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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

896 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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KahnyaGnorc can be dropped from any height and they will always land on their feet.

Wasn't there a Schoolhouse Rock song about the shot heard 'round the zoo?

In their spare time, KahnyaGnorc had been known to lead barbarian hordes on raids.

I have just the thing for our raspberry and bananas. *starts hosing everyone down with a tanker truck of whipped cream*


Now do you mean the fruit or sticking out your tongue?


Before making it big in the used organic fertilizer market, IHIYC was a street vendor selling "rat on a stick".

Matt Damon?

I do love me some cheese...

I'll take the win, kthxbye.

Pulg can only fly on commercial airlines if he is in a pet carrier which is marked "Live Animals".

Belphegor is banned because his red eye light was projecting on to my power point presentation.

Once the Betamax player wore

drunk soccer hooligans and foreign photographers. From

Unfortunately Matt Damon Puppet is a native outsider

Calm down everyone and give me the win before you break it...

I don't think I like the cut of yer jib.

What he said...

What did I miss?

I declare Morius absolved of his earlier sin of posting in the wrong thread.

As punishment he has to make at least three posts in the MATT DAMON!!! thread.

Great! I'll take all your have. Got any goblins? They make great cannon fodd.... I mean warriors.


I need to return these body parts I bought for my flesh golem army. . I'm just going to buy a Miata instead. Thanks though..

Trekkie90909's goal in life is to be present at the Armageddon if not causing it directly.

Payors and payees: an exciting new rpg about debt collection. Finances have never been so much fun.

I'm looking to start an army of flesh golems. Can you help me out with supplies?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS about 8 years ago used to take daily injections but that has switched to a twice daily oral medication.

Seems to be fairly under control. Fatigue is the worst. Comes on suddenly and hits like a sack full of hammers. Basically done for the day when that happens. Cannot tolerate the heat anymore. Mowing on those 100 degree days is a no no.

Add in all the secondary effects: muscle weakness, coordination difficulty, loss of mental acuity and depression. I make it sound worse than it is. It's all presently manageable.

I just have to remember I am not twenty years old anymore XD.

KahnyaGnorc had a cellphone that consists of a cup and a bit of string.

IHIYC has been pretty grouchy lately. . Not sure what's up with that. . Maybe the new Fantastic Four movie irritated him beyond reason...




You can't win what with your litter box overflowing like it is.


Does Counterstrike count as an MMORPG? Seriously though I played LOTRO about six years but when my friends all left so did I. Played the original EQ for a couple years back in the day.

Now with a little one in the house, no time to sink into MMORPGs. I would go back to LOTRO, however, if the stars were right.

Banned for not indicating your +1 for the gala.

Lucky7 sometimes goes by the name Old Man of the Mountain and likes to lurk in run down amusement parks, old mines and little used fishing docks. At least until those meddling kids and their dog show up.


Lucky7 knows a thing or two about Queens what with him being the royal shoe fitter for decades.

When the Midgard Serpent sheds his skin he often sells it to makers of pool tables and poker tables as an alternative to the normal felt top.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A doom of inevitables.

A_____ of earth elementals.

Lights AZK's face on fire. Now it's a true marshmallow roast. Thanks AZK!

Wouldn't a lyre of building be useful to help build the resort?

Didn't know about the FAQ ruling. Good to know.

thejeff wrote:
How does
Area 10-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you
Should a creature be larger than the area enclosed by the barrier, any part of it that lies outside the barrier is unaffected by the field.

apply to a dragon?

If it's really a 10' radius sphere most of the dragon won't be affected. Or does it cover the whole dragon and 10' out from wherever it is?

In my games i have houseruled that it covers the whole dragon and Emirates to 10 feet out from it. Otherwise, why would a dragon cast it, ever? Or any creature larger that ten feet?

If a characters attack can reach or hit any square the creature is in and not in the AM zone then it effectively bypasses it.

I don't think that was the original intent of the spell to limit itself. No proof, of course, but it is how I rule in my home games.

A pond of Grippli.

A______ of mimics.

This is not the Molten Dragon you are looking for.....oh wait, yes it is. And I'm back in the lead....

For a brief time, IHIYC was in the same kindergarten class as the Wicked Witch of the West.

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