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Kaigon the Miscreant

MisterLurch's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 802 posts (4,179 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 26 aliases.


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I would love to play, but not familiar enough with the system to run it.

okay. I will hit you up on google.

Cool! I will be headed home in about three hours. Will you still be up then?

In traditional pathfinder, high ability score results in more spells per day.

What we are trying to move toward, though we are not there yet, is a non-vancian system. I am not even really in favor of spell points as a casting system, as that is still highly influenced by the core concepts of vancian magic.

If you are unsure what Vancian magic is, here is a link.

I am supposed to be the one refining the magic system into a non-vancian system, but have sadly been very busy with a move a new semester. My school workload is settling into a routine, so I should have time to devote to this soon.

Mirandix Anterian wrote:
If one of us wanted to run Way of the Wicked... :)

Or anything else, really...

I would like to bring in a seeker with the psyker trait. Any issues you see with that?

@Bayou: Heya. :)

I would like to join up. I will have something up in a couple of days.

I am going to try it. As are my sister and niece. I do not know if I will be able to complete with statistics frying my brain...

Lyn, I have a PM that I need you to take a look at.

Way ahead of you. ;)

I will probably throw it in with your group, Monkey...

If you do not mind.

I will let it brew for a day or two and see where it goes .. :)

Lol...Lyn you just gave me a character idea. A Tauric Spider/halfling. Like a Drider, but made out of a Halfling instead of a Drow...

What about Thri-Kreen? >:)

As you will.

That penalty fits the training of the White Tower perfectly; in the books the Aes Sedai are always cautioning their initiates specifically not to experiment. But it still seems that the idea of being so cautious about experimentation that you have a -10 penalty to doing so does not fit the way the Asha'man and the Black Tower are presented.

The Black Tower is always presented as being almost callous about the potential risks of experimentation and forcing.

Sure, they share and teach what they learn, and they train to work together like any disciplined soldiers would. But that is a long way from training their initiates to be so cautious in using the One Power that they suffer such a large penalty for experimenting.

That seems pretty reasonable, except for one thing:

The -10 for composure should not apply to the Asha'man or to their initiates. There are many references to them actually being encouraged/required to experiment, being forced, being very nihilistic, etc. I do not think that they would feel restrained by cautionary tales, and I doubt their training would encourage them to be overly cautious.

As an example drawn from the books of Asha'man inventing, there is the unique weave (which is never clearly discussed iirc) that Damer Flynn used to turn the two evils in Rand's wound back in on each other. He could not have used that weave on anyone else before then given the unique nature of the wound, and he certainly gave no sign of being reluctant or hesitant because of his training.

To even things out between male and female channelers, having levels of Wilder should also remove the penalty to experimentation.

Character Recap:

Nix: Dealing with overwrought teenage girls.
Alys: Headed for lunch with Ehos. Not really sure where to go with this scene.
Cindra: I forgot. She is so good at hiding from notice that even I lost track of her.
Jessa: Waiting for either the headmaster or his assistant.
Kezzin: He is .. um .. busy ...
Phaezeriel: Resting after exhausting himself trying to put Ginni back together.
Wyrd: Helping to rebuild Kuros.

Yay! I am glad you are doing better, Lyn! And welcome back!

What do you find so objectionable about the sorcerer bloodlines. They are kinda silly, but they don't seem so bad to ban them.

A pass snows in or over

Hey, Ice?

1) Getting in an accident sucks. There is no real way around that. But as long as people were not hurt, it is going to be okay.

2) If you need anything, let us help; we will if we can, but we cannot if you don't let us know how.

3) We still like you.

Analin Mendiana wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:

I have played everything from 2nd through 5th. 20th anniversary is my favorite so far.

I am not a fan of the execution of the video game.

Which video game? I thought the recent one was great. Good story, near-perfect mechanics, decent graphics. Like playing through a real series of runs, just on a computer. It helped a lot that Jordan Weisman came back to design the game. Why didn't you like it?

I am referring to the recent Shadowrun Returns. The Shaman class felt entirely too railroad-ey in the character creation options. I did not try the other characters after that.

Seems like a lot of people are coming down with a bad case of Champion lately. Maybe we can create a vaccine?

Does Dave have a method of teleporting through wards that block teleportation?

I have played everything from 2nd through 5th. 20th anniversary is my favorite so far.

I am not a fan of the execution of the video game.

I do not like 5th ed. SR

4th edition made decking possible in a normal running group. I am about to start up with a new shadowrun game over TeamSpeak. I have a hard time finding GMs so I am hopeful this guy will not be an asshat.

I am gonna jump on the "where are my characters" bandwagon ..

Cindra - Just arrived at Professor Agave's "classroom"
Phaezeriel - Mentally exhausted by lunch, sleeping on a cot in Ginni's Isolation room.
Kezzin - Dead/disappeared
Alys - On her way to lunch with Ehos
Jessa - On her way to the headmaster's office
Professor Nix - Does it matter? :)
Wyrd - Helping to rebuild Kuros

Fei, I would like to point out that a 1 is not an automatic fail on a crit confirmation roll. If that hits evil Vai's AC despite the 1, it crits.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Evil Vai and Fei, of course.

lynora wrote:
Also 2+3=6 for certain large values of 2. Math is not as absolute as people like to think it is. :)

Lyn, I do not doubt you. I have never seen that proof. Could you show me?

Ah. There is a Great Wolf Lodge in MN that I have been to.

lynora wrote:
Alys Himuro wrote:
lynora wrote:
Nala: Ive lost track. Need to check on that. Something about needing to. Contact her mother.
Nala was talking to Ehos and Alys. Alys seemed to be finished but we are kinda waiting to see if there is anything else coming from Ryuzo or Nala before moving on.

I found the post. The problem is that I made a post after what my most recent Nala post was and it apparently didn't take, and I didn't realize. So it's been so long I've forgotten entirely what I said, so I just started over there.

Was Jessa present for that or was she somewhere else?

Jessa is there, but she is standing off to the side being confused.

Welcome back, Lyn. I am glad your hoosband is doing well.

Hey guys, I will be visiting family this weekend, and I am going to download the wayfinder app, but my posting will likely be even less than normal.

Lyn, did you want to do anything else with Nala and Alys?

Lyn, fun idea on its way in a PM.

Feel Better Lyn.

Do you have typical age/size/weight type stuff figured out for the Lhurienathi?

Also, when they shift, what happens to their gear?

Would you be allowing firearms?

I am pretty sure we are just glad that you are doing well. :)

FireclawDrake wrote:
Ehos: Escorting Alys from the encounter with Nala&Ryuzo. Any more interaction wanted here Lurch?

I think I was waiting to see if Lynora had anything more for us before moving on. But other than that I had no plans.

FireclawDrake wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(
Yup, just heard and wanted to come here to make sure you guys knew :( Very sad.
Is he the hitchhiker's guide guy?
Discworld, Good Omens, among others.

I do not think I have read anything by Pratchett.

Monkeygod wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(
Yup, just heard and wanted to come here to make sure you guys knew :( Very sad.

Is he the hitchhiker's guide guy?

FireclawDrake wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Here's a really short video that explains it in a fairly intuitive way:


Yes, Cute, but still confused. I feel kinda dumb right now.

I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Are psionics allowed? I have a Gunslinger/Kaigun that I would like to submit.

George Takei's facebook post about it:

George Takei wrote:
Today, the world lost a great man, and I lost a great friend. We return you now to the stars, Leonard. You taught us to "Live Long And Prosper," and you indeed did, my friend. I shall miss you in so many, many ways.

Made me kinda tear up a little.

@ice: Leonard Nimoy played Spock on the original Star Trek and the older Spock on the rebooted Star Trek.


"non-murdery hobbies"

Lyn, you made me spit coffee on my desk....

What have you got, ice?

icehawk333 wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
icehawk333 wrote:
Lily Svarog wrote:

I think the scariest thing about Lily's desire to have her power removed is that it's not an emotional decision. It's not born of fear or anger or anything else. She honestly and truly believes that she would be better off.

Her first calm and collected solution to the problem was self-mutilation.

Firebirds, man.

To be fair, it also caused you to feel krezzin's skull hit the wall.
Phaezeriel would have been much less horrified had her request been made in the heat of passion. The cold and logical request to mutilate her own mind is what made it so terrible to him.

Oh, I know it's reasonable. (Sorta)

But I'm just saying there's plenty of emotional backing that could easily be mentioned as well.

But in this case, the decision is not an emotional one.

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