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Micheal Smith's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 49 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


Damanta wrote:
Micheal Smith wrote:

OMG I was loving the Mechanic, but this sounds like so much fun. Most of my play will be society based. So Ill have to pick something an go with it. I hope that this grows to be very popular and we get alot of scenarios ASAP. To many things to play an not enough scenarios.

I joined Pathfinder around season 6. So I had ALOT of scenarios to play.

3 scenarios, a questpack with 5 1-hour adventures and a pregen special scenario on release, and the first season will be 1 scenario / month.

Campaign management also wants the AP to be sanctioned quickly, but it's bimonthly, so the society content will be slow at first. Just get lots of people enthousiastic, get them to bring in friends and we might see more than 1 scenario per month next season :)

I know I realize all that. I just know that I will much more prefer Starfinder than Pathfinder. The GF on the other hand not so much. I really want to play a mechanic and the Solarian. Basically I told my group. I will play and I will run. Not a fan of first level characters, but this Ill have to really do because I won't know how things play till I play them. I can't wait for Starfinder.

OMG I was loving the Mechanic, but this sounds like so much fun. Most of my play will be society based. So Ill have to pick something an go with it. I hope that this grows to be very popular and we get alot of scenarios ASAP. To many things to play an not enough scenarios.

I joined Pathfinder around season 6. So I had ALOT of scenarios to play.

So with the resonant ability of the Clear Spindle noun stone, says you have protection from possession and mental control (as protection from evil).

Does this also include the following: Second, the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person.

Would the harpies captivating song be included in this?

I don't have that book yet and not sure what is legal for Society out of that book.

So if the updated rules are legal for society then they will trump those in the Seekers of Secrets?

In seekers of secrets it says when you bind an ioun stone you get the full effect. Does this include the resonant ability? I ask because they way I read it you only get the resonant ability when placed in the way finder, then you lose the main ability.

Awe I just misunderstood. If that is the case then I think I may dislike archetypes in Starfinder then. That is what I liked about archetypes to begin with. Is they could change ANY of the class abilities or modify abilities gained at 1st level in Pathfinder. Either way I am interested to see the archetypes now and in the future.

I do like the way they function so far. Especially since they aren't class specific. That was one thing that annoyed me the most with Pathfinder. I would find a really cool archetype for a class, but there wasn't anything for another class. Even if the class that didn't have it was more appropriate.

Well I only see examples for even levels and the 1 9th level. I hope that 1,3,5 and so will be a thing. I hope that eventually every level can be traded out with different Archetype. I saw a mention about prestige classes. I wonder what that will be like in Starfinder, if there even will be any prestige classes.

I am all about character customization. I rarely ever play straight classes. I almost always use Archetype and Prestige Classes.

So I needed some more clarification an the Challenging Shield

Challenging Shield:
When this +1 heavy steel shield is in the hands of a character with the challenge class feature, this shield grants additional abilities.

By spending one use of her challenge class feature as an immediate action, the wearer of a challenging shield can apply her Charisma bonus to her shield bonus to AC against a target of her challenge for 1 minute.

So when I spend the challenge to activate this item do I need to already have a challenge in effect? or When I spend it I get the Challenge effect as well? Im guessing that when I spend the challenge that I don't get the benefit and this item only works when I have 2 challenges a day. So I use the first to activate the challenge and choose my target. Then as an immediate action I spend the second one to activate the shields ability?

Then my next question also is in regard to the Vambraces of the tactician and the Champion's Banner.

Each state that they add x amount to my cavalier's level for determining the challenge effect. So lets say that I am a 10th level cavalier. The Vambraces add +2 levels. So then
A: I add +12 to damage to the target of the challenge?
B: My order ability states +1 to x for every 4 levels. So this makes it +4 at 12th level?

Then same as above but now lets add the Champions banner with the Vambraces, which adds +4 to my level. Bringing the total effective level for purpose's of challenge to 16th?
A: I add +16 to damage to the target of the challenge?
B: My order ability states +1 to x for every 4 levels. So this makes it +5 at 12th level?
C: Would these stack if this is how it works?

Awesome thank you. I had a feeling they would. But I wanted to make sure for my character.

So I have a character concept but I am not 100% sure if the bonuses stack.So I will get 1/2 my class level to knowledge checks.

Cavalier (Disciple of the Pike)
Monster Hunter - At 4th level, a disciple of the pike has an uncanny ability to identify monsters. He can attempt Knowledge checks untrained to identify monsters and their weaknesses, and gains a bonus equal to half of his cavalier level on knowledge checks to identify monsters.

Order of the Hero (Cavalier Order)
Skills - An Order of the Hero adds Knowledge (arcana)(Int) and Knowledge (nature)(Int) to his list of class skills. In addition whenever an order of the hero cavalier uses a Knowledge check to deny a monster, he gains a bonus on this check equal to half of his cavalier level (minimum +1)

They both come out of the same Players Companion. It seems like the 2 were made for each other. I am not sure if they stack. If they don't stack where would it state that these don't stack. Just for reference?

I didn't even notice that. So far no one has questioned it. They all like the idea that when I sing I am angrily singing.

She is lvl 6 (5 Bard, 1 Barbarian) Ifrit. She is ready to level. Just not sire what I want to do. I have a cool snake boon that I wouldn't mind giving her. I mean I would have to retain and add the mad dog archetype. I thought about trying to go through the empty quiver style feats.

I also thought about trying to getting the Oathbow for her.

So I haven't seen a definitive answer. If there is an answer or an FAQ could you give me the link thank you.

a.) Lets say that I have my fancy +1 Adaptive composite longbow. I have a 16 str.
This then becomes:
Damage: 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7 +1 magical, +3 from strength

b.) Now if I have exceptional pull would that not add + 2 to my str rating?
So now:
Damage: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9 +1 magical, +3 strength + 2 exceptional pull?

c.) What if I din't have an adaptive bow but I had a +1 Composite Longbow +3
With exceptional pull would that not be:
Damage: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7 +1 magical, +3 strength + 2 exceptional pull?

So where is it that I find what items are available item slots. I know it says that the Animal Archive is not legal except if you take the extra item slot. So can my constrictor wear armor?

Also is it true that an animal has to have an int of 3 or higher to be affected by a bard's inspire courage?

Quentin Coldwater wrote:
nicholas storm wrote:
1. 4d8+76 without; 5d8+95 with spirited charge

Lances are a x3 weapon. It's actually 6d8+114 without Spirited Charge, 9d8+171 with Spirited Charge. Unless I'm missing something, but I think the damage dice from Spirited Charge multiply.

Yes, charging lance crits hurt, especially when you factor in Power Attack.

That is what I thought. I wasn't sure if because on the charge I got to triple it all again. So then if I Challenge my foe (as per Cavaliers Challenge) and at 11th level I get +11 to damage, then this would also get doubled on the charge as well???

So i was reading over some other posts and just trying to figure out the whole lance deal.

So we all know the lance does does double damage when charging but I'm not 100% what that will include. So for my example lets say I am using a +1 lance (medium sized) and I have a STR of 22 (6) and power attack of -3/+6.

9 (STR) + 1 (Lance) + 9(Power Attack) = 1d8+19. So now if I read correctly on some other posts my final damage output is:
2d8+38 (w/o spirited charge)
3d8+57 (w spirited charge)

1. If that is correct then what if I crit. how does that play into this?
2. I also read that I can wield a lance one handed while charging and still count it as a 2 handed weapon and apply 1 1/2 times for STR and Power Attack.
3. The posts were old but some said I could use vital strike while charging, can I?

Awesome thanks. I didn't realize what Bob Bob Bob said was how it worked. And that was going to be my next question, in regards to the penalties. Sweet. Well even though my build isn't quite the way I want it, this will work.

So then how would it work if I wanted to wield a huge great sword? Or is that even possible? Its more or less for a character concept.

So then by the way you word it with the titan mauler I can wield a large great sword and the reduction would apply?

So if I read it correctly, if I am medium sized character I can wield a huge weapon at a -4 penalty? Its only -2 for each size larger?

If I am a titan mauler then the massive weapon bonus only applies for weapons 1 size larger?

So I have seach for how monastic legacy works with classes that stack with monk for the purposes of unarmed strike damage. I haven't really found much info that helps. So I really wish they would come out with an FAQ on the matter, unless I have missed it.

So as we all know monastic legacy reads:
Prerequisites: Still mind class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: Add half the levels you have in classes other than monk to your monk level to determine your effective monk level for your base unarmed strike damage. This feat does not make levels in classes other than monk count toward any other monk class features.

Now I will be using the Brother of the Seal abilities and it reads:
Unarmed Combat (Ex): A Brother of the Seal’s class levels stack with any monk levels for the purposes of determining his flurry of blows, stunning fist, and unarmed strike class features (including determining damage dealt by his unarmed strike attacks).

Now I read monastic legacy as half the levels other than monk, which brother of the seal is not a monk. Even though BotS says its levels stack with monk levels, it doesn't say that it is a monk. Also I believe that these stack because I don't retain any other monk levels so therefore I am considered a class other than monk. I just want opinions/anywhere it shows this does or doesn't stack officially.

So I just found out that higher level spells take more pages. So It turns out with 54 of my spells I have used 99/100 pages. Now if I purchase a second spell book, will this change preparing time? It takes 1 hour with 1 spell book. Will it still be 1 hour with 2 spell books?


Awesome thanks. Yep I always forget to check my fame. :)


Thats what I thought. But I wasn't sure if this was any different for Adventure Path's. I will need to get the book with that in it. Thanks.


So there is a weapon I would love to have for my Mesmerist. It's the Sadist's Lash. Now I see that it is in Rise of the Runelord anniversary adventure path. Now if I own it can I use that item or do I have to actually get the chronicle sheet with it? And this also goes for any item from an adventure path?

So if I understand correctly if i dual class into wizard and magus, I will have two spell books 1 for the magus and 1 for the wizard). I will also have to prepare my magus spells and my wizard spells, correct? So for example if i am Magus 3/Wizard 1 with 18 int i would have the following spell:


Assuming I got that right. Now moving on If I have the Spell Sage wizard archetype, can I use the focused spells ability to affect my magus spells? I only ask because it states
"At 1st level, once per day the spell sage's understanding of spells allows him to increase his caster level by 4 for a single spell he casts. He can do this twice per day at 8th level and three times per day at 16th level. This ability replaces arcane bond." I think I would because it says any spell I cast.

Yea most. Most of the people I game with think the kineticst is overpowered. So I just hope they let me keep my buffer full.

Chess Pwn- Its not like the arcane pool that the arcanist uses. It does't replenish its self. You have to actually fill it. When you use the ability you have to refill it yourself. It states it does't start with it full. Unless I miss what you are saying.

If I fill my internal buffer in one scenario, and forget to use it or don't really get the chance to use it will that carry over to the next scenario?
The one line in the ability:
Once the kineticist adds points to her buffer, they remain indefinitely until she spends them.

Unless I have missed something somewhere else that states something like this goes away. From what I saw on several other posts they were talking about how spell casters can recharge a staff during the off time. Unless I am misinterpreting something, this is a similar situation.

Thanks. Thought so. Just the wording threw me off.

So I had a question. With this archetype do you have to buy your own spell book? Im guessing if you do you can only have 100 spells and it doesn't come with all the 0 level spells?

Or do I start with a spell book with all 0 level spells?

So then if I cast shocking grasp using spell strike and only that I don't take the penalty? So then I can cast shocking grasp using spell strike then cast another spell like try strike?

If I am a second level Magus and I want to cast Shocking grasp while using spell strike to I suffer a -2 penalty on the attack?

So I had a question about the spirt dancer. So the spirt dance only alters the spirit surge ability. My question is do I still get the 1d6 surge? I understand it says I can't choose a weaker spirit to gain additional uses of the surge without occurring the influence, so based on how it's worded I still get it correct?

So I have read through several older posts and I just want to get clarification.

Overhand Chop (Ex): At 3rd level, when a two-handed fighter makes a single attack (with the attack action or a charge) with a two-handed weapon, he adds double his Strength bonus on damage rolls. This ability replaces armor training 1.

Benefit: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls. This bonus to damage is increased by half (+50%) if you are making an attack with a two-handed weapon, a one handed weapon using two hands, or a primary natural weapon that adds 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier on damage rolls. This bonus to damage is halved (–50%) if you are making an attack with an off-hand weapon or secondary natural weapon. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every 4 points thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the bonus to damage increases by +2. You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll, and its effects last until your next turn. The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage.

So if I read right, the damage coming from Power-attack is normally +2 on weapons that are being held in 1 hand. Ex. Str of 18 (+4). Holding a long sword 1 handed would be 4(Str) + 2(Power-Attack) = 6. Now wielding a long sword with 2 hands would be 6(Str 1.5) +3 (2 damage from PA, the 50% more would be +1 for a total of 3)= 9.

So with the two handed archetype would like this:
Str 18 (+4). 4(Str) + 4(Double strength) = 8. Now with PA 4(Str) + 4(Double strength) + 3(PA 2 + 50%=3)=11

I understand that it can't be healed unless by 8 hours of rest. I apologize after rereading what someweirdguy wrote it makes sense.

I also want to clarify accepting burn, below is an example
I want to basically do one god power attack. The way burn is word I can only accept 3 points of burn at 11th level so I should be able to alter by blast :
2 burn for composite blast (sandstorm)
1 burn for metakinesis; empower
3 burn for cyclone; form infusion
1 burn for pushing infusion; substance infusion
7 points of burn in total, but it is reduced by 3 burn total from my infusion specialization. So then this effectively makes my total burn 4 points. But then I have 2 points in my internal buffer, effectively making it 2 points of burn I accept, thus making this perfectly ok? Because composite blast isn't a wild talent then I can use the internal buffer to use both points to reduce the cost of the composite blast? Of is it safe to use 1 point for the blast then 1 point for the pushing infusion. It doesn't say I can't use both in one round. It just says I can not use more than 1 point for a single wild talent.

Ok but when I heal I can heal the damage and be 127/127? I only say that cause it is tracked separately?

I just want to make sure that I am calculating the damage right.

I'm 10 level with 6 points of burn. So I have taken 60 points of NL damage, I have 127 HP. According to the core rule book it states I track that separate from my lethal. Does this mean I effectively 67 HPs before I fall unconscious? Also can I heal back up to 127? I just want to make sure that I am doing this correctly.

I am playing an arcanist and I took the bloodline development at first level and went with the elemental bloodline. I am now level three, I know it states I don't get the bloodline arcana or the bloodline powers after third level. Do I get the bonus spells?

Ok thanks for the reply. Not sure how to delete the other thread ;/
Like i said i was confused because of the way it was worded.

The first way almost seems not to be very beneficial. I see it as I excluded my allies from being harmed and my enemies not being healed.

So i have been looking around and trying to get a difinitive answer.

So it states:
"If she has an ability that allows her to exclude targets from her channeled energy, such as the Selective Channelling feat, she can choose to exclude different targets from the healing effect than from the harming effect."

Now does this mean that I can only exclude my allies from being harmed. And that the enemies will be effected by both harming and healing effects of the channeling.
ex. I have a 20 Chr so when I twin channel I can only exclude up to 5 of my allies and thats it.


Can I exclude up to Chr modifier for both the healing and negative.
ex. I can exclude up to 5 allies from being harmed and then I can exclude up to 5 enemies from being healed?

I have a strong feeling that it will be option 1.


Have: Elemental Ancestry, Numerian Weapon Training
Want: Dhampir

Just message for others. Really wanting a Dhampir

Awesome thank you. Now we have had a debate about this, could I activate this as a swift action on my turn? An because I can activate the wild defense as an immediate action, this would take up my swift action for the next turn correct?

With weapon focus being able to use, with this apply to all blast. So if I have both the Air and the Earth blast i only need to take weapon focus once correct? A;sp this applies to the kinetic blade attack?

If I have 2 wild defenses can I have both active at once?

Protoman wrote:

Kinetic blade forms a melee weapon so you use your melee attack bonus. Str modifier + BAB.

If you have Weapon Finesse feat and make it form a light weapon, you can use your Dex modifier + BAB.

So, Option 2 with Weapon Finesse (I assume the Weapon Focus is a typo).

Whether it attacks normal AC or touch AC depends on the your kinetic blast that you're making into a blade/whip. Ones like Fire Blast, Cold Blast, Electric Blast, Force Blast, and Blue Flame Blast would attack touch AC, even as a kinetic blade/whip. All the other blasts that attack normal AC would attack normal AC as a kinetic blade/whip.

Yes I apologize that is a typo. It should have said weapon finesse and not focus. Now with that being said. I can use Weapon Focus (Blast)?

Awesome thank you for the clarification. I was pretty confident with the damage. But the attack bonus was what was messing me up. I wasn't sure what to do with my 3 level feat. As I already have Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot. I should be go to go now Thanks again everyone.

I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find out how to figure the Kinetic blades to hit bonus. I never found a definitive answer.

One guy I play with says its the same as my blast to hit.
Another says its my STR. If I create a light weapon then I can use weapon finesse.

So this is what I have:

None of the options have modifiers. Just base to hit and damage

Option 1:
Use the blast to hit and damage
+5 (16 DEX+2 BAB)
2D6+2 + 4(CON)

Option 2:
Use light weapon with weapon focus
+5 (16 DEX+2 BAB)
2D6+2 + 4(CON)
With out weapon focus
+2 (10 STR+2 BAB)

I also read somewhere in one of the forums that because it was a spell like ability that it would hit touch ac instead of normal ac.

So the question is what do I use to figure out the kinetic blade/whip to hit? Does it hit Touch AC or Normal AC?

Protoman wrote:
I'm gonna guess he means if an aerokinetic's air blast affect fog/cloud spells like gust of wind or something.

Yes. If I use my blast is there enough force to move the fog... IT seems very powerful if it does.

so I have a aerokineticist's blast effect obscuring most or similar effects?

Tarantula wrote:

I'm trying to figure out your question. I am thinking it comes from the 5th level shielded fighter ability "shield fighter".

Shield Fighter (Ex): At 5th level, a shielded fighter gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when making a shield bash. These bonuses increase by +1 every four levels beyond 5th. With a full attack action, a shielded fighter may alternate between using his weapon or his shield for each attack. This action does not grant additional attacks or incur penalties as two-weapon fighting does. This ability replaces weapon training 1.

The bolded part of the ability is actually something any character can do. A 6th level paladin with attacks at +6/+1 could make his +6 with a sword, and his +1 with a shield, and not be two weapon fighting.

Likewise, a fighter could do the same. Shield fighter is just reminding you that this is an option. The shield fighter could also just choose to bash with his shield for each attack.

So it would be 6 because strength is +4 then add the fact that it is a +1 weapon and then the ability that gives the bonus to hit and damage.

I guess it's the last sentence that through me off a bit. Talking how it doesn't incir the penalties that TWF does.

I have a question about the ability altogether.

I read it that I can have both a shield and a sword equipped and attack with either as if they were in the main hand. Meaning I get my full attack bonus to hitting with either weapon and get full damage with either weapon I use?

So example:
Let's say I am 5th lvl
Long sword +10 1D8+7
Heavy shield +10 1D4+6

If I'm a standard fighter would look like this (TWF)
Long sword +6 1D8+7
Heavy shield +5 1D4+3
(I may be off a number of 2, still learning all the penalties and all)

But if I'm a shielded fighter without TWF it would like:
Long sword +10 1D8+7
Heavy shield +10 1D4+6

I have a question about the ability altogether.

I read it that I can have both a shield and a sword equipped and attack with either as if they were in the main hand. Meaning I get my full attack bonus to hitting with either weapon and get full damage with either weapon I use?

So example:
Let's say I am 5th lvl
Long sword +10 1D8+7
Heavy shield +10 1D4+6

If I'm a standard fighter would look like this (TWF)
Long sword +6 1D8+7
Heavy shield +5 1D4+3
(I may be off a number of 2, still learning all the penalties and all)

But if I'm a shielded fighter without TWF it would like:
Long sword +10 1D8+7
Heavy shield +10 1D4+6

So I am currently playing a human kineticist. He is first level.

STR - 10
DEX - 16
CON - 18
INT - 12
WIS - 12
CHA - 7

HP - 12
Fort - 6
Ref - 5
Will - 1
AC - 17

CMB - 0
CMD - 13

Atk - Air Blast: +3 1D6+1+4

Traits: Reckless (Just for acrobatics), Adopted (Eleven reflexes)

Feats: Point-Blank Shot and Precise shot

Several of the people in my game think the kineticist is overpowered at first level. I sort of agree with this compared to some of the other damage outputs with classes that have the same BAB progression. I have been reading other posts and say that it doesn't get any better. They say that they should limit the amount of times they can do a blast or decrease the damage or give bigger jumps in-between levels to gain damage.

I think the damage progression and damage out put is decent. Maybe make it so it it every 3 levels instead of 2 levels.

I don't like how many class skills the kineticist gets and how many skills per level. I feel this is a big blow to the class. This is my biggest concern with the class. I feel pretty useless when it comes to most skills compared to other classes. Definitely make acrobatics a class skill and maybe give them 1 or 2 knowledges. Then each separate element can have it's own skills. Maybe where one is replaced or gains a new one. So the kineticist gets 2 knowledge skills and depending on what element he takes replaces one of the 2. Or they get one knowledge skill and add one based on the element the choose.

As for burn, it sounds really cool. The fact that I can push the characters body beyond what it can handle to maximize what it can do. I feel like there maybe should be some sort of "pool" the kineticist can use to fuel some of the wild talents. So maybe similar to the monks ki pool. So maybe 1/2 level + Con. Then if he runs out of the pool then he takes non-lethal damage. Also if the damage can only be healed by 8 hours of sleep that really hurts the kineticist altogether. Especially in Society play. Most scenarios, that I have played anyways, there is no time to get the 8 hours of sleep. So by the time you get to the end you are already down on hit points. I have been reading up on the Metakinesis ability and as it seems pretty cool it looks like it hurts the class more then helps it.

I really like this class cause now I can actually build and air bender. ;)

Note - I haven't been playing but maybe for a year and a half so keep that in mind.

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