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Guiltgorger Giant

Matt Gwinn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 105 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

Ok, my current character is a Wizard2/Rogue3 with the charlatan archetype. He's pretty much skill based and combat is definitely not his forte. Anyway, he needs cash and killing monsters and taking their stuff is not really a viable option.

What he does have is an 18 INT, a base 19 bluff, a 17 diplomacy and the Convincing Lie feat.
We're playing in a city campaign set in Absalom.

How much cash do you think such a character can reasonably con people out of in a day without making a whole adventure out of it?

If you were my GM, how would you work it?

Is anyone doing the October Horror Movie Challenge this year?

For those of you who are not familiar with the challenge, the rules are simple: watch 31 horror movies during the month of October (the definition of "horror" is up to you). 16 of these movies have to be movies you haven't seen before.

I've done this for 2 years now and have been able to pull it off successfully. Although there are always BAD horror movies I haven't see, finding good ones to fill up my 16 unseen slots is getting more difficult.

Anyone have suggestions?

I noticed the Guide to Absalom only lists the cost of renting/buying a residence for about half the districts. Did the rest just get cut for space? It looks like the writer gave up half way through. Quite annoying.

I have a character that wants to set up safe houses in each district and I need to know what that is going to cost him. Anyone have numbers for the following districts?

Precipice Quarter
Merchant's Quarters
Petal District
Wise Quarter
Ivy District
The Puddles

Also, is there a list somewhere that shows which modules/APs have supplemental info on Absalom?


Was just emailed this and had to share. I think it's a great idea.

GM Merit Badges

What do you think? What Merit Badges do you have?

Here are Mine
- My games will tell an interesting Story
- My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery
- My games are Safe and you don't need to worry about content or character death 
- I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game
- The GM is In Charge in my games and "rule-zero" is in effect
- My games rely on a lot of Improvisation rather than pre scripted content 
- My games are Gonzo and can include a lot of strangeness
- Characters in my games are Destined for greatness, not random death
- I roll Dice in the open and don't fudge the results in my games
- My games include Disturbing content
- My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama 
- My games are more of the Social, Fun and "Beer & Pretzels" style
- My game is primarily Non-Combat in nature
- Players in my game should be prepared to Run when the odds are against them
- I frequently Tinker with the rules of the game

Ok, here's the basic scenario.
I'm playing a Wizard2/Rogue2 with the Charlatan Archetype from UC. He is totally skill based with a 20 Charisma, 16 Bluff, 14 Diplomacy, 10 Disgues,and 7 or higher in all the base knowledge skills. As a teen, he and his father scammed a bunch of low level nobles out of their daughter's dowries. They ultimately were caught and both were sentenced to death.

While in prison he met a young wizard student from the Arcanamirium who was framed for murder by the Dean of Student Affairs who is secretly summoning devils to do his bidding. Not sure what level he is but I know he is also head of the school of divination and most likely between 9th and 14th level. The boy was sentenced to life in prison.

While awaiting his execution, my character became good friends with the boy and through an unfortunate case of mistaken identity the two boys were switched and the young wizard was executed in my character's place leaving him to finish out the boy's life sentence. Wracked with guilt, my character vowed to clear his friend's name and get revenge on the wizard. 10 years later he managed to escape and is now poised to take revenge.

If you'd care to read his entire backstory go to

So, I want my revenge plan to be pretty elaborate like something out of heist movie. For starters I plan to make the guy's life miserable by using the Rumormonger ability. I also want to write a song or poem about the boy and try to get bards throughout the city to start spreading it around.

In the meantime I have become a student at the Arcanamirium and hope to get really close to the Wizard, maybe even become his assistant so I can learn as much as possible about him, so I can figure out his weaknesses. I am also working on setting up a wide range of alternate identities throughout the city to help keep me hidden.

The biggest problem I have is that he is a Diviner so keeping the source of all of my shenanigans secret will be difficult. There's also the added problem that spells that protect you from detection like misdirect and invisibility are illegal in Absalom. Granted, my character is no "law abiding citizen" by any means, but he doesn't want to take chances with the law just yet.

I have the rest of the party at my disposal (Master Summoner4, Magus4 and Druid4).

Any ideas on how to nail this guy without him killing me or putting me back in jail?

I normally don't use modules, but I've come to notice that some of the Adventure Paths include new rules such as the Romance and Caravan rules in Jade Regent and the Kingdom making rules in Kingmaker.

Then there are the AP bestiaries. How useful are those? Will most of them be reprinted in Bestiary 3?

So, which AP adventure have the best supplemental material in them? And are they worth the money if that is all you're going to use them for?


I've been looking at the Jade Regent Player's Guide and I'm thinking about using the Relationship & Romance rules, but I have a few questions.

In my campaigns I usually require players to establish a few NPCs they know before the campaign begins. How do you set the Relationship scores for such NPCs? A starting score is supposed to be equal to your Charisma modifier, but that typically won't even broach the friendship barrier. Can NPCs in a character's background esentially start at any friendship level?

Also, the guide says that each NPC has a Romance Score that only the DM knows, but it doesn't say how that number is determined. I'm assuming the NPCs in the Jade Regent AP have them assigned already, but how do you determine the score in your own campaign? What's an average Romance Score?

I know this feat has been beaten to death in another thread, but I have one quick question that I don't think was covered.

Can you use Convincing Lie to "coach" someone to lie, thus allowing them to use your Bluff modifier instead of their own?

I can see this being very handy in situations where a specific party member (other than the person with COnvincing Lie) has to make a bluff check.


Part of my new character's background is encountering a caravan traveling from Tian Xia to Absolom and being trapped "Enemy Mine" style with one of the caravan members.

My character would be traveling to Absalom by land from western Cheliax and the caravan could be coming from the Crown of the World. I need to know which path the caravan would likely take and what might make a good location for two people to be trapped for 6 months to a year along the way.

Any suggestions?


I am working on making a Strix Archer for a campaign and my GM has concerns about whether or not you can shoot a bow while flying. The rules don't really state much about attacking while in flight, so I was hoping to get some insight.

Here are a few questions to start

Can I still take a move action then shoot?
Do I have to hover first?
Can use the Flyby Attack feat with a bow?


I am starting a new campaign which will be starting in Osiria (and possibly moving into multiple areas around the inner coast.

I like having pictures for all of my NPCs, but I'm having a hard time finding appropriate images for the region.

Anyone know of a good place where I can find some good images?


How does training work at the Acadamae? Do students attend until they are first level or is it considered a more advanced school?

I've always considered a wizard's apprenticeship to be him learning his starting spells, but a place that like the Acadamae, where there is such a focus on summoning, implies that students are higher level.

I am starting a new campaign at 1st level and one of my players is interested in going to the Acadamae, but I'm not sure if being a 1st level wizard puts him past graduation requirements.

On a side note, in the Acadamae description in the Guide to Korvosa it states that the school "accepts nearly anyone who applies, as those who fail become test subjects for who do not", yet under the description of Theumanexus College it states that the Acadamae has a strict entrance exam. So which is it?

Have any of you seen a short 1 or 2 page breakdown of the basic campaign setting? I'm starting a new campaign with players who are unfamiliar with Golarion and I want to send them something to give them a general idea of what the world is like.

I'm looking for something that describes the main countries (Cheliax, Taldor, Verisia, Osirion, etc) in a paragraph or so and also details some things about the Star Stone, Aroden, Azlant, the world wound and the other basics. Just short and two the point.

Any help would be appreciated.



I made a dozen pregen characters for the game I will be running on Saturday. Levels range from 5 to 8 across a variety of character classes.

HERE is a PDF that gives the backgrounds and some notes on each character.

Based on these descriptions alone, which character would you be most interested in playing?

Seriously? no one has this info?

I'm mostly interested in the Varisia area. I'm making the assumption that Cheliax allows slavery, and seeing how it has/had a lot of influence on the area it seems it would be accepted there as well.

And to add more to the question, what about the differing levels of slavery? I know I have read someplace about it being acceptable to enslave someone who owes you a debt, and sometimes someone can be forced into to slavery as part of a prison sentence.

I looked on the Pathfinder Wiki and couldn't find anything this.

Any help would be appreciated

Are Osirions primarily of Garundi or Kelish dissent?

I got the campaign Setting yesterday and have been reading through it. I'm just over 50 pages in and despite really liking the setting, I am quite frustrated with the organization of the book. My primary issue is the innumerable references to places and events that that are not explained until much later in the book or not explained at all.

For Example: The Starstone
I pieced together that the Starstone is a meteor that hit the planet ages ago, was followed by an age of darkness and was later raised from the sea by Aroden. The Starstone is mentioned frequently but isn't described in full, even in the Absolom section. It doesn't even have a reference in the index.

In the Absolom section there are references to some test involving the Starstone and becoming a Deity, but the reference is never expounded upon. I'm hoping the Guide to Absolom has more information, but the Campaign setting should seriously have a section devoted to such an influencial part of the setting.

I got through 51 pages before Avistan and Garund (which are mentioned frequently in the race section) were indicated as being the northern and southern continents of the region. Had I not found a map online with the two continents labeled I'd have been completely lost up to that point.

Don't get me wrong, I love the setting, the nations and their people - I'm really looking forward to running campaigns in it. I suppose over time it'll all come together much like the Forgotten Realms did, but the setting book itself is not particularly user friendly IMO.

Am I being overcritical?
Anyone else have this issue?

I am making the change to Pathfinder and have started buying books. I should be getting the Core Rules, Classic Monsters and the Campaign Setting in the mail on Monday and I've preordered the Bestiary. Now I'm trying to decide what else I want to pick up.

I understand that a great deal of the existing books were written before the Campaign Setting, so I'd like to know how much of the previous material is repeated in the Campaign Setting. I've read that the majority of the Gazeteer is included in the Campaign Setting, but what about these book:

Cheliax, Empire of Devils
Legacy of Fire Player’s Guide
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs
Second Darkness
Talador, Echoes of Glory
Dark Markets – A Guide to Katapesh
Guide to Absalom
Guide to Darkmoon Vale
Guide to Korvosa

I only have so much cash available and I want to make sure I pick up the most useful books.

Thanks for your help


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