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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

214 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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I thought IHIYC was Satan Claus' wacky minion? Or evil minion? Which was it again?

Under Pulg's neck beard is a flap of skin he can use to warble out contemporary country hits.

I did! TFF stole my exploding bazooka boots and won't return them.

The next poster lives for high speed wagon chases.

Everyone calm down, I'm here now. We can all relax and watch me take the win. Thank you and good night.

I do but but I'm hungry again twenty minutes later.

Next poster needs no introduction.

What did I miss? Not the win apparently....


Snarky comment loading, please wait.......

That's OK because GoatToucher has both sets "down there"

But see, not only am I winning but I'm also hoarding all the bananas.

As you can see from the glow and expression in krevon's avatar pic, he just turned on a green lightsaber (with matching cross guard) and cut off his own fingers.

He means he has some sort of heat rash or something. Thankfully, I still win.....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

IHIYC can subsist on sea monkeys if required. He strains them through his teeth like a baleen whale.

Oh now just hold on a minute. Clearly I'm winning.

Previously unknown fact: Pulg was born with a vestigal 3rd ear in the middle of his forehead.

The hardest part is getting him to wear his bib. Then after a few he just starts playing with his food and throwing bananas on the floor.... It's a mess.

The next poster tells us what it's like to DJ raves at the old folks home.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Titano? I know that guy, he owes me money. Let's go!

*golf clap* Well done everyone, let the insanity continue....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They whisper "hay", but they scream, "keep us away from GoatToucher".

The next poster is a horse of a different color.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kobold Cleaver is the KC in KC and the Sunshine Band.

Talk about unwholesome. Krispy Kreme donuts are delish but not good for you at all, in large quantities.

The next poster tells us what it's like to wake up when it's time to make the donuts.

GorillaGrod actuality domesticated the first goat. Initially for ritual worship, but then it dawned on him that they are edible as well.

GEEP! save us, oh silver-backed general Grodd. Fling mighty poo bombs at them! *sinks lower in the lavacuzzi looking around furtively for the drink person to bring him another nanner daiquiri*

You can't see it in the avatar pic, but there is a goat sitting on Rashly5's head; hence the angry expression.

I really really want to push the shiny, jolly, red candy-like button.

Fast fact. PoZ invented shoes.

Arrow to the knee, standing by... Kind of... More like leaning by on his crutch..

KG knows this as he secretly video taped the whole incident for later private viewing.

Everyone calm down. I am here to take control of the situation. Why don't we all just take a relaxing dip in the lavacuzzi over here?

IHIYC is not only a member of the make-up for dude's club, he's also the president.

Sorry, was napping. What are we doing?

Aye, Aye your gorilla-ness. *holds banana out at arm's length, squinting eyes shut*

Quick someone give MBT a nanner.

Rashly5 has an exquisite collection of "My Little Goblin" plush dolls.

Well for only an initial investment of 1000 gold, you can sell succubi hair care products to the unsuspecting masses. The more people under you, the more quatloos you earn. These, in turn, can be used to make wagers in the fighting pits.

The next poster tells us what it's like to be a gamemaster of Triskelion.

Chuckles at Teiphoppenskip getting cuffed.

Yes, as massouses at my quaint BnB and spa, while I relax in the lavacuzzi.

The next poster visited my establishment or one like it.

Just chillin, nothing to see here. Move along....

Gorilla Grodd once designed a lightsaber where the energy blades sprang out from all directions on the grip. One could say it did not catch on..........

I'm jealous because I'm not an expert at conveying cryptic telepathic messages via the wing-dings font.

The next poster knows something cryptic about one of the other posters on this board. Let's watch.....

Well, I DM 90% of the time, but when I do get to play, I usually play a human cleric or other healer type.

I'm batman

People, people can't we all just get along and let me win?

Wait, was I supposed to attack? Did I win? I think i won.

Wanders aimlessly into the thread, accidently winning.....

You're a gnome?


Distracts everyone with a big turkey dinner.... And wins...

Isn't it your nap time?

It is lovely but GorillaGrod's property line encroaches 2.75 inches onto my property. Therefore I will be filing suit to have that corrected.

The next poster describes the outcome of our legal battle in nightmareland.

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