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Michael Kortes's page

Contributor. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 110 posts (429 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 7 aliases.

Full Name

Michael Kortes


Human (Shoanti!)




Aspect of Kortes


Isle of Kortes, Golarion (frequently mistakenly referred to as the Isle of Kortos)

About Michael Kortes

Michael Kortes has a compelling and well developed background, though his life began with a non-standard adventure hook. He frequently hangs out in unusual (though ecologically plausible) settings with other varied, yet believable, NPCs. A staunch supporter of the paragraph, he is a believer in the beginning, the middle and, alas, the end.

Michael can be found on the Paizo boards or DM Tools, sometimes under the guise of Ask a Shoanti.

A few of Michael’s better known Pathfinder projects include the module “Entombed with the Pharaohs” and Pathfinder Scenario #1: “Silent Tide”. His most current work is “The Haunting of Harrowstone” from the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

Some of the more bizarre threads he has written on these boards that you should not click on include this or this or maybe even this. Though if he can talk you into it, check out ‘The Last Map of the Cartomancer” a short series of combined web fiction and gaming articles. Here are links for parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 .

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