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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

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I can't speak to Pennsylvania, but in the midwest, I have had few problems with mold/mildew. If the house u buy has a finished basement you should be fine. Maybe run a dehumidifier in the basement during the spring or summer

If the basement is just an unfinished celler I wouldn't store anything in it u care about.

Oh and if the basement leaks when it rains, well that's a whole other set of problems.

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425. GM-ing wrath of the righteous AP for his fellow villains. It's an all lawful good party of clerics and paladins.

Another vote for Shattered Star.

Why can't he still protect the wizard as a wraith?

Otherwise, what Aranna said above are your options.

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Cthulhu in power armor! Take that over-optimized PCs. ;)

Invisibility not an option? . Disguise self either spell or mundane means and sneak through the camp keeping a low profile. Just a couple of things off the top of my head

That's pretty neat. I did not make the connection but I remember Prince of Darkness. Saw it in the theater and a few times on VHS after that.

I still have the soundtrack on cassette. My friends and I would have it on in the background when we played Call of Cthulhu or Beyond the Supernatural back in the day.

Watch action economy also. You only have two characters worth of actions, not four. Adjusting the cr down should help some. But if one person gets held or stunned or knocked out, that's a fifty percent reduction in PC actions, not twenty five as with a four man group.

It can be fun with only two PCs, I know, I've done it before.

Andrew R wrote:
Molten Dragon wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
The game has basically become rocket tag for many players. i am glad my group is not one
Without trying to derail the thread too much, would you care to elaborate?
Rocket tag, referring to trying to blow up the enemy without getting scratched fighting a foe that fights the same way. 2 glass cannons firing at each other, the first to hit wins. In my view a boring way to do things.

Oh I am quite familiar with rocket tag. My group suffers from it currently. Just don't know how to change it or prevent it in the first place.

Andrew R wrote:
The game has basically become rocket tag for many players. i am glad my group is not one

Without trying to derail the thread too much, would you care to elaborate?

Anzyr wrote:
A fight at high levels should be short and brutal (for both PCs and Enemies) with people being removed from combat in a single round, simply because that is what the system expects at this level.

How do we know this is what the system expects? Genuinely curious as to this, not trying to be argumentative. Was pathfinder truly designed to be rocket tag at higher levels?

Ross Byers wrote:
Molten Dragon wrote:
Undone wrote:

Most dragons aren't as nasty as the CR however ancient red dragons are hideously under CR'ed.

Round 1: Anti magic field, move within reach.

Good luck fighting an ancient red dragon with no magic. With AC 38 and you only get base STR + base BAB which is 19+ about 6 +25/20/15 vs AC 38. Base STR + PA only. He get's to annihilate your squishes from the safety of an AMF while you guys die.

A perfect example of why.

Curious, how does AMF protect a collossal red dragon when parts of it won't be in the AMF? Per the description of AMF, any creature larger than 10 feet would have parts of it outside the field and thus not protected.
That is one of the vague parts of AMF. By RAW, you're absolutely correct, but the rules can get awkward if you're assuming part of the creature is outside the field. Instead, one could argue that the field extends 10 feet from the creature. More powerful on larger creatures, sure, but avoids a lot of awkwardness.

Basically in the game I was GMing I had a colossal dragon attack the PCs. Long story short, the dragon dropped AMF on itself. Player says is there any square the dragon is in that's not protected by the field so we looked up AMF:

Antimagic Field
School abjuration; Level cleric 8, sorcerer/wizard 6
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M/DF (pinch of powdered iron or iron filings)
Range 10 ft.
Area 10-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you
Duration 10 min./level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance see text

An invisible barrier surrounds you and moves with you. The space within this barrier is impervious to most magical effects, including spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. Likewise, it prevents the functioning of any magic items or spells within its confines.

An antimagic field suppresses any spell or magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Time spent within an antimagic field counts against the suppressed spell's duration.
Should a creature be larger than the area enclosed by the barrier, any part of it that lies outside the barrier is unaffected by the field.

I had to answer yes to his question because the colossal dragon is larger than 10 feet.

The 10' radius emanation portion seems to be at odds with the last bolded paragraph.

Undone wrote:

Most dragons aren't as nasty as the CR however ancient red dragons are hideously under CR'ed.

Round 1: Anti magic field, move within reach.

Good luck fighting an ancient red dragon with no magic. With AC 38 and you only get base STR + base BAB which is 19+ about 6 +25/20/15 vs AC 38. Base STR + PA only. He get's to annihilate your squishes from the safety of an AMF while you guys die.

A perfect example of why.

Curious, how does AMF protect a collossal red dragon when parts of it won't be in the AMF? Per the description of AMF, any creature larger than 10 feet would have parts of it outside the field and thus not protected.

thaX wrote:
There would be quite a few 20th level people that come in and out of the Pathfinder Lodge and those that work with various elements in the city, but I would think that the call of home would have most higher level characters go to thier homelands to live, if only to come back when they are needed. Absalom has a very active rotation of dignetaries, sailors, and travelers as well as those that live their lives in the city

Why would there be quite a few 20th level persons coming in and out of the Pathfinder Lodge? What is the source for this?

I would think that any high level people would either be running the place or transient.

In a town of 3300? I bet there are zero.

The only times I've sold any gaming stuff was by word of mouth between friends. I used to sell MtG cards on eBay quite a bit back in the day.

That said I would be interested in seeing what Rolemaster items you have if you are still looking to sell it. Huge Rolemaster fan here.

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Mike Franke wrote:

I love the options of 3e and pathfinder. I like complexity. But one easy way to make pathfinder feel like AD&D is to drop the map. Just this one change speeds up the game incredibly.

But what about flanking and sneak attack and all of the movement based parts of the game. For the most part you just say "I flank" or "I sneak attack". It works just fine. Now you have the complexity of Pathfinder with a game that plays a little more old school.

Similarly, roleplay your skills a little bit. Say where you search and how before you role, etc. As a GM give bonuses for well thought out strategies. You will soon have players using flower to look for air currents and spilling water to look for hidden pit traps! Just like the old days.

You are still playing Pathfinder but it feels different.

Exactly this. Couldn't have said it better myself.

We did this back in the day. Using 1st edition rules just before 2nd ed came out. We had a group large enough that we had 4-5 GMs running different groups in a shared world set up. The problems I saw was that really only 2 of the GMs were seen as the "true" GMs of the shared world and would often undo what the other GMs did. Clear guidelines on the authority of one GM over another would have helped.

Example: one PC did something dumb and got some of their magic items destroyed by a rust monster. Next thing I know the next week rolls around and another GM hand waived all the destroyed items back into existence.

Its scenarios like that that you would need to watch for. Again having clear guidelines from the beginning may have helped.

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This whole thread baffles me as a gm. Since when do players feel they have the "right" to question the gm? Forgot why you banned something? Who cares. Its banned the player needs to deal with it. Or leave. Player does not equal gm.

That's what players and some GMs forget. The players have and always have had the ultimate power. To leave the game. Without players there is no game.

As a gm, I would never apologize if I was in the OPs shoes.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

As a GM, I killed my friends' animal companion because it was annoying. Another GM brought it back to life a couple sessions later. This was a large group shared world thing, several GMs rotated in and out. We're still friends to this day and that was 20+ years ago. He doesn't let me forget........

As a GM, and this is were my forum name comes from, I sorta offed two PCs for no reason. I was GMing for only two PCs, they had practically begged me to GM that day. Don't know if I was having a bad day, or what. Rolled up fresh level 5 PCs, second encounter in I said and a "Molten Dragon" rises from the lava and "bleh" - 20d6. Killed both, packed up my books and left. Still friends with both and again 20+ years ago. They also don't let me forget.........XD.

These are example of bad GMing.

@ vs Kevin.

Not sure about pre-gens.

Yes to your question about strength bonuses.

Your carry weight is also based on your strength it should be listed either near the strength description or in equipment. Technically there is no limit but you start to take penalties to your dex (I think) after so much.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Just quickly flipped through the BB manuals and there does not seem to be any weights attached to equipment. Just use your best judgment I guess. Nobody can carry full plate armor and twenty long swords around. I would just go with what feels right and everyone can agree on.


1) Up to you. You can make all potions of cure light wounds the same in appearance or not. Same for other potions. They know something is magical with a detect magic spell or other ability that specifically says so. There are rules in the Core Books for using Spellcraft to identify items. Not sure about Beginner Box. I don't think they need to know something is necessarily magical before they try to identify it. Even if they suspect something is magical I have always allowed a spellcraft to identify.

2) The details not in the blue boxes are things the PCs may or may not know/learn from different skill checks or specific questions they might ask, etc. for example, "I examine the body of the dead goblin" a PC says. Then you would reveal if there is any other information, after appropriate skills checks if required by the text or not.

3) Not sure what you mean by "awaken", but based on your description that would be right next to the PC. That is no squares/fields in between.

Remember, you are in charge. There is no right or wrong way to GM. As long as everyone is having fun, including you, go with it.

Good luck. You will do fine.

EDIT: Be sure to come back and tell us how it went!


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I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday if I can post today.

I recommend using stern language. It is an orc after all.

Evil Lincoln wrote:

It all started because I got sick of everyone shirking the responsibility. We had rotating GM duty for decades. I got sick of games breaking down. I wanted closure. I wanted a clear narrative vision.

Then, something clicked. When you GM, you don't just control NPCs or place monsters in the path of the PCs. For a real GM, the campaign is their player-character. A good campaign inspires the same pride and fondness (perhaps even more) that a cherished PC does.

These days, I prefer to GM, and I would gladly launch yet another campaign if there were any time left over to do so.

Well put, Evil Lincoln. I get more RPG satisfaction out of "running" the world/campaign than I ever did playing a PC.

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icehawk333 wrote:
mplindustries wrote:
icehawk333 wrote:
How do you make an important good guy npc without stealing the show in a place like this, where it is almost a week to my other civilization?
Uh, by having any other NPCs in the town? I don't really understand the question. Just don't have them steal the show--there's no reason they can't be well developed.

When the pc's fail to interact with anyone who isn't a villan, a pc, really powerful, or In immediate danger, (and they leave them alone after the danger is resolved) there isn't much point.

Basically, they treated the dm as the giver of problems rather then someone who actually has things they want to do in the game too.

I have been the primary DM for our group for a long (long) time. I enjoy the storytelling, making up worlds to interact in and making up fun NPCs. Pretty much what others have said above.

That bums me out that your players are treating you like you are the computer in their computer game. Just give me the quest, no talky-talky! Load me into the instance and send the mobs at us. That would not be fun to DM.

Maybe find another group, if possible, just to be a PC in. See how other DM's are doing it? The Internets has video of RPG groups. Just a thought.

I sympathize with the OP. The way Pathfinder does encounters was a tough learning curve for me as well. (Not that I'm an expert, far from it). I faced the exact same problem the OP had. I was so frustrated as a DM that I couldn't challenge my players. How did I learn?

I sent basically an APL+3 encounter at them. This set of monsters had action economy in their favor as well as one monster with flight (PCs didn't at the time). These monsters targeted the parties weakest saves and members. I had to, it was the only way I could find their breaking point and subsequently design better encounters. (don't worry they lived through the encounter, barely). I do not add anything less than APL-1 as an encounter. The party just steamrolls it. (boring for everyone, including me the DM). If I want a tough fight its APL+2 or 3. Standard is APL+1.

Pathfinder is basically an arms (more like Hit Point) race between the DM (read monsters) and the Players with the amount of healing the party has being the pivot. I know more or less how much damage they can dish out and how much healing they have (a lot!). I design my encounters to try and match that. There is no point in doing anything less, again they just plow through it without any resources consumed. And if they are not consuming resources, whats all that treasure for?

tl;dr More encounters. I have been trying this very same thing because the one or two fights a day does not phase them in the slightest. I have waves of attacks come at them. If they are resting I send the goon squad after them (when appropriate). I increase the encounter frequency and they are all APL+0,1,or 2.

Basic set, Red Box DnD around 1982-ish. I would have been around age 11. I still have the box and the rule book. Dice from it are long gone..... I had the expert (blue) box as well. Not sure what happened to it.

Aku-Arkaine wrote:
All my notes for this are hand written in notebooks. Typing this is going slow, I type memos into databases for a living. People are interested in this so I want to do it, but it feels a bit too much like work. Sorry to say I'll most likely need another month to finish this.

Count me as interested also.

I was wondering if I could get some help with the module Broken Chains.

Spoilered so not to ruin the fun:
At the end of the module there is a CR 10 ghost as the BBEG. My 3 person group is level 7. They could probably handle the ghost but the ghost, in my mind, is out of the blue. I would like to change the ghost to something else. It could be anywhere from CR 8-10 but I really don't know what. I would like to keep the theme of the module. Desert slavers worshiping demons/Lamashtu, i.e. gnolls etc. Really, I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I thought about just putting a different gnoll cleric and some minions at the end but I am kind of drawing a blank. What have other people done? Kept the ghost? Did something different? Basically this is a call for some inspiration.

Thanks in advance.

Molten Dragon

There are already some loot and encounter generators on the internet (Google fu, activate!). Also for rule minutia there is and the official paizo one as well.

What I think is needed is a better online random loot generator than is out there.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:


I'm looking into leveling up my programming skills. So, I'm thinking of creating a few programs to help my group (and other groups) enhance thier playing. One thing I note is that it's a great burden to DM, I wanna try to make some software to help with that, to prepare encounters etc... Second, I have a few friends that play over skype, and I want to help them have alot of fun even though playing through a computer is difficult. Here are my questions (lots of responses would be extremely helpful)

1. To you DM's, whats the hardest thing about DMing? What part is most enjoyable? Least enjoyable?

2. To people who play over skype, Whats the hardest part of playing long distance? What would make it easier?

Thanks in advance guys!

We use Skype when there is just the one long distance player and we also have used Google Hangout when there was two long distance players. It worked fine. I actually felt that Hangout worked better for reasons I cannot articulate. We have not tried the d20 VTT or its ilk. The hardest part I have found DMing with persons over Skype is I find I often have to repeat myself or hearing what the players are saying. Speak into the mic, please. Could be the connection or other things also.

Also, I'm not quite sure I am tracking your question #1. Do you mean DMing in general or DMing over Skype?

I too am interested in the answer to these questions.

Side question (not to derail or highjack). Does a critter with fast heal end the bleed effect? Which happens first FH or bleed at start of its turn?

Ellis Mirari wrote:

Ask them: Do you guys even want to play this game?

This, a thousand times this.

We would dock levels if people got out of hand (or back talked the DM). If you joined the group to play then play. Socialize before, after or during breaks fine. But when the DM said lets get started that was it.

I completely understand the obsession. I would echo what Azixirad stated above (except for the parts about golf carts etc XD) During my obsessive period I worked at our local gaming store/bookstore/coffee shop. It was towards the latter end of 2nd edition DnD and MtG was in full swing (around the time of the MtG Ice Age expansion if that helps date me.)

I had access to any RPG book I could ever hope to want. We, being a college town, had a wide player base. We played every weekend and several times during the week. Name an RPG from that time period and I bet we played it. During that time period when I was not busy with school, I would spend hours coming up with content for my players in whatever game we were playing. (I usually DMed).

So, yeah I had my obsessive period. Then, marriage-moving away-advanced degrees, pretty much put the brakes on gaming until recently. Now back in same town with a few (3 to 6) of the original members and we game about 3 times a month on average.

I like Pathfinder and I get my obsessive fix usually by reading the forums here when I cannot actually play. PFS never held an interest for me and our group is pretty relaxed as to optimizing builds (well, except maybe one).

I would not at all say it is unhealthy unless it detracts from "normal" life. Thankfully, my wife seems to put up with far.

daemonslye wrote:

Did someone mention wanting a conversion for G2? Well, here it is: "G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl" (Gygax, Gary. TSR, 1978). As with other conversions I've attempted, there was some license (e.g. not a purely "straight" conversion). That said, I opted for a closer conversion this time with inline stats. Because many of the creatures were straight from the Bestiary(s), this made sense (to me at least).

If anyone (Silke?) takes a look, let me know if you find mistakes, etc. Note that much of the text was written by Gary himself, so I may or may not change that further depending on it's impact to running the module.

Here is the current file -> G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl [careful, its big, but worth the wait!]

Please right click the link and select "Save as.." to download the file.



My group loves all these conversion of the old modules so thanks to everyone who put in a lot of hard work and time.

But, alas, the link doesn't appear to be working.

Fromper wrote:

Thanks for sending this!

For those who have played it, what do you think about the difficulty level? What level and how many PCs do you think would work well with this adventure?

This module has been a walk in the park for the 3 sometimes 4 PC's I dm for. I would start with first level characters.

@ William Ronald

Got my copy. My group has been playing it and the conversion has worked perfectly. I have the original module (still!) maps included so its worked great.

Thanks Again!!


@Mr. Ronald

I would also like a copy of your conversion.

Email is dbcoatty AT gmail DOT com

Thanks in advance.


harrdog wrote:

If you think one rules lawyer is bad, imagine this if you can. A table of 6 PC's and 2 GM's... of which 6 are practicing criminal attorneys, one is a sitting criminal court judge, and the other is an electrical engineer. EVERY comma has a meaning... every prior edition and errata carry weight as "legislative intent". Blog posts are printed off and brought to table as "persuasive authority" but only FAQ and Dev's posts count as "binding authority". Unfortunately, sometimes players have been known to slip back into the mindset of the "adversarial system" where if something is missed that goes against the GM, it was the GM's fault for not catching it (although incorrect rulings against the players are always ret-conned to the correct result). There are usually 5-6 laptops or Ipads at the table w/ the SRD or electronic copies of the rule books always open. Flow charts of the grapple rules are laminated for quick reference.

And yet for all of this, we still take one full Friday off a month to game all day (9 am to midnight)... and have for the better part of 6 years. So the moral of the story is that "rules lawyers" aren't inherently evil. But anything the distracts from the fun of the game should be avoided at all costs. So really, it just depends on your table.

Sounds like my table. we have a genetic engineer and 3 practicing attorneys one of which is a judge. Its funny because we all look to the engineer when there is a rule question. And like others have said above, communication is key. We will stop in mid swing in combat to hash out a rule if need be. GM has final say of course. "Rules lawyering" is ok in our group but be prepared to "cite" your authority and be prpared for oral argument on it as well.

Tharg The Pirate King wrote:
Allow 3.5 gestalt rules. this will allow the party to take on risks that would be above their challenge and allow roles to be filled with short number of people.


This is what I do with my group. We regularly only have 3 players and a DM. The gestalt rules are great. The party can frequently take on anything a 4 person group can do.


Good suggestions all around. I will probably end up using companion characters to help balance out the party.

Since this is a question I know my group will ask, what is an example of a class that has either striker or controller as a secondary role?


Thanks ProsSteve, RedJack and Starglyte. This gives me some direction. Definitely will have the party make characters as a group. I have a couple of the low level modules and may look into modifying those for 3 characters.

If anyone has any more ideas or suggestions they would be appreciated.



I really want to give 4E a try with my gaming group. They all have indicated a willingness to play/try 4E as long as I DM. I am the usual DM anyway. We are all veteran RPG-ers from back in the day and enjoy all styles of playing.

Question to all 4E players and DMs. Is it possible to play 4E with only 3 players and DM?

I'm sure it is possible in the strictest sense but after reading the 4E DMG it states the game is designed for 5 players and DM. It even states at one point that serious modification is needed if you have less than 4 players. (Page 6 of the DMG).

Has anyone ever had this experience with 4E? What problems did you encounter? Or if anyone can point me to a thread that already covers this topic that would be great also.

Thanks in advance.


Posting more love for Space Master/RM/Merp/Cyberspace. I still miss the critical charts. (though my players don't)

One more for Fading Suns! Woot. Enjoyed the d20 reboot of that also.

One of my personal favorite under rated games:
Aftermath! by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

Tack on Flashing Blades by the same company.

Tytho wrote:

Quick question about 'Detect Magic' as it seems to have made any adventure I run an exercise in gathering magic items as soon as rooms are entered/searched.

Some of the members of the party I am GMing currently continually use 'Detect Magic' to locate any and all magic items anywhere.

I find that it has made having magic items in dungeons a tad boring as the PCs automatically have them - and walk out with everything rather than have the chance of happening across an item that happens to be magical and have more power.

An example, that irritated me at the time - room description states that the chest (containing a magic item/potion) cannot be seen without a Perception check DC20 as it is hidden behind a thick veil of cobwebs - bard fails perception check - cannot see chest. So, then casts detect magic and 'must then see the magic auras emanating from the chest that he cannot see' and proceeds to find it and empty it, rather than any other members of the party searching and actually finding the chest via a successful roll.

It makes a mockery of getting my PCs to search areas for items as all this player does it cast detect magic rather than search.

Is this correct - I'm still new to GMing and would appreciate any advice on how to handle this or clarification if this should be the case.



I feel your pain. I am not new to GMing and the over-use of detect magic is a little irritating. My group does the exact same thing. The suggestions above are good ones.


Jaçinto wrote:

Enemy speeches an monologues can not be interrupted. You have to let them finish before you can take an action of any kind. To him, talking is a free action no matter how long it goes on for, unless the PCs do it.

Even if you sneak up on an enemy that is totally unaware of you...

Wasn't that a rule/guideline in the Champions RPG. My GM in the Champions game we were running at the time, who I still game with, called it the "villain soliloquy". In fact, I use the rule too when I GM sometimes. Not so sure about the sneaking bit, but sometimes we do that.


Talynonyx wrote:
Ultradan wrote:
Seraphimpunk wrote:
( btw. i love Pathfinder RPG. i loved it since its inception. i was so happy when it fixed so many silly things about the game when it was ushered in, like sneak attack vs. undead. I just wish it would continue in that vein and fix certain things in errata that seem to be common quandaries among players )


Sneak Attack vs. Undead has changed !?!?!? I totally missed that!! (I've been playing Pathfinder since the beginning!! lol)

Has Critical Hits vs. Undead change as well??

Can we now Sneak Attack and criticaly hit undead now?


In a word... yes. And constructs.

DOH! Sneaky sneaky Talynonyx. You snuck the answer in while i was typing my question.

Ultradan wrote:
Seraphimpunk wrote:
( btw. i love Pathfinder RPG. i loved it since its inception. i was so happy when it fixed so many silly things about the game when it was ushered in, like sneak attack vs. undead. I just wish it would continue in that vein and fix certain things in errata that seem to be common quandaries among players )


Sneak Attack vs. Undead has changed !?!?!? I totally missed that!! (I've been playing Pathfinder since the beginning!! lol)

Has Critical Hits vs. Undead change as well??

Can we now Sneak Attack and criticaly hit undead now?


I have these same observations and questions regarding SA and Crits v. Undead. This came up in one of our games recently and after scouring the PF rulebook and Bestiary, we came up empty. I ruled undead could be both SAed and Critted and we moved on.

Selgard wrote:

The way I prefer, as a player, is for the PC to RP it out as best they can and then roll the dice. The dice actually determine the outcome with the possibility of a "good idea' thrown in by the PC adding a small bonus, if applicable.

Thats usually what I do. I GM far more than I am a player and all my players are way better actual negotiators than me.

I solve this by have a determined out come or set of options that I want to happen as a result of the negotiation. This end result is always in furtherance of the plot/story rather than necessarily anything the NPC wants.

For example, and I am not familiar with the Kingmaker AP, if the PCs have to negotiate so that Faction X will attack Faction Y, before any rolls are made we roleplay it out. If they do a good job, I have them maybe make a couple of "ghost" rolls and on we go. If they do a terrible job I back that up with some rolls that will dictate the outcome more than poor role play. (Not a slam on anyone, it happens sometimes, self included.) If that doesn't get the PCs what they want, as the GM I inform them of the consequences and maybe they need to spend some time fixing the problem.

Back to my example, if Faction X now adamantly refuses to attack Faction Y, but that's what the plot calls for, maybe the PCs need to do a side quest to retrieve Leader X's lost dog or something and we can re-do the negotiations with some bonuses.

I think the ultimate advice that I can give, is knowing what you, the GM, want to happen. If, though, by the PCs choices/rolls/roleplay takes the plot off course then so be it. I dont think its so much about being to hard or easy on the players, its about, in my mind, keeping things moving. If the PC's seemingly breeze through a negotiation, awesome, lets go. If the PCs fail at it, cool lets go off the rails for a while and see if we can come back to it.

/end ramble

ShinHakkaider wrote:

(In fact, this whole thing reminds me of the chase mechanic from Spycraft, which was a blast.)

Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw this advertised. Looks neat though.


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