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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

508 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Looks fun. Ok who was the dude right at the end.

My knowledge of Marvel is weak....

Lincoln also wanted ice cream


They both got ice cream

Mighty Thighs lumbering by...

Well I do need a new costume for the furry convention I'm hosting.

The next poster, also at the convention, will tell us everyone's reaction to my "GoatToucher Suit"

The Cheese Finder

The first versions of Goddity's mask (face?) were made of plaster, then styrofoam, then rubber and finally latex in its present form.

Other discarded experimental versions were made of human skin, stuck together toe nail clippings, sheet rock, solid iron and burlap.

Banned for cleaning your nether region in front of everyone just when company came over.

I start a class action against Nintendo for all the strained thumbs and eyeballs they have caused over the years. Clearly there should have been some warning labels.

Next poster please tell us the outcome of our suit.

Sasha and the Black Knight

a young Lincoln looked on.

Amasu was once scouted for an Olympic hockey team.

everyone to a private showing


Chuck Norris visited Bruce and

Well yeah, I kinda spent the night at GoatToucher's "Sleepy Goat Ranch" the last thing I remember was being in the hot tub and drinking lots and lots of conyac.

The next poster found a video of what happened and will share with the class what they saw on it.

Post for the win.

. This did not stop them

Sure thing. From my high school level Arabic I think it says fold tab A into slot B then cut the blue wire. Curiously none of the wires are blue.

would the next poster please cut one of the wires and tell us what happens, if they can.

and were business partners in

if they would just leave

get to the airport from

Banned for not knowing his Batman movies.

, for hell anyway. Lincoln then



and said, "You ready to

Working his way through college, Goddity sometimes would perform at children's parties.

GT sometimes leads confidence building retreats in Vegas.

cause the screaming poops. Lincoln

Why is everyone trying to trap MBT? He's cute and he's cuddly and he's ready to please...

Banned for being orange and afraid of something in the sky.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Meanwhile at the rec center

Banned for not just being happy with what it has.

Paizo server downtime.

Goblins, rats and chips of colored glass, oh my!

GT once owned and operated a lakeside bait shop.

Banned for not lightening up about it.

pancakes, the humidity level was

Banned for causing Paizo to do server updates.

Aren't you two really the same person?

What a frightfully odd thing to say....

off all the cool cats

krevon enjoys Peeps of any variety except the chocolate ones.




The mouse police that never sleeps


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