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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 885 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 19 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Can the White Mage (Arcanist archetype) use wands/scrolls with "Cure" in the spell name?

Spontaneous Healing (Su)
At 1st level, a white mage can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir to use one of her spell slots to cast a cure spell (any spell with "cure" in its name) from the cleric spell list as if it were on the White Mage's spell list and prepared.

According to the above, "Cure" spells aren't on the White Mage's Spell list till that Arcane Point is spent and then they are for just that spell.

At moment, I'm calling the "Cure" spells not on the White Mage's spell list but seeking other opinions.

Going just expect different ruling on this unless there's actually RAW on this some where.

and this is why I said we had dis-agreements at the table.

Concealment actually does mean you can NOT see the creature CLEARLY.

Gaze attacks work on seeing the creature.

Here's my reasoning (but isn't RAW as I can't find any RAW on it)
Averting Eyes: The opponent avoids looking at the creature's face, instead looking at its body, watching its shadow, tracking it in a reflective surface, etc. Each round, the opponent has a 50% chance to avoid having to make a saving throw against the gaze attack. The creature with the gaze attack, however, gains concealment against that opponent.

Obsuring Mist gives concealment. The same as Averting Eyes would do but at a lesser percentile.

I think a lot of it depends on the campaign.

What kind of person is it that promised the party this money?

There's a number of stories out there where the party once the quest was completed, they received something of equal value to the gold promised them. Could be anything from monster infested mine, a un-wanted 3rd son/daughter and the money is a dowery, to a title to contested land being held by another kingdom.
Lots of things can be done if you want to think outside the box.

...or you can be completely mean and have the artifact the party returned be a fake and have them start all over hunting for the correct one.


...or not so mean and have the artifact missing a small piece which requires another quest to complete.

20% miss chance is the way I'm interpreting the Gaze/Obsuring Mist.

Just had some disagreements at the table and was hoping there was a RAW hidden somewhere that could give a firm answer to this.

Bumping, seeking a answer.

The problem is, anything made using mithral is considered masterwork in quality. Masterwork items usually cost 300 gp + item value. So any time you have a item of less then a pound, you should always get it made out of mithral. :)

I have never played a gunslinger but have seen them used and talked with people that have played them.

Summary of their opinions -

Gunslingers can be very good at shooting holes into things as they can attack touch AC.
They are also kind of boring as shooting is all they do while in combat.

Would Gaze Attacks work while in a Obscuring Mist?

I'm assuming they do not work when outside the 5' range but would they work when in the 5' range?

Would they suffer the 20% miss chance?

What if the gaze attack was a active gaze attack?

Illusions can be very useful with little to no impact on the country.

Major flash brush fire.

Creepy haunting shadowy illusions.

Another, secondary army approaching another objective.

All illusions that if done right and with some minor support can have a major impact. Even if they know illusions are being used.

You might have a problem with your Build -

Feat: Slashing Grace only works with a one handed Slashing Weapon.

Bladed Scarf is a Exotic 2-Handed Weapon.

While the magus archetype does allow the Bladed Scarf to be used one handed weapon, I don't think it changes the type of weapon it is.

Thanks -
What I thought.

Came up as, according to 'general rules' tiny creatures can not flank.

If a tiny creature has a level in the Swashbuckler archetype Mouser, does it have flanking while in a larger creatures square?

There's always the Z taking captives and the party being asked to rescue / track them down.

Small, flying familiars can be very useful for utility actions & (GM approval) dropping 'bomb' onto targets.

Got a question for you then -

Magus takes the Arcane that converts Ray Spells into a touch spell.

Close Range (Ex)

Benefit: The magus can deliver ray spells that feature a ranged touch attack as melee touch spells. He can use a ranged touch attack spell that targets more than one creature (such as scorching ray), but he makes only one melee touch attack to deliver one of these ranged touch effects; additional ranged touch attacks from that spell are wasted and have no effect. These spells can be used with the spellstrike class feature.

Magus missing with all his melee attacks, using the spellstrike class feature.

Does the Ray spell go away at the end of the round?
Remember, the Ray Spell has been converted so it works as a Touch Spell and can be used with the Spellstrike class feature.

At moment, I think you keep the converted Ray Spell. As this would follows the rules of "specific vs general".

....but, I'm not sure and might be wrong.

Build Advice for a (PFS) Arcanist
Warning – I have little experience playing a ‘pure’ arcane caster – I don’t know what I’m doing!

Waywang – at 1st level
8 STR, 14+2 (16) DEX, 12 CON, 16+2 (18) INT, 10-2 (8) WIS, 14 CHA

Skills: Craft: Alchemy +8, Knowledge: Arcane +8, Knowledge: Engineering +8, Linguistics +8, Spellcraft +8

Traits: Reactionary (combat), Magical Linage? (also thinking about a trait that gives me Diplomacy)

arcane reservoir: 3+1/2 level – day (3), max 3 + level (4)

1) Arcane Exploit: Potent Magic, Feat: Improved Initiative
3) Feat: Expended Preparation, Arcane Exploit: Dimensional Slide
5) Feat: Greater Fort., Arcane Exploit: Familiar

What I would like to do is work off the Waywangs ability with Shadowmagic but I have no idea how effective that would be and if it’s wise to use in PFS (table variations).

Is there a list some where of spells with the Shadow description?

The big problem is that it sounds like your still low level (level 4).

Once you start facing higher level monsters (CR6 or better) their CMD starts to climb drastically. Unless you have something that also increases your trip attempts a lot, you'll start failing more and more often.

I'm not sure what you're bonus for trip attempts will be as you level but I suggest you spend a little time figuring that out and then what the average CMD of stuff you'll can be facing will be.

Here's some random CR9 monsters CMD I've pulled -
41, 31, 24, 29, 27, 34, 31
The one's in the 20's are all medium in size and 2 legs. 30+ are Large / 4 legged.

Your trip attempt to stand a 50% chance vs a CR9 creature should be at +20 on your attack roll. Can your trip build go that high with what you want to do?

If your GM allows you to get access to a Wand of True Strike. I'd think about getting these 3 things -

Wand Arcane
Feat: Improved Trip
Feat: Greater Trip

Using Combat casting with the Wand of True Strike you can make a Trip attempt at +20 besides all the other add to. This will almost always be a guaranteed trip.

Giving your party a very nice bonus for attacking prone creatures.

Knocking someone prone also makes it easier to keep someone from escaping and should make it easier to take someone alive for those 'city' adventures.

Suggestion -
Since this is a home game. Check with your GM and explain how this would work.
While this trick doesn't really help the Magus, it can help the party, ALOT, and mess with the creatures you trip. As being prone gives some nasty penalties and takes a move action (drawing AO) to stand up.


Is Sky Metal (Technology Guide page 56-57) legal in PFS?

Pulled from Additional Resources -
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide

Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 12-13 are legal for play, except Cyber-Soldier and Techslinger; Equipment: None of the equipment is legal for play; Feats: all feats on pages 6-7 are legal for play, except craft cybernetics, craft pharmaceutical, craft technological arms and armor, and craft technological item; Misc.: Androffan may not be chosen as a known language. It may only be acquired through a Chronicle sheet; Prestige Class: the Technomancer prestige class is not legal for play; Skills: all skills on page 5 are legal for play, except linguistics (Androffan); Spells: all spells on pages 8-11 are legal for play, except irradiate, memory of function, and recharge.

Another question for you is what kind of Campaign is being run and your typical day/encounters?

Lots of little fights vs just a few big ones.

Lots of minions or just a Boss with maybe a add or two.

Typical monster your fighting (Undead/Demons/Devils/humanoids etc)

All of these can have a major effect in your resource management.

Thanks -

What I thought but wasn't clear on.

Think you mis-understood me -

I'm talking about the Familiars skills that it starts with. Not how you factor the familiar using it's masters skill ranks.

Arcana Caster levels up *DING* now level 8

Familiar also Levels up with Arcane Caster *DING* is now considered level 8 (I think) for purposes of HD.

Does the familiars skill ranks also increase as it is considered to have leveled?

At moment, from what I'm reading, I don't think so but confused.

Improved Familiar Skill ranks - As the Arcane Caster levels up, does the Familiar's Skill ranks also increase?

Example: 7th level Arcane Caster gets a Improved Familiar: Pseudodragon.

It's skills are set at -
Skills: Diplomacy +5, Fly +15, Perception +6, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +19 (+23 in forests), Survival +6; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth (improves to +8 in forests)

Now I know how to figure out these skills and that if the Arcane Caster Skills are higher, to use those instead. My question is -

Does the Pseudodragon class skill pluses increase as the Arcane Caster levels up or do they stay the same?

Example: Arcane Caster is now level 8. Does his familiar get any ranks to bump up the familiar skill ranks?
ie. Pseudodragon bumps his Perception up to a +8 & Survival to a +7 (plus how many other skill ranks the familiar might get.)

Have skimmed through a couple of threads on this and it just made me more confused.

He can cast the spell one round, then the next round he can attack with the two-handed weapon, using Spell Strike to channel the spell through that two handed weapon.

This is legal, just not effective -
Round 1: Cast Spell
Round 2: Attack with a two-handed weapon, using Spell Strike to channel the spell through that two handed weapon.

Have a Orc Bard start following him around and collecting stories and putting them to song about him. Upping his renown so people can recognize him. This can be both good and bad, depending on the deeds he's done.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kind of hard to answer since we don't know all the details -

What kind of position of authority do the PC have in the troop?

What's the alignment of the PC?

How big is the troop?

What kind of mission is the Troop on?
Is it time sensitive?

In this type of situation, people in the leadership position can have a number of things go wrong. Anything from 'mis-understood orders' to 'friendly fire'. Usually at the worst possible time for the PCs.

Some examples -
"I thought you told us to retreat, making lots of noise. So you could stealth in easier"

"Oops! I fumbled throwing that alchemist fire."

"Gee, I didn't know that stew you got served had some bad meat in it."

"I thought you was outside the radius of that Glitterdust spell."

As some examples.

Have used the search and while I've found most of the info I'm looking for, it's been spread out over multiple threads and some of it's been contradictory.

I am looking for a guide for Familiars & Improved Familiars. What I'm looking for -

Grading of different types of Familiars?

How Familiars make there saving throws?

Familiar Abilities, how do they level up? Do they level up?

What items Familiars can use?

If the Familiar can use items (ie scrolls & wands) can they cast them if those spells are on your characters spell list or do they have to make a UMD check?

Just about anything and everything that deals with Familiars.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

usually, it's the letter itself that has the seal, not the envelope. this is done to prevent just what you've suggested.

You could probably still cut the letter in half, with out breaking the seal and then use the spell mending. If this was the case, I'd probably rule the character can't see the writing on the inside of the letter so he can't 'mend' the ink. Allowing someone to make a perception check to detect it's been open.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Tanglefoot Bag (for casters & flying creatures)
Vermin Repellent (CHEAP! and can work against swarms)
Elixir of Vision (+10 circumstance bonus to perception checks for a hour 250 gp)

If you want to make yourself a target, I suggest taking a look at getting a level of the Swashbuckler Archetype - Mouser.

You'll loose a level of unarmed fighter but I think the trade off might be worth it.

I do think it's funny in how these little side items can turn into major side quests. Just because of some little item the GM over looked or the party doing something completely different then what the GM has planned out.

I, sort of, agree with kestral287 -

If they want a quick sell 1500 gold (remember, half the price for selling then if you're buying).

If they look around and advertise for a buyer, 5-6K. So they should get around 2.5-3K gold.

*Using the gold value kestral287 supplied for a griffon egg.

A quick sell shouldn't run any real risks for the party. Looking around and advertising has some risks. Could be anything from -
Local Laws
Pushy Nobility
Religious activity, both good & bad
anything a cruel GM can think of ^_^
Remember, the players are spreading the word around that they have something of value & rarity that they are looking to sell.

Arcane Strike has a serious flaw with the Warpriest and that's it takes a Swift Action to use. A lot of Warpriest abilities use that same Swift Action (Fervor is the most common) and it becomes a choice of which Swift Action to use in a combat round.

Didn't catch that.

Keep going ninja. Have heard there are some monk archetypes that also can work but can't give advice on that.

Combat Reflexes doesn't really come up the often in PFS unless you have some ability to trigger it.

If you decide to go a few more levels of ninja, take a look at the rogue trick: Befuddling Strike from the APG. Gives a -2 to attack rolls to your SA target when making attacks against you for 1d4 rounds.

My opinion is to stay with the Swashbuckler as you level up or grab some levels of monk.

I probably would only go as high as a 16 INT. Purchasing a 18 INT is expensive! Gives you a few more points to move around.

If you're looking at multi-classing, a level dip in swashbuckler also works. Being a small character, I'd look at the swashbuckler archetype mouser or the Inspired Blade. Going this way and with the gnome bonus to CHA, I might try to go with a 14 CHA.

Stats something like this -
8 STR 16 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 8 WIS 14 CHA.

Immediate Actions count as Swift Actions for how often you can use them. If you use a Immediate Action that turn, you can not use a Swift Action.

Got in trouble with that rule as I had a build that used a swift action and immediate action in the same turn.

This might not meet your theme but If you're spending a feat for EWP: Sawtooth, why not change it to EWP: 2Bladed Sword?

2Bladed Sword has about the same stats as a Sawtooth but you can 2Hand it for that 1.5 strength bump for single attacks.

Plus it's a bit cheaper then buying two Sawtooths with your starting gold.

If you go with the -

Extra Arcana: Flambuoyant Arcana.

Combined with -

Extra Arcana: Arcane Accuracy

Should give you another free attack during your full round action. Which you can get by triggering a attack on you. Just have to be careful about your action economy.

Swift action: Arcane Accuracy
Full Round Action: Declare Spell Combat
Start Casting spell *Without casting defensively* triggering a AoO.
Immediate Action: Declare using Flambuoyant Arcana "Parry & Riposte"
get a +8 on your Parry and Riposte attack rolls and your other attack rolls the rest of the round.

If you have concerns, have him break down the Magus's full action turn step by step. Showing the action used for what ability and the pluses and minuses the Magus has to take.

This usually catches any problems and is a handy tool to show what you're actually doing.

The nice thing about taking Swashbuckler is if you use Arcane Accuracy, combined with Parry & Riposte, you almost always get a free attack in on your target.

With the Swashbuckler dip (doing this almost requires grabbing the Extra Panache feat) you're using Panache which you should get back while crit fishing and death blows.

It's all about trade offs.

Grab the Katana as it gives you a D8 damage dice & access to Slashing Grace.

Swashbuckler dip can work but you will probably need to take the feat that gives you +2 panache. Doing this gives you 3 Panache points and you wouldn't even need to raise your CHA.

Between you're Crits and killing blows you shouldn't run out of Panache during your adventure day.

This does have the draw back of the Arcane Deeds that give you the modified Swashbuckler deeds. Going with the Arcane-Swashbuckler Deeds costs you your arcane pool points instead of Panache. Your Arcane pool points you have no way to refresh except 8 hours of rest while the panache you get a point back for every crit or killing blow.

If you do go with the Swashbuckler, you can wear Leather Armor made out of a exotic material and suffer a 0% casting penalty. This you can then enchant for defensive purposes or toss on other enchants. Spell Storing works extremely will here as a extra enchant.

The problem going with the level of Swashbuckler is you can't really get the Arcana that gives you the Swashbuckler Deed that adds you're level as precision damage and you're one level behind in your spell progression reducing the few spells you have to fewer.

You sure you only have a population of around 300?

With all those business and schools I think your closer in size to a small city of 1000+.

Some rough numbers -

Mine 5-50 people
Colleges (2) 10-100, each
Garrison 10-50
Temple 1-5
Government 5-20
Druid groove ?

Then all the infrastructure like farms and a inn to support all those places. They require lots of people too.

I suppose it is doable with a pop of 300, it's just the colleges that's giving me problems.

This is my opinion so take it as it is -

The Deliver-Slayer Archetype is more flavor then crunch. While it does have some nice abilities, you're giving up more then you're getting.

Examples -
Determined Zeal (Ex) < Iron Will is better
True Believer (Ex) - Only comes into play when you're at negative HP. Hopefully this will not happen often.
Divine Anathema (Ex) - extra 2D6 damage is always good. Bad, doesn't stack with Holy enchant.

You're giving up Slayer talents for these abilities and Slayer Talents are as good as feats. you have to decide if the new abilities are as strong or stronger then what you're giving up.


Assassination - There was a thread a bit ago talking about assassination ability. Pretty much was decided it was a trap by most people. Break down of that thread was -
(1) Have to meet serious requirements before use. While it might be doable, would not come up in most combat situations.
(2) Was using the Slayers INT modifier. INT isn't even in the top 3 stats a Slayer wants. So would rarely, if ever, get raised.
(3) It's a Fort Save. Most things you'd be fighting have a crazy high fort save.

Example: Your Assassinate DC (at 10th level) is 10 + 1/2 level (5) + 3 (INT mod) = DC 18

vs another 10th level slayers saves -
+7 (class save) +2 (CON modifier) +2 resists item = +11 Fort saves.
means need to roll a 7 or better to save.

not worth it in my opinion. Remember, This assassination attempt automatically fails if the target recognizes the slayer as an enemy.


As a Slayer Talent you can pick up some Ranger Style abilities. From what you're looking for I'd suggest going with the Weapon and Shield style. Have seen Shields with shield spikes out put some nasty damage.

My biggest complaint about low strength characters is that they can load themselves down and be total encumbered and still have a freakishly high AC.

I have seen this with a STR 7 character wearing full plate & dragging a tower shield around. Character couldn't move fast at all but none of the monsters could hit him without rolling a natural 20.

The Magus has a fair number of game mechanics that people get wrong (both players & DM).
If it's the first time you're playing the class, I suggest making a step by step table, breaking down the numbers and the name of the abilities you're using to show the DM. With the book name and page number you've pulled them from as reference.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Was hoping to following this thread through the day but work got a bit crazy.

I really wanted to go with something like a Eagle for the bird type motif. (The small bird type companions is what I've heard that is bad). I will take a look at the Roc and the Divine Hunter archetype Eagle Domain -> hawk familiar like Dafydd has suggested.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I'd think about dropping your STR score down to 8. While that -1 STR modifier will be slightly painful. Putting those two points into another stat is just more useful in the long run. I would NEVER drop a stat to 7. There's just too many things in the game that can stat drain you and one or two bad roles can put your character out of the gaming session till healed. Have seen this happen.

Here's something else to think about -

Do you want to take a level or two into another class?
There's lots of good choices out there if you do this that help shore up some of the weakness of the Swashbuckler (poor saves is the major weakness).
My opinion on this is that you should as I feel it gives you more then you loose.

If you do decide to multi-class, this can also effect how you will build your character.

I am looking at building a Tengu Hunter with some type of bird like companion for a pet.

Problem -
*Everything I've read on the forums seem to so Don't Do It.

*I'm wondering if it is possible to make a bird type companion (for my Tengu) and still be effective/useful.

*How would I go about it?

*Should I completely scrap my idea of a Tengu with a bird type companion?

Character & Companion would have to be PFS legal.

- Have never run a Companion before.

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