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Mordicai's page

28 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


The Svathurim are my favorite monster in recent memory. Being blasphemous against Norse mythology? Frost giant/Sleipnir centaur? Unf, soooo good.

Oh man I need that Imrijka so bad.

I personally drastically prefer the Serpent Demon to Aponavicious, but don't get me wrong, I am eager to add Aponavicious to my collection. As for the Mongrelman, I can't help but thing "is that a glabrezu graft?"






Bravo to everyone!

Free? The motto of chaos!

This just makes me think of the Chronicles of Narnia & how I am SUPER JUDGMENTAL about them & how I DEFINITELY HAVE OPINIONS on what order they should be read in & sold in. Which is to say, PUBLICATION ORDER NOT CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. The books published later even explicitly reference the books published earlier! Come ON. Like people have never heard of prequels before. As the kids say, hashtag #SMH.

Captain, you should be fine; the books aren't quite stand-alone, but if you know who Radovan & Varian are & vaguely remember what they were up to, you'll be fine. It is a wholly separate story.

I guess I wear enough black to count as a Goth.

I've always thought of you more as a Hun.

Glabrezu--Treachery Demons, whatever-- are by far my favorite demon (okay well, mariliths are a close close second). This is exactly why!

Well I'm going to keep buying packs till I get a Paeta, I can see that now...

Fun to see what people built!

Me, I am still drooling over that Rune Giant!

Team Orc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Numeria is the crashed spaceship, right? Yeah, there, lets get Radovan & the Count all up in some sword & spaceship story!

I dunno; devil's advocate, but there is some evidence that Neanderthals were far more versatile & generalist than sapiens, which to my mind puts lie to the "humans as the most flexible race" story. Humans specialize, they create hierarchies & roles. I don't know, I realize not many people play with Neanderthals in their game-- I do!-- & humans may be more versatile than elves, I'm just putting in a dissenting viewpoint for discussion's sake.

I want that Nualia so bad.

Man, I really like the art in this book.

I don't know anything about this module but the interior art used in the catalogue is WONDERFUL.

Happy Holidays to you too!

Christopher Adams wrote:
We looked at it a while ago, and it just didn't make sense, especially for the quantity of transactions we do.

Crumbs. I got an AmEx gift card & picked out allllll the little mini singles I wanted only to be thwarted at the end! Still, I understand; sometimes brass tacks are brass tacks.

Every time I see one of these minis posts pop up in Google Reader, I go "oooh! Minis!"

Gosh, I just want a zillion of all of them.

My first question-- I'm super excited!-- is will these products come with ISBNs & will they be carried by distributors, so that bookstores can get them in?

Tiffany as the Harrower, for me.

Nice snap, Pierce!

Vic Wertz wrote:
One of the folks who got a preview copy at Book Expo America has posted a review—check it out!

& I stand by it! It was a heck of a read & I'm still recommending it to anyone who might be interested-- & some who might not realize they are.

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