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Gem Inspector

Mattastrophic's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,614 posts (2,813 including aliases). 23 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.


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I'd say the best thing that can happen is the stealth route. It gets us to the moon while leaving the fire giants there to encounter the demons and their next victim when they arrive. Or, if they follow us into the jungle, they'll draw attention away from us due to their size and numbers.

If Apex discovers that stealth won't work, we can present ourselves as a group of Pathfinders who are willing to engage in a joint expedition to what lies beyond. We can offer to help with activating the portal that (we can assume) has stumped them. That way, there's really no room for them to betray us before we have a chance to slip through the portal and leave them to encounter the demons or draw attention away from us.



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I had that happen from time to time. The outdamaging part, that is.

The only thing wrong about Rogues is the people who think wrongly about them.


If new content was designed to patch old content, it would be clearly labeled as such. But it's not. It's pretty ludicrous to say that the Core rules don't stop at the last page of the Core Rulebook.

Also, how is a player/GM supposed to know which pieces of content are "patches" and which are not? How can a "patch" be effective if we don't even know what the "patches" are?


A balance tweak? Wouldn't one of those be accomplished by rewriting and rereleasing the Core Rulebook? This isn't an MMO where the developers can magically erase and replace the text in the Core Rulebook as a part of patching the system. That takes a new edition.


Ooh, a question for the group... are we going to have endure elements covered? It seems like the moon will get really hot and/or really cold.


Also, while we're here, what sorts of buff spells can we expect? I know that Lady Gabrielle makes really good use of mage armor, greater magic weapon, heroism, air walk, barkskin, stoneskin, and mind blank.

Also also, could Iko spare a divine favor to load into her cracked purple prism? That one can be arranged before the meeting at Cael's place.

DM Jelani wrote:

I don't want to waste time on useless stuff so I'm going to handle this OOC. Gabrielle goes and does this, this is what she learns:

-No idea, Blood was a private man, and our boss.
-No idea.
-Who? Blood went to Skelt a few days ago and never came back.

Hmm... so where did the stories of the mysterious woman come from?

Also, why are you calling the investigation useless, if I may ask?

Also also, I'm having another late night at work, so I'll be chilling in the Roll20 room if anyone wants to chit-chat, collaborate on party buffs, and maybe plan some pre-expedition purchases. Will we see Lady Gabrielle in a silver space suit?


That being said, I'll be traveling abroad next week, so if the GM wants to split Lady Gabrielle away from the party for a little while, that's totally cool.


I've been thinking about this for awhile. It's worth noting that our group is likely higher-level and more capable than the Decemvirate themselves, and we're definitely higher-level and more capable than the agents they used to conduct their investigation. We aren't first-level rookies who look up to the NPCs and rely on them for all our knowledge; we With Great Power are the people the NPCs look up to.

So, here's what I'd like to do:

-Visit the College of Mysteries to examine Brythen Blood's office and living quarters for notes on what he was working on before his disappearance.
-Talk with his students and colleagues about the same things.
-Spend an afternoon/evening chatting with Brythen Blood's other friends about the woman he was seen with, to answer questions like "When did they first meet?", "Which topics were they heard discussing?", "What does she look like?", "What's her name?", "Who else has she had contact with?", "Does she have any associates?", etc. We know they were seen together in public, which means that somebody has to know something about these topics.
-If this mysterious woman (and her associates?) are operating in Absalom, then asking around about Blood and about her specifically could very well draw her/them out, where we can confront Blood's kidnappers on our home turf. If we can "pick up a tail" while in Absalom, we can really turn the tables on them.
-And if we don't, that tells us: either they've moved on from Absalom and there's no one else worth capturing (not even a Decemvirate member...), or they know we're coming, or both.

Anyways, the GM will make this part as simple or as elaborate as he'd like.


A "Revised Core Rulebook" would be pretty awesome. There is a lot about the CRB that can change without creating compatibility problems. It would be really cool if Paizo got ambitious and fixed the really deep issues, like the inherent problem of uses/day, the role and scaling of skill DCs, spells > feats, etc.

What would also be super-cool is having future APs include notes for running them in D&D Fifth Edition.


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Kolokotroni wrote:
I am tired of the rotating editions. I am happy to address the problems and challenges of the game as it exists...

I see. So what you're saying is that the Core rulebook is becoming an obsolete product, but that's okay, because we can rely on the veterans who own everything to support the game, and because new players are perfectly capable of purchasing everything required to have a "fixed" game? And they'll just magically figure out which rules materials are included in this "fixed" game and which aren't?


Kolokotroni: The points in your post about there being a range of power levels in the Core, a range which has been recognized over the years, would that range not be a great reason to launch 2ndEd?


I know what a katana looks like, stormraven. That silly thing is very not-Kurosawa, and definitely not a katana.


I would say that the whole cross-guard thing takes away from the original concept of lightsabers as an homage to the katana. A cross-guard seems very Western and out of place.



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Just as players have the ability to roleplay during a fight, the GM has the ability to weave a thrilling narrative using a fight. When the players take that away, the GMing becomes less interesting, and more like a chore.


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Starting up a quick game of Six Degrees of Bash the Rogue seems to be a common response. Perhaps followed by finding the nearest dead horse and thwacking it over and over with your trusty sap.


Okay. If you guys feel confident in Lady Gabrielle's abilities, then I can feel confident in my ability to pilot her in combat.

So, I figure, I can tweak Lady Gabrielle's equipment to be a bit more survivable, and a bit more in-line with where she was in PFS at this point:

-Drop her +2 weapon to +1, recover 10Kgp.
-Purchase a pair of cracked pale green prisms, adding +1 to attack rolls and saves (2x 4000gp).
-Purchase a cracked vibrant purple prism, and store a buff in it, probably shield (2000gp).

Would this be all right?

Also... since we've got three casters in the party, I imagine party-buffing will be a thing. I know that Lady Gabrielle tends to make great use of greater magic weapon, heroism, air walk, barkskin, stoneskin, and mind blank. Do you guys think any of those can be passed out?


Hi everyone!

I've been wanting to do some high-level short campaigns for awhile now, so this is looking pretty great, especially since I can get to play a version of my high-level PFS persona. However, I do have one concern.

I might have made a big mistake in that I may have aimed for too low of a power level, and I am sensing a future problem with Lady Gabrielle being dead weight if we end up in a fight. We already have a smallish party of four, and it might become a problem if that turned into three.

So, I'd like to ask the group and the GM for advice. What can I do at this point?


No problem! I'm about to throw up another one.



That'd be a start, because it would deal with the problem of a single PC having tons of overpowered options from eighteen books, but it still doesn't address the issue of a PC with a single superpowered option, like Slumber Hex.

Plus, I imagine it would stomp on the fallen bodies of character types which really need Additional Resources to be relevant, like the non-archer Monk (Qinggong Monk, Style feats, etc.) or the Rogue (Shadow Strike, Gang Up, various archetypes, Agile weapons for Dex builds, etc.).

So something like that really wouldn't solve the problem. Instead, it would just lead to a lot of perfectly-fine classes and choice combinations falling off the map, and the power players funneling their choices towards a short list of a few superpowered combinations within the limitations. We'd still have best-in-class builds, and the class sizes would shrink. Heck, I imagine that this sort of "choose X" approach could actually make the problem worse!

Either you ban the Summoner entirely or you don't. Or you have a method to guarantee that a player who doesn't want to play with Gunslingers will not have to sit with a Gunslinger. That's pretty much the sort of approach that is needed here.

There is really no way around flagging problematic options and restricting those specific options. If the restrictions are across all resources, that can be bad.



*cracks his knuckles*

Well, Pandora's Box is already open when it comes to things like the Summoner, Gunslinger, Slumber Hex, whatever silly stuff has been printed in the softcovers, etc. So it's probably too much to hope for any removal from the Additional Resources list, barring a campaign reboot, a 2ndEd announcement, or an announcement saying that Paizo is dropping its own system and moving to 5E.

So with no wholesale removal, I can speculate on a sort-of "low-power mode," a set of standards that entire tables can adhere to. All players who want to participate would have clear boundaries for their PCs, and can safely expect that their tablemates won't be engaging in any one-man facerolling.

Hot? Cold?



Can we at least get a time-frame for this powercreep-addressing? I'd love to know when I can consider GMing and playing again.



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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Demoyn wrote:
The power creep is definitely the biggest problem I've noticed with society play.
I think you'll enjoy our solution once we finish hammering out the creases.


Powercreep is being addressed? Say whaaat?

-Matt needs details.

I've thrown up Fernand d'Apcher's introduction post. Let's get the chatter moving!

Also, I think Fernand is an ESTP - The Doer. It fits with his desire to help crush the Kelish, as well as his CG alignment, his class, his skills, and his overall background.


I should have my human rogue complete and a post up Tuesday. The new time-frame (my original character is alive in the 4700s) means I'll need to make a few tweaks.


Interesting, that means that the sleeves can be used to combat body odor... I wonder if they can be used to throw off a tracker using its sense of smell?


Hi Tribute!

There's a hint of confusion. Iscarel posted his elven Rogue. I'm looking at bringing Dante d'Apcher, human rogue and native Taldane. He's nearly done with the exception of equipment and a couple of campaign-specific things.

Anyways, thanks so much for bringing me in! Taldor is far and away my favorite setting, and any opportunity to experience a GM's vision of it is a chance I'll jump at.


Just finishing things up with my submission, and I had a weird rules question...

So, let's say we've got a multiclassed monk with Flurry of Blows. Let's say he also has Two-Weapon Fighting and Improved Two-Weapon Fighting as feats.

When he full-attacks, what happens?


Wheldrake wrote:
Yes, our parties of adventurers really do look ridiculous, with every blessed son of them wearing a kimono and a jingasa of the fortunate soldier. The Tian import-export office must be doing a thriving business!

Heh, the jingasa is the Pathfinder Society's official hat.

I'm really enjoying the western star ioun stone, for its ability as a "better disguise self." Mr. Raving might be seeing (or rather, not seeing) it in action soon.


Tulshmay - A slang term for cocaine from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


I have a pretty sweet swashbuckling Taldan Rogue or Bard who would make a great fit for something like this. Core-only? I love it!

As for GMing creds... I can submit this thing right here.


Varn - A brand of yarn with surprisingly sophisticated acoustic properties. Varn could reportedly be fashioned into a scarf which would play Vivaldi when grasped in one hand and spun in circles over one's head.


I'll say that there are some adjustments which are right up my alley as a GM. Here's what really sold me...

-Casters are less complicated. Instead of memorizing a zillion different spells, one in each slot, they get to prepare a certain number of spells each day, and when they cast, they just spend an appropriate slot. IIRC, this is how the Arcanist casts? What this means is that it's much easier to play a caster, as you don't have to make so many incredibly-important decisions at the beginning of every adventuring day. Also, because your total number of spells prepared at once doesn't go up super-quickly, there's less of a power-creep effect as new spells get introduced into the game.

-Many utility spells have the Ritual tag. A caster can cast a Ritual spell by either spending the daily spell slot as normal, or he can take ten minutes to perform the ritual and cast the spell without using a spell slot and without needing to have the spell prepared. What this means is that a GM or content writer can create flavorful setpieces and encounters, knowing that they won't be show-stoppers because the caster doesn't have the right spell memorized.

For example, let's say a party is rolling though an underground cavern, and they encounter a lake. In Pathfinder, what happens 99% of the time is that the party Cleric says "Ooop, I don't have water walk prepared. I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow." All the action comes to a screeching halt, and the party gets to fully recharge, thus negating any notion of needing to practice resource management. In 5E, the cleric just takes ten minutes and casts water walk, and he isn't even charged a combat spell slot. In 5E, utility spells work to advance the plot rather than force a rest or resource expenditure, and there's no problem of stopping the action entirely because the party Cleric didn't have the impossible level of foresight needed to prepare the exactly-correct spell loadout that day.

It gets better...

-There is a feat called Ritual Caster. It requires 13 Int or 13 Wis. A character with this feat receives a spellbook which can only contain Ritual spells, and he gains the ability to cast Ritual spells even if he is not a spellcaster! That's right, in 5E, you can have access to all the plot-advancing utility spells without the right kind of caster in the party! WOW! Gone are the days where underwater encounters are impossible to reliably present, because every party can have access to water breathing! The days of GM facepalming when the party needs to read some plot-relevant diary in Underabyssinfernalese, but have no comprehend languages among them, are at an end!

Anyways, those bits right there struck me as such an elegant solution to a very common problem in 3.5/Pathfinder that I was sold on 5E right then and there.


Corak - A piece of fad fashion from the mid-90s, the Corak was a sleeveless, hoodless "Core" of a fur-lined anorak. The fad did not last long, as it was discovered that the makers of the Corak were utilizing fur from the endangered Himalayan miniature shakaclocka. The company folded soon after the revelation.


Bahagnuur - An ancient Norse fish god that was reputed to have such powerful fins that it would annually leap from the Arabian Sea all the way to the rivers of Finland to spawn.


I admit, my main interest is in high-level one-shots for awhile. My local group is two sessions away from finishing up all of Jade Regent, so I could use a break before diving into another AP.

Also, I'm dying to give Fifth Edition a whirl in play-by-post. Anyways, keep me posted, and it's always nice to see a GM willing to tackle such a huge campaign!


Hi guys,

As I'm getting closer, I've worked out a campaign trait which would fit the character I'm submitting...

Trait: Absalom Elite:
You are a member of Absalom’s elite social circle. You count Council members, prominent merchants, and aristocrats as your friends and confidantes. One such acquaintance, Brythen Blood, vanished suddenly, and his disappearance has left you quite concerned.

Benefit: Your poise and confidence have a tendency to influence others in your favor. Whenever you are wearing clothing and/or jewelry worth at least 150 gp (and not otherwise covered in gore, sewage, or other things that mar your overall look), you gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. One of these skills (your choice) is a class skill for you.

I essentially took Extremely Fashionable and added some sweet flavor text.


Lorenna! NOOOOOOOoooooo!


Dang Ravingdork, that is a pretty awesome amount of wealth you've managed to generate. I'm seeing over 700,000gp from a quick scan. Hats off to you, sir! Any chance of Hama spreading some of that around to us mundanes?

-Just when Matt thinks he's seen it all, high-level character generation continues to dazzle and amaze!


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There are traps in PFS?

hehe, j/k. That 7-Str Rogue did encounter a single trap in her career.

Point being, no need to be a hater. It's PFS. Any one of the other players can easily build a hyper-efficient killing machine which can solo the module by itself. Heck, the Easy Mode players should be grateful to have a tablemate who isn't a threat to their combat dominance.

I'd even go so far as to say that intentionally-underoptimized characters are a gift to the Easy Mode players at the table. So why the hate?

-Matt can totally see himself doing a 9-Int Wizard as a part of a weird melee build that eventually goes to 11 Int to constantly cycle Heightened Awareness with Pearls of Power.


andreww wrote:

Rogues may not be the most effective of classes for various reasons but I doubt you are bringing ones with a dex and wis of 7 and no ranks in perception or disable device while claiming to fill the trap spotter role.

Well, I've done Wis 7 on a Monk, and I've done no Perception or Disable Device on a Rogue, but I haven't done 7 Dex yet, so you have me there.

However, I recall having a damage roll of 1d4-2. Those were fun times, critting for 1 point.



1 person marked this as a favorite.
andreww wrote:
Are any of them a wizard with an int of 9? If not then probably not.

According to the Paizo Board Wisdom, I've done worse. I've brought several Rogue1s. I've even made a Rogue/Monk!

-Matt, troll?


This thread makes me wonder whether I would get kicked out of several of the posters' groups for showing up with one of my typical characters.


You don't have to listen to the Six Degrees of Bash the Rogue players. Rogue/Monk works really well, and the combination has quite a bit of synergy. /Monk2 gains...

+3 to all saves
Flurry of Blows, or Two-Weapon Fighting But Better
full BAB in a flurry, so there's really no BAB loss for multiclassing
Improved Unarmed Strike and two more bonus feats

It's a pretty sweet deal.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow, Six Degrees of Bash the Rogue was completed in one response. Is that a new record?

I've always been a big fan of the Rake archetype. Maybe Swashbuckler if you need another combat feat to make your idea work.


I could have been more clear, but gyrfalcon has the retraining scenario correct. Thanks Jelani!


I was working on the advancement path for my character, and a question came up. The original PFS version utilized retraining. Specifically, she retrained away Combat Expertise after receiving it as a bonus feat at Lore Warden2.

In order to make my character's feat choices work without retraining, she would have to turn her original advancement path upside-down, to the point where it doesn't make much sense story-wise. What's your take on retraining?

Also, how does the feat Gang Up work in your games? Do you count as your own ally, or is Gang Up an exception?

Thanks Jelani!

Frequent in-character funination is always a blast to have more of. That being said, five is a perfectly-fine number, so let's not halt things because we're down to five.


Just found this thread. This looks great! A couple of questions...

So, I would love to take my super-high-level PFS PC, de-level her to 16th, make some wealth and stat tweaks, and play her again.

I see you're looking for savvy play-by-posters. I don't think I've built up enough of a resume there, but I can submit this thread as a relevant sample.

I do have one question, about the campaign traits. I don't really see any of the provided ones fitting my PC. However, she does live in Absalom, and in the Petal District as well. Perhaps her campaign trait could have something to do with their attending many of the same upper-class social gatherings? Maybe Brythen Blood attends her parties?

What do you guys think?



Righty_ wrote:
I have plenty of rogue characters, I'm far from a newbie, and none of my rogues have the cant do anything in or out of combat spiel I keep seeing.

Heh, if my character can make 20th, so can a Rogue.

I'll say that every time I've posted builds on the Paizo boards showing an effective Rogue or methods to make a solid Rogue, the Rogue-bashers never cease to immediately move the goal posts. It's pretty silly.


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