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Mike Bohlmann's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 114 posts (117 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Taldor ***

I've run it twice now, and both times the players felt challenged and that they barely survived. That's what I think is an ideal running of the scenario.

The last time I ran it, Krune got cut out of his sarcophagus by an adamantine axe-wielding barbarian. He was unable to act before he was almost dead (managed to disable all runes). He used dimensional steps to get away and then Phase Door to hide in a wall. He summoned bralanis to heal him, but the party had True Seeing going which allows seeing into ethereal. He was mostly healed when a successful Dispel Magic popped him out. The party had a couple wands of Dispel Magic at high level thanks to a particular scenario, and they rolled well. His Black Tentacles suffered the same fate. He readied an empowered maximized horrid wilting for when the last party member ran into the room. It went off and made them all pray that the barbarian's attack would finish him off. It did.

Die rolls can make a big difference.

Taldor ***

Charm X, Suggestion, and Dominate X for a hierarchy of spells. An important part of understanding them is understanding their spell-types in addition to their descriptions.

Charm X are a set of enchantment (charm) spells.

PRD wrote:
A charm spell changes how the subject views you, typically making it see you as a good friend.
Suggestion and Dominate X are enchantment (compulsion) spells.
PRD wrote:
A compulsion spell forces the subject to act in some manner or changes the way its mind works. Some compulsion spells determine the subject's actions or the effects on the subject, others allow you to determine the subject's actions when you cast the spell, and still others give you ongoing control over the subject.

Charm doesn't give a lot of room. When I adjudicate them, I tell players to think of the PCs and NPCs as real-life friends they may have had in the past that hate each other. If you try to get a charmed target to do something against their friends, the target weighs the two sets of friends against each other. In other words, a charmed enemy is only marginally useful when the enemy has other allies around them. In other situations, they will help however they can just like they would help any other friend.

Compulsions are much different. They force the target to do things they would not normally do. It is very much a form of control. Suggestion offers NO opportunity to re-save although it does have to be "reasonable" and more reasonable Suggestions may even trigger a penalty on the save. Dominate X only gives a re-save when the action is against the target's nature. Most Pathfinders are quite eager to kill things and take their stuff and the same goes for most intelligent enemies they might encounter.

Charms - would I do something for a friend against some other friend? Probably not in most cases.

Compulsions - unless the spell gives an out, the target does it. Period.

Taldor ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The players arrive with no high physical damage or spell damage characters, none of them carries oil of bless weapon, and there's an encounter with all DR 10/good or cold iron creatures plus DR 10/good or cold iron incorporeal creatures.

Taldor ***

With the nature of Eyes of the Ten, I don't think I'd try to do it in Sagamore. I think I would either find a spot in a bar or hotel lobby area, or I would see if Mike would submit it to the regular regular RPG block.

Taldor ***

Michael Brock wrote:
Netopalis wrote:
The Goblin Attack is a series of quests - it won't count towards your 150 games, and the resulting chronicle will not grant any XP, Gold or Prestige.
For every 4 hours run, a star credit is awarded.

Was that the same for last Gen Con? I ran two slots worth and nothing shows up on my credits as far as I can tell (not sure if the number is just incremented or if it should appear as a game). I'm getting close to 100 tables, but I'll take every credit I have earned. :)


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I had Adivion (as simulacrum) appear at the funeral as well as a new NPC, an alchemist by the name of Dr. Jamison Kelly (Dr. Jekyll if the players realize later). Dr. Kelly came on behalf of Count Galdana who was unable to attend. A Sense Motive from the PCs revealed that Adivion was little disappointed at that information. Both are members of the Palatine Eye, and the PCs also picked up secret gestures between Kelly and Adivion.

Since this is a four-character group, I wanted to have NPCs around that the PCs could go to for help. This will include Kendra but also Dr. Kelly. I've also decided that Adivion is going to try to groom these PCs into allies. He will hear about their assistance with Harrowstone and investigation of Prof. Lorrimor's death, and he will send them each some special armor once they reach Lepidstadt as gifts. That armor will be the first step in his effort to turn the group into Graveknight body guards as well as keep an eye on them.

There's a pretty good chance they will get the book open on the Secret Order of the Palatine Eye, and I think this group will likely attribute the gifts to the Eye and not to something more nefarious.

Taldor ***

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Mike Bohlmann wrote:
For identifying her, I went with 10 + CR + 15 as suggested by Knowledge rules and inferred from her rarity as described in the scenario.
You added 10 due to rarity from the 'or more' addendum? I suppose that would jack the DC up to a respectable number for knowledge focused PCs, but less focused PCs are going to have a hard time of it.

Sorry, it was a mistake in my rush to post. CR + 15 is what I did. In my hurry to post, I was thinking it start at DC 10. It starts at DC 0 plus CR plus rarity adjustments.

Taldor ***

Pirate Rob wrote:
As a note I have not yet run into any tieflings or aasimar to nom on while running this scenario.

I had a sleeping tiefling via Cloak of Dreams, but she died before her next turn. :(

For identifying her, I went with 10 + CR + 15 as suggested by Knowledge rules and inferred from her rarity as described in the scenario. As a herald, I allow both Planes and Religion. Someone might know who she is but very unlikely to know what she can do. My table panicked when they realized she had regeneration. They figured out it was regeneration at which point I read them the mechanics. They panicked when fire and cold didn't do it. Lucky for them the alchemist had Acid Bombs.

Taldor ***

redward wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

So, we're all in agreement:

If someone summons stirges on Krune, Krune will then...

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **


He wishes all the stirges to attach to the caster or a suitably damaged tank. Enjoy your sub-10 Con there, buddy.

Some people are so unoriginal with wishes. ;)

Taldor ***

So a player is supposed to figure out that the Craft Wondrous Item feat and having Alchemical Allocation in order to create a Volatile Vaporizer (Ultimate Equipment) is not legal? The obvious interpretation would be to have the Craft Wondrous Item feat (which is apparently not allowed for Alchemists since they are not spellcasters) and the spell Alchemical Allocation prepared via extract (which is also not possible because extracts don't count as spells in this case so just use the Crafting rules for when you don't have the prerequisite).

It's an inconsistency that makes the 3.5 rules for Grapple seem trivial. Where's Bruno?

Taldor ***

So if alchemists can't take item creation feats or cast spells as required for item creation, how does a Formula Alembic (Ultimate Equipment) ever get made? I'm sure this is not the only magic item that takes a Crafting feat, a spell, and something specific to alchemists.

Price 200 gp; Aura faint divination; CL 3rd; Weight 2 lbs.
This magically-augmented alchemical device distills a potion or alchemist extract into the knowledge needed to create its formula. By gently heating a potion or extract in the alembic for 1 hour, the device creates a few drops of magical liquid. If consumed by an alchemist, this liquid gives him knowledge of the potion's or extract's formula, as if it were an extract he recorded in his formula book. This knowledge lasts for 24 hours. He may scribe this formula in his formula book in the normal fashion.

Using the alembic does not harm the potion, but the process makes it nearly boiling hot (it cools normally). The alembic can only distill the knowledge of formulas on the alchemist extract list (for example, it cannot turn a potion of a cleric-only spell into something an alchemist can learn).

Cost 100 gp
Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, identify, creator must be an alchemist

Taldor ***

Netopalis wrote:
3) Predraw all of your maps. It saves time and energy.

This is my pet peeve of Gen Con or really any convention PFS game. Of the problems you might have GMing at Gen Con, drawing maps should not be one of them. Lots of flip maps have blank sides. If you have a vinyl map as your only map, you should invest in Gaming Paper and or more flip maps. Gaming Paper is only $4 for a roll, and there's really no excuse for not coming with pre-drawn maps*.

* The only time I don't pre-draw is if a map is easy to draw and I want to slow reveal as the PCs explore. I still mark up my PDF with counts of squares for dimensions so I can draw as quickly as possible.

Taldor ***

andreww wrote:
One thing to be concious of is that the Ring of Spell Turning does take a standard action to activate so may well not actually be worth it.

Same thing with the swift on messing with people's runes. There are a lot of other swift actions for him to take. The one time I considered it, it would have taken him moving out of the Black Tentacles he was using to keep most of the party at bay. Instead, he used Quickened Dispel Magic on the Life Bubble that he realized was blocking his Empowered Cloudkill. I kind of which they had done something different for that action since the party was never in a configuration that made it a worthwhile action.

Taldor ***

redward wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
Mike Bohlmann and Ben Rislove for crazy fun high tier hijinks
A hearty second to this. I had a great time watching in horror as Bruno...

Shhh, that's spoilerish.

Taldor ***

Thanks, fellas, I'll save these comments for when I'm approaching my 5th star sometime next year. ;)

Taldor ***

Pirate Rob wrote:
Note that the rod doesn't have quicken on it.

Ha! I think I might have used it once that way since he has so many of his own Quickened spells prepared. I also didn't realize that Maximize is now 3 levels higher instead of the 4 that it was under 3.5. ;)

Additional tip: write down the metamagic feats and level adjustments that the Rod can do. :)

Taldor ***

joe kirner wrote:

what are the dimensions of the ziggurat? Is there a floor?

no mention of width and length. looks like 30' x 35'.

That's the space it takes on the map so seems pretty obvious.

I ran Waking Rune this past weekend at high tier, and I have to say that I'm glad I read this thread.

I had Kurshu use Cloak of Dreams with one of her Limited Wishes, and it definitely made the characters want to stay away from her.

I ran the first two encounters and the runes quickly and efficiently. This meant there was 2.5 hours left in the slot for the last battle.

I put Krune into Hero Lab and added all the rune buffs as adjustments on the Personal tab. This worked out fantastically! I uploaded the portfolio to the Shared Prep folder if anyone else wants to use it. As the party disabled runes, I made adjustments to the Personal tab. This was also useful for quickly seeing what spells he had available.

I also picked out some likely summons for different needs and added the Augment Summoning to them: damage dealing and inhibiting movement of characters. I had a prevalence of Greater Invisibility at my table, so I would recommend adding creatures with See Invisibility and True Seeing. Krune is in trouble if his summoned monsters can't see the enemies even if he can.

His spear should be using Telekinesis constantly to help control the battlefield. It should be pushing melee characters away. The Ray of Enfeeblement is also very helpful. It managed to rip the great grappler Bruno off of Krune multiple times (Tetori monk able to overcome Freedom of Movement).

Be sure you know his magic items. Freedom of Movement and Ring of Spell Turning are right there and do a lot to protect him. My table had zero casters that cast offensive spells, so the Spell Turning never fired.

Don't overuse his metamagic rod. If you are doing a Quickened Empowered Maximized Horrid Wilting, he will be in trouble later.

Know your rules for Dimension Door and Dimensional Steps. Dimension Door ends your turn so cast another spell before it if you can. Dimensional Steps is SP, so you need to make concentration checks to avoid AoOs. It's also a standard action.

In the end, the party knocked Krune unconscious by 3hp after about 15 to 20 rounds of combat. If they had failed, I had already planned to use Arcane Bond for another Empowered Horrid Wilting with the last charge of his rod which would have killed at least a couple members of the party as most of them had taken a lot of damage. I felt like this was a perfect ending that meant the PCs were on the ropes but succeeded.

Taldor ***

I signed up to GM 5 slots last year, and it didn't quite go as I would have liked for a variety of factors.

I requested to run the same scenario in 5 specific slots. I initially got what I requested, but that was later changed to 3 different things: the scenario, We Be Goblins twice (two 2-hour games), and Goblin Attack twice. I had to prep two additional items which was okay in the end.

Second was that for the scenario I was initially assigned, none of the tables went off due to lack of players. It was the scenario I looked forward to the most. In one slot I did manage to get a table of GMs who also had their tables not go. (On the positive side, I did have fun running We Be Goblins and Goblin Attack. I've now taken to enjoying WBG and run it whenever asked.)

When games don't go off, you either have to hope to find a table with a seat, or you go wander off to the exhibit hall. While the free badge is nice, I'm likely to pass on GMing at Gen Con for PFS in the future. Gen Con is a special thing for me and my family, so we're likely to go as simply players in PFS and other events.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from GMing at Gen Con at all. I offer my experience more as a data point in help you decide what you want your Gen Con to be.

Taldor ***

Bruno Breakbone wrote:
Why wouldn't I?

I think Bruno wanted to grapple his player when he used up his swift action to do something less vital. :)

I'm already looking forward to next Winter War. Thanks to everyone - Bob, Amanda, the GMs, the players, the con staff.

Taldor ***

I've already PM'd Bruno, but I'm trying to reach out to the Waking Rune players for Saturday morning. The scenario has the potential to go long, and I'd like to get an 8:30am start and go up to an hour after the end of the slot (still leaves an hour before afternoon slot). PM me if you're signed up for it.

Taldor ***

Kyle Baird wrote:
Mike Bohlmann wrote:
GM stars are like the last few charges on a high level Wand of Dispel Magic.
Now where would you find one of those?

There's a chronicle out there with one. PM me if you're that curious to know. :)

Taldor ***

I think the prestige costs are about right. Until an alternative cost comes along, I don't think there's anything better. I've retrained two levels of dipping on two different characters, and I've also retrained feats that no longer made sense after retraining the level dips. One of them is 8th level, and the PP cost is worrisome but lessened a bit by a couple boons. The other is 11th level and still has plenty of gold left over after the retrain. I also mind less if the 11th level dies since I'm doing it on slow.

Taldor ***

GM stars are like the last few charges on a high level Wand of Dispel Magic. You aren't going to use them unless you really really want to use them. That means they are more likely to never be used.

Personally, I'm wanting to redo Echoes of the Everwar once I get my fourth star this spring because we totally botched part 3 with a near TPK in the first encounter.

Taldor ***

Andrew Roberts wrote:
When I ran this module, the party ended up pulling the whole place at once cause they didn't want to play along with the RP of the module, especially the paladin.

If someone wanted to play a paladin (or some other LG or LN concepts), I would tell them the scenario is likely to involve subterfuge with consistent lying and infiltration. If your character's morals don't allow for that, I would stay away from this module. This module is great for the rogues with Bluff, Diplomacy, and Stealth to really shine, something that doesn't happen often in regular scenarios.

Taldor ***

Ryan Blomquist wrote:
The other one that needs mention out of that series is the Decemvirate. In four tables of this, I've witnessed enough about faces by the characters to recognize that once you see what's in Skyreach, your perspective on the Ten is transformed. Especially the very top floor. A majority of parties I've run for have come away questioning the decision to save them by the end. I'd like to see the difference of perspective between the Society's most veteran field agents from Seasons 1 and 2 and the ones that came through the ranks post-Eyes in Golarion chronology, Seasons 3 and beyond, explored.

And that's why...

my Eyes of the Ten mentee character was Shadow Lodge. Who was double-crossed again by Torch. So now the characters are part of the Society to use it as a tool towards their own ends.
Taldor ***

Hearing from your wife who subs as an art teacher that a kid who played at your table couldn't stop talking about his experience.

Someone telling you that they'd really like you to GM a particular scenario because they think you are a good GM or heard someone else describe how awesome a previous table of yours for the scenario was.

Taldor ***

My 14th level Rogue/Pathfinder Delver carries four Wayfinders with only one containing an ioun stone: normal, jade, Vanishing, and Revelation. As stated by others, if you have more than one giving a resonance effect, all resonance effects are cancelled out.

Taldor ***

Maybe the Warhorn link?

Edit: I realize now that Bob linked it. The link style on comments just doesn't jump out as being a link. ;)

Taldor ***

Michael Brock wrote:

Only tier 1 GMs receive the rebuild boon. They get a choice of the races OR a rebuild but not both.

Tier 2-5 do not get the rebuild boon, and only qualify for the races of their tier or below.

Good to know. The copy I got on Friday had the right racial rewards scratched off, but the rebuild boon was not. I'll scratch it off myself.

Taldor ***

yosemitemike wrote:
If I am level 3 playing in tier a tier 1-5 scenario, I get out of subtier gold which includes the lower tier gold and a portion of the higher tier gold. therefore it's appropriate for me to be able to get the lower tier equipment and a portion of the upper tier equipment as well.

Except there is nothing anywhere that even comes close to suggesting that would be appropriate.

Guide wrote:
The Out-of-Subtier gold value is the average of the high and low subtiers; for slow progression it is half the normal Out-of-Subtier value, rounded down."

It's not the lower tier gold plus a portion of the higher tier gold - it's the average. You are making up an interpretation just like you are trying to do with equipment subtiers. The character isn't getting the higher subtier gold reward, so why would it get the higher subtier equipment reward? There is zero reason other than the argument that the Guide doesn't say you don't get the higher subtier equipment reward.

Taldor ***

yosemitemike wrote:

Again with this. What the players got is completely and utterly irrelevant. It has no bearing at all. None. None at all. It is explicitly not connected with GM credit.

No, you don't. That argument is, to be frank, absurd.

Reread what I wrote. I didn't say the players at the table, I said his own imaginary table of other characters that fit his own most appropriate subtier. The dice example is no less absurd than your argument that there is any possible interpretation for an out of subtier GM credit to get higher subtier rewards.

Taldor ***

In order to change Domains, I'd have to use the GM boon. I've decided to hang onto it for now since I was only looking to retrain 2 levels and two feats. There's other ways to get extra movement that don't involve dragging an animal companion around, so I'm going that route for now.

I had thought the rebuild boon was going to be Tier-1 only, Adam, but the race parts were the only part that varied by tier.

Taldor ***

Hey, yosemitemike, did you know the rules also don't state that the dice you use have to have a different number on each side? Heck, it doesn't even say the numbers have to be a number between 1 and the max number of sides.

PRD wrote:
Whenever a roll is required, the roll is noted as “d#,” with the “#” representing the number of sides on the die. If you need to roll multiple dice of the same type, there will be a number before the “d.” For example, if you are required to roll 4d6, you should roll four six-sided dice and add the results together. Sometimes there will be a + or – after the notation, meaning that you add that number to, or subtract it from, the total results of the dice (not to each individual die rolled).

It's really not hard to fill out a chronicle sheet as a GM if there's any question: fill it out as if the character had played the scenario at their own table of imaginary characters. In order to argue that a 3rd level character should get subtier 4-5 rewards in a 1-5, you have to read the dice text as allowing dice that have the whatever numbers you want on them.

Taldor ***

The character was a blast in 1-5 and a good chunk of 3-7. But anywhere that two or three characters were better in melee meant staying more in the back.

So I did the math, and realized I had another boon that makes using my GM rebuild on this one a bit less useful. The 24 PA plus gold to retrain two levels and two feats isn't bad. Since this is my former Shadow Lodge character who got that boon as well as boon for a Raise Dead "loan" make it a lot less risky to go into a game with only 6 PA and 7k gold.

Taldor ***

It would be 24 prestige for Ultimate Campaign retrain: 2 levels and 2 feats (Boon Companion and Mounted Combat). There's also a +1 longsword that is no longer proficient and full plate armor. In other words, Ultimate Campaign retraining is not well-suited to remove the level dip. ;)

I've already played and GM'd EoTT although maybe I'll get the fourth star to replay the series sometime.

Taldor ***

I don't think there is any official policy. It's a GM / organizer call. Personally, I'll allow someone to sit late so long as we haven't gotten beyond the initial briefing.

Taldor ***

I originally level-dipped to be able to take an axe beak mount, but I'm starting to think that the value of such a thing isn't much at 8th level. I'm sitting on my Gen Con GM boon trying to decide what to do with it (elemental race or rebuild).

Cavalier (Order of the Star) 2 / Cleric (Milani, Liberation and Restoration) 6
Cavalier levels get +2 to attack, save, skill check, and ability check each once per day as well as an axe beak (Boon Companion) with a good chunk of hit points. The main advantage is combat mobility at this level - 50ft move - as an AC that does 1d8+7 damage is only marginally helpful.

Cleric (Milani, Liberation and Restoration) 8
The 8th level Liberation domain power is huge. A 30-foot aura that removes confused, grappled, frightened, panicked, paralyzed, pinned, and shaken. Combined with the 1st-level Restoration domain power, there aren't many negative conditions the character can't remove which was my original objective.

I felt a bit weaker than I should be in Bonekeep 2 and Waking Rune, and I think there's a lot that two more levels of Cleric would help.


Taldor ***

Sheesh, it looks like I'll just be some three-star schmuck in this crowd. ;)

I'll be happy to GM, always enjoy doing unofficial series like (Day of the Demon) -> Blackros Matrimony -> Disappeared -> Fortress of the Nail -> Hellknight's Feast.

Taldor ***

The other big change is in subtier calculations. Maybe include it with the out-of-tier gold calculation?

Taldor ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you have problems with players not paying attention to you as the GM, you have two options.

1) Don't repeatedly try to get their attention.
If you call their turn in initiative and they don't acknowledge you in 5 seconds, move to the next player. The same goes if you call for Perception, Knowledge checks, etc. If that doesn't bring them back to the table, you can also not repeat in-character details that you gave them while they weren't paying attention. If they complain, you can explain what you're doing.

2) Improve your GMing
RPGs like Pathfinder are pretty engaging until you get up above 5 or 6 players. There's always something for people to be doing while it's not necessarily their turn - looking up a rule, thinking about their next action, coordinating with other players, etc. If they are doing things outside the game while you are GMing, you should really think about what you are doing as GM at the table. Maybe you take too long to put combatants into initiative order. Maybe you aren't prepared enough to keep combat moving. Maybe your reading of box text puts people to sleep. The point is to look at yourself, too.

It's not correct to say that technology is solely to blame. Technology just gives another outlet when the mind is not otherwise engaged. If players are bored at your table, they will either be quietly bored or destructive to the game. University faculty are told the same thing when they think banning technology in their classroom or lecture hall will get their students to be more engaged. The truth is more often that they have never been engaging instructors, and technology has made it more obvious.

Taldor ***

neferphras wrote:

ok so back to the core book topic, some other people seem to agree that a core assumption would be good.

if your source material is out of.
Ultimate magic, combat, equipment, core book, or PG... your good you dont need to bring that , the GM should know it and life moves on

If your material is out of anything else you best have it on hand.

That what i brought up originally. You would still support your local stores... this sit would still make money. So what is the issue with that thought... give me a reason why not.

I'll give you a few.

1. I don't have the rules memorized from everything even in the core rulebook. It's impractical to expect GMs to know every spell, every feat, every class feature, every archetype, etc.

2. People make mistakes in things they think they have memorized. It happens all the time. For example, I thought Stoneskin was a third level spell for wizards/sorcerers, and I had potions of it. Oops, it's a fourth level spell. Without a book to back something up, we're just hoping we're always right.

3. I can't tell a player to look at an ability again to make sure it does what they think it does. I have to stop the game and do it myself.

4. People disagree on rules regularly. Without a book, the GM will just have to make a decision in every case. While I usually do that anyway in many situations that last longer than a minute, some people will be upset by it.

Taldor ***

Jonathan Cary wrote:

We've already discussed this with Mike and that's the plan. I'm hoping we can actually sell by sub-tier, since that's how we muster. It means the Special will show up in the program as 5 or 6 separate events, and we'll have to juggle how many tickets of each subtier we sell. Inevitably, there will be people that buy tickets for the wrong subtier just to get a ticket and that will cause other issues.

Overall, though, I think this is the way to go to make life easier for everyone as the event grows.

I think you see it, but I want to be sure. I believe that selling tickets by sub-tier opens more new problems than it fixes.

How does a group of friends who have one character out of tier buy their tickets to get seated together?

What about someone new buying a ticket for a tier without an appropriate pre-gen available?

What if someone miscalculates when they buy tickets and levels out of the subtier they purchased?

What if the estimates for sales of each subtier are off and tickets for a 5-9 are sold out at 5-6 but only a handful are sold at 8-9?

My main point is to be sure the problem you are solving is worth the new problems that will be created by selling separate sub-tier tickets for the same scenarios.

Taldor ***

Hazior wrote:

Thanks for the welcome :) That breathe was good advice. XD

I am waiting for issues to resolve before continuing to play my character, and I am fairly sure the Session has to be posted prior to resolution.

Nope, your signed chronicle sheets take precedence over what is posted. The only time that's not the case is if you lose your chronicle sheets. In that situation, the reporting will get you back sheets potentially.

Taldor ***

First off the GM did not appear to have a hard copy, and was using his lap top. which he admitted he hated adobe acrobat since it froze and did not work on his lap top a lot. Also he said he was moved up to tier 7-8 so was not fully prepared. No maps drawn or anything.

The maps didn't seem to be a big issue unless middle tier had more complex maps. Definitely sounds like the GM should have brought a hard copy if that was an issue before Gen Con.

"EDWARD DEANGELIS"Finally! Finally close to the end we encounter a Mythic Vrock, and my Paladin can finally basically says the Vrock is to afraid of you and won't come down to fight you. So all he does is hover above us and use some wing spike thing to harm everyone, then summon another Vrock, then do other stuff. The only person who had fly was the druid who tried to bravely go up there change into a large cat and grapple the Vrock to the ground.[/QUOTE wrote:

I put this one on your group. At 7th level, you should have ways of dealing with flying creatures, invisible creatures, and creatures with damage reduction.

Taldor ***

shadowhntr7 wrote:
It was also nice to get those Seeker Tokens, though I'm a little confused as to how we got the two we had. Helped us hit the mythic cleric we fought while helping guards.

I wish the receiving table GMs had explained that. Those Seeker tokens were given to those at 12-13 and 14-15 tables to pass to other tables. In effect, it was a mechanic to indicate the help that the high level characters were providing to the lower level characters. Our GM also explained that when lower level tables met criteria to launch a ballista or catapult shot, it stunned the creature(s) we were currently fighting for one round. I thought that interactivity was rather ingenious without making either group feel like the other's superior.

Taldor ***

Belafon wrote:
I was using mostly preprinted maps but I heard a LOT of GMs muttering about wanting to know where they would be so they could start drawing maps. In several sessions and several areas the players were only a few steps behind the GMs.

I wanted to comment on this part specifically. I was appalled by the number of GM's who did not have maps already drawn or printed. Sure, some scenarios have simple enough maps to be drawable during the session, but a Gen Con GM should not be showing up and complaining about lack of time to draw maps between slots unless they are taking over for someone's table or doing overflow.

However, I will say that getting tables assigned to GMs faster somehow would be good. That gives me time to lay out the drawn or printed maps I brought, pull out dice, make sure I have the right minis, etc. Maybe it's as simple as having a couple marshals at HQ - one marks off tables that are clear as GMs turn in reporting sheets while another begins assigning GMs who are ready to check-in for the next slot.

Taldor ***

I'm running it Thursday morning, afternoon, and Friday afternoon. It isn't presumed that characters also played Matrimony. You'll still want to bring a character who might have an interest in social aspects of politics. Pretty much what the blurb would suggest. :)

Taldor ***

Alchemist 7 / Barbarian 2 / Master Chymist 1 - Weapon Finesse to Extra Discovery or Ricochet Splash Weapon

I took Weapon Finesse at first level because I thought it made sense. And then Drunken Brute (drink as a move action) and Feral Mutagen hit me. Everything is great except for that Weapon Finesse feat. I'll probably swap it for Extra Discovery (frost bomb) or Ricochet Splash Weapon.

Taldor ***

Is this cancelled or am I just missing it?

Taldor ***

pauljathome wrote:
I'd expect a L7 fighter to have considerably higher AC and I'd expect a L7 barbarian to be doing more raw damage. Usually a LOT more.

Right, but not all those things at the same time which is my point.

pauljathome wrote:
I agree that its definitely at least a high end CR 6. Would you agree that it is at most CR 7? If you agree with that, then I think we're basically in agreement and quibbling over details. And you're probably expecting more of the CR system than I am :-).

Yes, I don't think they are CR 8 but firmly think they should be CR 7. :)

pauljathome wrote:
Note that in this specific scenario it is quite likely that the PCs will have a round or 2 to prepare. Even a single round of buffs makes a huge difference at this level.

I don't know if it was because of our reaction to the initial noise, but we had no prep time. None of us succeeded at the Knowledge: Local check to know what we might be facing either.

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