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Matt2VK's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 963 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 21 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Taking a look at that now.

I am slightly scared at taking that big of a penalty to my 'to hit' number with a 3/4 BAB class. Even with the priests buffs.

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Warpriest, human, 20 point build, PFS legal

STR 20 (18+2), DEX 10, CON 12, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 7 (stat bumps will all go into strength)

Traits: Fate's Favored & Accelerated Drinker

Deity: Feronia

1) Blessings: Destruction & Liberation, Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword (class), Feat: Weapon of the Chosen, Feat-Human: Improved Weapon of the Chosen
2) Fervor
3) Feat: Greater Weapon of the Chosen, Bonus Feat: ? (Will re-train at level 4 to Weapon Specialization)
4) Channel Energy, Sacred Weapon +1
5) Fervor, Feat: Toughness
6) Bonus Feat: Vital Strike
7) Sacred Armor +1, Feat: Quicken Blessing (Destruction - Destructive Attacks)
8) Fervor, Sacred Weapon +2, Human Favored Class Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Focus
9) Bonus Feat: Devastating Strike, Feat: Power Attack
10) Blessings (major), Sacred Armor +2
11) Fervor, Feat: Furious Focus
12) Sacred Weapon +3, Bonus Feat: Improved Vital Strike

Levels 1 & 2 favored bonus goes into HP. Levels 3 through 8 favored bonus go into the human favored class - Bonus Feat. Reast of levels go into HP .

Basic Gear: Large Bastard Sword, Full Plate, Standard misc magic stuff, and Lots of Potions.

Tactics (simplified): Have potions (Enlarge and one other) in Spring loaded Wrist Sheaths. First round, swift action to get potion, move to drink Enlarge, standard to Vital Strike. Repeat 2nd round. Figure with Enlarge person + Vital Strike will be doing 6D8 weapon damage. Get Impact enchant on weapon that turns into 8D8 weapon damage.

Things I'm looking to tweak -

3rd level Bonus feat (re-train to Weapon Specialization at 4th)
9th level Power Attack
11th level Furious Focus

The 3rd level Bonus Feat I could be talked into re-training to some other combat type feat at a later level, thinking Lunge at 6th level as a example. Also thinking about changing Power Attack & Furious Focus feats as I'm strongly tempted to pick up some defensive feats to help with saves or AC.

I just feel that I won't get that much of a benefit from Weapon Specialization & Power Attack when I'll be making just 1 attack most combat rounds.

Opinions on exchanging them for -
Iron Will
Great Fortitude

Something else?

Will check this thread sometime late tomorrow for suggestions.

It is -
+2 to hit with dagger, Deific Obedience: Pharasma
+1 To damage with daggers, River Rat trait

Also using daggers, I like getting Reduced Person for my Unchained Rogue. Bonus to AC, bonus to hit, and the average damage actually goes up!

All things made of Mithral count as masterwork. You can add the +1 Enhancement later.

Thanks, what I thought.

You now also have me wondering what happens to those multiple missiles if targeting other people.

Want to make sure I understand how this Ring works correctly.

Ring of Forcefangs (found in APG pg292)
This band negates any force spell or force spell-like ability targeted at the wearer. Doing so gives the ring a number of charges equal to the spell level of the incoming force effect. The ring can hold a maximum of 9 charges.

If an incoming force attack would charge the ring beyond this limit, the ring does not negate the attack or gain charges, and the attack affects the wearer normally. On command, the wearer can use the ring’s charges to cast magic missile, unleashing one missile (1d4+1 force damage) per charge but no more than five missiles per round.

This is my understanding of how this Ring works, just not sure if I'm right.

If a 3rd level caster hits you with magic missiles you still only get 1 charge since its a first level spell.
You would still only get 1 charge if a 10th level caster hits you with magic missile.


Now say a 5th level cleric attacks the wearing with spiritual hammer (a 2nd level cleric spell). Wearing of this ring would get 2 charges and the Spiritual Hammer would go *POOF* and be gone.


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I'd be more scared of why the gm gave you all that money if it's out of character. :-D

Really need something to bump up your fort/will saves.

Think about picking up a wand of reduce person. Will help your AC, to hit, and your damage should actually be slightly better.
Maybe pick up a mithral & masterwork cold iron dagger for that DR.

Emerald Spire Level 4 and Level 5 reporting error -

I just tried correcting some Emerald Spires I've ran. When reporting the level 4 and 5 I ran on the same day, the level 4 Godhome glitches by seeming to put the tracking info into the level 5 Drowned Level. While keeping the fields filled out for Godhome. ie get already reported error for level 5 Drowned Level.

Can you change your +2 enchant on your armor to a +1 spell storing?

While this will drop your AC by one, there's a number of very good spells you can put in it. My favorite is Frigid Touch. Grab a couple scrolls and use those to recharge the spell storing if it looks like you'll face multiple encounters.

I'm thinking the easiest to run tanking class is the Swashbuckler/Mouser Archetype. All because of this Deed -

Underfoot Assault (Ex): At 1st level, if a foe whose size is larger than the mouser's is adjacent to her and misses her with a melee attack, the mouser can as an immediate action spend 1 panache point to move 5 feet into an area of the attacker's space. This movement does not count against the mouser's movement the next round, and it doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. While the mouser is within a foe's space, she is considered to occupy her square within that foe's space.

While the mouser is within her foe's space, the foe takes a –4 penalty on all attack rolls and combat maneuver checks not made against the mouser, and all of the mouser's allies that are adjacent to both the foe and the mouser are considered to be flanking the foe. The mouser is considered to be flanking the foe whose space she is within if she is adjacent to an ally who is also adjacent to the foe. The mouser can move within her foe's space and leave the foe's space unhindered and without provoking attacks of opportunity, but if the foe attempts to move to a position where the mouser is no longer in its space, the movement provokes an attack of opportunity from the mouser. This deed replaces opportune parry and riposte.

Class does has two major drawbacks -
(1) Crummy saves
(2) Pretty much need to be a small race.

Kind of frustrated now. Like the idea behind the class but the feat cost is going be kind of crazy.

Melee Feats don't really work with Gun (range) feats.

So I might just drop the idea of using guns (except as a backup-range weapon) and go with a standard barbarian type build.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

The problem with that was that it only showed upcoming games.

Since people don't organize games on paizo, you'd have to effectively double the work load of organizing the game on warhorn/facebook/email list, pre reporting it on paizo, and then reporting the game after it was played. Most people tended not to use it consistently, if at all, meaning that people could look and not find games that were actually there.

Still liked it better then what's up there now. Besides, to get a PFS tracking number for running a game you needed to set it up on paizo before hand.

Of course, I've seen a number of times where this setting up and reporting was done at the same time.

I miss the old, enter zip code and miles away, watch events in that area pop up on a map.

Was just going go with quick draw feat. Shoot, drop and draw another.

This is just a rough draft -

His 'clan' worked one of the spots from the "Rain of Stars".
This drew the attention of the Technic League.
The Technic League decided what this Dwarf Clan was 'poaching' their 'property' and due to a surprise attack destroyed the clan's home.
With no home and wanting revenge, started smuggling to the different barbarian tribes in Numeria and working for the PFS.

Rage Powers
Reckless Abandon - Will probably get
Beast Totem line - doesn't work too good when the build is around using a melee weapon and a gun.
Blood Lines - Think those are only for Bloodrager. Will need to check to see if usable with a normal type barbarain.
Clear Mind - Will get but depends on what other Rage powers I pick up.

Started a Dwarf Savage Technologist for PFS and having problems figuring out what Rage Powers to go with him.

Brief description of Savage Technologist -
TWF with a one-handed weapon & a gun in melee range. When Raging, Strength and Dex goes up.

Character Build - Dwarf
16 STR, 14 DEX, 16 CON, 10 INT, 14 WIS, 6 CHA

Plan is to fight with Dwarven Waraxe in main hand and Double-Barreled Pistol in Off Hand.

While I do have some idea for Feats, I'm having problems choosing which Rage Powers to grab. I will NOT go with the superstitious rage power line. Any other suggestions welcome.

PS. My original plan was to go 1 level Gunslinger (Gun Tank Archetype - some protection from Crits & SA), 5 levels of Savage Tech (Barbarian Archetype), and 5 levels of fighter.
Then got to talking about just going all levels in Savage Tech and picking up those Rage Powers but not sure which ones to grab with this type of build.

I've played a Wand Magus (Magus with the wand arcana) that uses the greater trip feat.

Use Wand of True Strike (spell combat feature) with a Trip (using greater trip feat) attack. That's +24 on your trip attack, +more if using a trip weapon. Will trip almost everything.

Have your wizard spells (limited compared to a true spell casting class but you have them) for buffing, damage, & control.

Plus if you want to get a bit more crazy, get yourself a familiar (Improved) that can use UMD. Hand that familiar a bunch of wands and let him buff with some spells.

This build does require getting access to wands and burns through those wands fast.

forgot about the Samurai as a option.

If you don't mind multi-classing, there are some classes/archetypes that will give you that proficiency. Three classes that I know off the top of my head - (1 & 2) Cleric/Warpriest that has a deity that uses a Bastard Sword as their main weapon. (3) Kensai/Magus Archetype.

You just have to decide if it's worth loosing what you gain.

The rogue trick: Minor & Major Magic are spell like abilities. Due to errata put out a while back, SLA do not work with Arcane Strike.
- I tried going that route and got called on it when I did my rebuild for PFS.

Power Attack & Rogues: there's been a number of people that have theory crafted power attack for rogues and they all come down to - DON'T. The 3/4 BAB, the penalty on To Hit with power attack, and the AC of targets gets harder and harder to hit as you level just doesn't make it power attack worthwhile.

Improved Feint: Have a love/hate relationship with it. Love it as it's usually pretty easy to pull off versus humanoid monsters. Hate it because of the big penalty it suffers versus non-humanoid monsters.

Can't really give you any advice on builds as there's so many different ways you can go. I will mention that I've seen spring attack builds work well with the scout archetype.

So what class are you going to recruit (build) now?


I am not registered, nor do I have the time to really do a thorough play test with it but here are my suggestions, from what I see.

1) Could use a break down for combat stats - bonuses to hit and how your AC is figured out. This allows GMs a quick glance to figure out your character got some of those crazy numbers.
Example: Class bonus, enhancement bonus, size bonus, luck bonus, moral bonus, etc etc break down.

2) Need a place for situational modifiers on combat tab. I have a character with 6 different situation modifiers I try and keep track of when in combat. This means I have these modifiers scribbled in on the side of a character sheet, trying to keep track of them.
Example - Maxwell Kaput (your dwarf warrior): You have nothing on the combat tab for when fighting giants or orcs/gobliniod.

3) Should also be a place for situational modifiers on skills.


Used to use both the paizo site and warhorn to find upcoming, nearby conventions. Liked the paizo site for conventions as it only dealt with pfs games, warhorn dealt usually dealt with everything happening (cluster%&$&).

As the paizo event page is now, it's almost impossible finding nearby pfs conventions, specifically the mini-conventions.


Is there some way to find events with in a certain radius of a zip code?

Really, really missing that feature in the new event board.

Thread resurrection!

Can you use acrobatics and tumble those 2 squares of movement, 10 feet?

How about a bad touch cleric. There's a pretty good guide posted here somewhere for that.


Been about forever (Before the SLA change) since I played the this Rogue, dusted him off for Unchained and left the Arcane Strike stuff in for the re-build.

Was wondering what the exact ruling was for it as some of those threads mentioned are confusing.


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I have a knifefighter rogue which used Feat: Arcane Strike with Minor Magic - grandfathered in before the SLA change.

Situation -

I converted this Knifefighter Rogue over to a Unchained Knifefighter Rogue when the Unchained and the Unchained PFS rules came out.

Problem: I kept the Minor Magic and the Feat: Arcane Strike in the free unchained rebuild but kept the Minor Magic and Arcane Strike in.

Is this still legal with the Grandfather in rules for SLA?

Don't you need 5 levels in the Unchained Rogue to get access to (1) Skill Unlock feat?

Think PFS is limiting Skill Unlocks to just the Rogue's Edge ability.

(Could be talking about different stuff)

Cap. Darling wrote:
but SLAs dont give aces to arcane strike any more do they?

Think Cap. Darling is right. Which means I've been using Arcane Strike wrong.


Matt2VK wrote:
Feat: Arcane Strike - Since your rogue levels now count as caster levels. This will give you a stackable magical enhancement on your weapons, giving you a bonus to hit (very important) and damage

Thanks for the catch, goofed about the +plus to hit, ment make weapon magical.

My unchained rogue isn't that high up in levels yet but I carry around masterwork daggers made of materials, adamantine, Mithral, Cold Iron, for when I need to go through DR. With Arcane Strike providing magic enhancement on them, I can get through just about all DR.

My opinion -

Bonded Item is better for the extra +1 Spell over the Familiar bonuses.

Familiar is better over the Bonded item...if you burn some feats. Namely you need to grab the Feat: Improved Familiar. A Improved Familiar just opens up way to many options available to the wizard. The biggest is allowing the wizard more actions.
I like running tiny familiars that can UMD wands and scrolls that Buff my wizard, while the Wizard provides cover and concealment to the familiar. This provides both the Familiar and the Wizard better defenses while not making the Familiar as big a target.
How you plan on using a Improved Familiar, in a home game, should be checked with your GM before investing the resources for it. Have seen a number of "home rules" for Familiars and Improved Familiars.


Wasn't sure it did, but if it did, would have been a workaround.

Any allies for the Wizard?

Don't care how powerful you are or what's prepped, if you're a solo boss you'll almost always fail due to "action economy". Needs at least one or two good body guards/

Think Black Tentacles have a major flaw in that Freedom of Movement (almost a must have in those high levels) make them almost worthless.

Not sure how (or if it will) well this will work, needs to be looked up -

One of the Arcanist Archetypes I believe can grant you a 'limited' access to a bloodline. This needs double checking and to see if it 'works' for you.

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gaseous form.

has so many uses and has been known to completely wreck GMs plans.

I'm a big fan of the Minor Magic trick. Lots of good 0 levels spells to choose from.

Then grab the Feat: Arcane Strike - Since your rogue levels now count as caster levels. This will give you a stackable magical enhancement on your weapons, giving you a bonus to hit (very important) and damage.

A Warpriest can pass as a healer. While you will want to pick battle spells, you can convert them to cure type spells. If you go with the Healing Blessing, those cure spells can be upgraded as if you used the Empowered feat.

My opinion -
Warpriest is a better healer then the Oracle (unless it's a life Oracle).

Kensai-Magus. Good saves (Fort and Will), good AC (get's both DEX & INT modifier), very fast initiative modifier, access to some very good spells - can purchase scrolls and wands), grab a easy to hide light weapon.

Wonder if you can make a ice dam with that spell.

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One item people keep missing -

The Queen is afraid it wont be a 'Lawful' trial. At least that's the reason she's giving.

Then there's also the question of "Why did the Prince send assassins after the Queen?" Since the Prince is not 'evil'.
Is the Prince a patsy for some 'power behind the throne'?

Since the Paladin 'knows' the Prince is not evil. Figuring out the reasons behind his 'evil' actions is a must. Who knows, there might be some evil mastermind pulling strings behind the scenes. Might even have started putting strings on the Queen, with her asking the Paladin to carry out a 'evil' act giving a 'reasonable' reason why it should happen.

If you level dip, looking for proficiencies, I'd look at the Slayer. This will give you your proficiencies and the Study Target ability. That +1 from Study Target can come in very handy.

Went brain dead there, Ryzoken is correct.

If you're set on it -

Some sneaky type class with trap spotting and dark vision.

If you're stealthy, play smart, and the dice roll with you. You can avoid a lot of the nasty stuff for the first 3 levels. Problem is, one bad dice roll can bring trouble (death) down on your head.

Quick question -

Thought Rogues had no training with shields. So to use a Buckler would require using a Feat for shield training.


Think this is one of those reasons you're always seeing Wizard Guilds spread out over multiple countries.

Those wizards know they're going to be a prime target for assassination if and when war breaks out. So they have a 'neutral clause' built into their charters. This is for two reasons (1) it helps keep those wizards alive (from those assassins) and (2) the wizards know how destructive their powers can be.

Thing is, a catapult is better at dealing structural damage then a Fireball.

Then there's all those Protection from Energy type spells, not to mention the archetype classes that are good at dis-spelling.

They're both weapons with their own pluses and negatives and it's usually wiser to have both if you can afford them.



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Is there a list somewhere for spells with the shadow description?

I've done some searching and can't find anything and hoping I won't have to go through every spell and make my own.

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