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Eando Kline

Mendahin's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 13 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Au contraire, ça l'apaise,comme la musique qu'il écoute parfois sur son iPod quand il va se coucher.

S.King - MR Mercedes.

Schtroumpf !

I also would like a copy ! Dm'ed this module a loooooong time ago :-)

A gazillion thx in advance.

Sorry to bother, but what is EtCR ??? Seems pretty good :-) That would be great, thanks in advance !

Same as all the others, a copy will be muche appreciated !

Thanks in advance !

Once I was fighting Wights in a sewer with my wizard. I casted magic missile for 4d4+4 damage. All dices rolled were 1's so 8 points of damage.

As the wight was far from destroyed, I decided to cast another magic missile. Again all 1's so 8 points of damage again...

From that day on my wizard found that wights were "some kind of immune" to magic missiles ^^

Hi there Aberzombie !

I'll be in New-Orleans in late august. Any good advices for me ? Must be restaurants, must try bar... ???

Thanks in advance from Old Europe :)

Count me in mate ! ARRRRrrrrr ! Thanks in advance :-)

Mendahin at

Hi folks !

As i am adapting AOW campaign to Pathfinder's setting, i was wondering wich god could replace St Cuthbert of the Cudgel.

Thx in advance.

Thank you very much !

Hi folks!

As it is mentionned in the subject, i'll be starting an AOW campaign very soon.

In Dungeon#124, in the "Diamond lake" article it is said : (Temples to Wee Jas and Obad-Hai just outside the town proper will be covered in Dungeon #125).

I've been searching through edition number #125 but i didn't find any article related to these two temples.

Does anyone have ressources to share with me as one of my player will play a Dhampir cleric of Pharasma ?

Hello everyone.

I'am launching a Council of thieves campaign. So, knowing my players by heart, i'am 100% sure that they will ask me how much men are there in the Dottari force and how much Hellknights are garisoned in the city.

Can you bring me some light on these matters ?

Excuse me for my puny english as it is not my native tongue ^^

Thanks in advance.

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