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MaxSlasher26's page

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Ecology FTW!


This book is a very worthwhile thing to own. The quality of the binding, pages, and art are all excellent, and I hope this is what the Pathfinder books will be like.

I was excited to see that they had an index of every ecology article ever printed, and I believe they picked a good batch of ecologies for this book.

However, I hope to see further volumes at some point with some of the other great ecology articles out there.

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Great Art, But Price is High

***( )( )

This book has some terrific art, and the layouts and everything are nice; however, after getting it, I'm not really sure if 35 bucks was worth it.

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Me likey!

****( )

Not the best issue of Dragon (compared to some of the really great ones that we've gotten lately), but a damn good one for sure.

The article on the Horde is very in depth and interesting. It has enough material for even a non-FR gamer to find something to use.

The article on Dagon was very cool, especially since Dagon is one of the most mysterious demon princes.

The ogre mage ecology was okay, but I like the two ogre magi variants that are mentioned.

The comics are hilarious, and the OotS comes with the greatest punchline ever in a comic. (They're grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!)

The article on ranged weapons was very cool looking, but I've not read it all the way through yet.

Lastly, the preview of Final Fantasy XII was very cool, though I had been hoping for a little more detail.

Such a Great Classic!


This is how D&D should be. Hundreds of rooms wtih monsters and treasures.

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Happy Hallloween!


Truly, October issues are always themed to be creepy. Last year's issue 336 was what I thought was the ultimate of creepy-themed issues.

I was wrong.

This issue of Dragon had everything that should be in an October issue, nay any issue at all, and more.

The Core Beliefs on Vecna is my favorite one yet, and the ecology of the Wight was just plain awesome. It made me renew faith in the weaker of the undead.

The variant vampires are very interesting and can make for an awesome new villain. The monsters of Xoriat is not only cool for Eberron, but for any game in general. Being a Far Realm/Xoriat lover, this article made my smile widely.

The comics are hilarious (Rich Burlew understands how I feel when I'm waiting for my initiative to come up in combat), and the class acts are really good and useful. (Pluss there's a pic of a kenku martial which is just too awesome/funny for words.)

:) Great issue. :)

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