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Bag of Devouring

Michel Lepage's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec. 68 posts (71 including aliases). 4 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

English gaming will be available.

August 19th to 21th at Pavillon Desjardins of Univercity Laval

Local 4512
Pavillon Desjardins de l'Univercité Laval, Ville de Québec, Canada


Rooms at Université Laval:

FB event:


Les inscriptions à la mini convention de Pathfinder Society Québec sont ouvertes !

Québec PFS Mini Con est une fin de semaine de jeux de rôle Pathfinder Society.

L’événement à lieux du vendredi 19 aout (18h) au dimanche 21 aout (18h) 2016, au pavillon Desjardins de l'Université Laval à Québec.

Local 4512
Pavillon Desjardins de l'Univercité Laval, Ville de Québec, Canada


Hôtellerie Université Laval:

Événement FB:

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

Québec PFS Mini Con est une fin de semaine de jeux de rôle Pathfinde Society. L’événement à lieux du vendredi 21 aout au dimanche 23 aout 2015, au local des Seigneurs de Naguère.

Québec PFS Mini Con is a gaming weekend of PFS. It will be from Friday, august 21 to Sunday august 23 in Québec City.

Pour réserver vos places / To register for games:

Local 0122, pavillon Agathe-Lacerte, Univercité Laval, à Québec.

Horaire / Schedule:…/1tfAuIdndI89z-3kovDRZIpJON_…/edit…

English speaking players are welcome.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

Welcome to our new VL for Quebec City, Martin Laflamme.

Martin has been a great help organizing games, especially for our younger players. He has also been starting our growing on line player base using roll20.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

It is my great pleasure to anonce that we now have a Venture Lieutenant for Montreal.

We have need a VO their for a while and Rian Costello has stepped in. Frankly he as been doing the job for a while now and as done a lot for PFS true his podcast, convention GMing and game organizing.

He as my thanks for stepping up and I look forward to working with him :)

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

March 26 to 28 2013 au pavillon Desjardins de l'Univercité Laval, Québec city.

We will have PFS tables true the con and need GMs for french and english games.

This is our first try at adding PFS and RP in general to a small local anime con, lets see what we can do :)

Contact me at if you are interested.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

We are slowly growing :)

We moved to a new location and are still recruiting players and GMs. for more info.

Until we have enough english players, all games are in french.

Thank you.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec


Geting ready for the new season :)

We are looking for more players, more GMs (for now their is me) end a better location.

I am open to any suggestion on that (places to post invitations, peoples to contact, etc...)

We play in french with the english books, but would also do an english table if we had enough peoples.

Join the Facebook group if you want to play with us or just want to discuss PFS in french :)

Thank you

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec


There was no PFS in Quebec City so I am starting one.

We are starting Nov. 22 with the First Steps trilogy.

This will be in French.

Anyone interested in participating or helping is welcome to contact me.

Merci :)

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