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Blue Dragon

Matthew Morris's page

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8. Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 14,754 posts (14,840 including aliases). 13 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Ok, I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere and my search-fu is too weak to find it...

How does a Warlock add spells to their spellbooks? I am assuming like a magus (all 0 level and 3+ int mod spells at first level, then 2 per level after that) and then they can also scribe as a magus/arcanist/wizard. But want to make sure,

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Ok, this came up in discussion with a fellow Pathfinder player.

I have certain characters that I want to play certain scenarios, not because of boon picking, but because of location. My Jadwiga half elf bard, for example has a GM credit for Shades of Ice I, and has played II and III, as well as From Under Ice because they're all set in or around Irrisen.

Likewise, I asked for someone to run Midnight Mauler since I have an Ustalav psychic detective in tier. Is it wrong of me to play characters that regionally 'gel' with the scenario?

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Just going to sulk that I can't get 10 dice sets of these still. *sigh*

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

More specifically, how the abilities are partitioned.

Obviously Paraduke William, loyal neutral citizen of Cheliax can't be seen channeling the blessings of Milani, as does the Steel Rose, Zealot.

But why can't Lord Oblivious, of Taldor, be a dabbler in the arcane arts and not be connected to Baron Strange the mysterious warlock avenger of the bearless?

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Good morning!

Going through my humble bundle comics I had a thought occur to me. Would it be possible to use the maps included in the bundles/comics in future scenarios?

They aren't that complex to draw, but having them available would be nice, as my mapmaking skills are poor.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Before I take a shot at unchaining the eldritch scoundrel I thought I'd request a change on something that affects another of my characters...

The Scorpion Whip.

Currently PFS uses the description in the Adventurer's Armoury, a soft cover that has only had one reprinting.

Back in May the whip was FAQed for Ultimate Combat, the more recent publication/ To date, the AR uses the older, less common source of the weapon.

The clarification of the Scorpion Whip makes it clear how the item interacts with both just whip proficiency and with proficiency in both.

It's time to use the most recent version, the wider published version.

Free the scorpion whip.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Good morning,

Just reauthed my card for my monthly order and went to pick up a scenario for tomorrow, and saw my Subcriber discount wasn't applying.

Sure for a scenario it's small change, but heck I need small change :-)

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Well, looks like there's a new Thunderbolts coming out.

Just wanted to mention it since, Jim Zub is the writer.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Good morning all.

I'm working on variant Shabti rules, as I find the race neat and want to contribute something. For people who don't have Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh (End of the Mummy's Mask AP) They are native outsiders with the racial abilities of all knowledge skills are class skills (2 RP) and suggestion once a day as an SLA. My variants are going to be changing those two things. (No plans to do the 'dial an ability combo ala tieflings/aasimars)

The Race builder rules for magical racial traits says "Choose a 2nd-level or lower spell that does not attack a creature or deal damage." ignoring for the moment that suggestion is only a second level spell for bards (it costs 3 rp for Shabti), and ignoring that it, like many of the published plaentouched SLAs do either attack a creature or deal damage, is heroism too good for a 1/day SLA?

Aside, the variants I'm looking at also include one that does prayer one that does arcane sight and a final one that does nondetection.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Is there any PFS going on? I'll be visiting family and might be able to sneak away.

I could bring bonekeep...

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

I tried a search, and while I could find the topic, I couldn't find an answer, either on the boards or the errata.

for the Draugr Captain what is the DC to resist/remove the negative level? Is it 12 like the regular Draugr's Nausea?

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Glad to see the evil iconics getting an appearance in the book

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Ok, the feat True breed...

True Breed:
For the purposes of any effect related to
subtype (such as a ranger’s favored enemy and bane
weapons), you count as neither of your subtypes, and
you no longer count as either of your parent races for the
purposes of effects related to race
(Emphasis mine

So is my reading of the feat's text that you no longer count as human or elf (for example) for FCB options seem a bit harsh or does it make sense?

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Ok, per the AR page, Inspire Imitation is legal (But coin shot isn't... but that's for another rant) problem is...

It replaces skilled on the half elf. So it's legal and doesn't work (much like Obamacare)

Should it replace multitalented?

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

OK, I just checked the GTOP v 6.0 and couldn't find anything so I need help.

Prepping Carrion Hill and stumbled across this:

Pnakotic Manuscripts:
Once read, the Pnakotic Manuscripts grant a +4 bonus on all Knowledge checks made pertaining to conjuration magic or the gods and magic of the Old Cults. In addition, the book functions as a spellbook and contains the following arcane spells: gate, greater teleport, greater planar binding, interplanetary teleport (see Pathfinder Adventure Path volume #14, page 54), lesser planar binding, planar binding, plane shift, teleport, teleport object, and teleportation circle

Now,as far as I can tell, since this is a spellbook, and not a set of scrolls, this means that if I've a prepared arcane caster at the table Friday (Wizard/Arcanist/Magus/Witch) they can add the spells to their book/familiar, correct?

Not unbalancing as far as non of the spells really come into play until highest Tier/Seeker play, but I want to make sure.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Ok, don't know if this had been thought of before...
(Disclaimer, this came to me while listening to Prince of Wolves in my normal idea place*)

There are at least two scenarios that open up options for a specific other PC** and a couple that open up options for all your PCs***

Has there been any thought about opening up races this way as well? To paraphrase text from <redacted>

New Recruits: Your success at impressing <insert race here> inspires some <race> to join the Society. You may designate one newly created PC under your Pathfinder Society number as a new recruit. This additional training allows the new PC to be <race>. You must include a copy of this Chronicle sheet with the new PC’s records, though that PC gains no additional boons, equipment, or wealth from this Chronicle sheet.
Character receiving this boon: – Faction: GM Initials:

Thus a player could have no more than two of <race> preventing Aasimar spam, for example (One as GM credit and maybe one as PC). Just include other language so that the Core character/GM credit can't be applied to a non-Core PC. (at least to start, they can convert like normal PC's later) That way there's no "I got this off a core PC, but rebuilt him into a drow bloodrager..." It could be restricted even further by limiting it to faction specific as well.

I was thinking specifically of races like catfolk/ratfolk/skinwalkers, etc.

regions off the top of my head/ISR...:

Aasimar - A diplomatic mission to Tianjng. Silver Crusade/Soverign Court come to mind.
Half (not full!) Drow - Darklands of course, but maybe a scenario involving an incursion into Jinin as well. Liberty's Edge
Catfolk - Mwangi obviously (maybe a joint mission back to Bloodcove with the aspis involved this season?) Exchange/GrandLodge.
Changelings - (Yes I know, unlikely with the boon in play, but I'm brainstorming) River Kingdoms, Taldor, Andoran, Lands of the Linnorn Kings. Grand Lodge/Darchive/Soverign Court.
Dhampir - Ustalav (duh) but also Tian Xia and Vudra. Grand Lodge/Darchive/Scarab Sages
Fetchlings - Nidal/Absalom Grand Lodge/Liberty's Edge/Exchange/Darchive.
Gilmen - Absalom/River Kingdoms Grand Lodge/Scarab Sages
Hobgoblins - Kaoling/Andoran Soverign Court/Exchange
Ratfolk - Round Mountain/Diguo Dashu/Akiton Grand Lodge/Exchange
Skinwalkers - Darkmoon Vale, Ustalav (hey, this idea came to me while lsitening to PoW after all) and Land of the Linnorm Kings. Exchange (*cough*Sczarni*cough*)/Soverign court.

Yes, I do my best thinking in the shower

Eyes of the Ten, Paths we Choose

Slave Master's Mirror, The Waking Rune.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

There's an off topic talk about earning fame in the Eldritch Archer thread, so I thought I'd move it over to it's own thread.

I've found with the older scenarios the second prestige point varies wildly from scenario to scenario Some are automatic (completing the primary condition completes the secondary) Some are pretty much required. (defeating the final enemy who can't escape you) Some are bloody near impossible (looks at Among the dead suspiciously)

Of course, the little of season 7 I touch seems to fall into the later catagory. When I ran Six Seconds to Midnight, the puzzle ruined the scenario more that the flying buggers of death. I gave them the secondary PP because they technically did complete the objective*

I mean yeah they did stop the bad guys within the time frame, but throwing the fireball to do it did the damage they were trying to do. OTOH, 3 character deaths from the beam monsters, mixed with the puzzle meaning that they got a total of 300 GP on high tier, and left a sour taste in everyone's mouth. I've heard 7-4 is better, but after seeing Bronze House descend into a cluster frak twice now, and Six Seconds to firey Death, I'm steering well away from 7-X for now.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Premise: An option is banned only if it conflicts with the nature or goals of the campaign.
Premise: Wasp Familiar does not conflict with the nature or goals of the campaign.
Conclusion: Wasp Familiar should not be banned.

Premise #1:
I’m using Jiggy’s guidelines for arguing my point. So there’s more cut & paste

One method is that nothing outside the Core Assumption is allowed, unless it appears to specifically benefit the campaign. That is, when a new book comes out, we "start" with everything banned, and then Tonya and the VO’s looks through it and sees something and says "Hey, X would make the campaign better" and makes an exception for it (i.e., legalize it).

The other method is that new content is generally legal, unless it appears to specifically hurt the campaign. That is, when a new book comes out, we "start" with an assumption that its content will be legal, and then Tonya and the VO’s look through it and sees something and says "Hey, X would cause problems with the campaign" and makes an exception for it (i.e., ban it).
It is my understanding that the latter is the stance of PFS leadership, hence Premise #1.

Premise #2:
I am not aware of any aspect of the campaign with which Wasp Familiar conflicts.
It does not affect wealth.
It does not invite unregulated customization.
It does not skirt alignment restrictions.
It does not slow down gameplay.
It does not have canon issues.
It does not skirt PvP rules.
The above list should all be pretty self-evident.
Since we don’t know why it is banned. I will contend that it should not be.

The first argument I have seen is concern about it being a way to get a familiar or improved familiar without the need for Iron Will (Familiar Bond) or Skill Focus (Eldritch Heritage: Arcane). We already have one step familiar feats with qualifications (Aberrant Tumor) that grant a familiar, as well as the religion feats that grant class abilities to worshipers. (Bloodletting and Blood Vengeance both give a bleed attack at first level, disciple of the sword gives weapon specialization and access to fighter only feats, Dreamed Secrets gives arcane spells to divine casters, Ironbound Master gives armor training.) So this feat is on par with those. For arcane casters with a familiar it is a ‘flavourful familiar’ feat until 5th level, when it becomes similar to a weakened imp familiar.

The next argument I see is that the familiar is ‘better’ than the greensting scorpion because it has a fly speed. In rebuttal, I point to the compsognathus. This familiar gives a +4 bonus to initiative, has a swim speed (instead of fly speed) does slightly more damage, has a more effective poison (dc 12 vs 10, strength damage vs sickened), and scent. Thus the wasp familiar (already costing a feat) is not ‘better’ than end any other familiar.

Now comparing the improved wasp to the imp.
The familiar uses the statistics for an imp but just the statistics. It is still a wasp (albeit an lawful evil outsider) and thus does not have the ability to use magical weapons and items like an imp. Unless you choose to argue that the regular wasp familiar has no wings, 8 legs, and a segmented tail. Also it loses the at will invisibility (2nd level spell, albeit self only) for the 3/day unnatural lust. Much more fun, sure, but much less effective.* That brownies and sprites can use items makes the greater wasp familiar comparable to them. For non-familiar classes, the familiar takes *another* feat to activate, which can be done with improved familiar.

Since it is unlikely that Dirty Tactics will receive an errata, Pathfinder Society should include the errata that it also loses the lawful, evil, and devil subtypes but gains the chaotic subtype. Modifying existing material to better fit the society also has precedent. (True Breed comes immediately to mind, as does alterations of scribe scroll for wizards and brew potion for alchemist)

Finally, I see some people note concerns about the brawler archtype. While I’m unaware of what would make the brawler so uniquely powerful for either incarnation of the familiar. I’d point out that the improved wasp does not qualify, since it does not have ‘speak with others of its own kind’ to replace.

Based on the argument above, I believe it follows logically that Wasp Familiar should not be banned.

(aside note, personally I think it should have used the stats for a quasit, lose the evil subtype and the invisibility, but replacing the claws with stinger would have been harder, mechanically)

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

(Decided to start a new thread to avoid the clogging of the updates thread as was suggested)
Long rant incoming…
I’m very disappointed by the latest updates from the Additional Resources. Many things were banned, apparently with no rhyme or reason I can see. I’m going to go over the ones that I read and stuck out in my mind.

Races of the Inner Sea:

  • Eclipse Strike: I don’t see why, with all the dirty tricks that do the same thing? Especially with Tieflings getting rarer.
  • True Breed: Sad to see that a ‘must be first level’ feat is added. I mean yes, you can take the three feats that allow you to do this from other books, but it’s not like we’ve not seen a feat that bypasses other feats making them ‘better’ (Hi Dirty Fighting!) This is why my Arcanist has been sitting at first level, FWIW.
  • Elven Arrogance: I could see this in the ‘disruptive table’ attitude, but really the character will be so hosed if they don’t spend a skill point on linguistics and take Taldane that I don’t worry much about it.
  • Disciplined Body: Really? A once a day stat switch is banned?
  • Weapon Training: Because a +1 to damage is so unbalancing (Axe to grind, blade of the society, havoc of the society, dirty fighter, vengeful..) or because it shares a name with another class ability *coughSKALDcough*
  • Weathered Patience: Because if you ready an action, once a day getting a bonus to be the big damn hero might ruin the game
  • Innovative: Because we can’t have missionaries and diplomancers?
  • Isolated: See Elven Arrogance, above. The worth of the trait is a different topic.
  • Tribalistic: Umm, I don’t see any reason for this to be banned, unless a) someone worried about an all Kellid party or b) someone worried about a group of Tribalistic humans, Isolated Oreads and Arrogant elves walking into a scenario (hey, makes for a quick 0xp 0gp 0pp sheet for me as GM)
    (Positive, glad to see the nipped ‘obsessed with success vs day job argument in the bud)
    (Aside, might want to add ‘blood of X’ to the phrasing “The racial heritages section from page 236–254 is a legal resource when qualifying to play a character of a different race, much as if the player owned a copy of the corresponding Bestiary or Advanced Race Guide.”)

    Blood of the moon

  • Completely off topic, but I think you *should* be able to choose the “If you associate with” feats if you have a Prince of Wolves chronicle sheet, but that’s just me 

    Dirty Tactics Toolbox

  • Wasp Familiar: Um, why? It’s not like we don’t have religion specific traits, fighting styles and deity specific feats. (Iomedean Sword Oath, Pantheistic Blessing) Or that it’s better than the ‘three feats to a familiar’ trick (Oh, hi Dirty Fighting that allows me to qualify for all sorts of stuff I’d need stats and other feats to get normally. And I can trade out a +2 to not essentially pull all the improved combat maneuvers out of my hat when I’m flanking?) I mean this is campaign setting specific, and very flavourful. And this is coming from the guy whose bard has a 100 gp ‘tramp stamp’ holy symbol tattoo of Calistra. Not for mechanical advantage, but because it’s flavourful.
  • Alchemical Pheromones: See Calistra, follower of.

    Heroes of the Streets

  • Illustrious Urbanite: Because we can’t have that +4 bonus on day job checks. I mean you’d need to be an arcane caster to get a +5 or an Alchemist or a bard with a 6pp vanity to do things like that. No, Dwarves just need to hit things harder.
  • Eldritch Archer: A ranged magus that works? Can’t have that.
  • Cunning Caster: Because Pathfinders are murder hobos, so they can’t subtly do anything.
  • Guild Emissary: Hey, heaven forbid those exchange characters actually belong to a guild and have another way to do the gather information. I mean a feat that replaces another that’s unheard o- oh, hello Dirty Fighting.
  • Subtle devices: See Cunning Caster, above.
  • Underworld connections: See Guild Emissary above.
  • Cat Burglar’s kit: I’m guessing that it’s because of the Masterwork Backpack. I mean we can’t just change things as they’re written. Oh, hi true breed feat. Have we met?
  • Diminishing sash: Because 2500 in components for 5000 gp is unbalancing, I guess. Or 100 GP for a +1 Caster level is game breaking (hides his alchemical components)
  • Eerie disappearance: No, you can’t be Batman.
  • Coin Shot: No idea why. Is throwing gold at the target only for gunslingers?
  • Ears of the city: Hey, it’s a way to make those annoying gather information checks. We can’t have that!
  • Secret Coffer: Why yes, it can be unbalancing to have a tiny space where things can’t be detec- oh I can buy a pathfinder pouch that does the same thing, is twice the size, and doesn’t have a chance of spilling my stuff into the ether? For only twice the price?
  • Wiscrani ear: Because taking 10 is so game breaking. I’d better hide my bards.

    Aside: I’m sad to see we still can’t use the fixed version of the scorpion whip. And that blood transcription is still illegal.

    To sum up, I’m very disappointed in the lack of rhyme or reason seeming in these decisions. Some things were banned that were flavorful (Tribalistic, Illustrious Urbanite) Campaign setting friendly (Wasp Familiar) or just plain useful (ears of the city). I do think the ban hammer was used too liberally on these recent additions, and needs to be revisited.

  • Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Pretty self explanatory. Sure Toughness is a better choice but I found myself curious.

    Edit, wrong feat name

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Good eve all.

    Just got home, excited to download Bonekeep II Electric Boogaloo, and none of my downloads are, well downloading.

    Windows 10, chrome browser. No changes from my last download.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Still wish we could get 10 dice sets.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, the Vanguard is one of my favourite 3pp (that isn't Dreamscarred) so I've been looking at archtypes for it.

    I'm thinking..

  • A witch archtype, drops the arcane bond for familiar and hexes, but not sure of a good balance. Maybe drop the arcane blast for hexes and make the bonded weapon also hold spells like the bonded witch archtype? It would likely be an int based caster so, the bonded item also works as a spell book, like the witch.

  • An arcanist version. I'm thinking keep the spells/day the same, but unsure yet how many spells prepared. Remove the teamwork feats and the Vanguard tactics for adding arcane exploits, one at 3rd level, and add the extra Arcanist exploit to the list of Spell Maneuver options. I'm thinking giving him an arcane pool of 2 + 1/2 level, and the pool starts each day at 1 + 1/4th level. This one should be able to remain a charisma based caster.

  • An Occult adventures version. Pretty straight forward would be replace 'sorcerer/wizard' with 'psychic' I'd not give them the phrenic pool though.

    Anyone want to see these?

  • Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Good morning,

    It appears my subscription auth email hasn't gone through for July.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    slime grenade for reference.

    Ran Emerald Spire with a level two alchemist who had two of them. The damage isn't absurd, but the damage to items... wow. How to disarm the BBEG in one pop.

    They saved the party from a TPK, and I at least got to see it eat the archer's 600 GP bow when the bad guy grabbed it to shoot and the alchemist tossed the other grenade. But wow.

    (for quick reference, a greatsword has 10 hp per my item sheet, a metal hafted weapon has 20. A bow has 5)

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Thank you.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Well with most all of the vanities gone, on what are people spending prestige?

    Obviously getting better, (removing conditions, raise dead, etc) but what else is there?

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Ok, was just prepping this for a core game and noticed something:


    The cataclysm amulet only functions when worn by Dalirio, as it is
    a minor artifact bestowed on him by Groetus himself.

    So this works for the Darchive faction card, right?

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Well assuming my party doesn't kill my core bard in the next two hours...

    He's sovereign court, but I clicked on exchange in mistake.

    Edit: I tried searching for a thread on this.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Does a sleep arrow have a hit dice cap? Came up in combat today, and the decription on the prd doesn't list hit dice or duration, but based on the DC, it seems like sleep.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, was playing with HeroLab and came across the Wealthy Dabbler trait. Text from the source (not Herolab) reads:

    wealthy dabbler:
    You study magic at a social club, wowing your friends with your recent discoveries and showing off your expertise in the simplest of magical exploits. Select two non-harmful arcane cantrips. You can cast these two cantrips once per day each (caster level 1st). If you have levels in a class that can cast these cantrips, your caster level for these cantrips is equal to that class level

    As I read it, you *are* casting these spells, not spell like abilities. So I'm reading this opens up Arcane Strike, albiet 'stuck' at level 1.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    I was reading the implanting rules for my Lissallan Slayer, and was wondering if PFS allows upgrading of Ioun Stones, like how we can upgrade weapons and armor. Sure it would get expensive quick...

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

    Ok, disclaimer: I love entangling things. It's my favourite condition, like chicken, it goes with just about everything.

    That said, the tangleshot arrow is broken.

    Alchemy Manual wrote:

    This effect is similar to that of a tanglefoot

    bag, but with the following adjustments: Reflex DC 10, Strength
    DC 12 to break, 10 points of slashing damage to cut through,
    concentration DC 10 to cast spells.

    The errata needs to address the *size* of the shooter. Right now a pixie, a lyrakin/imp/quasit and an awakened spider monkey can fire an arrow that can entangle an ogre.

    On the other end, a Rune Giant's tanglefoot arrow cannot entangle a Storm Giant or any other huge creature.

    I think, since the language for Tanglefoot Bags reads "Huge or larger creatures are unaffected by a tanglefoot bag." (based on a medium bag) the arrow should have added "A tangleshot arrow has no effect on creatures more than one size category larger than the shooter."

    So no more Lyrakin familiars shooting and entangling bone devils. :-)

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Does the fact that we can see it with glitterdust bring its gaze attack back online?

    Also does glitterdust negate invisibility or just tell you what square you're in?

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, ao if I'm melded with my familiar, anyone have any ideas what to do with my body? One application of the spell lasts an hour a level, which means it is good for exploring, and with the right improved familiar, you won't lose spell casting to boot.

    I just can't expect the rest of the party to tote my body around without putting it somewhere...

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Can you remove the miniatures from this order? Picked them up at the flgs last night.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Is it bad that I thought it was a Goodfeathers reference.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, I want to double check this...

    Does my animal companion *have* to get large when it hits that level?

    I've a gnome ranger, and I don't want my mount to go to large size, since I use him indoors.

    And does anyone know how to tell Herolab I don't want it?

    Edit, and if I'm reading this right, the wolf, for example, can either at 7th level get Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8 plus trip); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4. Or can just get a +2 dex and +2 con. Huh?

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    so Knowledge Arcana can do this:
    Identify a spell effect that is in place Arcana 20 + spell level

    So, can I knowledge arcana undetectable aura?


    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    I missed clicking on 'combine with monthly shipment'

    Thank you.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, just finished the tower ruins for my 100th game, but I can't find it to report it.

    Sad Hermit.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Good afternoon from the Buckeye state!

    I checked the Florida PFS site, and didn't see any games, so I'm asking here.

    I've travel plans that put me in the Orlando area Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and in the Bradenton area Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (leaving for home Thursday morning).

    Any games available? I'm also willing to pack my 'Confirmation kit' and GM if anyone wants a guest GM. :-)

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Alright, despite some editing errors and weird map choices, I had a blast running this, and I believe my players did in playing it. Highlights and spoilers follow.

    Taldor mission. I love how sandboxy the mission is. A bit of disavowing the mission and sidelong glances, and the party is off to the warehouse. Having run Cyphermage again Saturday, I had some warehouse ideas since they decided to do alterations at the warehouse, and cover it with a robbery. And they made a point of not killing the guards!

    The heckling went well. I explained the mechanic, then told everyone, "Come up with a fun story that amuses me, and I'll give you a circumstance bonus." needless to say, the fact that I couldn't get through the speech w/o the group heckling means they all got into it.

    The Osirion mission was straight forward. About the most fun I had was them tossing the halfling archerologist in first, her failing the perception check, and then the will save. The players ran with the description of the effects and thought she was possessed, when the wizard made a knowledge check for "What might have possessed her like this?" I answered the question honestly. :-) It wasn't until she was tied up and detect magic was cast that they realized it wasn't a possession. (That the halfling is crazy helped).

    Finally the Sczarni/Qaderia mission. I substituted some of the NPCs for local Sczarni characters (my own, and not at the table) since they're wallpaper, it helped put faces to the family. The players did a good job of figuring the poem out, and thought to hire a sailor. I was disappointed at the mechanics. It seems rather easy to kill Guaril, and if not for a high level caster playing down, they'd have had a tougher fight. The 'mass skill checks' are going to be difficult for an entire party to pass, as it was they failed only one, but purely because they a) had that 7th level wizard in a low tier game and b) they hired the sailor. I like scenarios that impact the campaign timeline, but this seems REALLY biased to kill everyone's favourite Godfather wannabe.

    All in all, despite the editing and formatting errors, it is enjoyable.

    For GMs, I suggest 'borrowing' other PCs for background. My players were amused at the refernces to my PCs, and a couple others. (Though I forgot the chance for a gnome joke, sorry!)

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    I figured out tonight what it was that bothered me about it.

    Needing a boon.

    I mean, I can understand a GM sheet like the GM boon we've gotten (I've not even used mine yet, to be honest) noting "Matthew's run 200 games, he gets a star back" (99 after tonight actually) or something like that. But *any* GM can use that and apply his stars towards it.

    I don't like the idea of "You have to get a specific Con/Game Day boon to activate this."

    Honestly? I'd rather have had the decision be 'no they don't recharge' 'yes they do recharge' or 'yes they do recharge 1 per 50 games' or something instead of 'why yes, you can recharge them, you just have to be in the right place at the right time to do it.'

    My two C-bills.

    Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Do i still use the playtest version, or can I use the shiny new version since I have the ACG?

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    For all of us with a sinister bent.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, just to clarify

    Surprise round, flat footed until you act.

    Regular round, you go back to flat footed before you act in the regular round?

    I am 99.9% sure that's wrong, but it's come up at a few tables.

    Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

    Ok, playing around with a gnome horselord and just hit level four. So I want to make sure I'm doing this right and legal. For my wolf to carry me and all my gear...

    1) I take the feat 'extra item slot' setting it for 'shoulders'

    2) then I can buy my wolf muleback cords, so he can carry me, my gear and his saddle, bit, etc.

    Am I correct?

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