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Mechalibur's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,051 posts (1,052 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


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Wow. This is way above what I was expecting. Too bad I don't have a tablet.

Not sure if this counts, but in one of the Pathfinder journals in Jade Regent, it was mentioned that putting your index and pinky finger around your chin is basically the equivalent of the middle finger in Avistan.

So, uh, where has he showed up before? Everyone seems familiar with him already, and I'm completely clueless :P

I have no issues with it.

I'm writing up my character's backstory, and I just realized none of the campaign traits really match the background I had in mind. I still think it would work though: the basic idea is that the character's sister got involved in one of Lamm's schemes, and it resulted in her dying. Would that be all right?

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It's working for me now. Thanks :D

Hi Wicked, I had a question about the character submission.

With the sample post, is it okay for it to include dialogue or NPC actions? Normally I wouldn't control anyone other than my player character, but it might be helpful for establishing context for the post.

I'm new to using Paizo's forum for PbP if that matters, but I do have experience doing PbP's on other sites. So if I am selected, you may need to be patient with me figuring out the dice roller :)

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Here's a classic

Ring of Invisibility: When you put this ring on, it turns invisible.

Thanks a lot for these guides! They're really nice and quick without being too focused on extremely specific builds.

One note on the magus: I think you might want to consider adding Bladed Dash to the list of spells that synergize well with Spell Combat. The fact that it lets you move allows you to full attack any opponent from up to 30 feet away, with a bonus attack (with extra accuracy equal to your INT). It can also be used to full attack someone, then bladed dash away from them to avoid getting full attacked in return. All the movement during this spell also avoids AoO's, so it's good in retreat situations as well, or avoiding enemies with reach.

Not sure if it was mentioned already, but the Red Silk Route seems to have a Lawful Evil cleric of Calistria. Was he maybe supposed to be chaotic evil?

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Eh. Getting attacked by missiles isn't precisely uncommon, which makes Cut From The Air a very solid investment. It's almost as expansive in use as the defensive aspect of Opportune Parry and Riposte, and cheaper to use.

And it's not just ranged attacks against you, it's against adjacent allies as well!

I'll agree that Smash from the Air is much more niche, but I feel almost obligated to take it, just so I can say I suplexed a boulder away from my buddy.

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Anyone else think Baphomet should have the text, "When defeated, remove all Blessings of Baphomet from the game."?

I think I'll make it a priority to use his Blessings against him when I get to part 5 :D

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Mike Selinker wrote:
(This is where you ask me what happens when the Umbral Dragon makes her bury her role card, and I somehow evade the question.)

What happens when the Umbral Dragon makes her bury her role card?

Myfly wrote:
The blessing is awesome! What a pitty that it takes 4 weeks of shipping to get my hands on these new cards here in Germany...

Isn't it just a worse version of Blessing of Deskari?

Vellexia seems really mean, and not in a fun way. Unless you get lucky and scout her out or she ends up in the last location deck, she'll basically make you discard you hand every time you see her, and burn a bunch of blessings from the blessing deck as she escapes to a random location :/

This is also bad for most urban adventures, which would probably start in a metropolis or similarly large environment.

My suggestion for the ability would be to allow an option to affect a certain sized community among a city. For example, when you get renown at 3rd level, allow it to affect a district or neighborhood among the city with around 200 people. This would work out well if the PCs sort of have a go to place for downtime after their adventures.

Calthaer wrote:

A trout-slapping promo spell that does zero damage would be more welcome in my box than Viper Strike.

At least the spell would be guaranteed to have some interesting traits.

Probably the goblin trait, for one.

Vic Wertz wrote:
isaic16 wrote:
How does evasion work with armies? If the initial person encountering it can evade, is the army just shuffled back in? Can any other character evade one of the checks? I assume the first question is yes, and the second is no, but want to make sure.
Only the first person is actually *encountering* the card, so they're the only one that could possible evade it.

That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

ryric wrote:

This discussion illustrates some of my feelings about realigning our perspective and strategies - the carrion golem is a huge threat to a pure caster. Often it's tougher than the scenario villain - so why is it a big deal to use resources to deal with it?

Upon meeting the golem you lose one card, and you risk eight more cards when you fight it, if you have a six card hand. If I stand to lose 8 cards from a bad roll you better believe I'm okay with spending 4 to try and make the roll. I think this is telling us that sometimes monsters will be worse than the henchmen and villains - it's not what we're used to, but I expect letting us learn that lesson in adventure B is better than learning it in 2 or 3.

I just see so many people assume Enora/Seoni meets Carrion Golem = auto hand wipe, when my first thought is, "how can I get stuff out of my hand/reduce the damage?"

I play with only 2 people, so that isn't often an option for me. My best shot typically is each player burning a blessing for 3d6, which is pretty bad odds against a 14. This has actually happened 4 times so far (one of those also had an extra 1d4 from a bow), and every single time Enora lost the check anyway. Yeah, those 2 golems seem to have an unnatural attraction for showing up when Enora explores, so that's why I just chucked them from the box altogether. My point is that no monster from the base set should even put you in the kind of situation where failure is 9 cards lost. Certainly nothing in RotRL or S&S base set would put you in that kind of situation. The worse you'd get is a Siren.

The henchman says "Each character attempts a different check to defeat..."

Does this mean each character is encountering the barrier? Does it apply to all characters in the scenario, or just at the location? It could get pretty awful if all 6 characters have to encounter the barrier and no one has fortitude for example.

Shisumo wrote:
zeroth_hour wrote:
Create Pit doesn't work on the Golem. DC 12 or lower.
No, but it works on, say, the Corrupted Tree. And Sanctuary does work on it. So does the elven ranger cohort (whose name I forget) in Elven Entanglement.

Does Sanctuary work? I don't have the card in front of me at the moment, but I thought the Carrion Golem was immune to mental?

Donny Schuijers wrote:
Third and Last: The Carrion Golem is not THAT hard to kill with Seoni or Enora. If you have an ally that gives you a combat boost or some blessings over the characters, or even a longbow here and there, then every character can Melee a Carrion Golem to pulp, yes, even Enora.

Yeah, you can burn a crapload of cards (if everything's aligned that way) to get better than chance odds of defeating it, although there's still a decent chance of losing anyway after burning all those cards. 3 characters burning a blessing is 4d6 total, which only gives slightly better than 50% odds. I play with 2 players, and I've never even come close to being able to get enough dice to make the attempt worth it. If you play with more, there's a good chance everyone could burn a blessing or so, but with more people, you need those blessings for extra explores, making it a pain to burn them all on a crappy encounter.

The fact that it's random is precisely my problem with it. I had no qualms with the Scarecrow Golem in RotRL. You go into the scenario knowing that there's a magic immune monster lurking in one of the location decks. I'm fine with random monsters being resistant to spells (take hags for example), or immune to certain traits. Hell, I'm fine with random magic immune enemies after a certain point, but putting it in the base scenario? It's just frustrating and not fun to go against when your entire starting build is hosed over by a specific card, causing you to already be at death's door with almost no option for counterplay (unless you're in a sufficiently large group and lucky enough to still make the check).

By the way, the Carrion Golem in Pathfinder actually is affected by magical fire and cold spells; it just slows it down instead of damaging it. I feel like this could have been represented by allowing a character to discard a fire or cold trait spell to evade it.

I've since taken the Carrion Golems out of the box, and it's been more fun not having to worry it. I just don't find it enjoyable discarding 9 cards after my first exploration because a random card completely shuts down any chance I have of defeating it.

While more difficult cards certainly contribute to the overall difficulty of a scenario, I feel that the difficulty of Wrath is also a result of some generally underwhelming boons, and some banes that seem unnecessarily punishing. Take the Carrion Golem for example... if you go against that as Enora, it basically reads "discard your hand and the top 3 cards of your deck." Unless you happened to get lucky enough to pick up a javelin earlier, there's pretty much no chance for counterplay or even evasion (immune to the mental trait). Bilious Bile is another bane I find to be a bit unfun, similar to how Storm was in S&S; you roll a die to see how bad the effect is without even being given an initial roll to defeat.

I'm all for higher difficulty scenarios, but some of these banes are just downright cruel. Yeah, I get that it's thematic for the AP, but it doesn't end up being particularly fun for the players, in my experience.

First World Bard wrote:
See, I can see my fiancee and I arguing over who gets to slot this armor into our respective character's deck, should we acquire it. My reasoning will almost certainly be "Balazar is Small sized, so he'd actually *fit* into it"

Careful, that sounds like an equally good reason to sacrifice Balazar to an otyugh while the rest of the party runs away.

I'll give it a shot! :P

*Warning, not remotely balanced*

Miscibility Table:
If Damiel uses more than one boon with the potion trait on his turn, the second boon has no effect. Instead roll 1d10, and look at the following table to see what happens:

1. Damiel and all characters at his location take fire damage equal to 1d4 plus the adventure deck number of the boon.

2. Damiel must make a constitution/fortitude check equal to 10 plus the adventure deck number of the boon. If he fails, he must bury 1d4 cards from the top of his deck.

3. Damiel must summon and encounter a random monster from the box. Its difficulty is increased by the adventure deck number of the boon.

4. No effect. The boon is discarded.

5. No effect. The boon is recharged as normal.

6. The boon functions as normal.

7. Draw a random item from the box with the potion trait. If applicable, Damiel uses the power on that boon instead, and then banishes the drawn card.

8. Damiel recharges a number of cards from his discard pile equal to the adventure deck number of the boon (minimum 1).

9. Damiel draws a number of cards equal to the adventure deck number of the boon (minimum 1).

10. Damiel exchanges his role card (if any) with a random one from the box. He is treated as having all the power feats on that card. At the end of the scenario (but before getting the reward), return his original role card.

Make sure to read the text on the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path card. Outsiders lose the outsider trait when you fight them in a location with the abyssal trait.

Just got mine in the mail. Holy crap, there's flavor text on regular monsters now! Yay! Also, the name text for monsters is black now instead of white. Interesting.

I also noticed every single weapon has either the basic or elite trait, even the magic ones. This is a pretty good change, since we'll stop getting repeating base set/set 1 weapons once we can banish elites. The only exception is the heavy crossbow, which probably doesn't have the elite trait because its RotRL version doesn't either (which I think it should, but it's probably more trouble to change than it's worth).

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Keith Richmond wrote:

Hmm. But wouldn't _three_ Damiels be better than two? And then...

Some day, we'll make Liz playtest scenarios by playing 6 Damiels at once. Cause that'll clearly give us reasonable and balanced playtest data :)

Careful, you don't wanna know what happens when you reach critical Damiel.

Mike Selinker wrote:
While I appreciate an argument that involves cocktails, I must point out for the record that Damiel is not dressed entirely in the bones of his enemies. So.

That's probably because when Damiel is done with his enemies, there aren't any bones left to wear.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

That said, I can tell you this for sure: Examining a card does not remove it from its location, and the rule "If you’re told to do something with a certain number of cards and there aren’t that many cards available, use as many as there are" applies to the first part.

It's the second part that needs some debatin'.

I don't have the exact wording for the resolution yet, but the answer is going to be that you die.

Well at least it's you telling us this and not a doctor. :P

MightyJim wrote:
Genuine question (I have very limited experience of playtests) - how difficult would it be to play-test with +1/-1 location, and/or different numbers of blessings in the timer?

It wouldn't be difficult so much as time consuming. For the best results, you'd need the same player to do each scenario at least once to see how much of a difference +1/-1 would make for a specific group. In the same time, they could test 2 scenarios and point out the best/worst/confusing parts of those.

Waycoolsuperdude wrote:
Wow. Answered in under 15 minutes!

That's Hawkmoon for you :P

Vic Wertz wrote:
Mechalibur wrote:
Ugh, I'm starting to regret dropping my sub after S&S.
You'll find we have the solution for that problem here.

That fixed the issue, thanks.

Ugh, I'm starting to regret dropping my sub after S&S.

Any Siren equivalents?

Sandslice wrote:

Random question: Is poison EVER useful? I've wondered this since the other APs, and it's always seemed to me that any boons with the Poison trait are pure liabilities, due to how common its immunity is.

I'm not surprised that Electric will be less useful this time around though. Perhaps all the elements, which makes Archmage useful and Enora's Eldritch Savant role worth a look...

Currently, the only thing I can think of is Olenjack who has a role that lets him do something extra if he uses the poison trait to defeat a bane. Other than that corner case, it's always been a liability.

I am guessing that there will be some sort of way to change the traits on your spells, or perhaps the electric trait just won't come up very often this time around.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds like this is *not* the AP to specialize in electricity magic :P

I'm having a really hard time understanding the special raw materials. Like, I understand that using them is supposed to modify your craft checks (such as making them crafted faster or less likely to fail), but how do I determine how much I need? The price is only given per pound, but that doesn't seem right. For example, an adamantine rapier weighs half as much as an adamantine scimitar; these two are supposed to cost roughly the same, but under this system would you need half as much adamantine for the rapier, thus making it half as expensive to craft?

Shouldn't these special materials just be price modifiers? I don't understand why the costs are per pound.

The Knight Argent wrote:

Sorry for casting "Raise Dead" on this thread, but my Hedge Wizard Ezren just got his grubby mitts on the staff and I was searching for clarifications, thinking it was overpowered (so I smiled when this thread came up).

Does the Hedge Wizard power to "Add (1, 2, or 3) to your Arcane or Knowledge checks" apply to this, making the max roll 1d12+9, barring other Int buffs?

The confusion arises because of the word "checks" in the Hedge Wizard power. It's not a check, is it?

It wouldn't add the bonus. You're adding your arcane skill when you use the staff, but nowhere do you actually make an arcane check (a check needs a difficulty number that you're rolling against).

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isaic16 wrote:
Tanis O'Connor wrote:
isaic16 wrote:
I'm torn... on one hand, definite portability issues. On the other hand, imagine having this set up at your house, and each room has one of the location decks in it, and you physically move yourself between locations. It's a workout AND a game.

Oh no, here comes the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game LARP . . .

says nothing about the Torture Pit location

I'm more scared/concerned/intrigued by the implication of the Halls of Lust location...

"Oh dear, that was not the ally I wanted to encounter."

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It would be kind of funny if one of his role cards allowed him to play attack spells.

"After you play a spell that has the attack trait, banish it ([] or don't, whatever)."

Chad Brown wrote:
The other Sharks have suggested that I tell you all that there will be some dissenting opinions (theirs) on which is the Best Character in the weeks to come. I'm sure that their posts will be witty, eloquent, well-reasoned, and incorrect. I'm looking forward to it already.

I'd be shocked if everyone had the same opinion on relative character strengths! I love how much strategy and playstyle variation exists in this game; it allows for all these wonderful debates.

Luthorne wrote:
Mechalibur wrote:
So it sounds like the new rogue class kind of forced to use dexterity-based builds? One thing I liked about rogue was that you could pretty easily make a strength-based one, since sneak attack worked fine for any weapon. With all the new class features that benefit off of dexterity, is there really any reason to build a strength rogue any more?

Well, I don't have my copy yet, but based on what people have said, it seems that getting weapon finesse for free at 1st and Dexterity to damage at 3rd with a specific weapon really just makes Strength and Dexterity about equal...and Strength still comes out a bit ahead in some ways, since Strength to attack rolls and damage comes online at 1st, works with all weapons, etc. Sure, you're not getting any use out of those class features, but all it really does is make Dexterity-based rogues more viable, rather than making Strength-based ones less viable...though, someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Ultimately, far as I can see, swapping a Strength-based rogue to the Unchained Rogue isn't going to make them any weaker, and will make them stronger with the debuffs they can apply via stabbing, the skill unlocks, and better rogue talents. It's just that Dexterity is going to be just as viable. Certainly, in some ways, this makes it more attractive, since Dexterity applies to AC, initiative, and to some of the more iconic rogue skills...but Strength certainly still seems like a viable option.

Well I think if all else is equal, dex based builds are usually better because their primary stat affects AC, initiative, reflex, hit, and damage, while strength is just hit and damage. I guess what I'm saying is, if you get all that for free, is there really any reason to go strength based? Maybe some two-hander build, since that still gets 1.5 strength modifier.

So it sounds like the new rogue class kind of forced to use dexterity-based builds? One thing I liked about rogue was that you could pretty easily make a strength-based one, since sneak attack worked fine for any weapon. With all the new class features that benefit off of dexterity, is there really any reason to build a strength rogue any more?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Would it be mean of me to put that robe on the boss of kingmaker? +10 DR and no cold iron bypass is nasty.

3 characters sounds like a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Orbis Orboros wrote:

I don't even think Smythee's all that fantastic, personally. She clogs your hand and only helps your combat checks by 2. I'm bad with names in general and haven't been able to play S&S as much as I did RotR so I forget, but I'd rather have the one that lets you recharge something else to add a d6 to someone on a ship, or that reveals to add 1 to any of your checks. I think they both let you explore too, I know the d6 one does.

Not that I've played them. I've only played Lini and she doesn't want them. I did manage to free up room for Imp, though! :D

She is probably the most influential card in my Jirelle deck; it's really difficult to overstate just how powerful she is. It's not only a +2 bonus; it's +2 per card. It gets the point where for most combat checks, I didn't even have to roll. Even for those really nasty enemies like Admiral Druvalia, it lets you get down to only 2 cards in your hand so the after combat ability hardly hurts you at all.

It's also a great way to cycle, even when you don't need the bonus. I don't think it's fair to say she clogs up the hand if she gets used all the time; in fact, she keeps my hand selection fantastic more than anything, due to her cycling.

S&S has some phenomenal allies. Lady Agasta Smythee, Imp, and Mr. Fitch are excellent additions to virtually any deck. The move on Pteranadon is also handy for all those locations with a nasty start of turn effect.

My favorite spell, on the other hand, is definitely Blazing Servant.

Glutton wrote:
Another weapon with "orc" in the name /swoon.

Yeah, isn't this the first new one in like five years?

Troymk1 wrote:

I too would like to see something along those lines. LOTR LCG eventually did the same thing attaching a folded sheet for before and after story-line with each Quest.

As to releasing too quickly?

Who says you have to buy it and/or play it immediately?

Logically releasing monthly is a disadvantage to no-one. Whereas releasing Bi-monthly was a disadvantage to those who were thirsting for new content.

It matters if you're a subscriber. There aren't any stores near me (like, within an hour) that stock on the PACG past the base box, so subscribing is the most cost efficient option for me, and it comes with some neat promos to boot.

If you're a subscriber though, you have to buy every sequential adventure, and if they're coming out too fast for you to handle, it doesn't make much sense to keep your subscription, and you have to miss out on the 20% cost reduction and promos if you later decide to pick up releases afterward.

There's also the theoretical issue of less time in development equating to lower quality, but that hasn't been a problem for Paizo or Lone Shark Games.

Not sure if this is relevant, but...

I subscribed through Skulls & Shackles, but I'm dropping it for Wrath of the Righteous. The once per month releases are just getting a bit too fast for me to keep up with, and the two boxes are still able to offer plenty of replayability.

Could you please cancel my subscription to the PACG? It's been great, but I can't keep up with all the releases that will be coming up.


She does the card game equivalent of debuffing, by lowering the difficulty of both monsters and barriers. Safe harbor can be used for healing, but if your friend is playing Damiel then you probably don't need any more.

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