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Count Aericnein Neska

Michael Martinez-Colon's page

32 posts (181 including aliases). 3 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 aliases.

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Do not waste your money

*( )( )( )( )

Despite the not so good reviews, I was looking forward to having this product. Sadly, I am VERY DISSAPOINTED. Yes, the maps look good but that is it. I have this product now to show and tell. I hope they had the best intentions putting this product together but they missed the mark when you have better maps elsewhere (like in the Isles of the Shackles Campaign Setting).
Before getting this product I: 1) took the Golarion Map and added Lat/Long lines w/ wind patterns; and 2) added Lat/Long lines to the Shackles map w/ ocean currents. I am glad I took the time doing this. Not only is more practical but the players can track their movement with more interest.

A DM key for Port Peril would have been useful. Granted, it gives more freedom for DM's to decide where things are in the city.

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Issues with this Fat Goblin product and others

***( )( )

Fat Goblin Game's needs to spend serious time spell checking and editing their materials. Also, Paizo need to do their homework in editing and proof reading before selling PDF's.

14 page file with 11 pages worth of information.

Bad Points:
- Spell check. Numerous typos.
- Page numbering (only 1 page is numbered).
- No table summarizing all items.
- Two entries for Floating Book (as a Tome and Accessory) with different cost prices.
- Scroll, Waterproof: clarify the cost. +110% or 10%??
- The Tome of Power seemed like they used the same Template for Archer's Arsenal. The heading of page 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 is " Archer's Arsenal".
- On page 12, check you math. 60%+20% = 80% and not 85%.

Good Points:
- Tomes (5) are good especially the Book of Faces for a Bard or Rogue.
- Lots of accessories (17) for arcane casters.
- Nice variety of scrollcases and stylus. This is a nice touch of flavor for Wizard/Sorcerers.
- Minor Artifacts (3) will be a nice touch for DM's who want to play tricks upon PC's.
- Variant Rules on Knowledge skill. This is the highlight of this PDF. The rules will add a new twist to challenging and obscure knowledge rolls. The rules begin with the premise that not all knowledge is available especially depending upon location (hamlet, thorpe, town, city, metropolis). Percentage rolls are made to determine the chance of finding the information in a specific location. Other rolls are made to determine how many books/tomes/scrolls are there and with how many pages. The best part of this rule is that after reading x-amount of pages you can still fail you Knowledge skill check and learn nothing. However, the more books you read (determined by making a roll based on target DC), you get an extra +2 bonus/book to your Knowledge skill.

Rating of 3 stars based on poor quality control.

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Archer's Arsenal

***( )( )

Good points:
- Diverse weaponry adding extra flavour to range attackers.
but most interesting are the arrows.
- I love the quivers!!!!

Bad points:
- lots of typos
- Need to ADD MORE drawings of the bows and quivers
- Current drawings ARE NOT IDENTIFIED!!!!!!!
- Inconsistency in the paragraphs. Some have the 1st sentence in
italics. Other paragraphs are not.
- No table summarizing all the equipment.
- Not too thrilled about the fonts used for Arrows, bows, and Xbows.

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