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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,174 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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General Info -
As a spymaster his spell selection should focus on information gathering (Divination & enchantments - charm spells) and escape/survival. What the party should be worried about is his bodyguards and traps.

Question: Is there a reason for the Spymaster to fight the party?
Normally, I'd have him spend 2-3 rounds 'buffing' his bodyguards and then Dim-Dooring away.

Tactics -
Need something to shut down that Witch, depending on the type of Witch can completely dominate any encounter with humanoids.

The spell Darkness and Darkvision can be a pain for the party. Fact is, depending on if they have darkvision or no way to dispel it, can shut down the effectiveness of a lot of the party.

Slow can be a extremely nasty spell for a Arcanist with them having the ability to bump the DC up by 2 with a arcanist point.

Is there a reason you want trip/Disarm?

I've only found those feats as being of limited use. As the CMD you need to target climbs faster then your skills (usually).

Here's something else you can try -
(this is something I'm working on)

Human Warpriest (Arsenal Chaplain Archetype) of Pharasma
STR 15, DEX 15, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 7
Racial bump to strength making it a 17 and bumping it every time 4 levels.

1) Class-Weapon Focus Daggers, Feat: Fey Foundling, Feat: TWF
3) Feat: Deific Obedience (bones in a spiral Death/life - +2 Sacred bonus with dagger to hit), Bonus Feat: Quickdraw
5) Fervor 2D6, Feat: Power Attack, Weapon Training: Daggers +1/+1
6) Favored Race Feat: Weapon Specialization - Daggers, Class Feat: Improved TWF
7) Feat: Double Slice
9) Bonus Feat: Improved Critical-Daggers, Feat: Toughness, Weapon Training: Daggers improves to +2/+2

*Feat: Quick Draw allows you to do fun things with a Quick Draw Shield, plus pulling out more daggers if needed.
*Don't need to invest into a magical shield as Magical Vestments will last most of the day for you. Same with Rings of Protection as Shield of Faith provides the same deflect bonus.
*Divine Favor provides a very good bonus to your attack & damage roll.
*You can grab some offensive spells for range attacks (Big fan of Burst of Radiance)

*Does face the problem of the build being MAD and require lots of support building up your stats.
*Need to pick something up to bump up your DEX by +2 by 6th level.

At 6th level, armed with two +1 daggers, Divine Favor with the Fate's Favor Trait, Strength of 20, power attacking, and improved TWF - this is what I should be attacking at -
+14 (main attack), +14 (TWF attack), +9 (Improved TWF)
+4 BAB +5 STR +1 Weapon Focus +1 Magic +1 Weapon Training +2 Pharasma Obedience +4 Divine Favor -2 improved TWF -2 Power Attack

Static Damage -
+18 (main hand damage), +13 (Off Hand damage)
+5 STR, +1 Magic, +4 Divine Favor, +2 Weapon Specialization, +1 River Rat Trait, +1 Weapon Training, +4 Power Attack, -3 STR offhand, -2 Power attack Off Hand

There's a bunch of different damage shields.

Couple different spells but an example is the Wizard: Fire Shield -
This spell wreathes you in flame and causes damage to each creature that attacks you in melee. The flames also protect you from either cold-based or fire-based attacks (your choice).

Any creature striking you with its body or a handheld weapon deals normal damage, but at the same time the attacker takes 1d6 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +15). This damage is either cold damage (if the shield protects against fire-based attacks) or fire damage (if the shield protects against cold-based attacks). If the attacker has spell resistance, it applies to this effect. Creatures wielding weapons with exceptional reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you.

There's also a couple monster abilities that deal damage when someone attacks and hits them in melee range.

Lots and lots of different type. All deal damage to whoever attacks and hits them in melee range.

Do Damage Shields effect the targeted CMD for Grapple checks?

I know if you hit with a attack when someone is trying to make a grapple check you get to add the damage you do to your CMD vs that grappler. Would the damage done by a damage shield also add to that CMD check?

Your biggest problem is the line in spell combat -

...while wielding a light or one handed weapon.

Course, if you can talk your GM into allowing something else...
Problem with talking the GM into something else is that a Magus is already a pretty powerful class.


...all I wanted was a place I could show it, in printed form, it was legal and counted towards your GM stars for re-running scenarios.

Clearest example I've found so far was about earning the 5th star.


Thanks all for the replies.

This was one of those things I was sure on till someone new to GM was under the impression it did not work that way. So I wanted to make sure this wasn't something I was assuming and there was a clear ruling one way or another that I could show them.

The -
you must have 150 sessions reported for your 5th star, and 50 of these must be different scenarios
- is clear enough for me



Just read through the guide and this is what I found -

The stars are visible on your Pathfinder Society ID card. You can earn
up to four stars for running a certain number of reported games, as follows...

it's the only thing I can find saying anything about getting credit for running the same scenario more then once.
Lots of things about burning GM stars to get re-play credit towards characters, but nothing (I can find) clearly stating you get credit towards your GM star for re-running the same scenarios.


OK, now we have different rulings on this.


Thanks, that's what I thought. Just had some folks that assumed it did not work that way and I wanted to double check before telling them that you still got star credit.

I've only multi-run a few scenarios. Plus, you run a couple ADP for pathfinder credit and you can earn stars fast.


Do you get GMing credit for running the same scenario multiple times?

I know you can only apply GM credit to 1 character but if you run the same scenario multiple times, do those extra times count towards your GM stars?

Did do a quick read through but couldn't find a answer in the guide.

Obscuring Mist: Used mainly as a sort of leveling field for -
Creatures that can do Greater Darkness at Will
Creatures that are hard hitting and have Reach
Invisible Creatures that use a lot of hit&run tactics
Creatures with Ranged Attacks that fly

These are not 1st level but can be very useful -

See Invis
Lesser Restoration


You sure on it only increasing by (1) if I complete (4) missions on the year 8?

As it does state it scales by the based number of goals completed. By reading that, I would then assume my (7) missions completed from year 7 would stack with the newly completed (4) missions from year 8.

The example giving, isn't that clear on this.


Question: I have a year 7 and a year 8 Silver Crusade Faction card. On the year 7 I have completed (7) faction missions. On the year 8 I've completed (2) faction missions.

I'm a little confused on how I figure out the 2nd tier reward for the Silver Crusade.

(4+ goals): Once per adventure, you can use the lay on hands class feature as though you were a paladin whose level equals the number of goals you have completed.

Both years have the same faction reward but confused if I only count it as (7) faction missions completed as I haven't meet the reward for year 8 yet, or as (9) faction missions completed as they stack.

I built myself a Strength based Magus with the Improved & Greater Trip feats. Picked up a Wand of True Strike and used with a the Wand Arcana he was able to trip almost everything (BAB + 20[true strike] + 4 [trip feats] + Weapon bonuses - 2 [spell combat]).

For defense, use shield, mirror image, and blur.

Gives you a hard to be attacked target while doing the same thing the monk is doing.

Another nasty trick was wearing Spell Storing Armor and having Frigid Touch stored in it. Get hit, Frigid Touch goes off and the attacker takes 4D6 Cold damage and is staggered. No more attacks that round.
Suggest you save this for when the Monk tries grappling or you need to run away.

Lots and lots of nasty things you can do with a magus. Worse comes to worse, Magus casts Gaseous Form and runs away.

Re-Training -
With the limited levels of Unchained Barbarian you have, I might want to re-train that to the Savage Technician Barbarian archetype. Savage Tech adds to your STR & DEX while raging.

Was going to suggest you re-train your Ninja levels to Unchained Rogue. With 4 levels in Unchained rogue you get a lot of good stuff. Problem with this is that it doesn't work too well with the Trident for a weapon.

Grab the Furious enchantment for your weapon.

Do Swashbuckler's special abilities work while you're raging?
Not sure on that and you might want some kind of proof if a GM asks.

Just some random thoughts -

Will saves: There is a Ioun Stone, that once socketed into a Wayfinder, gives a effect similar to Protection from Evil. Believe found in the *Chamber of Secrets* book.

You can also pick up a couple levels of fighter and with those extra feats grab Iron Will and Improved Iron Will.

Gear question - Quick Runner Shirt: I thought that was made illegal in PFS.

I do like your Swashbuckler idea, just not sure how it would work out. You do need some way to get DEX to damage.

Going the trip route -
Things are going to start getting very hard to trip. As they'll have a very good CMD. My opinion is it's just not worth it unless you can get some crazy trip numbers.

Just have one problem with them porting into jail -

How will the King know they're porting back to the palace with a Troll?

If this is a home game, I usually have places of importance (like palaces) warded to prevent teleportation. Prevents those assassins from porting in, killing, then porting out.

As changeable as she is, I would think maybe some type of Vigilante....

Just have no idea how to make that work.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Think a lot depends on what type of spells and the role you're planning on playing. This is vastly over simplified but is my rule of thumb -

I like Arcanist for save or suck spells.

Sorceress for lots of blasting spells.

Wizards for Utility / Control.

A lot depends on the people you're running the adventure for.

People I usually game with keep trying to push the boundaries of what's doable and what the DC would be for doing stuff. This can be fun but also frustrating at times as it can bog the game down.

Prep what you're going to run. This can take anywhere from 2 hours up to 6 hours. Depending on what you end up running. Then expect the Players to do something completely different leaving you wondering what the heck to do.
Some times a simple dungeon crawl is the best to get started as there isn't much there for the Players to *break* the mod.

Start out running low levels. Allows you to get experience on all the different stuff monsters can do. I still get nervous when I'm running a high level caster as a NPC against much stuff...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's a Human Warpriest/Arsenal Chaplain Archetype of Pharasma I've been working on -

1) Class-Weapon Focus Daggers, Feat: Fey Foundling, Feat: TWF
2) Fervor 1D6 (1/2 level+WIS)
3) Feat: Deific Obedience (bones in a spiral Death/life - +2 Sacred bonus with dagger to hit), Bonus Feat: Quickdraw
4) Sacred Weapon (0ne only weapon): possible - Ghost Touch, Flaming, Frost, Shock, or +1
5) Fervor 2D6, Feat: Power Attack, Weapon Training: Daggers +1/+1
6) Favored Race Feat: Weapon Specialization - Daggers, Class Feat: Improved TWF
7) Quicken War Blessing other, Feat: Double Slice
8) +1 DEX, Fervor 3D6, Sacred Weapon +2
9) Bonus Feat: Improved Critical-Daggers, Feat: Toughness, Weapon Training: Daggers improves to +2/+2
10) Quicken War Blessing-Self, Major Blessings
11) Fervor 4D6, Feat: Double Slice
12) Sacred Weapon +3, retrain 6 health to Class Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Specialization: daggers (stackable +2), Class Bonus Feat: Two-Weapon Rend

Weapon: 2x Daggers
Armor: Mithral BP, Darkwoood Quickdraw Shield (Abusing the rules, with the quick draw feat & Scabbard of many blades, can make a full attack TWF, swift action to sheath a dagger, free action to equip the Quickdraw shield.)

Only problem with this build is that it's stat's expensive.
...and while I think everything is legal by RAW, I've copied and pasted this build a number of times so there might be some mistakes I've made in it.

For dual wielding it is. You give up on the bigger weapon die for weapon training +1/+1 - Hit/Damage. It off-sets the TWF to hit penalty nicely.

Then with Divine Favor, Weapon Training, Gloves of the duelist, ect. You have some nice static damage numbers while being accurate.

Now, loosing one of your blessings and being only limited to the War Blessings is kind of a pain but War is still a nice Blessing.

Loosing your Scared Armor *PBBBLLLTTT!*, Who really misses that?

Random thoughts

Bars are usually in a civilized town/city. This usually means -
1) Use of weapons in city limits lands you in trouble with the law.
2) Use of magic against others in city limits land you in trouble with the law.
3) Bars are usually patrolled by the city watch or have their own 'enforcers'.

Usually as soon as a weapon get's pulled (or spell casted), I'd figure 1D4+6 rounds for the city guards to show up. +/- a couple rounds depending on the location of the bar.
Weapons also usually mean people getting the heck out of the bar as fast as possible and finger pointing once the city guards show up.

Some bars might not even let people in wearing / carrying armor and weapons. As those might be seen as trouble magnets.

Location and cliental of the bar can play a big part of what happens in a bar fight.

Parties reputation can have a big effect on the aftermath of a Bar Fight.

Most high level character shouldn't get into that many bar fights. If they do, those same characters should easily win it in a round or two but then have to deal with the aftermath.
Low and mid tier bar fights just run as normal without using weapons or magic. If weapons or magic get's used, drop the law down on them. Judges really like fining adventures ^_^.
Only thing to worry about is if the party has a monk, brawler, or someone else skilled in unarmed combat.
If you want to be mean, mix in a level 1 or 2 commoner as they can be one-shotted, dead. Lots of trouble for the party then.

I've been seeing a fair number of Kineticist popping up recently, each with a different type of build. No idea how to play one but Kineticist seem to be pretty flexible on how they play. Those playing them seem to be happy with the class.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'don't take a strong look at Clustered Shot. At your level you should start encountering more creatures with DR. Clustered Shot helps you to punch through that DR.


4 people marked this as a favorite.

Here's a completely different suggestion -

Have a GM race boon sheet added to the GM Resources page.

How it would work -
On the sheet would be a number of different races, each race would have a number of boxes. Those boxes could then be checked off for each ran scenario that was not applied to a character. Once that race has all those boxes checked off, that race could be applied to one character.

Reasoning behind this -
(1) Cuts down on all the low level GM babies that most dedicated GM seem to have.
(2) A nice reward for GMs to get but is something they have to work towards. Also allows those GM some goodies that can't make the major Cons for one reason or another.
(3) Different races are fun!

What type of character are you looking for? As is, it's looking like you want another martial/melee character with you suggesting a possible Armor Master Ftr 5/Hellknight 6 build.

Have you tried a Swashbuckler build yet?
They are another melee martial build that can have a very different play style.

Toughness is just about a must. Take a look at the shield feat line (easiest way I found is look at the ranger weapon & shield style).

*Cheese* might have been to strong a word. Crafting magical items, while done in a reasonable manor, is not *cheese*. It's when players start trying to OP it that it becomes *cheese*. Usually, sooner or later, someone sits at the table and then demands "Why can't I build that?" Was easier to just say no at the start then having to deal with it.

Which is a completely different topic then this thread.

Sorry about the high jacking of it.

While you are all figuring out your pricing for the +Shield AC bonus, you've forgotten to include the price for being immune to Magic Missiles.

This also sounds like a Hand Slot item.

Question -
What would be the skill check DC for this?
As a 5th level Arcanist I'm thinking for something this hard there is a decent chance for failure.

...Have never messed with magic creation effects as it's always been seen as *Cheese*.

Reason for Shield Other - I'm the main healer. Plus it's cheaper and easier self healing with Fey Foundling.

Party was kind of in the spot of needing both a tank and healer. Originally I planned on going with the Oracle/Paladin build but having party members of "questionable" alignment nixed that idea. So I jumped to the next best thing - warpriest.

At the moment, this is for a Warpriest @ level 7. I have [sort of] a open feat slot and was trying to figure out a way to get more health. As my character has Fey Foundling and I like using the 2nd level spell Shield Other.

Came very close to death once due to both my Shield Other and my character failing a Reflex save vs a fireball at the same time. Just want a bit more of a health cushion for the future.

Is there a Amulet of False Life in PFS?
Thinking there is but not finding it. Have only found homebrew and D&D items for it.

Using a Amulet of Natural Armor at moment and while I might trade it out for more health, not sure that's the item for it.

PS. Not Human and don't meet the INT requirements for fast learning.

Looking for a Feat/Item to get more health. Already have Toughness. Feat/Item can not be race specific. I'm hoping there's something out there I've missed while looking.

I'm hoping that there's another Feat besides Toughness or some magical item that's not +CON (already have the +CON bonus) that would increase my health.

Agree with the No. Reasoning -

More work for you as the GM. You have to "balance" stuff around his character. There's been a number of threads on this forum about trying to balance a encounter to be challenging to a OP character without wiping the rest of the party.

Is it fair to the other players? Even if the other players do agree to it now, would they agree to it as they level up?

Might want to ask for a leveling progressing sheet on how your players see their character (feats, powers, & classes) as they level up. Main reason for this is that I've seen some seriously overpowered combos on characters that can wreck the enjoyment for everyone but the player playing them. Gives you a chance to decide if you want to allow these combos and the player a chance to explain why he should have these combos.

How set are you to being a Arcanist?

I was going to build one till I spotted the Exploit Wizard. this Wizard archetype gives you access to Arcane Points like the Arcanist and the Arcanists exploits every 4 levels.

You do have to give up your favor schools and the Arcane Bond/Familiar that a normal wizard gets.

So at 11th level you'd have -
8 Arcane points in your arcane reservoir.
3 Arcanist Exploits

While having all the basic normal 11th level wizard stuff.

Mummies Mask, Half Dead City is pretty much a Dungeon Crawl that is very tough and challenging. I would never try running this for people new to pfs or a non-optimized party. Just too many fights that have the potential for nasty things to happen.

Since you mentioned this was a OP party, Half Dead City should challenge them and you wouldn't need to hold back on some of the nastiness that might happen.

At 6th level I'd drop Lunge in place of the Feat: Weapon Specialization. As those bonus feats can meet the Fighter requirements.

Gives you a extra +2 damage and starts you on that feat chain.

Otherwise looks good.

Tarondor wrote:
Matt2VK wrote:
Not sure I'd spend the 3 feats for Weapon of the Chosen if I'm using a Long Spear. Don't consider the feat investment vs what it boosts for using a spear as a good pay off. Think there's a number of pole arm feats that would work better.
Is that because the longspear doesn't have an expanded crit range?

That's one of the reasons. The other is I think (don't know) there's a number of Pole-Arm Feats that are chain feats. Someone with a better idea of Pole Arm Feats and how they work need to answer that.

It's all a matter on if you have the feats available to grab the Weapon of the Chosen feat line. 3 feats are a pretty hefty investment if you have a better use for them elsewhere. It all depends on what you're planning on doing with your Warpriest.

PS. If this is a "Home Game", I'd be seriously tempted to try and ask your GM to allow there to be a Feat that gives you 2 extra Fervor. Buffing and healing yourself as a swift action more times can be crazy good.

PSS. Getting gear for your character - Warpriests don't really need a Ring of Protection. They have a LOT of spells that buff their AC deflection and these spells usually are higher deflection buffs then you can get rings for. Same could also be said for Cloak of Resistances. If you plan on using those spells, you can save your gold for other items/purchases.

Channeling for Warpriest - Bad idea, it's just too costly. If you grab Toughness and have a decent CON, (and maybe grab the Fey foundling Feat at 1st level), use the 2nd level spell Shield Other and use that Fervor to Swift Action heal yourself with a Cure Spell instead.

The Warpriests Weapon and Armor class ability buffs are at best, in my opinion, situational use only. They're another Swift action to use and have a very limited number of uses. So loosing them for something else doesn't really hurt.

Not sure I'd spend the 3 feats for Weapon of the Chosen if I'm using a Long Spear. Don't consider the feat investment vs what it boosts for using a spear as a good pay off. Think there's a number of pole arm feats that would work better.

Have no idea what those feats are as I've never built a pole arm build but have seen them in use a time or two.

Weapon of the Chosen is a great feat line. Not all of them require a Swift Action to use. They do require you to use your deities favored weapon for that feat line.

Only problem with the Weapon of the Chosen is it's a bit feat intensive at 3 feats. But it does give you a 'fake' blind fighting feat, a aligned weapon, and 'roll two D20s and take the high' for attack rolls. Which means if you're using a high crit range weapon you can be critting a lot.

Couple questions for you as there's a number of different replies -

1) How much Min/Max do you want your character?

2) Weapons - Is long spear set in stone? You don't actually have to use your deities favored weapon.

3) Assuming you're using a 20 point buy for character creature. True or not?

4) Is this a home game and anything not allowed?

I have become a big fan of the Arsenal Chaplain, Warpriest Archetype.

Couple items I think very strongly about -
A) Ranks in UMD. Love this skill but with the skill ranks for Warpriests and CHA being a dump skill I have a tough time deciding on putting ranks in it or not. If I go with it, I grab the heaviest armor I can and try to use wands of Longstrider and Featherstep.

B) Human is usually the preferred race for Warpriest. Two reasons why, (1) Preferred class bonus. Instead of making a choice between health or a skill rank when you level you can instead grab 1/6 of the class bonus feat. Spending 6 levels to grab the class bonus feat of Toughness is crazy good. (2) That extra skill rank. Warpriests are skill rank starved.

C) Perception is not a class skill and you need to decide if you want to invest in it or not. If you're wearing heavy armor your AC and Flat footed AC will both be about the same. If you don't mind not making all those spot checks and being surprised I'd skip investing in it. I would grab the Feat: Combat Reflexes if you have a reach weapon as this would still allow you to take AOs while you're flat footed (surprise rounds and before your first combat action).

PS. Someone else will have to help you out farther as it's late here and just browsing the forums before calling it a night.

Usually you want to try and stay away from having a lot of creatures on the battlefield. As if they all take separate actions this can slow the game way down.
If you want these creatures on the field for one reason or another, I usually just have them move around and auto-assist one or two 'main' creatures. This saves time from avoiding all the rolls and are usually one hit/one kill from the party.
Doing something like this can simplify your task. (1) There's less paperwork on your end. You only need to keep track of 1 or 2 creatures. All the others are just assist machines to them. (2) Can slow the party down and keep them away from your squishy bad guys. (3) Allows these minions to have a chance to actually do something to the party without having to roll a "20". (4) Allows certain feats and spells your players might have to really shine [like Cleave].

Speed bumps I call them.


I've had that same issue come up before. Usually all it took was to wait a couple of days and then I was able to report it. No idea why, just assumed it was a server-side load issue.

...or it could have been a brain f*rt issue and I was making some simple mistake.
...Nah, it was a server issue.

:) :) :)


I'miss curious how this change would work mult-classing. I have noticed theres a number of different items that seem balanced but when combined with a number of different classes is completely broken.

While I'd like to see more options opened for the unchained monk, I fear the abuse of this feat tree in other builds.

Thanks. Thought for sure I read through that a couple of times looking for it.

Can Warpriest convert their memorized spells for the day to Cure (or Harm) spells?

Can you tell me where, if they can, it is printed in the books?

I know that on the D20 website it says they still can but I can't find anywhere in the books that allow the warpriest to expend any prepared spell that isn't an orison to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower.

1st level Spells -
Suggest you drop Expeditious Retreat and go with Feather Steps. Duration on Feather Steps is a lot better and it's effect can be very useful.

Saving Finale should be on your list of spells to get. While it will only effect you, re-rolling a failed save can be a life-saver.

Armor -
Be sure you check the MAX Dex modifier allowed on your armor and where you plan to have your DEX end up at. I've seen a couple builds where there DEX modifier was higher then the Armor allowed.

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