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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

629 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Cake!!! Nom, nom nom......

GMB can sacrifice himself on a whim and cause a lukewarm case of Schlitz beer to magically appear.

Staring contest winner

GMB is banned for not having any accessories on at all!?!

linguini and ball-gags instead

"Totally not Evil Ninjas Pizzaria".

Coatrack and Jumbotron, oblivious to

to spread the good word.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

*a wave of silliness overcomes everyone in this thread* whoops too late.....

Uncle Teddy is banned for subscribing to too many paizo products at once. You have reached your limit, good sir.

the roaches began to worship

sky. The duo then began

they began the ritual to

Fast fact: GT can rotate his neck 270 degrees like an owl.

candy bars they were selling.

Mr. Mojo Rising


GMB is banned for stealing his ears from Spock. "Captain there are no sentient life forms in this thread."

Cartoon minion

In a past life, GMB was a notorious claim jumper.

Pulg once stood in for Mr. Green Jeans.

While DoomKitten poses for a "hang in there" poster, I saw the branch off and she plummets into the waiting open maw of an alocutious albino alligator.

Uncle Teddy is banned for not emptying his email spam folder since the 1990s.

Uncle Teddy has a club made from his hair. He uses it often to go baby seal hunting.

GT writes Howard the Duck fan fiction in his spare time.

*disguises self as a nun and distributes wands with command word marked on them to halfling children*

Next poster would you kindly tell us what happened next?

While we are all not minding you, I'll take the win.

Here MBT! Recharge on this month old egg sandwich I found on the bus.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kahnyagnorc likes to skate away on the thin ice of a new day.

GMB performed the bris on all my little monsters....

IHIYC was hiding in my closet but forgot that today was flood the closet with lava day.

I thought I heard a scream from the closet. Oh well....

GMB runs his own breeding farm for man-cat-pig-bears. Unfortunately, demand has fallen off lately.

Donning piratical garb, the two


SWM is banned for not knowing her colors. Clearly her face has a blue cast to it and the clowns is red-ish. Pink, maybe? Mauve? Who knows?

the will to live, ending

Ol' Poog is banned for not making his shanking quota this month.

GT's new soothing and slippery groin balm. By the people that brought you GT's rump ointment! Guaranteed to please even the most choosiest of beings. (Disclaimer: will not regrow hair, use only with gloves, may attract goats, if you develop a rash that's normal, if you get any in your eye you are boned, no exchanges all sales final)

The next poster developed an unforeseen side-effect from one of GT's products.

The skinny one and the

all the gifts causing the

his rump. Ninjas hate gift

That was GT's life model decoy. All you've done now is to make him randier... Wait, there's cookies?

the ninjas pelted the skinny

The disguised ninjas then attacked.

furiously knitting a sweater out

IHIYC is banned for not realizing that rashly5 was ~bringin' booty back~

. With whalebone knitting needles ready

Cluny the Scourge is banned for being pro-rodent.

*puts enough coins in MBT to take his extra lives back up to 30*

There ya go, buddy!

Rashly5 is the author behind the wildly successful book "Are you there, Demogorgon? It's me, Rashly5."

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