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Morrie Lewin's page

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These were on my "must buy" list for GenCon as I really wanted the tactile feel and feedback of coinage in my game so I picked up two boxes to see if I would like them. I do, and the GenCon special coin (5,000 gp dragon) is very nice. I will admit; a lower price would make this item a more desired commodity for game play. The individual wrapping of each coin was a bit excessive, but it may have been the best tradeoff in packaging for shipping without scratching the coins. I will be watching to see how the coins hold up in actual use, as far as scratching/denting goes.

I enjoy the reaction when a stash is uncovered and the counting that ensues. Some of the "live" pocketing of the coins is interesting to observe with actual props to work with. Yes, they do clink and at the most inopportune moments!

The first storage cases I used were not exactly easy to use to get the coins in and out of, but I found a storage case at Home Depot with 16 tip out storage boxes (they all tip out in tandem, making all coins accessible immediately) which is very convenient, but with a slight drawback; I think it will take another 8 or so boxes of Coins to fill it up! {sigh}

Now that they are available from Paizo, I think I know what to put on my Christmas list. Much cheaper than paying shipping from Down Under!

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