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Maveith's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 18 posts (123 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.

Full Name

Maveith Strong


Half- orc






Medium (6'8")




Neutral Good


Common - Orc



Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 9

About Maveith

Born to the Humans and abandoned at an early age the young boy was left out to travel on his own. As fortune would have it a monk came across him. Morals not letting leave the half-breed alone, he took him back to the monastery. Calming the Orcish rage inside the boy and replacing it with relaxing meditation (though he can still be testy)

This half-orc grew up to be a very skilled apprentice, gaining respect from nearby towns as he would dabble around with work, helping local problems here and there. Though he was taught to keep his anger at bay he constantly had a hatred for full blood Orc's seeing nothing but monsters regardless.

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