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Merle Barer's page

1,333 posts. Alias of Kevin Mack.

Full Name

Merle Barer




sorceror 10








Neutral good




Common, catfolk, Draconic , halfling, elven

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Merle Barer

General stats


Hp 100
Ac 16 (3 dex, 2 ring of protection 1 dodge) Flat 12 touch 16 /with mage armour Ac 20 Flat 16 Touch 16/
CMD 19
Initative + 7



Fort + 5
ref + 6
will + 7

Abilities/Feats/ skills



Low light vision, Cat's luck 1/day, Sprinter, cantrips, eschrew materials, arcane bond (cat familiar) alertness, Metamagic adept 2/day, New arcana (fly),


still spell, Extend spell, Improved Familiar, improved initative , Dodge, toughness,


Acrobatics 12 (17), Bluff 9, intimidate 10, Linguistics 3, Knowledge (arcane) 8, (planes) 5, perception 5, spellcraft 7, stealth 15, Survival 3, use magic device 15



Spells per day + dc

0'lvl - dc 14
1'lvl 8 () dc 16
2'lvl 7 () dc 17
3'lvl 7 () dc 18
4'lvl 6 () dc 19
5'lvl 4 () Dc 20

spells known

Resistance, Detect magic, Read magic, Light, Ray of frost, Disrupt Undead, Spark, Prestigation, Message

Magic missile, grease, shocking grasp, Identify, Mage armour, Burning hands,

Acid arrow, Invisibility, See Invisibility, scorching ray, Knock,

Lightning bolt, Dispel magic, Haste, Tongues, fly

Greater Invisability, Dimension door, Telekenetic charge,




1 wand of cure light wounds(35), 1 wand of obscuring mist (48), 1 wand of mage armour (35), masterwork dagger, Backpack, belt pouch, silk rope , bedroll, Water skin, 2 trail rations, 1 wand of lightning bolt (4 charges), 1 scroll of tongues, boots of elvenkind, 1 scroll of Alter self, 2 scrolls of burning hands, 2 scrolls of scorching ray , 2 scrolls of flaming sphere, Ring of protection + 2, Scroll of suffocation, Black sapphire, portal ball, Melesarn (+1 Cha)

Gold 3850
silver 9

Combat stats

base attack

+ 5

+ 6 (1d4)

Touch + 8


Light brow fur with black stripes, dark brown hair, blue eyes.


Simple short sleeved open legged robe (dark blue), belt with three wands tied to it, pair of well worn boots.

Picture of Merle.



Born to a pair of powerful mages Merle always had a talent for all things arcane whether it was in the casting of spells or the using of magical artefact's she was able to do things that most wizards would need years of study to accomplish. Unfortunately with these gifts came a sense of superiority and arrogance that she was better than any regular Wizard an opinion only fuelled when looking at her twin brother Seph who seems to lack her natural gifts and was forced to learn magic through the vigour's of hard work and study

Eventually Merle began to grow frustrated of her regular lessons from her parents who she felt did not truly appreciate her talents. After all she had been using magic almost for as long as she was able to walk and talk what did she need lessons in magic use and control she had been doing perfectly fine so far. Frustration grew into anger as time and time again her parents refused to let her practice more dangerous spells but what did they know they were just scared that she would surpass them.

Finally she decided that she would prove herself by using the magic artefact's that her parents were afraid to use and were kept locked away and hidden. Waiting one night till her parents had gone to bed she sneaked down into there warded sanctum and having seen her parents do it many times before was able to bypass all the wards and locks they kept on the artefact's. Reaching for one of the items a small rod she began to try and make use of it. Suddenly the wand began to let off a strange glow and she was blown off her feet as whatever she had done caused the artefact to go haywire. Smacking her head off the pedestal her vision started to dim as her brother came Seph running into the room as the rod began shooting out strange rays of light in all directions. The last thing she saw before it all went black was one of the rays striking seph just as the rod finally overloaded.

The first two thing's Merle was aware of upon regaining consciousness was a cool outdoor breeze on her face as well as a wet feeling on her cheek opening her eyes she found herself outdoors with a little cat licking her face moving to shoo the cat away she stopped upon looking into the cats eyes and felt a horrible sinking sensation in her stomach as she realised who they belonged to.....Her brother Seph now seemed to be nothing more than a common house cat. Even worse looking around she realised her parents home had been turned to rubble and of her parents there was no sign all of which was her fault. If she had only listened to her parents none of this would have happened. Realising she had no way to explain to anyone what had happened she got her brother, gathered up what meagre belongings she could find and fled into the night.

Since that day Merle has been searching for a way to cure Seph all the while getting herself and seph into all kinds of random trouble and adventure.

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