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Forest Drake

Molten Dragon's page

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Eating Pulg is like trying to swallow a hairball yet unfortunately for Krevon there was a bit of a "backblast" which sears Krevon's face off.

to pull Reynolds out from

sagaciously advised the congressmen to

IHIYC is banned because his album "Songs from your Closet" contained not a single slow rock ballad.

Little known fact about KahnyaGnorc is that wherever you go, they'll be right there waiting for you.

and take them skiing. Only

Lilly is banned for catching the mange from Luna.

GT is banned for abandoning his ways as a jukebox hero.

Excita Kill III: A Rock Opera

Ol Poog is banned for his version of tech support is a dagger up the strap.

Double ban IHIYC and Fiend Fantastic for making me dig out my old MM games, now who is going to mow the lawn?

(oh lucky day! I forgot I had MM7 also, guess all the house stuff can wait...)

Banned for banning me on the dragon high holidays, it's a thing, look it up...

(indeed, now when I get home I'm going to have to dig out my old game box of MM6. Will it run on win7????)

Old Fiendy is banned for sneaking a ban in before me..

Banned because MM6 is where it's at, booyah!

Banned for being insensitive to clones and clone rights. It's the 21st century for crying out loud.

Greg Proops. Their plan was

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fun fact :in the latest Jurassic Park movie in the first scene with the science lab; in the background you can see a bottle of GT's famous rump ointment sitting on a shelf.

Got Clown? A Survivors Story

Schism is banned for standing too close to the green fireworks display when it went off.

plan with the help of

feared a return to the

... Using that great white shark as a nanny.

Their brains float in their own filth.

Mr. Fuzzybottom

.. Uncle Teddy's shoelace being untied.

the Hula Hoop, Poodle Skirts

.... The 100 degree heat!

KahnyaGnorc has a jar, at home.

Excita Kill II! Double the kill, Double the Fun.

KahnyaGnorc once sat on the Iron Throne but got up after a few minutes saying "I think I get the point. There are some real 'cut-ups' that sit on this thing."


...the Quick Clear feat.

singles meet-up web-site.

Excita Kill!: Redux

robots disguised as circus folk.

Alayern is banned for being a Mr. Judgey Pants.

came that El Presidente found them out.

IHIYC once made a bid for the iron throne but then he realized he had no way of getting it into the closet.

GMB is banned for not realizing that the town of Dyvers purchased that property and is turning it into a YMCA. Before the LDHA had it, it was a liquor store...

0014: Double Bond.

Comicon 2015. Surprisingly, the Republican


Relaxing in Jamaica, El Guapo declares that

Playing forum games

Dead Riser, punching out of the grave nearby...

*blushes* how did you know.....

IHIYC is banned for not giving me the lead role in his number one rated sitcom.

I told you, this thread froths with insanity. Now for my frothy mocha with cinnamon sprinkles....

The Alien mother, however, killed

and demeanor. Assorted anime characters

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