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Mazra's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,166 posts (6,267 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 53 aliases.

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A large large


This is an imposing figurine. The mouth and tongue looks moist; and the tongue...oh my. It is simply amazing. The colorization and shading is well done. It has a nice wash. The sizes of the weapons are incredible. The hammer head is the size of a Halfling. The Katana would be devastating on a crit. This would be the boss Troll for sure. Though I prefer the classic D&D first edition style Trolls, with the Angelfire Troll Slasher from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line as my favorite, the vast size of this miniature makes it a valuable addition to my growing arsenal of Trolls. It is just about as large a large without being a huge as a miniature can get.

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Shattered Star ***SPOILER***


Let's be honest, if you are a player looking at miniatures in the Shattered Star set, then you are spoiling all the fun for yourself by knowing a lot about the encounters in the adventure. So please stop reading now. You may thank me later. If you are a Game Master running or planning to run Shattered Star then by all means, keep reading.

Once you assemble the wings and tail, this Gargantuan Blue Dragon is much better in hand than in the previously released images. In the previews I didn't care for the Dragon's jewelry or bling. But some of the bling are magic items, plus a draped over phylactery. This is not your father's Dungeons & Dragons Blue Dragon. This is not some hulking feral beast bent on destruction. This is a calm, calculating, clever female Dragon that knows what she wants, likes her comforts, and will destroy anything that gets in her way. I know of no other dragon miniature to compare Cadrilkasta to. Yes! She has a name.

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As good as her artwork


I did not have any paint issues. This is a striking miniature that accurately represents the artwork for Seoni. Truly there really isn't much like it in pre-painted miniatures. She is covered in tattoos which is representative of her character. This may turn off some, but for me it makes her unique and interesting. She deserves every bit of the five stars I give her.

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Are your running Rise of the Runelords


Up front I need to say that I am running Rise of the Runelords. And this set was specifically made for this Adventure Path. But if you use minis and are running this awesome campaign, then these minis are nothing short of essential. Add to the fact that there are simply beautifully made, it is hard for someone running this Adventure Path not to give it five stars. They are expensive. But anything that is a step up in quality will and should cost more. I could see if you are not running the Adventure Path that the whole set may not be useful to you. There are still some nice minis well worth owning no matter what system you may be playing. There are some incredible minis of Player Character types in this set that a player playing a Dwarf Ranger, Human Female Sorceress/Wizard, Human Female Bard, or a number of different Human or Half-Elf Fighter types would find very useful for their PC. And there are monsters like both the Lamia and Lamia Matriarch that has really not been seem before in PPM. The Ogres, Stone Giants, Goblins etc. are all beautifully made and useful no matter the campaign. This is truly a great set.

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Boy this is a tough Girl


Here is another one of those I have to admit that when this miniature was previewed, I found the head and face of this Girl to be more boyish and not quite right. But now that I have become more familiar with the Pathfinder Clerics of Iomedae, I understand the short-haired militaristic look of this order. And looking at the miniature in hand, it really captures this. The miniature has amazing detail similar to the Iconic Heroes sets. She would make a good Joan of Arc too. Maybe Pathfinder will do this one in reverse and create an Iconic based on the miniature, instead of a miniature based on an Iconic.

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