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Kaigon the Miscreant

MisterLurch's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 647 posts (2,927 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.


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Is it still the same night is has been for a couple of months?

I was going to recommend Traveller as well

I think it is supposed to be whole once more in body

I am interested in learning more about 13th age .. let me know more about character creation etc.

lyn .. what family is cindra from? a reminder please...


Lyn is awesome like that. Also: once a parent, always a parent.

lynora wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
What did you have in mind for Cindra? PM me if you want to keep it DL.

It's not much of a secret. No matter how much she wishes it was. ;)

** spoiler omitted **

But as I said, not written in stone and I'm more than happy to work with any alternate ideas you might have for her.

LOL .. that is .. special.

What did you have in mind for Cindra? PM me if you want to keep it DL.

I will lay claim to Cindra, Lyn. :)

Best of luck Lynora!

What spelling error?

Hopefully the gm will be merciful and shower us with healing potions.

The best laid plans, and all that...

I would like to bring in an Elven Fighter. It has been long and long since I played with a regular fighter.

I am fine with a Belsayv speed-up

Have we passed to the next day yet?

I am definitely interested. I will put together a proposal soon. :)

FireclawDrake wrote:
(This is one of the reasons why I'm very careful to ensure Midori's cultural background comes out in the way she uses language)

While I love the way that you get her cultural background to show through her language, I am often confused by all the -chan's and -san's and -samalamadingdong's. ;) When reading Midori, I sometimes feel like I have gotten lost in an anime movie.

DB3, are you going to restart the game? I would be happy to continue with that one.

Cheers, capt. we will be here if life allows your return later.

Been awful quiet tonight. <.<

well .. according to rules-as-written (RAW), you are flat footed until your first action. Whether or not you are ready for combat. Not that I have ever run a game that close to RAW, but just sayin'.

Yeppers. And Nix generally does not start a conversation with "My name is Nix, do you happen to own your own demi-plane?" ;)

Nix doesn't know you well, was not terribly privy to the fact that you have a plane, so therefore, did not ask. So, yeah. Not using player knowledge and all that.

changes to woodsmen?

omg .. i laughed so hard

No need to feel like that, Magic; your observations are perfectly valid and appreciated. I really like the community that we have here as well; it would be really neat to be able to meet some of you in person.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lynora, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that we all love this game and a large part of what makes it successful is you! So thank you for everything you do for us here.

so many people

but to be fair, there are more than a couple of us that are authorized to run story arcs, so it moves along.

lol .. you and me both Kryzbyn!

@Magic .. Happy Birthday!

@Ed .. where did you get the ensemble feat?

Okay, my apologies for being so slow. My life is apparently too hectic to even make a new character. I will have to bow out of this one. I hope no one was waiting on me.

Actually, OL, I like the Goliaths better! Cheers!

I should be working on getting it set up this evening.

glad to have you all back! yay!

I would love to put together a half-giant psychic warrior, perhaps a dread. :D I love the psionics and too many DMs do not allow it!

Good to know, thanks FCD.

Sorry to point this out, but casting summon spells are a full round action. i.e. no movement and casting.

1 tail is 1 to 100 years
3-4 tails is 101 to 300 years
5-8 tails is 301 to 600 years
9 tails is 601+ years

it doesn't really give maturity categories in conjunction with those guidelines.

what is the age equivalent for a kitsune of 68?

What is elementary age?

Did someone call for an Exterminatus?

Vickory, going to need a SR penetration check for them.

Yrrin Lightbringer wrote:

"Defeat the spellcaster!" Yrrin activates his aura of justice

+10 to attack the spellcaster, +32 to damage.

And responds to his assailant






Yrrin, Please include a note about the purpose of each roll; it makes FCDs job much easier.

The preferred format, just as a reminder, is as follows: (replaces all {} with [] as appropriate)

{ooc}Reason for Roll: {dice}1d10+17{/dice}. Additional notes if necessary.{/ooc}

I have always been, and still am, comfortable with a character dying. While I would not like it to happen in the first encounter, it is always a possibility when players make a wrong choice. I always try to act from the point of view of my character and accept the consequences of those actions.

That being said, I do like the idea of the three strikes. I may take that idea into games that I run.

I am definitely interested, and would like to bring in a tiefling inquisitor .. probably or either sarenrae or desna. I will have a story and character posted later tonight.

How many storylines are we waiting on to close out the day?

Vickory West wrote:
♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

What would be considered our Romance Languages?

I think Celestial may?
Just a funny thought I had.
Celestial would be more like latin is to us. Romance languages would probably come from the fey, elven and sylvan are good candidates.

Umm .. you do realize that the name "romance languages" has nothing to do with the conventional meaning of romance, right? They are called romance languages because they are descended from Vulgar Latin, which was the major dialect of the Roman Empire.

um .. yeah .. welcome to the holidays

how old is sara?

can sara speak to any animal?

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