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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

967 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Well I tried to call Aroden but all I got was his answering machine.

homemade buttered walnuts.

IHIYC is banned for taking the easy road.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

IHIYC will put semiprecious stones in his mouth and emit a warbling keening noise with the hopes this will attract a mate.

was at their least vigilant.

The Federales where waiting for

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You can run an old school AD&D campaign for 14 players, 8 of which are playing 1st edition bards. You can then basically ignore the other 6 players and call it The Bard Campaign.


What did you expect from a polka band?

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Determined to get back on top of his entertainment career, IHIYC took to the road to do stand up comedy. Alas, no one could hear him from the closet so it was rather short lived.

One day when Pulg was not looking, I convert him to electronic data and download him to an 8" floppy disk. The disk is then discarded as obsolete in the local landfill where, after a time, the magnetic bonds fade and Pulg is reduced to an error message. Filename or path not found.

, however, to take

The band "Nelson" dropped in.


children offspring of the Elder Things and

Raging, Consuela shifted into vole crinos form.

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Coldvictim was the first casualty of the band Coldplay.

plate spinning. Gilligan

raging libido. The


IHIYC is banned for letting Cluny off his leash to get into IHIYC's stash of grenades.

IHIYC sometimes speaketh with marbles in his mouth.

I secretly replace TCG's blood with decaf Folger's Crystals. The resulting tasteless brew eventually grows cold and someone dumps TCG down the drain.

I'm Hiding in Your Closet is banned for being a Mr. Bossy Boots. (Happy?)

9/10 perfect nightlight.

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Talewise gets their headdresses from, surprisingly, Kohl's department store.

I stuff a thermal detonator up R2-FU's *beepboop* and run like heck. The resulting explosion levels him, the school, the tree out back....

Banned for being busy.

Ginger's back however

GT will frighten said warhorse by showing it one of his "training" videos.

Pit Boss

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IHIYC sometimes wears fancy hats while hiding in the closet.

and his lizardfolk

KahnyaGnorc was born with a tail but it was removed at birth. Curiosley, they recently had a zebra tail surgically grafted on to them...

Come on Ventnor. Join us. Take a dip in the lavacuzzi, why not? GoatToucher set this guy up with a "massage".

Cool. The last star wars rpg system I used was the d6 one back in the day.

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TarSpartan wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
HenshinFanatic wrote:
What, no love for Tower of Doom and Shadows over Mystara?
I love those games, but an arcade beat 'em up is very different than the usual style of game asked for with a "D&D" game.

They were lots of fun back when they were the only options available, but if I want an arcade beat 'em up I'll keep playing "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance."

While we're talking old games, did anyone else ever play AD&D for the Intellivision? Or am I really showing my age here?

Yes! My one friend had an intellivision back in the day. We played the heck out of the ad&d game. Good times...

Probably will end up watching HT1 and 2 at some point now with a little one in the house.

I have to agree that Pacific Rim was not that good. I watched about the first half and caught the ending later. I mean, who doesn't like big mechs smashing stuff. But still Pacific Rim didn't do it for me.

When not hiding in closets, IHIYC will, at night, flit through parks making hoot owl noises and scoop up field mice and bop them on the head.

Speaking of Star wars. Has anyone tried the rpg from FFG.

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Pulg likes to sit on a park bench and eye everyone with bad intent.

I'll get the lavacuzzi nice and bubbly.

dumped molten lava

Old doc flumphs medical treatments largley consist of a rubber mallet to the forehead.

Missed it by that much. This is me winning. Neat, huh?

IHIYC is banned for not having clearly marked fire exits in his closet.

IHIYC was kicked off the Fox news channel for his increasingly ascerbic diatribe on persons attacking the darkness.

and Mrs. Howell.

Jeff Harris 982 hired a team of lawyers to sue the government because he wasn't allowed to "attack the darkness".

Banned because it has been almost a month since the last banning.

I revoke old Pooglington's shanking license whereby he disintegrates himself through sheer force of will.

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