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Cayden Cailean

Matthew Trent's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 586 posts (589 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Scarab Sages

Flat the Impaler wrote:

I believe it's been stated elsewhere that there's a technical reason they use ZIPs instead of PDFs directly, and IIRC it has to do with how some browsers/devices handle PDFs.

I don't believe it.

I just opened a watermarked PDF from DriveThruRPG on my phone. It can be done. Now that Paizo does't want to pay enough for competent tech personnel who can solve those sorts of problems... that I believe. I looked at there job listings.

Scarab Sages

gbonehead wrote:

Why not just use an unzip app?

Because I shouldn't have to. An unzipped PDF isn't that high an expectation. DriveThruRPG can do it.

Scarab Sages

Perhaps someday paizo will join this decade and let us dl files as PDFs directly. I'm on my way to gencon and would like to lead this doc on my phone. Alas Paizo loves us not.

Scarab Sages *

Jiggy wrote:
Matthew Trent wrote:
Ooooh, I've never been there! Is it fun?

Heh. Looks like the autocorrect got that one,,, somehow. Sandpoint was of course intended. You know the most detailed small village in the inner see and not perticularly special.

Scarab Sages *

Alexander_Damocles wrote:

Then there would be no need for high powered assassins to take down targets. All you need is a 6th level sorcerer who knows fireball.

"Hey, I don't know what he's casting, but it can't be bad, right?"

And there goes a room of the high and mighty.

Of what podunk country? A single 6d6 (mean 21 - 32 depending on cheese) wont take out the mayor and sherrif of Sandpoont.

Scarab Sages *

Sorcery is in the blood and druidism thrives in thorps. I wouldn't be shocked to bump into a 16th level druid chilling out quietly in a village of 30. The gods choose Oracles where they will.

Scarab Sages *

Nothing counts as PvP unless PvP is the intent.

Scarab Sages *

Andrea Brandt wrote:
Maybe we're playing different games. For me, the point of PFS isn't to see how close to the rules as written I can get; it's to have fun in a collaborative, social environment. It's to share something I enjoy with others, possibly to learn, possibly to teach, but primarily just to have fun. There's a whole list of reasons "why" I do what I do at any given moment...but getting as close as possible to the mythical unicorn that is "rules as written" is pretty far down the list. I suspect that if I'm "doing it wrong" someone will report me soon enough. After 100 plus games, I'm surely running out of luck.

How about the rules as intended? Do those mean anything or should I be prepared for a round of interactive storytelling where what dice read are irrelevant at your table?

I don't really care how many games you run. If you aren't playing Pathfinder I don't understand your association with PFS.

Also to those of you who think you're so much more clever than you're players here's a newsflash - you aren't. People know who the carebear GMs are. Less scrupulous players keep you in mind for mods that they hear are hard (gotten any invitations to run The Elven Entanglement recently?). And those of us who want a fair game are avoiding your tables.

Scarab Sages *

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Netopalis wrote:
I still fail to see how me fudging a single roll with nobody knowing about it in West Virginia affects you all the way in Indiana.

Your right. My character din't get saved my GM cheating. Now I had to pay a 5000+gp fine to be raised. I'm cool with that because I'm a mature player.

Jack a third player is looking to fill up his group for Bonekeep and looking for a wizard. He picks Jill over me since her character has some nice gear (such as those gloves of Breath of Life) that I couldn't afford. Now my experience is less because you as Jill's GM cheated for her.

We do all interact. And not wanting to let someone loose is a poor reason to cheat.

Scarab Sages *

BigNorseWolf wrote:

It happens a lot. Don't worry. Just keep ahold of your chronicle sheets.

If you're paranoid about losing them in a fire scan them and email them to yourself.

Theft of backpack at big con is I'd wager the most likely. Right after outright loss into the either. Neither is especially fun.

Scarab Sages *

Blah I can't read to ight. So the player was new (How does a new player have a fourth level character? Clearly a pregen). As such it's fine to cheat in this case.I do think its important to know and acknowledge that that is what you are doing and many players do not want the risk of death removed.

It does bring up the question of when a player stops being new. I probably judge it earlier than most.

Scarab Sages *

Adam Mataja wrote:
I apologize if my comment was rude in any way, but you did claim that we violate the rules on purpose. That's very serious accusation.

What do you call it when a player rolls a die then reports a different number? Fudging dice is cheating.

Also I see nothing in the OP to imply the players were new or inexperienced. Those are legitimate reasons to cheat in a players favor (as much as I dislike it). Not being willing to kill a player is not and that is the only excuse the OP provided.

Scarab Sages *

In my mind, players do not get to veto another's action because it puts them at risk. If the player tossing the bomb is being malicious that's PvP. Carelessness is not. The GM has responsibility to determine the difference.

Also a lot of GMs should apparently read up on splash weapons. They don't hit vertices.

Scarab Sages *

No one is going to agree you know. Grognards and those simulating medieval Europe will take one view and those who enjoy player empowerment and running a fun game will lean the opposite way. Accept that massive table variation will be the norm and let's move on.

Scarab Sages *

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Demoyn wrote:
We should just kick jerks out of the game, then. You define a jerk as anyone who ruins your fun. Well... gunslingers are ruining my fun, so start whipping out that banhammer!

If your curious, the reason I beg you to just stop GMing is because you make the rest of us look bad.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Malwing wrote:
Exactly why does Hunter and Warpriest need their own spell lists.

The Hunter and Warpiest need their own spell lists because they are six level spellcaster shoehorned into using a 9 level spell list.

The bard doesn't use a Sorcerer/ Wizard spell list because if he did all his spells would be bad. A bard has his own spell list to show what he's good at (sonic evocations, enchantments, and illusions) many of which he gets at a lower spell level than a sorcerer/ wizard. Due to the fact that he gets second level spell at around the same time that a wizard gets third level spells (and fourth at around the time wizards get fifth) this means that he's really quite good at those spells. If he was using the sorcerer/ wizard spell list he would just be a very bad spell caster, instead since he has his own spell list he is a focused caster. The same points apply to all the other six level casting classes (who all have their own spell lists).

Hunters and warpriests are just very bad spell casters at present.

Scarab Sages *

Its an imperfect system (we lack a perfect world), but in Home games which are not publicly listed or announced you are completely with your rights to turn players away. Personally I quite enjoy the risk of playing with new people and making new friends. It is a net gain to join in public venues in my experience.

Some of my best friends in life have been meet via organized play.

Scarab Sages *

Its piss poor form to volunteer and then bail just because you don't like a class.

And bailing is your only real option at a public venue such as a gameday. You don't get to turn your players away in that venue (at least not legally - I'm sure some of you do it). Be a bad enough GM and they'll refuse to sit at your table (there are two such that I won't sit at in my local area).

Scarab Sages *

Soluzar wrote:

Sorry, but the presence of that creature is just plain stupid. If I'm running the module in sanctioned mode that encounter is getting edited. Maybe replace it with an advanced zombie or maybe a ju-ju zombie.

If it's PFS mode I would be damn tempted to fudge the dierolls for all of the attacks. I don't like the idea of handing players a quick, easy win but I HATE the idea of this even worse.

Please do not do that. Its not fair for everyone else.

Finlanderboy wrote:
You have to be hit and then fail a dc 14 fort save.

False. The save is to make the negative level permanent 24 hours later. Its take a hit and then die if you are level one. Then rise again in a few rounds as another undead horror.

Scarab Sages *

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Osirion is probably okish with it.

Abloom.. the people have seen everything (kind of like new york) You'd probably get people grabbing small children and running away, but no torch and pitchfork mobs.

I suspect most oseriani would consider it poor form. Spectral chariots are much more stylish.

Scarab Sages *

No. It does not. Never has. That people want it to is non-relevant.

Scarab Sages *

Yes, but aaismar don't need Racial Heritage to take Celestial Servant. Its an aaismar feat.

Scarab Sages *

Walter Sheppard wrote:
N N 959 wrote:
Walter Sheppard wrote:
Where's the trust?
I've been meaning to ask the TSA staff that exact question next time I board a plane.
I wouldn't equate a Pathfinder to a TSA staffer.

Yeah. The TSA has much more in common with Hellknights.

Scarab Sages

Have you considered adding dinosaurs?

Scarab Sages *

And after level 1 (or 2 depending on source) neither will energy drain. Now why the powers that be decided to slap energy drain on a CR3 monster is beyond my keen.

Scarab Sages

Rysky wrote:
And now we have the Warpriest, which are the fighters and defenders of their Deities and Religion.

Its odd that they fight so much worse than an Inquistor though eh?

Scarab Sages *

TriOmegaZero wrote:
At least you get a save for that.

Aparently I was thinking about con damage not drain. You don't necessarly always get a save. This little beastie (who could show up in apl 8-9) put the fear of GMs into my Kingmaker group a few years back. That rend with no save combined with a fair amount of damage is a lethal combo.

Scarab Sages *

TOZ wrote:
Negative levels are the scariest g%@*~#n thing in the game.

Personally I think that honor goes to con drain. That will make you die surprisingly fast.

The fear of negative levels declines rapidly after level 3.

Scarab Sages *

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Jiggy wrote:
Saint Caleth wrote:
Paladins follow divine LAW and not mortal laws.
Then what does "a paladin's code requires that she respect legitimate authority" mean?

Nothing according to most paladin players.

Scarab Sages

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I question how much use the lists of spells do anyway. Its already such a giant pain in the ass to shift through a dozen (or more) books with spells that I'd rather just check the online spell lists on d20pfssrd or in Hero Lab. In fact when I leveled my character in Skull and Shackles to 10 tonight that's exactly what I did.

I honestly do not see why such spell list summaries appear in any books after the Core. The short listing of inquistor (random selection) spells in the APG take up not much space. After the class is introduced its a negligable amount of space to include the line 'Bloodrager X' before 'Druid Z, Sorcer/Wizard Y' on future spells.

A solution to wasting space on spell lists in the Spell chapters is not to shortchange new classes. Well a good solution it isn't anyway.

TL,DR: Spell lists in books are not useful, but using them as an excuse to limit the potential of new classes is wrong.

Scarab Sages *

Looking forward to facing your latest cruelty Thirsty! I got to play Siege of the Shining City at a local con a few months ago and it was a blast.

Scarab Sages *

You should always be ready to fight an incorporeal creature. Its not like an oil of magic weapon is costly.

Also wights are CR 3. Don't hate the players (society GM) - hate the game designers who thought that was a good idea.

Energy drain has no initial save? WTF

Scarab Sages

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Slayer has favored target, which is new.

Actually it reads like a selfish version of freebooter archetype's Freebooter's Bane feature. So not new.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Warpriest has blessings, which is a new mechanic (and, like the hunter, could use some more "oomph").

Except of course of Liberation, Magic, Nobility, Repose, Rune, Strength, Travel, and Trickery. All those lesser blessings are copy-pastes of the respective domain's first level ability. So not new.

Scarab Sages *

I recently got to play a year three mod that opened with what I promply realized was my least favorite sequence. I realized my character have experienced it multiple times and its never been fun.

We were given a list of three NPCs of no real import and told to find out what they know.

90 minutes then progress as we try to piece together the plot from a scattering of sources but making diplomacy checks. Any effort to deviate from the script (such as though the use of intimate) is promptly penalized. Its a snore for everyone who isn't a face and not much fun for the faces. All three vital clues are required to progress to the next stage of the module.

We've all seen this play out dozens of times and mostly year five mods avoid it - Good! I'm just made sad every time it happens.

Anyone else have a sort of mission that makes them groan when they realize its happening? I know some people hate dungeon crawls but I always have a blast.

Scarab Sages

I actually finished my playtest after couple sessions. I am now convinced that the warpriest is nothing that can't be achieved by fighter cleric muliclassing at levels less then 10. Since that where 90% of my gameplay happens my further interest in the class is nill. I don't expect that whichever dev fell in love with favored weapon as a signature mechanic will back off. I'm allowing myself to be surprised, but am not hopeful. I won't be spending any more thought on it until I see a revision.

Scarab Sages

Time for a dash of reality. The look of iconics is most dependent on art. Art orders have gone out long ago (most likely). This thread is pointless.

Scarab Sages

ciretose wrote:
Erastil's favored weapon is a bow. One would think the god would favor those who use his favored weapon...

Unless you met an Erasilian paladin. He could be using any martial weapon. With every one of his divine powers.

Scarab Sages *

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Demoyn wrote:

I've been GMing quite a bit again lately, and I have run into an issue. What would you think is the best way to handle a gunslinger who sits down at your table?

Should I:
A) Not say anything and attempt to kill his character every chance I get
B) Be up front about my intent to kill his character so that he has the chance to leave the table or switch characters
C) Leave the table without a GM to avoid the confrontation

Yes, these are pretty much the only options. It's sad, but it's true. I appreciate your input.

Please just stop GMing.

Scarab Sages

I recently got the opportunity to play 3-18 The God's Market Gamble. The build is here

The first part of the mod was an tedious iterigaton of witnesses. In this stage the warpriest was actually fun to play due the fair charisma and ranks in both intimidate and diplomacy. There was the expected GM reluctance to let intimidate do anything at all, but that was eventually overcome and hardly the warpriests fault. I as a player do not love this sort of gameplay though I feel as though I was able to confribute.

In the next stage of the mod we use chase mechanics to try and catch as suspect. In this area I did supprisingly well due to a bit of luck and carefully avoiding the line with required a nigh impossible climb check or complexity impossible disable device check. Overall our dice were however not hot and the GMs were so the villain escaped.

Next we fight some and my warpriest performed well enough. Dispite the annoying tactics of hit and run casters using vanish - thanks to a plume-kin aasimar we actually stood a chance.

In the final combat however we got to face down a high level ranger-archer with supremely advantageous terrain. I was hoping I might be able to bring my weapons to bear using the lesser Magic Blessing but no luck. Her ability to hit overcome both my AC and entropic shield. I lacked the skills to even try and climb up the tower she was in to engage her so was reduced to a cure light wands bot. This was not fun.

Eventually I steeped out from cover to stabilize another PC and got critted to death in the face for my effort. I never once had the time to activate my Copycat blessing as the fight started far far away. I told my companions at the table to save the gold for a raise dead - I was done with warpriests.

Scarab Sages

Warpiests everywhere.

We ran in with a Shaman, Arcanist, Investigator, and three Warpriests. I ran my Asmodian and was joined by warpriests of Gorm and Abadar.

A link to my character sheet is below if you would like to see my build:

The module is a fairly straight forward dungeon crawl. Myself and the Goromite had fun smashing things with a high strength and watching them explode. Like anyone with 18+ str and a two handed weapon does at low level. In short we drove our enemies before us. The only challenging encouter featured a wight, though our anarchist had necromantic focus so his Chill Touch DC was reasonably high and it fled while we cut it down. The investigator seemed to do very little and his player was obviously frustrated by it.

Personally I found myself shepherding my blessing uses like they we precious. I think adding the wisdom modifier to number of blessing per day would not be amiss and would have let me activate copycat a couple of times when I didn't necessarily need it.

In short a warpriest brings little to the table at level 2 that a fighter 1 / cleric 1 does.

I do want to give a quick shout out to our GM Mr. June Soler ran a fun game and it was a privilege to sit at his (virtual) table.

Scarab Sages

2 people marked this as a favorite.
master_marshmallow wrote:
Would people be mad at me if I attempted to hijack this thread and turn it into the official "DIVINE MAGUS NICHE" thread?

I do not see a need for a divine magus.

Scarab Sages

If he is to fight and cast at the same time, then his spell list is currnetly really problematic and making him look much less appealing than pure cleric.

I currently see the inquisitor as a divine magus so find no need for that niche. A paladin (holy warrior) who isn't bound to LG or CE however is something I want to play. As the class stands I'd probably be better off with figher x/ cleric 4 but to say that divine magus is the only option for a fighter/ cleric hybird is a unfair.

This is my current 20pt stat buy:

Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 7, Wis 16, Cha 14

I'm using the Dual Talent human alternate class feature (the last thing this class needs is more feets) to get +2 str and +2 wis.

Scarab Sages

A Thought On Spells

What if positive channeling warpriets used the paladin list, negative channeling warpriests used the antipaladin spell list.

Unfortunately this would mean dropping to a 4 spell level progression, but I think no one would mind if we shifted up to full bab to make up for that.

Scarab Sages

DM Beckett wrote:

I think removing spellcasting is a move in the wrong directoon entirely, but I do think that a lot of the issues would be solved by full BaB, and possibly postponing a few things until later upfront.

I also dont think that it should be healing focused at all, so I think that spontanious casting should be purely about wrath of the divine spells, and drop Channel Energy for Alignment Channel or Channeling Smite.

Hate to break it to you but channeling smite doesn't work without channel energy.

Scarab Sages *

FallofCamelot wrote:
"Hi guys before we start I'm playing a Necromancer that raises and utilises undead. Will that cause any problems for anyone round the table? I have an alternate character if it's a problem."

You're right. The necromancer player is always less important than other players and should not have as much right to play.

Jeff Merola wrote:
FallofCamelot wrote:
In addition Devil worship is intrinsic to one of the factions whereas Necromancy is not intrinsic to any faction.
It is, actually. The Osirion Faction.

OUR necromancy is much better than THEIR necromancy though. Its really weird and not at all like the skeletal mounted litches you see in Ustalov. We even venerate Phrasama as a major deity.

Scarab Sages

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

But the hybrid classes in the ACG are very much like one class + other class, and for those it's a reasonable starting point to say, "if it's half based on class X, it could use the class X spell list." That's the starting point (and also means we don't need to create a custom spell list for the playtest). That may change later on, but that's what we're starting with.

And none of that implies "we care less about these classes than the antipaladin."

Firstly, suggesting that you don't want to spend word count on these classes that you are willing to spend on the antipaladin does in fact imply you care less about them. With only minor hyperbole. And whats a little hyperbole between friends? :)

Secondly, I posit that a fighter cleric with six levels of spell casting does need a different list than the cleric list. When a character get access to a spell matters. On reason summoners are really, really good is that they get to cast Haste at fourth level. If you just gave them the wizard list and let them cast it at 7th level that's much less good. When you say that a warpriest is fine casting Divine Power at level 10 instead of level 7 like a normal cleric. Yes its a 4th level spell for both, but a fourth level spell means something very different to a cleric than it does to a warpriest. In cases where the number of spell levels are the same I mostly agree with you. Shamans do not need a new spell list. Bloodragers do.

Scarab Sages

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

We would really like to avoid creating a new spell list for any of these classes, which is why none of them have unique spell lists (they all use the spell list of another class). Every time we create a new class spell list, we have to (1) spend a lot of lines in the book re-listing all of the existing spells that should be on that list, and (2) add to the amount of text in a spell stat block to call out which classes the spell belongs to.

As an example of #1, the list of alchemist extracts, inqusitor spells, and summoner spells in the APG each take up an entire column of space (or close to it), and ditto for the magus spell list in UM. Likewise, the spell lists in Ultimate Magic take up 9 pages, 3 of which are spell lists for classes that aren't in the Core Rulebook. If those classes didn't have unique spell lists, that's 3 additional pages of spells we could have had in Ultimate Magic. Now, I'm not saying that ALL new classes shouldn't have unique spell lists, but as all of the classes in the ACG are hybrids of existing classes, it's reasonable to try giving them access to existing spell lists.

As an example of #2, a spell stat block already has to call out alchemist, antipaladin, bard, cleric, druid, inquisitor, magus, paladin, ranger, sorcerer/wizard, summoner, and witch.
ACG classes could potentially add arcanist, bloodrager, hunter, investigator, shaman, skald, and warpriest listings.

Do not all of the spells on the druid spell list seem to be a perfect fit for the hunter? Sure.
But not all of the spells on the cleric spell list fit for fire clerics, death clerics, or healing clerics... but there are many, many types of cleric characters you can build, and...

With reguard to #2, if you care less about these new classes than the antipaladin then why are you even bothering?

Scarab Sages

LazarX wrote:

It's also another one of those classes where it must be asked.

Does the warpriest count as his own ally?

Is this really a question still?

Check the FAQ

Scarab Sages

What about Warpriest? Does it count as fighter and cleric?

Scarab Sages

Emphatically Not.

In fact I consider it worse than both Wizard and Sorcerer most of the time.

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