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Mirrel the Marvelous's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 740 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I am in a small party (numerically and height wise) in the Carrion Crown AP. Three Gnome Brothers make up our entire party. So far we've custom crafted our own gear with crafting feats and sold off most of the gear we find because it's rubbish for us. Overall, it works for us.

Goblin Squad Member

Some kind of Decapitation Keyword, perhaps as part of a Coup de Grace action. As an Urgathoan Cleric, this is necessary for the ritual of Reaping. Though I suspect that it would be quite some time before a Vorpal Scythe is seen/created.

Goblin Squad Member

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Andius wrote:

Plague escalation cycles would be AWESOME. Those would be fun to see spread over the top of other escalation cycles too though. You could have people running around curing victims, providing needed supplies, or on the evil side just killing the infected and burning the bodies.

One thing though, as awesome as it would be to let's the paladins/clerics/druids magic away all the disease some plagues should require physical medicine. Just imagine the fun when people start trying to rob incoming medical supplies.

Perhaps that would not be necessary. The Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, had a plague running rampant through a city with access to Clerical healing. This is because healing magic only has a set amount of uses per day, which can easily be outpaced by an aggressive contagious disease.

Goblin Squad Member

Ah yes, the guy who had an army of Inferi (Zombies with slashing resistance WTF!) in an underground lake!

There are unconfirmed rumours that there might be Duncan7291.

As a PC, I would advise you to NEVER Command an Undead that spawns. Every day it gets a save to break free, which eventually it will (even if it has to roll a natural 20 to do so!) If it has spawned an army, that's a potential TPK on your hands.

Goblin Squad Member

The word itself has supernatural connotations.

Goblin Squad Member

Nevy wrote:
Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
Which one is Golgotha?
I didn't think followers of the Pallid Princess would deem themselves marvelous. :-)

Why would we not?

Is a blockbuster Arcanist (from the ACG playtest) viable? All you would need is to take the Arcanist Exploit: School Understanding - Admixture at 1st level and you're golden. You wouldn't even need to waste points from your Arcane Reservoir to boost it, as the Versatile Evocation ability isn't dependent on level.

The intense spells ability can be augmented however, and so could the Bloodline Development: Draconic (Fire) if you chose to go down that route.

Goblin Squad Member

Which one is Golgotha?

Just get a set of Amazing Tools of Manufacture, from the ARG, Gnomes section of magic items. Job done.

Shouldn't it have access to Perform: Sing/Dance? And one of the Favoured Terrains should be Urban(Bars), though only when wearing clothing belonging to the opposite gender?

Goblin Squad Member

My lady Urgathoa's Portfolio includes both Undead and War. If that doesn't scream out for her Clerics to start raising Undead armies, I don't know what does!

Goblin Squad Member

As I have stated before. I intend on playing a Cleric of Urgathoa, even if I'm the only one to do so. And even if the developers never include Urgathoa as a Deity.

My loyalty to the Pallid Princess is unshakeable!

Goblin Squad Member

Being wrote:
Ah! But the Bard's are wont to sing the Ballad of Sir Robin... and they get all the girls!

Those particular minstrels were eaten when food was scarce! Remember that.

Also, there was much rejoicing.

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Does the Dog Ranger have a Human Companion?

Goblin Squad Member

So you are saying that the "best" minion-based necromancer are likely to be this Leader/Aristocrat Path, rather than Cleric or Wizard Paths?

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Prophecy has been vague and inaccurate since the death of Aroden. Play on this.

It's more effective if all your minions are psionic in nature, either from taking levels in a class, or from taking the Wild Talent Feat. If they don't already have one of these then use Psychic Reformation to make it so.

Now the minions can be used in the Metaconcert (this is what I missed out in my text wall earlier) to increase the Manifester level by 5(+2 for every two Power Points Augmented above 9). Manifest it on the other with a different set of minions using the now higher manifester level to give an even HIGHER ML. That is where you rinse and repeat.

I did say "If you really need one of them by your side for any reason". Which could mean anything from needing a random skill or ability that nobody else in the party has (albeit at a much lower level), to trap/arrow fodder duty.

Yes it can be a little bit like having Leadership with Telepathy, which also has the benefit that you don't have to traipse an army of NPC's through every dungeon you encounter to take advantage of them. Which should also prevent your GM from killing them off like a bunch of "redshirts", "Nodwicks", or "Kennys"

Goblin Squad Member

What about Deities that are not out at the beginning. Say somebody REALLY wanted to play a Cleric of an unreleased God(dess) would they have to worship one of the released ones then convert (if that's even possible) if or when their chosen deity comes out. I know that in PFS you HAVE to chose a Deity to be a Divine caster, but is this another option that's being considered?

Claxon wrote:

Yeah...the main use of the Staff of Masters is getting the "free" matamagic applied to a spell you cast without raising the spell level.

It's relatively easy the next non-adventuring day to refill the charges on your staff so that you cast spells with all the crazy metamagic you want!

I think you can only recharge one point each day, so it would take ten non-adventuring days to fully recharge the staff.

You want to see OP?

Try combining a Thrallherd with either class that provides a Collective. Mass produce Sycophant's Rings, which are pretty cheap at 500gp if you (or one of the minions) has Craft Wondrous Items, to make your Collective effectively number in the hundreds.
Use a combination of feats (Enlarged Collective and Expansive Collective to give it a Universe-spanning range by 12th level.)

You can now leave all your minions at home. They are literally but a thought away. If you really need one of them by your side for any reason, then Dimension Swap them in for minion "Tag Team"

Manifest the Metaconcert power on your Thrall (who should be a Manifester of some description). Then get your Thrall (using their now higher manifester level) to manifest Metaconcert on you. End the first power. Rinse and repeat to increase your manifester level to Godlike levels, or until the DM's head explodes.

There are also some other heavily abusable tricks to use here, such as using the Blood Money spell to power the material components of a Reality Revision, then dividing the strength loss equally between everyone in the Metaconcert.

Really, the only limit on ways to abuse the Collective/Thrallherd combination is your imagination.

No. They can only be replaced for things you could have taken at the earlier level.

So the light really does shine out of your......!

Gregory Connolly wrote:
One last bit of advice, do not advertise to your good aligned buddies that you bought about 3 gallons of unholy water making the wand of Infernal Healing!

That's only ONE of the possible ingredients. If there are any Demon hunters in the party, they should be fine with the other ingredient.

Rikkan wrote:
Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
The spell from a spellstoring weapon can be cast on a CREATURE that you attack. A corpse would not be a viable target I'm afraid.
Think it does, see for example: Breath of Life

Ok a creature can be a corpse, but the Item description says that it can be cast on one that you can hit and cause damage to. A corpse is still not viable, and therefore my point is still valid.

The spell from a spellstoring weapon can be cast on a CREATURE that you attack. A corpse would not be a viable target I'm afraid.

ZanThrax wrote:
Well, either his BBEG rolled some natural ones on his saves, or your GM is punishing you for killing the bad guy by destroying his loot.

The magic items were actually ok, once we'd cleaned all the bad-guy-soot off of them. As for rolling natural ones, he actually PASSED his first reflex save against my fireball!

Being slightly more on topic. My 9th level Boom-Gnome just two-spelled a supposedly hard encounter. The BBEG was at the top of a tower, which was filled with his minions. One Intensified, Empowered Fireball aimed at the top of the tower annihilated the tower, the minions, and took a pretty big chunk out of the big bad. The flying (and still smoking) bad guy then went invisible, which meant nothing to me as I had See Invisibility running (and always will when I make it Permanent next level!) so I flash-fried him again. According to the DM, there was nothing left but ash and some badly charred magical items.

Words of Power aren't PFS legal.


You're welcome Melvin. People with our initials need to stick together!

Grab a set of Amazing Tools of Manufacture (from the ARG) to craft 2K worth of equipment in a SINGLE hour!

Talgeron wrote:

Chiming in from the military side of things, I was in the military, and I can tell you first hand that I used to pay someone in my unit to roll my cammie sleeves for me just because he had the best looking sleeves in the platoon. It was only a few bucks, but his skill was for sale, and mine was sadly lacking.

There is no such thing as free. Especially in the military.

Adding to this, I too am in the military, and in a recent parade, paid another guy to polish my shoes (partly due to time constraints, partly because I suck at it!) I considered this a more than fair exchange.

If you are worried about your crafter friend being richer, or having better equipment, then there is nothing stopping you from earning some coin too. Invest in one of the craft/profession/perform skills or get a job/run a business in your downtime. Hell, if the leadership Feat is permitted in your game, you could get NPC'S to do any or all of those AND craft you some items at base cost.

Just as an aside. Pathfinder Alchemists CAN reshape the world around them. They can turn it into a blasted, smoking ruin quite easily!

There is a way that this long lived Elf Magus could learn 9th level Spells. He could use the Retraining rules as stated in Ultimate Campaign to replace his Magus levels with levels of Wizard. It would be time consuming and expensive as hell! But he's got centuries anyway, right?

Divination is supposed to be a bit "nerfed" in this world, at least ever since the "Death of Prophecy!" There could well have been many more Divination Spells in earlier ages, which no longer work.

The Divination School Power: Forewarned, still rocks hard though!

When I play a Cleric, I usually play a Negative Channeler with the Undeath Subdomain. Which means I can Heal just fine, it just takes me two rounds to do so (Death's Kiss one round, heal with an Inflict Spell or a Channel the next!) This encourages the rest of the party not to rush into situations where they will get splattered in one round without healing, and to only expect said healing out of combat.

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Master of the Dark Triad wrote:
Shendalyn Shawn wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
I must also give the quote: "Any idiot can burn a man's house down, but a smart one can sell him the torch, convince him to burn it, and make him jump in."

I'd rather bed the man's wife, buy his house and turn it into a fertilizer factory, light him on fire and bed his sister and daughter over top of his grave.

But perhaps that's just me.

Me too! :D

What kind of modifiers to Bluff are you guys packing!?

If in combat with a high level Cleric, the first action should be to Shatter/Sunder their Holy Symbol. No nasty Anti-Undead Channeling (or even Spellcasting) from them! I don't know if this would work with Paladins as well.

And if your GM allows the idea that Word of Undeath and Animate Dead form different Hit Dice Pools, then he is insane!

I have a Gestalted Wizard(Evocation)/Alchemist(Mindchemist and I Internal Alchemist Archetypes) and the two classes do dovetail amazingly well! But like the others have said, none of their abilities will increase through levels of the other.

An Alchemist with the Vivisectionist Archetype might be viable, if you plan on focusing on Ray Spells or Ranged/Melee Touch Spells, so you could tag on Sneak Attack damage to your magical firepower.

At the end of the day, whatever is the most fun to play, and that's the aim of the game.

If you have a Strength score of 18 or above and are less than 10th level, then sure. But Characters with that kind of strength are likely to have less than stellar Charisma scores anyway (unless they're Paladins) so I think it all works out about even.

Ultimate Campaign goes into a little more detail, as well as various ways it can be used.

Apart from the high requirements to qualify for all these Feats (12th level, unless I've missed something) then yes it should work.

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The Doomsday Shenanigans with Gates and Planar Portals is the sole reason why certain Inevitables (Lhaksharuts) exist in the first place.

Wildebob wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Wildebob wrote:

Selective Channeling (I actually kind of like the RP situation of knowing you can heal your allies...but by healing your enemies, too, but since it IS an option, you are an idiot if your cleric doesn't take this)
I disagree with this, generally speaking. For a channel-focused or healing-focused build with all the bells and whistles, sure, but for most clerics, who do their healing post-combat, it's not that useful.
You're absolutely right, Zhayne. I didn't state my assumption that you'll actually be using those channels to heal in combat. Good catch. I agree that it's not an obvious choice for post-combat healers.

I take this Feat for my Negative Energy Offensive Channeling Clerics. Tag on the effects of my Shatter Resolve Feat to create a decent Blast/Debuff that scales quite nicely, without being overpowered.

That's only for Wizards that have chosen to cast Wordspells instead of regular Spells at character creation.

The Morphling wrote:
Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
Don't forget to take the Accelerated Drinker Trait (from the Cheliax Companion) to reduce your drinking potion time to a move action, so your can snarf your AA Extract and your Potion in the same round.
There's alchemists without that trait?

Just the ones who have never heard of it TM.

Horselord wrote:
Just to throw a spanner in the works, Command Undead is also a spell.

Which is also mentioned in the words of the feat. It doubles the duration of the spell. Free Extend Spell in other words. Not too shabby.

I think it's just a generalistic term to describe it's nature as a crumbling, once-great empire on the decline.

The Apotheosis into full-fledged Godhood is still shrouded in mystery. To fully pass the Test of Starstone, you had to be judged worthy. That has not changed, and we still do not know exactly HOW powerful the True Gods are. Or what it is to be deemed worthy in each gods eyes.

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