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Eigengrau wrote:
Morganstern wrote:
My best advice would be to variant into Witch, grab the fortune hex and take a feat for the cackle. It's honestly super powerful in use, if not on paper.
This isn't going to work, VMC into Witch specifically states you can never gain the Extra Hex Feats. Even if I could do this, I don't think it's worth it at all.

Sorry, didn't see the part about not qualifying for Extra Hex (odd to place it with Patron and not Hex) so disregard that.

Yeah, adding a template seems like the best bet. Are you focused into a single spell (shocking grasp and such) or planning on more versatility?

My best advice would be to variant into Witch, grab the fortune hex and take a feat for the cackle. It's honestly super powerful in use, if not on paper.

Both players are playing martial characters, one a slayer and the other a Brawler with the strangler archetype, and both are very stealth focused. They took the Stealth Synergy feat, and we're doing a campaign based around stopping an Orc invasion from the Hold of Belkzen.
Most encounters start with them stealthing up behind a group of enemies, and disabling them one at a time until they're noticed. A lot of the campaign was based around both players being bery into the game Shadow of Mordor, so I'm having to do some research into the game and it's story while planning this campaign.
The idea of having one or both of them run two characters is actually pretty good, as one player is very experienced and the other is at least comfortable with the system.

The third player has officially dropped out, but for very understandable and legitimate reasons.

So I'm very familiar with running a campaign with 5-8 players, but recently with changes in work schedules, players moving and conflicting gaming schedules, I have a party of 3.
One of these players is only able to attend once in a while, but the other two want to play a campaign with 2 players and have the3rd jump in when he can.
I'm not very familiar with running for small parties, and this one has no spellcasters at all. I was wondering if anyone has any advice?

This might sound weird, but seriously consider playing a bard. With spells like Glibness at your disposal, as well as focusing on party buffing and maybe some ranged attacks, you can seriously have some fun without getting sunk into the core combat mechanics.

Make use of your Bardic Performance, as well as items like Smokesticks, Thunderstones, and even Tanglefoot bags along with spells like Grease, Enthrall, Ventriloquism and Unseen Servant to really mess with opponents.
You can get really creative with some of their spells and the Bluff skill. ;)

So, lately I haven't been running any games because the last one died off suddenly and left me burned out. Me and two of the players were eating at a restaurant and just kinda talking about gaming when we gradually realized that every game i've run recently has been radically pulled away from its initial premise by one specific player, one who also tends to just drop out whenever he feels bored.
Since the campaign premise had already changed, the other players lose interest and the campaign kinda dies off. I don't think he's intentionally doing it and none of us think it's malicious, but it really burns me out when my campaigns get sabotaged, even unintentionally.

So i was just wondering if anyone else has run into this kind of problem, or if I'm just on my own?

Companion: Wolf
Wildshape: Raven

because of reasons...

Thanks for the advice everyone, and as for the actual setting it's just Fantasy Bronze Age. There's really no historical counterpoint to my setting, we're all just interested in the Greco-Roman feel.
Zergtitan, thanks for pointing out Elysian Bronze as I hadn't actually known about it yet. I only recently bought Ultimate Equipment and haven't had the time to check it out fully.

As for the Combat Expertise, it's there mostly as a way to remove feat tax for some of the Combat Maneuvers, but after talking with my players a bit we all agreed to also give out Dodge for free.

I figured that it allows people to bump up their AC if they need to, as well as opens up access to the Combat Maneuver feats such as Improved Trip or Improved Disarm.
And not all two-handed weapons are gone, just many. But if you have a suggestion to make up for that, i'd love to hear it.

So, my players are interested in the idea of a Greco-Roman style campaign, and we even grabbed the greek pantheon from 3.5 and converted it for Pathfinder. But as I read over some threads on this style of game I noticed that a lot of people advised against it as Bronze makes Heavy Armor and many Two-Handed weapons impossible to craft, making a lot of builds useless.
To counter this problem, I intend to give everyone that would be able to use heavy armor Combat Expertise for free, regardless of Int score. Does this seem like a reasonable compromise, or does this still sound unfair?

Hey guys, my players have shown interest in playing a campaign centered around the World Wound but have been disinterested in the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path. As such, i'm going to be doing a scratch-built campaign set in Mendev/The World Wound, and I was looking for good resources for setting info. My funds are currently pretty tight, but I did spring for a copy of the first Wrath of the Righteous AP book. Any other good resources or ideas for a campaign set around the World Wound?

P.S. - The entire team has agreed to play good guys for sake of working together, and two are talking about playing brothers (one paladin, one Inquisitor). Three more players are as of yet undecided.

I've been playing in several campaigns lately, as well as running my own, and i've noticed that many people tend to treat weapons as a minor item or something that they change out regularly. In particular I have a paladin in one of my games that routinely changes out weapons whenever he finds something remotely better, and that's only because i said he shouldn't walk around with 15+ weapons at once.
I personally tend to play characters that form a bond with a specific weapon, typically one that I built or had made for me. Something akin to Jedi and their "Your lightsaber is your ally" philosophy, i'll craft a single sword that i'll use for most of the game if possible.
Does anyone else do this, or is it just something that I should expect not to see?

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Just recently built a Human barbarian 11/Champion 5 that can deal (Via mythic Power Attack, Mythic Vital Strike, and Improved Vital Strike) either 9d6+87+1d6 or 15d6+205+1d6+2d10 on a critical hit. Either way he tickles even the hardiest fighter, and that's without the Maximized Critical path ability.
Side note, icy burst for those random d6 and d10, with him being Large sized with a greataxe.

Caim the Rogue wrote:
Corvino wrote:
Caim the Rogue wrote:
I really just want to be able to at least match the wizards damage out put.

Wizards aren't usually optimised for damage output. Their real strength is playing the so-called "God Wizard" and completely controlling the battlefield. Fighters can output good raw numbers in terms of damage, but damage-dealing is often a cleanup operation after half the enemy are disabled.

wraithstrike is completely on the money. The real question is not "how do I do more damage?", but "how do I shut down an enemy/control an area/stop casting *and* do damage?".

And I still have yet to see how a fighter does 100 damage consistently at level 10 . I would greatly appreciate it if someone explained it to me.

He didn't say that fighters *DO* 100 damage at level 10, simply that even if they did most people still wouldn't care.

Damage alone is not the most important part of a battle, tactics and control are. Sure you can wade into the enemies and cut them to pieces, but during that time they are hitting you as well. A well-built control character can make sure that the enemies never get to attack, and you can kill them without resistance.

Honestly, if I saw a more control-oriented build for Fighters that actually worked out I would be all over that. But as it stands I typically see more use out of Bards and Wizards, with most enemies being held, dominated or compelled to attack their allies.

While brainstorming ideas for a new BBEG for my campaign (As an extremely, EXTREMELY lucky arrow killed my previous one. I hate called shot heart.) a friend of mine suggested a villain that Duplicates people, particularly the Party, and uses them as his soldiers. The obvious choice here is Simulacrum, but I was hoping for more options than just that.

Illeist wrote:

It would greatly help if we knew what kind of monster it is and what CR the encounter is. Otherwise, any item we give you will be an odd item, and likely one drastically out of tier.

"Why did this ogre with 14 barbarian levels have a blessed book filled entirely with illusion spells? And... a non magical tiny fighting fan?"

Good point. The Creature is a modified Pyro-Hydra, replacing it's fire effects with electricity. The encounter is CR 8-9, depending on how the PCs handle everything. If it's in its lair, CR 9 and CR 8 if they lure it out. Its lair is filled with a foot and a half of water, thus the increase in CR.

The player in a campaign i'm running are about to challenge a Mythic creature while being non-mythic themselves. They have already expressed that they don't wish to be mythic, but are okay with mythic monsters existing and even being opponents. This creature is 4 CR above them, and they're aware that the creature is outside their typical range, but they are still challenging it.
The party consists of 3 Paladins (Two are range focused, the other uses a spiked chain) and 2 rogues (One is an archer, the other is a spear user that can break weapons to cause bleed damage). The creature is already built and designed, so now the only question is this; what kind of treasure should a mythic monster have?

I want at least one Weapon and one Odd item (wondrous item preferred) that each have a bit of a unique history/ability, but i'm a little swamped right now with work and my other game. So please, help me out here.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

The 3.5 hydra did NOT get more than one attack per AoO. That was a sadly common and utterly outrageous reading of the text, sure to auto-kill anyone who provoked if they were about the hydra's CR in level.

A hydra’s Combat Reflexes feat allows it to use all its heads for attacks of opportunity.

Hydras only have Dex 12 (so they need it as a bonus feat they don't even qualify for it otherwise!); that text is just saying "instead of 1 + Dex bonus AoOs per round, the Hydra gets as many AoOs as it has heads." I wish it were written better, but that's pretty clearly the intent.

I still can't believe there's people who think a CR 4 creature was supposed to get five attacks of +6 to hit d10+3 damage (on top of the 5 it gets on its own turn) if the level 4 Fighter (~4d10+8 hp vs. up to 5d10+15 damage....yeah) dared to move within its 10 ft reach or sunder one of its heads without having paid the feat tax on Imp. Sunder.

Who stated that? As far as i can tell no one said anything to that nature. the entire thread was just because I thought it a bit of an injustice to remove the extra AoO's from having 5+ heads. Only getting 2 AoO's a round is kinda lame for a multi-headed monster.

In 3.5 Hydras had the ability to take multiple attacks of opportunity based on the number of heads that they had. Is this still the case in Pathfinder, or does the Pathfinder hydra simply use combat reflexes as written? sorry for the weird question, just really wanted to clarify this.

For the monk try using the Zen Archer variant as others have said, but if that doesn't strike their fancy i'd suggest Dodge, Mobility and build towards Improved Trip or Improved Disarm if many of their opponents are humanoids. Run in, grab weapon/trip them, move away.
If you have a copy of Ultimate Campaign or are willing to cherry pick, Panther Style would work wonders.

For the ranger, try using the TWF combat chain, but add in Improved Shield Bash and Improved Dirty Trick if he has the Int for it. That way he can stun or sicken opponents, and still be offensive. Depending on level, he can also grab Point-Blank and Precise shot.

mplindustries wrote:
Morganstern wrote:

I have accomplished one of the items on my list already and that is - I managed to one-shot a Dragon 4cr above the team, as the first action of the surprise round no less! Great way to make a name for a character.

** spoiler omitted **

Wow, is it awful of me to point out that you only get a single standard action on the surprise round, so you also should not have been able to cast a spell and move more than 5'...

We run a Houserule that Suprise rounds are a full-round. Makes the Rogue players a lot happier.

Lord Pendragon, Ultimate Combat has rules for called shot heart. Don't have the book in front of me but if you do enough damage it's a chance at auto-death.

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The most Hated and Loved villain I've yet used was a cohort that the team left for dead after raiding a temple to an evil deity. They killed the cultists but the paladin's cohort fell in combat and they never checked if he was alive or not. They left him there to eventually stabilize and recover on his own.

He ended up becoming an Antipaladin of the very deity that they had been fighting, and when he first encountered the team again he used his knowledge of them well. Silenced the Sorcerer, Sundered the Barbarian's ONLY weapon, and used Dominated villagers to shield himself from the paladin. Though they survived, the party was furious that an Enemy would know their weaknesses so well until the sorcerer realised who he was.

They tried to redeem him multiple times until he ended up dying from friendly fire, after which the paladin buried him in his family's crypt. First time I ever saw a team actually debate resurrecting an enemy.

I have accomplished one of the items on my list already and that is - I managed to one-shot a Dragon 4cr above the team, as the first action of the surprise round no less! Great way to make a name for a character.

Played a Bladebound Kensai Magus that used a Bastard Sword. The party was hunting a BBG Red Dragon that was terrorizing a set of towns and cities near his Volcanic lair. We found his lair and were exploring when it attempted to jump us from concealment in a pool of lava. Good roll let me notice it and on the surprise round I won initiative. Cast Shocking Grasp, moved up to the edge of the lava and attacked it with a called shot heart (I like to try it every once in aWhile), managed to confirm a crit for enough to auto-kill it. The paladin in the party added "Lord" to my name from then on, regardless of the fact that I had no formal title.

The class ability Canny Defense is granted by the Kensai Archetype of the Magus class, and states that it works the same as the Duelist ability of the same name.

So if a character goes into Duelist, do the levels stack or is the bonus applied again?

I'm looking to build a character for a friend's game, and I was looking for help with building it. Basically I want to make a Spiritualist type character, someone who communicates with and controls spirits and corpses. Kind of an Necromancer that Binds souls as well as corpses. Anything that would work towards this?

VRMH: Pauldrons are the shoulder pieces of armor, so shoulder slot is the default assumption. They're an Immediate Action to use, to try and limit him from affecting more than one creature in the same round.

Marcryser: It's not about it scaling so much as it is about the effect described; He really wants to be able to force creatures to attack him instead of others.

Chaos: That's a pretty good point. going to talk with him about having a set DC and possibly making it have three tiers, such as lesser, normal and greater with each tier increasing the DC.

A player in my most recent game made a character based around the concept of being a "tank", something he is used to from years of playing MMOs. The character is a Paladin that follows a homebrew deity based around protection and duty above anything, and he recently came into a large sum of money.

The party was ambushed and he held off the attack alone while they retreated. A few incredibly lucky rolls later and he had managed to defeat a group of 4 equal level opponents by himself. The group told him that he earned all the loot himself and he was told to keep it all.

He asked if he could use the money to make a set of magical pauldrons that allowed him to maintain an opponent's attention. Here's what he submitted so far for evaluation.

Guardian's Pauldrons
These metal pauldrons look worn and battered, but are still comfortable to wear. Every enemy that you close with sees you as a larger threat, and treats you as such. Whenever a creature you can see that you threaten makes an attack against one of your allies, as an immediate action before the outcome of the attack roll is declared, you can compel that creature to attack you instead. The creature gets a DC (10+1/2 your character level+ Cha modifier) Will saving throw againts this effect when you first threaten it and use this ability. As long as you threaten the creature it does not gain another Will save to resist this effect, but if it steps outside your threatened range you must use this ability again, granting it another Will save. A creature that makes its Will save is immune to this effect for 24 hours. This is a mind effecting ability. The pauldrons take 24 hours to attune to a wearer, and must be reattuned if worn by another person.

Compel Hostility (1st level Spell)
Base Cost: 12,000
Cost to Create: 6,000

Does this seem like a decently balanced item, or if not what would you suggest?

I have to add to this. Just be warned, we roll stats.

Jayce Wayland, Human Bladebound Kensai Magus 14.
Str: 14 (20 with Belt)
Dex: 20
Con: 15
Int: 19
Wis: 10
Cha: 13

Traits: Mercenary, Magical Lineage (Chill Touch)

Blackblade is a Bastard Sword made from a strange black metal that isn't adamantine. (Found in a ruined temple to a god of magic)
I tend to 2-hand my Bastard Sword after buffing myself and casting Chill Touch, then swing until the charges run out and recast it.

Jayce was raised by his father, the leader of a mercenary group that cared nothing for causes as long as the coin was right. As a teen, he fought alongside his father in a few battles but eventually got sick of the chain of command. He left the mercenary band and worked solo for a couple of years, and eventually joined with a group of adventurers to put an end to a raiding orc tribe.
After their initial job, Jayce stayed with the group out of a mutual respect for the two Half-Elf brothers that led the team and a slight romantic dalliance with the female Oracle of life. Now, he throws himself into battle to try and grow more famous than his father, and possibly win the heart of the Oracle.

Where is Wayang Spellhunter found? can't seem to find it in any books i own...

After reading over the class, I'm definitely going Witch! The DM and I are talking back and forth about what he'll allow and how far I can take this before he gets vengeful. But so far, it's looking pretty good. Thanks to everyone for the Input!

It was a Roll and arrange for taste System. I am going to be the face of the team, so Charisma is my power stat followed by Intelligence. Or should that be switched? never played a Witch before. (Is it Warlock for males?)

Edit: this is getting quite a bit of attention for only posting it a little bit ago! Thanks everyone.

We're only allowed Paizo books, and only Pathfinder material not 3.5 books. The DM is also very against Psionics, so they're a no go.
Just rolled stats, and this is what i have so far.
Str 12
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 17
Wis 15
Cha 18 (20 for being human)

Pretty much any core stuff is allowed, although no oriental gear or classes. Still trying to decide on what i should take for feats, and what weapon to use. :/
Thanks for all the help though, this is looking to be a fun character so far!

So while i can't dominate someone's mind i could weaken it (Fluff-wise) causing them to be more susceptible to other influences?

Could you please elaborate on the whole witch thing? I've only ever played Paladins (mostly the Antipaladin variety) and Magus as far as casters go. Do they get those kinds of abilities early on, or much later?
The party is only 5th level, so i'm looking for things I can use at that level, if that helps any.

Basically, I've been wanting to run a pure spellcaster for some time now but haven't seen any ideas that struck my fancy. Now finally I saw something that I wanted to recreate as a character, but I have no idea how.
The general idea is to use a lot of "mind control" spells such as dominate and suggestion, maybe even geas if it gets to that point. I need any and all advice on building this type of character please!

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Powdered Bones for any necromantic or evil item.

Quicksilver/Mercury for speed or adaptation based items.

Vampire Fangs for undead bane weapons or bleed items.

Distilled essence of an Ooze for acid based items.

Sky Metal (Meteoric Iron) for protection or defensive items.

Volcanic Glass for flame or heat based items.

Diamond Dust for light based items.

There are various versions of Hellbugs, going off of the games. We should probably design a base "standard" Hellbug and then go from there. They are very similar to a Giant Insect of some sort, and have a striking resemblance to ants. Maybe use Giant Ants as a base idea and go from there?

As I understand, the GM is the one asking for the help with making a shield for a player of his. I was simply showing another way to reduce the price to make it within the budget. You could easily switch the Human requirement to Paladin or Fighter only just as easily to fit character flavor. I really don't appreciate having a suggestion to help another person called "Cheese" when I'm only trying to help.
And sorry my math is off, doing this mentally without my books to double check price guidelines.

Price varies a bit more depending on if you want to add restrictions to the shield. Say for example if the character is a Human, it could only function for humans and save you 30% of the item's cost.

So the breakdown would then be:
9 - Shield
150 - Masterwork
4,000 - +1 Bashing
5,000 - Evasion 1/day
2,500 - Different Slot
11,659 - Sub Total
-3,497.7 - Racial Restriction
8,161.3 - Total

Then he could pay 1,750 Gp for each daily use he wanted to gain after the base enchanting was done, (1,750 is 70% of 2,500 IIRC)

Here's a good example.

Pathfinder PRD Magic Section wrote:

Preparing Wizard Spells

A wizard's level limits the number of spells he can prepare and cast. His high Intelligence score might allow him to prepare a few extra spells. He can prepare the same spell more than once, but each preparation counts as one spell toward his daily limit. To prepare a spell, the wizard must have an Intelligence score of at least 10 + the spell's level.

Rest: To prepare his daily spells, a wizard must first sleep for 8 hours. The wizard does not have to slumber for every minute of the time, but he must refrain from movement, combat, spellcasting, skill use, conversation, or any other fairly demanding physical or mental task during the rest period. If his rest is interrupted, each interruption adds 1 hour to the total amount of time he has to rest in order to clear his mind, and he must have at least 1 hour of uninterrupted rest immediately prior to preparing his spells. If the character does not need to sleep for some reason, he still must have 8 hours of restful calm before preparing any spells.

Recent Casting Limit/Rest Interruptions: If a wizard has cast spells recently, the drain on his resources reduces his capacity to prepare new spells. When he prepares spells for the coming day, all the spells he has cast within the last 8 hours count against his daily limit.

According to this, a wizard with a ring of sustenance can sleep for 2 hours, stock spells for 1, adventure for let's say 8 hours (travel and such, let's say he cast some spells right in the middle of this time block for fairness sake) and now they stop to make camp or get supplies. If he stays awake for 2 hours shopping and what else, then sleeps for 2 more, guess what? He can restock his spells! 4 hours after casting spells, plus 2 more shopping, and the 2 spent sleeping makes 8 hours, so he can even restock all of them. Add in the 7 hours before that and you're only at 15, so you still have plenty of hours left in the day. How is any of this preventing a Wizard from getting the benefit of sleeping more than once per day?

Or is this process, which is seemingly allowed by the Core Rules, somehow illegal based on another rule that you have failed to mention?

Aelryinth wrote:

You can't sleep more then once a day because that would mean you could regain spells more then once a day.

And the rules don't allow you to do that.

There is nothing in the rules that gives you benefits for sleeping more then 8 hours a day. You don't need that sleep. You gain no additional benfit from it.

If you can find a rule that allows you to profit from extra sleep, I'll say otherwise, but you're trying to impose something on the game that simply isn't there and isn't allowed, because casters would abuse the heck out of it. Especially with Sustenance Rings.

You're creating something from a wish list that isn't there. Please do not assume it's core rules just because you want it to be.


You actually can regain spells more than once per day if you are an Arcane caster, but any that you have cast in the last 8 hours count against your newly prepared total. It says so right in the magic section. Nowhere have I seen a rule saying that you can only sleep once per day though.

Edit: Can you please just link or quote the rules in question that state that you can't sleep more than once per day instead of accusing me (or others) of just "creating something from a wish list that isn't there". Until then, take your own advice; "Please do not assume it's core rules just because you want it to be."
Show proof, or agree that it's a grey area like I blatantly said it was in my previous post.

Aelryinth wrote:

MDT, You're talking about napping.

The rules specifically say what you need to do to get the benefits of 8 hours of need to sleep/rest for 8 hours.

Nowhere does it say that you can sleep for extra time to get extra benefits. You are making that up. You'll just be sitting around, not sleeping.

Nor does the Ring say you can sleep extra time to get the benefits of more then 8 hours of extra sleep. It's nowhere in the description, and catching up on sleep is not what the rules allow. Find it. People have tried that tactic before. It's why you can't use the Ring to memorize spells can't get the benefits of 8 hours of sleep twice in one day, because you don't need to sleep 8 hours twice in one day. You just won't sleep.

Your 'shrimping' example would NEVER let a wizard recover for spells, at least without a Ring. He'd never get the 8 hours of sleep he needs. By the way, that trick for catching sleep is used all the time in the military. Guys who can fall asleep 'on command' are highly envied.

Furthermore, you're sleeping on and off because you need to sleep on and off. WIth the Ring, you wouldn't need to sleep, so you'd just sit there and do nothing, healing non-lethal fatigue damage as long as you aren't exhausted. But you'd never get the 8 hours of clear sleep neccessary to regain spells while shrimping.

Proxi, the benefits of the Ring are quite clear.

You only need two hours of sleep a night, meaning the time required for you to be vulnerable is minimized. That and getting spell slots back in 2 hours is 90% of the reason it is used.
You don't need food and water, so you don't have to carry such things. that's the other 10%. No scrambling for supplies for you!

and that's it. that's all it does.

The ring doesn't help you with Fatigue. It doesn't help you with exhaustion. You can't work any harder or longer with the Ring then anyone still get tired just as fast as they do. It certainly doesn't let you get the benefits of sleeping more...

Why in the world can't you sleep more than once a day? I do it all the time in real life, and i'm not talking about naps. I'll routinely get 8+ hours of sleep, wake up and go to work for 8 hours, and then sleep another 8 to 10 hours before going to a different shift. If you can give a rules quote then that's another story, but so far it's just a house rule.

And as far as fatigue goes, strictly speaking they would have to not sleep for 24 hours before the fatigue sets in unless they do something that actually causes the fatigued condition such as a forced march.

The shrimping example above would actually work, as every time a wizard is woken up it only adds 1 hour to the total time he needs to sleep, so sleep for 4 hours, wake up and work, sleep for 5 hours and boom! Spells are ready to be stocked again.

Edit: not trying to sound upset or angry, just saying that as far as I can see there is nothing against the said actions as far as rules go. This is obviously the territory o individual GMs.

Diego Rossi wrote:
mdt wrote:
Diego Rossi wrote:

A decent sized fire, an anvil and a lot of sweat and you can work even metal armors while travelling. My point is that it can't be done inside a wooden wagon when you need to work on stuff like that (unless the wagon is specially made to be a travelling blacksmith shop, something that, AFAIK, wasn't ever made. From what I know for the forging process travelling smiths used a fire outside the wagon, while using the wagon for storage and living accommodations).

If you had followed the link I put up earlier Diego, you would have seen a purpose built wagon used as a portable black smith shop, complete with forge, used by the Los Angelese Fire Department around circa 1900. They used it for shoeing horses, making wagon repairs, etc. I'll include another link, maybe you'll follow this one.

Blacksmith Wagon

Some extra info

Nice. But I don't see the connection between that wagon and a gipsy wagon.

So it is possible to have a purposely built travelling working wagon, that is completely open and give very little protection, to work in the wilderness. But it is completely different from the enclosed, protected space that has been proposed in most posts.

It wouldn't take much to turn that wagon into an enclosed and protected space. Some armor plates on the outside, a chimney or smoke stack to help ventilation, and depending on the technology level available a hand-crank to alter the height of the roof so that it can collapse down when not in use. Not saying it's a typical wagon, but that's not what we're looking for to make this work. It's now enclosed, relatively safe, and stable when not actively in motion. It has all of the needed equipment, and is not going to kill you while you're inside.

And if you're worried about constant threats of attack, simply cast alarm and put someone on watch. That should help to relieve the threat of imminent attack.

Ganryu wrote:
Morganstern wrote:

This is how we're looking at handling weapon and armor degradation so far, but any input is welcome.

Whenever you score a critical hit OR deal maximum weapon damage, your weapon takes 1 point of damage. If both occur, it takes 2 points of damage.

Whenever you take damage greater than the AC bonus of your armor or shield, it takes 1 point of damage. Damage is assigned from shield to armor, so if your shield gives 2 AC and your armor gives 4, if you take 5 damage it only damages your shield.

This system is meant to be difficult for players, but it also is meant to give some level of realism.

I'm not convinced the second point is sound.

Damage scales much faster than armour class bonuses. For example with those rule a shield or buckkler will pretty much always take damage every time its wielder takes damage...

This applies to armour too. This last session I played today the paladin took, over two encounters, about 5 or 6 hits. The weakest hit was something like 8 damage.

I think it's going to be pretty much a guarantee that every time the character takes damage, his armour will be damaged.

That's actually the idea. Characters are told ahead of time that field repairs will be necessary, and there are plenty of ways to repair armor and weapons. Thankfully, armor has a lot of Hp, and most shields can take a hit. Even a buckler has 5 Hp, so it can take 5 hits before breaking. While a buckler isn't very sturdy and can be easily broken, a Heavy Steel Shield has 20 Hp and can take a better beating. It just makes sense.

And yes, they will usually get the option to reforge a shield or piece of armor for significantly less than its cost to create. It mostly just takes time.

This is how we're looking at handling weapon and armor degradation so far, but any input is welcome.

Whenever you score a critical hit OR deal maximum weapon damage, your weapon takes 1 point of damage. If both occur, it takes 2 points of damage.

Whenever you take damage greater than the AC bonus of your armor or shield, it takes 1 point of damage. Damage is assigned from shield to armor, so if your shield gives 2 AC and your armor gives 4, if you take 5 damage it only damages your shield.

This system is meant to be difficult for players, but it also is meant to give some level of realism.

rkraus2: Thanks for the idea of the potion miscibility table. Thankfully i still have the 1st and 2nd edition books laying around.

blackbloodtroll: I should clarify that i meant Magical Item Crafting, not just crafting in general. It doesn't make much sense in a low magic world to have the PCs just create magic items like candy.

Gamer-Printer: thanks for the materials, i'll look at the adventure and see if i can use anything. The "survival horror" genre actually fits really well with this campaign idea.

Dyvant L'Stranj: Thanks for the idea about wild magic. If you know what books i could find info about that i would appreciate it.

So, any ideas for more difficult crafting?

Typically speaking, when you salvage a weapon or armor (Melt it down) you tend to lose a decent amount of material. Whenever we salvage anything in the campaign a friend of mine runs, we get half of what it takes to craft the item as usable salvage. This means that salvaging two short swords would allow us to craft one new one.

The general idea is that magic items aren't actually that available, as around Half of the magic items in the world have become inert. we're still working on details about magical item crafting, but we're definitely making it harder.

If you have any ideas about sanity rules I would love to hear them, as we already talked about insanity as a potential threat.

As of right now (Just had a sit down with a few players, looks like i'm definitely the GM this time) the consensus is to make spells a lot more rare by reducing all casting classes by 1 spell per spell level, and remove casting from Rangers and Paladins.

One of my players also brought up a really god idea. As the world slowly begins to die, many druids would try their best to save it. But there would have to be at least a few that see the world dying as part of the natural order, and try to help it towards its final rest. These "Death Druids" could potentially be some of the most dangerous beings on the planet.

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