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Cayden Cailean

Matthew Trent's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 586 posts (589 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Who Doesn't Love a Dungeon Crawl


A straightforward and fun dungeon crawl full of nasty little fey to gack. Who could want for more?

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*( )( )( )( )

Whoever thinks that the basilisk encounter is an appropriate challenge at level 1-2 is very, very wrong.

I recommend you only run this module if you want to get players to drop out of PFS entirely.

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Just wow


Beautiful mini and a beautiful sculpt. I highly recomend this guy for everyone who's running part 6 of Kingmaker. It also makes a great gift for the GM who's running it for you.

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Beautiful sculpts that are painted and ready to drop down on the gaming table to rumble. I ordered a case an nearly had a complete set by the time I opened the thrid brick leaving me one brick to gift to a lucky friend.

The ogre is currently my favorite model, though Seelah (the iconic paladin) has amazing detail.

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Ultimatly disapointing.

**( )( )( )

Classes and archetypes: I was disappointed to see that the gunslinger is the only sort of combatant who has to deal with his weapon exploding in his hand on a regular basis. The samurai and ninja classes are fine though of limited interest to most players. As for the new archetypes I found them singularly unexciting. The only standouts being the Armored Hulk barbarian and the Armored Master fighter. Most others seemed to be excessively penalizing or simply dull.

Feets: The clear highlight here is the different Monk style feats. However, many feets seem somewhat half-baked. Especially odd to me were the dozen or so feets designed to aid in multiclassing monks. Naturally there were the couple of feets that will massively increase the power of archer type characters despite those characters not needing any boost at all.

Mastering combat: This section opens up with a slew of new weapons and armor focused on Asian, Primitive, and Gladiatorial styles. Mostly very good, though I was left wondering why a katana was especially good at murdering helpless foes. I don't recall samurais cutting bound or unconscious enemies as a key part of that genre. Rules for duels, performance combat, and siege engines will all be useful to the DM those rare times that they come up.

Vehicles: This chapter seems like a lot of fun and could tie in nicely with the caravans in the recent Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Spells: There are actually a lot of useful and good spells for any class that can cast magic here. So much good stuff that I'm left wondering if the extras from Ultimate Magic didn't wind up here.

Final thoughts, the book is useful to DMs but players who don't care for gun or asian foo can probably give it a pass as it does very little for most classes.

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