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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

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Belphegor is banned because no one is sure if he is alive or dead, or if he has thoughts in his head.

aliens yodeled during mating. Now this caused

IHIYC butled his way through krazy klown kollege.

Somebody's Gettin Stabbed: A Documentary.

Ventnor is a private eye and he is watching you.

Pulg taught Thomas the Train to be cheeky.

the laser disco ball of

IHIYC once fell because he slipped on a discarded bannana peel, discarded by GT mind you. Don't ask why the peel isn't yellow anymore...

Scent of the Deathmakeningers

and shiney bits. The Bedazzler

of storytelling. The archeological record supported a

several number one hits including


You know what they say, don't stop 'till you get enough.

IHIYC is banned for knocking the power out at my house forcing me to use my phone's data plan to make this post.

Zebra Attack III: Are They White or Black?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A couple years ago, GMB penned a screenplay titled : "Barnyard Wars VII:The Goat Awakens". Surprisingly no studios were interested...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Equinoxmaster is banned for reading a choice selection of GT's poems at a local poetry contest.

Did I mention the contest was for sixth graders?

Koo-koo the Klown

I launch R2-FU into space on a collision course with the center of the galaxy.

All-Spice in a dream.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

GMB is banned for doing what he thought was the Safety Dance but was in fact the native American snow dance causing the snow storms on the east coast.

Of all things smelly. The

it's exquisite stench and gritty

I, unfortunately, have been in groups like you describe. They are just too toxic to make work. If your gut says it's time to bail, then it probable is.

Don't know if youre still in touch with your old group, but what my group does is plan a yearly meeting in the summer. Friday though Sunday all the rpging you can squeeze in. You get to see old friends, catch up etc.

Some of my old group that's the only time they get to rpg all year.

Anyway just a thought.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

GoatToucher is banned for luring innocent hamsters and gerbils to his residence with the promise of a safe "hiding" place.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

IHIYC hid in a closet in a monastery once. What he didn't realize is that was a confessional and accidentally had all of his sins absolved.

Oh wow, I won. Cool and stuff.

GMB recently made a conscious decision to wear nothing but "Daisy dukes" all the time.

372. Cheesy popcorn.

Diffan wrote:

Always wanted to do a v3.5 campaign set on Earth using S.M. Sterling's Dies the Fire setting, basically no electricity or gun powder and can't reproduce Steam-powered anything. Very limited on class selections, like nothing magical and some classes would need changed like the Ranger and Monk. Everyone is Human.

I've had no takers so far :(

We did this very campaign last year using True20 rules. Part of the group was really into it, how to rebuild society etc. Kinda fizzled after about 8 or so sessions.

With an eye towards summer time fun, GMB also found an after Christmas sale on a speedo 3-pack. Hello sailor indeed....

True. To be sure I will see the movie at some point. Maybe not in the theater. Perhaps on VHS, or laser disc. Reel to reel? ;)

I showed the trailer to the Mrs. And she thought it looked dumb. She did catch the reference about not wanting his suit to be green and thought that was funny.

I'm on the fence for this movie, I can see the one liners getting old,fast. Kind of how RIPD tried to be self referential and failed.

Pulg will meet you by Dun Ringill where you can watch the old gods play.

Be sure to stop by GMB's house on new years day for some wunsching. If you are lucky you might get some wunschgelt but most likely it will be hundsfotts.

Wylie Wylliam Harrison should not rule the city due to his absinthe addiction and what with his favorite saying being "it's five o'clock somewhere!"

is the Seventh Deadly Scent.

Auld Lang Stab

at that one place with

2 people marked this as a favorite.

GMB is 1/16 green foam and latex, 10/16 grouchy old dude and 5/16 related to Pulg (but he doesn't talk about that.)

Just posted to say enjoying the AP so far. I'm the DM for this and I have reskinned the AP to take place in the Capital city of Galt. Been loads of fun so far. The rebellion mechanic is taking place largely in the back ground. So far my players have done everything right including devising their own methods to bring notoriety.

Next for them is rexus will direct them to the old museum. Should be fun

Cthulhu don't take no lip from no chaos lap dog. The Big C wins easy peasy.

An awakened catoblepas vs a stone giant lord in a double dutch contest.

GMB scored an "invite only" ticket to GT's New Year's Eve party sponsored by GT's Famous Brand Rump Ointment. This party has their own version of a sparkely ball sliding down a pole at midnight...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

7 Merry Gentleman vs Limey Learns to Kill: A Holiday Special.

sweet pine. The fourth smelled

We all know Han shot first. Han shoots Bond for the win before the first hand is even done.

Godzilla vs Gamera. FIGHT!

the pool hall to hook up with

the succubus harem, which to

Ensuring all the peasants got delivered? . Oh presents....

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