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Kaigon the Miscreant

MisterLurch's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 735 posts (3,379 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 25 aliases.


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hehehe...i shouldnt be smiling this much....

i just thought...stampede.

+1 for tremors reference :)

Sorry for my slow posting and such during the last few weeks. This has been a brutal semester and next week is finals. I will post/catch up more when finals are done.

I have lost track of what my characters are doing. My apologies to anyone who is waiting on one of them for a response. I am looking for the last posts from those with whom my characters were interacting, but if those characters wish to help by re-posting their last actions/comments/etc, that would be helpful. Thanks, and sorry for the ball dropping.

Cindra - In gun class
Alys - in light blades
Jessa - last in the hallway after Mithros left for class
Kezzin - "busy"
Phaezeriel - in the infirmary with .. lily?

Alys has no roommate, Kezzin has no roommate, Cindra, Phaezeriel, and (eventually) Jessa have no roommate.

Though Kezzin and Phaezeriel be best paired with another flyer.

Good Luck, Ed. Sorry to hear about your wife. Best wishes for speedy healing.

I dabbled in PFS .. but all the restrictions make my head hurt and so I, like Ice, simply avoid it.

Or .... I just found this. I think I will do this during winter break. :)

I will be doing NaNo next year when I am done with school and it does not have to compete with midterms and such.

icehawk333 wrote:

You know, I just saw what you did with the splitting up of the post. That makes it so much better.


I am glad I could make your day a tiny bit better. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
icehawk333 wrote:

You posted /a/ response, but I posted again after that response.

You may not have noticed that

Yo dawg, I heard you like responses so I put a response in your response so you can respond while you respond. ;)

icehawk333 wrote:

response to your response.

I am pretty sure it is

Melody Waverider wrote:
Mel looks at Arthur, i crave action, adventure, excitement, and of course music.

Action? Adeventure? A Time Lord craves not these things. ;)

Justin Case

Vickory West wrote:
I wanted to apologize for disappearing, lots of stuff happened. I'm on the boards again, likely won't play this game for awhile as I'm limited to only a couple times a week at the moment, but I do hope to get things back on track eventually, and to join back in.

The beauty of this game is that you can fade away if real life requires it and when you are able to come back, we are still here. We will not judge for an absence. Take the time you need and come back if/when you can.

Best of luck.

Not in that case, but thanks for the interaction. I usually have no problem with it, and if I had not already sent certain messages out, I would have left it as you put it. :)

π@®®@+0® wrote:

Verris jumps slightly as Kezzin materializes in the bed next to him.

Even now, that is the one thing he still can't get used to. Especially not after his lack of recent sleep.
He sighs and checks the auto report.
Name: Kezzin *last name*, Trauma: concussion and multiple skull fracture, energy affinity: positiveUnless otherwise noted., Current Status: Unconscious.
He sighs and looks at the damage.
"Full frontal collision leading with right temple, traveling roughly 35-40 mph before collision. Judging by fracture pattern, likely a wall... flight training must have started a little early this period. That's going to be fun for the next hour..."
He mumbles to himself, as he is wont to do when diagnosing and considering treatments.
He fiddles with the funny medical stick thing he uses as he mumbles. Working fast is important. Raises are riskier and more expensive.
After some twisting the rod lights up with a green glow, slight green mist trailing off from the powerful healing magic. He traces the injured part of his skull in a circle. Once completed, the green circle glows slightly brighter and the dragon-kobold's skull pushes back out of it's compressed shape, restoring him good as new. He remains unconscious, however. Allowing him to wake up on his own time is safer. With the immediacy of treatment and with quickly he was unconscious after hitting the wall, brain damage is quite unlikely, but one can never be too safe.
I'm not a doctor or a physicist, so this may not all be scientifically sound, but it sounds good to me.

Magic, Kezzin did not appear in the infirmary. I will send a PM to you, but other things have already been dealt with and he did not appear there.

No worries. :)

:( That is unfortunate.

I am still here.

Where is the appropriate thread to discuss character creation/development?

+1 for the third reference

Are grey knights allowed?

This is a persistent recruiting, correct? I will put together a submission soon.

It has also been perhaps a whole 30 min. ;)

DB3, I would be interested in joining in. If I am not too late. ;)

Welcome back, FCD!!!

Marcus, a tiefling of uncertain parentage (and who in their right mind would admit to having birthed such a horror?), grew up as a ward of the state. Even more than most tieflings, he is marked as a freak and an outcast by his pronounced fiendish traits; tail, claws, and scaled skin.

He has grown accustomed to being suspected of doing wrong even when he is not, and being rounded up with the usual suspects whenever rules are broken. As a result he has grown very good at talking his way out of rough situations and has very fast reactions.

He has also developed a sense of who around him is breaking rules, if only to be aware of what transgressions will inevitably be laid at his feet.

He has spent some time studying the creatures of the outer planes, to try and better understand why he is the way he is. Sadly, this has simply confirmed to some people that he is the proverbial rotten apple. He is barely able to hang onto his position at Howard Memorial High School, and fears being expelled and sent to one of the 'schools for troubled boys.'

Alternate Racial Traits:
Beguiling Liar, Maw or Claw (claws), Prehensile Tail, Scaled Skin

Traits, Feats, Skills:
Traits: Social Outcast (Knowledge(Planes)), Reactionary
Feat:Armor of the Pit, Fiend Sight, or Fiendish Heritage
Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Knowledge(Local), Knowledge(Planes), Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth, Sleight of Hand

I definitely want to join in here. I will put something up by tomorrow.

An excellent idea, Magic.

DB3, Kryzbyn and I can manage the shop in your absence, I think. We are the three oldest players here aside from you, unless I am forgetting someone.

I am really sorry to hear that, lyn. I assume you have tried everything you can find to help?

Never said I was immune. I said I have not yet had a problem with VR systems, and was not worried about the Oculus system. I have not played with the Oculus Rift yet, so it may prove to be a problem, but I am not worried about it.

The only game I have had motion sickness issues with was Command and Conquer: Renegade, a terrible FPS. That one I could only play for 90 to 120 minutes before it made me queasy. Less time if I was on an empty stomach. I think it was because its movement did not feel like 'normal' human movement. Not really sure if that is what the problem was.

Except that I have flown highly immersive, military grade flight simulators with the hydraulics turned off for longer than that time and not gotten motion sick. The VR on those is so good your body moves as if compensating for the motion you do not feel. I am not too worried.

I need to update my desktop and buy an oculus rift. star citizen is coming!

Do all the various classes have specific times they are offered, or can we assume that we can get whichever schedule in whatever order we choose?

@ Rakki - I think Cindra could be a fan, but only of his later more eclectic stuff. Never the screaming fangirl crush kind of fan, but definitely a fan.

@ Lynora - PM for you soonish. Not a rush.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Without Lynora, this game would have shattered into many pieces many times. I do not mean to minimize the effort and contribution of DB3, Dalesman, and others who have stepped up to the referee plate. The fact remains, though, that Lynora is the lynchpin.

Thank you for your investment in us both in time and energy.

Wearer of Masks wrote:
The wearer of masks taps his fingers softly on the metal of a tray, his invisible fingers making a beautiful but almost silent tune....

Still in the infirmary?

Edward Sobel wrote:
Phaeze: sent PM about Mel


Kryzbyn wrote:

Lynora, Lurch...

I'd like to have a scene where Mithros runs into Jessa, post getting blow to bits.
Don't want to rush it, if other development needs to take place, just wanted to put this on your radar :)

Yeah, I am fine with it happening mid tour. :)

And cue dramatic music.

Read, understood, and highly approved.

ah. gotcha.

what teams?

He was described initially as a nurse. He does seem more like a doctor than a nurse, though.

I feel like I owe DK an apology, as well as the other people who got to witness my small tantrum.

DK, I will send you a PM.

I will not attempt to explain or justify. I am sorry I did not manage my frustration in a more constructive way. I will endeavor to not let it happen again.

That is all.

lynora wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
Lyn, you are saying he could have teleported with that level of precision into a room whose interior, layout, and occupants he could not see?
His whole schtick is that he's a super-spy. Security can see into that room and it wouldn't be the first time he's been watching the screens without permission. Especially with Aananda in the infirmary dealing with Vai's crisis and not likely to notice him.

Wearer is as close as makes no difference to omniscient and unstoppable. Got it. That is fun.

Lyn, you are saying he could have teleported with that level of precision into a room whose interior, layout, and occupants he could not see?

GM .Capt_Wombat wrote:

do not the wards move Nurse Julie to a bed??

Ok not trashed still more dead medical staff.

I have read a few occasions where the wards did stuff like that and more where they did not. Also, she was dead. No one that I have seen has used the wards to transport corpses. Also, medical staff are currently at her side. The wards would not move her to a location where said staff would have to look for her.

GM .Capt_Wombat wrote:

yaaa the medical wings been trashed again,

poor medical staff, they should have red shirts

Oh ffs. The medical wing, as I have stated, is not trashed. It is, in fact, totally undamaged.

Ultrablast wrote:
You “grumble” psychically (which both psionic and non-psionic creatures can detect), then release a horrid shriek from your subconscious that disrupts the BRAINS of all enemies in the power’s area, dealing 13d6 points of damage to each enemy.

(emphasis mine)

It does no damage whatsoever, of any kind, at all, to things that are not the brains of your enemies. It is also of sufficiently small area that no one except Phaezeriel, Kaetar, and Nurse Julie were even affected. Two wounded and one dead. That is the sum total of the damages.

Wearer of Masks wrote:
I was there before melody, I've expressed interest in the past on Iolth, (though it admittedly was not in game) and scaring the s$!% out of melody would be a bonus. Mostly I wanted Iolth to not be put in the same pod as the virulent girl was kept

we all want certain things to happen. Or think it would be cool if they did. That does not mean they do.

You are going to have to give me more info than that or have lyn tell me you can ignore the infirmary wards, DK.

Saying I can do it because I am a skilled whatever is not good enough. Also, is your detecting of psychic energy good enough to give you pinpoint teleport targeting into a shielded treatment room into which you cannot actually see? And is your teleporting so fast as to be able to interrupt a single action under those circumstances? Without more to go on than i am a skilled infiltrator and magician I cannot see how that is remotely possible.

Okay. Ultrablast is not like fireball. It is only a 15 foot radius. And it only affects brains.

So, end result is that at most, two rooms to either side of where Iolth is at were affected. I posted earlier what the infirmary looks like under Phaezeriel. Wearer, you are not looking at Iolth, nor is Mel as Iolth is in a private treatment room which would require a champion's ability to teleport to get into it without going through the door, which is currently locked and requires senior staff authorization to open.

The only people who are currently affected by the Ultrablast are Phaezeriel, Julie, and Kaetar.

Phaeze is hurt, Julie is dead, and I do not know about Kaetar.

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