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Mrachni's page

344 posts. Alias of Oladon.

Full Name





Cleric 1 | HP 11/11 | AC 15 Tch 11 FF 14 | Fort +5* Ref +2* Will +8* | CMD 12 | Init +1




6'1", 269 lbs



Special Abilities

Aura (Ex): Mrachni radiates a faint aura of law and goodness.






Common, Orc, Goblin

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 15
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 7

About Mrachni

Male Half-orc Cleric (Theologian) 1
LG Medium Humanoid (human, orc)
Age: 21, 6'1", 269lbs.
Deity: Iomedae
Domain: War
Init: +1, Perception: +4, Darkvision 60ft


AC 15, Tch 11, FF 14
CMD 12
HP 11/11
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +8
(+1 to all against spells and effects from evil outsiders)

BAB +0, CMB +1
Melee: +1 Longsword, +2 (1d8+2, 19-20/x2, S)
Ranged: ---

Speed: 30ft (20ft)
Languages: Common, Goblin, Orc

Feats & Traits:

Feats: Channel Smite

Outcast: +1 trait bonus to Survival, Survival is a class skill
Purity of Faith: +1 trait bonus on all Will saves and a +1 bonus on all saving throws made against spells and effects originating from an outsider with the evil subtype

Alternate Racial Traits:
Rock Climber: Half-orcs from mountainous regions are excellent climbers, and sometimes ambush prey by leaping down from above. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks. This racial trait replaces the intimidating trait.
Sacred Tattoo: Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.

Cleric Archetype: Theologian


Acrobatics: +0 (-1)
Appraise: +1
Bluff: -2
Climb: +0 (-1)
Diplomacy: -2
Disguise: -2
Esc. Art.: -1 (-2)
Heal: +4
Intimidate: -2
Know. Arcana: +5
Perception: +4
Ride: -1 (-2)
Sense Motive: +4
Spellcraft: +5
Stealth: -1 (-2)
Survival: +9
Swim: -1 (-2)

Spells & Abilities:

Aura (Ex): A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity's alignment (see detect evil for details).
Orisons (3/*):
detect magic
create water
Level 1 Spells:
magic weapon (domain spell)
obscuring mist
Domain Abilities:
Battle Rage (Sp) (+1, 7/day): You can touch a creature as a standard action to give it a bonus on melee damage rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level for 1 round (minimum +1). You can do so a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
Channel Energy 1d6: 1/day
Spontaneous Casting: Can sacrifice a level 1 spell to cast cure light wounds instead


Total Weight: 62 lbs. (medium encumbrance)

Weapons and Armor:
longsword 4 lbs
+1 longsword 4 lbs

chain shirt 25 lbs

backpack 2 lbs
bedroll 5 lbs
chalk x2 --
flint & steel --
rations x5 5 lbs
rope (50', silk) 5 lbs
needle --
waterskin (full) x2 8 lbs
spell component pouch 2 lbs

Cash: 13gp, 3sp, 8cp (150 starting gold)


Mrachni was raised (if such it can be called) by a vile tribe of orcs, being taught war and violence from infancy. He never knew his mother or father, having been abandoned in the forest at birth and found by the tribe, who were suffering from lack of numbers at the time.

Mrachni never felt that he belonged with the orcs; they fed and clothed him, but still he bore the brunt of much ill-restrained hostility and age-old hatred. He managed to survive, day to day, but each day became more of a strain as tensions grew.

When he turned 14, the age of manhood for orcs, he was sent by the tribal leader to prove himself -- by ransacking a nearby village and bringing back a human female to ill-use.

He fled.

Living in the wilderness, scorned by humans and by his own mind, and not daring to consort with orcs, he wandered from place to place, barely surviving at times. The actions his tribe had taken toward human villages during his youth filled him with a fear, a dread he did not understand. Even when he was nearly starving after fleeing the tribe, he could not enter a human village to steal from its inhabitants. Instead, he raided goblin encampments while they slept, stealing enough to survive another few days.

One day, after three years in the wilderness, Mrachni awoke to find himself bound and being dragged across the forest floor. The mob of humans who'd somehow stumbled across his hiding place considered him an orc -- and how could he blame them? They dragged him into their marketplace and tied him to the central pole, before beating him senseless.

For two days they continued this treatment, neither feeding him nor providing water for his thirst. He could not understand their speech, and his attempts to communicate in Orc were extremely short-lived. On the third night of Mrachni's captivity, a strange human approached him, glancing around warily as if afraid of being seen. The human spoke, but the voice was neither angry nor resentful. Mrachni looked up, and there was kindness in the face he saw. The paladin cut his bonds, healed his wounds, and beckoned for him to follow. He followed.

Over the next four years, Mrachni learned of Iomedae, goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor. As he learned, the knowledge grew within him that he must repay the debt he owed the goddess -- the debt for his life, which her servant had saved on that cold winter night. Recognizing his debt, he pledged himself to her service, carving her symbol into his flesh in the ignorant way of his people... and she astonished many by responding to his pledge with her clear favor, given in the form of abilities, knowledge, and mercy no half-orc outcast can expect.


Favored Class Bonuses (Cleric):
1: +1 HP

Hero Points: 3

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