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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,278 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I've always let the players ask the question of what they want answered.

Figured if they 'studied' the monster, they probably memorized the parts they're interested in.

Play with a enchanter wizard and his first question always is "Can they be effected by mind enchantments?". Anything else known is just random garbage for him.

Bit feat intensive and requires being able to cast divine spells -
Weapon of the Chosen feat line (3) feats.


Thanks -
Missed that part when I did a quick search.


Can the Vishkanya Deadly Courtesan Archetype be used with the Unchained Rogue?

Unsure due to how picking PFS can be with the RAW. As there's stuff like the regular rogue's Trap Sense vs the Unchained Danger Sense that the Archetype is replacing.

Do have the Vishkanya Boon and would really like to play a Unchained Deadly Courtesan Rogue. Just want to make sure it's legal.

Not worried about Two Weapon Rend. Going be a long, long time down the road before I even have to worry about it. The +11 BAB kind of puts it into the very far future. If I ever play this character past level 12. (This is for PFS)

Money costs - think that's my biggest worry. Equipping and enchanting two weapons and a pet will be lots of gold.

Grandlounge wrote:

It would not be the strongest build but it might function.

If you use outflank, paired opportunists, seize the moment and butterfly sting to generate aoo and pass on a crit to a big single attack AC. A T-rex, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus may work as you would also get multiple attempts at rider effects Grab, Stun, Trip. T-rex would be my choice here.

A human at level 5 has 4 feats:

TWF, Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise, Butterfly Sting

Two Teamwork feats

Outflank, Paired opportunist

...and that is kind of how I have my build set up as.

Wasn't planning on having a high STR. Was thinking a STR 12 and that was more for carrying stuff.

Wanted the extra attacks for more chances of crits. Which ment more OA for my pet. Pet would be the damage dealer.

Down the road, probably level 8 or 9, after getting weapons enchanted with Keen, I'd enchant with Agile.

Any idea on how TWF works with the Hunter?

Was thinking about making a DEX build Hunter using the TWF feat chain with high crit weapons. Then with Outflank, have my animal companion provide the damage with OAs.

When I ran some quick numbers, it looked doable. Now I'm wondering how it'll hold up in practice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Think one of the most important rules for new DMs should be -

Get with your players and go over with them on how they see their characters progress through the levels.

This can do a number of things but the three biggie reasons -
1) Party compatibility, make sure the characters can play nice with each other.
2) Gives the DM a idea on how powerful each character is compared to the others. OP characters can make game play not fun for the rest of the table.
3) Helps the DM design challenging encounters and supply useful loot.

One thing I've noticed some GMs overlook is that Swarms (most) are mindless and easy to 'distract'.

They almost always go after those that are closest, so if someone is hurt, you can stick someone else in front of them to 'protect' them. Have ping ponged a swarm before by using this tactic.

...or you can try something different. In the case of the rats, might be able to 'distract' them by tossing food down in another square and running away.
This tactic does depend on the GM if it works or not.

bitter lily wrote:
Matt2VK wrote:

Would these Needles be counted as magical for DR/Magic?

Since the needles are coming from a magic item.

I'd count it as a magical attack.

{Added:} Which is why I question sneak attack. Ray of Frost wouldn't work for the ninja, Firebug, as is revealed by an ability that the Arcane Trickster gets...

Core under Arcane Trickster wrote:
Surprise Spells: At 10th level, an arcane trickster can add her sneak attack damage to any spell that deals damage, if the targets are flat-footed. This additional damage only applies to spells that deal hit point damage, and the additional damage is of the same type as the spell. If the spell allows a saving throw to negate or halve the damage, it also negates or halves the sneak attack damage.

bitter lily,

The 10th level Arcane Trickster ability works with every spell that deals damage. Even Fireball. Usually you have to make a attack roll and hit to apply SA damage. The Surprise Spell ability is a way to get around making that attack roll.

At least that's how I've always seen it ruled.

Still lurking around here :D

I always assumed you got to add any Strength modifier to the damage the needle does. Now I'm beginning to wonder...

More curious on answers to *buff* the needles to help get through DR.

From people's opinions, it's sounding like Weapon Blanches will be a almost worthless to use with the Robe. But...

Would these Needles be counted as magical for DR/Magic?
Since the needles are coming from a magic item.

Price 1,000 gp; Aura faint evocation; CL5th; Weight 4 lbs.
This dark, hooded robe has six long, silvery, razor-sharp needles protruding from the bottom of its loose sleeves, three on each side. The wearer can launch one needle as a ranged touch attack. The needle counts as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. If the needle hits, it embeds itself in the target's flesh, dealing 1 point of piercing damage and 1 point of bleed damage. A creature can pull out the needle as a full-round action, which ends the bleed effect. The needle is destroyed if an attack with it misses or when it is removed from a creature it was embedded in. The robe regrows all spent needles each morning.

Cost 500 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, bleed

1) Can the needles be buffed by spells or items? Example: Magic Weapon or Weapon Blanch.
1a) If they can be buffed by spells or items, are they treated as weapons or Ammunition?

2) There's debate on what kind of action the Robe of Needles takes to toss the needles if you can make more then one attack as a full round action.
Was wondering if you could pull the 6 needles out, store them, and then using the Feat: Quick Draw, toss multiple needles?

I know to expect table variations on this but want to get a feeling of the general public opinion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Louise Bishop wrote:

Combat maneuvers are frowned upon typically because people invest feats and can't get as good a return on the investment.

Most monsters have insane CMB and CMD. And the unusual anatomy or abilities that can negate some as well.

Some people just do it anyways and they tend to optimize around it.

I recommend dazing Spell. Not sure what class you are but Dazing Spiritual weapons are pretty fun to let fly.

If you will tell us what class you are we can make suggestions on how to keep enemies down without having to make huge feat investment for small pay off

This is not true.

CM, if built around it and with the correct gear is so crazy powerful, it's OP broken, my opinion.

Course these builds do suffer a serious drawback in not being able to do anything else.

So the main reason CM gets bad mouthed is it's worthless or OP broken. Doesn't really have a middle ground.

Is there a reason for her to take ranks in know: religion? I think it's fine for 1 or 2 ranks for "character flavor" but thats about it. All the other skills can be useful for what it sounds like she's trying to build.

I'd be more in favor of the 12 DEX as it boosts way more then INT does for the warpriest. DEX increases initiative, AC, reflex, and more skills she'll probably actively use then what you'd get from the INT.

Sorry about the CHA crack, put that post in there in response to someone else's post about CHA boosting channeling.

Warpriest do not need CHA. It has no effect on any of their abilities.

Warpriests can make decent in combat healers, for themselves. They can do this as a swift action with fervor.

Have her run into the mix of bad guys and set up flanking for the orc. This makes her more of a target to be takened out. With self buffs and a shield, her AC should be good enough to ward off a decent number of attacks. She just needs to make herself enough of a threat to be attacked.

I always think there should be some encounters PCs should not win (unless they get very lucky).
I've seen some PC groups that think they can bad mouth NPC becouse they believe they're protected by plot armor. Toss in a encounter or two that should clobber the PC but have a reason not to kill them hopefully teaches them a lesson or two.

Shocked no one mentioned just playing a magus. At high levels they can wear heavy armor.

If you want to make the encounter a bit tougher, I'd toss in some tactical terrain advantage for the bad guys.
Bow using bad guys at the top of the stairs on the far side of the room can be a simple example. Have the rogue hiding somewhere and jumping out to attack the parties casters after all the melee run past him (comes into play the 2nd round).

Doing this could go terribly run, depending on rolls and how "buff" the party is.

Not a spell but there are spells that help carry this off.

Misdirection, I'm a big fan of, specially with bosses.

Simple example -
Stick a skeleton in armor in each corner of the room/by the doors.
These are dead dead skeletons, not undead. A simple knowledge: religion check will show this but it might district and use up someone's alpha strike.

I'm hoping that lich has a couple of guards with him. Otherwise it'll be a dead dead lich by the second round.

Spells - these are more for defense.
True sight
Stone skin
Mirror image
Harm (healing himself and vs players)
Dim door

Tempted to suggest the Darkness line of spells for those without darkvision. Problem with that is it becomes more of a pain then anything else for the players.

Wall line of spells is good for splitting up the party.

Choosing offensive spells depends a lot on where the lich is and what advance knowledge/prep the lich is able to do.

Two things I haven't seen mentioned -
Goblins like fire. Actually they love starting things on fire and watching it burn. Alchemist Fire or the poor man substitute, oil flask with a rag can be a goblins favorite friend.

The one thing goblins like better then a nice blazing fire is things that go *BOOM!*
There's fireworks and gunpowder bombs in Ultimate Equipment to help with the game mechanics.

Almost everthing suggested here goes against touch AC and can have a AoE effect. While the damage isn't much, it does follow the 'Death by a thousand cuts' strategy you wanted to try for.

I'm now trying to decide if the 6th level spellstrike ability (Arrowsong Strike) is even worth using.

Drawbacks -
Can only be used with Ranged Touch Spells.
Can not use Rapidshot and Manyshot feats as both Arrowsong Strike & Rapidshot/Manyshot use the same Full round action.
This is NOT the Magus's spell combat class feature. Does not give you that 'extra attack'. About all it does is allows you to use the Bows Range to deliver the ranged touch spell.

When you go picking your spells to work with the level 6 ability (Magus's fake spellstrike), double check your on your spells to make sure they work with it.

From my reading of the ability, it only works with Ranged Touch Spells.

Have to actually do some work now. Check thread later

Have no issue with just knocking off 10 damage from the 45 taken with a DR10.

The question I have is how much of the 80 points of damage the stone skin can take get knocked off?

5 points the Stone Skin takes since there is a DR5/Piercing from Resinous Skin
10 pints the Stone Skin absorbs and just completely ignore Resinous Skin

Trying to see if it's possible to stretch out how much 'damage' Stone Skin can 'last' through.

8 high damage attacks (8th level wizard) if I ignore Resinous Skin

16 High damage attacks if Resinous Skin get's to be applied.

I need to be a faster typer :) Blame it on actually pretending I'm doing some work while browsing the forums.

Clarifying myself -
8th level Wizard get's hit for 45 damage with a slashing weapon.

Which DR gets used and how?
DR does not stack but both spells work slightly differently.

DR5/Piercing from Resinous Skin. Duration spell

DR10/Adamantine from stone skin. Duration last till it absorbs 80 points of damage

Using the DR does not stack rule I can only stop 10 points of damage. Since I have two types of DR, how much would my Stone Skin "absorb"?

5 points or 10 points?

Getting the 5 points applied to the 'duration' of stone skin from the DR since its slashing damage and Resinous Skin has a DR5/Piercing.

or do I just ignore the DR from Resinous Skin

Tarik Blackhands wrote:

I personally say Stoneskin kicks off first but honestly I don't think it matters if you do Ablative or SS first.

I mean, if you do stoneskin first, you go from 45 lethal -> 35 lethal -> 30 lethal 5 non.

If you reverse you go 45 lethal -> 40 lethal 5 non (barrier) -> 30 lethal 5 non (stoneskin).

Really as long as you don't do the actual hp loss before them, the math should stay the same.

See my edit above. Messed up my first post :D

Tarik Blackhands wrote:

If I had to wager a guess it would go:

Step 1: DR. Since you can only use 1 type of DR at a time, you use the best, in this case Stone Skin taking 10 off the 45 reducing it to 35 lethal.

Step 2: Conversions. Ablative barrier kicks in reducing the 35 to 30 lethal 5 nonlethal.

Step 3: HP Adjustment. You take off 30 hp off your character, starting with the False Life temp hp and also note in the non lethal tab you have 5 of that.

Which is first for the DR?

Stone Skin or Resinous Skin?
I know DR does not stack but both of them apply a different type of DR and the DR has different effects.

Resinous Skin applies a flat DR/Piercing and is good till the spell expires.

Stone Skin applies DR10/Adamantine till it *absorbs* a certain amount and is then gone.

Have a Wizard that has a whole bunch of Defensive buffs cast on him. Want to know the order to apply them once that wizard takes damage.

Buffs -
False Life, Temp HP, 2nd level
Ablative Barrier, Converts damage to non-lethal, 3rd level
Resinous Skin, DR5/Piercing, 3rd level
Stone Skin, DR10/Adamantine, 4th level

Let's use getting attacked with a Great Sword (Slashing Weapon) and taking 45 damage as the example.

Which spell effect goes off first and in what order?

I mistyped the time for Endure Elements :)

Really, about the only wand I use UMD for on all my characters that do UMD is Longstrider & Heightened Awareness. The others are useful but more situational.

Here's all the *long* duration (1st level) wands I like to carry around that I have found useful.

Spells -
Longstrinder 10' extra movement. Duration 1 hour

Heightened Awareness +2 Perception/Knowledge checks, +4 Initiative. 10 Minutes

mage Armor +4 AC. 1 Hour

Comp Lang 10 minutes

Read magic (this is actually a 0 level) 10 minutes

Endure Elements 1 hour

Feather Step ignore difficult terrain. 10 min

Goodberry 2D4 berries that heal 1 each. 24 hours

My opinion, you only really need a UMD skill of +5 if you're planning on using it with only wands that apply long duration buffs (plenty useful of those buffs out there).

Dumping more skill rank into UMD is useful but I find those ranks better used elsewhere.

With a wand you can try over and over again till that dreaded 1 on a d20 comes up.

So taking a trait for using INT for UMD might be nice at 1st level. Just don't think its worth it later on. As theres so many other useful traits.

I am playing a "muscle" wizard in pfs. The character is more for a 'theme' party but he still does pretty good in *random* pfs groups.

Levels 1-4 you play pretty much as a standard wizard. Maybe wade into combat and either attack or aid other.

5+ You start getting the good tranformation spells. Pick creatures with lots a attacks. While your main attacking bonus will be lagging behind all the full BAB classes, you should be making 2 to 4 more attacks then them.

Your health and AC will be 'lacking'. There are a number of spells that will help here. Some of those spells do have a expensive component (stone skin), but running the numbers, that expense is actually cheaper in pfs then purchasing magical armor.

Combat - Once you get to level 5, you might be able to squeeze 2 encounters out of you minute/level buff spells.
Tactics - If in a humanoid form, cast a touch spell, move into combat and apply. If able to full round attack with all your attacks, do so.
Favored humaniod form - gargoyle.

A number of harpies. A couple of them *singing* can really mess up a party. Specially if they 'lure' people over the side of a flying airship.

True Strike combined with Improved Trip/Disarm.

+1 cloth armor of spell storing. Have the 2nd level spell Frigid Touch stored in it.

Get hit wearing it and as a immediate action can choose to trigger Frigid Touch on the attacker. Does 4d6 cold damage plus staggers, ending attackers turn.

A cheap and mean tactic is wizard using vermin repellent and standing in the middle of a swarm of vermin. Players HATE swarms. *GM call that the swarm failed save on the repellant.*

That sounds like a modified Dwarven Dorn Dergar. There's a couple feats just for it that could also work for you.

Trying something odd/different.

Going to make a transmutation wizard that will you the self poly spells.
So very leery about anything that hurts my 'to hit'. Plan is to use a bunch of utility spells for out of combat then once in combat, transform into something big and nasty.

So looking for stuff to improve my 'to hit'.

I'm looking for items and feats to help with Natural Attacks that are PFS legal.

Did some searches and what does come up is not PFS character legal.
(most suggestions are monster feats)

Levels 6+ If you know a fight might be happening in the next couple of minutes - Shield of Faith. It's deflection bonus is probably higher then any rings of protections you might have.

Another good level 6+ is Beacon of Luck. +2 Sacred bonus to your saves and allies within 30' can as a immediate action, roll 2D20 for a save once.

Actually in combat, just quickened Divine Favor. Spending a standard action for some type of buff usually is not worth it to buff your combat.
Unless you can pre-buff just before combat.

Thanks Bob Bob, that's what I wanted. For some reason was thinking reducing size also reduced strength.

What I'm asking about is how the damage done is resolved.

In the description, it states that you figure out the attacking damage as if the attacker was a size smaller. Anytime your size is reduced, you loose 2 strength.

It clearly gives examples of the base damage dice but nothing about if the strength is also reduced for the damage you take.

Spell: Dragon Turtle Shell

When you are struck by an opponent's natural attacks, the damage is resolved as if the attack came from a creature one size smaller per 5 caster levels (maximum of four size categories smaller at CL 20th). Refer to Table 3–1 to determine an attack's altered base damage. If the creature's natural attack deals nonstandard damage, refer instead to the Improved Natural Attack feat. It is not possible to reduce the base damage of a creature's natural attack below 1d2 with this spell.

Question -
This clearly reduces the damage die for the natural attack. Does it also reduce the strength of the attack?
As if the person attacking was under the effect of a reduce person/creature spell.

I'm saying yes but want other opinions.

Between Feyfoundling and Toughness, you really should look at your other defenses and how they are. Shoring up a defense instead of something to help with your health might bring a lot more benefit as a feat then either Feyfoundling or Toughness.

While it hasn't been mentioned yet, Feyfoundling works really good with Channeled healing. A healer rolling 5D6 healing channels is a extra 10 health with Feyfoundling. Just need to be grouped up with someone that channel heals. Which can be a problem in PFS.

Another benefit fey foundling has is that it usually takes less charges of your cure light wounds wand to heal you up.

My opinion, toughness is great for levels 1 & 2. Almost worthless for levels 3 - 8, then so-so till about 12+. This is just due to how much damage you can take vs the health you get from it. Still a good feat, just think there's better at the early levels.

Have you looked at Pharasma and going daggers?

There's the River Rat trait that adds +1 damage and you can pick up the deity obedience of Pharasma for +2 to attack with daggers.

A 10 CON is way too low for a D8 health front line fighter. Any way you can bring it up? I'd suggest lowering your INT. While a 18 INT is very nice for a magus, 90% of the spells you'll use do not require saves.

Try and convince the player to play a bard. :)
If he plays a Skuld, you'll end up declining his rage song as you can't cast if you except.

Is the Oradin going to be melee?
Asking as some one needs to help set up flank with the rogue.

Are you allowed traits?

How firm are you on having Desna as your deity?
Desna makes a wonderful cleric deity but only a so-so warpriests.

You do not have to use your deities favorite weapon to get the warpriest goodies, that only really matters if you plan on grabbing the Weapon of the Chosen feat line.

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