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Millennium_Falchion's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 26 posts (153 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


I'm leaning more toward QXL99's way of thinking.

A remake might even be an improvement if they keep the actor playing Blake under contract for the whole run. Haven't seen the original in a very long time, but I definitely remember thinking it went downhill fast once Blake left.

On the other hand, given the channel it's being made for/by, it'll probably be as bad or worse than Flash Gordon was.

LazarX wrote:
If it's not Terry Nation working on it, I expect it to flop miserably.

If Terry Nation is working on it, I expect it to make headlines.

Seeing as how he's been dead since 1997.

Sometimes the only way to get the type of game you want to play is to run it.

I'd suggest he GM a game that allows the players to use all the sources he's been asking you to allow. If it goes well and everyone has fun, then maybe he can talk someone else into GMing a game in that same style that he can then play in.

Chernobyl wrote:
Personally I'd like to see MORE adventures and fewer "splat" books. That was my big attraction to Paizo and Pathfinder. But lately it seems like the rulebook/supplement book-to-adventure ratio is more like 3:1 or something. Opening up a whole 'nother continent (Tian Xia) and soon Planets(!) just seems like its going to dilute the adventures more.

I don't understand how detailing new locations, be they cities, countries, continents, or planets, might dilute the adventures.

Then again, I love planets. My dream AP would be one that spans all the planets in Golarion's solar system. Or at least the most interesting ones (Castrovel, Akiton, and Eox).

Besides, it's only one book about the planets. Unless there are droves of planet-fans like me, chances are it will only ever be one book.

dinketry wrote:

Cheers, Nansen! Well met and we hope to see you regularly at the Lodge! I can say I had a blast running the scenario, and I look forward to more.

I could tell you were having fun, especially playing the NPCs, and I think that set a tone that helped us players to have more fun.

Definitely aiming to be a regular, though this time of year the weather and the cold germs often have other ideas.

Bekra, enjoyed gaming with you. Hope we meet up again in future missions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening.

I wanted to pop in and say thanks to Paul and Dain for organizing Pathfinder Society in Asheville, and especially thanks to Blitzkrieg Games for hosting us. Your efforts and hospitality are much appreciated.

I played last weekend as the ranger Nansen in Paul's "Frostfur Captives" game. Paul was a good GM, and my fellow players were both fun and funny.

This was my first ever Pathfinder Society gaming session, and I really enjoyed it. It was more fun, and a lot more on focus, than a lot of home games I've played.

Justin Ricobaldi wrote:
I have one option and that is Wizard's StarWars Saga Edtion. I play and love it but uh, I can't help but wonder if Paizo will ever get a chance to publish their own Star Wars roleplaying books and do for it what they've done for 3.5 D&D?

Not exactly what you're looking for, but Distant Worlds will detail the other planets of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. The vibe I'm getting from Distant Worlds is that it takes a good amount of inspiration from some of the same sources that inspired Star Wars.

(Paizo is the company that reprinted several novels from Leigh Brackett, the person that George Lucas initially turned to for help writing The Empire Strikes Back.)

So while Paizo will for reasons mentioned above probably never do a Star Wars rpg, if Distant Worlds is a hit, I can certainly see them incorporating into the Campaign Setting more of those elements inspired by Brackett and others who inspired Star Wars.

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I've been running the numbers on this using Pathfinder's Wealth By Level Chart and the accompanying text which suggests the value of a PC's gear should be about 25% in weapons, 25% in armor, 25% in miscellaneous magic, 15% in consumable magic, and 10% in mundane gear and coins.

Based on that distribution, a PC could have:

masterwork weapon: 3rd level
+1 weapon: 5th level
+2 weapon: 8th to 9th level
+3 weapon: 11th level
+4 weapon: 13th level
+5 weapon: 15th level

I've also run the numbers for armor, and cleric, druid, or wizard created potions, scrolls, and wands.

At low levels, it varies by armor type.

masterwork armor: 2nd level (chain shirt or less) to 5th level (full plate)
+1 armor: 4th level (banded mail or less) to 6th level (full plate)
+2 armor: 7th level
+3 armor: 9th level
+4 armor: 11th level
+5 armor: 12th level

potions (cleric, druid, or wizard):
0-level spell: 2nd level
1st level spell: 2nd level
2nd level spell: 3rd level
3rd level spell: 4th level

scrolls (cleric, druid, or wizard):
Scrolls are weird in that a PC can afford high level scrolls long before they can effectively use them.

0-level spell: 2nd level
1st level spell: 2nd level
2nd level spell: 2nd level
3rd level spell: 3rd level
4th level spells: 4th level
5th level spells: 5th level
6th level spells: 6th level
7th level spells: 6th level
8th level spells: 7th level
9th level spells: 8th level

wands (cleric, druid, or wizard):
0-level spell: 3rd level
1st level spell: 4th level
2nd level spell: 8th level
3rd level spell: 11th level
4th level spells: 13th level

Damon Griffin wrote:
And just what does "dwarf planet" imply in a fantasy RPG anyway? :)

Well for starters, a dwarf planet would be almost entirely covered in hair.

Castrovel. It just grabbed my imagination and won't let go.

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Jeff de luna wrote:
I want a scenario on Castrovel, actually. It sounds fun.

Castrovel would be my first choice too. For some reason it fires my imagination more strongly than the other planets.

Still, I hope that a full AP would have time to visit several planets.

There's only one way to find out: the Goatee Test.

If more than 50% of Paizo employees have goatees, Paizo is evil.

Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats is a good source that seems to hit a lot of the high points of Irish folklore. It's public domain in the US. Project Gutenberg has a lot of other Yeats available too.

If you're looking to add traditional music, Cantaria is a good source. They have loads of traditional and traditional-style songs. For some songs they just list the lyrics, but for many they've made arrangements with performers to have whole or partial recordings of the songs available.

Varthanna wrote:
As an avid gamer and star wars fan, I can't honestly see the point of yet another Star Wars RPG game. With the d6 supplements and the SAGA system, I find myself quite satisfied with what is available. Until something new comes along (and I'm sure it will, Lucas needs his $$$), I can't imagine any incentive for people to produce a new RPG. I cant imagine it would sell well.

The thing I think Paizo would bring to the table would be adventures. West End Games produced a bunch of adventures that a lot of Star Wars RPGers still talk about, convert to new systems, and run to this day. WotC's releases were almost entirely sourcebooks. So aside from the odd web-freebie or short scenario in the back of a sourcebook, it's been quite a long time since there have been new Star wars adventures produced.

I know Paizo have said they don't wanna do licensed products, and given how well they're doing with their own stuff, can't say as I blame them.

Still, I do hope that whatever company does wind up with the license, winds up having more of a West End Games / Paizo sensibility and produces adventures in significant quantities. If a new Star Wars line winds up being just another rules take on the universe and puts out books full of stats for X-Wings, Wookies, astro droids, and Darth vader then I'm not interested. Star Wars adventures (or better yet, adventure paths), yeah, those I'd buy if only to convert to Saga Edition.

And to toss some speculation on top of my wishful thinking, I expect if there's a new Star Wars RPG, it will probably tie-in to the the Old Republic MMO.

Ever since I first saw the three different XP charts in Pathfinder, I've been interested in doing custom XP charts. I've started working up a spreadsheet to do this, but before I spend loads of time on it, I wanted to see if anyone else had already done something similar.

What I have in mind is a sheet that will let you choose how many encounters per level, and then calculate a chart for you. So if you want super fast progression, you can choose 10 or even 5 encounters per level, or if you want glacially slow progression you can chose 40 or 50.

I also want the sheet to let you change the advancement rate for each level. So if you think levels 4 to 10 are the sweet spot and want to make them last longer, you could use the slow progression there while using medium or fast progression at all other levels.

Of course custom XP charts will break the game without matching custom treasure charts, so my intent is to include those too, although I haven't starting working out the math on those yet.

As a player, I track all my equipment weight, but even with the help of a computer, I find it to be tedious. Though equipping them has always been my least favorite part of making PCs.

The reason I bother, even in games when no one else does, is that some class abilities don't work when encumbrance reaches medium or heavy, so not tracking encumbrance feels like cheating. Even when I don't have class abilities to worry about, there's also movement rate.

As a DM, encumbrance isn't usually a battle I choose to fight with the players. Though a system like Laurefindel's I could probably use without too much problem. As a player I know I'd love a simplified system like that.

Krome wrote:
seriously... with a name like Norgorber does anyone really HAVE to ask where's the love?

This kind of comment gets made a lot by people who've never norgorbed. That's reasonable, since it's easy to describe norgorbing in a way that makes it sound pretty unappealing and even a bit gross. While some people don't enjoy it, most people who've actually tried norgorbing find the experience extremely enjoyable and can't wait to norgorb again.

Of course there is a social stigma attached to norgorbing, so few practitioners are willing to openly proclaim their enjoyment of the activity. Having a deity who publicly and proudly names himself a norgorber is a giant step in increasing acceptance of norgorbers everywhere.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the sublevels at Paizo HQ is a map. At first glance, this map appears to be the map of a complex multi-level dungeon. A look at the room list, however, reveals one of Paizo's most closely held secrets. "Home Page, Paizo Blog, Web Fiction, Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, Forum Levels, Product Schedule" and so on.

Yes, folks, the Paizo website is, in fact, designed to be a dungeon.

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It's no accident that the words "ulfen" and "elven" sound so similar. The elves have been bound in magical servitude to the ulfen kings for thousands of years. The elves disappearance from Golarion was at the behest of their ulfen masters. The elves were sent away on a mission to find something, or eliminate a dangerous enemy, or perform magical rites impossible to perform upon Golarion.

Some people think the ulfen's decreased raiding is a sign that the sinister plans of the elves and their ulfen masters are nearing completion, and someday soon all of Golarion will awaken to find themselves serving tall, blond overlords.

Of course the elves and the ulfen vehemently deny there is any connection between them, which just proves it's all true!

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Here's one I've considered using as truth in any Golarion games I run.

The Test of the Starstone isn't a method to achieve godhood, but rather a trap set by the gods to eliminate potential rivals. All of the gods, even the "good" ones are in on this.

The stories about Norgorber, Cayden, and Iomedae ascending to godhood by passing the Test are completely false, and those gods aren't at all who their worshippers believe them to be.

Some people say there is a way for a mortal to achieve apotheosis, but the pool of godly power is limited, and every new deity weakens the existing deities. So the gods created the Test of the Starstone to root out any mortals with such ambitions, and destroy them before they can discover the true path to divinity.

Others speak of a secret ancient prophecy which warns of a horrid doom to befall mortal and deity alike, to be brought about by a mortal become god.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Unfortunately, the only people who know who make plushes in relatively small quantities haven't had such a great time in this economy. But if you know a potential manufacturer, please let us know about it!

Folkmanis makes their own line of plush hand puppets. (Their puppets are the ones used on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson). Their FAQ says they don't do custom designs, but that seems to be aimed at consumers. Whether that would apply to a company like Paizo, I don't know.

Even if they're a no-go for manufacturing Paizo plushies and/or puppets, they've got some pretty neat products that might be cool for the Paizo store. Their line includes about half a dozen different dragon puppets, a unicorn, some fairy tale type princesses, etc.

That's what I thought, but I asked anyway because I liked the sidebar versions better. :-)

Thanks for the quick response.

Two of the spell effects in this article are different in the sidebar which gives the short descriptions than they are in the full spell writeups.

Necrosurgery: the sidebar says the spell deals 1d4 damage to the recipient in exchange for a +2 bonus to resist disease, but the full writeup only mentions the +2 bonus and not the 1d4 damage.

Seeker's Chant: the sidebar says you gain a +2 bonus on Search checks and take a -2 penalty on Move Silently checks, but the full writeup says you gain a +1 bonus on Search checks and a -2 penalty on Move Silently checks.

Which are the correct effects?

#326 arrived today for me. That's two Dragon covers in a row I've liked, which makes it the longest string of Dragon covers in a row I've liked since probably whenever there were last two Elmore covers in a row.

#325's cover was really awesome. Possibly my favorite cover in the 3E era (though Elmore's halfling rogue cover is some mighty strong competition). I also liked the interior art for #326's Spellcraft/Academy of Apprentices article. Getting two pointy-hatted wizards in two months is very cool.

I just hope that doesn't use up our quota of pointy-hatted wizards for the next decade or so. Cuz, really, while I don't need one *every* issue, 5 or 6 six a year somewhere in the magazine and maybe one every 12 to 18 months on the cover would be nice.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping it was a business reason rather than an exclusion on the part of the school fundraiser company.

Though I'm not entirely abandoning the anti-fun schoolmarm idea because all of the computer and video game magazines they offered were versions that don't include the usual CD or DVD of demos and other goodies.

My nephew came by the other day with one of those school fundraisers where they try to guilt relatives into buying magazines by threatening to not give the kid a SpongeBob t-shirt if the kid doesn't turn in enough sales.

Remembering that my Dragon subscription is in need of renewal soon, I looked through the list on the off chance it was there. Nope. No Dungeon either. No Amazing Stories. No Asimov's. No Realms of Fantasy. No Parabola. No sale. Sorry kid, you'll have to earn your t-shirt off someone with more "normal" interests.

This got me to wondering though, does anyone know how they go about choosing what magazines to offer for those school fundraisers? Are the Paizo and other sci-fi/fantasy titles not on the list because of business/financial reasons, because the publishers never asked to get on the list in the first place, or because the lists are decided on by some uptight schoolmarm who doesn't approve of imagination or fun?

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