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Magma Dragon

Molten Dragon's page

2,020 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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...the comfy blender.

Banned for having a little blue alien baby with a blond faux-hawk next to your name.

*Smacks Jokey with a salmon.*

Me winning is interesting.

Very existential. Mind blown. 10/10.

Ventnor owns over 750 waist belts. When asked about them he denies their existence.

Friend of mine ran a short campaign in the game Beyond the Supernatural based off the Blue Oyster Cult song 7 Screaming Diz Busters.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Pulg's new audio book is five glorious hours of him gargling.

initially banned in drow schools.

the drunk leprechaun at the end of

Dark Elf Dark Smelf and



1 person marked this as a favorite.

Watched the pilot today. Enjoyed it and laughed out loud several times. Would definitely watch more episodes.

That's nothin'. I strap IHIYC to a comfy chair, staple his eyelids open and force him to watch Suicide Squad until his brain melts.

goats-that-were-touched, bits of string,

Schnitzel King

AZK apparently borrowed the hat once and hoped for a pony.

KenderKin attempted to pose as a teenage Asian girl to get into the Olympic diving finals. A "dude check" by the officials put an end to that.

If I'm the last one to post, do I win?

The last version I think is 1.023. Not sure where to get it though.

I am your neighbor. I seem most respectable,
But underneath I'm an iniquitous toad.
So many dreadful mishaps have befallen you ---
Down at the end of your road.
And I live down the end of your road.

I'm working on ways to remove you from paradise ---
From your striped lawn and your new swimming pool.
I place broken bottles in your geraniums ---
Sabotage your gardening tools.
And I live down the end of your road.

By day I am a real estate gentleman.
I deal in fine properties --- cheap at the price.
After dark, I plan my most devious practices
Which you might think are not very nice.

Designing a system to reverse your plumbing ---
Welling up, as you sit on your private throne.
Will come up all kinds of vile and despicable nasties
You would rather not have in your home.
And I live down the end of your road.

Dispensed loathsome creatures in your drawing room,
Sent doggy poo-poos in your morning mail.
Rat's heads and lark's wings should set your tums turning
And your houses will soon be for sale.
And I live down the end of your road.

I live down the end of your road.

Watched it. I give it a solid meh.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Do you vote for kings?


the end of the rainbow because you

A djinn would be crueler.

...chilled monkey brains.

Let's see isn't Jokey's special move: back, back, up, down, A then B?

Early 80s, age 10 or so. Had the red box then picked up the blue box. In high-school transitioned to advanced dnd.

were a ravenous lot. Putting to shame


So, You're Wanted in Five States, Charlie Brown.

KenderKin reads his own Sailor Moon fan fiction to the elderly as part of his community service.

...toddler throw up.

I drop my psionic tower on IHIYC. Messy to say the least.

Real nice, KenderKin.


Redacting academic journals to be more in line with the Republican platform.

Pulg has his very own spinning grooming apparatus like the lion in The Wizard Of Oz used before they saw the wizard.

Boooooo boooooo

Yep there is a hastings in my town going out of business. That's it for retail book stores, not counting the college book store.

Nearest bookstore proper will be an hour and a half drive.

Smacks KenderKin with a herring. No. Bad.

You didn't just sass me...

That's it. Everyone's going in time out.

The Fiend Fantastic should not rule this city what with him being a fiend and all. You know the place would go to hell in a hand basket.

...Richard Nixon

How Now Brown Drow, The

KenderKin also did research but on various floozies online.

Post....nasal drip.

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