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Wayward Crusader

MidknightTopaz's page

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I currently play a Treesinger Druid right now, with a very limited, specific Wildshape list, animal companion options, and at 13th level, I am both capable of turning my plant companion and my treeshaped self into very potent melee fighters with a few buffs, and still have enough spell power to heal the party and cast damaging things like plant growth on a Thorny Entanglement - that I cast previously in the round... It took me a Year to get this level. I've a nasty, lovely weapon, that I never really even use. I never actually used it very much at levels 1-5. Depending on what sort of campaign you are going to be playing in, you should really work out the minute details of what you can do With your Companion and Spell List, since you can change those whenever you rest as needed.

Also. Every class has flaws. That's part of the fun of playing them, nothing should ever be perfect, that gets so boring, so fast. But, if you want something more combat only, they are right, a Hunter plays like a Fighter with 1-6lvl spells, and an Animal Companion.

And no, as far as I've learned, you cannot give Pounce to Every animal companion. That'd be very strange for some of them, wouldn't work in the least. You want something with that, you need to think a Cat. Though a lot of people do wolves, tigers/cats, boars, and bears. You might have more fun outside that little box.

If you are going to focus on being a dedicated caster, you need Natural Spell, Wild Speech and the Wild enhancement on your armor, no matter the style you pick for that. Wands are a must. But... for your feats, Combat Casting, Uncanny Concentration, and any Metamagic Feats you have slots left for. And figure out if you're going to be a summoner, healer, controller, or just do lots of damage with things like Firestorm or Storm of Vengeance. This actually changes how you build your feat list anyways.

All of the "animal buff" spells you can cast on your pet, you can cast on yourself in Wild Shape if you have Natural Spell. You can actually tank if that's what you are going for, as any creature (Including Elementals and Plants) that you can Wild Shape into, so long as you know how to work your character and the choice you made. I suggest you make yourself a little booklet with all of your Wild Shape choices in it, with sections on what your stats will be if you are buffed by Strong Jaw, Magic Fang Greater - Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace... etc... Also, I do believe as a druid, you have access to a Scythe. That's a Really nasty weapon option and you don't really need a reach weapon after a while if you can reach in Wild Shape form, anyways. I say read, and read very carefully, all the spell options, you might actually find even more combinations that can boost your abilities, and pairing them with fog spells, can be very effective in leveling the field between druid and cleric.

Then perhaps it is not the module for you, free or otherwise? No one suggests you need to do so, lol, I in fact only ever get to play the more odd and "monster" races in those, as they don't always fit in or find a good story to work in other modules and adventure paths - so I find these free ones very hilarious. And this is just entertaining as a video.

That's a very good question, because I'd been debating making one of those myself. Though, the phytokineticists might be able to just summon a plant spirit - like a leshy?

I'd love to know too, in all honesty, what a chaokineticist would summon... a shadow elemental with negative energy attacks?

I do know Tome of Horrors has a few elementals that'd be good substitutes for now, as does Frog God Games.

As for the phytokineticists, if not plant spirits, maybe they'd have a substitute somewhere on the pfsrd.

We got to registration a little bit late - where's the best place to find you to pick ours up?

Thanks in advance.

I actually didn't get events either, except a couple I hadn't even signed up for, and nothing for two of the four days, which, Monday's always iffy, but nothing Friday too, and events I had put 0's in? Not so sure the lottery's working so well this year...

I'd Love to reserve a Green one please!

Badge will have MidKnightTopaz on it!

The lack of the evolution points is fine, if they hadn't severely limited the archetype by taking away the Wild Shape completely when they could have treated this almost similarly to the Treesinger archetype and made it limited to only Elemental Shapes, and a progression similar to the Plant Shape variant given to that particular archetype.

If they weren't going to allow the wildshape, then a small list of available Evolutions with a small Pool would have made up for this, because they lose all four ediolons if one dies, leaving them literally with only spells, and that's not necessarily a viable build when talking a Druid.

If adjusted, and there are likely going to be a few GMs that do adjust this for their groups, it certainly could be a worth it option. I like the idea of an elemental companion, but not the fact that I can't wildshape or summon if I lose one of them in combat... because it Can and Does happen. Particularly if saves are failed. It means a loss of two major core Druid abilities.

You know, if you really are having trouble with just the regular dragons, up the age category you're using or... Use a Dracolich... change out their spells too, sometimes they do have some really ridiculous choices when they can cast far better ones of the same level and school.

Divine Protection... for a Paladin, this should be a Must.

Crossbow... Spells, well, if you want to use a feat for it, you could take the classic fire spells and attach the Elemental Spell Metamagic to it, make them Cold themed. You get your cure spells anyways, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Given what he's allowed them to do, I think he could totally overrule that and not all undead are immune to all things, it depends on the template they even used.

Not all of the nastiest spells even allow for a reflex save, your smart bet, since you allowed them to have those crazy ridiculous stats, is to start looking for spells that their lower stats won't allow them to overcome, and there are plenty of them. I'd also start looking for CR 18 - 20 creatures to throw at them, in place of those encounters, because otherwise, they will probably keep steamrolling through what you have going on right now. Polar Ray This is just one such spell that could help you out, no saves, only requires Spell Resistance and Ranged Touch to actually hit and for a bonus it does Dex Drain, which you need for that Rogue.

Ah, that's how I missed it, looked like part of the actual label system he had going on.

Okay, you built a human but didn't take your Human Bonus Feat? Did you replace this with something and I missed it or did you forget about it?

Ask Your GM if they will allow it, but the archetype combination rules are listed and Crossblooded will say if it isn't legal in that sense. But, otherwise, I see no reason it couldn't be either... might be fun depending on the actual bloodline you took even... and which crossblooded option it gets.

There are a good few of the mysteries that also give bonus spells that can only be found on the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list, that's something that can be a boon to in situations where you don't have to heal or resurrect someone. And if you are worried about having enough spells, take a race with a favored class option that gives you a bonus spell every level... Half-elves are one such race. There are plenty of interesting curses and story to be gained from them even... an amusing one is the Haunted, but I rather liked the Blackened one for my Solar Oracle, personally.

I have to say, it took me ages to figure out which Mystery I was going to play for an AP, but Solar won out my heart... though I did debate some of the others, Dark Tapestry, Metal, Heavens.

For Sorcerers, I'm a bit prone to the Shadow, Starsoul, or Elemental bloodlines, or the Draconic ones. And their Wildblooded Variants to.

Ohh, sorry for the late reply, Elrawien, but from what I remember of Mesmero is the fact he liked to hypnotize people and create almost too real illusions, which makes me lean towards a wizard who favors those schools and sorts of magic above all else. Although, the mesmerist might fit the bill too, when that book comes out. Not sure it'd cover the illusions as well, but certainly the entrancing part.

I'm thinking either a Summoner or maybe an Oracle, though if we need, I can totally go for a Fighter.

Oh yes, lol, so many choices, XD I almost want to be nosy and find out what you decided.

Awesome! Cool, that makes it easy. Now to do some brainstorming, lol Thanks for answering my questions. ^_^

I'm definitely curious what I've gotten myself into with this one, lol.

Ah, ha, had a question that I couldn't find an answer to, lol. What about starting gold for a level 8?

Awesome, I'll definitely make one, looking forward to it.

I'd totally love to know what the requirements are for making a character for this would be, myself as I am signed up for it too.

Well, you could have the same base class for everyone, something that you give all the summon spells that fit your idea of pokemon to fit how the pokeballs would work, but use the Eidolon evolutions to build the creatures, use the other spells to help form attacks or simulate the special abilities, such as most of the Ghost types can go invisible or use a form of Fear effect. Hm, place team limits to something small, like three or four rather than six +, and easy for you as the GM to control and your players can spend more focus evolving how they'd like to fit the theme and flavor of their particular flavor, instead of worrying about Way too many options and if they have enough to fit everything.

Your idea is awesome, it has a lot of potential, really.

Hm, maybe an Illusionist/Enchanter Wizard? Been a long time, but those do sound like they would fit the best?

Clever, I agree, some refluffing, and accounting for some natural attacks of the Xenomorphs, and the Babau are pretty close to what you want. You'll have to probably adjust CR as necessary. As for the chestbursters, what are you going to do about those?

I think that's a fair choice, I don't see it fitting any other class.

There's also taking the vampire template in the Bestiary and downplaying it, but Dhampir totally should do you, they're pretty awesome as is.

This is an intriguing idea. I'd love to see what you do come up with.

XD I love that you statted out the He-Man items.

I've played Return to Ravenhearst and Fate, there's also a version of Clue on Pogo that's a hidden object game. Love them. Also love the idea that they'd be converted into a PF game. Sort of like a dark scavenger hunt for clues about who killed the princess style, and since there's ghosts, evil scientists, and crazy murderous gypsies in those first two games, it wouldn't be hard to impliment something along those lines.

It's pretty good, I don't have a party to toss it at currently, but I like how it reads as it'd play.

Fifth sounds good. Also, you should probably put a max end limit on how many times the Chakra Level Kata can be taken, just to prevent the question of how many times it does stack.

I vote for the Prismatic dragons! I liked them and I believe there were, in one of the dragon books, but I don't remember which it was.

I'd like to see it if you do, I like playing element based creatures.

They look good, you could even expand further if you wanted. He said something about combining elements.

It's looking better, really, the higher saves and hit die actually do them some serious favors. Since they still do more upclose hitting than a sorceror/wizard, lol. I like the name change too, it's more fitting.

You could toy around with the playtest if you still have it, it might have some stuff to give you ideas for what you want. Good luck, let us know how it comes out?

This is a very good start, but it definitely needs to follow the basic Monk for saves, Base attack Bonus, Hit Die, and Flurry of Blows and the Damage Die for those. Given it doesn't receive anything other than feats for the Bending of choice, I don't see why you couldn't even add an extra attack if necessary, but this build was slightly too weak for what you are going for. However, I cannot wait for the final copy either, I rather like it all the same.

I agree with Drejk, you'd have to homebrew some feats or expand the race itself with the Advanced Racial Guide when it comes out. Which I don't see as being too hard for what you're asking.

I am actually interested in this, if you are still sending it out to people. I'm curious to see how it compares to a couple of the other fanversions. So far, the bits you posted look very intriguing.

I agree, using the Summon - Creature/Elemental/Ect... spells would be the best way, just stat the Final Fantasy summons off of base creatures in the bestiaries to fit the style of Final Fantasy game yours is based off of. Change special abilities of them to fit the proper flavor text, the same with descriptions. And you could tie them into items to represent GF cards, Magicite, or Materia. This isn't really difficult, even Bahamut would be easy to create. You can also tie other spells to those items to represent the other forms of magic and the upgrades some of those summons and such got in those games.

The SRD, as suggested above will help with a lot of that. However, the question about player's character death. If there's no other way and you can't think of a way to make it so your players don't die in an encounter, the encounter Might be a bit high of CR for your party. In the event this happens, there are a few options, the other player characters Could take the body to a temple to be resurrected. Usually this costs a grand amount, but as the DM you could have the temple do it in exchange for a quest the party could be sent on. Or they can make a New, different character, instead of rerolling the same one. Make sure they make it at the current group level, and not the beginning level if the party is higher, you don't want someone feeling left behind because their character died. Also, I think it is cool you are playing despite the language difficulties and wish there were more translators that could fix that for you. Have fun, good luck. ^_^

You could also just go with a Paladin, since Usagi's powers were to Heal... or to Smite evil. It honestly wouldn't be difficult for you to do that, Desna would be a good choice, and depending the level, there are ways to boost the damage of the star knife, via making it magical.

Creatures from the depths, epic sea monsters would be awesome. Got to kill those epic pirates with something after all. I'd also like to see epic animal lords/kings, something about dire really.

I'm curious about how you are going to handle Quickenings/Limit Breaks and Magicite/Materia, as well as the spells from the games themselves, there's only a few that translate over in a sort of direct manner, and even those would have to be adjusted a bit, I'd think.

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