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Stone Giant

Matthew Bromund's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 14 posts (95 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.

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Our Price: $19.95


A perfect book on this iconic role


This is the book for players who want to have a knight as a character. Far more custom-fit than a fighter and much more flexible than the Paladin.

The core class is interesting and effective and works well with Pathfinder classes and other 3.75 core classes.

The prestige classes are terrific and much better for the need than the Pious Templar, Hospitaler, and Blackguard prestige classes from WOTC.

The new mounts are interesting and effective and the description of quality on steeds is great.

In the arena of innovation, the book includes rules for making commoners and other followers into retainers where they will be useful for your knight without being unbalanced.

A great book all around, especially for the price.

Excellent Resource

****( )

I run my campaign in Damara and this book is a great foundation for adventure. There is enough detail for a DM but it isn't so comprehensive (like Cormyr or Waterdeep) that there isn't room for your inspiration. This is a handy area for adventure and a great resource for campaigning.

Great and Inspiriational

****( )

This view on underground dwelling elves is a wealth of ideas. More unique than drow, this can help you rejuvenate the tired tropes of elves. Well worth $4

Our Price: $7.95

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Not Worth It

*( )( )( )( )

The Download has a virus and after you clear that out, the NPCs are not very good.

[Note from Paizo: This download does *not* contain a virus.]

The best guide to being a high level DM, regardless of version


This book is great. By highlighting the breakdowns in the basic game at high-levels, this gives DMs the focus they need to provide fun high-level adventures in any system. AD&D, 2.0, 3.5, probably even 4.0 all have mechanical challenges at high levels. This book shows you how to give your players the epic feel without crushing yourself under the burden of the game mechanic.

I just reread this to help me in my epic level Pathfinder playtest and was again reminded of why this is a perennial classic. Well worth the $4.

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