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Matthew Pittard's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,167 posts (1,214 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge **

Ive only come down once on a player that didnt have a Paper character sheet and that was only because his Ipad ran out of juice about an hour into the game. Nobody there had a charger and I wasnt willing to suspend the game for him to drive 40 minutes home to get his.

Jokingly before the game I had actually said 'That thing is fully charged right?, to which the response was 'Yeah' (obviously a lie).

So when it keeled over and stopped working, the guy had no Chronicle sheets or Character sheet. I asked him to leave the game as I had no pregens on me.

I personally use Herolab but always print out the Herolab character sheet. Always.

Liberty's Edge **

BigNorse: Basically all online reporting is done through our VC here and all games here are run and organised through the same VC. Thus all of our reporting sheets go through him. I seem to have a lot that have not been reported.

This in turn means that at least for my most recent games looking up when I ran them is impossible.

Liberty's Edge **

Paizo run the Season Special at Gencon. Normally they test drive it at the Paizocon first.

Liberty's Edge **

Thats the one! Its not quite the same, cept it sorta really is.

Just goes to prove that there is nothing new anymore! :)

Liberty's Edge **

Didnt we have this same topic not more than 5 months ago? Im getting major Deja Vu..

Liberty's Edge **

I generally filter my gm credit to my characters and have never had a gm credit baby. I do start off with sucn an intention but am worried I will lose the Chronicle sheet and thus incorporate it into a character I have active.

Liberty's Edge **

Have people generally accused Delaware of not being a State?

Liberty's Edge **

Thanks. Whilst Oracles do not need to pick a God, I really was more interested so see if my concept of worshipping Anubis whilst not really 'worshipping' Anubis was possible.

Thanks in particular to Phosphorous. Its exactly what I was ruminating.

Liberty's Edge **

Fire Elementalist and Son of Rahadoum made it to level 12 just before Christmas. He is my first level 12 and my only bloatmage.

Liberty's Edge **

That is fine. Im always happy to see Story dictate the win.

No problem with thread deviation. I kinda expect it in this forum anyway :)

Liberty's Edge **

Herolab is a great tool yes, but one of its recent updates completely screwed up my Gunslinger who now has a single attack at level 11 and wont update to show deadly aim or multiple attacks of rapid shot no matter how many times I remake the character. Sigh.

Its also getting to be a very big program.

Liberty's Edge **


I have a Bones Oracle who worships 'Anubis' in PFS. Hes a Pahmet Dwarf who has effectively been ostracized from his people due to his tendencies and his false beliefs.

Whilst he follows Anubis, Im not certain.. well Im pretty certain he is not following the core beliefs and employs the use of undead (something Anubis is pretty much opposed to). Is there another God in the Pantheon that is PFS legal which would more likely be the source of the characters powers. Im still trying to keep to the Osirion Pantheon if possible.


Liberty's Edge **

* Play Eyes of the Ten.
* Continue to work on my gming skills: become more knowledgable of the core rules.

Liberty's Edge **

How did people describe the Infested Human? I amped up on the horror part letting the person by visible behind the strange body suit with a scream on their face but unconcious.

I also managed to infest a party member who proceeded to beat down on other party members.

Liberty's Edge **

I dont remember ever seeing one either. Ive played a lot of scenarios.

THere are certainly scrolls in some loot lists on chronicle sheets.

Liberty's Edge

One thing I noticed about this scenario. There was as much tactical information as I remember seeing in other scenarios which was kinda.. well I liked it.

Also I got to Infest a party member. We dubbed her Cyber/Cyivy. Very cool monster.

Liberty's Edge **

I went out of the way to make sure I made a new Occult class using the brand new races at least for me. I must admit I really enjoyed The Nagaji Spiritualist I played. Im trying to build for melee which is challenging. Im the only one locally who got in on the playtest and while I didnt think the playtest time period was to short time did get away for me and I got in just in time.

Liberty's Edge **


Like most of the people here, I have more than a few Chronicle Sheets. An ever increasing total means an ever increasing amount of paper that needs to be stored. So I use display books like this to do so: G

There are many variations of such portfolion/display books. The benefits are obvious. You can not only store the current character sheet in the file with the chronicle sheets you can double side within the sleeve so you free up sleeves for spell pages or companion pages. Looking through Chronologically at the characters history is also easy and with the occasional audit or inspection by the table DM you can simply hand the file over for the gm to peruse at her leisure.

It is also a boon for players. Storing all your chronicle sheets in one file means you can easily track what adventures you have played and when as well as identify quickly where you bought the items you did. You can also add additional sleeves if needed. Plastic Sleeves also protect the life of the sheet, everyone has seen what happens to the physical life of a chronicle sheet when its not stored properly.

Of course losing the file means you lose all your chronicle sheets, but thats true of storing them all together with a bulldog clip (which I have seen many times).

Do you have other methods of storing your chronicle sheets? If so please share them.

Liberty's Edge

Im going to be playing in the Sejang Expedition soon with this character, Ill keep trying to update this thread with my Experiences.. now at level 2!.

The Phantom imo really should be undead. Just fits the whole spirit side of the Spiritualist though. I can see why they didnt do it though.

Liberty's Edge **

Luke Parry wrote:

@Chris: Ouch, that would have been painful, and embarrassing :-/

Whilst we largely run on the Honour system down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I agree, sometimes, it is important to sit down with people, and go over things, so that some things don't just slip between the cracks...

You must do strange things over east then... because over here in the west its basicallly 'No Chronicle Sheets = Here have a pregen' with no exceptions.

Hell there has been times where it becomes 'No Book at the table for your Swasbuckler? = here have a pregen'

Chris: I think I was at a table at Paizocon just past and 2 of the people on my table didnt have Chronicle sheets on them as 'it was too much to carry with them on the plane from home'. I found it bizarre as I was in America for a 35 day holiday from Aus and I managed to bring 4 characters worth of Chronicle sheets in paper form. I use a display book with plastic sleeves for all of my chronicle sheets as Its a great way to store them chronologically. I don't remember being asked though on any other table for them though, I actually on the table offered the file to the gm without him asking and got a strange look.

What gets me is the people who store their chronicle sheets loose with a bulldog clip or just loose between pages in a A4 book of paper. It looks so horrible and must be incredibly hard to find which chronicle sheet goes with which character.

Liberty's Edge **

joe kirner wrote:
Robert Hetherington wrote:
joe kirner wrote:
Unfortunately it has become the norm that players don't bring their chronicle sheets with them.

Note that the guide addresses this particular issue:

OP Guide wrote:

Keep good records of your character and make sure to bring all of your Chronicle sheets to every event or session of Pathfinder Society Organized Play. If you forget your Chronicle sheets, you will be unable to play your character, though you may be able to play a pregenerated character or start another character within Society rules.[/quiet] [/QUOTE

Yes. The guide addresses many items under the gm section.
Just very few do it. Therefore many players dont bring chronicle sheets, resource books,etc..
The gms who actually go by the rules are frowned upon by those players.

Ive heard of not bringing resource books, but not bringing Chronicle sheets? Thats just crazy. Id prefer to be frowned upon by players then start breaking my gming morals by just waving it through.

Liberty's Edge

I must admit, I did like all the rp opportunities of the bonded spirit and being only level 1 while playtesting so far made things interesting.

Liberty's Edge

The thing I enjoy about the Spiritualist so much is that it dosnt have to worry about Godawful Eidolon build mechanics. You get a choice of emotions then a choice between Incorporeal and Ectoplasm forms and thats it.

Liberty's Edge

ahh.. thanks. Now that I have looked at it .. you are right? Thanks

Liberty's Edge

If you dont mind Id like to add my own playtest to this thread as it appears we both played this same scenario.

I built a Nagaji Spiritualist and decided to go with Anger. The backstory such as it is was built around the fact that Foreigners have come to Xian Ti and basically brought their Garundi and Avistan values with them , thumbing their noses at local customs until one person got so angry over this he killed the 'tourists'.

I decided to go with a Light Melee Combat build and due to dm credits I started this character at 0.2 (2 dm credits).

Str 14, Dex 14. Con 12, Int 12, Wisdom 16 and Cha of 8.
Took Medium Armor Proficency and bought MW Breastplate as well as a MW Scythe.
Spell wise for 1st I went with CLW and Shield (to buff the low AC of the Hate Phantom if I needed to.

I didnt start with the Phantom fully Manisfted like Texlar above. Im trying to play the character as sort of a dual personality. When inhabited, Ssandro is 'near to boiling'. He finds it hard to have a civil conversation as he snaps at the slightest provocation. When fully manifested, Ssandro is more relaxed and in control.


In Encounter 1: We were slowly tracking through the mists to hear screams and such. Visibility was limited. We were jumped by crazy cannibal guys and the gm was rolling quite well on attacks. I was at the back and in the first round of combat went down to -1 (10 hp attack). I spent the whole combat out. Healed up by wands at the end.

I decided to Manifest Malice straight after this, and portrated Ssandro as much more willing to offer opinions and advice from here on. Malice was manifested in Ectoplasmic form. Having found a Chasm way, Ssandro (despite having 19 AC) was designated a spellcaster and left to last to head down. Just as well because of the statue trap.

Encounter 2: In the Hag eating her hands room , we had 2 half orcs go to sleep and the human fighter start eating worm riddled flesh meat. SSandro managed to slap some sense into him and we quickly made our way to

Encounter 3:

SSandro grew up near water so didnt mind it to much. I did want to see how Ectoplasm and water got along but the GM didnt go there. The Giant Leech was a surprise. Neither Ssandro or Malice managed to hit the Giant Leech once. Not once in all the attacks.It was defeated and healed with wands again we moved on

Encounter 4

Statue Room. After marvelling at the Flesh thing, we straight out attacked the Ghouls and Festrogs. I finally! hit something with the Scythe (having lost a point of str and con earlier) as did Malice. We made short work of these undead, marvelled at the Flesh plug then opened the door to. I used my CLW to Keep Malice going after a few hits. With 13 AC , it isnt the best combatant but still 2 attacks was nice.

Encounter 5
Discussion with the Pirate Undead guy. Kinda one way, when he mentioned about us replacing his undead crew we attack and cut him down quick. Used my last spell on Malice that being Shield

Encounter 6.
Behind the rockpile we uncovered our prize and a lone ghoul who died quickly. We then decided to leave never realising we had missed a secret door.

All in All a Good game. I should of manifested first and foremost Malice but just didnt want to quite yet. After nearly going down 2 times, I think that was more due to good rolls than bad tactics.

I loved just having to pick between Incorporeal and Ectoplasmic. Thats great. The dodgy thing about the Eidolon is all the options. Just way too much going on there.

All in all very enjoyable. Im the ONLY person in my area playing one of these new playtest Classes and have just hit level 2.

(One thing beyond anyones control here. Keep in mind guys that the Herolab version is not giving the Phantom d10 hp when it should be). Ive sent in an email about that but you will have to adjust that yourself.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

To put this into context I have wanted to play a Summoner type character for a long time. However I just find the Eidolon rules too complex and unwiedly. Its far too much options to calculate here and there.

So when the spiritualist came along I thought Id give this version a Try.

I had my first game last Saturday with my Nagaji Spiritualist. I decided on the Anger Phantom (although it was honestly a contest between that and the Hatred one). The Phantom is actually the Nagaji ancestor of the Character who was so disgusted at what Foreigners were doing to the traditions of where he was living that his Anger overode his honor and he slayed them to the last. He in turn was killed but his Anger does not allow him to rest).

I think it fits perfectly as a concept class for the Xian Ti ethos and I try to portray two different versions of the character.. one where the character is being inhabited he tends to through tactics to the wind and charge in or do something rash. When the Spirit is fully manifested he is calmer and more inclined to be sociable.

I was quite surprised by the classes limited spellcasting ability and I think the spell list could do with some work, Ill report how it goes at level 2.

I would ask that you please dont add too much complexity to the Phantom. What we have now is more than enough.

Liberty's Edge **

Thanks to the people above. Im hoping to run level 1 and 2 on the same day soon and this has been very useful.

Liberty's Edge **

This is an incredibly ordinary prestige class.

Liberty's Edge **

Crow: I feel a little like that sometimes.

Its the reason I like FR so much and probably the same reason people dislike FR so much. It changes.

Liberty's Edge **

I think there is a certain point where PFS will stop expanding. Are we there yet? Im not sure. There are of course untapped markets but we also have to factor in locations where gaming has never really 'taken off' at least not traditional gaming. Markets like India, China etc have huge populations but not a high population of what we might term traditional rpgers.

Is 5e an issue? I wouldnt think so. PFS has many current advantages over Adventurers League

A) You are not locked into Wednesday nights (as you are with Encounters)
B) You can run games anywhere you wish as long as they get reported (Encounters and Expeditions both have mandatory store play requirements)
C) The quality of production of PFS Scenarios is currently streets ahead of the Expeditions Scenarios.
*Quality issues refer to appearance of scenarios, spelling and grammar levels, scenario design.
* Im not reference the actual plot/story of the scenarios here. THats entirely subjective and based on players experience. I will say that the current season of expeditions is very closely linked to every other one in the season
D) THere is a huge catalogue of scenarios to chose from in PFS. You currently have Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat, Lost Mine of Plandelver and 8 Expeditions scenarios. So some choice but nothing near the same level.
E) A still incomplete basic level of knowledge. THe DMG for 5e still isnt 'out' everywhere. That means the take up for DMs is still quite slow and Ive seen many a con organiser screaming out for 5e dms to run AL games with few takers.

Liberty's Edge **

You only have to view other threads in here to see the people pleading for new 1-5 scenarios for the 'new' players.

Liberty's Edge **

Now you have to come to the west Coast to run games :).

Liberty's Edge **

Having played it at Paizocon then having run it locally, I quite enjoyed the twist. I even had a player contribute to the changes he saw earlier. It was kinda glad isnt wasnt a rehash on the 'siege' deal we have had in the previous multi table specials.

Liberty's Edge **

I ran this.

Wow I really struggled.

Not so much with the plot or monsters of the scenario.

I just could not get the tone right in my head. People were making predator jokes ( 3 dots inside a triangle!) and people kept wanting to get inside locked off areas.

I even had trouble with thinking up new ways to describe a keypad or handprint reader.

Anyone else have similar issues?

Liberty's Edge **

DM Beckett: THe poster said he had been playing Pathfinder for a while. At no point did he ask for free PFS PDF'S:

3. Is there ANY way for me to get free Pathfinder PDFs (non-torrent) on the internet

Even if he is talking non torrent, hes basically asking for someone to send him a free copy of a product he hasnt paid for.

Liberty's Edge **

Ive stopped reading a lot of forum posts on Paizo nowadays because of time constraints, but thought Id pop in here.

The fact that someone just asked where they can find free copies of publishers product on the publishers own forum is ...

amazingly appalling.

Liberty's Edge **

Thanks BigNorse: I havnt even looked at the new Guide yet or seen any of the season 6 scenarios. On the face of it, it looked like with the move away from the alignment with Osirion that some of these vanities had been made story obsolete.

Liberty's Edge **

Sorry from a story aspect this in no logical connection here. The Scarab Sages are now an independent body and only really connected there because thats where the Dragon was found etc. The Risen Guard are an elite group sworn to safeguard the life of the Ruby Prince (in this case). It makes no sense story wise why the Ruby Prince would have you brought back to life to aid the Scarab Sages.

TBH, I think ALL the pp vanities need to be looked at and change. You cannot change effectively all the factions and keep the same vanities.

Liberty's Edge **

Not at all. I looked at her Subdomains:

Archon, Day, Heroism, Honor, (Judgment), Light, (Redemption), (Revelation), Tactics

Saw 'Redemption' and thought that might be a nice angle to follow on.

Liberty's Edge **

DrJill: I know where you are coming from here as I had the exact Issue. I like to build characters in society to theme... or in this case the theme of the Season.

Roland Whitebane is my Iomedae Paladin. I decided that he was somewhat gullible and a little bit innocent of heart.. he follows the compasionate redemptive side of Iomedae over her more martial aspects (although he can still fight as well as most).

I created him early in the piece of Season 5 and wrote his backstory to be that he was a representative to the Grand Lodge/Society from the Court of the Queen of Mendev. He was there to take part in the quest to find the skycitadel and to report back to his country and queen on how the Society was keeping up its part of the bargain.

His fellow Crusaders however think that he is a little too weak of heart to be fully committed on the walls and borders of the worldwound and Ive always tried to play him a little less gung ho and more trusting.

As the Grand Lodge really is the true Central hub/grouping of the society it would make sense that any such 'loaned' character would be operating out of it.

Hes now Level 10 and I must admit with the focus turned to Numeria Im finding it a little difficult to justify his reasons for contuining on to there with the focus of the Worldwound gone. I may just play him now in either Demon orientated scenarios or any future revisits to the Worldwound.

Liberty's Edge **

Arnt Wayangs the ones that have been essentially persecuted by Humans for a heck of a long time to the point that they really really dislike humans?

Liberty's Edge **

There was a scenario recently out which had the potential for a lot of items to be damaged/destroyed.

Liberty's Edge

I am very impressed by you asking multiple people. What did those 5 people have to say ? :)

Liberty's Edge **

So nobody else had to fight a CLOCKWORK DRAGON in the final Throne battle? I was on a 10-11 table at Paizocon and apparently because we finished off the BBEG so quickly, it was decided we were good to fight a CR 14-15? Clockwork Dragon. (Which also died big time).

I had a great time though and we were right in the very corner of the room a long way away from the annoucements
(and the music was a little .. different)

Liberty's Edge **

Congratulations, are we going to need more Venture Captains when California apparently breaks up into 5 states? :)

Liberty's Edge **

What happened to my poor Qadira? :(

Liberty's Edge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like being called a Judge.

Liberty's Edge

I thought Id better chip in here before I forget.

I got back from my mammoth 35 day trek around America last week, and part of that was Paizocon.

Now Ive never really been to an American con before so I didnt know what to expect. Sure Ive been told what to expect, but like most things gaming related you dont really know it until you play it/ participate in it.

Ive already forgotten most of the name sadly, but I had a enjoyable game pre con with Shadows fall on Absalom. Thanks to the guys who were in that game.

Like many I put my name down for as many lottery games as I could. One of my choices was a Freeport game run by Chris Pramas. Now Ive heard of Freeport for a long time, but due to circumstance had never played in it. Were were told a tale of 2 sides and whilst I wont spoiler it the first thing I had to do was change the character name.. Valeros is not a fitting pirate/privateer name at all.

A Very enjoyable experience though.

I had also wanted to try out the Neo Exodus game. Im on a list and occasionally here about happenings in the game and the fact that I could like PFS build a character along. Sadly not everyone turned up for this and the table folded. I wasnt able to get in on another table , but spent this time perusing the Paizocon store so it wasnt wasted time.

Then came the special which was a very.. different experience. All those gamers into one albeit very large room is an experience I had never contemplated before. At the start I was having a great deal of difficulty hearing people and I was only sitting 2 seats from the dm. But after a while the noise behind tends to cancel each other out. I wont say its the most pleasant way to game, but the Scenario more than made up that. I had a great time, backed up in the knowledge Ill get to run it for others if asked and play it again in its full form.

(This was the beginning of my run with this GM from Seattle. Sadly his name escapes me but I believe him to be THE VC or VL.)

I managed to get in several more games, giving myself enough time in the day to move around to different tables, eat, go for a walk to get some exercise and sleep.

A big thankyou to the organisers , people I played with, my fellow bloatmage (man that voice you had going on must of killed you!), my gms (I really should write these names down) and anyone else I ran into whilst I was there.

As the lone Australian (although I heard there was a New Zealander present but avoided them :) ), everyone was very generous with their time and energy.

If I ever manage to get to America again Ill definetly consider Paizocon again.

back in Perth
and glad he isnt tipping anymore.

Liberty's Edge

AFK was a really nice ambient place and had a lot of fun playing some wizard based game!

Liberty's Edge

Hi Shadow. Have tried contacting you , no response. Please call me on the number I gave you via personal message

Am in room 490 . Will leave the second room key at the front desk as I'm leaving the hotel to go for a walk

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