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The Horned Hunter

Melungeon's page

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I allow no man to separate me from my loots, and neither should you. Proper distribution in party is one thing, giving it away to random NPC's is something entirely different and a dick move in my opinion.

I usually just burn a feat and grab an earthbreaker. HULK SMASH!

The lure of the wild caller has proven too hard to resist. Only issue I can see will be overcoming DR. Ideas?

@RyokoMocha there are three possible things that happened here. A.) You were quite drunk. B.) it was around 3 AM. Or C.) you are just incredibly bored. :P

Lots of good info coming in. I had completely overlooked the multiple summons on the SLA which could indeed be rather handy. Can a standard summoner take the multiple summons or is that just for the master summoner? A friend brought the wild caller to my attention as well, though I'm not sure if it's really what I want to do. Thoughts?

Also this may help a bit. We have in our party: a Knife fighter rogue, a bladebound magus w/ a cane, a cleric, a socr, a fighter, and me.

Thank you all for your input, keep it coming please! More input is always better!

@HaraldKlak Thank you for your clarification, I was getting tripped up on if you could take multiple primary attacks per round or only one primary and multiple secondaries but I believe you have solved this issue.

@Theinexplicablefuzz I haven't actually looked into master summoner that much, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

@Elamdri I like!

I have been agonizing over the choice of base form as well. Is there any one that outshines the others? My Eidolon is set up as a pouncer right now but we can make any changes before we hit level 2. Also, is it worth a trait to get a wand at first level? I was thinking Lesser Eidolon Rejuvenation.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've started playing a summoner in my groups Rise of the Runelords campaign and have basically been told by the GM that we are going to get our butt's handed to us in the later books. I would like to avoid this eventuality if at all possible and so come to you, the uber players for some advice. Mainly I would like to know everyone's advice on how to make a completely overpowered summoner(not that I actually want to but the knowledge would come in handy if we started getting in over our heads on this one).

Also some clarification on how the natural attack lineup works. As in the difference between Primary and Secondary natural attacks, if I can take more than one natural attack that is listed as primary per round, that kind o' stuff.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help everyone, I think I might just keep him, at least for a reference later.

Well, he only saw action once, so should I just shred him or take it up with my GM so he can report it?

strange, my GM told me I could apply that sheet to a new character, the inquisitor that died was lvl 1, if that helps.

So today was my first PFS event, my inquisitor was rocking the show until it came time for the climb check. It was my job to climb to the top of the cliff and then haul the rest of the party up. I got to the the last check and failed, triggering a landslide that killed my inquisitor. so my question is this, what do I do with this chronicle sheet? how do I apply it to my new character?

Also, the group I'm joining is already at lvl 4.

Thanks for the suggestions, as for additional info. As I said it has awhile I remember the last thing I played was a Fighter-Inquisitor Gestalt, however that game crashed upon takeoff. For now I will most likely stick to damage, however our core group is lacking in healer from what I've heard. As for alignment, probably CN or CG, I don't want to be spewing evil all over my new playmates. :P

I've been out of the game for awhile now and want to get back in, my problem is this. The game is tomorrow, I have no character, my knowledge of the rules is very rusty, and I have no idea what I want to play. Any thoughts on a class that is simple, rules wise, but is still not plain vanilla fighter? Also this character is for PFS so it won't be going very high level anytime soon and needs a decent amount of power at lvl 1.

Any help is appreciated

Play Mitt Romney, dumb as a box of rocks and still gets people to follow him. Or you could play <insert any politician here>.

I'm just starting to read through the PFS guides and what not, just wondering how much I need to read before I start on my character? Probably going to play a summoner if that helps.

Alright folks, I've been out of the game for awhile and I want to make an epic summoner build to herald my return. the only restriction is this - I want my Eidolon to be......Mr. Popo from DBZ....suggestions?

If you have a dwarf in you party who can bless water then it should give you an endless supply of alcohol. Dwarven holy water is(or was in 3.5) typically some form of beer, mead or spirit. Gotta love the dwarves.

Firstly, Woot first forum post!

Up until this point the group that I play with has been fun but we have lacked any real RP. We recently started the carrion crown AP and I thought it would be an excellent time to start. However, I'm unsure of how to really begin. Does anyone have any advice on how to construct a good back story and actually RP it? Also, any advice on how to get the in-character stuff to flow properly and feel natural?

I'm planning on playing a Inquisitor/fighter gestalt character with either Cayden Cailean or Adabar as a deity.

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