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Magma Dragon

Molten Dragon's page

2,064 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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I thought sharks circled their prey. All these sharks seem to be swimming away. Except for that one with the gimpy tail fin.

*changes channel again*
*VO Announcer: "Next on a very special GoatToucher Island..."*

Giant lizard drinking tea? That's tops in my book! 10/10

KahnyaGnorc only started posting on the paizo forums after they had been summarily ejected from Reddit. No easy feat, that.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Message board troll wrote:
*SNIFF* Fine I don't wanna play with any of you anyway! *runs off crying*

Look what you guys did. You know he's sensitive.

I'll gladly run a game for:

Message board Troll
I'm Hiding In Your Closet
Dungeonmaster Cal
And the rest of the forgotten.

Our group will totally get your groups. Eighties-movie montage style. ;)

~Spider-Pulg Spider-Pulg~

BBWK scored the melody for the nefarious dance. It sounds suspiciously like the Safety Dance.

A crock-e-o-dile, sir.

Careful, "tallboy" is a term of art to GoatToucher.

How Will You Explain the Blood Splatter, Charlie Brown.

Electrocution Election.

Red-scaled Step Child

And now for something completely different.

The when wrote:
The when is not for sail.

You must be related to Jokey.

*paints tunnel entrance on to the rock face and waits for Sinister Stan to smack in to it, giving me the win.*

Ventnor's fan fiction consists of stories about fans. Box fans, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, etc.

*Attempts to roll boulder on the hiding Pulg. Naturally it rolls back on to me. Holds up sign that reads "Doh!"*

Ventnor is out standing in his field.

Ack, sorry to hear that. Back when I used daemon tools, many many moons ago, it didn't have any bloatware with it.

I still think it's a drive naming issue. Can you go into the bios and rename your new USB drive to the same as your broke one ("D" I'm assuming) and rename the broke one to like Z or something?

Cluny the Scourge has a channel on the YouTubes advocating the rights of wererats and rat kind in general. It's a labor of love to hear him describe it.

Speaking of burning, taco tequila Tuesday did nothe stick around long....

IHIYC has spent so much time on GoatToucher Island that he basically stays there for free now.

KenderKin's second job is that of "MeepMoop", the metrosexual herald of GoatToucher Island who randomly points at the sky saying "Zie Germans are coming!"

That may be what's happening. What drive letter is the new cd rom?

Now that I think about it, maybe the game itself is is trying to access your busted cd rom and is not recognizing your new drive.

Did you install the game from your new, I assume USB cd rom?

Is virtual box pointing to the wrong cd drive?

Maybe virtually mount the cd also. With Deamon Tools you could do that and rename the drive to whatever letter you needed.

Let's see....

Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Jethro Tull
Led Zeppelin

House of Mouse Enforcer

Just use the Stab-o-Tron 5000. No muss, no fuss.

Well spoken, Bruce.

were a conniving lot. Inded,

fungus, black mold, sugar and corn meal

Super serious question, Cal.

Priest or Maiden?

Horatio Hornhead

Boiled Ventnor blood and a little pinch of magic is what makes up Blusplessence.

*fluffs pillow, boils noodles*


but the mustard lobby isn't

Of 400 Quatloos. Now this

Schism has lost it. Get the butterfly nets.

Drow are good, with ketchup.

I use my vorpal electric shears on Pulg. Oh look, I rolled a 20...

Back in the day, Belphegor auditioned to be Gort's stunt double.

KenderKin makes all his posts on this board from his TRS 80 model 3.

*I light the GoatToucher signal in the sky, which is too profane for description.*

...the comfy blender.

Banned for having a little blue alien baby with a blond faux-hawk next to your name.

*Smacks Jokey with a salmon.*

Me winning is interesting.

Very existential. Mind blown. 10/10.

Ventnor owns over 750 waist belts. When asked about them he denies their existence.

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