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Matt2VK's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,241 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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+1 cloth armor of spell storing. Have the 2nd level spell Frigid Touch stored in it.

Get hit wearing it and as a immediate action can choose to trigger Frigid Touch on the attacker. Does 4d6 cold damage plus staggers, ending attackers turn.

A cheap and mean tactic is wizard using vermin repellent and standing in the middle of a swarm of vermin. Players HATE swarms. *GM call that the swarm failed save on the repellant.*

That sounds like a modified Dwarven Dorn Dergar. There's a couple feats just for it that could also work for you.

Trying something odd/different.

Going to make a transmutation wizard that will you the self poly spells.
So very leery about anything that hurts my 'to hit'. Plan is to use a bunch of utility spells for out of combat then once in combat, transform into something big and nasty.

So looking for stuff to improve my 'to hit'.

I'm looking for items and feats to help with Natural Attacks that are PFS legal.

Did some searches and what does come up is not PFS character legal.
(most suggestions are monster feats)

Levels 6+ If you know a fight might be happening in the next couple of minutes - Shield of Faith. It's deflection bonus is probably higher then any rings of protections you might have.

Another good level 6+ is Beacon of Luck. +2 Sacred bonus to your saves and allies within 30' can as a immediate action, roll 2D20 for a save once.

Actually in combat, just quickened Divine Favor. Spending a standard action for some type of buff usually is not worth it to buff your combat.
Unless you can pre-buff just before combat.

Thanks Bob Bob, that's what I wanted. For some reason was thinking reducing size also reduced strength.

What I'm asking about is how the damage done is resolved.

In the description, it states that you figure out the attacking damage as if the attacker was a size smaller. Anytime your size is reduced, you loose 2 strength.

It clearly gives examples of the base damage dice but nothing about if the strength is also reduced for the damage you take.

Spell: Dragon Turtle Shell

When you are struck by an opponent's natural attacks, the damage is resolved as if the attack came from a creature one size smaller per 5 caster levels (maximum of four size categories smaller at CL 20th). Refer to Table 3–1 to determine an attack's altered base damage. If the creature's natural attack deals nonstandard damage, refer instead to the Improved Natural Attack feat. It is not possible to reduce the base damage of a creature's natural attack below 1d2 with this spell.

Question -
This clearly reduces the damage die for the natural attack. Does it also reduce the strength of the attack?
As if the person attacking was under the effect of a reduce person/creature spell.

I'm saying yes but want other opinions.

Between Feyfoundling and Toughness, you really should look at your other defenses and how they are. Shoring up a defense instead of something to help with your health might bring a lot more benefit as a feat then either Feyfoundling or Toughness.

While it hasn't been mentioned yet, Feyfoundling works really good with Channeled healing. A healer rolling 5D6 healing channels is a extra 10 health with Feyfoundling. Just need to be grouped up with someone that channel heals. Which can be a problem in PFS.

Another benefit fey foundling has is that it usually takes less charges of your cure light wounds wand to heal you up.

My opinion, toughness is great for levels 1 & 2. Almost worthless for levels 3 - 8, then so-so till about 12+. This is just due to how much damage you can take vs the health you get from it. Still a good feat, just think there's better at the early levels.

Have you looked at Pharasma and going daggers?

There's the River Rat trait that adds +1 damage and you can pick up the deity obedience of Pharasma for +2 to attack with daggers.

A 10 CON is way too low for a D8 health front line fighter. Any way you can bring it up? I'd suggest lowering your INT. While a 18 INT is very nice for a magus, 90% of the spells you'll use do not require saves.

Try and convince the player to play a bard. :)
If he plays a Skuld, you'll end up declining his rage song as you can't cast if you except.

Is the Oradin going to be melee?
Asking as some one needs to help set up flank with the rogue.

Are you allowed traits?

How firm are you on having Desna as your deity?
Desna makes a wonderful cleric deity but only a so-so warpriests.

You do not have to use your deities favorite weapon to get the warpriest goodies, that only really matters if you plan on grabbing the Weapon of the Chosen feat line.

Feat: Hellcat Stealth would also work.

Then there's also having Darkvision and attacking from darkness against someone without darkvision.

Thanks all.
Going have to read the polymorph guide to figure that stuff out.

I am wondering about taking a level or to of unchain monk instead of fighter or ranger. Have no idea how that would work.

Also thought about having a average strength or using dex for attacking and damage.

Party type - We're trying to run a theme party of each wizard type. I just drew the transmutation wizard for my character.

I'm on my 3rd try right now for creating this character. Hopefully, if I get more time today I can add something to this thread for more feedback.

was just hoping someone already had this type of character and could toss it up so I could have some type of idea what to do.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I need some serous help here on how to build and play a Transmutation Wizard. Starting at level 6 and going to level 12. Has to be PFS legal.
I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

Questions I have -
My Wizard here will probably end up being some type of tank or if I go with a Familiar, using that as a tank.

20 point Stat Build: What should my stats be?
I was original planning on going with a standard, high INT build wizard. Now, after reading some threads, thinking I can go with just a 16 INT and have good stats for STR, DEX, & CON.

Feats & Arcane Discovers, no idea at all for these.

How and what tactics should I use?
Most of the fights we get into only last 3-4 rounds and we hardly ever get a chance to 'pre-buff' before fights. So buffing is usually out as the fights half over with by the time they get done. Full round casting is usually a no-no as that draws a big target on you when fighting intelligent enemies.

Have been told this is a 'simple' class to play. Just polymorph yourself and then go to town slaughtering your enemies. Maybe if I knew what I was doing it'd be that way...but I don't.

This is actually a conversation you should be having with your GM. While you're not a paladin, strict alignment questions are always interrupted differently by different people.

Since this is a homebrew campaign and it sounds like you want to bring in a deeply faithful and law abiding Warpriest. I suggest you write up a code of ethics and check them with your GM.
Anything that might cause you to come in conflict with that code can be used as a plot device for a soul searching experience.

Question -
What is everyone else playing and what kind of style do they plan on playing with? Something you need to check as from what I'm reading here, there's a lot of parties this character would not group up with once he got to know them.
This has happened to me a couple of times when I wanted to play some divine characters and had other party characters that wanted to do stuff that was against the religious tenets my character followed.

Gloves of Dueling do give bonuses vs disarming. Already have them.

Like the Draqonskin Grip suggestion. Might try that.

Tunic of Deadly Might is a bit pricy at 6K for just a +2 bonus. Specially when I'm running a Unfettered Shirt in the same Chest slot item.

Claxon wrote:
If you can recover the weapon after combat then the GM isn't a jerk. But your statement of "run away with it" made it sound like you were "permanently" losing an important part of your character's WBL and ability to function in it's primary role.

Nope, so far been able to recover the weapon.

GM isn't really being a jerk. Usually what happens is smart monster full attacks and misses every attack against AC. I then do around 100+ damage against him. Smart enemy goes "I just missed every attack and he hurt me. Let's see how he can do without weapon" Disarm attempt.
Then if there's minions around, have a minion grab the weapon and back off.

Repeat - this is only if the enemies are smart. I have no problem with the GM using this tactic. Usually get a AO in when they attempt it.

Not sure I want to burn a 3rd level spell slot for something that might happen and putting Calling on a weapon for just this is a bit of overkill.

14th level warpriest. At moment, have a little over 20K to spend in gold.

Already have a weapon cord and usually they sunder it after disarming.

There's debate if Locked Gauntlet uses the same hand slot as Gloves of Dueling. Trying to avoid that.

Looking for items to help vs Disarming.

GM has decided that the best way to stop my character is to disarm him and then grab my weapon and run away. Loosing a +4 weapon this way HURTS! While I do have a backup, it's no where near as good. So looking for ways to buff my CMD vs disarm attempts.

Already have -
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (slotted inside a wayfinder for +2 CMD)
Gloves of Dueling (+4 vs Disarm)

There any other items that would help?

Why GM has decided to go after my weapon-
My AC and Disarming have about the same target number (AC 36 & Disarm 37)
Just makes sense for smart monsters to target my weapon to try to shut me down as a threat.

I like grabbing the Improved Trip line of feats. Combined them with True Strike and you should succeed in just about every trip attempt. Big help in battlefield control.
Wand of True Strike & the wand arcana is crazy good for this.

Grab yourself some Spell Storing Armor, cast Frigid Touch (second level spell) in it. Then whenever someone hits you, they take cold damage and are staggered. Can save you a world of being hurt.


Just ran Honor's Echo about a week ago, while it has a little of everything to help introduce new players to PFS. I did notice it was missing a chase scene.

Please, if you plan on doing something like Honor's Echo again, include a chase scene in it.

How far away is the enemy?

Which direction and terrain do they have to travel to get to the city?

How fast (how many days) to get to the city?

What resources does the city have in both defenders and materials?

Any chance of reinforcements for the city?

As things look to me, you're to low in level to have much of a impact in defending the city. My reason for this is because of all the towns guards, the guards leaders, and maybe to local temple and/or wizard. Most of these should be around your level for the grunts and your level+3 for their leaders.

You might do better using the terrain and hit&run tactics to slow the undead down. Giving the town more time to set up defenses and for the hope for reinforcements to show up. If no reinforcements are on the way, maybe you can conjure some up with trickery.

Between the arsenal chaplains weapon training and the clerics self buffs. They actually become a more accurate "to hit" class then most full BAB classes.

Bad thing about them is their healing just doesn't keep up with the other divine classes. The way I get around this when playing my warpriest is with scrolls. A scroll of Heal a 8th level, while a bit costly, fixes a lot of problems.


Another class that might work is the Summoner. Summon up a healer, tank, just about anything you need.

Since this is a homebrew game and these are bosses, nothing is stopping you from making your own 'class'.

If you go about making your own class for them, design a story around it and drop foreshadowing hints to the players. Might even lead to a side quest or three.

Real question is, what levels do you want the twins at?
The higher their levels, the more options that can open up.

Then there's how powerful are the players characters?
Will the bad guys know the good guys (players) are coming and able to prep for them? Smart, prepped bad guys should be a royal pain.

LOL thanks for pointing out the necroing. Really funny thing is it's the author of the thread that brought it back to life.

Nothing against the Oracle but what it looks like that you want to build is a Warpriest.

Have you taken a look at that class yet?

Just going to add this -

Cure Light Wounds is a poor spell to have memorized in PFS. Due to just about everyone having a Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Picking another spell in its place is usually a better use of those limited 'resources'.

Can be anything from light/darkness, fog, terrain type (trees, rubble, mud, water, etc.), height, to special forms of movement.

There's also the CMB attacks. Grapple can be nasty vs pure casters and low strength characters.

Another factor is that Nodachi can do either piercing or slashing damage. Katana only deals slashing.

Main reason to play a cleric is to channel. At higher levels, with feats and/or gear, you can channel heal as a move and/or swift action. Trying to heal in combat is usually a bad idea. Heals just don't keep up with damage output.

As suggested above, read through the guides on clerics. There's a lot of good info in them.

Go Dwarf and pick up the Feat: Steel Soul for +4 saves for spells and spell like abilities.

Have you taken a look at the Unchained Monk?
With that Stat Array, you can make a powerful unchained monk.

18+2 STR 15 DEX 17 CON 14 INT 16 WIS 13 CHA
1) Feat: Weapon Focus: Unarmed Stike, Bonus Feat: Dodge, Stunning Fist, Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike.
2) Bonus Feat: Combat Reflexes
3) Feat: Dragon Style
4) Ki Power: Bark Skin
5) Feat: Dragon Ferocity, Style Strike: Flying Kick
6) Ki Power: Furious Defense, Bonus Feat: Mobility
7) Feat: Skill Focus Stealth
8) Ki Power: Insightful Wisdom
9) Feat: Hellcat Stealth. Style Strike: Spin Kick

You have mobility, good damage, health (D10), and decent skills. If you put points into stealth, at level 9 with Hellcat Stealth, you can attempt to stealth in while moving (works good with Flying Kick).
Ki Powers give you access to lots of extra goodies, which can introduce the player to spell like abilities.

AC is decent but not that good...unless you can get him buffed with Mage Armor. Either by a friendly wizard or a wand with Mage Armor in it. If wands are easy to come by in your world, might try talking him into putting skill points into UMD for a Wand of Mage Armor and a Wand of Long Strider. Both very good long duration buff spell for him.

I'd suggest a Slayer using the Slayer talents for the Ranger's Weapon & Shield Combat Style.

This should give you everything you've requested with being resilient, decent damage, good skill ranks, and no magic. Being able to use the Shield for both offence and defense helps out with the damage and the AC.

Very quick build tossed together for you.
Race: Human for the extra Feat & skills or Dwarf for the great saves and dark vision.
1) Study Target +1, Track, Feat: 2-Weapon Fighting
2) Slayer Talent-Ranger Combat Style: Improved Shield Bash
3) Sneak Attack +1D6, Feat: Weapon Focus
4) Slayer Talent: Trap Finding (If party needs it, otherwise Rogue's Weapon Training)
5) Study Target +2, Feat: Iron Will (Steel Soul if Dwarf) to help with saves.
6) Slayer Talent-Ranger Combat Style: Shield Master or Improved Shield Bash (suggest taking Imp Shield Bash at 7th)

Your stat array, you mean 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13?
Want to make sure cause that seems a bit OP to me. If so, I'd go -
18 STR 17 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 15 WIS 13 CHA
with minor adjustments depending on racial stat bumps.

Actually, what it sounds like is that the Lich was playing for time. It has to know the truth will come out sooner or later due to all the witnesses.
So the question you need to figure out the answer to is, what does the Lich need that time for?

I am running a Dwarf Arsenal Chaplain archetype, Warpirest using a Dorn Dergar through the later parts of Giants right now.

Benefits -
High survivability with AC (Shield of Faith is usually better the Rings of Deflection people can get) and very good Saves.
Very Accurate with Divine Favor and all the other cleric buffs I can use. Arsenal Chaplain also grants the fighter training for more accuracy.
Access to cleric spells! Allows emergency healing and scroll use.

Negatives -
My damage output is usually 20-40 damage less per round then the other front line 'fighters'. This is due to not getting the extra attacks a full BAB class gets, as they usually have one more attack then me.

Overall, I see my job as being more of a stopper where I try and hold back one big nasty guy or a bunch of his enforcements for a couple of rounds while the party deals with the rest of the enemies.

If you're looking for something like a Dungeon Crawl, I suggest Emerald Spire.

This is a BIG dungeon with lots of floors. Each floor takes around 3-5 hours to clear and there is a 'loose' plot linking them together.

Roleplaying opportunities: The PDF gives some suggested "plot lines" for events around and leading into the Spire. These plot lines are more up to the GM and the Players if they want to be used. There's also couple of different floors in the dungeon with different factions allowing some role play in the dungeon...or the players can be pure murder hobos and kill everything :)

What's bad -
First 2 levels can be a pain to play due to limited vision effects. Might discourage people from playing.
Lack of role playing (This is a dungeon crawl)
Useable party loot. While the loot that drops fits what the party is fighting, most of it is not what I consider 'useable' party loot. There is a small town (more of a fort) on a major trading road nearby that the party can 'commission' traders to purchases magic items from.

I've found that if you request skill checks and then provide clues leading into the direction you want them to go works.

Something like "You spot smoke raising up above the jungle." "Found a trail leading into the jungle." Traps and possible guards blocking the way you want the party heading usually works wonders for getting them to head the correct way.

Do you plan on picking up a Ring of Evasion?

If so, might want to grab the feat that bumps your Reflex save by +2

Not sure where your skills are at but if you have a high stealth check, think about grabbing the feat: Hellcat Stealth. Allows you to make a stealth check at -10 while being observed.

Then use a Elixir of Hiding (+10 stealth for a hour) and you can try hiding in plain sight.

Don't you loose out of getting access to the Arcanist Exploits if you jump to Evangelist?

Asking as some of the level 10+ Arcanist Exploits are crazy good.

0 level spells (Cantrips)
Forget about Detect Magic. You do not have the INT or the skill points to have ranks in Spell Craft & Knowledge: Arcane...unless you get something like bardic knowledge.

1 level spells
Shield is just about a must. You're going to be in melee and will want that AC. Having it as a spell, in my opinion is better then a Wand. As a spell it has a longer duration and can spell combat it. As a Wand, it's a guessing game on when to use the charges before doors and then not having it up at the start of combat.

Color Spray works wonders for your second spell. You'll be able to trade it out for Shocking Grasp when it's use starts falling off.

The issue with Chill Touch is that it is not Burst damage. Which is where a Magus can excel at.

A Magus using the Arcane Mark with Spell Combat trick has the potential to do more damage then with Chill Touch while using a high crit weapon.

That was how I was reading it but wanted to make sure if that was how others also viewed it.

This is the paragraph in the monster rules about Whirlwind that I'm wondering about -

Creatures one or more size categories smaller than the whirlwind might take damage when caught in the whirlwind (generally damage equal to the monster's slam attack for a creature of its size) and may be lifted into the air. An affected creature must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + half monster’s HD + the monster’s Strength modifier) when it comes into contact with the whirlwind or take damage as if it were hit by the whirlwind creature's slam attack. It must also succeed on a second Reflex save or be picked up bodily and held suspended in the powerful winds, automatically taking the indicated damage each round. A creature that can fly is allowed a Reflex save each round to escape the whirlwind. The creature still takes damage but can leave if the save is successful.

According to this, it kind of looks like a Air Elemental can "suck" up the swarm and do damage to it. As the swarms size is smaller.

Can a Air Elemental use Whirlwind vs a Swarm?

What happens exactly?

At low levels -

When not in melee, cast Shocking Grasp, move, attack.

When in melee, Use Arcane Mark while casting defensively. If you succeed, Great. If you flub it, Oh Well, next round.

As you level up, you can start casting Shocking Grasp in melee with little worry.

Higher level spells, I usually pick mostly for Utility, Range, or AoE.

If you grab the Wand Arcana. Using Wands do not trigger AO.

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