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Mine all mine...don't touch's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 772 posts. 28 reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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My new favorite shirt


Love it ! Considering buying a second to put away for that horrible day when this one gives up the ghost.

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An excellent adventure


As a big fan of Kobold Press I picked up a print copy of this from Amazon ( not a fan of PDFs). Although I have not run it yet, it jumped ahead of several other adventures as soon as I read it. The story is great,and the idea of a more role play vs. roll play made me very happy and I can't wait to give it a try. Although flavored toward the Midgard setting it could very easily be dropped in anywhere. Maps were nice and I wish I had done the print /PDF option so they would be easier to print but I didn't see one at Amazon and a prime membership saves me on shipping so that's that. The side bars with commentary are very useful and entertaining by turns. Art is good without taking up too much page count. I really enjoyed reading this adventure and now look forward to running it, I already have the perfect group in mind. Strongly recommend this adventure.

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I really like this one.

****( )

I found the vigalante interesting and a fun class. I had no problems with any of the skills or feats but then i am not an optimized player so a feat thats not all that useful but fun doesnt bother me. The advise section was a bit vague and for an experienced player not as useful as i would haved. All in all i am happy with my purchase.

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I really like this book a lot.

****( )

I had a chance to play in Vathak last year at PaizoCon and had a great time. As such I bought the core rule book, gave it a read and then waited for a chance to use it. Well a year later that chance finally rolled around ( read we finally finished the game we were in) and after a quick brush up to,remember some of the details we were off and running. So far so good my players are really enjoying the tone of the game and the change of pace is nice too. Now to be fair I did tweak things a little to make it fit into Paizo's Glorian and tone down a bit of the back story but on a whole am running most of it as written. Just presented as a land that has a backstory to match the Vathak setting instead of a whole world. Yes it's a stretch in places but my group is more than willing to be forgiving in the interest of have a good time. I'm thinking that Ultimate Horror might help me out if we decide to stay / revisit Vathak in the months to come. Ultimately I can honestly recommend this book if for no other reason than to bring a change of pace to the table.

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A lot of fun!


Let me start by saying three things.

1. There is not an offering for the physical book so I am putting my review here, but I have the physical not the PDF.
2. I kickstarted this book so I am probably biased from the beginning.
3. I have not run this......yet!

When I first saw the kickstart for Snow White it was being billed as a nod to the old D&D Through the looking glass and Beyond the magic mirror. And that is exactly why I pledged. I was not disappointed either. The book is just a fun read to see all the references to the storybook characters and the sly nods to fairy tales. If you know the story of Snow White there really are not a whole lot of surprises but that too is not a bad thing. I think the group I play with regularly will have a blast playing through even after they figure out what the story is and I am curious to see how long it takes for them to piece it together. I'm not sure there are really any spoilers per se. So I'll leave it at the story is good and i am plotting how soon I can work it into my weekly game. The chase cards are an optional buy and although not required I think I am going to pick them up they look really useful and a nice addition.
From a nuts and bolts standpoint it looks great. The art is really nice and adds to the story and the readers experience. The maps are top notch ( as I recall they were a stretch goal). I saw not typos or dropped text that spring to mind, so editing is good. In fact if I had any complaint it would only be that you need to hide the cover to run the story. If my group is any indication hiding the cover will make them suspicious. I am contemplating how to make a false slip jacket to throw them off.

I would gladly recommend and give this five stars.

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