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Mofo Bulettebane's page

4 posts. Alias of Indivar.

Full Name

Mofo Bulettebane




Barbarian 4 / rogue 1



Special Abilities

Animal fury, lesser elemental fury


Neutral Good


Cayden Calean





Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Mofo Bulettebane

Mofo was born in a remote part of Andoren, in a rare half village. A trouble maker event then, He returned to his village after a trip to the human town and found it under attack by a Bulette. Mofo banded with a few survivors, and fled into the country side to escape it, but the beast tracked and slew all of them. Mofo and the beast slid into a sink hole and searched for a way out, Mofo evading the beast the whole time. Eventually, driven nearly insane from the event, Mofo found a way out, blocked by the beast. Mofo 'lost it' and ran past the thing, and with a strength not know to a halfling, pushed over a support beam and crushed the beast.

Mofo made his way to Absalom and learned to harness his anger and rage over the loss of his friends. He still has nightmare of the dark tunnel with the Bulette on his trail.

He eventually decided to use his anger and stregth for good. The silver crusade took him in, often over looking his happy go lucky trouble making, and helped him turn all of that negative into a positive - Mofo strives to help the world and leave it a better place. Until the end, there are battles to be won, women to love, and ales to swill!

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