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Hoary Muntjac

MaverickWolf's page

Goblinworks Founder. 355 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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Jadeite wrote:

In my opinion, werewolves should be dark heroes at best, giving the humans a very good reason to fear and despise them. They are similar to vampires in that aspect. And I'd also be rather annoyed if a PFRPG book about vampires contained some kind of friendly vampire that glitters in sunlight.

I think the alignment restrictions of lycantropes offer interesting options, like a CE orc that was bitten by a werebear and has to commit good deeds by moonlight without remembering anything.
And I'd also be fine with a book containing characters who are furries, druids or beast totem barbarians might be a good fit.

That is very, very much your opinion. Frankly, the alignment stuff on lycanthropes piss me off, especially considering the supposed link said alignments are supposed to have to their animal origins. In what world exactly are any creatures with a structured pack chaotic (referring to werewolves in particular, of course)? There is no reason whatsoever for the inherent evilness in most lycanthropes. Continuing with werewolves, wolves do not attack humans unless starving. Survival instinct and all that. They know better. So I'd love for options that tell those alignment restrictions to screw off, without the fluff trying to shove down my throat that it's 'how it's supposed to be'. And for the record, I am in no way a furry. And I still think it's BS.

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Well, I'm a little late, but congrats on this one. I've been actively avoiding Kickstarter due to not really having funds, and it sucks to have missed this, but glad to see it got funded anyway.

I'm with Cheapy on this one. To be fair, I think the balance of the whole system in the ARG is a bit questionable, but I think this is one of those cases where it's not just off, it simply won't work.

A little late in here, but I have to say Endless Power is one of the few abilities I like. It FEELS mythic. Not just tacked on numbers, but a definite 'I am the stuff of legends' feel. I do think it may be pushing it a little bit. Perhaps making it so any spells cast without using a slot/prepared spell are at 1/2 caster level (or at a caster level = mythic tier)?

AdamMeyers wrote:

In my games, we always used this one.

Metagame Fairy
Aura: Strong Conjuration CL 20th

The Metagame Fairy is a small jeweled statue, 6 inches tall, which flies, speaks, and moves like a living sprite. No known force has ever captured the Metagame Fairy or impeded its movements.

The Metagame Fairy appears seemingly at random and recites information a creature needs to know but otherwise shouldn't, such as the weaknesses of an enemy, a good tactical plan, or a better understanding of economics. Often, the Metagame Fairy will find parties of adventurers who are divided into groups, informing one group about what the other one is doing, or what courses of action would most benefit their missing companions, and has even been known to deliver messages from one group to the other, allowing missing companions to weigh in and debate an issue they otherwise should know nothing about.

No one knows why or how the Metagame Fairy decides who to impart information to, but it is believed that the Metagame Fairy serves extra-planar entities who like to take vested interests in groups of adventurers. Sometimes, however, when the Metagame Fairy gives a particularly valuable or plan-changing piece of information, the Metagame Fairy will stab the creature it is speaking to in the neck. This deals 1d6 points of damage, +1 per HD of the creature stabbed. No known force can stop the Metagame Fairy from stabbing a creature in the neck, and this attack always hits. These stabs come seemingly at random, as if some cosmic force which even these extra-planar entities must obey guides the Fairy's hands when it feels too much information has been delivered, and a price must be exacted to balance the scales.

The Metagame Fairy is indestructible, can teleport and planeshift at will, and is never impeded by effects or spells that would injure it or stop it's ability to teleport and planeshift.

Hey! Listen!

In other words, dotting.

I would rule that any slotted items disappear with the eidolon, but anything merely carried would stay behind. Runs with the 'attunement' idea behind the shared item slots, but helps maintain balance, as there are some definite advantages to the 'send it off with the eidolon' idea.

How many of the Amethyst Renaissance vehicles can be used in a strictly fantasy world? Honestly considering buying it, but not sure I'd ever get to play in it, so I want to be sure there's stuff I may be able to use outside the setting, and I'm worried it's all high tech.

Honesltly does not look like there are very many. And by that, I mean I only found one here. Evocative Vehicles from Rite Publishing. It's part of the #30 series, so theory is there's 30 of them. I own it, but haven't really looked at it. They are specific magic vehicles, but they may help..

That said, said psion cannot augment anything other than a 1st level power, because he remains unable to manifest anything more powerful.

Actually, since the playtest document specifically mentions DR/Epic requiring an enhancement bonus of +6 means we are pretty much guaranteed to see expanded weapon stuff.

My vote is for Epic Meepo's Swift Initiative ability, though I like the idea of the initiative bonus growing with your Mythic Tier like some of the other suggestions.

Apparently it is a self-contained d6 based system.

Check their site here.

You can purchase the PDF from their site for $15.00, along with one of their expansions. There are two other expansions that only appear to be detailed on DriveThruRPG. They appear to be available here on Paizo, but have no cover art or descriptions.

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Cold Napalm wrote:

Actually, one of the main thing I HATE about the new psionics books is that stupid bloody optional treat them seperate rule. Yes I know it is optional...and no I have NEVER run any 3.5 psionics game without transprancy...but you know what happens from every bloody single psionics player who asks for it the ruleset in my game?

player: Can we use psionics?
Me: Well...I never had good things come of using it.
Player: Please? I have this really awesome concept and backstory.
Me: You can't reflavor a sorcerer or wizard or something?
Player: No, it HAS to be psionics.
Me: Okay, fine, but we are using the psionic/magic transparancy rule. Psionics and magic works against each that?
Player: Yeah sure.

1 game to a couple months later...player is insistant that psionics and magic should not affect each other for various logic reasons with the optional ruleset being used as the lynchpin of why I should make them seperate...followed shortly with me booting him/her and psionics out of my game.

It should just be booting him/her, really. If you make it clear transparency is being used (and it absolutely should be), then there's nothing to complain about. Or pound them with a bunch of casters who blow through all their psionic defenses because the wanted them separate (it works both ways) and see how fast they shut up.

As it should. Mildly biased, as my name is in them, but they are awesome books.

Heck yes it would, Chris. Specifically with the Gifted Blade archetype (though the power list might need tweaking). As the primary designer of the DSP soulknife, the thought crossed my mind a LONG time ago, I assure you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to see another product or two that expands upon The Dreamscarred Press psionics rules. Perhaps expanded aegis customizations or soulknife blade skills, or just some psionic powers.

I'm also for something along the lines of the 3.5 Warlock. (Or mash both of these ideas together, and make some sort of at-will psionic class, perhaps something with a focus on telekinesis.)

And I will hopefully be joining KTFish7 in those reviews. Planning on doing a few of my larger products first (namely, the Midgard Campaign Setting), but I have plenty to review from you guys.

My review has been updated to reflect the changes. I apologize for it taking that long, but I never recieved an e-mail from Paizo saying the file had been updated.

You guys are in AZ? That's cool. (I'm in Phoenix.)

Review officially posted (and PM sent).

Review posted. Definitely a fun little product, but someone needs to hit your descriptive text harder in editing. Check your messages.

Goblinworks Founder


Picked up a copy yesterday, but 14 hour work days mean I haven't looked at it yet. Plan on starting to review stuff I own, so I thought someone's first release might be a good place for my first review.

Check Psionics Expanded from Dreamscarred Press. There's a soulknife archetype that grants manifesting ability, including, IIRC, all above mentioned powers. Obviously, it requires Psionics Unleashed, but I pretty much assume that is in use for Pathfinder psionics now.

Justin Sluder wrote:
Pendagast wrote:

One of the things I despised about 3.5 is all the bloat caused by endless splat books.

SSG has come out with some neat stuff as had kobold press, however, the game crunch is just getting too much again. One of the things I liked initially about pathfinder was they took the truly core stuff and made it interesting again, enough to jut keep core.

But then you fall into keeping up with the joneses, and buying all the books and then you're back to flipping through three books to build one character again.

Time for me (at least) to sign of all TPP. No more. there are too many. I bought a PDF yesterday called "the harrowed" because I have a player in my party that took "harrowed" as a feat from the CotCT AP, because she wanted to play an oracle that reads cards etc.

But upon buying this product, I realize it has nothing to do with the subject at all instead it's some lame undead that isn't undead creature template.

I think if paizo is going to let TPP sell stuff compatible with the game, the names at titles all need congruency. Too many things running out there that are feats and abilities and templates and archetypes that all mean or do different things with the same name (roof runner rogue archetype vs. shingle runner feat? thats not even a TPP issue for example)

anyhow... just so I dont have another game system ruined for me. No more TPP.

Too bad I cant sell the PDFs I bought. poop.

Just checking, but you do realize that Paizo is technically a Third Party Publisher, yes?

Technically speaking, while they did start that way, they aren't any more. Pathfinder is its own rule system, separate from (and not nearly as compatible with compared to how it started) 3.5. They are the first party for Pathfinder related material.

Jeremy Smith wrote:

I missed out on the original RC - finances didn't allow me to do just about in RPGs back then. Probably a blessing all things considered.

After having done the Rappan Athuk Kickstarter, I think it's safe to say that I'm going to be on board for this one!

Especially looking forward to the ship-to-ship stuff for use professionally. :)

Here's hoping its open to be used in a Third Dawn Maquoran Fleetnbased adventure!

Anyway, will definitiely be saving some pennies for this as best I can. Almost wish it was starting just a little bit later for tax return time, but I will be seeing what I can do.

Even if Paizo does, it will be nothing like 3.5 Psionics, and they have said so. If that's what you're waiting for, it's 3PP or nothing. Namely, Dreamscarred Press.

RAW, that's actually fairly simple. Yes, a bard (or summoner) in mithral breastplate can cast without worries of ASF. It counts as light armor for movement and other limitations. However, said bard (or summoner) will take the armor check penalty on all applicable attack and skill rolls (anything Str or Dex based) because he is not actually proficient with it. Not saying that makes any sense, but that is how it works per RAW.

The "tank" class for Psionics is actually the Aegis from Psionics Expanded. While the psychic warrior is indeed capable of filling that role with the right powers. Bigger Club really put it quite well.

Combat Slide is more an interesting option to screw with movement of the enemy, but they can just ignore you after you make that step, so it's not hugely powerful. While the defensive option is far more powerful, it uses up your immediate action, which limits your options in that round and the next round.

On a vaguely related side note, there is still one more available slot for a custom designed character illustration inside the book.

It's actually in the most current update. The $50k+ goal is a scaling expansion of the art budget. Hitting 50k guarantees at least 2 more images, with an additional 2 for every 1k past 50k.

Matthew Morris wrote:
And I pushed us over 48 K :-)

That's cool. Glad to know the work stuff went ok (judging by your earlier post and now pledging).

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Ok, pledged at the $50 tier... Thanks again MaverickWolf...

Pledge also just upped. Not a problem. It's fun to see how much people are enjoying something I actually helped create.

Hey, Jeremy, any chance you could credit 20 from someone else's pledge to Oceanshieldwolf? Hate to ssee mis out on an awesome print product because of shipping. (Assuming he can otherwise handle the print reward tier.) Yes, I will be upping my pledge by 20 if you can.

I'd like to point out that there are still 3 open slots to have your character illustrated and put on the GM Screen, and 4 for a custom character illustration that will appear in the book.

And for those who haven't been following its dedicated thread, the KS just passed its $36k stretch goal and is headed toward the $40k stretch goal - to have a Medium-style psionic class supplement written and published next year! So, all you psionics fans out there, how badly do you want to speak with the dead?

(An additional note - Jeremy just posted a backer-only update today previewing the Forgeborn race that is one of the things this Kickstarter has added to the collection of things going into Ultimate Psionics, so you all may want to check that out.)

That's very cool. And just after another stretch goal is dropped. Yes, that's right, folks - we are now headed towards the stretch goal for the Seventh Path supplement to be written and released next year. So, just how badly do you psionics fans want to speak with the dead?

That's right. It's over 300 backers and less than $200 to the next stretch goal, with a backer only preview of some new content. Now is a great time for some of you folks who may have been thinking about it to hop on and pledge!

On top of that, we're already more than halfway between stretch goals! It's only $1100 to 10 pages of psionic items! And a mere 6 backers to 300! (This still won't be Sparta though.)

Harrison wrote:

I was thinking about it for a second and I don't think The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver would be a Wand of Knock. Not only can it open things, but it can close them as well. I'd probably propose a custom magic item that casts spells at will.

The biggest problem with the Sonic Screwdriver is just that it can really do anything the writers need it to do. So not only would you need Knock, Arcane Lock, and Hold Portal, you'd probably need Status (since I remember it being used as a biological scanner at some point), Mending (since it can repair broken equipment), some spell that activates things from a distance (I have no idea what spell you'd use for that one), and other spells for any kind of function the device has that I can't remember at the moment.

The price of this thing would probably end up being in the hundreds of thousands of gold.

Not all models of the Sonic Screwdriver have the medical scanning capability. It's really a telekinetic set of thieves' tools. Just so happens that Disable Device covers a lot of what it can do. Some enhancement of mundane items, yes, but Pathfinder doesn't have the same power level of mundane items as the modern or future worlds the Doctor usually seems to be in. And the damned thing still doesn't work on wood! It might have some sort of Hold Portal, but I really think he just locks doors from range. He does generally try to find the doors that would be hardest to get to. And it can't break deadlocks (which I'm guessing would be certain types of magical locks or something in Pathfinder).

Well, folks, just over one week left and less than $1k from the section for GMs on converting flavor. Also only 26 more backers to 300, which would just be cool to see. Also still a total of 9 different slots for custom illustrations - 4 for the GM screen and 5 just for inside te book. Let's see if we can't keep pushing and get that $40k stretch goal, because I know there are plenty of fans who have wanted a Medium-style Psionics character for quite a long time (hell, I believe I remember discussion of such a thing in 3.5).

Ever seen a police dog in action (our modern equivalent of combat trained)? Yeah, those things can flank. In combat tactics are not the same as out of combat strategies. Flanking and defending oneself by avoiding enemy attacks aren't done out of intelligence. Flanking is basic combat instinct for any pack animal, and staying out of the way is just basic survival instinct. Int only goes so far in an actual combat. You have to trust your observations and your gut. There's a reason animals generally have decent Wisdom. True melee combat is fast and brutal, with little to no time for most people to really think. Reflexes are instinctive. It's why you train how you fight. Your body does what it knows in a fight, and that is not always quite what you think you're telling it to. You don't need a high Int to understand having someone on both sides of the enemy is good.

I feel the need to point out that there are still all 4 open slots for getting a character of your design drawn and put on the GM screen (and somewhere inside the book). And 4 open slots for the design a character just for inside the book. Just saying.....

The Psionic Bestiary is the same as the current subscription. It has not been officially confirmed yet, but Jeremy stated in one of the comments on the kickstarter that they were looking at giving a credit of $5, $10, or $15 to go towards add-ons for people who have already ordered the Psionic Items of Legend, the Psionic Bestiary, or both.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to see a stretch goal like Monte Cook did with his new setting, where x number of books go to either libraries or military bases, free of charge.

I'm not 100% certain, but I don't believe gem dragons are OGL, meaning they can't be converted to this. At best, they'd be included in the Classic Psionic Monsters Revisited thing, but I think they'd be a little more difficult to rebuild while maintaining flavor than some of the others.

Ladies and gentlemen, $30k!!! Woohoo!!!!

Jackissocool wrote:
MaverickWolf wrote:
Jackissocool wrote:
Psionic archetypes for non-core classes?
That was reached back at the $18,000 stretch goal. The $30,000 stretch goal is for all of the psionic classes to get an additional archetype.
No no no, the NON-core classes. Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Gunslinger, Magus, Oracle, Summoner, and Witch.

Right. Brain froze for a minute I guess. Andreas has stated that he has ideas for everything but the witch, but that doesn't mean any guarantees.

Jackissocool wrote:
Psionic archetypes for non-core classes?

That was reached back at the $18,000 stretch goal. The $30,000 stretch goal is for all of the psionic classes to get an additional archetype.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dabbler wrote:
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Meh, everyone knows Australians are tougher than Americans, what with needing armor skin to survive everything trying to kill them.
Often it is a high reflex save. Spiders in the dunny, swooping attack birds, crocodiles chasing you up banks, snakes being random encounters on bike rides.
Well, both Aussies and Yanks are descended from prime stock aren't they? Us Brits didn't conquer 1/4 of the world from one little island by being a bunch of pussies...

Nah. That's just how you lost it. ;-)

(Too easy there....Just couldn't ignore the opening.)

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