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Morrick's page

14 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Nexus 6.


Dark Archive

AP assume a PB of 20 not 15.

Dark Archive *

Enevhar Aldarion wrote:
Kingbreaker wrote:


How do you feel about a player (me) showing up with scanned chronicle sheets from the online PFS play using a VTT?

I'm the guy who was sitting next to the fellow you mention in the post above when you enforced the "must have hard copy" rule. . . so this isn't just a rhetorical question :)

- would you accept a link to the web page discussion about the adventures as credentials?

Unfortunately, what individual GM's may say does not really matter since Joshua is the head of the Pathfinder Society and his word is the law. Here is his post from earlier in this thread:

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Just like you have to have the physical copies of your chronicle sheets, you must also have the physical copy of your character sheet.

I would beg to differ with you on that Enevhar. At a table, unless Josh is sitting next to you and in a particularly prickly mood, the GM is law. If a GM chooses to accept a scanned copy of anything at the table and someone at the table were to send a note to Josh saying, "Dear Josh, I think you should know that a GM here at the so and so convention accepted a scanned blank." I doubt seriously that Josh would suddenly shoot the GM a Dear John letter. The rules are there to give GMs the guidance and authority to enforce the expected etiquette at a table. It is still about keeping the game flowing and the experience positive and in the GM section of the PFS rule book it effectively says that GMs should use there own discretion when dealing with issues regarding players and play. That being said, Chris, if one GM allows it don't expect that all GMs should allow it. As Enevhar has pointed out the rule of thumb has been set down by Josh. The question you have to ultimately ask yourself is; Is it worth taking the risk of a "no" every time you show up at a table?

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thorun09 wrote:


One of the great things about society is that you can sit down with up to six complete strangers, and enjoy approximately 4 hours of game play. Instead of going off target here, let me just say I think this forum is a sad way to express what society is about. Not once in any of my adventure's in society, with several great dm's and player's was anything brought up about books vrs. pdf's. Hero Lab is a great program, and I'm slowly converting to it. I would hate to think that I would go to a convention and sit down with someone who would seriously dig that deep into a character. If I were the player I would be offended. Am I saying I'm perfect, nope. I'm saying I'm there to have fun, not be scrutinized by some rules lawyer.

Bottom line is this, society play offers a fair way to play @ conventions. And while a rule or set of rules might be mistaken, no one I've played with or gm'd for has tried to play unfairly. Take it at face value and enjoy the true meaning of society. Have fun with those you game with and enjoy the experiences.

I don't post often, but when I see a forum heading down this road, I figured I'd say my two cents worth, and never revisit this particular forum.


As a player/GM I would have to say one should never assume that extreme cases are the norm Bobbo. I think what is being discussed in terms of examples are very specific scenario's. It is not meant to imply that GMs/Coordinators at conventions are going to be looking over your shoulder like Nazi's and expecting you to be following the rules to the letter. However, there are those who feel that rules are there to break. It is those few that manage to fuel and drive these detailed types of discussions. Also, it is important to point out that this game is not just about players. GM's also are entitled to have fun. That fun is often manifested in knowing good clean fun was had by all. I, for example, don't like it when folks show up to a table with no character sheet. I also don't like computer dice rollers at my table. Why? Not because I don't trust their randomness but because I want to see the roll. I want to see the character sheet. Plain and simple. As a GM I shouldn't have to get up and walk over to a player in order to see something I am curious about. I should be able to say, "May I see your character sheet please?" and bang you hand it to me. That is not being unreasonable. I have a fellow who consistently shows up to play with no character sheet. He notoriously rolls off the top of his head. Now if I have no mechanism in place to refer to then that fellow would argue and waste time and ultimately I would have to let him play. Inevitably other players would argue, "Well you let him play" until eventually GMing becomes a chore. Without GMs there are no P and P role playing games. I use Hero Lab myself. I make sure to printout my character sheet. I have my books in PDF format on my little laptop which I bring with me as well. I do this because I never assume that a GM will allow the use of items not generally accepted in P and P games. There are rules for a reason and perhaps the shoe does not fit me or you but inevitably Cinderella does show up and in those rare instances we understand why the rules are there.

Dark Archive *

Branding Opportunity wrote:
Just to let everyone know, the new Portland PFS chapter is going strong! We just finished our second game last Friday, and we will be meeting again on Friday 9/17 at Other Worlds Games. At the moment I am the only one GMing, but I hope to eventually grow the group and have enough players to run two tables every other week. There are still two seats open for our next game, so if you'd like to join us, please visit the Meetup Site.

Excellent to hear Alex. Excellent.

Dark Archive *

Dragnmoon wrote:

I like to know what other GMs opinions are on giving the ability to GMs to change things in a Scenario?

As an example of this I will tell you my experience at the Gen Con 2010 as a player. I am not going to give names and I am going to try to leave it vague also.

I played in a scenario, that I just bought to run this weekend and while reading through it I found out that the GM did some changes. What he did was add traps where there where non and gave a Sorcerer the ability to cast 3rd level spells when she could not *Fireball*, and raised here initiative high enough to beat my initiative of 30!

During the scenario I did not think much of it, because I was not aware he was doing it, though I became a little suspicious when I rolled an initiative of 30 and still did not go first.

My opinion on this, though the changes did not kill us, you are playing with fire when you change a scenario to other then as written, because as written it is made to deal with the characters at tier and if you fool around with it too much you add the chance of a TPK, I know this because at Gen Con 09 all I did was change some tactics around once as a GM to make them smarter Tactics and I ended up with a TPK, I went back to the tactics as written after that.

I am all for giving GM more power with certain things, like enforcing Society rules at the table, but when you add the chance to killing PCs by changing things up I think that can be a dangerous thing!

What do you guys think?

I would agree with Doug Doug as well. When I make changes they are done for very specific reasons. Usually to take a circumstance where the game will be boring for all involved and make it challenging. For me this usually happens when the table splits the tiers. Example the table is APL 5 and the tiers are Tier 3-4 or 6-7. When the party decides to play down it is a cake walk and when the party plays up it is a certain TPK. This just recently happened with 2-01. I made no adjustments, they played down, and they cruised through all the encounters. I happen to be an actor by trade so I enjoy rping the villains and so to a degree it was entertaining for all but was it a challenge? No.

I think taking away the GMs right to alter a scenario would effectively turn them into automatons. Part of the incentive to GM is to have fun fleshing out a story for the players while at the same time using there own creative resources where needed. I will repeat...where needed. Now I certainly don't want to say anything disparaging about anyone but occasionally you do have those GMs that approach a scenario from a "me against them" mind set. This is not to say that this is what you experienced but often those types of GMs can alter the perception of what is expected or not expected from GMs as a whole. Those few can make it tough for the many as they say.

Dark Archive *

Brian Babcock wrote:
Doug Doug wrote:
Did I forget anything?
Thanks Doug Doug, you assumed correctly. No one that I could find locally and the sop owner is willing so off we go!

I would like to add one thing to Doug Doug's list of forums if I may; Meetup Groups. There is a nominal fee to maintain the site but if your game store is willing to sponsor the site it is well worth it. I will repeat "Meetup Groups". Check it out.

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c873788 wrote:

I've started reading the downloadable PDF about Society gaming as well as looking on the messageboards. I'm really impressed with the game concept of a cold war among 5 factions battling for control of the city. Where can I find out more information about this ongoing conflict and see which faction is currently 'winning'? Is there some sort of scoreboard and how are scores kept? I haven't been able to find this sort of information to date and I'm intrigued.

Also, when you play, how cooperative are you with opposed factions? For instance, would you deny healing or fail to save someone at a crucial moment or do you treat it more like a traditional party and look out for everyone's back? If you have some interesting anecdotes, I'd love to hear them.

Think about the Factions as more of a game flavor rather than a mechanic. While they are indeed a part of the overall mechanic of play with regard to Prestige Points they never supersede your Pathfinder goals. I tend to think of it as a good excuse to roleplay above and beyond the norm. Sometimes a faction mission may require a certain skill to achieve that your character may not possess. In those instances I like to find ways of getting others in the party to assist without sharing my actual intentions. I may state emphatically (If I have a high bluff check) that the Venture Captain in my region has asked me to seek out the item in question etc. There is no guarantee that the faction mission will succeed but a little creative thinking goes a long way.

Dark Archive *

Herald wrote:

When I interviewed with Joshua at genCon this was definately mentioned.

And no I don't know if I got the nod. If you think you have the chops I would suggest that you step up, even if you might be in compitition with me. Best person for the position and all.

If nothing else it shows you are devoted to the game. It is like applying for a job. Often HR departments will keep you on file after a position is filled. If they think you have promise for something else down the pike you get a call. It has happened to me.

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Branding Opportunity wrote:
William Sinclair wrote:
Plus the fact that as far as I know, you aren't allowed to modify the scenarios as written. You can only play the game at a high tier (if possible).

That's been my experience as well.

On the other hand, I have found that in general, most of the PFS scenarios do not present a serious threat to a group of 5-6 min-maxed (but still legal) PCs, especially if they are on the high end of the tier. In those cases (especially when there are multiple arcane spellcasters capable of firing off spells of 3+ level) I tend to play their opponents as intelligently as possible, and give them ever possible advantage I can (legally) give them without rewriting the scenario. I have never in the

Alex? Did you fall asleep? I too do what Alex does. I also take liberty at low end adventures to adjust HP to max. Specifically on those occasions when I have a full table. This gives the PCs somewhat of a challenge. Otherwise the fun factor can be in question not just for the GM but for the PCs as well. I don't really consider this modifying the content per se. They are engaging the same NPC's just at max hit points.

Dark Archive *

yoda8myhead wrote:
Doug Doug wrote:
It's good that I had a busy day at work and couldn't browse much. Josh's explosive runes are actually filled with custard. It's Mark Moreland's that you have to be careful to avoid.
** spoiler omitted **

Ok, now I am dead and I smell like my grandmother. No offense granny. The things I go through to protect you people...Sheesh.

Dark Archive *

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Doug Doug wrote:
When can we expect an update/decision regarding the Regional Coordinator positions? Is this on the back burner until after GenCon?

The folks who applied that I know will be at Gen Con are going to get an email later this week to set up some talky-talky time to discuss their interest and the position.

Funny, though, I don't see Doug Doug on my list ...

** spoiler omitted **

Wow...I just died on a trap intended for Doug Doug. Most unfortunate and a little embarrassing.

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TwilightKnight wrote:
WOW! This is cool, but would be a daunting task especially in larger metro cities like New York, Boston, LA, and Chicago. I know there are dozens of gaming stores spread across the Chicagoland area plus at least as many dedicated book/comic dealers that dabble in games. To stay current with all of them, monthly, feels like a full-time job. I would love to take the mantle, but alas, work, family, etc leaves little time for other. It's hard enough keeping up with my weekly event at FLGS and a bi-weekly home game. Oh, for the days of youth before children, and other responsibilities. Guess I'll just have to wait until it's my turn to win PowerBall so I can quit my job and become a professional geek :-)

You would be surprised to find out that NYC has few big gaming stores. I dare say besides Kings Games in Brooklyn and Compleat Strategist in Manhattan there may be three or four more of any note in the five boroughs. Space is at a premium here so it is hard for game stores to afford the rent. Unless of course you are Toy's Are Us. Folks tend to play in home game settings or through two good size gaming forums.

Dark Archive

yoda8myhead wrote:
Timitius wrote:
Pfft. Wayfinder #1 gets my vote. The APG final can have its chance next year!

Got my finger poised over the button now...Wait for it...Wait for it...ding.

Dark Archive *

Ahhhh Alex,

Good Dming is a talent and you my friend are quite talented. You will be sorely missed.

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