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Count Aericnein Neska

Michael Martinez-Colon's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 32 posts (183 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.

I am making a new 6th lvl PC and will want to do a Fighter. Last time I played a fighter was during the time of AD&D 2ed w/ the Fighter's Handbook.

My idea is to use weapon + light shield. My armor is agile 1/2 plate. I am considering using Aldori sword as main weapon. Now my concern is with the plethora of feats. What will be the best way to maximize his attack/dmg. BTW, the current party is composed of a rogue, summoner, ranger, and a bard. They need a tank.

So far I have chosen:
power attack
shield focus
improved shield bash
greate cleace
shield bash

I have not chosen my extra feat for being human. I would like to take Vital Strike but it seems that when you get your 3rd attack at level 11 or 12 level you still loose them b/c of this feat.

Feats I have in the back of my head are (in no particular order):
vital strike
improved critical

Any help is appreciated. I envision my PC to be frontline character. Not interested in mounted nor range combat.

Help me make him a tough SoB. What flavors can I add to it? Trip or bull rush or criticial fighter? Any specific feats or feat tree? Pros/Cons?


After reading hundreds of messages under Druid Shaman in the Paizo forums I need some clarification.

1) Official rule is that a Shaman can WS at lvl 6 and not 4. Correct?

2) When doing a Shaman, do you loose the ability to WS into plants and elementals or you can do it but at a -2 lvl adjustment starting at lvl 6?

3) At shaman lvl 6 you can WS as lvl 8 for your totem creature. Is this the MAX a shaman can GO? At shaman lvl 8 supposedly you can WS as lvl 10 for your totem but you can't b/c normal druids can't (Beast Shape IV= magical beasts). So basically the shaman reaches a plateau for Totem WS at lvl 6. Correct??? Does it still progresses into plants/elementals????

4) What templates can you add to your totem WS at shaman level 8? I read here about young, giant, etc but I thought that applied to the summoning of totem Natures Ally creature (Ape, horse, lion, etc). Can someone clarify?

5) If templates can be added to WS for shaman beyond lvl 8, would they apply to a normal druid?

THX for the guidance and my apologies for some overlapping in my questions.

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