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MrGH's page

14 posts. Alias of Emperor7.




Daughter turns 18 today. I'm now father to 4 adults. Mrgh.

EDIT: Nekkid fatherhood?! That's what got me into this mess in the 1st place!


Man, the blargs seem to be going around. Count me in as one of the victims.

Actually, I was going to post this before I saw the other blarg posts - I'm thinking my new job responsibilities are sucking the imagination out of me. Can't seem to have fun anymore, or the energy to seek fun out, but the stone wall of no imagination is a 1st for me.

Maybe it's just the blargs. We hatez them!

Mrgh Mrgh Mrgh,

Mrgh mrgh mrgh mrgh. Mrgh mrgh mrgh mrgh mrgh mrgh. Mrgh mrgh mrgh mrgh?

Mrgh mrgh,



1 person marked this as a favorite.

Happy Mrgh day!






Yes, Mr F, you seem to have a cavity starting on the tooth under your bridge. It will be $1200 to fix that. That's IF your insurance doesn't exclude coverage.

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