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Morrick's page

14 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Nexus 6.

Dark Archive *

When I played Silent Tide it was my first Mod. with PFS. At the time the DM indicated to us there were Acts and money would be alotted between acts. We would have immediate access to that cash to buy items in game and we would deduct that amount from our perspective AR at the end of the mod. I have not seen that since the first mod. Now I am about to DM the fourth installment Mists of Mwangi. Mind you I already played it. In that mod. they have acts and it specifically says how much money the players should be awarded or not at the end of each Act. My DM for that mod. never mentioned we could use the money in game as needed between Acts. So my question is: Are some of the mods., particularly the ones structured like 1 and 5, designed to allow players access to there cashflow in game between Acts. Or did the DM misinterpret the structure of the mod in game 1. This question is specifically for PFS Paizo staff but any thoughts are appreciated.

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