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Matt2VK's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 720 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I like your idea for a aasimar eldritch knight> I think there's some Eldritch Knight build threads floating around here and there might even be a guide still stickied in the Guide to the Guides.

Magus -
My biggest problem with the Magus is the number of ways I've seen it played mechanically. Before playing a Magus make sure you and the GM agree with how the game mechanics of a magus work.

I brought this up because just the number of ways I've seen the magus get played mechanically is shocking (in PFS). Then there's all the different questions on how a magus get's played that come up in these forums.


Once this is agreed on, then you can decide on if your son wants to play a Magus.

I'd be tempted to go with another paladin. You really could use another front line type fighter/secondary healer in the party.

You could go with a melee type cleric (maybe use the reach cleric as there's a very good guide for this) but a lot will depend if the GM gives you chances to pre-buff.

If you want something kind of complicated and the GM allows it, the new ACG is coming out very soon and the Warpriest also would fill in those spots.

The above suggestions of a Battle type Oracle or the Bard: Dawnflower Dervish could also help fill in as a front line fighter/healer.

Feat Question -

Any chance there's a new feat in the ACG that will use the DEX modifier for weapon damage then STR?

Getting so tired of having to go use the Dervish Dance Feat if I want to make a DEX based melee type. Hoping with the Swashbuckler class they will fix this oversight.

I'm at a toss up between the spell-like ability racial trait: alter-Self and the Incorruptible Occasionally alternate racial.

Incorruptible Occasionally, aasimars arise with the ability to further ward away evil. Aasimars with this racial trait can cast corruption resistance against evil once per day as a spell-like ability. If an aasimar uses this ability on herself, the duration increases to 1 hour per level. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

This is more because in PFS sessions, you really don't get the chance pre-buff and half the time, when you do, it wears off before you fight.
Corruption Resistance, you cast on yourself and forget it, as it lasts for hours. While it has no real use in the lower tiers, it does come in handy every now and then in the high tier sessions.

Here's a example of what happened to a character I ran with a similar build and I was using the 1/day—alter self racial spell-like ability.

Group came to a big fancy door with a magic trap on it.
Pre-buffed myself with Alter-Self (Last 7 minutes - 7th level) while magic trap dealt with.
Opened door, big fancy room with multiple doors leading off.
After a quick search of that room, then a search of 3 more rooms, we finally hit a encounter (fight).
GM made a quick ruling that searching (even if it was quick) took more then 2 minutes per room so my Alter-Self would have worn off by then.

Now if I would have casted Corruption Resistance, it would have lasted 7 hours.

I am willing to admit that Corruption Resistance is of very limited useful ability but as a paladin, people with those abilities are going to make you the primary target for them.

...Actually, now that I think about it, the most use I've got out of the times my character has successfully used Alter-Self is for all the climb checks you have to make every now and then in PFS sessions. I think I've had a total of 2 successful buffs of Alter-self for combat.

I've been playing with a knife master build and decided I wanted a couple levels of Kensai/magus.

This gives me -
Fake TWF in spell combat and spell strike.

A couple of enhancement points (arcane pool from magus) to enhance a weapon.

My choice of a weapon & weapon focus.

Buffs the weak rogue saves.

Limited access to 1st level spells and can trips.

What I loose -
+1 BAB. Make up with this from the Kensai arcane pool enhancement.

Bunch of skill ranks.

A D8 in sneak attack damage. Made up with access to spells.

Don't get the level 20 capstone if you play that high.

I believe you need to use a magus arcana to get mage armor as I think it's not on the magus spell list.

If you do pick up a level of Devish Dancer, you can grab yourself some Darkleaf Leather armor. It's +2 AC, 0% spell failure chance, and has a very high DEX modifier.

I'd love to make a Strength based Kensai/Magus with a Katana as the weapon.
STR 18, DEX 15, CON 15, INT 17, WIS 11, CHA 13

Then go crazy and play a Dwarf!

This is a quick summary and just my opinion -

Kensai - Only really show there stuff at the later levels. Low level games they just give up too much stuff. Really nice Archetype if you're planning on multi-classing and just grabbing a few levels in Magus.

Bladebound - Very nice in low level magic games. High magic games it depends a lot on what your GM will allow you to get away with for enchanting your weapon. Going by RAW, in high magic game the Bladebound weapon can start falling behind in power because of it lacking enchants.

Some people suggest you grab one level of the Devish Dancer, Bard Archetype so you can make full use of your DEX modifier with the scimitar.

There's a very good magus guide link in the stick "guide to the guides" in this Advice forum. Give it a quick read.

Can't go Kensai if I go hexcrafter.

Kensai gives me more goodies for the limited levels of magus I'm planning on grabbing.

Actually, this character was originally just going to go straight rogue but then I started playing around trying to bump up the saves and give him a little spell crafting and figured Magus/Kensai would be the best way to go.

...I might drop the rogue/knifefighter and grab the Slayer when the ACG comes out. Only problem is that I've already figured out where I want to spend those 11 skill points I get per rogue level.

It's to give me the option to do all that.

That extra D3 damage from changing those ray cantrips into touch attacks is to help make up for my lack of strength. Plus it just more cool then using the Arcane Mark cheese.

Imbicatus wrote:

Also, consider worshiping pharasma. For the low cost of three ranks in religion, you will have +2 to hit with daggers from the deific obedience feat.

What book is the obedience feat from?

claudekennilol wrote:

Just curious.. I'm guessing you're going magus to third to pick up an arcana? Which one?

Going go with Close Range Arcana.

Most of my Spell Combat will be with the ranged cantrips and with close range I can make them touch. My limited (very) 1st levels spells I'm planning on using for utility. Also it'll be a lot easier casting the cantrips defensively then my limited 1st level spells that'll, at most, give me 3d6 more damage.

Casting defensively -
3 levels of Kensai
+3 INT modifier
+2 Trait bonus
+4 Combat Casting feat
+12 to make a DC15 concentration check for the cantrips.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Stats - DEX and Wisdom is usually the dump stats, at most 10, for most paladin builds. This will allow you to bump your STR up a couple more points.

Feat & Weapon - Paladins are Feat starved. Grabbing a Exotic Weapon with a Feat just seems a waste when there's so many good martial weapons out there a paladin can use.

Skills - Diplomacy is probably one of the most used PFS skills used.

Gear - Be sure you grab something for swarms. You can face them at any level.

Did you figure in your favored class bonus?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Keen is always good. Increase your Crit range to 17+.

Need one Trait for a PFS character I'm working on. This is what I have so far -

Race: Teifling
Class: 3 levels of Magus-Kensai archetypes
9 levels of Rogue-Knifemaster archetype
Retires after 12th level.
Stats: STR 10 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 16 WIS 10 CHA 8

Get 2 PFS legal traits. One of these traits is to help with my Concentration checks (couple different ones I can grab). The other I can't decide on. At moment I'm trying to decide between -
River Rat: Adds +1 to damage with daggers
Two-World Magic: Pick up Touch of Fatigue as a cantrip.
or maybe something else.

This character is going to be a bit of a skill monkey while being decent in combat while using Spellcombat in place of TWF.

Does anyone have Daylight?

Very nice utility spell with offensive use vs some monsters.

...but I'd probably grab Heroism.

You really need to get Iron Will in there some where. PFS play is big on saves being tossed around and failing a will save can hurt - a lot.

I have mixed feeling on Spring Attack. Specially for a Fighter.
Why I don't like it -
*You're the meat shield. You're up there to prevent the squishes from being hit.
*There's a fair number of encounters in PFS where you're just not going to have the room for Spring Attack.
*You're taking Lunge at 7th level. Don't really need Spring Attack.

One item I've noticed on DD is that GM do not use perception checks for intelligent monsters to hear combat.

Once those monsters actually notice something going on, it's up to the GM to decide how they would react.

That's what I thought. Only asked in case there was a errata some where that the GM knew about and I couldn't find.

If you do not do enough damage with your normal attack to by pass DR, would this also stop sneak attack damage?

Here's what happened -
Rogue made a attack against something with DR5. Rogue did 4 points of damage with his weapon. GM ruled that since the weapon did not penetrate, the rogue does not get the sneak attack damage in.

This was from a GM that usually knows the rules forward and backwards so I went by that ruling. Same situation then came up in a game I was running and this time I looked it up in the CRB. It say nothing about sneak attack damage for DR.

So did the GM get it wrong in that you get to add SA damage with normal attack before factoring DR?

If DR can stop SA damage, where can I look it up?
(What book)

*Agree..drop the healing domain and pick another domain. Lots of good ones to choose.

*Feat: Extra Channel is almost worthless in PFS unless it's a stepping stone for something else.
Channeling (healing) just can't keep up with the damage. It's more of a "I need help to stay up for just one more round" or "I'm dying here. Need to stabilize."

*If you're going support, you really need a very fast initiative. It does no good to get those support buffs off after everyone has already gone (including bad guys).

*That -14 Prof Penalty is a BIG deal when you need to make any type of strength or dex check in combat. These checks do come up.

Overall, the only thing I see going for your build is the Luck Domain. Bit of Luck can be very powerful, both offence and defense.

Problem with pearls is that they're a pain to use in combat. Spell Recall is a swift action.

The main problem with most Magus archetypes is they give up Spell Recall. While being able to recall spells you've already cast might not seem a big deal it can give you more flexibility in memorizing different spells and can increase the number of spells you can cast during the day.

Believe you.

First time I did a search it came up as a third party trait.


Only probably is that Racial: (Half-orc) Unbreakable Hate is a 3PP source.

Looking for a Trait +2 concentration check that is not from the Magical or Regional. Has to be PFS legal.

I've looked around and the only +2 Trait Concentration checks I've found are for the magical and regional traits and I'm hoping there's one somewhere else.

Simplified - bladebound

They are very nice for low magic games.

Cheap magical weapon at no real cost.

Can't really apply any enchantments to the weapon as it's all class abilities.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Going have to crack open the books and take a look at some of this stuff.

Going to end up suggesting a pure Sorcerer (with maybe a possibility of going Eldritch Knight later) and pointing out the suggested Bloodlines.

Then I get to watch him choose and end up playing a Barbarian.


Been asked to help design a ray type caster, either a Wizard or Sorcerer. Only problem is, I have no idea how to go about doing this.

Which Class would be better - Sorcerer or Wizard?

Which Bloodline/School?

Is there a good prestige class that would work with a Ray Caster?
Wants to go Eldritch Knight (or any other type of prestige class) but not sure how that would work out.

Possible Feats?
I'm assuming most of the archery type feats would work here.

Any suggestion would help as I have no real idea what to suggest.
All suggestions have to be PFS play legal please.

What kind of Combat Style are you looking to go after with your Urban Ranger?

Asking as the Scimitar is usually a poor choice for a ranger, due to having to double up on feats for your off hand. Most rangers I've seen either use a two of the same type light weapons in both hands or a bow.

Where did you put your favored class bonus?
Most people put it into health which would then bring your health up to 12 Hit Points. Health is very important at first level as all it takes is one bad luck die roll and you can end up dead very easy.

If possible, sell some of your misc stuff and get Alchemist Fire and a couple things of Oil. Oil is the poor man Alchemist Fire as it takes a full round to prep it before throwing it. You'll need them for when you face Swarms and you can face swarms as early as 1st level.

There's been some significant changes in the classes we saw in the playtest documents and from playing those classes on the free game day in Risen from the Sands.

Two items I'm not seeing mentioned is -

What do you have anyone for melee?
Alchemist and wizard is usually range type characters
The Druid is a 'who knows' they can be anything.

Do you have anyone good at Social skills?
From the classes you have listed as showing up, I doubt you have anyone in the party with good Social type skills.

It's hard to give you advice as the ACG isn't out yet and we have no real idea what's in it.

I do have the Inner Sea World Guide and suggest you do pick it up sometime in the future. What makes the ISWG so good is it's like a summary of all the books before it on info of the Golarion world. Plus it has a very good summary of the different types of deities (and devils, demons, elemental lords, even outsiders) that those of the religious type can worship with their domains and favored weapons. Plus a nice selection of feats and a small selection of items and monsters.
I believe the items and monsters you can mostly find in UE and later Bestiaries.

The ACG, while there's a lot of hints (and fluff) floating around, we have no real idea what's inside it mechanically.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Start with a Greatsword at level 1, you'll end up doing more damage over all.

If your GM will allow you to pick and choose weapon types, take a look at the Nodachi and get it enchanted around 3rd level. Found in Ultimate Equipment, the Nodachi does 1d10 damage, crits on 18-20/x2, and can do either piercing or slashing damage types to help vs some DR types.

Then pick up a good reach weapon to help out if you get stuck behind someone in a 5' corridor.

That's what I'm thinking too. Can see it going either way.

Can a Tiefling Magus use his racial Darkness spell like ability with Spell Combat?

What I do know -
*Darkness is a level 2 Magus Spell.
*Tieflings can use darkness once per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for this ability equals the tiefling's class level.

So can a Tiefling use their racial ability: Darkness with Spell Combat?
Even at level 1?

Morphing - Here's a suggestion.

Phase Spider (or any other creature able to Dim-door or jump to Ethereal plane).
I picked the Phase Spider as it's a CR5 creature and able to shift from the Ethereal Plane to the Material Plane as a free action, and shift back again as a move action (or as part of a move action).
Move action to crawl out of bag and a move to shift to Ethereal Plane.

Only drawback is I'm not sure the potion would allow morphing into a large magical beast.

Stats - Do you really need a 17 INT?
Magus have a slow spell progression for spell levels and most spells you'll end up casting don't require a save. I've found a 16 INT is enough at level 1 to get me by and then buy a INT stat bump item later.

Got a question -
Do Familiars need to use UMD while using a wand if the spell is on your spell list?

Not sure of the answer and if they don't need to make a UMD check when using a wand on your wizards spell list, you can skip putting skill ranks in UMD.

I'd keep your rank in spellcraft. With Detect Magic and Spellcraft, it helps you ID items you find so that you can use those same items.
I'd probably drop your rank in Knowledge (nature). There's a number of other classes that have access to this knowledge skill.

You do have a tough choice there.

I'm thinking that with the Sczarni Faction, I'd grab that Thrush. Diplomacy comes up ALOT in PFS. Having that +3 bonus can be huge for all those diplomacy rolls.

Either would work for Cheliax. The real question is what kind of skills and alignment are you going to be?

From what little I remember of my short lived Cheliax character. He went around intimidating people, beating up people, and making people dead. With a bribe tossed here and there.

If you're going with the Improved Familiar, you'll probably want one able to use wands. For that you might also want to put points into UMD.

Think your choices come down to just 2 of them.

Skunk: +2 Fort
PFS really likes the Fort Saves. As in Swarms that poison, Creatures (ghouls)or tunnels (sewers) that stink, and rogues that use poison. All require Fort Saves.

Dodo: +4 on Initiative
Initiative is always good. A diviner specially abilities doesn't really get good till the higher levels. Which from the sound of things, you're looking at grabbing a Improved Familiar around then.
So the Dodo would give you that +4 Init till then, when your class abilities would pick up the slack when you change it out for something else.

Faction: Sczarni

You might want to do a little background checking on skills that have cropped up on Sczarni faction missions. As I'm a bit worried you do not have the skill set to help you complete those missions.

Here's my take.

Feat: Combat Reflexes -
While it's a nice feat, the total amount of time it will actually come into use is few and far between...Unless you have one of those builds that can trigger AoO.
Most combat encounters I've seen, if you get a AoO off, it's usually just once.

My suggestion -
Change your DEX and CHA stats around. Start with a 13 DEX and a 14+2 CHA. The CHA helps with your smite and saves.

Then at 4th level, if you think you need to have the ability to make 3 AoO during the round, you can put your 4th level stat bump into DEX.

At 5th level, you then grab Combat Reflexes, BUT only if you decide you want the option of more AoO.

If possible, I'd look into trying to fit the Feat: Improved Initiative in somewhere. While it's not really needed, it's one of those fun feats to have.

Weapon - This all depends on how the GM will be handling loot. Mechanically, the Nodachi is better. 2-handed, 1D10 damage. P or S damage type (helps with certain types of DR) with a 18-20/x2 crit range. Problem is, if the GM is using loot tables, expect it to be a very rare weapon.

Skills -
With your lack of skill points, I wouldn't plan on putting more then 1 or 2 into Diplomacy. Your party has a Bard which should be very good at this skill already and the bard has the skill points for it. Paladins also have some spells that should help them with Diplomacy when they need it.

If your planning on going with heavy armor. Be sure you put at least 1 skill rank in Climb and Swim as soon as possible. There's nothing more pitiful then a Paladin trying to climb or swim with a -6 to the check.

Race: Aasimar - Remember, you count as a Outsider. Certain spells will not effect you (enlarge person is a example) while other spells will pack more of a wallop.

Wanted to post a update that someone has messed up this guide.

While the guide is a bit dated, it still has some very good info and I'm hoping someone can fix the guide.


Fate's Favored- a near must have if you have luck bonuses. It increases any luck bonus by 1.

This is crazy good if you go with the Half-Orc alternative racial Sacred Tattoo.

Sacred Tattoo Many half-orcs decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification, which they consider sacred markings. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.

Ends up changing that +1 bonus to all your half-orc's saves from a +1 to a +2.


What rewards (gold) should the players get if time runs short?

Example: Due to roleplaying (or anything else) some encounters run long. Then due to having to finish the scenario because of a time limit, the GM has to skip a encounter or two.

Do the players get the gold (and item access) to those skipped encounters?

Here's what happened -

Creature in doorway. Rogue drinks a potion of invisibility. Then the Rogue tumbles through the creatures square to get behind and set up flanking.

Was trying to find out if being invisible gave any benefits to the skill check and if so, how to figure them out.

That's everything we found on the subject already.

The argument that came up was "Since the creature can't see you, it should make it easier to tumble through the square."

Just no rules on the subject we could find.

Ended up using the rule "if you roll high enough to succeed normally, you succeed. If you roll lousy, you fail. Roll where a possible bonus might help, we'll decide then." Roll was extremely high so decided to put off the decision.

Trying to figure out the DC number for a invisible character trying to tumble through a Creatures square.

Does being invisible grant any bonuses to the tumble check?

What if the character is trying to do it stealthily -
Makes the stealth check?
Fails the Stealth check?

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