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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 846 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 19 Pathfinder Society characters.


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If you go with the -

Extra Arcana: Flambuoyant Arcana.

Combined with -

Extra Arcana: Arcane Accuracy

Should give you another free attack during your full round action. Which you can get by triggering a attack on you. Just have to be careful about your action economy.

Swift action: Arcane Accuracy
Full Round Action: Declare Spell Combat
Start Casting spell *Without casting defensively* triggering a AoO.
Immediate Action: Declare using Flambuoyant Arcana "Parry & Riposte"
get a +8 on your Parry and Riposte attack rolls and your other attack rolls the rest of the round.

If you have concerns, have him break down the Magus's full action turn step by step. Showing the action used for what ability and the pluses and minuses the Magus has to take.

This usually catches any problems and is a handy tool to show what you're actually doing.

The nice thing about taking Swashbuckler is if you use Arcane Accuracy, combined with Parry & Riposte, you almost always get a free attack in on your target.

With the Swashbuckler dip (doing this almost requires grabbing the Extra Panache feat) you're using Panache which you should get back while crit fishing and death blows.

It's all about trade offs.

Grab the Katana as it gives you a D8 damage dice & access to Slashing Grace.

Swashbuckler dip can work but you will probably need to take the feat that gives you +2 panache. Doing this gives you 3 Panache points and you wouldn't even need to raise your CHA.

Between you're Crits and killing blows you shouldn't run out of Panache during your adventure day.

This does have the draw back of the Arcane Deeds that give you the modified Swashbuckler deeds. Going with the Arcane-Swashbuckler Deeds costs you your arcane pool points instead of Panache. Your Arcane pool points you have no way to refresh except 8 hours of rest while the panache you get a point back for every crit or killing blow.

If you do go with the Swashbuckler, you can wear Leather Armor made out of a exotic material and suffer a 0% casting penalty. This you can then enchant for defensive purposes or toss on other enchants. Spell Storing works extremely will here as a extra enchant.

The problem going with the level of Swashbuckler is you can't really get the Arcana that gives you the Swashbuckler Deed that adds you're level as precision damage and you're one level behind in your spell progression reducing the few spells you have to fewer.

You sure you only have a population of around 300?

With all those business and schools I think your closer in size to a small city of 1000+.

Some rough numbers -

Mine 5-50 people
Colleges (2) 10-100, each
Garrison 10-50
Temple 1-5
Government 5-20
Druid groove ?

Then all the infrastructure like farms and a inn to support all those places. They require lots of people too.

I suppose it is doable with a pop of 300, it's just the colleges that's giving me problems.

This is my opinion so take it as it is -

The Deliver-Slayer Archetype is more flavor then crunch. While it does have some nice abilities, you're giving up more then you're getting.

Examples -
Determined Zeal (Ex) < Iron Will is better
True Believer (Ex) - Only comes into play when you're at negative HP. Hopefully this will not happen often.
Divine Anathema (Ex) - extra 2D6 damage is always good. Bad, doesn't stack with Holy enchant.

You're giving up Slayer talents for these abilities and Slayer Talents are as good as feats. you have to decide if the new abilities are as strong or stronger then what you're giving up.


Assassination - There was a thread a bit ago talking about assassination ability. Pretty much was decided it was a trap by most people. Break down of that thread was -
(1) Have to meet serious requirements before use. While it might be doable, would not come up in most combat situations.
(2) Was using the Slayers INT modifier. INT isn't even in the top 3 stats a Slayer wants. So would rarely, if ever, get raised.
(3) It's a Fort Save. Most things you'd be fighting have a crazy high fort save.

Example: Your Assassinate DC (at 10th level) is 10 + 1/2 level (5) + 3 (INT mod) = DC 18

vs another 10th level slayers saves -
+7 (class save) +2 (CON modifier) +2 resists item = +11 Fort saves.
means need to roll a 7 or better to save.

not worth it in my opinion. Remember, This assassination attempt automatically fails if the target recognizes the slayer as an enemy.


As a Slayer Talent you can pick up some Ranger Style abilities. From what you're looking for I'd suggest going with the Weapon and Shield style. Have seen Shields with shield spikes out put some nasty damage.

My biggest complaint about low strength characters is that they can load themselves down and be total encumbered and still have a freakishly high AC.

I have seen this with a STR 7 character wearing full plate & dragging a tower shield around. Character couldn't move fast at all but none of the monsters could hit him without rolling a natural 20.

The Magus has a fair number of game mechanics that people get wrong (both players & DM).
If it's the first time you're playing the class, I suggest making a step by step table, breaking down the numbers and the name of the abilities you're using to show the DM. With the book name and page number you've pulled them from as reference.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Was hoping to following this thread through the day but work got a bit crazy.

I really wanted to go with something like a Eagle for the bird type motif. (The small bird type companions is what I've heard that is bad). I will take a look at the Roc and the Divine Hunter archetype Eagle Domain -> hawk familiar like Dafydd has suggested.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I'd think about dropping your STR score down to 8. While that -1 STR modifier will be slightly painful. Putting those two points into another stat is just more useful in the long run. I would NEVER drop a stat to 7. There's just too many things in the game that can stat drain you and one or two bad roles can put your character out of the gaming session till healed. Have seen this happen.

Here's something else to think about -

Do you want to take a level or two into another class?
There's lots of good choices out there if you do this that help shore up some of the weakness of the Swashbuckler (poor saves is the major weakness).
My opinion on this is that you should as I feel it gives you more then you loose.

If you do decide to multi-class, this can also effect how you will build your character.

I am looking at building a Tengu Hunter with some type of bird like companion for a pet.

Problem -
*Everything I've read on the forums seem to so Don't Do It.

*I'm wondering if it is possible to make a bird type companion (for my Tengu) and still be effective/useful.

*How would I go about it?

*Should I completely scrap my idea of a Tengu with a bird type companion?

Character & Companion would have to be PFS legal.

- Have never run a Companion before.


Nefreet wrote:
Just don't "acquire your new familiar" until your Caster Level is where you want it.

My 6th level Magus get's both the familiar and improved familiar feat when he reaches 7th level (has 1 level multi-class).

Does it cost gold to "acquire your new familiar" in PFS?
and can you skip the normal familiar step?


Thanks. That's what I thought and I figure it's cheaper then retraining.


I'm after a 7th level Improved Familiar. I can not get this familiar till my character is level 8 (due to multi-classing).

I just leveled up to 7th level (6th level magus) and can grab both a feat and a arcana. I was originally going to grab the arcana allowing a Familiar and a feat which I'd then retrain at 8th level to Improved

...but I got to thinking. Can I grab both the arcana allowing familiars and the Improved Familiar feat as a 6th level magus and then once I level up, pay the gold to then get myself that 7th level Improved Familiar?

I'm wondering what happens after the "Grab".

Armor of Spell Storing has the Spell: Frigid Touch stored in it. How do you work the Staggard Condition?

Spell Storing -
This armor allows a spellcaster to store a single touch spell of up to 3rd level in it. Anytime a creature hits the wearer with a melee attack or melee touch attack, the armor can cast the spell on that creature as a swift immediate action if the wearer desires.

Spell: Frigid Touch
Your melee touch attack deals 4d6 points of cold damage and causes the target to be staggered for 1 round. If the attack is a critical hit, the target is staggered for 1 minute instead.

Example -
You are fighting a Gibbering Mouther. This attack stat is what I'm interested in - Melee: 6 bites +7 (1d4 plus grab)

The First melee bite attack hits you. You trigger the Stored Spell: Frigid Touch, damaging the Gibbering Mouther for 4D6 cold damage and staggering it.

Now that the Gibbering Mouther is staggered, it is only limited to 1 action. Now the successful bite attack allows it to try to make a grab attack but after that grab attack, what happens?

Here's the differences between going with Human and H-Elf

Slayer Favored Class Bonus -
Human get 1/6 of Slayer Talents VS H-Elf 1/2 bonus to Bluff checks to feint & Diplomacy checks to gather info.

Takes the place of the standard +1 HP or +1 Skill point for favored class bonus.

Then you have all the standard racial bonuses H-Elf gets -
Low-Light vision, Elven Immunities, Keen Senses, etc


The Human Skilled (extra +1 skill rank every level)

this is more of a favor choice but in my opinion the Slay Favored Class bonus tips the balance (as it can count as a extra feat) into being better for Human. This is not true for a low level game as the Slayer Favored Class bonus does absolutely nothing for you till level 7.

GralphidB said wrote:

You can normally take a five foot step and spell combat, however: wrote:

you can't take a 5-foot step in the same round that you move any distance.

Makes me think this won't work with bladed dash in particular. The only argument that could be made is that you didn't move, the spell moved you. However, the way Bladed Dash is worded: wrote:

When you cast this spell, you immediately move up to 30 feet

Makes me think they can't be combined.

This is the problem we had with the spell. At moment, been ruling you can't the one time it's come up. Just wasn't sure and wanted opinions on the this rule.

You might want to go human. Spend that extra feat on exotic weapon but as a favored class bonus you get 1/6 slayer talent.

8 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can you take a 5 foot step with the Bladed Dash spell?

Thanks -
Forgot about the rules for being Tiny size.

What kind of feats do you have with that build?

Also I think that you need to be the one being attacked and that attack has to miss for you to step into the targets square.

I am working on a character for PFS and seeking some advice/guidelines -

Race: Halfling
Class: Mouser - Swashbuckler Archetype.
Region: He's a exile from Tian Xia

20 point buy
STR 8, DEX 16+2, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 14+2

Now some questions -

Has anyone played this Swashbuckler Archetype and what are their opinions of it?

Would it be worth taking 2 levels of Ninja with this Archetype?
I'd really like to (and probably will) as it fits the background that I'm working up for this character. I just have no idea at what levels to grab those 2 levels of Ninja at.

While I have some idea on what feats I want to take, any suggestions?

This character will start at either 2nd or 3rd level (GM credit).

Couple questions -

1) How common is the 'drug' the gangs use on their animals?
Tracking the 'drug' might be one way.

2) How will do the gangs get along with the street 'cops'?
Usually the people patrolling the streets "know" more about what's going on. They just aren't either 'allowed' to do anything about it or are 'paid' to look the other way.

3) Where are the gangs getting their money? Where is that money going?
Use the standard 'follow the money' rule. If possible, *interrupting* that money flow is a lot better then starting a 'street' gang war. Can also be profitable in your favor too.

4) Most 'crime' bosses have problems with making all that 'dirty' money into 'clean' money. Think Al Capone and him getting caught with tax fraud.

Pure Magus, for being more of a Wizardry type fighter is the way to go. Spell recall is super good.

Suggestion -

Pick up the Scribe Scroll & Craft: Wand feats (If crafting feats are allowed).

Put points into UMD skill and pick up a improved familiar (this will cost a Arcana & a Feat) that can use scrolls and wands. Have your familiar then use 'Buffing Spells' using UMD.

Before you start planning out your levels. I suggest you take a look at the Zen Archer, a monk archetype from the APG.

I have never played one but have seen them in action. They are very effective and can bring that archer plus thing you might be looking for.

Have you looked at the Warpriest in the ACG?

They can be pretty flexible between their spells, Blessings and Fervor.

Plus the Dwarf's -2 CHA doesn't bother this class at all.

Couple questions on the use of Armor of Spell Storing -

1) Description of the enchantment sounds like you have to be a spell caster and have the spell stored in the armor on your spell list.
Is this Correct?
Or can anyone use the spell stored in that armor?
Can it be UMD?

2) Description says that anytime, after you been hit with a melee attack, you can use a Swift Action to discharge the spell on the attacker.
Can you use Swift Actions when it's not your turn?
I thought you could only use Immediate Actions out of turn.

3) Description for Spell Storing says it must be a Touch Spell stored in Armor of Spell Storing enchantment. There is a Magus Arcana (Close Range) that turns Ray Touch spells into a Melee Touch Spell. If you use this Arcana with a Ray Spell, can you then store this spell in Armor of Spell Storing?

4) What about using other Magus's Arcana that change the nature of spells?

This will be for PFS so I'm expecting table variations on this but want to get some idea on what to expect since I can't seem to find firm answers in the books.

Have you talked over with your DM on what some of your Enchantment spells do?

A lot of them are open to interpretation on exactly how they work.

One example is Charm Person. Way too many people try to use it like the Dominate Person. When all it does is make the person you're best friend and a chance to influence him.

...I actually did this once when I thought the party was having a to easy time -
Fight - Bard cast Charm Person on a CEvil rogue.
CEvil Rogue failed save and was now charmed.
CEvil Rogue apologized to his new 'best' friend but he was just getting paid so much money to kill him. Said he'd buy flowers to put on his grave.

So CHECK with your DM on how those enchantment spells will work. As people interpret them differently and run them differently.
A good way to find ones that will give you problems is just do a forum search on the spell and the ones with lots of page counts are the ones that will give you trouble.

What book is the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier out of?

He may not have access to it if he doesn't have the materials.

You need some expendables -
Potion of Fly
Oil of Daylight
Potion of Gaseous Form

all 3 of these can be life savers or game braker used right.

What's the cost of a adamantine double weapon?

Example: 2-Bladed Sword

What if you wanted to make one blade Cold Iron and the other Adamantine?

If you're set on going with daggers, look at going with a small race.

This way, you can make all your masterwork daggers out of mithral with no extra cost.

Is there a Bard type that gives access to a familiar?

Another suggestion is the Magus archetype Eldritch Scion from the ACG.

I do think, from what you've said, a Oracle will work best for you. As they can be just about tailored towards what ever you want to do with them.

One thing Bard's are always (almost) very good at is with UMD checks. They have the CHA modifier, skill points, and its a class skill for them.

The Bard party will probably have some way to protect themselves vs Silence. They're just too dependent on vocal abilities to be shut down from a Silence spell.
(Not sure what or how they would protect against this.)

Trying to clarify here -

Leather armor has a +2 AC armor bonus and a +1 magic enhancement bonus giving you a +3 armor bonus in total.

Now the spell: mage armor is applied to the person wearing that +1 magic leather armor.

We know the mage armor AC +4 does not stack with the leather's AC +2. The confusion is, does the +1 magic enhancement on the leather armor stack with the mage armor, bringing the total, max/highest AC of this combo to AC +5?
Mage Armor +4
Enhancement +1 on leather.
Total, combined AC +5

I didn't think it did but now I'm confused and thinking it might be possible by RAW.


The start of this thread was about other magical effects on the armor (example: spell storing & fortification) working with mage armor. That answer looked like a yes.

Now I'm confused -

If I have a +1 Enhancement on normal armor and I get Mage Armor casted on me. Does that +1 Enhancement on the armor stack with Mage Armor?

I thought by RAW it does not. I have never seen it used that way and we have stacked mage armor with regular armor before when facing stuff using touch attacks.

Just double checking to make sure this is legal.

Have a Magus wearing magical leather armor, like +1 Spell Storing Leather.

The Magus also uses Mage Armor from a Wand.

Now let's say the Magus has a 7th level Intensify Shocking Grasp stored in his +1 Spell Storing Armor and is hit. Magus has the Mage Armor spell on him at this time.

Can the Magus use the +1 Spell Storing Leather Armor to trigger that 7th level Intensify Shocking Grasp on the attacker?

Everything I've read seems to say yes. As the only conflict with the Mage Armor spell is I do not get to stack the AC from the spell with the armor.
...but I want to make sure on this.

What about if the armor was +1 Spell Resistance (SR13). Would it work with Mage Armor?

If this is for PFS. I strongly suggest getting the Cantrip Wands:

Mending - You wont use it very often but when you do, you'll usually end up burning charges like crazy.

Guidance - That +1 to a Attack, Save, or Skill roll with a minute duration is super handy. I usually see the spell used to help skill checks (looking for traps and disarming them are the big ones.)

Forget the Mending. Forgot about the restriction of 1LB/level for fixing.

bigrig107 wrote:
Sorry, but wands default to wizard/sorcerer, then cleric, then the rest. In that order. Unless it's a ranger/paladin-only spell, then it's counted as on the wizard/sorcerer/cleric.

That's for PFS games. Home games can be different but are usually played the same way as PFS for simplistic sake. Why I put the qualifier in about if DM allow.

0 Mending
0 Guidance

1 Comp Languages
1 Expeditious Retreat
1 Feather Step
1 Forced Quite
1 Invigorate
1 Liberating Command
1 Undetectable alignment

Share Language (If your DM allows you to grab it as a Bard spell) Check with DM. There's a number of Ranger & Paladin 1st level spells that are actually higher level spells from their parent class.

If you're DM allows it, get a 3rd level Bard Scroll: Glibness. It's one of the most broken, out of combat, spells there is.

Is this doable -

1) Magus declares Spell Combat

2) Magus casts Shocking Grasp and attacks with Scimitar (using spell combat).

3) Magus hits and applies weapon and shocking grasp damage.

4) Magus then declares his Improved Familiar uses UMD to activate a Wand of Shocking Grasp.

5) Familiar uses the share spell/deliver Touch spell ability to give the Magus the ability to attack (using spell combat - again) with the scimitar to deliver both weapon damage and the wands shocking grasp damage.

Is this good, game mechanic wise?

This all depends on when the Familiar can activate the wand in the Magus Full Round Action of spell combat.

Need to clarify some things -

1) It sounds like you're playing a very social game. How much combat do you see in a play session?

2) How will built is you're character for diplomacy and other non-aggressive social stuff?

3) Is your real problem the lack of 'fighting' type encounters?

Can we get a brief example on how a average play session goes?

About 80% of the time, it either Normal Light or Darkness. GMs have to go out of their way to make something low-light and most just don't want to deal with that among all the other stuff they deal with.

About the only time I see low-light really come into play is at range.

Now, if you plan on taking a feat that bumps your low-light to dark vision, it might be worth taking. BUT the feat might be 3rd party or racial specific.
Sorry, can't remember the name of the feat.

One thing I haven't seen mention -
Swashbucklers get Panache back when they crit.

So Crit more often is the way to go for Swashbucklers

Eep! You're right. Have no idea what the heck I was thinking.

DesolateHarmony said wrote:

You don't have total cover from #1 and #3, just cover. Reach weapons use the rules for ranged attack, so you trace from one corner in #A and #B, and so there is no cover from the tower shield.

If you use the rules for ranged weapons, you can not tag all 4 corners of the square T would be in. As the Tower shield would be blocking the corner that's at the 2,3, & T point.

I'd give it partial cover (-2) for A & B but I'd also give a (-4) cover for squares #1 and #3. which seems to have some debate on if #1 & #3 suffer from the total cover penalty from the Tower Shield between #2 & #T.

At moment, I'm going take Nefreet's word that #1 & #3 can not attack #T, as he usually knows his stuff. Plus this was the way we ended up using the Tower Shield.

what about someone in the A & B positions?

A 1 2 3 B
C 4 T 5

Would you still have that total cover?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Need some clarification on the use of a Tower Shield of when it's been 'set'.

Shield, Tower: This massive wooden shield is nearly as tall as you are. In most situations, it provides the indicated shield bonus to your AC. As a standard action, however, you can use a tower shield to grant you total cover until the beginning of your next turn. When using a tower shield in this way, you must choose one edge of your space. That edge is treated as a solid wall for attacks targeting you only. You gain total cover for attacks that pass through this edge and no cover for attacks that do not pass through this edge.

1 2 3
4 T 5
6 7 8

Tower Shield user is the T and sets the Tower Shield between him and number 2.

While number 2 can not attack (total cover from the tower shield), what about 1 & 3?

If 1 & 3 can attack, do they have any cover penalties to their attack rolls?

Now, lets say the person using the Tower Shield was encumbered (from Tower Shield's weight) before 'setting' the Tower Shield. Does setting the Tower Shield un-encumbered that person?


Truth of the matter is that the health between a pure caster and a front line fighter usually does not have that much of a difference. The difference is in the AC. If you have a decent DEX and use AC buff spells, wands, or scrolls, you should be OK.
Just don't plan to go toe to toe and always try to leave a escape route open for the withdraw action. One other thing often overlooked is that your allies provide concealment for you, preventing OoA.


Is there anywhere in the rules (or forum - from a developer) that states this? Got into a bit of a argument about this topic.

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