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Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 798 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Truth of the matter is that the health between a pure caster and a front line fighter usually does not have that much of a difference. The difference is in the AC. If you have a decent DEX and use AC buff spells, wands, or scrolls, you should be OK.
Just don't plan to go toe to toe and always try to leave a escape route open for the withdraw action. One other thing often overlooked is that your allies provide concealment for you, preventing OoA.


Is there anywhere in the rules (or forum - from a developer) that states this? Got into a bit of a argument about this topic.

I kind of glanced through some of those threads. I could not find a base DC of spotting someone casting a spell. Can find and figure out modifiers but what's the base DC? DC 0, DC 5, What?

This is the DC for when some one is not actively looking.

Is there a guide line anywhere for people making stealth spell casting or attacks when not in combat?

Example: Casting Charm Person on a merchant while in a crowd.
DC for being spotted casting it.
DC and skill to be spotted if you try to hide the spell casting.

What about spells using metamagic feats?

How about with a weapon?
DC for being spotted while attacking.
DC and skill to be spotted if you try to hide your the one attacking.
(I believe the skill for this is slight of hand as I have found some references to this.)

Any advice or pointing out where in the rules this is located will be very helpful.

From what I'm reading, I think you might be looking for one of the more melee type Bard Archetypes.

Dervish of the Dawn
Dervish Dancer

They can be decent melee fighters, good skills, and access to spells.

For Warpriest of Ragathiel, this is how I got my "fake" Lead Blades.

first 3 levels, grab the Weapon of the Chosen Feat Chain.

At 3rd level, buy myself a Large Bastard Sword.

tada! I'm doing Large Bastard Sword Damage. I am rolling at a -2 to hit but I get to roll 2D20 and take the high dice. My weapon also counts as good and I get a fake blind fighting feat.

Now I just need potions of Enlarge.


or you can just purchase a Oil of Daylight.

I've always found a well built summoning priest (cleric) is a nasty combo. This priest might be paying off some 'favors' with his outer-plane allies.

This might work as a foreshadow of the plane adventure.

That table gives you a rough idea.

Now how do I figure it out if I make one end out of Adamantine and the other out of Cold Iron?

Both have a different type of hardness.

How do you figure out the Hardness and HP of a Double Weapon?

Stuff like -
Double Walking Stick Katana
Double Chained Kama
Dwaven Urgosh
Gnome Hook hammer
Orc Double Axe
Two-Bladed Sword

To name a few.

What causes me problems is the enchanting & special material rules as
they treat each end as if it is a different weapon.

How would you go about building a Slayer / Horizon Walker *BAMF* character?

Tri -
If you want to use a Two-Bladed Sword, I suggest you go half-Elf and swap out the Skill Focus for the Exotic Weapon proficiency racial.

Here's what I have so far - still in the process of a lot of tweaking.

Half-Elf with the alternate Exotic Weapon proficiency racial instead of skill focus.
20 point buy: Str 17. Dex 16. Con 12. 10 for Int, Wis, & Cha

Class: Slayer

1) Feat: TWF, Study target, Track
2) Talent - Rogue Weapon Training (Weapon Focus): 2-bladed Swords.
3) +1d6 Sneak, Feat: Double Slice
4) Strength bump to 18, Talent: Trapfinding
5) 2nd studied target, Feat: Iron Will
6) +2d6 sneak, Slayer talent - Rogues: Trap Spotter
7) Stalker, Feat: Dodge
8) Strength bump to 19, Talent - Ranger Style: Improved TWF
9) +3d6 Sneak, Feat: Slayer talent - Rogues: Powerful Sneak (what can I say, the 1s like me)
10) 3rd Studied target, Advance Talents - Ranger Style: 2-Weapon Rend
11) Figure this out when I get near it...if I do.

I'm very worried about the survivability of this character as he has a low CON for a melee and no real defencive feats or talents.

If anyone has any advice, I really have only a limited idea on how this will work.

I really wanted it to go with the Vanguard Archetype but I haven't been able to get that to work.

I've just started a Slayer and here's what I'm trying out -

Half-Elf with the alternate Exotic Weapon proficiency racial instead of skill focus.
20 point buy: Str 17. Dex 16. Con 12. 10 for Int, Wis, & Cha

Grabbed the 2-Bladed Sword for my weapon. This should now allow me to TWF for full round attacks but allow me to get the slight extra damage boost for 2-handed attacking when I only attack once a round.

Still tweaking my build and not sure where its going or how it will play.

If you're after that extra STR bump to damage. Have you looked at the Two-Handed Fighter Archetype, found in the APG?

It's a good class for using 2handed weapons and vital strike builds.

Any way to pick up the Exotic Weapon, Sword, Two-Bladed without spending a feat?

Thinking about building a Slayer using the Sword, Two-Bladed but I just can't figure out a way to do this without spending a feat. I would prefer not to multi-class but could be talked into it if there's enough of a reason to.

So far, the only way I can figure out is to go Half-Elf and take the alternate racial for Exotic Weapons in place of Skill Focus.

For your Gear Section -

I feel you almost need a Warning about Meta-Magic Rods.
In PFS I've seen too many Magus try to Spell Combat while using a Meta-Magic Rod. Rod's must be equipped and held in your hand to use them. There is no way a Magus can spell combat while holding a Rod unless (1) Magus is using the Rod as the weapon (2) Magus has 3 or more hands.

PS. Tiefling's Tail does not count as being held in your hand.

PSS. this is just a pet peeve of mine as it seems like it's usually the PFS munchkins that try to get away with this.

Here's a nasty combo if you're playing a Low level game -

Warpriest that has a deity with a Bastard Sword.

Use a normal sized Bastard sword till 3rd level and then switch over to a large bastard Sword.

The Warpriests first 3 feats will be Weapon of the Chosen, Improved Weapon of the chosen, Greater weapon of the chosen.
This grants your Large Bastard Sword good aligned, blind fighting, and you roll 2 D20 and take the high when making your single attack roll.

The rolling 2 D20 more then make up for suffering the penalty of -2 for using a over sized weapon.

There is a serious limit on the Greater Weapon of the Chosen, making it almost worthless once the warpriest hit 8th level or starts using powers that grant multiple attacks like Haste.

1st level Feat -
I'd think about dropping Toughness and grabbing Fey Foundling from the ISG. Fey Foundling allows you to heal +2 HP for each die rolled when you receive healing. plus it gives a +2 bonus on saves vs death magic.
Only drawback is you take extra damage if you get hit by cold iron and have to take it at first level.

If you're set on using Vital Strike, Think about taking at least 1 level of the Ranger Archetype: Freebooter from the Pirates of the Inner Sea Book. Gives you access to 'Freebooter Mark' your target as a move action. Giving a +1 to hit and +1 damage vs that marked target with weapon attacks for your party. Plus it also opens up access to some of the Ranger spells. Grab yourself a Wand of Lead Blades and increase your 2 handed weapon damage dice size. Drink a potion of Enlarge and really go to town.

Example: Great Sword damage: 2D6, 3D6 with Lead Blades, and 4D6 with enlarge & Lead Blades. With Vital Strike, that's 8D6 damage.

Sunder Feat line -
Have a love/hate with this feat line. If this is a home game, it's kind of a bad choice as the stuff you're sundering is your take home treasure. Plus about 1/3 to 50% of the stuff you might end up fighting won't have stuff to sunder.
...but it can put a serious crimp in the bad guys tactics if you can and do use it against them.

If you like the Magus so much, why not try building another but go in a different direction?

My very first magus build was a Strength magus, grabbed the Wand Arcana, a Wand of True Strike, and became a mean tripping machine.
Spells: Support, defense, and range damage.
Reason: Wanted to try something else from what these forums all suggested. Was a very fun and flexible character. Did not have the damage out put of a regular magus.

Then about a year later I'm now working on building a standard Kensai Magus. Which sounds like about what you have now.

If you want to just try another class -
Warpriest from the ACG. The Divine Caster type of the Magus.

Glitter Dust
Save vs Blind and prevents invis.

Not sure how this would work for you -

Take a look at taking a level or more of the warpriest using the bow. Supposedly there's some nice bow using earliest builds floating around the forums.

While this isn't a arcane caster, you do get access to some nice buff divine buff spells. Just no idea if you can get it to work with what you want.

Check with your GM and that you know the grapple rules forward and backwards. I've seen some players in PFS with a tree diagram (is that what they're called?) for the grapple rules.

Please, anything to make it easier on your GM if you're planning on using grapple a lot. It just about seems that when I sit down with someone that grapples, we end up referencing the rule book at least once a gaming session.

There's a couple of Boons out there that can also help. Getting those Boons usually require attending Cons and luck.

Depending on build, I usually start PFS with a Sling & Bullets. Then around 2rd level switch over to a masterwork bow and start putting on the enchantments when I can afford them.

Couple other key factors in the nodachi favor.

1) It can do slashing or piercing damage. Great sword only does slashing.

2) Nodachi, for weapon specialization (fighter builds) count as a pole arm besides as blades, heavy. Giving a bit more flexibility over the greatsword

The feat doesn't stop you from making more then one attack. It just gives a slight bonus on the 'next attack in that round'.

Feat: Weapon of the Chosen

At first I agreed with your poor rating for this feat. Then I noticed this little item in it -
If your attack missed due to cancealment, you can reroll your miss chance one time.

This little line I feel bumps the feat up to average and actually makes getting this feat chain more worth while.

The biggest problem that I see in a Rogue is in it's 'Lack of' defenses.

Lack of a good save modifier.
Lack of a good AC (at the mid/high end game)
Lack of a good hit dice for HP.

All three of these 'Lack of' can be overcome but it's at the cost of gear, feats, and rogue 'tricks'.

Just ask -
be sure you have the page with the Wrist Sheath description and Potion description bookmarked.

By the description of both, it's possible to have a potion stored in a wrist sheath. It also possible that the potion just does not come in the correct size to be stored securely in a wrist sheath.

Check with your PFS GM before using a wrist sheath this way.

Here's another parry question -

Can you parry a incorporeal creature with a non-magical weapon?

claudekennilol wrote:
That's specifically what the Grasping Tail feat does (allows you to hold with your tail). James Jacobs has said this is exactly what he uses the feat for with his tiefling magus. It's not like I'm doing it for free, it costs a feat to get it done. I'm trying to find the specific wording in the prd about how to use rods but I can't find anything other than "simply having the rods doesn't confer the bonus".

For Rods, found in the CRB page 484, under Activation.

"unless noted otherwise, you must be holding the rod to use its abilities."

Feat: Grasping Tail
Benefit: You can use your tail to grab stowed items. While you cannot wield weapons with your tail, you can use it to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on your person as a swift action.

Special: If you have the prehensile tail racial trait, you can use your tail to grab unattended items within 5 feet as a swift action as well as to grab stowed objects carried on your person; you can hold such objects with your tail, though you cannot manipulate them with your tail (other than to put them in your hand).

From what I'm reading, it sounds like you can not use a Rod with your Tail. The main problem I'm seeing is the descriptions of Rods. They range in size from 2 to 3 feet and weigh up to 5 LBs. Also, a lot of them can function as light maces and clubs. Which put's them over the size category for the tail.

I'd love to be proved wrong as I also have started a PFS Taifling Magus and if you can find a exception from what I'm reading I'd love to know where so I can use it too. :)

I do know some magus get around this by spell use and grow themselves a third arm. At this time, it's the only 'offical' PFS way I know of to use a meta-magic rod while spell combating in PFS

If you're going to plan on using a meta-magic rod while spell combating be sure you have the resource that says it's OK for you bookmarked. Most PFS GM I know won't allow it as Rods need to be 'held' to use them.

The Spell: Mudball, I is a racial spell. Not sure how PFS works with racial spells. Another have that resource bookmarked for the PFS GM.

If you have the ARG, look at the racial Feat: Armor of the Pit. Gives you a +2 Natural Armor Bonus.

Ray spells: You have 3 ray cantrips. One is vs undead and the other two do different elemental damage. While it's not a lot of damage it can be helpful at times.

If you have easy access to wands, grab the wand arcana. Allows you to use wands with spell combat. Lots of good wands out there.

Someone might mention the swashbuckler arcana deed but I'd stay away from that. Same with Arcane Accuracy, as you will have a very limited arcane pool that will not grow any larger.

Hate to say how many times I flipped through the ACG looking. Kept hoping I was missing it some where.

Any way, feats, items, traits, etc, that a Warpriest can pick up extra Fervor?

How about this then -

A person moves through a threatened square but that person has a ally in that threatened square.

This argument all falls in the RAW vs the "always seen it played this way" for PFS. As PFS is always supposed to use the RAW.

Most 99% of the people it won't be a problem with. It's just that 1% that always seems to crop up that causes the problem.

This is a PFS question as I've always seen it played (and GM) as RAI instead of as RAW.

RAW Facts
1) People provide cover.

2) You can not take a AoO if someone has cover.

3) You can use people to provide cover to do a activity that would normally draw a AoO.

Example: Monster has reach. Tank type is standing in melee range of monster. Caster type is hiding behind Tank type. Caster cast a spell.

Normally the monster would always get its AoO on the caster. As played by RAI and I've always seen.

Problem is by RAW - and I had it pointed out to me in a game that got run. The monster does NOT get it's AoO as the tanking type is providing cover for the caster.

How should it be handled?

(1) Play it like I've always seen it played, monster gets it's AoO (would allow the player to change action)

or -

(2) Play it as RAW and don't allow the monster to get the AoO off.

Anyone able to point me to the old, wire, AoE templates?

I can find the solid templates but I'm looking for the metal, wire templates that you could lay over everything on the battle mat. As they were just a metal outline for the AoE effects.

Anyone know if there's been a official word back on this yet?

The standard choice for your type of character is

reactionary + indomitable faith (+1 Will saves) or some other +1 will save trait

Just because they are so dang good.

There's a lot of debate on if the Arcane Deed: Precise Strike stacks with Spell Combat/Spellstrike.

Until there's a official word back on this expect table variations. My feeling is most PFS GM will not allow it.

I'd run by Lock Gaze with your GM. As it can be a pretty good single target control spell.

You compel the target to look at you and only you for the spell’s duration or until the spell is discharged. While staring at you, the target is considered to be averting its eyes from every creature but you, granting creatures other than you concealment against the target’s attacks. If the target willingly leaves your line of sight, it is blinded for 1 round and the spell ends. If you willingly leave the target’s line of sight or become unconscious or dead, the spell creature suffers no ill effects. Blind creatures and creatures immune to gaze attacks are immune to this spell.

It's Enchant, Range (close), Will save, duration: round/level

Just be sure to stand with all your meat shields between you and your target.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is one of those love/hate type items but with you're CHA you should be able to pull it off.

Feat: Extra Rage Power
Then grab the Rage power: Spirit Totem, Lesser -
While raging, the barbarian is surrounded by spirit wisps that harass her foes. These spirits make one slam attack each round against a living foe that is adjacent to the barbarian. This slam attack is made using the barbarian’s full base attack bonus, plus the barbarian’s Charisma modifier. The slam deals 1d4 points of negative energy damage, plus the barbarian’s Charisma modifier.

Free, extra attacks are always good.

Just make sure this is OK with your GM. As while I think it's RAW & RAI to be able to use Rage powers while bloodraging. There is people that disagree.

I second Fantasy Grounds.

The good thing about Fantasy Grounds is it's very customable and the basic of the program is simple to learn. The bad (good) thing about it is that there's a lot of neat tricks you can do with it. Problem is that all those neat little tricks have a bit of a learning curve.

Haven't been to the FG website lately but they should still have a video showing FG off.

Couple things I want to point out -

High population centers usually have schools. So around those schools you'll usually end up with some fairly high level people. I'm thinking level 6-10 range for teachers with a couple masters in the level 11-15 range.

High level people do NOT need to be good in combat. Most are very poor in combat. Having a low BAB progression and no spells can mean that 9th level NPC merchant makes a fine snack for a Bear. Where that same bear is a yawn fest to a standard 9th level adventurer.


Metal jewelry that detects magic and when it detects gives a good non-lethal shock damage to those that can use magic.

While it's still possible for magic to be cast with these on, they'd have to make that nasty concentration check for taking damage.

As a safety precaution, any time these items take damage they also do a non-lethal shock damage AoE of 5'.

For racial types with Lightning resists, have a few with other type of damage.

Jail Cells
A simple magic mouth or other type of alarm that goes off when it detects something. magic going off, people where they shouldn't be, etc.

What kind of action is the Parry and Riposte for the Swashbuckler deed?

Opportune Parry and Riposte (Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler, she can spend 1 panache point and expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt to parry that attack. The swashbuckler makes an attack roll as if she were making an attack of opportunity...
...Upon performing a successful parry and if she has at least 1 panache point, the swashbuckler can as an immediate action make an attack against the creature whose attack she parried, provided that creature is within her reach.

In terms of feats, abilities, traits, etc. I've heard people call both the Parry and Riposte as attack of opportunities, only the Parry counts as a attack of opportunity, neither roll counts - confused.

(1) So does the Parry part count as a attack of opportunity for modifiers?

(2) So does the Riposte part count as a attack of opportunity for modifiers?

Looking for advice on picking (2) [PFS] legal traits for a Tiefling Swashbuckler.

What I'm hoping for is that there is a trait that will help out with the parry & riposte deed or something else of interest. Otherwise I'm going end up with Reactionary and a Will +1 save trait...boring. :-(

(1) Can a Swashbuckler, with a non-magical weapon, parry a incorporeal creature?

(2) Do traits, Feats, Abilities, etc that modify Attack of Opportunities also modify the Swashbuckler's Parry &/or Riposte?

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