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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

580 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Rashly5 is the author behind the wildly successful book "Are you there, Demogorgon? It's me, Rashly5."

they could sneak into the

some innocent bystanders with their

episode one on endless loop.

attacking with a lightsaber shaped

made George Lucas mad. Ultimately

had passed away. Wracked with



with an iron fist. Rebel

KahnyaGnorc has no jaw but a long tongue like an anteater.

Gandalf dreamed a new universe

This did not deter Gandalf

Hey, hey....I brought snacks!!! Mushy apples and horse biscuits for everyone... Enjoy!!

Poor The Goblin Knight... He was captured while rejoicing over Goddity's demise. His eyes were stapled open and he was forced to read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard whereby his brain promptly implodes.

Countless moons ago, I asked the Ouija board who would be my downfall. I watched in horror as the board spelled out G-O-A-T-T-O- Unbidden shock and revulsion took over me and my younger self stopped the board there. Still not sure what it was trying to spell....

The next poster has the answer for me. Thanks, mate!

Once IHIYC takes over a closet he uses it to store all of his freshly cut lupins. It is on this fragrant mound that he sleeps and dreams of the next closet he will call home.

IHIYC is banned for not filing his taxes on time.

in preparation for the fight

with Washington and Chuck Norris.

Sasha then transformed into Mecha

attacked Sasha. The Black Knight

I recommend plate after plate of fennel. Followed by some of GT's rump ointment.

The next poster almost appeared in a commercial for GT's rump ointment.

I'm back insane message board people. Oh look, the win. Lucky me.

Uncle Teddy once owned a ring of darkvision. Or was it dorkvision?

Being naturally fire resistant, Lincoln

Lincoln wanted to dance with

and transformed into a werekitten.

alive. Sasha began to rage

Believing Sasha had been captured,

Back in the '80s, KahnyaGnorc had his right hand removed and cyberneticly attached a 300 baud modem in its place. The process is not reversible. He was quoted as saying "it sounded good at the time."

it would scare the Knight.

The brothel, however, was surrounded

Amasu, at one time, was the person in charge of all the pyro kinetics used in Rammstein concerts.

the Black Knight set out

Banned for posting while on the can. (You know its true...)

forgot Gandalf was lactose intolerant.

*golf clap*

We played both jyhad and vtes quite a bit back in the day. Rage too. I have an absolute mountain of the jyhad and vtes cards. Haven't played in years as no one else plays anymore.

Seriously if anyone is interested in what I have, even if it's just a specific card, PM me.

water pistol and yelling "Everybody

In his spare time, TL makes floral arrangements for local nursing homes and mortuaries.

He did go a little crazy but really he was just enjoying all the pretty colors and light trails....

The next poster steals lunch money from goblins and has made millions in gold pressed Latinum. They will tell us how we can too... Let's watch.

in the hopes that he


Chuck Norris, wished he was

I unleash a horde of angry goats to trample The Poog.

with an exploding shell. Afterwards

ever lived. Meanwhile, a jealous

unanimously ruled that Lincoln was

tequila soaked pork rinds and

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