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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,382 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Want to make sure I'm legal with the build (tactics) I'm planning out with my animal companion for my hunter. (Have never played with a animal companion and want to make sure I've done stuff correctly)

Here's what I have so far for my companion (@ 4th level, stat bump to INT) -
Animal Companion - Tyrannosaurus
Feats: Acrobatic; Weapon Focus: Bite; (Outflank, Pack Flanking, & Precise Strike (class ability))
(HD 4; BAB +3; Fort +4, Reflex +4, Will +1; Skills 4; Feats 2; Tricks +2; Link; Share Spells, Evasion)

Skills: Acrobatics 4+2+6 [12]; Perception 0+2 [2]

Tricks (7): Aid; Attack x2; Down; Flank; Guard; Second Chance Strike (Skirmisher, Immediate, misses with melee may reroll with -5 penalty); Aiding Attack (Skirmisher, Free, use on a hit - next creature to attack gets a +2 circumstance bonus to hit)

Tyrannosaurus; medium; 30' move; Low-light; Scent
STR 15+2 (focus), DEX 17, CON 10, INT 2+1 (3), WIS 15, CHA 10
HP 18 Fort: 4 [4] Reflex 4+3 [7] Will 1+2 [3]
AC 19 = 10 +3 dex +4 natural +2 Natural armor (companion) Bonus
+8 Bite 1D8+5 B/S/P +1D6 precision damage if flanking with Hunter
+12 if Flanking

This has to follow PFS legal rules
First question: Are my hit points correct?
4 HD at 4.5 health per hit die, no con modifier.

Second Question: Tactics - Legal or Not?
T-Rex makes a attack, attack misses. Using the Skirmisher Trick Second Chance Strike as a immediate action makes another attack with a -5 penalty. This attack hits. Then using the Skirmisher Trick Aiding Attack as a Free Action the animal companion gives the next creature to attack the same target a +2 circumstance bonus to hit.

Third Question: Skills - are my total skills correct at just 4 skill ranks?

Forth question: Anything else I've done wrong/forgotten?

Is their a increase cost for magical items for companions?

I know there is a increase in the cost for armor but what about stuff for like the neck and chest slots or any other slot your animal companion can use?

Here's my suggestion if you want to be a spellcasting rogue -

Pick up 2+ levels of Magus.
Gives you limited spells plus Spell Combat (what I call 'fake' TWF if you can make the concentration check while in combat)

STR 10 DEX 16+2 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 10

Items you want: Pearls of Power I
You'll be using your spells to support your damage. Go to spells are Vanish for sneaking in and getting SA and Shield for defenses.

I do SUGGEST you stay as a unchained rogue till 3rd level as that's when you get your DEX to damage class feature.

I would not go into any prestige classes till you know what you're doing. Most of them are "flavor" classes and downgrades power wise.

With his background, I'd suggest a Slayer for a couple of reasons -

1) His early childhood training of Killing to survive.

2) Sword & Board Feat chain is massive. With the Slayer, you can pick up some Ranger weapon training styles, of which, Sword and Shield is one of the styles.

3) Skill ranks. You get a decent number of class skills and skill ranks to drop into the skills you want.

Another point that is often overlooked -

The CR of the monsters are based off a 15 character point buy and facing 4 characters.

So running with a table of 6 already throws the CR off a bit and I bet the characters also have higher stats then a 15 point buy.

have a number of questions on the Hunter learning the Skirmisher tricks.

Fact: Clearly states in the rules that the Hunter's animal companion can learn the skirmisher (ranger) archetype tricks.

Questions -

1) Does the Hunter suffer the same level requirements as the Skirmisher for teaching his animal companion the skirmishers tricks?
ie. Skirmisher has to be level 5 and can learn a new skirmisher "trick" every 2 levels afterwards?

2) Which of the skirmisher (ranger) archetype tricks can the animal companion learn?

ie. this is where it get's "complicated". Skirmish archetype says it's the Ranger that learns these tricks, NOT his animal companion. So would you substitute all the "Ranger" words for "Animal Companion" and go that way?
Examples: Aiding Attack & Distracting Attack

or would you just allow the "trick" that allow the Ranger to give the animal companion commands that apply some type of action?
Examples: Bolster Companion & Sec'em

If you keep a caster from getting a full nights sleep, they don't regain their spells used. So just have someone poke the caster awake every hour or so. This also will apply the fatigued/exhausted condition, making it even harder for him to cast spells.

Another suggestion would be a Halfling Arrowsong Bard (archetype).

Just go with the unchained rogue, grab the feat: Hellcat Stealth and hid in plain sight.

Wasn't there some shackles that made it more diffucult to cast spells?
Or was that 3rd party?

Animated Rope if the GM allows it.
Tie the person up with the rope and give the rope the command to "apply" the grappled condition. Grappling usually shuts spell casting down hard.

Most divine spell casting requires a focus, usually a holy symbol of some kind. Take that away and it'll prevent most of his spells.

A strength base magus with the wand arcana / wand of true strike, makes a crazy powerful combat maneuver specialist.

Pick up Improved (& Greater) trip with the Stomp feat line equals a world of hurt to your target.

If you want to play a truely broken character, play the Zen (monk archetype) archer. Good AC, saves, and makes things dead very fast.

Otherwise take a look at a evil warpriest. Lots of cool evil deities with nasty domain to choose from. Spells you can cast on yourself you can do as a swift.

Have you tried - investagation?

When did the thefts start?
Any notable events happen just before the thefts started or changes in behavior of 'questionable' people?

How much has been stolen so far?
All of this stuff has to be stored somewhere and moved to wherever its going to be used. Try and find that spot.

Theres a plan to use all the stuff stolen. Be figuring out how big an explosion that can be created you might be able to figure out possible targets.

Someone is probably controlling stuff behind the scenes. Try and find that person and the motive.

Questions -
You are planning on being range?
Do you really need that 14 CON? While the extra health is nice, you are a ranged person and should not be melee. Saves? Warpriest get bonuses to their Fort saves.

You mentioned that you did not like the lack of skill ranks. My suggestion is you exchange your CON and INT values.

I think most pirates usually have a spy or three in the trade towns to warn of ships leaving.

Have to remember, the ocean is a big place and if you don't know where and when (ships move), it's easy to miss your target.

So places of being attacked - just out of view of the harbor or natural navigational landmarks.

Course, with magic (divination) this can change everything.

Animal Companion - I usually like to have them pick up Light armor as their first feat then buy them a mithral Chain Shirt. This should take up about half of the druids gold.

If you can afford to put skill ranks in UMD (use magic device). I'd change that wand of cure light to a wand of longstrider.

Longstrider will increase your move +10' which will help a lot since you'll only be moving 20' in heavy armor.
Has a duration of 1 hour, you should have about a 25% chance to cast it with the wand and only a 5% 'lock up the wand for 24 hours'.

I'm going to de-rail this thread and ask if you've taken a look at the Slayer class.

While you do loose some of the fighter feats, you gain LOTs of skill ranks, the Slayer Talents (access to Ranger fighter styles), plus study target and sneak attack.

1) Stone Soul
2) Slayer Talent-Ranger Style: Weapon & Shield - Feat: TWF
3) Imp Shield Bash
4) Slayer Talent- Rogue Talent-Combat Trick- Feat: Double Slice
5) Hurtful
6) Slayer Talent-Ranger Style: Weapon & Shield - Feat: Shield Master
7) Imp TWF
8) Slayer Talent- Your choice, maybe Rogue Talent Weapon Training for weapon focus.
9) Power Attack
10) Slayer Talent-Ranger Style: Weapon & Shield - Feat: Bashing Finish

While you're giving up some stuff, getting access to some feats early, Study Target, sneak attack damage, and lots more skill ranks I think more then make up for it.

The above feat progression could be tweaked better as I just tossed it together in 5 minutes.

Simplified to balance -

Give everything the 'Advance Template'. That roughly means adding +2 to everything; +2 initiative, +2 to hit, +2 damage, +2 AC, +2 to all saves, 2 levels more of health.

Double the number of minions they are fighting and give the bosses a "hard core" setting. Hard core = going twice in a round.

Most AP are designed for 4 players with a 15 point buy. Might be your problem there.

Only problem I have with high level casters - if grappled, end game for them.

There's a number of ways they can prevent this but if pulled out of a book, 99.9% of them don't have any of these defenses.

Here's a crazy idea -

Warpriest / Druid

Another thing you can try is having it summon up some servants to get rid of some "pests".

Think my biggest worry when I see someone with a low stat score is ability damage. Having a 6 or lower in any ability means you can be knocked down to zero and out of combat with just one hit. 7 through 10 usually requires at least 2 hits.

Also think if you're determined to go with that stat array, you'd probably do better with the Mouser - Swashbuckler archetype.

Couple comments - my personal opinions.

I do not like any of the magus's archetypes that give up spell slots or spell recall (which might be all of them). Those spells are just too handy and spell recall gives you a bit of flexibility on which spells you choose to memorize for the day.

Have played both a Str and Dex based magus. Liked the Str overall a lot better then the Dex based magus. While Strength is more MAD for stat placements, it just seemed to open up more options and greater flexibility to me. While Dex is nice, you're going to be worthless the first couple of levels you play as you wont be doing damage and you'll have to wait till you burn a couple of feat slots to get that damage.

Spell of choice: (2nd level) Frigid Touch
Does decent damage, 4D6 cold the big thing is it staggers what you hit.
If you can pick up a wand of this and the wand arcana, go crazy.
Also works wonders if you put this spell in a spell storing armor. Some creature full attacking you with lots of attack? Trigger the armor on the first hit. Creature is now staggered and has to stop.

possible 20 point buy -
STR 16+2; DEX 12; CON 14; INT 14; WIS 12; CHA 7

I'd be very tempted to go Dual Talent (from Advance Race Guide) and give up that extra feat and extra skill point to go +2 Str & +2 Int (brings you up to 16 Int)

Have some questions -

1) Are you planning on going 'pure' magus or multiclass, maybe with rogue?
If you're MCing you'll be loosing out on a fair amount of good magus class features and spells. Still MCing with a rogue can be a fun class to play.

2) Will traits be allowed in your game?
Traits can play a very big part in a magus's creation.

3) Stats - What stats are you using and do you want a STR or DEX base magus?
Both have their pluses and minuses.

4) What's the level range of campaign and access to magical gear?

What I've found that works for me, is that you want to either go as a 'pure' magus for the access to spells and spell casting or just a couple levels (two or three) dip into the magus for access to spell combat and the first level utility spells (also helps with saves).

You still going with a 6 Strength?

There's no way I can see you being any type of melee character and not be encumbered. You're max weight is just 15 LBs (for small size). Any type of armor and weapon will max that out real quick.
If you decide to stay with the 6 STR be sure you have a breakdown of your gears weight you can show the GM.

If you're planning on using the Crossbow, I've heard that 5 levels of Gunslinger Archetype that uses crossbows can make them very deadly.

I've found going with the spell: Shield of Faith helps a lot with warpriest "tankyness". Usually that's spell deflection bonus is +1 better then you can afford with a ring of protection. Then if equipped with full plate you should have a pretty decent AC. Your Touch will be horrid but you can't have everything.

Reach Weapon + Enlarge (by spell or potion) = Battlefield control.

I'd suggest a 2handed reach weapon. Nothing says agro like big damage that can tag you.

I'd probably just add one or two more monsters to help balance out the power level. If feeling like giving them a real challenge, a caster with some long duration protection spells on them.

Question -
Are your monsters hitting yhe PCs?

If the answer is 'yes', everything is working as it should. AC always scales slower then the bonus 'to hit'.

The real trick is your smart monsters need to play smart. Have them try to avoid Full Attacks from the PCs. Dumb monster play, well, dumb.

Also, most Adventure Paths are designed for 4 players with 15 point buy.
Stronger and more characters does change the balance.

Feat: Expert Sniper
Source: Dirty Tactics Toolbox (if remembered correctly)

Bah! Can't find the exact rules for sniping. It's in the stealth rules somewhere.

Roughly what the rules is -
Full round action, make a ranged attack and make a stealth check at -20 to avoid people knowing where the attack came from.
If successful, no one knows where the attack came from.

There's a couple feats (Expert Sniper is one), magic items/enchants, plus racial abilities that can help reduce the penalties or increase your stealth check for sniping.

In something like this, I usually require the players to set their own backgrounds. I do give them a brief outline of the areas history and politics and ask them to come up with a background and why they are adventuring together.

Worse comes to worse, greed and power always works.

Don't forget the mirror maze with giant white lab rats.
Plus breaking the 'mirrored walls' bad, na-ha, don't want to do that. Maybe a sign saying that ^_^.
You get to decide what happens, maybe a evil clone of the person that broke the 'mirror' or save vs a bad luck curse?

Reflex saves - maybe, since we're talking house rules here, I'd say it depends a lot on the spell used and where it's centered at (assuming it's AoE). I might give partial cover (+2) as a bonus for hugging the ground, unless it went off above you, then (-2).

Stealth bonus - there's already rules in for sniping. I'd have to use those for game consistently. Might give a bonus if you have cover depending on its type.

Warpriests are in the Hybrid section of classes.

The biggy thing for them is any standard buff spell they cast on themselves they can cast as a swift action without drawing AO.

This allows them to wade into combat, full attacking and toss a buff spell like Divine Power on themselves.

They do suffer a penalty of a slow spell progression and lack of any real channeling ability.

Couple questions-

1) Do you have a deity or type of domain you want your cleric to worship?

2) Race?

3) Channel positive or negative (cure vs inflict)?

4) Will you get race adjustments for your stats?

5) Archetypes allowed?
Have you looked at the Warpriest? This is a very marshal cleric but you have a slower spell progression and can not cast cleric spells higher then the 6th rank.

Completely different and might require some rebuilding is getting the feat - Hellcat Stealth. Let's you make a hide check in plain sight while in normal light.

Check out the race: Tiefling with the tail racial ability.

Pricing out feats are going to be hard. Putting out a aura that buffs creatures you can sort of price out by figuring out what it would cost with a permancy for that spell type. Then adjust to where you're happy.

I built myself a dagger twf warpriest of pharasma.

While the character was heavily mad, it was also very deadly.

Gallant Armor wrote:
That seems reasonable. Your lowest stats shouldn't be so bad that you have to worry about ability score damage/drain bringing you down easily.

Yah...I'm used to point buy, actually favor it because I usually roll crazy (either really low or really high. Dice are 'swingy'), while others always seem to have good dice rolls.

So doing it with 4D6 drop low, and re-roll if under 10 can make for some crazy strong characters.

The only problem with a melee type alchemists is their mutagens usual effect their dump stat. Then if you face off against a creature that can target that, now very low, after mutagen, dump stat, you'll be in a serious world of hurt.

Have never played a Alchemist but the ones I've seen played have all been crazy good at what they do.

I personally like the Hunter (Advance class guide) over the Cavalier.

While the Hunter isn't as 'martial' over the Cavalier, the Hunter is more 'flexible' in the stuff he can do compared to the Cavalier. Plus the Hunter gives you access to most of the cure line of spells that druids have.

I have very mixed feeling on the Summoned. Have seen way too many of the original class Summoner dominate a Pathfinder table. There's just too many ways they can destroy a DMs encounter with their summoned creatures.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

About crafting the gems - somewhere, I believe in the crating rules, there's rules on how long it takes to craft a item per gp value. Better skill rolls, shorter time.

Some one on their team is going to need profession miner to run the mine.

Simple Hard Hitter -

Normal Dwarven Barbarian that uses a Large Dwarven Waraxe (2D8 damage)

STR 18 (17), DEX 14 (5), CON 14+2 (5), INT 7 (-4), WIS 8+2 (-2), CHA 9-2 (-1)

Anything he hits at first level should be one shorted dealing 2D8+9 raging. If you pick up Power Attack as your first feat, that's 2D8+11. Does suffer the -2 to hit modifier for using a Large weapon but who cares! You get +2 to hit from your increased strength while raging.

If you can get Enlarged - you're now dealing 3D8+12 while power attacking.

Louise Bishop wrote:
Claxon wrote:

Since the fast healing only functions while you are raging it's not worth it in my opinion. If you could get fast healing on a permanent basis, that might be worth it.

I would rather suggest to you that you simply play the arcane bloodline bloodrager. With the ability to instantly have displacement on yourself while raging at level 8 (blur at level 4) as well as resist energy on the fly or other useful effects like haste or spider climb you can really amp up your defenses on the fly. Negating an attack with displacement will likely prevent a lot more damage than the fast healing would heal over the course of combat.

I play it myself on a Arcane bloodrager.

50% miss chance, Fast healing, DR, protector familiar, Come and get me, and resist energy.

I soloed Skulls and Shackles Final boss fight with all his adds and still was over 50% health after the fight. Did it at level 12 and -28k gp. So I know the build is really good.

One group bans me from playing a Bloodrager cause how it throws the encounter challenge off balance to where the DM would slaughter everyone else before challenging the build.

It's funny how many opinions are like:
It's only while raging but you should do X cause while your raging you get....

That DR 2 will not save you either from being bursted down. But your insane health and layered defenses will help you recover from it with the spell eater builds.

Louise Bishop, can you please post your build?

I'm interested in seeing what and where you put your Feats/Powers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is midnight rambling, so if this doesn't make sense, I'm posting half asleep.

Have a build idea for a H-Orc Spelleater Bloodrager. By using 4 feats of on the build, I can get something like Fast Healing 6. Without spending any feats, I have just Fasthealing 2.

Question is - Is it worth investing 4 feats for this?

Feat build at moment
1) Race: Endurance; Bloodline; Bloodrage; Fast Movement; Feat: Diehard
2) Spell Eater (Fast healing - Su); +1 BAB/Fort
3) Blood Sancturary; Feat: Fast Healer (get half CON for magical healing - Heal 4 HP while raging)
4) Blood Casting; Blood Power; Eschew Materials; Spells
5) Spell Eating (heal *D8 as swift); Feat: Raging Vitality (Heal 5 HP while raging)
6) Bloodline Feat: Power Attack
7) Spell Eater+ (Heal 6 HP while raging)

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