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Vrock Skull

Midian's page

21 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


I received Dungeon 148 yesterday, without having received 147 yet. Please check on 147 for me.

Issue 75 was my first issue. Part 1 of Ed Greenwood's Nine Hells article. I was hooked ever since.

#75 and #76 with the Nine Hells by Ed Greenwood. Also the first issues of Dragon I ever purchased.

A 3'x6' roll of green felt with 1" squares drawn on it.

A myriad collection of WotC miniatures and Reaper's minis.

The critter packs are cool, but why hasn't anyone made some specifically for the APs? (or for any specific module) I know I'd buy every one of them. We're going through AoW after finishing SCAP, and next will be STAP.

I don't ignore random monster tables, but I don't make them random either. I take the table, pick a reasonable encounter or two, and incorporate it into the adventure at an appropriate point.

This makes planning a lot easier ahead of time, as well as keeps the players on their toes. Encounters shouldn't be restricted to the numbers, anything can happen at any time.

Nicolas Logue wrote:
Somewhere lurking in the Archives is a thread where I posted "deleted scenes" and extra material for Chains...a pretty substantial amount of stuff. Grab those goodies if you want to run Blackmaw, Runfer!

For those too lazy to search (like me on occassion) here it is: insOfBlackmawUncut

Maybe I read the spell descriptions wrong, but Word of Chaos and Blasphemy are powerful enough to take out most characters. Since his caster level is 30, unless the characters are 21st level, instant death to all good (blasphemy) or lawful (word of chaos) characters.

The only problem I had with Adimarchus was no defense to Forcecage (I hate that spell), and since his Plane Shift is useless (see traits of Skullrot) I swapped it out for Disintegrate.

Gary Teter wrote:

Hmmm. Turns out implementing compression was easier than I thought.

The main messageboards page, before compression: 250K
The main messageboards page, after compression: 25K
Compression time: 15 msec

This seems like a pretty big win to me. Time to roll the site again....

Glad I could help :)

There are more issues here than bandwidth.

1) Improper page coding. The pages don't even validate!

2) Using a good server with compression. Compressing text pages can reduce bandwidth use of the average site by 75%.

And that's just off the top of my head.

Hojas wrote:
Way to go midian! The only problem I am having is with the casting time text box. It cuts off at "standard actio". Is there a simple way to change how many characters are allowed? Thanks again though, these will be very nice for my game!

Sorry about that. Not sure how that field got restricted, but it's fixed now.

Ken Marable wrote:

Sorry, had to get that out of the way. But, to answer your questions - the D&D logo is copyrighted (technically trademarked, I believe). Bottom line - you can't use it and WotC will be very unhappy if you do. (Kenzer has a special deal to use it.)

The spell cards don't use any logo or any content of WotC. YOU type in what information you want to show on the card, and all it does is format the card and output a PDF of what you typed in.

This avoids worrying about content and licenses.

Check out here to make your own spell cards:

Olaf the Stout wrote:

The Other Game Company spell cards are great. I use them every session. The only annoying thing is that they can only produce them for the SRD spells only. Anything outside of that (i.e. Spell Compendium) I have to type up myself.

And that's another reason I made my spell cards. Type in ANY spell from ANY book you own and you have a spell card for it.

Sebastian wrote:
Huh - I'm surprised this product exists. A few years back somebody on ENWorld posted a free database of spells that could also print onto note cards. My recollection at that time was that WotC asked that person to quit distributing the database. I can't remember any details beyond that.

It exists because it doesn't contain any WotC data. Just a web form, some scripting, and outputs what you entered.

9 to a page is nice to save paper, however, the font sizes would be so small as to be useless to me, as well as so small as to get lost in my sheets of paper. 2 spells to a page works great, and folding them in half gives me a place to put more notes when I want.

Ooops, is where I meant to link it to, thanks for the correction.

It doesn't print to 3x5 cards, I'm using this size now instead since I can fit two spells (flip the paper for the second spell) on a single sheet of 8.5x11 paper

We've mentioned a few, but still left out a few.

Erol Otus: Working in the industry
Larry Elmore: Working in the industry

Bill Willingham: Working in comics
Phil Foglio: Working in comics

David C. Sutherland III: Deceased
Keith Parkinson: Deceased

Dave Trampier: Left the industry, driving a cab

Tom Wham: ?
Dave S. LaForce: ?
Jeff Dee: ?
Jeff Easley: ?

I've been writing down spell/monster/character information on 3x5 cards for as long as I've been playing D&D (1979, yes I'm old), however, my handwriting is horrendous and on occasion I can't even read what I've written.

Recently I took my knowledge of PHP and incorporated it with dynamic PDF creation to create spell cards for use. I've made this little script available on the web and would like to share its use and get some feedback. Please try it out, tell your friends, and let me know what you think.

Here are ones I check regularly

Order of the Stick (of course)


Chronicles of Garas

Seraph Inn

BladeSmith wrote:

I don't have the link available, but go to, to their message boards section, into the story hour section. Find a post by DM Lazy Bones. Go to his main website which can be found in his signature file. He has a Shackled City pdf story hour that he took epic, and I mean WAY epic. I can't even begin to describe how cool and epic his storyline is. If you guys find it, post a link. I'm at work and his site is blocked.


For those who are interested: [URL][/URL]

Simpi wrote:

It is the fact that:

A) they take the name of someone who could very much be called a national icon and give it to some crazed assassin.

B) They use it in an actual official publication.

Now, I don't know where Lassiviren originated. probably in someones home campaign, but Paizo did publish him later as 'critical threat' and for that they should be ashamed. Yes, I known finnish names get abused a lot, such as 'Eloranta' in Dungeon adventure 'Practical Magic'. How about giving it a rest?

Lassiviren was originally published in 1e Rogues Gallery as a character. Accompanying image is here: [URL][/URL]

Lord Vile wrote:

Has issue 137 shipped to subscribers yet??? Doesn't it usually ship on the 3rd Tuesday of every month?

Under My Subscriptions (see top right of this page) it indicates that it will ship on June 26th (this coming Monday).

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