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Gem Inspector

Mattastrophic's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,790 posts (3,273 including aliases). 23 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.

Pathfinder Society Characters

General Dakovya
Gerard d'Apcher
(5 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Gabrielle d'Apcher

shield, barkskin +5, harrowing, greater magic weapon +4, mind blank, stoneskin 160 pts, endure elements, disguise self(hiding magic items and spell effects)
Female Taldan Aristocrat16 | hp 149/149 | AC 48 tch 29 ff 48 CMD 39 | F +25 R +31 W +20 | Init +20 (acts in surprise round) | Perception +35 Sense Motive +41 (can always take 10) (176 posts)

Violette d'Apcher

F Taldan Fighter/Bard (0 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

Female Taldan Aristocrat20 (425 posts)
Darius Finch
Sovereign Court Dante d'Apcher

Male Human Rogue5 hp 72 | AC 21 PD 20 MD 21 (resist 12+) | Recovery 1/3 (5d8+3) | Init +13 (roll twice, take better) | Conditions reunited with his love (159 posts)
Sovereign Court Lady Nōh

Female Tian-Min Seeker Sorceress5 HP 30/30 | AC 16 Touch 12 FF 14 | Fort +4 Ref +5 Will +7 | Init +9 | Perc +9 (+11 v traps) Sense Motive +13 (198 posts)
Priestess of Pharasma
Ingrid of Galt

F Human (3 posts)


Count Lucinean Galdana
The Corsair
(2 posts)
Darius Finch
Fernand d'Apcher

Male Taldan Rogue2 hp 15 | AC 17, T 14, FF 14 | F+2 R+7 W+0 | Init +3 | Perception +6 (52 posts)
Mercenary Healer
The Green Knight
(7 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Lady Gabrielle

-4 Int/Wis/Cha checks, mage armor, life bubble, greater magic weapon, wind walk, veil, shield, haste
Female Taldan Aristocrat16 | hp 117/117 | AC 35 tch 27 ff 35 CMD 37 | F +20 R +28 W +17 | Init +19 (acts in surprise round) | Perception +28 Sense Motive +34 (can always take 10) (87 posts)
The Master of Games
(90 posts)
Most High Ceoptra
(18 posts)
The Priestess
(4 posts)
Nazhena Vasilliovna
The Snow Princess

Female Taldan (121 posts)
Lord Villastir
Solaufyn Ithilnelle

Male Grey Elf Bard1/Wizard6/Loremaster4 (121 posts)
Viorian Dekanti
Viorian Dekanti
(7 posts)
Trinia Sabor
The Winter Faerie
(8 posts)

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