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level 1 alchemist with a +1 int modifier hitting something with splash damage from a bomb would deal exact 2 points of fire damage on a failed reflex save by the target

I suppose there can be some small value in force ward, more so if your in a low magic campaign where the regen is better than using a CLW wand. Personally I would rather have the 3 burn to spend in other places, not to mention the party utility Kinetic healer has over giving yourself a small portion of regenerating HP.

I am at work so no book on me but I will take another look later at your other talent choices.

Imbicatus wrote:
It depends. Your ward self regenerates much faster than normal hp. You are sacrificing 3 hp total for a self regenerating pool. Over a long workday it can be useful in that it saves you healing resources.

Personally I would just eat the CLW charges off a wand out of combat and stick with kinetic healer. The only time in my experience healing becomes really important is if you or another party member is going to drop and needs an injection of HP. Kinetic healer does the trick just fine for that.

Sounds like Force ward is just a trap ability then, because its going to always be worse than the burn your taking for it. Might as well replace it with kinetic healer that way you start at 0 burn for the day and expend 1 to heal for quite a bit.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but i thought burn was 1 point of non-lethal per HD. so wouldn't that would actually make force ward -18 HP for +15 HP?

Excaliburproxy wrote:
Matthias wrote:
This might be slightly off topic, but with multiplication of damage dice could a warpriest/kineticist select the blade/whip as sacred and used the enhanced damage dice for it?
Maybe but that would make zero sense as sacred weapon uses either the base damage or the progressed damage. It does not improve the die size if the base weapon (like a greatsword at level 1) is already higher.

I think i answered my own question. the die increase is nice (1d6 eventually goes to 1d8 etc) but that is just a single die increase, not accounting for when the dice go up to 2d6 and beyond. it would not increase each d6 to d8s so not worthwhile to take.

This might be slightly off topic, but with multiplication of damage dice could a warpriest/kineticist select the blade/whip as sacred and used the enhanced damage dice for it?

Kolokotroni wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:

The Telekinetic Blast ability really bothers me, I can see a lot of table argument over this one. The main problem is that you have to throw an unattended object (so small stones and fingernail clippings will do the trick) and I see no end arguments from players when it comes to the subject of using alchemists fires, jars full of bees, flasks/barrels of oil....

The language is pretty clear that weapons and similar object aren't supposed to work, but since it doesn't seem to matter what size the object has... can't we simply remove it?

This ability could be nice to kick away the enemies weapon after it has been disarmed, but I would rather avoid the arguments.

Theres actually a bigger problem then the one you see.


Telekinetic Blast (Sp): You throw whatever unattended object
happens to be nearby at a single foe as a ranged attack. The
object must weight 5 lbs
. per kineticist level you possess
or less. If you hit, the target and the thrown object each
suffer an amount of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing
damage equal to 1d6+1 + your Constitution modifier. This
damage increases by 1d6+1 for every 2 kineticist levels you
possess beyond 1st. Spell resistance does not apply. Even
if a telekineticist uses this power on a magic weapon or
other unusual object, the attack does not use any of the
magic weapon’s bonuses or effects and simply deals the
telekineticist’s blast damage.

I dont know if thats supposed to be at most, or at least. But it definately presents a large problem as written. The whole idea that there has to be unattended objects available in the first place is going to be a problem. I can think of tons of situations where there are no small objects around. There is also no definition of 'nearby'. How far is nearby? 10ft? 30ft? 100ft? 1000 ft?

This ability will cause arguments for just about every aspect of it.
I would strongly recommend making the basic blast just a blast of force or something more...

I would highly recommend against making it something as bland as a basic blast of force. Yes there should be clearer rules on the limits of the blast, but something as easy as a handful of pebbles would allow you to use the character just fine. Free action drop a stone, standard fling it at an opponent. From the blast:

object must weight 5 lbs. per kineticist level you possess
or less. (Bolded mine)

This also allows for clever play such as kinetically smashing items like alchemists fire against a foe for bonus effects like splash damage or lighting your foe on fire.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I am worried that without PP they will either be stuck with uses per day or making the abilities extremely weak with unlimited use.

That said, I am super excited about 1st party psionics! I always missed the flavor brought by in tandem with psionics and dangerous places like the underdark.

Dual wield ranger can get a lot of the flavor of a duelist if played right, and if you go with an animal companion you get a perfect flanking partner. Additionally if your barb is a heavy hitter I highly recommend butterfly sting crit fisher/finisher combo. It is very satisfying to be able to deal damage and set the monsters up for some big hurt from your friend.

I would say maybe some sort of rod that boosts spell dc/dmg, with the twist that each time a spell is used with the rod empowering it the spell has a delay of 0-2 rounds. makes the character want to use it because of the additional power, but sometimes the magic simply takes its sweet time to get there. If you wished to add flavor something like:

EX: Spell used: Scorching Ray- "The Rays of fire shoot from your finger tips at the foe (Rolls a 2 round delay) and then proceed to wander drunkenly about the field of combat, moving their way to the target in an odd fashion".

I would also recommend that the item should be able to be redeemed by the character if they wish to atone with the Faerie Queen, taking away the drawback but making the item power level within normal guidelines once the set task is complete.

Problem with any item that has a drawback is a successful spellcraft check to identify the item should reveal its secret function, and make the character and player weary of using it and unsatisfied with the reward their quest got them.

Messing with player items is a very quick way to have them turn on you as a GM if not handled carefully.

Something else you could do for a "reward" is the Fey queen could offer the assistance of one of her servitors to assist the group as a favor to repay the party. Of course the twist is the ally is as helpful as a brick tied to them in water and will not leave the groups "service" until the group finds a way to appease the queen. Have the individual rewards be legit though, as the tokens were promised in good faith and the party did just complete a (assuming) difficult task.

1. they would take both since the spell deals damage AND provides a condition. It just so happens that this condition deals additional damage.

2. The reflex save for burning is listed as taken at the time of spell cast finishing. According to the environment rules each subsequent round you can take an additional save so I would imagine on their turn next round they would roll to save again.

Kaelan Ashenveil wrote:

A two handed fighter (greatsword) with an intimidate build and diehard- Luca Blight.

A synthesist summoner who uses crafts the essences of his dead countrymen into unholy armor- Yu Yevon.

A beast-bonded witch who continually jumps bodies as she searches for a blood-red stone- Dante (FMA)

A drow arcanist blaster that hates the gods for abandoning the world and seeks to become one to stop the world from wrecking itself- Ghaleon

Yeah... and I've been meaning to make Howl for the next campaign I play in. I'm assuming a sorcerer of some sort focuses on being charming.



Might I recommend Adding a "favored spell" list that allows the sha'ir to retrieve said spells 1 round/segment of a round faster than spells not on their favored list. Make the list slightly adjustable like a sorcerers spells known list and I think that would solve a lot of the difficulty of combat casting. Also if you do use a separation table round up on the time required.

Nice job on the conversion, neat to see.

It is not a barb but was my first attempt at a "tank" style character with massive HP.

War Masta' Trollblood

Also has some decent input from STR ranger on a barb build.

Similar to feats that don't work when you don't have the proper stats (EX: enlarge with TWF dropping your dex too low) id imagine you can take the feats but they don't work when said ability that lets you channel is not active.

If you want to tie something to charisma I would look at something like tactics or morale ratings. they can provide benefit or detriment to an entire group of PCs/NPCs without adding a 4th save

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Players will basically get wrecked as they progress if they put dump stats in any save stat, and don't spend at least 1 feat to shore up said save/s. As a DM I encourage players to build robust multi-talented Characters, not one-trick ponies. In my games it did not take the party long to realize that leaving themselves with a low bad save at level 10 can spell disaster for their team. In that vein things like rocket and SoD tag sorta fade.

If anything I would say Divination is TOO useful, making surprises in story and surprise encounters trivial to the point of damaging the campaign. We had a diviner for one campaign and I felt bad for our GM because it was just a bunch of hey I can see that, or hey I auto detect everything within X range, or hey what is the answer to this puzzle/trap. I know there are ways around it as a DM but it can be fun sucking to never have the element of surprise

Only time I am a fan of TPK as a DM is when the party does something particularly dumb, for example charging a village of werewolves (they knew the town was werewolves) at level 3 with no silver weapons and with none of the casters having magic weapon or a similar buff spell at the ready (my group had 7 players including 4 casters, a druid, wizard, magus, and oracle). It was a bloodbath and rightfully so.
My example aside, story deaths can really add a lot to the game as long as your group is mature about it and are a great plot device. But if the death is just "a dire weasel crit you at level 3 and your dead cause you rolled low on HP" that feels very unsatisfying as both a DM and a player.

Will do! Though at this point I am in the process of building an entire new world for my group to run in as it is part of the fun for me as a GM so it might be awhile before I get an update

So after fiddling about with the new Mythic adventures book I was curious if anyone had looked into Mythic tiers as an alternate progression path. Right now 20/10 is what characters max out at but i was thinking along the lines of running a group that would look like 7-8/10 then doing new exp gains along a modified slow progression (x2 required from current amounts) for remaining levels.

I am more concerned if this would cause any game breaking issues beyond the ones related to power level (i can always modify monsters), and if anyone else has experimented with this style of play since I could not find anything in my searches.

I would say yes since opportunist only works once a round and snap shot increases your effective AoO range. You would be better off taking the rogue talent for combat reflexes if your going the Imp. SS feat route though.

Lemmy wrote:

Dunno about demi-liches, but right now, a Wizard can pretty much own Golens. There are lots of spells with SR:No and spells that are made to affect constructs too.

My only thoughts about that is your average golem is CR 8+, where casters will be of sufficient strength to have a bevy of spells to deal with magic immunity (assuming APL+1 you will have 3rd or 4th circle spells). at the suggested CR for just my 2 example creatures (there are more in the books, but Allip=CR 3, Werewolf=CR 2) your average fighter will be at either starting gear or 900g WBL, which is not even enough for a magic weapon. So he is useless against the Allip and can only hurt the werewolf if he deals 10 points of damage or more (at level 1-2 we are talking near max damage rolls).

I will add to all of this though it really depends on who your DM is and what your party composition is, experiences will vary when it comes to monster encounters.

Elamdri wrote:
StreamOfTheSky wrote:

Not in Pathfinder, they overvalue sneak attack waaaaay too much for that to happen. In 3.5 D&D, there were plenty of ways to go about it. Simplest was just UA's fighter variant that traded bonus feats for SA, but...that was a bad trade. If you just multiclassed rogue-ish and full BAB type classes and added in SA boosters (like Assassin's Stance, for +2d6 SA), you could effectively end up with practically full BAB and full SA progressions.

Elamdri wrote:
A class with full BAB and Sneak Attack would be unbalanced.

1. Lolno.

2. Witness, "Exhibit A"

If there is a Martial Class that has a full BAB and Full Sneak Attack, why the HELL would you play any other martial character?

I do agree that SA is not worth much compared to other damage boosters like power attack. In our group we have a heavy melee dynamic, flanking will be easy so it was on my list of damage boosters, though I may just swap to inquisitor for free teamwork feats without the team needed.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

So, I ask you:

What do you want from sneak attack?

See above.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Matthias wrote:


Is there any way to mix the two title elements in a class? I started looking under rogue variants but I figure fighter/barb might have a solution.
Note: not looking for self buffs, magic, or items that "close the gap" for 3/4 BAB'ers, I am looking for a full BAB option to get sneak attack if there is one out there.

Pretty much what Elamdri said. It's a trade-off.

Rogues have much more versatility in skills and debuffs (from Rogue talents, Sneak Attack and the like), so allowing Rogues a full BAB option would upset the balance between a Rogue and another melee with full BAB.

It's about as broken as allowing a Paladin to cast spells as per a Cleric. Insane saves and immunities, high armor, swift self-healing, AND the ability to buff to even further levels, plus resurrect? Why even have a Cleric if a Paladin has the same capabilities as a Cleric except more (and anything it doesn't have makes Cleric class features look like fecal matter from a dog).

Agreed, but unarmed fighter steals some of the monk's interesting bits (style feats for cheap) so I figured it was worth an ask.

@Tristan Low templar seems interesting and might fit the campaign (apocolypse) well, thanks!

Agreed with Lemmy. Also saves and AC are universally good so saying someone needs them feels like a "duh" statement.
Something like fighters needing magical weapons to be effective against incorporeal or DR20/pancakes(insert proper DR type here) is the only real complaints with substance. Spellcasters would never run into a creature that can laugh at magic (demilich, golems) at the levels that most people play PF at, but fighters can run into things with weird or high DR at much lower CRs (allip, werewolf) in comparison.


Oh, another annoyance for fighters can be loot. If I as a DM were to use the random treasure tables the fighter that went weapon training, focus, and specialization in lets say kukri would probably never see a magical kukri come up and be penalized just because his class makes him specialize to get the greatest benefit.
I will admit though for some groups this is not a problem as you might have a magic mart within mini-questing distance, but that might not work either based on city size/party location/campaign setting.


Is there any way to mix the two title elements in a class? I started looking under rogue variants but I figure fighter/barb might have a solution.
Note: not looking for self buffs, magic, or items that "close the gap" for 3/4 BAB'ers, I am looking for a full BAB option to get sneak attack if there is one out there.

Take the gnome archetype experimental Gunsmith, it is both awesome and fun. My only wish is that it wasn't a gnome only archetype but you won't have that problem

Ninjaxenomorph wrote:
Black Blades are only as powerful as the GM decrees. It is an intelligent item, which has its own alien agenda.

Playing someones character via GM fiat will alienate your players asap. Bladebound might be powerful, but I seriously doubt they can top a barb, summoner, or even a optimized fighter.

Wow it is like Ross wasn't even in here with how you guys go right back to being at each others throats. Please get out of this thread if you are not going to help the OP, petty arguing in loops makes all of you look just as bad as the people you claim to hate or not be like.

On topic: OP has said it is difficult to remove the guy since he has known him for awhile, and honestly while his player/s reading the adventure path sucks, a notepad with some clever editing will fix all his problems. At this point he either needs to make the decision to curtail any problems before they come up (make GM rulings and have them be known before the game starts, write them down and do character audits to be double sure), or make the harder decision and remove this guy from his gaming group.

seems like lowering the cost of the item and making it for 1st and 2nd circle spells that you know would balance it out and make it a caster only useful object.

Trick I would use is start talking to the guy that you instead bought a different module, say module "X". Tell him you think your going to have it take a heavy undead/demon/draconic(whatever is opposite of your selected module) arc instead of the normal monster selection. You have everyone make characters, he will make his based upon module X with a specific focus to kill a certain type of monster. Then you pull out skulls and shackles after characters are made with monsters of the opposite persuaion and ruin his day completely.

If someone is failing twice on will saves then they deserve all the bad stuff that follows. It could easily be charm or sleep or any number of worse things. As is ill omen is not that impressive to use on players. I know I would just use acrobatics as part of my movement the next round, fail that roll and then smash the little witches face in with my now unhindered attack roll.

Only easy element changer that I know of is the admixture subschool, but that doesn't help our druid friend. If you are really worried about fire/flame just don't use it, druids have plenty of options with natures ally shapeshifting and a pile of utility/buff spells, as well as damage and debuffs that don't rely on fire.

unfortunately most of those are in Ultimate magic and ultimate combat. If you are stuck using core and APG it will certainly limit your options, I still cast my vote for power attack with outflank as your changeable teamwork feat.

I would say stay straight inquisitor. You are at a point where they come into their own and if you are worried about spell progression just use favored levels to pickup spells off the list you might be interested in. For combat judgement/teamwork feats make up for the lack of BAB and with your stats I would say take the power attack feat since with outflank and burst of speed you should have no problem getting into flanking position. With your AC being decent and the ability to self heal being a front-liner for you should not be a big deal either, and your damage with PA and bane is nothing to sneeze at either (extra 2d6+4 per swing).

Most of the doctors "powers" come from technology he uses. At best I would peg him as a 5th level skill monkey rogue that has master craftsman and craft wondrous item feats.

would make the archetype slightly better than its sad state if it did, but I am inclined to agree that even the bonus hp would be shared.

I am surprised Inquisitors are not getting more love. They can do everything a bard does but better, and without sacrificing combat prowess or utility to do so. Not to mention their spell selection is pretty amazing. You can make a inquisitor that can do every roll, nearly all at once:
Face: 6+int skills and huge skill list
Sneaky trap guy: take disable device via traits and your set.
Melee: Start off as a half-orc for falchion proficency and your damage will grow exponentially as you level.
Healer: take the healing domain or pump wis for bonus spells per day
Blaster: arguably their weakest roll, inquisitors still have some nice blast/utility spells like judgement light and blistering invective, but really shine as a buffer/utility spellcaster instead.

1. yes it adds +2 hit/dmg
2. This part should be obvious to the character unless the GM wants to state that you have never seen creatures of type X, and in that case it would be a knowledge roll (Arcane, Nature, Planes, Dungeoneering) using the inquisitor ability monster lore. Also if it doesn't work you can swift action change what your bane works against so keep swingin.

I agree with the change to monsters/custom monsters it will take players off their game. Also I love mind control. Stuff like charm, confusion and dominate really puts players on edge because all of their strengths become yours and you have players biting their nails wondering if they are gonna cause their party to wipe.

you are taking and adding base damage to all of your crits and on spirited charge plus the initial base damage, so you have base damage in there 3 times when it is only in the formula once.

depends on the size of the city. You could have things like the crumbing clock tower that hosts a nest of flying monsters or the farmstead that has grown over with yellow musk creeper that has turned all the farm animals into plant zombies.

Depends on the trap honestly. some traps use a to hit roll against players while others do use a reflex save.

If you need to have a ruling I would say treat them as a light weapon and use normal weapon draw rules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
wraithstrike wrote:
The ARG does not make them into a PC race. It just gives you options to use with them. The only PC races are still the ones in the core book. Anything other race is by GM approval only aka houserule.


From "Introduction"
"But the Advanced Race Guide is more than that. While
the Pathfinder RPG has always featured a variety of races
for players to roleplay, this book alone offers 36 different
playable races
, not counting subraces, and this is merely a
starting point".

From "Navigating this book":
"Each section details a number of alternate racial traits, favored
class rewards, archetypes, feats, equipment, magic
items, and spells designed specifically for those players
interested in creating such characters
Bolded mine.

The intent is obviously to let players play these races, and the ARG gives you the tools to do it.

Icyshadow wrote:
There was a druid variant of some kind in one of the old Rise of the Runelords AP books, but I forgot which one it was, and the name of the druid variant. It also might be 3.5e only, sadly.

Just found it. It is called Ashvawg Tamer and yea it allows you to mess with magical beasts, but from a select list. Close but not quite what I was looking for. Thanks though

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