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Campaign Setting is my favorite subscription


The Pathfinder Campaign Setting is my absolute favorite of all my subscriptions. If you love the Pathfinder Campaign Setting/Golarion then this the best choice. I will likely never use all the cannon found in all the books I have–but part of the fun of RPGs is that it's just as fun to read about/imagine as it is to play.

Most recently, the intros in this line have been off the hook. Hell Unleashed and Occult Mysteries intros are my favorites so far. I enjoy those two intros equally to the entire book.

Since I subscribe to the Adventure Paths and get 30% of all my books, the prices with shipping work out to be the same as if I bought it retail–except I get the PDFs for free which I print in prep for games

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This is ADVENTURE!!!


Props to Benjamin Bruck for this gem! This adventure is top notch in roleplaying, encounters and flow. The flow of the adventure was my favorite–it moved along amazing and the fun never stopped. I had mostly brand new PFSers and they loved it. The mini encounters with role play and skill checks really dug into that safari feeling. The combats were not easy for 1st level characters and kept everyone on the edge of there seats as the risked life and limb. I would run this again anytime.

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Surprised by Castles of the Inner Sea

****( )

Castles of the Inner Sea is full of castle flavor. It wasn't on my "must get list", found it second hand, and now its on my recommendation list. Its full of juicy castles, backmatter and NPCs. My favorite part was the dungeon crawl for each castle. Need a 4th level crawl? Done! Now I wish the crawls had PFS chronicles.

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Great right out of the gate!


Wow! This is one of the very best of Pathfinder Tales. I was captured in the first chapter and could not put this book down. Never a dull moment. I will be recommending this book to lots of people, and already have just a few chapters in. I want a sequel and/or more Pathfinder setting books from Michael A. Stackpole. His writing has some serious style.

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Pathfinder Society essential


This is a great e-book!!! If you're a Pathfinder Society player or admirer you need to read this book. I'm was not a fan of reading books on my phone, but this story and others have made be a level 3 phone reader.

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