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Matt2VK's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 570 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Looking for advice on item (or items) that can help a low, un-skilled, fighter in a social setting.

Requirements -

1) Need to be PFS legal.

2) Have a duration of 10 minutes or longer for the effect.

3) Budget of around 4,000 gold

Can be potions, scrolls, or even items.

Nice to know.


Maybe I'll give it a try in making one too.

Heard a rumor that this has been FAQ somewhere to prevent this. Just wasn't sure what got FAQ but it was thought that (Spell-Like Abilities) did not count for meeting the requirements as they are not spells.

So does someone knows more about this?

Since it sounds like you're playing in the PF world of Golarion, how about changing your hatred from devils to Demons?

This would allow you to do something with the whole World Wound and the Demons that habitat it. In PFS, this is the year the Demons have broken out of the World Wound borders and have been raining destruction down on the adjact nations. But leading up to this major event there was hints of plots of cults being lead/helped by Demons.

Which could be where your. Character developed his hatred of them.


I feel stup*d now.

Thought Improved Crit had a +9 BAB requirement.

What is the damage dice for someone Enlarged, using a great sword, that has casted Lead Blades on himself?

Great Sword is 2D6
Enlarged brings it up to 3D6. (Large size)
Lead Blades would increase the damage dice up one size to Huge.

Weapon damage chart does not go up that high.

At level 11, you don't meet the requirements for improved critical. Your BAB isn't high enough.

Kensai would allow it as they have a class ability for grabbing crit feats early.

If your arcane pool isn't big enough for you. You can take the Extra Arcane Pool feat multiple times.

I'd probably grab Spell Penetration at 9th level, around here is where you'll really start needing it.

What Archetype are you?
If you're not a Kensai, you don't meet the requirements for Improved Crit at level 11 as you're BAB is only +8. If Kensai, you Magus levels count as your BAB for Improved Crit feats.

I'm assuming you're a Kensai/Blackblade -
11th level - Improved Critical and a Crit Feat that has Improved Crit as a requirement.

You can also take a look at the fighter feats as you count as a lower level fighter (depending on archetypes for your fighter level.)

Something Avatar-1 brought up -

Can you wear a magical item that takes the wrist slot and still use Spring Loaded Wrist sheaths?

I'd say no but as Avatar-1 brought up, it looks like a YES by RAW.


Going play around with the build a bit more and try to update it tomorrow for more comments.

How much Change?

What about Saturday and Sunday?

Is there a good link some where to a map for where this will be at?
I'm directionally challenged.


Actually why I asked is that on all the character sheets and magic item spot lists is that it limits you to one.

Don't have the CHA for that and the character just made 3rd level.

How many Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths can you wear?
Want to use 2 of them and have a different wand up each one.

Thanks -

Still tinkering with the build. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

At 5th level I'll want a different Feat then Cleave.
Retrain it at 6th level to Vital Strike.

At 10th level thinking about changing the Combat Style - Great Cleave to Pushing Assault.

Going drop the Aasimar Feats, bye-bye Fly :(, and grab Improved Crit and some Improved Crit feat. Haven't decided which.

There's a BIG problem in PFS sessions that breaks down into two parts -

1) It's easier getting the mission accomplished being a 'jerk'. Intimidate that clerk, break in to that warehouse - killing those 'watchmen', etc etc.

2) No real long term lasting effect for being a 'jerk'.
That 'clerk' you intimidated doesn't put the 'word' out about you. Those 'watchmen' you beat up/killed in town, even if evil, doesn't get you into trouble with the city watch. Etc etc.

If you're grabbing a Reach weapon, see if you can find one that does both Bashing and Piercing damage.

Looking for comments suggestions. Here's my rough draft of what I'm planning on doing -
(This is for PFS and needs to be PFS legal)

Aasimar, Anglekin (have Scion of Humanity so can take both Human and Aasimar feats)
STR 18, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 9

Level breakdown
1) Fighter, 2handed Archetype. feats: Fey Foundling & weapon Focus: Nodachi
2) Ranger, Freebooter Archetype (instead of favored enemy, freebooter and her allies gain a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against the target. Takes a move action).
3) Freebooter 2, combat Style 2Handed fighting - Power Attack, Feat: Furious Focus.
4) 2Handed Fighter 2 (instead of bravery, +1 bonus to CMB and CMD on sunder attempts and on damage rolls made against objects), Feat: Iron Will. Stat bump STR +1
5) 2Handed Fighter 3 (instead of Armor Training, make a single attack (with the attack action or a charge) with a two-handed weapon, he adds double his Strength bonus on damage rolls. Feat: Cleave
6) 2Handed Fighter 4 Feat: Weapon Specialization: Nodachi
7) Freebooter Ranger 3, Endurance, Favored Terrain: Urban. Feat: Improved Iron Will
8) Freebooter Ranger 4 (replaces Hunters Bond, Freebooter and allies gain an additional +2 bonus on attack rolls when flanking, takes a Move action to activate.)
9) Freebooter Ranger 5 (instead of 2nd favored enemy, freebooter and her allies gain a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against the target. Takes a move action). Feat: Angelic Blood.
10) Freebooter Ranger 6 Combat Style - Great Cleave
11) Freebooter Ranger 7 (replaces Woodland Stride- faster swim checks and +2 to swim skill), Feat: Angelic Wings - WOOT! Can fly.
12) Freebooter Ranger 8 Swift Tracker, Favored Terrain: Underground. Stat bump CHA +1
13) Semi-Retired (This is for PFS)

Might drop the Aasimar racial feats and go with some critical feats. Which I'd probably get more use out of. <sad face>

I'll disagree with M-M here but that's more due to play style for Combat Casting being needed at low levels.

At low levels, you just do not have that many spells. Most of your damage is going to be coming from your melee damage. Of which, combat casting isn't needed.
typical round, starting in melee range -
*Declare Combat casting
*take melee attacks
*take 5' step back
*cast spell
If spell is a utility or a ranged attack, the spell goes off now.
If the spell is a touch spell, you hold the charge till next round to attack with.

most spells at low levels are going to be either utility, 0 level (in which case, you don't worry about missing the spell casting check), or range. By the time you can really start slinging spells in melee range, you wont need combat casting.

I'm assuming you know what you're doing with the Staff Magus because I've heard they only come into their own after level 10 and PFS retires characters at 12.

Feats: Combat Casting - Not really needed for a Magus. At low levels you can take a 5' step and cast. Around level 6, you can cast defensively without it and only fail on a very low number (2-4 maybe, don't have math broken down here). Plus, the Magus gets lots of ways to help the casting in melee as they level up.

Magic Missile Spell, its Feats, and traits - While it would work for the Magus, it's a ranged attack. The big thing about Magus is it's melee attacks and using the Crit range on the Magus weapon for crit fishing for spells, while in melee.
Just not sure how it would work out for you. With the magic missile stuff, it just looks like playing a wizard would be better for you.

There's a pretty good guide for Hex/Magus here on the advice forums.

Vital Strike and Cleave, can you use these two feats together?

What about the trait that gives you a couple of 0 level arcane spells?

Your role in combat will be whatever you do. As some times you'll have no idea what classes will be playing at your table. As a Bard you might be asked to play the tank one session, support the next, and then the healer a third time.

I've made some assumptions that this class played like a normal bard. Of which I was wrong.

Traits -
Maestro the Society - if you have the book.
Vagabond Child - you want to have disable device as a class skill (get 4 extra ranks in it. I don't consider (my opinion) this to be a good choice)
I would grab one of the Traits that give +1 Fort saves. There's a couple of them with different names. Not sure which you would have books too. This will help vs the poison and diseases your character will face.
The +2 Initiative Trait is always a good standby but with a high dex character it's not really needed. If you do plan on using spells for group buffs it can really help.

My suggestion is go to the advice section of these forums, click on the sticky - Guide to the Guides. and then scroll down and look at the - A Guide to Traits. Lots of good info in there to help you decide for traits.

If you grabbed the Maestro of the Society, I'd hold off on Lingering Performance and grab the archery feats as soon as possible. Taking a -8 to hit is painful when shutting through a ally.

Cords of Shards - This is a AoE spell that does good damage and since it's AoE is useful against swarms. You'll develop a hatred of swarms in PFS as they are nasty.
Cure Light Wounds is always handy.
Saving Finale is almost worthless because the person has to be under the effect of your Bardic Performance.
Beguiling Gift can be nasty but it depends on the GM. Cast the spell and hand the target some handcuffs. Next round watch them put those handcuffs on.

Was able to sign up on Warhorn today.


Make sure your character is created legally. Try to show up at the game at least 15 minutes early and see if you can have someone look over it real quick.

Biggest problems I've seen is -
Characters stats do not equal the 20 point buy system.
Traits are not legal/does not have traits.
Character is over encumber (Seen a couple of characters with a Strength of 10 or less carry gear of 100+ lbs or more.)

Combat - 2 Items
(1) Have a card or something with all your plusses to hit and damage already added in for your attacks and damage. Some of us are bad at arithmetic and it takes us a bit of time to add all that stuff up. If you're one of us that can't add, spending that time to add that stuff up makes everyone else frustrated.

(2) Try to have what you're planning to do figured out before your turn comes up. If it's a spell that's rarely used, have the source material pulled up for the GM to take a look at if needed.

Has Warhorn been locked for sign ups?

Just got permission that I can attend so tried signing up on warhorn tonight and it's not letting me.

Large Bastard Sword = Cool but suboptimal.

Question - How does your GM plan on handing out magical items?
It's going to be very hard to find a enchanted Large Bastard Sword. If it's high magic and lots of people around able to enchant it up as you level I'd say go for it since you want to.

Trait: Depending on party mix, grabbing the trait that makes UMD a class skill can be very handy. As you already have the CHA for it. Then if you can find a Wand of Lead Blades (Ranger 1st level spell) you can be doing some serious dice damage with your Large Bastard Sword. Large Bastard Sword does 2D8 damage, then with Lead Blades you'd do 3D8 damage.

keerawa wrote:
Matt2VK wrote:

If this is for PFS play, Lingering Performance isn't really worth the feat slot.

PFS play, on average, 2 to 4 fight encounters with each encounter running around 3 to 4 rounds. So about 12 rounds of Archs Luck you need up.
At 1st level you'll start with 4+CHA modifier and then get 2 more every level afterwards.

Matt - RAW, Archaeologists do NOT get additional rounds of Luck as they level up, unlike other flavors of bard. They only ever get 4+CHA rounds/day. So anything that adds bonus rounds, like the Maestro trait, Lingering Performance, and favored class bonuses, is valuable to them.

Thanks for the correction. Thought it played like the other flavor of Bards. Looked at the class but ended up going with the Dervish of Dawn Archetype instead with my Halfling Dancer.

If this is for PFS play, Lingering Performance isn't really worth the feat slot.

PFS play, on average, 2 to 4 fight encounters with each encounter running around 3 to 4 rounds. So about 12 rounds of Archs Luck you need up.
At 1st level you'll start with 4+CHA modifier and then get 2 more every level afterwards. So by around level 4, you shouldn't need any extra rounds of Luck that Lingering Performance brings.

The feats/Traits that extend/give extra rounds, are very nice during the first couple of levels but then their usefulness drops off fast.

About Trait: Vagabond Child for the Disable Device skill. I goofed in my earlier post. Thought Archaeologist a actually gave you Disable Device as a class skill, which it doesn't.
With the amount of traps and Disable Device skill check in PFS play (low), it's a personal call on if you want to use a trait for 4 extra skill ranks for Disable Device. As at 2nd level you can disable mechanical and at 6th can disable magical traps. You just don't have those extra skill ranks you'd normally have if it was a class skill.

If you grab the Lingering Performance feat, be sure you have the source material for the Archeologist as a lot of these Bard Archetypes do not work with Lingering Performance.

If you're going with a range build, you might want to think about dropping your CON down to a 10. Then put your favored class points into health.
Those extra points I'd probably put into your CHA. That extra CHA bonus will make more of a difference then those few extra HP probably will.

Traits - I'd seriously look for one of the traits that give +1 to Fort. I believe there is one in those sources you have available, just not sure what it's called. As Fort is your bad save and you'll have a low CON.
I'd also think about grabbing the +2 Initiative trait. Most of your defense's will be coming from your DEX and being flat footed will be a pain.
You don't really need the Trait: Vagabond Child for the Disable Device skill as you will be getting it at 2nd level.

Something off track which might also fit your character concept -

Have you looked at the Magus archetype: Kensai

or you could take a look at the Swashbuckler playtest class.

Both have their plusses and minuses but they can both play as a finesse fighter type.

Another word of advice -

Check with your GM before running the class. Make sure both you and the GM understand how the mechanics work.

If this is for PFS, have the rules handy. I've known GMs with years of experience that have messed up the magus mechanic's just due to not reading through them thoroughly.
I usually have a 3 x 5 with a breakdown of my numbers and why to show GMs besides print outs of the rules. Makes things easier and less time consuming.

Been looking at what's running on Warhorn -

Is the a morning slot for Sunday?

Don't have my books at moment but Gloves of Storing might work. Think it's a swift action to pop something out and a swift action to pop something in.

Actually, my plan is to take 4 levels of fighter and the Trait I'm looking at is Defender of the Society.

Just not planning on taking those levels of fighter till I'm around 5th level.

Also, thanks for the replies. Thought I could, just wasn't sure.

Arcane Strike requires a swift action to use. Magus has a good number of Arcana that use a Swift action to activate. If you're planning on going with those Arcana (or any other abilities that use Swift actions) you will not want Arcane Strike.

With Weapon Focus, that +1 to hit helps out a bit from taking the -2 to hit with Combat Casting but you have the Dervish dance to balance that out.

You actually have a lot of choices you can make and I suggest you take a look at the Guide section in the forums to look through the Magus thread/post. As a Magus is a very flexible class and can be designed to fit most play styles. So it's hard to give you advice since we don't know where or how you want your character to go.

Do you have to take your Favored Class as your first level?

Example: Wanted to take a Fighter Trait at character creation so you grab fighter as your first level. But... you're planning on going Barbarian the rest of your levels. So you want Barbarian as your favored class.

This legal?

Bumping as I'm hoping for a answer or even just a consensus.

Bumping this as I'm looking for a answer on the duration of Freebooters Bond.

There's a number of services you can use PP for, mostly spell casting.

There's also faction rewards you can spend PP on, most require a certain amount of fame. These rewards can have a in game effect.

Then there's 'cosmetic' PP purchased rewards. Titles and property are some examples.

Just that I agree with Cult.

Slumber is a game wrecker. Main problem is it's overpowered for what it does and completely worthless otherwise.

Looking for some suggestions on Feats for a legal PFS Two-Handed Fighter (Fighter Archetype) and a Freebooter (Ranger Archetype). Retires at level 12.

Here's What I have so far -
Race: Aasimar Angle-Blooded
Alternative Racial abilities: Deathless Spirit, Scion of Humanity, & Truespeaker (I like languages).

Feats & Abilities
1) Fey Foundling, Weapon Focus: Nodachi (fighter 1)
2) Freebooter's Bane (move action to give +1 to hit and damage to weapon attacks to party) (ranger 1)
3) 2x Feats (fighter 2) Thinking Power Attack & Iron Will.
4) Double Strength mod if making only one attack (fighter 3)
5) 2x Feats (fighter 4) Weapon Specialization: Nodachi
6) Polearm Training (fighter 5)
7) 2x Feats (fighter 6)
8) Double strength mod for all attacks after the first (fighter 7)
9) 2x Feats (fighter 8) Improved Critical: Nodachi, Weapon Focus, Greater
10) Something new, not sure what- maybe a prestige class.
11) Something new, not sure what- maybe a prestige class.
12) Something new, not sure what- maybe a prestige class.

Stats -
STR 18
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 12

At 4th level, I might bump my INT up to 13 for Combat Expertise and go with Improved Sunder (Have a adamantine nodachi). Then at level 8 & 12 bump STR - or bump STR at levels 4 and 8 and something else at 12.

I am trying to run a smart fighter that can be helpful outside of combat and has traveled the world a bit.

Languages - For PFS, what fun to grab and useful languages do you suggest I can grab with my Linguistic (Truespeaker) racial ability. Every other (or every third level) going to try to put a point in Linguistics to give me 2 languages. So far I have just -
Common, Celestial, Abyssal, and Azlanti.

There's also the Archaeologist, Bard Archetype. If you want to play a more social, spell casting, class while still doing the trap finding thing.

Another suggestion is download the play test for the hybrid classes. There's the Slayer a Ranger/Rogue hybrid class and the Swashbuckler, a Fighter/Gunslinger class that uses DEX & CHA. Just need to be sure to grab the book when it get's published and then convert what ever got changed to make your character legal.

If you're staying with the Halfling and if you have the Halfling book, take a look at grabbing the Helpful Halfling trait. This trait allows you to give a +4 bonus to your aid others instead of the standard +2 aid other action.

How much access do you have to magical items?

A wand of cure light wounds is pretty cheap for what it does and if the group has open access to it, it would give you more options on what you can play.

How loot works in PFS (Simplified)

You start with 150 gold to buy your starting gear.

During a session, you can use anything you find, this includes gold.

Any gold spent during the session has to be recorded on your tracking sheet at the end of the session. Items used or used up do NOT get counted.

At end of session, ever thing you found is sold at a discount and your character gets a fraction of that gold. The max gold you can find is printed on the tracking sheet and is adjusted downward if you missed something.

On the tracking sheet is a list of items you can purchase if you have the money. You can also purchase stuff that's open access and up to a certain amount due to your total Fame with the Pathfinder Society. This can be found in a number of resources.

At end of session, after getting your share of the gold, you can purchase more stuff and add it to the tracking sheet.

Items above 25 gold value, you should have another tracking sheet you should list the item and the characters tracking sheet session number on it. This is more for a quick gm audit if one happens to you.
This almost never happens but every now and then some GM like to do a quick check, specially if a certain gear item might have a profound effect on a encounter.

things to buy at start -

Alchemist Fire, Acid, or the poor man's substitute, oil. You'll want them if and when you face swarms as swarms laugh at weapon damage.

Rope, Grappling Hook, pitons - all will be used sooner or later.

Some type of light source and a method to light it. Flint & Steel take forever to light a fire if you need one quickly.

Most PFS sessions all happen during the same day. Try and keep 10-15 gold for the sessions that involve travel. That way you can purchase the gear needed and any special gear required.

Dawnflower Dervish has a requirement of having one hand empty at all times. So TWF is out.

Having another bard in the party means his dancing ability does not stack with the other bards performance. So I suggest having him look at something else.

With another Bard in the party, I'd suggest looking at either the Arcane Duelist or the Archeologist Archetypes. Both archetypes bring something a little different and still stack with the normal bard's abilities.

What I've found the Heal skill is useful for is the removal of long turn status effects. As having someone with the heal skill spend the night applying that skill to the person with the status effect gives them a bonus on the next morning saving throw.

How about a Dawnflower Dervish? (Think that's the right Bard Archetype)

This is more of a Hybrid Class that gives you decent melee combat, bardic spells, bardic skills, and my favorite, when you get to 8th level, you can cast cure spells as a move action while dancing.

If you put skill points into UMD, you should have a good skill to use all kinds of scrolls for the areas you can't cover..

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