
Masterwork composite longbow
+1 Scale Mail
Masterwork Studded Leather
3 javelin
necklace of fingers
75 gp
Hand of the Mage
Artist Stretch Book(Dirty Book)
Potions of Fly
Potion of Cure Moderate
Ring of Protection +1
Cauldron of Brewing
Wildwood Labyrinth
Music box snow globe
7326 cp
1900 sp
628 gp
24 pp
Heavy Wooden Shield +1
Owl figurine
Scroll of Blink
Scroll of See Invisible
Scroll of Scorching Ray
wand of true strike 5 charges
gold censor with holy symbols
Ever bloom Rose

Ninth Session:
potions of cure light wounds x4
studded leather x 4
composite long bow (+2) x4
80 arrows
longsword x4
winter gear x4
falconry gauntlets x4
snowshoes x4
24 gp
Nice Studded Leather
Rapier +1
Mastework Light Crossbow
10 bolts
Ring of Protection +1
masterwork thieves
17 gp
4 uncut rubies
179 gp
mirrors with lovers
wand of spider climb 17 charges
2 potions
masterwork studded leather
alchemy kit
morning star
formula book:
cure light wounds
bomber's eyes
expeditious retreat
endure elements

Eight Session:
Spear, Tiny
200 gp
Ushanka of the Northlands

Hey might be late today, should not be to long if I am late though.

Sixth Session:
Greatsword +1 (Gundar had this one.)
Elixir of Fire Breath
2 potion of cure moderate
scroll of magic weapon
masterwork greatsword
masterwork throwing ax
cloak of resistance +1
65 gp

elixir of truth
3 potions of feather fall
pair of silver bracers with dragons on it.
jeweled specter
3 blue quartz
256 gp
473 sp
894 cp

Potion of Flying
Scroll of returning weapon
leather armor
light wooden shield
Silver Necklace with star diamond pendant
84 gp

Silver Dagger +1
Jade Bracelet
2 dolls
silver medallion
gold signet ring
3 blue quartz

500 gp
2 scrolls comprehend language
2 removes disease scrolls
2 cure moderate
delay poison
dispel magic
Irrisen Mirror sight
threefold aspect
Youthful appearance

2 cure light wounds
2 reduce person potions

50, trade silver bars worth 50 gp
bag holding II
1290 gp
2198 sp
2798 cp

Tree Token
Bird Token
Robe of useful items.
Wand of Colorspray 23/50
Ring of Regeneration

Cloak of Resistance +1
Natural Armor Amulet
Ring of Protection +1
Cauldron of Overwhelming Allies

Fifth Session:
Masterwork cold iron longsword
Screaming bolts x2
potion of cure light wounds x2
potion of endure elements
Potion of interrogation
chain shirt
spiked light steel shield
masterwork light crossbow
lockbox with mirror
10 bolts
Cold weather outfit
189 gp

Large battle axe
light crossbows 3
chain shirts 3
longsword 3
545 gp

Masterwork coldiro long sword
Spiked Light Steel Shield
potion of cure light wounds x2
potion of endure elements
Potion of interrogation
Lockbox with Mirror
24 gp
60 gp

1 guard leader outfits
5 dead guard outfits

I was wondering if Cavalier and the Mammoth Rider PrC would be allowed? I understand in most games most of the time mounts are not use able.

It is cool if there is no room, do not want to force you to have a large group if you are not comfortable with larger groups. As for your story bit that works for me.

Book 2 is fine. Do not want to come in last minute on people.

Hey guys, finally have some time freed up. How is everyone?

Hello, I would be interested in the homebrew, I can make a urban ranger that focus on skills like a rouge. Also Hello Rigor Rictus.

Here is my Submission for the game. If any questions please ask, I took fiendish heritage feat so going to roll for the ability table see what I get. If the feat is an issue just tell me I can change it out.

First Roll:1d100 ⇒ 9
Second Roll:1d100 ⇒ 13
Third Roll:1d100 ⇒ 54

I will take the 54 and gain the DR.

I am interested and working on a ranger, suggestions on favor enemy for the game or at least ones that would not be seen much? I figured Monstrous Humanoid might be a good one, along with magical beast.

Ephraim Castellón As per DM-DR request posting character here.

Here is my submission I still have to work on what to get with the rest of his gold but otherwise he is pretty much done. Also I am going to roll to replace his Aasimar spell like ability so going to do that now. Lastly I wanted to ask if the twilight armor enchantment was okay? It is from 3.5 Book of Exalted Deeds lowers arcane failure chance. I did not place it on the sheet because I wished to ask about it first. Any questions are okay.

Roll:1d100 ⇒ 27

Fourth Session:
Snowshoes of Northern Pursuit
Leather Armor +1
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
club, sap
Leather Armor
Jug of Ale
4 Scrolls Cure Light Wounds
4 Scrolls Sleep
4 darts
leather armor

Party Bought:
Belt of Might Constitution
Cure Light Potions x6
Lesser Restoration x1

No I was wondering if he was allowed for worship so I could pick up his Celestial Obedience. Unless you meant for deities in general to. I was going to make a buffing cleric but after I thought of the idea saw group has a bit of divine so thinking of something else.

Seems cool, though my character idea might need a bit of helping working in later on. I really like the Hell Knight Commander PrC was wondering if it was okay of based on some of its requirements would be to much of a hassle.

Seems cool I want to try something new, I was wondering would you allow Damerrich as a deity? He is from Chronicles of the Rightous and he is one of the Empyreal lords. I know you said you would allow Pazio material but wanted to double check to make sure.

Third Session

Doll Gem Stone Eye.
Remove Curse
Resist Energy
potion of cure moderate wounds
tiny sickle
tiny sling
3 dose of liquid ice
2 thunderstones
Pair of Keys
Spear of Manhunting
Small Mirror
Cloak of Resistance +1
4 potions of feather step in a iron coffer
4 blue quartz ice diamonds
silver diadem
near flawless diamond
jeweled necklace
painting of Whitethrone
3 sapphire rings
nice scabbard
small statue of dancing sprites
2512 gp
3313 sp
1160 cp

Hut's Keys:
Lock of hair from a Frost Giant's beard
Plague Doctor's Mask

Second Session:
padded armor x4
bucklers x4
short swords x4
short bows x4
80 arrows
32 gp
20 sp

greenblood oil x2
mastework studded leather
light crossbow
10 bolts
Short sword +1
masterwork thieves tools
Ring of Keys
Stolen Spellbook
Chill Touch
Expeditious Retreat
Feather fall
Local Object
Ray of Enfeeblement
Animate Dead HD 10
wooded unholy symbol

gold ingot royal seal
fine elven riding boots
silver dagger with poison
leather portfolio with scroll like pages.
endure element
magic weapon x2
unseen servant

5 use healer kit
potion of Lesser Restoration
25 sp

First Session:
Signet ring
Pearl Inlaid Bracelets
Silver and Gold Necklaces
1 sapphire pendant.

5 leather armor
2 studded leather
2 light wooden shields
7 longsword
1 spears
masterworks dagger
2 light crossbows
Hide Armor

42 gp

Masterwork Composite Longbow (Str+1)
12 arrows
masterwork handaxe
14 gp, 25 SP, 18 CP

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ignacio is a taller half-elf with blonde hair, light colored eyes and tanned skin which is an odd combination. He wears common Taldan clothes with the mark of his house on it when traveling. He tends to not be seen without his sword at his side. When in combat he uses a the classic Taldan swordsmen style of Rondelero. Ignacio is a cheerful man that tends to be in good cheer, when danger is about however he grows very serious.

I am making a fighter.

Might be a little late to game Wednesday some stuff came up hopefully should not be to late.

I stopped seeing updates for this, around now. Also Hey TCG how you been?

Hello I am going to be playing Darius Castellón, Inquisitor of Ragathiel.

Darius is a half-elven man that seems to be in his early twenties but for those familiar with half-elves could tell that he is older. He is 6'0"
tall and seems to weigh about 170 lbs with pale skin. He has long brown hair in the style of his deity. The next noticeable thing about him is his eyes which are a deep purple in color.

That Balor critted so much in that fight.

Asch Redgrave wrote:
Good because your one of the only people Asch knows who can go head to head with him with no problems. In fact we should totally have an exhibition match for the school....also when's the next snipe hunt those are always fun?


Asch Redgrave wrote:

Sssooooo I wonder how my good friend Dacamara is doing...

Also is Enre still around because I really think he and Asch need to fight some more demons together and who know maybe we'll even keep our heads about us.

I was on a break because of school, I am about now.

Understandable Asch.

I had to deal with a car accident that caused one car to destroy the house's next door first floor and the second car almost hitting my first floor. Car accident's suck.

Also Hi people.

So everyone died? Enre must of been lonely.

Hey guys I am back, so many papers so many. Whats going on?

I just went with what fit my idea of the race.

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