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Magma Dragon

Molten Dragon's page

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Ol' slippery GM_Beernorg is double banned because I didn't ban him in my last post.

Gungan Style.

The color green sends KenderKin into a silent rage.

Oh Blintorfs, there's a flag on the play. Pulg gets a fliduhpler.

Bad Kitty.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No one knows what GM_Beernorg does. He's notoriously reclusive, like the spider. Except green not brown. And not an actual spider.

Ventnor pines for Count Chocula's job.

be bloodless. The predicted carnage

the rumors. The Legion of Goon was

Gluten-Free-Cookie Monsters. Yet, nowhere was

charges of treason and sedition.

....Great Scotch!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I do like me some cheese, nah.

Oodles of Blood.

Do trolls have hooves?

KahnyaGnorc fell down a well once. They got better and swore off well diving.

....someone pocket dialing me.

Is the win still up for grabs?

*steers clear of MBT and opens an umbrella*

It's like being at a Gallagher show, except stinkier...

....Pulg renaming himself to Olde English 800.

Ground Up for Sausage.

Ventnor does Hulk impersonations at children's parties. He dyes his scales green but most people just assume he's a green dragon. Doh!

Ernie gets an Urn: The Repackaging

KahnyaGnorc prefers to wear hair shirts and nothing else.

...Jar Jar Binks saying "Meesa da emperor".

There's no escape from GT's Island of "Delights".

Next, on a very special Bath Time for GoatToucher...

My room on the island is too close to the man-bear-pig petting zoo. Their howls and screams keep me up at night.

Ventnor went to the UnderDark and has the T-shirt to prove it.

I didnt know that because my glasses broke and now I can't see or read all those books. What a twist!

I need to return to the island. But I never left. What a twist!

...those little nippers.

Pulg, in the W.C., with the Death Reek.

Languid Lazy LARPers with Lariats.

Well that's that then.


Ventnor prefers undead flash mobs.

Why is there an open air stadium on the island?

ReStab, The Vengeancing.

I think GT sells sunscreen/lubricant in the gift shop.

And a clear path to the bathroom.

You all in a world of hurt, now. Lulz.

I thought Old Doc Flumph retired to the Shackles by now. Who knew?

Partylf Sunev's real first name is PartyElf. He's the hit of the ball at the mash.

they should be. Bees and

novelty rubber chickens. Stealing these would ensure

Zither Attack.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tormsskull wrote:
The best railroads are invisible.

Indeed, the illusion of choice goes a long ways.

16. The Butte. This one use card will cause any paladin to "fall" from grace with his diety.

stuff. Meanwhile at the Legion of Goon

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