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About Mikaze

Not a ghoul lover.

saved post in prog because busy


My players may want to look away, setting history/mystery spoilers

Been racking my brain trying to make these guys via the rules. They're the three major original races in my homebrew. They're still incomplete, but what's missing is noted below.

Basic setting history rundown:[spoiler] These three races were the original native inhabitants of the setting's world, from a time where the original sole goddess of that world actually physically lived upon it with her creations. It was as close to paradise as a mortal world can get, for a time at least. Planet was mostly covered by water. What land there was generally looked like a collaboration between Roger Dean and Michael Whelan.

Then a cosmic disaster happened, world was knocked on its axis, goddess got mortally wounded, planet quickly started going downhill. Said goddess sealed her people away to save them as she faced off against the cosmic horror-level threat to her creations. Though she was victorious she lay dying for an age before planeswalking beings of different sorts(mortals, celestials, fiends, etc.) found a way to her world, encountered her, got involved in one seemingly final battle with the vestiges of the threat that wounded her, and inherited her divinity to become a new pantheon of deities, among which the new Big Good deity carried out her oath to the original goddess to guard her world and repair it as best they could. She started creating or bringing in races from other worlds, and the other deities followed suit for their own purposes.

Fast-forward ages later, and the original races began to awaken to a world that had radically changed while they slept. First the Sephaqi, who were charged with forging alliances and making the way safe for the rest of their kin to follow, then the Kaevaqi, who were the most adept at meeting those threats to their kin that could only be met by force, then finally the Avaqi, who were the majority populace and were woefully unprepared for world as it currently was. Around that same time the original goddess was reborn, though in a much diminished state and no longer capable of remining physically upon her world, forcing her to be as distant as most gods.

These descriptions are for the "general" take on these races, though they do have different ethnicities and subrace offshoots.


Physical Description: The avaqi are bipedal humanoids averaging about 5 feet in height. Lean in build, they possess four thin arms, two at each shoulder, with three fingers and a thumb on each hand. Their skin is typically colored blue, within a large range of shades.


Physical Description:


Physical Description:


1. Human
2. Elf
3. Dwarf
4. Half-Orc
5. Half-Elf
6. Halfling
7. Gnome
8. Orc
9. Goblin
10. Hobgoblin

11. Drow
12. Tiefling
13. Aasimar
14. Fetchling
15. Ifrit
16. Undine
17. Sylph
18. Oread
19. Suli
20. Dhampir

21. Changeling
22. Catfolk
23. Lizardfolk
24. Ratfolk
25. Vanara
26. Vishkanya
27. Strix
28. Tengu
29. Merfolk
30. Gillmen

31. Duergar
32. Derro
33. Svirfneblin
34. Kitsune
35. Nagaji
36. Samsaran
37. Wayang
38. Grippli
39. Kobold
40. Ogre

41. Dryad
42. Satyr
43. Pixie
44. Nymph
45. Sprite
46. Forlarren
47. Nereid

51. Centaur
52. Harpy
53. Medusa
54. Naga
55. Gargoyle
56. Minotaur
57. Troll
58. Gnoll
59. Vegepygmy

61. Sahuagin
62. Cecaelia
63. Grindylow
64. Locathah

71. Dark Folk
72. Drider
73. Mongrelman
74. Serpentfolk
75. Ettercap
76. Shae
79. Ghoul
80. Vampire

81. Gearman/Warforged
89. Goliath
90. Dragonborn

91. Aberration-based Humanoid
92. Construct-based Humanoid
93. Dragon-based Humanoid
94. Ooze-based Humanoid
95. Plant-based Humanoid


So anyway...

The group and the followers that had been with them for so long were all shaken up by Kirielle's abduction. The party made what preparations they could and everyone in the castle further secured the place, with very close watch being kept over certain non-party VIPs that were assumed to be likely targets for any further attacks. One of the moments that got me was Bogs comforting one of the first followers to join his company, Pavo(imagine Scout from TF2 with light armor and a truncheon and that's exactly him) that they would get Kirielle back.

The group went back to getting what little rest they could, and that wasn't exactly easy, but they knew the only way they could get to Ileosa, saving Korvosa, and hopefully rescuing Kirielle was to get Sarz rested up and capable of teleporting them to the Mushfens.

I may have glossed over this detail somewhat, but one thing that went on throughout the party's relationship with Laori was Sarz' peculiar approach. Bear in mind he...well she at this point, is a gnome. Good natured generally. While everyone's thoughts seemed focused on tomorrow, Sarz went up to the chamber Laori had sequestered herself to check on the woman he genuinely considered a friend.

soundtrack listing

Winds of Madness

Whoever brings the night
Illus dance
Blind Side
Wounded Warsong
Freedom Fighters

ref for masseffect thread
original quarian designs


"It's more fun to play the villain."


Titles: The Blackflame Fairy, The Horned Witch, She Who Is Darkness

Alignment : CG

Portfolio: Stories(fairy tales, horror stories), night, illusions

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Good, Trickery

The celestial plane of Elysium is often spoken of as much as a place of adventure(and adventurers) as a place of peace. But while the eternal battles of Gorum's realm, the conflicts between Calistria's servants and the more benign native azatas, and the threat of the Maelstrom do present opportunities to the daring among the honored dead, there is one being whose very existence seems to revolve around providing conflict to the more peaceful realms of Elysium.

The mysterious and peculiar Hecatriggan is widely known throughout the planes as a fearsome figure, a black-hearted villain born to plague the nightmares of children. The Horned Witch is famous for her targetting and tormenting of the innocent, the weak and the timid. And strangely, she is also a cherished figure, a familiar foe, and in the eyes of the wise, an ultimately toothless horror.

The entire truth of Hecatriggan's identity and nature are known to few beyond the gods and the other lords of the celestial planes. While obscure tales conflict on whether she was originally an eccentric mortal or dark fey queen, they tend to agree that she behaved much like her current incarnation. Whatever she originally was, she is now one of the numerous Azata Lords of Elysium, though she is not widely known as one.


"It's more fun to play the villain."


Titles: The Blackflame Fairy, The Horned Witch, She Who Is Darkness

Alignment : CG

Portfolio: Stories(fairy tales, horror stories), night, illusions

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Good, Trickery

The celestial plane of Elysium is often spoken of as much as a place of adventure(and adventurers) as a place of peace. But while the eternal battles of Gorum's realm, the conflicts between Calistria's servants and the more benign native azatas, and the threat of the Maelstrom do present opportunities to the daring among the honored dead, there is one being whose very existence seems to revolve around providing conflict to some of the more peaceful realms of Elysium.

The mysterious and peculiar Hecatriggan is widely known throughout the planes as a fearsome figure, a black-hearted villain born to plague the nightmares of children. The Horned Witch is famous for her targetting and tormenting of the innocent, the weak, and the timid. And strangely, she is also a cherished figure, a familiar foe, and in the eyes of the wise, an ultimately toothless horror.

The entire truth of Hecatriggan's identity and nature are known to few beyond the gods and the other lords of the celestial planes. While obscure tales conflict on whether she was originally an eccentric mortal or dark fey queen, they tend to agree that she behaved much like her current incarnation. Whatever she originally was, she is now one of the numerous Azata Lords of Elysium, though she is not widely known as one. But while many of the Azata Lords are known as heroes in their own right, legendary for their direct battles with evil, Hekatriggan serves a very different role.

Hekatriggan typically appears as a pale, slender, and imposingly tall humanoid woman, typically clad in black attire that only serves to further accentuate her imperious stature. To most she seems to be a suppremely arrogant figure, one who takes pleasure in the fear of others and demands reverence from all. She flaunts her power and reputation freely, striding into the courts of kings and offering mocking tokens of respect even as she commands the attention of all present. Equally famous is the casual cruelty she inflicts upon those who give her the merest excuse. Her true nature is quite different. Hekatriggan is a playful and ultimately romantic soul who lives for her role and the people it enables. It is certainly true that some measure of her outward arrogance is actually her own; she craves the attention and adoration, in any form, of her audience. But she is also entirely dedicated to the living stories she initiates. And all of it is done with an extravagant flair for the dramatic; she throws herself gleefully into the role of the villain, and she always aims to lose. She takes the nebulous fears and worries at the backs of others' minds and presents a tangible personification of them that can be fought.

The Horned Witch's usual methods follow a general pattern. She and her small realm quietly appear near a relatively peaceful populated area, often in Elysium but just as often on the Material Plane and sometimes even in portions of Nirvana, particularly within or near Shelyn's realm. From there she and her servants slowly integrate themselves into the local folklore, eventually being percieved as having always been a part of the local landscape if they are not already known. Hekatriggan gradually imposes more and more upon the area, ensuring that she is a figure to be feared but stopping short of driving her audience to move against her en masse.

It is during this time that she and her servants seek out the right individuals to complete her current story. Sometimes is a youth with the spark of heroism that the world may need in the future. Sometimes it is a meek soul who is himself in need of being forced to find courage within himself. Sometimes they are couples or even families who need their connections galvanized, lest they drift apart. And sometimes they are simply children she wishes to give a bit of adventure.

When Hekatriggan has chosen her enemy and champion, she orchestrates events to give her a reason, however petty, to target someone or something important to them. Whether it is abduction, a sleeping curse, or a baleful transformation, she sets herself up in direct conflict with her chosen, often personally handing down the challenge to face her in her own lair to make things right. Sometimes, for those who need the extra push, she goes so far as to hand them some means of defeating her under the appearance of a mocking taunt.

At that point the story begins in earnest. Most often her chosen heroes are led through her dark and seemingly dangerous realm where her servants present themselves as enemies, ambiguous guides, and sometimes allies. Throughout the journey their mettle is tested, and bit by bit they are pushed further and reforged into something greater than they were before their quest began. While Hekatriggan watches over her chosen, both to witness their growth and to ensure their safety, she also lends her attention to whatever guests she may have abducted. They too are tested, often with token temptations and battles of wits. Ideally, she manages to synergize the growth of both the hostage and rescuer alike, not just for a more satisfying ending from her point of view, but to further strengthen the bond between them.

Almost every story ends with her defeat. Depending on the needs of the story, she is vanquished by force of arms driven more by bravery and heart than skill, has her curses turned against her through the clever thinking of her would-be victims, or is even left defeated and shown mercy, left to leave the land in shame - all of which she performs with equal passion. Whatever the case, Hekatriggan's remaining curses are lifted and her realm eventually fades away to arrive at its next destination, lingering only so that its mistress can see the beginning of the new lives her heroes are stepping into.

Hekatriggan's "evil" deeds are ultimately harmless, though they may not seem that way to the common eye. Even her most severe curses, turning her victims into animals, trees, or stone, are wrapped up in contingencies to ensure their safety, and even then she has servants watching over them just as she does her heroes.

Much like Hekatriggan herself, her realm is wrapped within layers of illusion, presenting itself as far more dangerous and fearsome than it truly is. From her improbably designed gothic castle to the tangled and seemingly dead forests surrounding it and even the impossibly deep crevasses spanned by crumbling bridges, everything's appearance is crafted to strike the most powerful image possible, both fearsome and darkly elegant, even as the actual forests are quite healthy and the crevasses are in truth mere streams and ditches.

Her servants also share this masked nature, often appearing more frightening than they truly are, though some of their true forms actually could be considered unsettling by some. Throughout the centuries, a small but fiercely loyal number of like-minded fey and azata have flocked to Hekatriggan's service. Unusually grim-looking pixies are perhaps the most numerous of her fey servants, their moods swinging suddenly from dour and moody to cheerful and almost manic despite their appearance. Spindly, ash-grey, and leafless dryads tend to the forests, fostering beasts that are far more bark than bite unless absolutely neccesary. Of particular note are Hekatriggan's trio of lilendi: Raven-winged Morga who speaks only harsh truths, bat-winged Griza who speaks only lies, and bone-winged Katha who speaks only in grim ambiguous predictions. The three azata usually play the role of guides for Hekatriggan's chosen.

Even more numerous than her fey servants are the Horned Witch's "lowliest" minions, her goblins. Hekatriggan possesses a great fondness for many of the smaller monstrous races, and has long fostered the tribes loyal to her through an arduous process that was part intimidation and bluster and mostly genuine and gentle care. This has resulted in goblins who don't share the malevolence of many of their kind, though they still exhibit many of the behavioral issues most associate with them, chiefly their easily distracted nature and a sizable measure of cowardice when startled. The typical pyromania has long been replaced by the habitual need to fighten others, most often their own kin. This has made them ideal minions; always willing to put forth an intimidating face yet quick to fold at the first sign of meaningful resistance. It is only when threats are genuine and their "queen" herself goes to battle seriously that they truly show their teeth and reluctant bravery. This bravery is somewhat bolstered by the fact that any of Hekatriggan's minions who die within her realm, even when on the Material Plane, are reborn anew the following day.

Relations: Hekatriggan is something of an outsider among the Azata Courts as a whole. While not all Azata Lords consider her a nuissance, she purposefully holds herself separate from the others both for the sake of her image and because that is where she is most comfortable. Despite her regular activity thoughout Elysium and the Material Plane, she is actually likely among the weakest of the Empyreal Lords, as much of her strength lies in illusion and theatrics.

Hekatriggan herself is loyal to both Desna and Shelyn, and is rumored to have been a devout worshipper of both in her previous life. She is often welcomed within both of their realms to act out her stories, both to inspire Desna's dreamers to face their nightmares, and for the sheer art and beauty of the performance of stories cherished by Shelyn. Cayden Cailean's faithful have become a favorite target as well, and the Drunken Hero has welcomed that attention for the inspiration it provides those souls who just need a bit of a push to embrace their true nature. The Horned Witch tends to keep a healthy distance from Calistria's realm, since for all her illusions and trickery, the Savored Sting is far more adept and experienced at those particular games, and after the shame of having her carefully fostered image stripped away by the elven goddess once already, she has little desire to come into conflict with her again.

post wip:
If being the key word. :)

Out of all the angels, archons, azatas, agathions, and all the new folks that have joined the cast, which specific examples would you want to see featured if such a book followed the same format as the rest of the Revistied line?

I have to admit, this is really hard.

Showing restraint and pulling only from those confirmed in Pathfinder rules pre-Chronicles(oh that part was hard to do. Belisse. Want):

Lilend - One of my top favorites from the Planescape crew and probably the most distinct out of all the azatas. They had some really cool flavor back in Planescape, and I'm really curious where a Golarion-verse expansion could go.

Planetar - Because Planescape hardwired me to think of angels in this game as green and bald. Seriously though, the iconic and unsusual figure, paired with one of the most badass pieces of angel art to ever happen in 3.x? I have to admit these guys have always been a bit closer to my heart than the solars.

Peri - Penitent angels descended from the fallen? And with strong visual ties to Sarenrae and confirmed in-universe ties with Vildeis? These folks are begging for expansion.

Garudas - The other of the two new celestial "types". They seem like they could benefit from staying tightly focused where the peris seem to beg for expansion to represent different types of penitence. There's a lot to mine with these folks, from their place in the larger celestial cultures and some elaboration on their difficult relations with nagas(many of whome are found in the employ of Empyreal Lords). Also, Jeff Erwin.

Hound Archons - Admittedly primarily in the hopes of seeing an Anubis-based Osirion-specific variant. But besides that, they're one of the more outlying memebers of the Archon set appearance-wise. AND they're one of the commonly summoned celestials and could be an easy fit for an exploration of a benign but decidedly non-human mindset.

If this thread is open to "dream teams", taking a cue from Dragonchess PLayer:

Liath and Naella Samathran (LG demonspawn tieflings, male paladin(redeemer) and female cleric of Iomedae) - These twins have some bad family history tied with the Worldwound and the Mendevian Crusades and the shared traumatic childhood to show for it. While Naella has come to terms with her own heritage in her own way, her brother Liath has yet to fully overcome his guilt complex over his nature and shattered familial links. Both felt drawn to Mendev from their work elsewhere in order to finally find closure.

Cheiled Anann (CN->G male Kellid human summoner(celestial eidolon)) - A wreck of a man, this descendant of the displaced Sarkori comes from a long line of God-Callers, much to his chagrin. He has been ridden his entire life by the shattered spirit of his family's patron spirit, the lillend Sarakasna, her whispers constantly urging him to take up the cause of his ancestors, to reconstitute her and join the fight to take back their homeland. But natural fear and bitterness born of hardship have left him avoiding this calling for most of his life. Finding escape in whatever drink and drug he could acquire, Cheiled dulled Sarakasna's screams as he rotted in the gutters of Kenabres. He was prepared to simply die in the streets until he finally saw an atrocity he could not ignore. Unable to fight off two witch-burning fanatics by himself, pesh-ravaaged as he was, he called on his ancestral spirit. She was greatly diminished, a pale shadow of her former self, but she still quick work of her prey. Being moved to action has given his heart one possible last jump start to actually live his life rather than wait it out, and the need to move away from the killing of two Burners has only quickened his pace. On frail legs he stumbles toward the crusade.

Shakask (CG female orc barbarian(celestial totems)) -

Super Secret Distant Worlds Campaign Playlist WIP:

Vercite Survivors in the Tomb/First Contact - X-Com Enemy Unknown Soundtrack - Combat Music 6

Vercite Aethership Captain's Plea: The M Machine - Shadow In The Rose Garden/Promise Me A Rose Garden

Aethership: Hybrid - Dogstar(instrumental)

Akiton Conyon Pursuit: Blue Stahli - Chaser

Akiton Arena: Celldweller - Battlecry

Lashunta Temple Infiltration: Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack - Thane

Lashunta Knights: - Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack - Samara

Aballon City: zircon - Severe Reaction

Aballon Factory Chase: Portal 2 Soundtrack - The Part Where He Kills You

Aballon Factory Supervisor: M Machine - A King Alone

Aballonian Celebration: Portal 2 Soundtrack - Robots FTW

Aballonian Allies: Heatbeat - Game Over

Verces Anthem Ambience: BT - Laptop Symphony Pt. 1 (selected portions)

Lost in the Big City: Nero - Departure

Vercite Prototype Land Vehicle: Celldweller - Shapeshifter (selected remixes inc. Transistor)

Digital Fey Familiar: Danger - 11h30

Life-saving Augmentation: Two Steps From Hell - Am I Not Human? (partial)

Augmented Angels of Zaern-Ra: Voicians - The Temple

Nightmare Vision: Nero - Etude

Converts on Verces: Nero - Fugue State

Springing the Captain: Hybrid - If I Survive(VIP Remix)

High Tech Munitions Battle: Juno Reactor - Guillotine

Self-Destruct Sequence: Nero - Angst

Kahotep's Memory Storage: zircon - Neurobazaar

Faulty Kahotep Security: Infected Mushroom - Nerds on Mushrooms

Kahotep's Defense Array: Gabriel & Dresden - Dangerous Power(Kuffdam and Plant remix)

Kahotep's Ship: Aly & Fila & Bjorn Akesson - Sand Theme

Dominion of the Black presence leitmotif: Damage Vault - Damaged (various remixes)

Dominion Ambience: Audiomachine - Judge and Jury

Dominion Dragon Attack: M Machine - Black

Drifting Dominion-touched Aethership: Blue Stahli - Transmission From Hell

Dominion Drawing Near: Blue Stahli - Reverse Tension

Dominion-Infested Tomb: Danger - 3h16

Battle on the Sun(beginning): Nero - Doomsday

Battle on the Sun(climax outro): Portal 2 Soundtrack - Your Precious Moon

Recommended Deities: Sarenrae, Shelyn, Irori, Korada, Vildeis
Recommended Environment: Rural/Isolated

The forlarren are an unusual case. Far more often than not, most forlarren one might encounter will be orphaned children. Cursed with an internally warring nature, each forlarren wrestles with violent mood swings from fiendish spite and rage to remorse and regret borne from their fey parent.


Liath's eyes were alight. "Truly? It can be done that quickly?"

Gravish Eldstone gave the now quite cheerful tiefling a withering look upwards from beneath a pair of bushy, ashen eyebrows. "If I say it can be done in five days I damn well mean it can be done in five days," the dwarven smith grumbled. Travern expected the tiefling to flinch back every time the man snapped at him, but Liath's smile never faded; he only nodded and apologized.

Liath was used to dwarves. Speaking to Gravish actually reminded him of home and somewhat happier times. "Of course, my apologizes sir. I merely worried we might not be outfitted before Armsasse, given our needs and lack of coin."

"Hehn...well..." The dwarf turned the winged backplate over in his hands, instinctively appraising the work of a faraway craftsman. "This bit's a nice piece of work." He spared a glance at Naella, who silently nodded her thanks. It was hardly her work alone, but it was she who drove the forging forward. "I can cobble something together to work with it. Don't get your hopes up for parade armor, boy. You can have it fast and cheap, pretty and cheap, or fast and pretty, but you can't have all three. And it seems you ain't got much time or money."

"We understan-"

Gravish set the backplate down on a workbench with a loud thunk. "And I gotta account for those @#$%ed up legs o' yours." he added with an obvious look at both of the twins' anatomy in question. Travern was astounded that neither twin seemed to take any offense to that or any of the other remarks that had flown their way from the dwarf. For Naella and Liath, the bluntness and obviousness of dwarves wasn't just something with which they were accustomed; it also blunted much of the sting that came from the more quiet and fearful suspicions and glares of others. "That's gonna be the most complicated part. Lucky for both of you Molthrune sends weirder sorts up here on their behalf. Got some designs intended for centaurs..." Again, both of the twins' eyes lit up. "...shouldn't be hard to build off o' that. I need to see exactly how yours bend though." He pointed a spot nearby, next to another table.

"Ah, yes, of course." Liath discerned his meaning and stepped forth. "You said there were centaurs he-ERE!" Liath quickly leaned forward and caught hold of the bench. Gravish had taken one of his legs up as he would a horse. For a brief moment he feared the dwarf intended to shoe him.

"Now bend yer leg all over. Need to see how much freedom each bit needs." Gravish batted Liath's flailing tail away. "And keep that thing out of my face! It's making me uncomfortable."

Travern futilely stifled a chuckle and Naella coughed and covered her mouth as Liath relented and followed the dwarf's instructions. "Yeah...I'm seeing how this is needin' to go. Gonna have to go lighter down there, but I can cover everything but the hooves and the tail. Gonna be mostly won't look the best but it'll serve your needs."

"'Tis-" Liath shifted uncomfortably to keep his balance as his right leg was slowly pulled outward. "-all I really need for now, sir." He gave a concerned look to Naella, silently motioning with his eyes towards his own situation.

Naella cleared her throat. "I was also in need of armor, though I doubt mine will require as much work." Her eyes forcused on the dwarf's hands on her brother's leg. "Or as much fitting." Travern's coughed uncomfortably.

Gravish waved her concerns away, causing Liath to hop with his free leg to keep his balance. "No worries, missy. All I should need are measurements after this, long as both of you work the same. What do you need?"

Naella tried to hide her relief. "Merely chain to be worn under my vestments." Travern spared a closer clook at Naella's attire. It was a tad loose, obviously made to be worn with armor. Just what did the two of them do with their equipment? Were they fleeced on the way here? That happens all the time to those taking the Crusader Road, but they came from just next door...

"Ah, you'll be good in time too then. I can get that knocked out in a day's time. You can pick it up tomorrow or with your brother if you need." Gravish idly stretched Liath's leg as far back as it could go leaving the tiefling holding on tightly to both the table and the smith himself for balance. "That about does it," he said, finally letting go. Liath paced back to the others, stepping lightly on his right leg and whispering, "That did not feel natural, bending so far..."

Naella gently patted him on the shoulder before standing before the smith, allowing him to take what measurements he needed and could make without the undignified position her brother had endured. Gravish tilted his head towards Travern as he worked. "What about you, lad? Needin' anything yourself?"

"Me? Nothing really, thank you. I'm just here to help them get theirs sorted ou-"

"Our blades!" Liath spoke up. "They could require repair..." He had his pulled halfway from its sheath, his grip such that it was clearly no threat. It was a mess of nicks and blunted edges. Travern gaped at just how old the thing looked. Or perhaps it had the edge simply beaten out of it; it was hard to tell.

"Sorry boy, I don't work swords."

"Ah..." Liath meekly slid his sword back in place. "Sorry..."

Travern turned to him, "Hey, this is Southgate. There's plenty of swordsmiths about. You only have to step next door in fact..."

Gravish spoke up. "Oh aye, you could. But if you want something special..."

Travern's eyes widened. Oh Goddess no. He knew where this was going.

"'ll want to see Caelda Halse..."

Oh damn it all!

"...she's one o' them azziemars like yer friend here. Angel-blooded."

Neither Liath nor Naella could see Travern gesturing for Gravish to stop. The dwarf simply took it as a sign of humility. That and he was already in a tale-telling mood. The tieflings may have been strange looking, but they were still the young, wide-eyed sort, even if the sister hid it well enough. "Aye, descended from the very angels that work Heaven's forges, they say. I hear tell that her blades are particularly blessed... If the rumors're true...she sheds a single holy tear onto each sword that passes through her forge."

"Truly?!" Travern saw the look growing on Liath's face and tried to head it off. "Well, that's what the stories say at least... Just the sort a smith would love to have out there to stir up business. No offense of course."

Gravish pointed at him and snarled, "'Ey, I'll have you know my work alone speaks for my craft!"

Travern placed his hands up defensively adding, "Of course, of course. I was just saying-"

"Where could we find her?" Liath eagerly leaned foward with the question.

Travern said, "Oh...we could find someone closer-"

Gravish pointed with his thumb as he pressed an end of measuring cord into Naella's hand and drew the other end around and behind her. "Three blocks west. She's got a sign with angel wings on it, can't miss it." Naella was looking back and forth over her shoulders, trying to tell just what he was doing.

Travern couldn't relent. "C'mon now, sir. Surely there's someone a bit more....accessable?"

"Well certainly, but she's the best I know of."

"AH!" Travern clapped his hands. "That you know!" Naella furrowed her brow. She couldn't see the conversatino but something was obviously bothering Travern.

"I know damn near every other smith working this district." Gravish added, utterly undeterred.

Travern slowly gestured towards Liath. "Then surely you could point my friends to someone a bit more-" His words trailed off. Liath was already gone. "Oh damn it."

"Yeah, he trotted off as soon as I pointed. Thought you noticed."

"Uh..." Travern stepped out of the covered work area to look up and down the streets. Liath was already out of sight. "...ah...Naella, you'll be good here, right?" he asked as he took off without waiting for an answer.

"Wait. What?" Naella's head whipped back around as much as she could turn with the cord entangling her.

Gravish turned her back around. "now hold on there. We have to figure out how we're going to get that chain over and under these wings."


The sign was exactly as Gravish described, a wooden sign set with ivory sculplted into a stylized angel-wing design. "Angel's Edge" it said, in both Taldane and Celestial. Liath was quite taken by the artistry that wnet into it all. The smithy itself was less obviously beautiful, but the care that went into its consruction and the meticulous upkeep were obviously above and beyond even the highly professional norms of Kenabre's smoky craftsman district.

He took a breath and steeled himself before walking in, hoping he wouldn't be turned away immediately. He knew he should have waited, but the images the dwarf had planted in his head had speeded him on his way.

A finely dressed Taldan man, likely a nobleman, Liath assumed, was already inside speaking to the blacksmith. She was obviously Caelda Halse. Where Travern's skin was seemed bronze in color, the blacksmith seemed to actually have silver for skin. And where Travern was simply unable to grow a beard, Caelda was completely hairless. She seemed to be a living work of art. Even under all the soot an dheavy smithing clothing, her sapphire eyes and towering build made her seem even more angelic than Travern. Liath was awestruck, not only by the craftswoman but by her work lining the walls, each sword and blade a gleaming work of beauty. For a moment it seemed less a mortal workplace and more an armory he imagined might be found in the heavens.

That thought coupled with the frowning looks they turned upon him, especially the aasimar's sapphire eyes, suddenly left him feeling unworthy of being there. Liath quickly took off his hat before realizing he was not in a temple and awkwardly rolling it up on his hands as he stepped aside to a corner. " wait...or.."

The seeming nobleman turned back to Caelda. "We can continue this discussion tomorrow, if you don't mind. I trust you'll make the right decision in the end. For the sake of the Crusade." He stressed the last words.

The aasimar's voice rang strangely when she spoke, as if it echoed off tin. "I trust I will, Lord Nyserian. Now if you'll excuse me, I've work to do."

Liath instinctively bowed his head to the apparent Lord as he turned and left, offering the tiefling only a dismissive glance and roll of the eyes. Now, left alone with Celda Halse, a woman who seemed more angel than mortal and was currently staring at him, he was utterly at a loss as to how to proceed. He searched for the words. "...uh..."

"Why are you here, tiefling?" She was obviously taking his measure, and it was clear even in her strange eyes that she was far from impressed by his boldness in entering her shop.

"I..." Liath coughed. "I w

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