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Count Aericnein Neska

Michael Martinez-Colon's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 32 posts (183 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.

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danmasucci wrote:

My players have been capturing ships and recruiting a lot of sailors. The rules make it difficult to sink ships so when it comes to ship to ship combat they trounce the opposition presented in the books (finishing Raiders on the Fever Sea) and take their crew and ships.

This is making them become pretty high powered. I want them to feel like heroes but I feel like the AP isn't challenging them. Especially developing a fleet so early. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I agree with Riggler. Yes, this AP makes it hard to sink ships.

- I talked to my players about what this AP is about and the others. I told them is too early for a fleet and talked to them about the hindrance of having too many ships in terms of upkeep/plunder.

- They have been getting several ships (I hate Make Whole spell). I always make sure to only leave behind some NPC's of the captured ship. This makes it difficult/impossible for the PC's to man more than 2 ships at once. If things get out of control in terms of them figuiring out a way to man them, then the Kraken will dispose of one of them or mutiny or have 3 Cheliax Man-o-War ships hunt them down (which fits w/ the AP).

You can always find ways reduce the number of ships.

I think the developers did not took this fact into account in terms of how easy is to get/defeat ships.

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DM's...I made several side quests (8) that include treasure maps, island maps, etc. If interested shoot me an email and I will share it.

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Laithoron...thanks. Most likely the players will think in the line of making the rudder not operational at all :)

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Thanks. Yes, I overthink sometimes which does not help :)

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James Jacobs wrote:

1) True seeing would work, I would say. There could be other methods as well, depending on your preference. The whole point is that they should be creepy, and if allowing the PCs to notice a haunt before it manifests or to identify its powers via, say, a Perception check or a Knowledge (religion) check increases the creepy factor, by all means do it!

2) Correct.

3) Your chair is a magic item guarded by a monster. No haunts or curses involved.

Hi James,

Thanks. So, if its a magic item guarded by a monster, a detect magic spell or spellcraft to ID will determine the magical property. Only way to detect the monster (poltergeist) in this case is after it manifest and if they see it. Correct?

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thanks. So the key is the crew available. If the whole crew is available then is the whole crew?


The Ravenous has a crew of 40 without the officers. The main deck is struck by a flaming arrow (not the spell). Next round the 5 foot square catches fire (failed safe). The whole crew (40 sailors) rush over to extinguish the flames as the ship gains the Uncontrolled action.

Does this makes sense?

Bzali's approach seems more "reasonable".

I am still a bit confused. I think is the wording used in the PG.

I found the "Catastrophe!” article in Pathfinder Adventure Path #30: The Twice-Damned Prince. It has the rules on fire spread (more than 1 square/round) and the means on how to extinguish it (buckets, waterskins, bag of holding, etc.). I can share it.

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1) When you reach an infamy "level", for example Loathsome, it shows 3 benefits. Do PC's pick one or all 3 are automatically gained?

2) When it comes to impositions, the Pc's can only buy 1/day. If they buy Walk the Plank, does it has an infinite use (1/day) or once used they have to purchase it again?

3) If the PC's have the disrepute points they can have up to 7 impositions after 1 week (1 imposition bought/day). Could they use all of them at once?


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Ship to ship combat rules are a bit lame in this AP. I am using the naval combat rules from Broadsides! Naval Adventure. Here you need to consider crew quality, speed, wind direction, sail type, etc. The movement is more realistic.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Short of the long, these two products have different design goals. The individual PDFs (Exploration and Kingdom Building, Mass Combat, and Feats and Secret Societies) had the goal of getting the rules into players' hands with few a few expansions and no modifications. The Complete Players' Reference, however, corrected a number of things that I felt could be improved. Among them was the Marshal and the Warden. The original rules reversed their historical roles. So I corrected that.

I specifically didn't go back and revise the original PDFs for those that wanted the original rules. This way, you have the option of playing by the way presented in the AP or with some alterations. Your choice.

Edit: Ninja'ed by RuyanVe.

THX Dale...I do love the product :)

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