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Hoary Muntjac

Mortifier's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale. 131 posts (134 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Hima Flametinker III wrote:
I'll just have...water then. ):

As if I wouldn't carry different drinks for our non beer drinking brethren. ;)

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Thanks everyone.

Beers all around!

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Well in Society games you need to be 1 step away from your deity's alignment regardless of class. As for the good and evil part it seems that people aren't looking at the ends justifying the means, but rather the intent. Wanting to kill for the fun of it is considered evil in Pathfinder, so your character would be evil. By joining the Society to do that it seems that your character would be closer to Lawful Evil, as you are going through appropriate channels to kill.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Dear J, (Velsa-IronRage)

I am unsure if it is I you were talking about being the one on the couch expressing my displeasure. I am Ian. I remember a game in which we came together to test impossibilities. Revenge for some of our prior defeats at the hand of Krune. To play something we were very likely not succeed at, yet have a good time doing so with the company of fellow Pathfinders (The true reward). We had laughs and joy in the intro. We almost got that dava to join without pay! For the greater good of course (I and my character are CG). If only she had at a bite of that cookie! :cough: wafer :cough:. They were tasty.

I did have a conversation on the sofa with my fellows after their demise, but none of that had to do with the game. We chatted of plays, people on stage. The things on our minds and of things that made us happy. I came to the game to play with my friends and play with them I did.

I think the game was ran correctly and fairly. Does that mean there will be vast differences between judge to judge? Yes, of course! It is the same with all scenarios. So we got an excellent GM that knows what she is doing. Well good. The more I know, the better I know how to build.

Should such a hyper variable be included into PFS in the future scenarios? I don't know. It appears to cause some dissent, but it also proves more of a challenge. I'm there to be with people, not to win.

I can understand your frustration. I did not bring a melee fighter, which is normally my specialty, to the fight. After hearing others were not bringing their A-game-characters I decided to do the same. I expected death as no less. To quote myself in response to the game inquiry sent to me by a venture officer ". . . I thought we were all on the same page of 'we came, we saw, we died, we laughed about it over a pint.' If our party comp was different we could have stood a chance, but we happened to be mostly casters in an AMF."

I have no doubt we would have wrecked it if we brought our A game.

In the future chat with me about it before posting how you thought I felt, if it is me you were talking about.

-Guy on the couch.

Edit: "if we brought our A game".

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Undone wrote:

It sounds like you're implying you cast planar ally...

Planar ally is not negated by antimagic field. Calling magic actually brings the creature to you. It is not summoning. The creature is actually here.

Even if he could simulacrum said creature (He can't) The called creature stays.

We did get a planar ally. It was not negated by the AMF.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Your time to shine is coming up. Any news on this? You have a Warhorn website? Where should GM's/Players sign up?

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Congrats. Does this mean he gets to change his "Sean Name?"

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Chris Clay wrote:
Neon Galaxy is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/other convention and is not affiliated with NeonCon. I apologize for any confusion that may have come about due to the name similarity but the con name was picked out before I was asked on board and it's too late to change it.

Oh ho?? I'll have to bring this up to the San Diego crew. It will be great to have a Con in Oct - Nov.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

I see what you mean, however I'm pretty sure it is ment to be a racial evolution.

I looked over the Additional Resources for the book in question and noticed that new class content that is allowed for all races is given the "OK." I would expect to see the same thing for summoner evolutions if it was allowed, unfortunately that is not the case.

The two examples I found:

"The new alchemist discovery on page 44 is legal for play for characters of all races."


"The rogue talents on page 193 are legal for play for characters of all races."

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Had a great time, thanks guys.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

@Mike I missed the podcast, but know I can watch it later and it only took me 3 minutes to come to the forums to figure out what I missed. I highly support going with modern methods of communication.

Elsi Ambustiana wrote:
The Decimverate may try to silence us, but there will always be those who put the welfare of their fellow Pathfinders over the contents of a tomb.

::A human man of age far beyond his adventuring prime steps out::

"Names Abrum Darius, or just Abe to my comrades. Would be a tragedy if someone infiltrated the Grand Lodge and messed up their goals."

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

By keeping the "Average party level" test, we could always just do flat money based on Character level regardless of playing up or down if the goal is keep people at or near level appropriate gold. Could even offer special boons for playing up that the GM could check mark on the chronicle if met to their satisfaction.

On the chronicle instead of having gold based on Tier, have gold by level. For Example, every tier 1-5 would look like this:

Level 1: 333
Level 2: 666
Level 3: 1000
Level 4: 1500
Level 5: 1833

(The example is based on a formula keeping gold exactly as detailed on Table 12-4 on page. 399 of the Core Rulebook and could be modified for more or less gold accordingly.)

Formula is: Level appropriate gold - Prior level gold / 3 (because you get three chronicles worth of gold.)

This method would encourage people to play up, not penalize people that play down, and ensure scenarios can be played with wealth appropriate characters.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Not an idea I disagree with. A place for new players to identify with when first looking for PFS information. Who cares if all the answers are stereotyped into such categories as suggested. A player willing to ask will ask anyway, be it in general, or in a "New to PFS" category. Unsure of the logistics, perhaps it is to much trouble to implement for the benefit.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

My only real concern would be chronicle abuse.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

15k is worth DR 3/- in your example.

Besides that, why add a whole new level of complexity to go from +1 to +2. +1 to damage and hit on your shinny new weapon or +1 to AC on your new armor really doesn't make enough difference to change the rules over. +1 is nothing. Seriously. Look into some of the consumables you could purchase instead to become a well rounded character.

Get a character above level 7, perhaps then you will see how futile this post is.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

We have a 13 year old GM in SoCal, he should be getting close to his first star. He even did some judging at a convention this year.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

1 person marked this as a favorite.
nosig wrote:
edit: If I am running a cleric of Asmodaus, can I put down as my day job: Profession: Orphanage Day Care Worker? (working for the Cheliaxian goverment in their outreach program) or am I going to have some judge revoke my cleric status for doing "Good Deeds" if I get a "35" on my day job?

Best. Quote. Ever.

I agree. You can't really apply real world ethics to Pathfinder. Real world ethics have a lot of grey area and Golorian ethics are rigid and defined.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

-An infernal influenced armor expert (Cleric, Cheliax)
-A Defender of Society with an indomitable faith (Fighter, Qadira)
-Defender of Society born as a Savannah child (Fighter, Shadow Lodge)
-A Reactionary Fast Talking Alturistic Diplomat (Expert, His Lodge) yay boon trait
-Danerously curious Veteran of the Valashmai wars (Paladin, Lantern Lodge)

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Sleeping in light armor does not cause fatigue. Medium and heavy does.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

1 person marked this as a favorite.
rangerjeff wrote:
Guess I can try to get in touch with my VC and hope he responds to see if he has access to posters/fliers. What else can I do? Has anybody else had good experiences as a player doing things to get game days better attended? Share your stories, please.

Good call getting in touch with your VC. Not only is it helpful to you, but also to your community as a whole.

My partner and I hosted a weekly game in SoCal for about a year, had many good experiances and made a lot of good friends. I think we were one of, if not the first weekly week-day PFS games in SoCal. I learned over the year that the majority of our draw was from out of town and eventually those people started PFS games in their own town. After losing my job our weekly game eventually died, but now there are 3 or 4 weekly week-day games in SoCal, so it worked out for the best for the community.

Still have all those friends we made. =)

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Deep Forest is probably my favorite, you can use it in many out door situations.

Edit: Most used? The older modules use Waterfront Tavern a lot, however I think that is out of print. Another somewhat often common flip mat in older modules is Mountian Pass. Town Square, Theater and Ship are also sprinkled in there.

Newer Modules seam to be mixing it up quiet a bit. I haven't been able to pinpoint a specific mat being used often.

Personally I like owning the real pain in the butt ones to draw, otherwise I will just draw it.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Have you tried contacting your VC or VL yet and informed them? PFS officers really need the support of the community to know what is going on in their region.

Currently Cleveland has both a VC and VL. You can find their profiles on this page:

If you have not contacted one of them I suggest sending a private message.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Understandable not wanting to confront someone, particularly someone you spend time with. Nor is reporting some ones actions always in best interest, however in the interest of the community doing so is probably the best thing.

No one here in this on-line community knows your area of gaming as well as you and your community. If true, if false, your Venture Officer likely wants to know. Past reports, on-going-concerns, sort things out, makes things better.

As VC Mr. Eric Brittain said over the weekend, and I paraphrase "I want to know it all. Tell me of those times you waited for only the end, to be done and leave. Tell me of when you wished the night could go on and on. What made it that way? Why was it good or bad? What scenario?" He was a bit more eloquent and energetic in his telling.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Good job Kyle, and to all the people that make PFS possible.

According to the misfire rules "If the natural result of your attack roll falls within a firearm's misfire value, that shot misses, even if you would have otherwise hit the target."

It seams to me under RAW you would still misfire. It says nothing about hitting your target or a different target otherwise. It could even be argued that you would not hit an "adjacent threat to your intended target" since it states ". . . even if you would have otherwise hit the target."

I would expect table variation on the ruling.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

I play everything as is, roll all dice in front of PCs, never pull punches, however I sometimes forget some aspect of combats because I'm focusing to much on the RP.

I find when I run things as written everything works out pretty well. The PC's feel the threat of dying and yet in the end they succeed. I also discourage playing up.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Not sure what scenario you all are talking about, but I just have to say: I love season 4. Everything else was just way to easy.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Close enough =P.


*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Too much logic in this thread.

Pathfinder and all games that have a mechanic to playing are not based on logic, they are based on the mechanics.

Something your character should have known, yet does not have ranks in knowledge? Too bad, game mechanics are not based on what you should-have-would-have-might-have-may-have known. It is only based on what your character does know after rolling a die.

Pathfinder is Mechanics based, not logic based. Most problems can be answered by this simple truth.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier


I'll bring you one to clink one of these days I can get up north of CA. A good one no less.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Good job ;).

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

The Great Rinaldo! wrote:
Actually, as long as you are in a large settlement (which you are assumed to be between scenarios), you just pay an additional 50% of the scribing cost to pay for access to another wizard's spellbook. Thus for a 2nd level spell, you spent 60gp and make the DC 17 Spellcraft roll.


Where did you find the "additional 50% of the scribing cost to pay for access to another wizard's spellbook".

P.S. to the OP, don't forget you can get 4th lvl wizard spells with 2 PP.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

After looking at pictures of a Daikyu I would agree it is not a composite bow, it lacks the recurve. However:

Heirloom Weapon trait - Longbow proficiency, get a composite bow. (100g if it has a +0 STR bonus.)

Spell - masterwork transformation to masterwork your weapon (so you can upgrade it with Adaptive later, which will allow you to use your full STR bonus, though the weapon must first be +1)

Description - A very tall bow that looks more powerful than a normal
one and looks similar, yet is not quiet like a Daikyu.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

What a cool idea, however I agree with Andrew, it would pretty much take an entire overhaul of the current reporting mechanics. I fear such a change would put even more work onto the shoulders of GMs and volunteers.

But hey! If you have a bar let me know! Wolf, my devout Halfling follower of the brave lord of spirits would like to visit for a day (week when including hangover) or two.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

I had the same problem when hosting a weekly game, I was lucky to get a small group of dedicated GM's (one of which went on to become the first VL of LA.)

One thing I never did do, and should have, was to start or end the session with a straight up honest question to my players. "Can any of you GM in the near future? We would like a break." I think I would have got a few bites.

Not sure if your hosting at a game store, but what a local game store does for game days is to have a small fee for players to sit at the table (a dollar per player) and the GM gets store credit at the end. It was a pretty cool.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

It is true a neutral druid has some difficult finding a place to fit in with the factions.

Lantern Lodge always struck me as the most neutral faction and I think it represents more then just Monks, Ninjas, and Samurai. It is an entire culture and way of life, which extends far beyond just three classes. Furthermore when you consider all the different races in Golorian it completely changes the dynamic of what we would normally consider ethnicity.

Would an elf from Tian Xia be an Asian elf? Or still just an elf that happens to live in Tian Xia? They of course could be if that is how someone envisions it, but when I think of an Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, etc. I envision them as a culture on their own despite where they live.

Grand Lodge is a close second for neutrality for me, however being loyal to the Decemvirate strikes me as leaning toward Lawfulness.

CRobledo wrote:
I think celestial plate armor is also not legal.

Celestial full plate and celestial chainmail are legal for play. The celestial shield on the other hand is not.

There is technically a loophole for getting the shield since it is not outlawed through the Advanced Race Guide, but you have to be an assimar to take it.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I use to try to optimize a lot, but found I ended up with a really strong combat character that had no soul.

Now when starting a new PFS Character I like to:

1) Come up with a concept that is fun to play
2) Make a build that is fun, works with the concept, yet is still useful to the party.
3) Write a background, doesn't have to be long, but it is nice to have something to say when someone asks you.
4) Write a journal from my character's perspective on thoughts of religion, different factions, why they joined PFS, etc.
5) Not worry about what table I'm sitting at, only worry about making the most of it.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

CarlosEstevez316 wrote:

1) Can I have mundane clothing such as an Explorer's Outfit, made out of Eel Hide for the DR 2/Electricity?

Looks like only the armors listed can be make of eel hide.

This supple material offers as much protection as leather, but is more flexible and resistant to electricity. Leather, hide, or studded leather armor can be produced with eel hide. The armor check penalty of such armor is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and the maximum Dexterity bonus of the armor is increased by 1. Additionally, wearing eel hide grants the wearer electricity resistance 2. Armor crafted from eel hide is always considered masterwork, and the masterwork costs are included in the listed prices.

CarlosEstevez316 wrote:
2) Can I have Leather Armor made of Eel Hide, wear it under my Breastplate, and even though the AC bonus won't stack, would the DR 2/Electricity stack if there is no DR on my Breastplate? If there is DR, will they stack? what if each has a different type of DR (ie: Electricity for the Eel Hide Leather Armor, & DR Aberrations for my +1 Defiant (Aberrations) Breastplate)

You may only have one item in a slot, armor slot for this example, unless it is a slot-less item.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Mort Greystone Lvl 12 fighter archer. (Qadria)

Ash the Immortal Pathfinder, lvl 12 cleric of the great Asmodeus. (Cheliax)

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Brian Darnell wrote:

This has been a very entertaining thread. I have played and ran for Mort's Scrollmaster Abe and that character has been very fun to play with and run for.

@Mort - do you recommend a specific school for a scroll master? I was thinking Transmutation for the stat boost.

That is what I did, however it is rarly used anymore since I have to stay in the back. Just isn't enough BAB / AC / HP to be in melee without dying. It would work well if you were a deciple of Ash though! Oh, btw, Ash died again.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I feel that I have finally come full circle with Role playing and PFS.

When I made my first character for society I had a lot of ideas of how it would be and expectations, yet I had never played a game within an organized setting. I developed a background, a story, motivation, and calculated everything down to the last stone of weight. Then I played my first game and was rather disappointed to find out that a lot of the role playing I was expecting simply wasn't there. I'm not the type that can RP at a table with other that don't RP, though I'm working on it.

When it came time to develop my second character I went to straight min-max soulless character. Though he was strong, he was also completely dry and boring on the occasions that RP was a possibility.

The next couple characters I made were based around a theme. They were easy to RP and usually got some laughs and were a good addition to any party. A lot of the most memorable characters in PFS I know are kind of like this and it is always a pleasure to play with any of them.

At the last convention in LA I went to someone said, not directed at me, "why does your character do what he does?" I got to thinking about this question and it is so much more in depth when though of from the character's perspective. The actual why do you get out of bed and join with a group of fellow pathfinders and risk your life. Why see terrible things from monsters, ruthless killing on both sides, to tragedies when our fellow pathfinders die. Why do you do it?

I felt a little embarrassed, even though the question was not directed at me. With the exception of my first character I had no answer to that question or indeed any of the other questions that were raised.

I've finally come back to understand and see how important that information is. Not only for self satisfaction, but for me to properly RP a character I need to be able to think like that character and for that I will need to know why he does what he does. How he came to be, thoughts on other factions, religion, the society as a whole, and goals for himself.

I'm really trying to go over on board on this new character, that way I can answer any question from his view point. Hopefully to add some more fun into society as well. I think Gygax's book would give me some valuable insight, thanks for pointing it out, perhaps I can pull it up on my old dusty kindle.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:

I'm toying with the idea of playing a scrollmaster. They seem like quirky fun. But it occurred to me that, since I won't be able to scribe my own scrolls, and I will go through them pretty quickly in scenarios, the cost might be prohitibive.

Has anyone had any experience playing a scrollmaster in Society play who can comment?

Alternately, have any of you math types crunched any relevant numbers?

I have a scrollmaster in society (Abram "Abe" Darius) a very old gray hair human and he is by far my favorite charictor that I have played so far, due to RP reasons.

I built him with melee combat in mind, basically hitting people with scrolls for the wtf value and gave him one level of fighter. It worked very well for a few levels. After about level 5, any type of hand to hand combat with Abe basically became irrelevant. He can't hit anything because of 1/2 BAB and he dosn't have the HP to be in melee.

Min-max wise he is a horrible charictor lol, and yet still my favorite. Abe is now a buffer, casting heroism, haste, bulls STR, etc. often off of scrolls. Debuffs and direct damage spells don't work because my DC is to low. Buffing young lads and lasses, reminds him of the good old days of fighting in melee. He still gets to hit things every once in a while and it still gets cross-eyed looks. Abe also carries a lot of high level scrolls on him, he is a very expensive charictor, but disinegrating people is fun.

Looking back on Abe, if I were ever to make a scrollmaster again I would not put the level of fighter. Just go straight scrollmaster for the "staff like scrolls" at level 10 that scrollmaster gets. 25g for a casting lvl 10 magic missle scroll. Yes please.

It has probably been said already in this post, but you can only but lvl 6 scrolls. You can get the lvl 7-9 scrolls later on, but only if you are able to cast that level of spell.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

James Apostolou wrote:

Will there be any Halloween Boons this year? I have not seen anything or heard anything so i figured I would ask. If not I think it would be great to have one.

It could be a literal TRICK or TREAT :D

I belive holiday boons normally follow Galorian holidays, not earth holidays.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Chris Mortika wrote:

. . . My in-character justification for novels' boons and Chronicle sheets for "We Be Goblins" is that the PC heard a very detailed story, or met the characters involved, and some of their attitudes and proficiencies rubbed off.

I'm not sure why my PFS inquisitor should get access to a rune-covered sword because my Thursday night campaign rogue found such a widget. (Maybe the AP character put it on the market?)

I do agree with this. Furthermore I disagree with the origonal idea of table credit in PFS for running home games. If things are to remain seperate then they should be seperate.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Chris Mortika wrote:


The difference between a module and an entire campaign is that, well, at the end of a module you can go back to standard PFS scenarios. If you run a character through an adventure path, he'll be 16th level or so. Congratulations, here's a Chronicle sheet good for 45 XP and 60 Prestige. Oh, and you can purchase potions of bull's strength.

True. Though I don't see to much problem with people leaving in between the chronicles, depending on the AP of course. If made playable only once like all other PFS games, and make it so people give up the right to continue with the AP if they deviate from it in any way such as: Playing a scenario or module in between AP chronicles. Then the incentive would be to make a new Character for AP's being run.

I normally don't argue for or against such things and just watch what happens. However the amazing in-depth gaming of Paizo's AP's combine with the easy access, playability, and variety of socializing that PFS offers seams to be a very alluring idea on paper.

In reality of course it might be to hard to schedule or just plainly to difficult to implement, but I suspect that is not the case and really would be worth the time.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

TetsujinOni wrote:
. . .APs and PFS are apples and oranges, people. They don't need to meet and the fruit salad would taste mighty funny.

APs and PFS are apples and oranges, but that is because you are comparing an organization to an adventure path. Modules and APs are very simular.

Modules have seen a lot of success in PFS, expanded the available playable games and increased the hard level cap. I think APs if properly designed would do well in PFS as well.

What is your argument for not introducing APs?

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Yup, the GM ran it correctly. I highly suggest buying Seekers of Secrets getting a clear ion stone and slotting it into your Wayfinder.

Wayfinder Resonant Powers (Clear spindle): "Protection from possession and mental control (as protection from evil)." (Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets, pg. 52)

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

I think a better idea would be to make AP-like adventures spacifically desinged for PFS. It would be great for multi-slot conventions and game days.

Adjusting exsisting APs would be difficult since no AP that I know of to date was developed with PFS time restraints in mind or indeed a timed schedule at all. You finish a chapter when you finish a chapter.

The only way I can think of releasing exsisting APs to PFS would be to completely re-design the exsisting AP storyline to suit PFS. Then releasing a new book with the PFS version of the same AP. I actually would be willing to pay to pick up both versions.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Eastvale aka Mortifier

Ryan Bolduan wrote:
Xzaral wrote:
Basically take a race boon, and instead of playing the race you get favored enemy bonuses against that race, which stack with favored enemy. The way it reads seems you can do multiple race boons with it as well, but not the same one more than once.

I need me one of those.


Lol I was thinking the exact same thing. Suddenly everyone hates Tengu, Asimar, and teiflings.

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