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Mekkis's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 229 posts (251 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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DM Beckett wrote:

Personally, my hope is that for the Rogue and Summoner, they 100% supersede the original, (notice I said "hope", not "belief"). I've never really bought into the belief that the Rogue is underpowered, nor really even the Fighter.

My hope is that we're not going to require all Rogue and Summoner players to buy another book if they wish to continue playing their characters in PFS.

Chess Pwn wrote:

So I'm curious if I can get a response to this. How much longer are we looking at for the ACG errata? are we talking

A) about a month or less away (I'd love this but don't expect it)
B) like 2-3 months away
C) up to 6 months away
D) over 6 months away
It's been 8 months since release and many months since the errata left Mark's hands and we haven't had a status update of whats happening for awhile. This isn't meant to be a "hurry" question, I'm on board with the take the time needed to get it done right, and I know there's a lot going on that I'm not aware of.

And if you don't feel comfortable answering the above question, or if you feel like answering two questions, can you answer this one?
I'm asking if I can become a bit more aware of what's happening now to it and what's left that needs to be done. This avoids giving any type of date estimation and just helps us know how it's coming along.

I am pretty sure that it will follow Paizo's standard errata release schedule: When they run out of print copies of the books, they'll release the errata along with the second printing.

If you want errata quickly, I suggest buying all the copies of the book :)

Alex Smith 908 wrote:
CWheezy wrote:

What if you changed these items to actually do something useful?

At any of the levels?

The only useful power of the item I can see is the 8th level robe power, which is good for oracles and people who take noble scion(war).

I laughed at the suggestion power, I sure hope the other person doesn't have spellcraft

Have you just never played in a game that involved actual intrigue ever? This is a better circlet of persuasion, already a really good item, that just has a minimum level requirement for only 300 more gp.

A circlet of persuasion's abilities don't require them to be used against creatures. I'm particularly referring to Use Magic Device.


One of the reasons that this strict, complicated subtier-determination system came about was to prevent abuse of playing up in order to get additional gold.

This was before the introduction of Out-Of-Tier gold.

Would it not be simpler to simply change it to "if APL falls between tiers, the players can choose", like it was pre-season 4?


Ferious Thune wrote:

Quoted from the thread on proposed changes to the guide:

APL 2.6 does round to 3. There's no further rounding to 4. Once it is rounded to 3, the number of characters determines which subtier should be played. In season 0-3, 6 or 7 characters would play tier 4-5. In seasons 4-6, 5, 6, or 7 characters would play 4-5 with the 4 player adjustment.

If this were not the case, then the special rule about being able to choose how you want .5 to round would not need to exist, and it would say always round down instead of round to the nearest level.

The question here was whether, if there are no characters in the 4-5 tier, a party would still have to play up if they end up between subtiers. I could as easily have used a party of all 3rd level characters in my example.

Perhaps this should be a case for removing the text that requires rounding to whole numbers at all.


Ferious Thune wrote:

Second suggestion: In the Determining Subtier section, clarify whether the line "In the fringe case where there are no players that are high enough to have reached the subtier level (such as a party of six 3rd level characters), the group may decide to play down to the lower subtier." applies to all seasons or only seasons 0-3.

Since that line appears after the section on season 0-3 scenarios, many GMs interpret it as not applying to seasons 4-6, while others believe that it applies to all seasons. Put another way, if a 6 player table APL 2.6 in a season 4-6 scenario does not have a 4th or 5th level character in the group, must they still play the 4-5 tier with the 4 player adjustment, or do they have the choice to play 1-2 with no adjustment?

LINK to a relevant discussion.

I understand that this might be a little off-topic, but it seems that there might need to be some clarification.

Put it another way: If there are people out there who believe that an APL of 2.6 should be rounded up to 3, then further rounded up to 4 in order to determine subtier, a clarification is really warranted. As I see it, in this situation, the subtier should either be rounded up to 4, or down to 2. The only time that these clauses should be important is if the APL is exactly between tiers; that is 3.0, without rounding.


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Chess Pwn wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
So you cannot use a lv4 pregen if the other 5 players are all lv1, even though you wouldn't be forcing the party to play up, correct?
Thats the generalish consensus: that the level 4 pregen is not not the appropriate level for a 1-2 game.

So are they not allowed to or is it just frowned upon? Is it my choice as GM if they can or not, or do I suggest they play the "appropriate" one but can't stop them from playing the other if they wanted? Is there a rule about this to show people it's not allowed?

I'm really hoping that there really isn't a distinction between "not allowed" and "frowned upon" in this context. There might not be an actual prohibition against it, but I can't see any legitimate reason why it should happen.


5 people marked this as a favorite.

I am against the wholesale selling of boons.

Paizo sending limited numbers of printed boons to FLGSes to build rapport with store owners, might, however, be worthy of consideration.

Dip one level of magus for spellstrike?


  • Buy Rod of Wonder (12000gp)
  • Fire constantly until gems come out (∞gp).
  • Find GM willing to write this on your chronicle sheet. Point them at the FAQ, and hope they don't read that bit where Brock said "Don't exploit this".
  • Profit.

I hope that there are no GMs out there who will agree with part three in the presence of players who think that abusing this is a good idea.


If you're trying to set up ambushes, probably the most important thing to have is access to the silence spell - it gives the less-stealthy members of the party the ability to participate, and get in position before you spring it.

My Runelords group succeeded in bypassing large swaths of the adventure this way.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think that not allowing a rebuild hurts PFS more than allowing one does, and as GMs, we should be liberal about it.

If someone came to my table and explained that this had changed, I would happily sign off on their rebuild.


Jeff Merola wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
pH unbalanced wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
Staff of Entwined Serpents

Yeah, this is my favorite of the newer items. At will Magic Missles.

I have a Staff Magus with the Wand Wielder arcana that uses this in Spell Combat any time she doesn't have anything better to cast.

Unfortunately, the Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents is a Quarterstaff that has Magic Missile enabled as a Command Word. If it had charges like the Staff of Minor Arcana, then you can use it via Spellstrike. Because command words take a Standard Action to use, it is not applicable for Spellstrike.

Here's the ability he's using:


Wand Wielder (Su)

Benefit: The magus can activate a wand or staff in place of casting a spell when using spell combat.

It says activate a staff, which is what you're doing.

The Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents is not a 'wand or staff' - it falls in the Magic Weapons section of Inner Sea Gods, and does not require Craft Staff to create.

It also lacks the CL8 that is required of magical staves.


Lou Diamond wrote:

Less banning things from new material until they are proven to be broken.

Are you condoning more banning of things that ARE proven to be broken? It works both ways.

I can get behind that.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

To get a metric of how a price increase would affect purchases, I would suggest that Paizo check the difference in sales between September 2014 and Feburary 2015 to Australian customers: they have endured a 25% weakening of the exchange rate: effectively raising the price by 25%.

Personally. I would be willing to increase the price by $1 or two per scenario, but only if there was an immediate increase in release frequency and quality.


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Keep in mind that you should still have the faction missions available. They can contain important flavour, and some players request them specifically.


YIDM wrote:

At the end of the day, I figured this out, confirmed what I thought was correct, and after a quorum of the VC's, we ruled that he had actually died, since he couldn't legally have had the item that saved him. And, now that one of the Dev’s (Mike Brock) also confirmed it, there is no question.

You retroactively killed a PC? You can do that these days?

Regarding Pathfinder Society, are there any policies, rulings or allowed content that you regret?


Not only are they stupidly powerful, especially with the variants being around, they break any scenarios that rely on spells like dominate person, charm person and the like.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am surprised that the entry for the sorcerer includes the bit about sorcerers requiring 15 minutes to regain their daily spell slots, but omits the (more important) fact that these 15 minutes must follow an 8 hour rest.


If there is anyone to blame, it would be the people who wrote the SLA FAQ in the first place. The reversal of the FAQ accepts the responsibility.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

How many people abused the grace period between Inner Sea World Guide being released, and Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting being retired?

How many people abused the grace period between the FAQ stating, if I recall correctly, several months in advance, between the announcement that APG staves were underpriced, and that it would be corrected?

I don't think that it's really healthy to make a blanket statement regarding 'grace periods'.


Imbicatus wrote:
Sarvei taeno wrote:
familiars is a class feature, ud have to replace that. way to many things were made lega; from that book. i afraid to actually look what the stuff is i was hopin none of it would get thru. i hate the power creep
Then play core mode.

I am very concerned by this attitude, and I hope that it isn't Paizo's policy.

It indicates a view that power creep is inevitable, and that there is no real likelihood that it will be stopping. But hey! if you really have a problem, you can throw out everything Paizo has done over the last four years to avoid it!


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Exguardi wrote:

My sympathy is for the noble prestige class, that had seen a resurgence in popularity that will likely die down now. I love prestige classes and the number one thing that has always saddened me about Pathfinder is the de-emphasis on prestige classes as "viable" options rather than just flavorful ones.


The original SLA ruling made me feel like I can be a cool AND competent Mystic Theurge, or Eldritch Knight, or Bloatmage, or any other prestige class improved by early entry. And now I won't get to experience that, as I hadn't made a character to take advantage of that yet and now I won't be able to.

I feel the need to comment on this: Yes, Mystic Theurge and several of the other prestige classes are underpowered, almost to ineffectiveness.

Some prestige classes aren't (Evangelist, Bloatmage, ...)

But suggesting that a strange backdoor that only opened up due to a completely different 'rules clarification' is the solution is a band-aid at best.

The real solution would be to modify the entry requirements of the prestige classes that are positively affected: For instance, Mystic Theurge's entry requirements could be dropped to "Ability to cast either 2nd level arcane spells and 1st level divine spells; or Ability to cast 1st level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spells, Knowledge religion 3 ranks".

Which would be a lot more beneficial than: "1 level in an arcane spellcasting class, 3 levels in a divine level spellcasting class, Must be some race or class that gets a 2nd level equivalent spell-like ability."


Andrew Roberts wrote:
I thought about making a cleric with magical lineage (breath of life) and reach spell. (Which is completely core) :p

Not sure if this is sarcasm, but reach spell is not core.

The real solution is to play a small cleric, and buy a mount. This allows you to double move, retrieve the scroll, and cast the spell (concentration check permitting)


Andrew Roberts wrote:
Dhjika wrote:
but lack of magical lineage and wayang spell hunter and some other traits and feats make them actually work at it a little more.
Magical Lineage is completely available in Core, actually.

There is also a boon that would allow Wayang Spellhunter...


Replying to the original question:

I believe that Yes, a PFS GM can allow or disallow certain dice, be they physical or electronic.

One thing that has come up in my local area is:

Can an event organiser or VC prevent a PFS GM from using the dice he chooses, be they physical or electronic.


Isn't the lack of opposing thumbs more of an issue?

Then again, it does appear to be able to use a dagger...


On a similar note, would you consider it a Jerk Move to prevent a PC casting a Create Pit spell if they don't have a 10gp miniature shovel on their ITS/Character sheet - in the middle of combat, where the success of the spell could have significant impact?


BigNorseWolf wrote:
Gauss wrote:

Obo, d20pfsrd is a great resource but it is not a rules source. I use it to find a rule (as if it were an index) and then I look it up in the appropriate book (I use PDFs so that they are always up to date).

As for it's accuracy, it is generally accurate but not always so. It (incorrectly) used the 3.5 reach weapon exception for 3 years before the error was noticed.

And wound up being right in the end.

To be fair, Mike Brock ruled the same way two years ago when he GMed Bonekeep for me.


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CWheezy wrote:
Gauss wrote:

I accept that people use Hero Lab but unfortunately people use it as a crutch. "But Hero Lab says..." is a constant refrain. Hero Lab is not the book and should not replace the book.

I find that system mastery is increased if you actually build the characters yourself. Frankly, I see fewer errors in any character I have ever produced than those any player brings to the table using Hero Lab.

Of course, those players would probably have a greater number of errors if they had NOT used Hero Lab but they have an unreasonable expectation that their characters are 100% accurate.

Edit: Just to clarify, I don't dislike Hero Lab, I dislike how some people use it as a crutch rather than learning the rules.

The rules are bonkers and unclear in a ton of spots.

There are zero people on the planet who know all of pathfinder's rules, so saying "learn the rules" is nonsense

I understand that this is a little late, but it's highlighted my main objection with herolab.

Yes, the rules are 'bonkers' and unclear in a lot of spots. Spots where there might be two or more possible interpretations. Spots where it's up to the GM to make a call.

Using HeroLab, the call HAS been made, and the user does not even know that the point was in contention.


One of the advantages of the summoner class is that it is powerful enough to give you the freedom to take whatever concept you feel like and build it.

One of the disadvantages of the summoner class is that if you set out to optimise it, you'll completely break your character.

The concept you've proposed is sound, will work, and will be more than viable enough to handle what most scenarios will throw at it.

I would suggest: flavour appropriate small race (consider gnome, perhaps halfling): it would be difficult to justify a wayang coming from Lastwall (which prohibits you from taking Wheeling Charge).

Start with 14 str (after mods), and 14 con. Distribute the other stats as you see fit: halfling and gnome both get racial bonuses to Charisma, and even 15 is enough for a character like yours.

Heirloom weapon and Armor Expert as traits (you don't want to take armour check penalty on ride).

If you pour your feats into the mounted combat line, you'll have Spirited Charge by 5th.

You'll be stuck with light armour, so consider Mithril Breastplate (armour check penalty is zero with Armor Expert, so no nonproficiency penalty), or Elven Chain.


And here I was thinking that PFS leadership was discouraging shopping around for boons, as evidenced by topics such as this one, with developer's comments highlighting this.

The fact that it's for GM star replay shouldn't matter.


Yay! It's this time of year again!

People bringing up how a fringe item that has a massive effect on action economy doesn't have even more of its effect.

Please refer to the previous thread

To Brock and Compton: Please ban this considerably contentious and broken item.


There are several factors that have affected matters locally. They are, in isolation, little things, but it adds up to a less flattering experience:

  • The Technologist feat ruling was a Bad Idea, from day one.
  • The addition of so many new rules (ACG: 10 base classes, 104 archetypes; Occult Adventures: another 6 classes) have made it impossible to keep up with.
  • The faction changes do not appear to have resonated with the local community: the reaction is either apathy or disapproval.
  • Newer scenarios are harder to run, even after considerable preparation.
  • In publications, several proofreading oversights can make reading a scenario jarring (little things like NPCs pronouns changing gender mid-scenario).
  • Locally speaking, there seems to be a concerted push towards powergaming, and a 'GM vs player' attitude, which is harming new player retention.

For some players and GMs, these factors compound, making them less enthusiastic.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

One thing I'd like to see is a more direct avenue for the GM to give feedback on "that weird occult character" that was playing on my table.

Would be good to see how the presence of one of the new classes affected the game from the GM's perspective.


I find GM fulfillment in delivering a good experience to the table, where I feel that everyone has gained more than just a piece of paper.

The worst thing that can happen is when, as a GM, I'm just there to present combats to powergamers and give out chronicle sheets at the end.

It's when I start thinking "Why am I even here?"...


Malag wrote:


I really cannot imagine scenario where player caused dire calamity, disfunction and major trouble or death for entire party or player due to his roleplay of a character. Should this terrible situation appear, I am sure GM who knows out of game what character really is, can solve the issue quietly and nicely.

This has happened twice in the last fortnight, where a character 'roleplays' his way into killing off important NPCs, disrupting diplomacy, and blowing the party's cover.

Knowing that character's race or class doesn't change anything.


Starglim wrote:
Fromper wrote:

Good stuff, for the most part, but I'll make one suggestion.

I don't like the idea of a two sided faction "card". The fact that everything in Society play can be printed single sided on standard sized paper makes the paperwork easy and straightforward. Please keep it that way.

I was a little uncertain how this would work as well. I can think of a couple of chronicles that have gone over one page, at which they became two chronicles. I'd suggest that's the right way to think about it. I doubt the typical organiser or player will print it as a "card".

A simple solution - if feasible - would be to make it a single sheet that can be folded over. Really depends how much text is required.

(Personally, I make extensive use of my printer's duplexing functions)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

One practice I've seen is asking each player: What your character looks like, how your character appears, and what 'the word around the lodge' regarding your character is.


I feel that this is a big step in the right direction for Pathfinder Society. It will be good to see these changes in force.

One thing though:

Include full stat blocks for creatures modified by the advanced, giant, or young simple templates.

I hope that this extends to creatures modified by other templates, such as various Mythic templates that seem to occasionally pervade monsters out there.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I try to avoid disclosing my character's class, and rather focus on what he does to contribute. If I claim to play 'artillery', whether I'm bringing a sorcerer, an alchemist, a gunslinger, or a multiclass druid/fighter shouldn't matter.

A class is nothing more than a set of abilities and modifiers. It is the character who defines it.

I was pretty sure that there wasn't a "penalty for failure" clause with regards to taking 10. Of course, if there is, I'd be interested to know...

(Not only because I've been playing a character who has managed to avoid rolling a single dice. He's level 3 now.)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

The biggest change that the ACG has done is made it impossible for someone who doesn't devote hours per week into study to know all the rules. Whether this is a bad thing or not is still up in the air...


1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's not cheating.

It's still not cool. As I see it, if it happens, it clearly falls into an organisational failure, up there with running scenarios cold. It can generally be avoided with good regional coordination.

Out of the 110 or so tables I've ran, four of the worst five tables have had at least one person who had read the scenario previously on it. This may be a coincidence.

trollbill wrote:

If this is a problem for you, for whatever reason, my understanding of the rules is that you have the following recourse.

1) You may NOT refuse to GM a particular player. However...

Actually, the guide is pretty clear that you can:

Guide p20 wrote:

Some GMs may not

be comfortable running an adventure for players who
have foreknowledge of what is to come. If your GM is
not comfortable with you replaying a scenario, the GM
has the right to deny players the opportunity to replay
a scenario for any reason.


I stopped buying things on several of my characters since they started requiring the Inventory Tracking sheets.

Irontruth wrote:
I'm also unconvinced. The name on the box has little to do with the name referenced in the code. Also the implication that Microsoft is worried about code 16+ years old from 3rd party programmers, as others have pointed out, is pretty hilarious. When has Microsoft EVER shown that kind of concern for users/3rd party publishers?

Microsoft's concern for maintaining compatibility with legacy code goes back since at least 1983. MSDOS 1.0 maintained calls that allowed CP/M programs to run on it with little or no modification. TWO BYTES were all that was required to port Wordperfect to MSDOS 1.0.

Joel Spolsky highlights it best:

Windows 95? No problem. Nice new 32 bit API, but it still ran old 16 bit software perfectly. Microsoft obsessed about this, spending a big chunk of change testing every old program they could find with Windows 95. Jon Ross, who wrote the original version of SimCity for Windows 3.x, told me that he accidentally left a bug in SimCity where he read memory that he had just freed. Yep. It worked fine on Windows 3.x, because the memory never went anywhere. Here's the amazing part: On beta versions of Windows 95, SimCity wasn't working in testing. Microsoft tracked down the bug and added specific code to Windows 95 that looks for SimCity. If it finds SimCity running, it runs the memory allocator in a special mode that doesn't free memory right away. That's the kind of obsession with backward compatibility that made people willing to upgrade to Windows 95.

Pretty much the only reason people use Windows these days is because it allows them to run pretty much any Windows program on it, without recompiling or anything like that.

Force people to get new programs, and they'll either keep using Windows 7, or jump ship. I hear linux, BSD and OSX are all happy to cater for them.


Generally speaking, no.

There is however one exception: the Potion of Strongjaw is allowed.


Silhren Rilbahn wrote:

At a convention though? I'd probably bring books, there is no reason not to.

I'm not sure there is any way to resolve this topic short of players constantly bringing materials. My local lodge is a little lax on requiring books. I am waiting for the day I'm not allowed to play because I end up forgetting my stuff... especially when I can access them in 4 different ways.

I would think that the "excess baggage charges" would be a perfectly good reason not to bring books to a convention.

I daresay that in the last convention I attended, I would have very few characters available to play had they enforced the rules to the letter.

It would largely prevent me from attending any international conventions.


Rereading the as-written rules, it seems that there are a lot of holes in the current system.

A player could have a watermarked PDF on a nonfunctional device, and I would be - as written - able to use that resource.

Yet a photocopy out of the hardcover Advanced Class Guide that's in the boot of a player's car would not be.

I would much rather the latter case to occur on my table.

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