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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,058 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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This is all my opinion.

Piranha Strike - While it's a good feat, I just feel there's other, better feats you'll want to pick up instead. It also suffers from having a 3/4 BAB, which is not good since you need to land hits to get your SA in.

Throwing/Ranged attacks - These are all feat intensive builds. You pretty much have to base your whole build around them and they usually don't come online till the higher levels.
If you do decide to try building something like this, it's suggested to use a Ranger or Slayer type build. There are some ways besides going the Ranger/Slayer but involves using a bunch of different archetypes.

Picking up a level or two of Barbarian - Don't think it's worth it. It's a balance act which you have to ask this question. "Are you getting more then what you'd be giving up going 'pure' class?"

Half-Orc with Bite - ...nah, while the bite can be fun story wise, nothing says rogue like a halfing. Other problem is you're going to be missing that bite attack, a lot, specially when you tack on the TWF -2 onto that -5 for the attack roll.

Playing the Half-Orc Slayer - From what you've mentioned about your other 2 players this sounds like the best option to me. Rogues can be a lot of fun but they require teamwork with your fellow adventures, mainly as flanking buddies. Being a Brute Slayer doesn't require this as much and actually works better when facing monsters with DR.

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If you're planning on getting most of your damage from Sneak Attack, I suggest you take a look at the Feat: Butterfly Sting. This feat allows you to pass your Crit onto the next successful melee attack against your target.

Here's a suggestion for instead of going the TWF route. Pick up at least 2 levels of Magus. This shores up your 2 weakest saves, gives you some spell casting abilities, and while you do suffer in the loss of a +1 BAB, you kind of make that up being able to enhance a weapon with Arcane Points. This also has the added benefit of only needing to have one enchanted weapon instead of 2 required for TWF.
If your GM will allow you too, I really like multiclassing these 2 levels into the Spire Defender Magus archetype.

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Some Specific mithril armor counts as one step lighter then if the armor was made from mithril.

Example: Chainmail is Medium Armor

Elven Chain is treated, in all ways, like light armor, including
when determining proficiency.

Official PFS t-Shirt for that Re-Roll :)

I'm a big fan of the Void School.

While the extra spells Void grants access to is kind of small, you should find a good one for each spell level. While having only one opposition, elemental,school makes up for the short spell list.

What makes the Void school special is the schools powers.

Void Awareness - a bonus to your saves vs spells and SLA.
Reveal Weakness - reduces targets defenses and saves.
Aura of Prescience - at 8th grant a +2 bonus to all allies to just about every roll they make.

Think it mostly depends on what other choices you have to pick from.

- Getting it from a scroll or potion it's very powerful.

- Using a 4th level spell slot it's kind of 'Meh'. There's almost always better choices.

Not sure if this helps -

If you have Erastil as your deity, you can pick up this Religious Trait from ISG.
Deadeye Bowman
When you are using a longbow, if only a single creature is providing soft cover to your target, your target does not receive the +4 bonus to AC.

It might save you a feat.

I have no problem with any action that is not attacking and stealthing.

The problem is, attacking breaks stealth, then you're under the effects of being 'observed'.

This is a *possible* interpretation of Observed vs Stealth.

Observed uses both Precise and Imprecise Senses (See Ultimate Intrigue). You do NOT need to see the target to keep it 'under' the 'Observed' effect after they attacked to know what square they're in. You just don't know "precisely" where they're at.

...So the person that attacked can not Stealth the same round they attacked. If at the start of their next turn, if NOT under the effect of a Precise Sense, that person could start the turn by making a Stealth check, followed up by any action they want to do.

*There are all kinds of different exceptions to this General rule. I'm only interested in a SIMPLE -
I Attack
Then I use Stealth to hide in the same round.
Without using any other abilities but a simple attack and move ability
ruling on if this is legal or not. As I can see it both ways. At the moment I'm thinking it's not legal but that's more because of the exception rules (Hide in Plain Sight, Sniping, etc)

"It is impossible to Stealth while attacking, running, or charging."

Is a very important sentence. The issue is, when does the attacking action end?

Does it end after you take a Standard action to attack or are you considered attacking for the whole round?

That question is not defined and opened to interpretation.

I don't know the answer and I can read it either way. At moment, I'm leaning to, if you attack, you're considered as attacking for the whole round. This is more due to the Sniping Rule and other abilities that allow stealthing while attacking as specific rules that trump normal stealth rules.

Peshmonster wrote:

Matt2VK wrote

The above posts is why I want a FAQ answer on this.

Topic has been argued to the death on this already.

Hopefully, we'll get a clear answer on if you can Stealth after attacking without using some special ability/rule excepting.


I'm not sure why you need a FAQ answer on this. After the discussion (and especially the post from Ultimate Intrigue) I think this is fairly clear. It is evident that you can make a stealth check as long as you are unobserved and are stealthed at the point you are not observed.

Are you more asking the question of if you are considered to have the condition "attacking" for the entire round if you have made a single attack?

The problem is all the paragraphs in the Core Book on Stealth except one seems to say you can not stealth after a attack. If you completely chop out this single paragraph -

Core Rule Book Page 107 wrote:
Action: Usually none. Normally, you make a Stealth check as part of movement, so it doesn’t take a separate action. However, using Stealth immediately after a ranged attack (see Sniping, above) is a move action.

If you read the Stealth rules without that paragraph it seems to say you can't stealth after attacking. Even with that paragraph, it's open to interpretation.

The above posts is why I want a FAQ answer on this.
Topic has been argued to the death on this already.

Hopefully, we'll get a clear answer on if you can Stealth after attacking without using some special ability/rule excepting.

None of these answer why there is the Sniping Rule for Stealth.

CBDrunkerson wrote:

Sniping is the ability to remain in stealth WHILE attacking. That is, you start out in stealth... the target does not know where you are. You then make an attack. Normally that means you automatically lose stealth and the target knows where you are. However, the sniping rules allow you to make a check to remain hidden DESPITE the attack. If successful then the target still doesn't know where you are.

Basically, sniping allows you to attack without giving away your location.

As melee, you can be Stealthed (Hidden) before your attack, move, breaking LOS, and according to you, make a stealth check being hidden again.

There's a number of different effects and abilities that would allow this if it's legal. Without taking the -20 penalty the Sniping Rules apply to Stealth Checks.

While I used to think you could try Stealthing after making a attack. My interpretation of the rules, at this time, is you can not.

Please FAQ this.

Please FAQ this thread. Really want a official answer to this

ShieldLawrence wrote:

Here is what Ultimate Intrigue has to clarify:

Skills in Conflict wrote:

Precise and Imprecise Senses: Since Perception covers all senses, it is important to distinguish which of those senses count as observing a creature that is using Stealth.

Some senses are more precise than others. Imprecise senses allow a creature to pinpoint the location of another creature, but they don't allow for the use of targeted effects, and attacks against those creatures are subject to miss chances from concealment. A few examples of imprecise senses are hearing, scent, blindsense, and tremorsense. A sense is precise if it allows the creature to use targeted effects on creatures and objects it senses, and to attack enemies without suffering a miss chance from concealment. This includes vision, touch, blindsight, and lifesense. Precise senses allow the creature to pinpoint an enemy's location. When a creature uses a precise sense to observe an enemy, that enemy is unable to use Stealth against the observer unless it creates a distraction first, or has a special ability allowing it to do so. Senses other than the listed ones count as precise or imprecise at the GM's discretion. A creature might have a limited form of a sense that makes it too weak to count as precise, such as a beast with primitive eyes that has difficulty seeing a creature that isn't moving.

Cover and Concealment for Stealth: The reason a character usually needs cover or concealment to use Stealth is tied to the fact that characters can't use Stealth while being observed. A sneaking character needs to avoid all of an opponent's precise senses in order to use Stealth, and for most creatures, that means vision. Effects such as blur and displacement, which leave a clear visual of the character within the perceiving character's vision, aren't sufficient to use Stealth, but a shadowy area or a curtain work nicely, for example. The hide in plain sight class ability allows a creature to use Stealth while being observed and thus avoids this whole situation. A sneaking character can come out of cover or concealment during her turn, as long as she doesn't end her turn where other characters are directly observing her.

Problem is, it doesn't say anything about after taking a standard Action making a attack. Which is clearly stated as breaking stealth.

Which also then brings up this question -

If Stealthing as part of a move action and using a standard action to attack was legal. Why is there a special Sniping Rule?

If anyone can explain to me why there is a sniping 'special' rule for Stealth, I'll go back to thinking you can attack and then stealth as part of a move action.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
TriOmegaZero wrote:
So is this a FAQ thread or just another argument?

Hoping for a FAQ as this has been argued in a bunch of different threads.

Here's the sentence that seems to say things like breaking Line of Sight, invisibility, Blurr, etc can't be used after making a attack -

If people are observing you using any of their senses (but typically sight), you can’t use Stealth.

You attack, target knows where you're at. (but typically sight) Seems to indicate you do not need line of sight to know where they're at.
If the next round the person is still out of line of sight, it could then use a move action as part of a Stealth to move up to the target, stealthly.

My opinion and how I'm reading the rules.

23 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can you Stealth after attacking?
This topic has come up in a lot of different threads. Hopefully, I've summarized everything. I'm hoping to get this as a FAQ as people have strong opinions on this and if you can not stealth in the same round after attacking, a lot of people have been using the stealth rules wrong.

Bring this question up as just about every single PFS table I've sat at has been able to use a Stanadard Action to Attack and a Move Action to break line of sight and Stealth. I used to think this was legal but after going through the rules on Stealth, I'm now thinking the answer is No (but still undecided).

Page 106 in the Core Rule Book
Major sentences that seem to say you can NOT Stealth in combat -
It’s impossible to use Stealth while attacking, running, or charging.
If people are observing you using any of their senses (but typically sight), you can’t use Stealth.
Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful.

Sentences that indicate it might be possible to Stealth in Combat -
Against most creatures, finding cover or concealment allows you to use Stealth.
Action: Usually none. Normally, you make a Stealth check as part of movement, so it doesn’t take a separate action.

My reasons for thinking you can NOT Stealth after making an attack is because of the special Sniping rule (pretty sure there's other 'special' stealth rules too) -
Sniping: If you’ve already successfully used Stealth at least 10 feet from your target, you can make one ranged attack and then immediately use Stealth again. You take a –20 penalty on your Stealth check to maintain your obscured location.

If you could always Attack as a standard action and then use a move action to hide (stealth) there would be no need for the Sniping rule.

Hoping to get a official answer to this and maybe get it added to the FAQ.


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This is a request to 'Buff' the advantages to play 'Good' aligned characters.

PFS just seems to encourage Neutral characters. Between the dealing of 'questionable' deeds and the amount of bad guys using 'Nuke the Good' abilities. It doesn't really pay to play a 'Good' aligned character.
As a example, take a look at how many scenario's have Smite Good and Protection from Good abilities. Then take a look at the alignments of the players sitting down to play at a table. Usually the only good aligned players are Divine Casters for a good deity.

A lot depends on what they will be having the pet do.

If they're carrying around the Pet, usually any attacks have to get through the players defenses first. Then you worry about the pets. Most people just treat the pet as equipment in this type of situation.

Now, if they're having the pet actually do stuff, it then becomes a valid target with it's own defenses and hit points.

There's actually more detailed rules on this, scattered around in the splat books, but this is the way I've seen it treated, mostly.

Another item -

Full Round Action wrote:
A full-round action requires an entire round to complete. Thus, it can't be coupled with a standard or a move action, though if it does not involve moving any distance, you can take a 5-foot step.

So a Full-Round Action already uses a Standard and a Move Action. While you can still take a 5' Step, that is not a move action. Now if you can still Stealth after taking that 5' step is open to how you interpret the rules.

At this time I'd say you can't. More because of the Sniping Rules -

Sniping wrote:
If you've already successfully used Stealth at least 10 feet from your target, you can make one ranged attack and then immediately use Stealth again. You take a –20 penalty on your Stealth check to maintain your obscured location.

For those saying you can Stealth after the 5' Step, you're pretty much tossing out the rule on sniping out. As sniping is a LOT more limiting.

Actually, stealth while being invisible is probably the main issue with the rule lawyering thats been going on.

Think that till we get a official FAQ people are going to have to agree to disagree.

Been looking at the rules for 5' step and here's what I'm seeing -

Full Attack...5-foot step before, during, or after the action

My interpretation is that by action, it does NOT mean the full attack is over. Just the attack rolls made by you are over. That is the "after the action" which is meant.

There can be lots of different actions happening during that full attack action.

Now I'm slightly confused -

Greater Invis
I sneak (stealth) up to a target and wait for my next turn.
Next turn I use my standard action and make a melee attack.
Move action I try and move away stealthily.
Can I make a STEALTH check with that move action?

I originally thought I could but due to some of the posts on this thread I'm now confused. This is due to the sniping rules & the It's impossible to use Stealth while attacking, running, or charging rule for stealth.

Used to think you could do a standard attack and then move away stealth while under Greater Invis. Now, I'm thinking that's illegal and can really mess up the Ninja's Vanish Trick.

From all the breaking down of the rules, I agree you can not Stealth with a 5' step after Full Attacking.

Which brings us back to the original Question -

What is the DC to spot (figure out) someone under the effect of Invisibility that takes a 5' step away from you?


My view on this is that while that extra CON is nice, it's more for the extra +Fort save then the HP.

Standard front line usually has a 14 CON. At 10th level that's just 12 HP more then the same front line person with a 12 CON.

That extra 12 Health usually has little effect when you're being attack 3 to 4 times with around a +9 static damage modifier.

Better defenses will usually make up the differences and most races that do have that -2 CON penalty, usually have a +2 DEX bonus. That extra AC from that DEX can usually play more of a roll in keeping you alive then the extra health.
This does require you to keep your defenses up and does make it hard for some classes, like barbarians.

My opinion, sorry for rambling, long day.

These topics seem to come up fairly often. The problem is everyone interprets everything differently (plus trying to interpret alignments) there's been a quick ruling that doing something that MIGHT change your alignment/loose your divine powers, the GM has to give a clear warning about that action and why. The player then should be given a chance to defend that action. GM then makes a ruling on if that action might have a effect of a alignment shift.

All this needs to be done before the action happens!

The real problem is this line -

Action: Usually none. Normally, you make a Stealth check as part of movement, so it doesn't take a separate action. However, using Stealth immediately after a ranged attack (see Sniping, above) is a move action.

in the pathfinder rules on stealth.
So reading that, if using Greater Invis, you can make a Stealth check after full attacking.

Then there's this line -
You can move up to half your normal speed and use Stealth at no penalty. When moving at a speed greater than half but less than your normal speed, you take a -5 penalty. It's impossible to use Stealth while attacking, running, or charging.

Which clearly gives rules for using Stealth while you take a move action to move. Just nothing for the 5' step.

Just brought up the scent in case it happens.

What brought this all up is we had a similar situation happen but the assassin would use spring attack and move away, using stealth and Greater Invis. Think we had that figured out and done correctly. brought up what the DC would be with the 5' step after full attacking. Digging through the rules on stealth and invisibility led to some confusion on what was allowed and what wasn't.

The big questions seemed to be -
What action do you use to stealth?
*as in, is a 5'step count as a move action and you can stealth during it?
What are the penalties to your stealth checks for using these actions?
What is the bonus to your stealth check invisibility gives you (after your full round actions)?

So if the invis person doesn't move at all, after full attacking, he still gets a stealth check?

I'm assuming the invis attacker has to take a -20 on stealth check as if he was sniping.

Here's what it says about the sword breaker in Ult. Equip. -

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
You can use this dagger to disarm or sunder enemy blades by catching them in the grooves on the back of the blade and using your weapon as a lever. If you are proficient with this weapon, add a +4 bonus on combat maneuver check to disarm or sunder bladed weapons while using it.

Paizo clearly calls it a dagger in their own description so your should be able to use it.

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

What is the perception DC for someone under the effect of Greater Invis that took a 5' step away after a full attack action?

Give the person a +22 stealth skill
Has a Armor Check penalty of -2

What if the person making the perception check has the Scent ability?

Still undecided on what exactly I'll do. Still a bit in the future.

I will probably end up picking up a level (or more) of Warpriest starting at 8th level. That would give me access to heavy armor, Blessings, Feat: Weapon Focus, some Cleric Spells, and Scared Weapon Damage. All at the cost of 1 BAB and continuing up the Slayer class progression.

I completely forgot about the Ranger Styles require NO heavy armor. So I'm stuck in Med Armor.

Did think I had found a work around, by saving up my gold, I thought I could purchase a Mithral Full Plate of Speed. Till I found I needed 40 fame to grab it. :(

Need a little clarification on this

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light. This decrease does not apply to proficiency in wearing the armor. A character wearing mithral full plate must be proficient in wearing heavy armor to avoid adding the armor’s check penalty on all his attack rolls and skill checks that involve moving.

If I do go with a Mithral Full Plate, I do understand I need to have the heavy armor proficiency to wear it BUT does it count as Medium Armor for the Rangers Style?

Character Plan -
Going with the Weapon and Shield Ranger Style (Shield Bash, Shield Bull Rush, Cornugon Smash, etc).
For enchanting, I'm planning on working on my Dwarven Maulaxe and Heavy Spiked Shield first. Then sometime after 7th level make the jump for whatever I end up doing for my armor.

Going build & run a Dwarf (standard dwarf with Axe and shield) Slayer in PFS. Plan is to make him a tank and a trap spotter/disabler.

What I need advice for -
Thinking about getting him some heavy armor since it'll have little to no effect with him. Just trying to decide how to go about getting this heavy armor or if I even should.

Do I grab a feat for Heavy Armor?
At moment I'm against this as I've got more feats to pick then I have spots for the feats.

Take a level of Fighter?
Leaning towards this as it gives me a extra Feat slot & Heavy armor.

Grab some other class or a fighter archetype that gives me heavy armor?
Thought about Warpriest as it boosts my Will save and gives me some nice utility while just loosing +1 BAB and +1 HP

or Do I just forget the Heavy Armor and make do with Med Armor & Shield?

Just a suggestion since it sound like this might not be happening right away -

Take a look at the PFS (Pathfinder Society) boards and see/ask if there's a local group around where you live and when/where they play. Most groups are very helpful and like to see new members joining them.
Over-all, home games are usually a lot better as the characters usually have a background and a story that flows with the playing. PFS is limited to 4 hours of play and most stories have to be completed in that time frame.

My biggest gripe about clerics is not that they're healbots. It's the rest of the party treating them as healbots!

Just seems that if there's a cleric in the party, the party neglects their defenses and they feel like the can take st*p*d risks.

This isn't true with all parties but it does seem to be my experience when I play.
No healbot in the party - let's play smart!
Look, we have a healbot. I'm going to run smack into the middle of all these bad guys and take them out!

Potions, Scrolls, and Wands should be everyone's friend. If you want to be nice, just make sure some of them are higher then minimum level. Example: Scroll of Remove Disease at a 10th caster level.

Thanks, what I thought but was hoping there was something in some out of the way splat book.

I'm trying to find a PFS Trait that makes UMD a class skill and uses WIS.

Is there such a thing?

How about if it worked off STR/DEX/ or CON?

My INT is kind of low and no CHA to speak of so those traits won't work.

Is there such a thing out there for PFS?

Looking for some advice on a Dwarven Tank type that I'm planning out for PFS. Trying to build a somewhat stereotypical dwarf Waraxe/Shield fighter. Need him to be a serious threat while still having a great AC.

Dwarf Tank (Ranger/Divine Tracker - from ACG)

STR 18 (4th & 8th level bumps Strength)
DEX 12
CON 14+2
WIS 10+2
CHA 10-2
(20 point buy)

HP 14 (favored class HP)

Skills: Climb 1, Intimidate 1, Perception: 1, Swim 1 (leveling Intimidate & Perception, last 2 skill ranks spread out)

1) Favored Enemy: Humans, Track, Feat: Power Attack
2) Endurance, Favored Terrain: Urban, Combat Style: Weapon & Shield (Two Weapon Fighting)
3) Feat: Improved Shield Bash
4) Spells, Blessings (Trudd): Good & Protection (3+1/2 ranger levels x day)
5) Favored Enemy: Outsider-Evil, Feat: Shield Slam
6) Combat Style: Shield Master
7) Woodland Stride, Feat: Improved Bull Rush
8) Swift Tracker, Favored Terrain: Underground
9) Evasion, Feat: Bull Rush-Greater
10) Favored Enemy: Construct, Combat Style: Saving Shield
11) Quarry, Feat: Weapon Focus: Shield (Thinking multi-class to fighter here)
12) Camouflage (Thinking multi-class to fighter 2 here)

I wouldn't allow it, due to a number of different ways it can be used in a 'broken' way.

Some of them have already been posted but another is it's Casting Time vs the Casting Time of the spell being 'replaced'. There's a number of Full Round and longer spells this could be of serious use for.


I was using the same logic too. Just had some munchkin's wanting to UMD a scroll of a Deity Spell and in a quick search, couldn't find anything saying it was illegal.

Ended up by using RAW as he had the books with the spell and you can buy divine scrolls as a legal item.


How about a Deity specific spell?

Can you buy a scroll of that and use a scroll with a Deity spell on it?

Those spells are open access to a worshiper of that Deity and, supposedly those deities/temples can make scrolls of those spells and sell them.


Need some clarification of spells pulled from Pathfinder Player Companion: *Race* of Golarion & the ARG -

ARG PFS Rules: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed).

Can you purchase scrolls of these spells and then UMD them?

Confusion comes up with this sentence -
Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it.

Example: A Human Character goes to the Temple of Trudd (Dwarven Deity) and buys a scrolls of Mighty Strength (Cleric/Paladin Spell).

If doing something like this is legal, what's stopping Arcane Casters from purchasing a Racial Spell as a scroll and then writing that spell into his spell book?

For thinking it would be easy to kill these Stirges -

Summoned into the same square (or even adjacent square as 5' step does not trigger AoO).

Having 1D3+1 Stirges draining your CON. When your turn comes around you have a choice -
Attack the Sturges or attack the party members.

Next round you have another 1D3+1 Sturges attached to you. As the Druid is in the process of summoning up more. (Party was set up tactical to stop the Devil from being able to get to Druid to interrupt the casting).

Creature had no defense against this tactic but for DR/Good

Thought that was the case. Just seemed wrong that a bunch of Stirge's could bring down a CR11 Devil. Not going to say more about the type of creature but it should have been a very nasty fight.

Had a Druid summon up a bunch of Stirge's against a creature with DR/10 good. This was in PFS so have to use the RAW of the rules.

Since the creature had a lousy touch AC, how much threat were these Stirge's to the creature?

By RAW, all the Stirge's needed to do is hit the touch AC of the creature then they'd do 1 point of CON damage. Having multiple Stirge's made this a rule threat.

Could not find any rule, ruling one way or another on this so I ended up letting it slide as a creative spell use (plus it painted a funny scene of this big tough monster being brought down by a bunch of giant mosquitos).

What should have been the actual ruling of this?

I think you need to do some serious tweaking for this Boss fight.
Some things to consider -

I'm assuming you've added Anti-Paladin levels to a normal troglodyte. If this is the case you probably need to adjust some of your stats -

Normal Trog's have a -
9 DEX, that's a -1 AC modifier.
11CHA, unless you 'bump' this up to +1 to a 12CHA for the stat bump, you wont get the bonus to hit from the smite good. With a 12 CHA you'd be at +1 to hit and a +1 AC Bonus. With this low of a CHA, it should have no real effect on the Trog's saving throws.

The Trog's Stench ability might be a problem. If I've figured the DC right for a CR7 Trog, the party would need to make a FORT DC 15 or be sickened.

Trog's BAB +7
STR Mod +1
Smite Good +0 or +1
Feats +1

Probable To Hit Bonus: +10

This guy will probably only end up hitting the paladin he'll end up attacking on only 35-40% of his attack rolls. Causing this to end up as a big swing and miss fight for everyone.

So I wouldn't worry too much about the Anti-Paladin Trog, it's what you put with him that's can be a problem. As the Trog will be suffering from a 'Action Economy' deficit compared to the players.
If he's a solo 'encounter' I'd bump his CR (level) up at least one or two more.
If you give him some more "Trog" minions, it could then turn into a nasty fight. Just remember, for each Trog, the party needs to make the Stench save.

Not sure how this would work with your BAMFing -

Have you thought about picking up a couple levels of Magus?
Benefits -
*Fake TWF with spell combat. Does require making a concentration check but if you pick up the traits for this the DC is really low.
*Having to only enchant one weapon instead of two.
*You get to add your full +stat modifier damage to your attacks without having to spend feats on them.
*Have access to a bunch of arcane spells (magus spell list - scrolls).

Cons -
Your +BAB is one lower then where it should be.

This is situational but is what I prefer doing when I can -

4th level Scroll of Stoneskin
Duration: 70 minutes
Effect: DR10/admantine up to 70 absorbed damage.
Costs: Scroll: 700 + 250 diamond dust = 950 gp

Does require a arcane caster and access to some scrolls.

This is a lot cheaper option then going with Adamantine FullPlate.
While it does have some drawbacks (anti-magic or getting hit with a dispel) I fill the pros out way the cons.

I'm a big fan of taking Skill Focus: Acrobatics for any type of Rogue character. Just makes it that much more easier tumbling around and through the bad guys.

Not a fan of the Feinting feats. This has more to do with the penalties you'll be facing for a good third to half of your fights when attacking monsters that just don't know what feinting is.

Skill Unlock: I like Escape Artist. Escaping a grapple as a move action at 5 skill ranks, At 10 skill ranks, if you take a full round action you get a +10 on your Escape Artist roll.
There's just way too many things that can mess you up when grappled. As a Rogue, you usually do not have a high CMD, so anything that can help you when in trouble is a big help.

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