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Almah Rovshki

Merperson, Shape of Nameless's page

6 posts. Alias of APersonAmI.


With a +16 bonus to Perception, Nameless has heard pretty much everything that has happened during the chase- the sounds of each attack, the sounds of people moving and talking, the sounds of zombies exploding.

That muffled, explosive sound- the third terminated undead, no doubt. That make these two undead the only ones still in pursuit. And dear Caromarc repaid the favor by sending this celestial to help. Excellent.

The manifestation of Nameless crosses the rickety bridge calmly behind Hareton, keeping a careful eye on him all the time, and casts Longstrider as she slithers gracefully through the air.

DC:15 Reflex Save1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

Once across, she turns to Caromarc’s creature and speaks to it in the familiar language of Celestial;

प्रकाश की नमस्ते, नौकर.आपकी सहायता की सराहना की है.मरे नष्ट.

Celestial to common:
Greetings, Servant of light. Your assistance is appreciated. Destroy the undead.

1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17 Will Save to gather courage.

How odd. It is almost as if some existence has created a path, and only one path, leading to an unknown destination. This would imply that there is an existence under the belief that it is capable of toying with me. The manifestation of Nameless smiles a manic smile. Oh, the joy that there exist beings so deluded. How I look forward to this confrontation!

The gaze of the manifestation of Nameless falls on the ghosts before her. She almost laughs out loud. Ha! Spirits of the damned! Beings so fettered by their own existence they are held in its chains after their existence is no more are attempting to challenge MY willpower? Ah, comedy.

Staring down the ghosts with a confidence fit a god, no, two gods, she fights of the vile effect and turns to Hareton, taking his fingers in hers and starting to move forward, as if to show him her courage, slithering before him until their arms form a horizontal line and turning her smiling face to speak, in as close a tone as she can come to a kind voice;

"See, Doctor. Nothing to fear, but fear itself. We must move forward, Doctor. There are lives to be saved. Lives to be saved!" With this, she turns away from him again and draws him gently with her past the ghosts.

Move: Gathering courage and moving past the zombies. Standard: Roleplayed attempt at helping the Doctor past.

1d20 + 16 ⇒ (9) + 16 = 25Perception check to see where Hareton went off to.

Of the ground, onto the roof, then? Very well. Seems the Doctor has decided to live, in the end. Fortunate. Who else requires my help getting unto the roof the most? Ah- Caromarc. Well, he is an interesting individual. Worth keeping around.

Having noted that Hareton seems to have found himself a way onto the roof, the manifestation of Nameless reaches out and cast her spell on Caromarc. Spider Climb. Get up on the roof, Caromarc. With these deep, inhuman words, she slithers through the air up to the rooftops.

Spider Climb, No checks necessary to traverse vertical or horizontal surfaces.

The nurse has fallen. A shame. She might have been useful for the purpose of information. However, My intuition was right- it was a good choice to trust the creature, Sandru.

"Please, do not be alarmed." As La Siréene speaks, Nameless shifts from the form of La Siréene to the manifestation of nameless that is the dark merfolk, then swims through the air past the open door, carrying with her Hareton, whom she never released the grip upon. In her inhuman, guttural tones, she exclaims; "Doctor. Your mission is not to terminate the unliving. It is to save the alive. "

Extended Sky Swim has 12 minutes duration and we have barely done anything but speak, so I assume it is in effect. If you insist it is not, she instead casts Longstrider once past the door. Standard Action: Alter Self as Supernatural ability, no AOO. Move Action: going past the open door, treating Hareton as baggage. If he fights back and forces a Grapple check, she'll release her grip.

The manifestation of Nameless sees Caromarc enter the hospital, and sees the curious shape follow Caromarcs progress within the building from the outside. A realisation shakes her awake, quickly considering the implications.

My target may be this creature’s target as well. Hm. The bold move may be the right one, here. I should present myself.

The manifestation of Nameless cracks a dark smile as she starts her descent toward the rooftop to make her dramatic entrance, when she hears the scream. In a moment, she has decided to see what opportunity this will turn out to be, stops her descent before she is noticed, readies herself, and makes a quick dive, moving past just above the creature’s back and whispers, in her inhuman screech of a voice; “An individual cries out for help. Give it to him, Human.”, then swims away at top speed, before the creature can look around, and heads towards the shout, intent to scout out the danger.

As she moves gracefully through the air, she rises into the drenched night once more, trusting that no one in their right mind would turn their face towards such turbulent skies.

Change completed, Nameless now half stands, half lies on the ground, with a large, scaly fin as her only support, deep blue fin shifting into dark skin and black hair, with white eyes lacking pupils.

Nameless chose to stay still and experience this new shape in fascination for some time. The powerful lower body, the scales and fin, how different the rain felt on this strange skin. then, eager to test out this form, this manifestation of Nameless slips into the air gracfully, just as she would in her natural element.

These eyes are not as good as Nameless is used to, but good enough to take advantage of this higher vantage point. From up here, she sights a crouching form, perching on a rooftop. As she raises further into the air, trying to remain unseen by being a dark shape against black night concealed by heavy rain, the shape leaps down an ally, out of sight. Curious.

What an interesting specimen. Can it truly have noticed me?

This manifestation of Nameless looks around, attempting to locate the curious shape, and does so, at the same time finding Caromarc, his coach, and the hospital Nameless was brought into existence, and the place where all it knew was brought to an end, the memories of which also find Nameless, none to gently.

my- Here lies, perhaps, the memory of the Original…

Lost in horrified recollection that has the momentum of a tidal wave, this manifestation Nameless can do little else than stay steady in the rain and simply watch as the scene unfolds underneath her.

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