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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,204 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Actually, what it sounds like is that the Lich was playing for time. It has to know the truth will come out sooner or later due to all the witnesses.
So the question you need to figure out the answer to is, what does the Lich need that time for?

I am running a Dwarf Arsenal Chaplain archetype, Warpirest using a Dorn Dergar through the later parts of Giants right now.

Benefits -
High survivability with AC (Shield of Faith is usually better the Rings of Deflection people can get) and very good Saves.
Very Accurate with Divine Favor and all the other cleric buffs I can use. Arsenal Chaplain also grants the fighter training for more accuracy.
Access to cleric spells! Allows emergency healing and scroll use.

Negatives -
My damage output is usually 20-40 damage less per round then the other front line 'fighters'. This is due to not getting the extra attacks a full BAB class gets, as they usually have one more attack then me.

Overall, I see my job as being more of a stopper where I try and hold back one big nasty guy or a bunch of his enforcements for a couple of rounds while the party deals with the rest of the enemies.

If you're looking for something like a Dungeon Crawl, I suggest Emerald Spire.

This is a BIG dungeon with lots of floors. Each floor takes around 3-5 hours to clear and there is a 'loose' plot linking them together.

Roleplaying opportunities: The PDF gives some suggested "plot lines" for events around and leading into the Spire. These plot lines are more up to the GM and the Players if they want to be used. There's also couple of different floors in the dungeon with different factions allowing some role play in the dungeon...or the players can be pure murder hobos and kill everything :)

What's bad -
First 2 levels can be a pain to play due to limited vision effects. Might discourage people from playing.
Lack of role playing (This is a dungeon crawl)
Useable party loot. While the loot that drops fits what the party is fighting, most of it is not what I consider 'useable' party loot. There is a small town (more of a fort) on a major trading road nearby that the party can 'commission' traders to purchases magic items from.

I've found that if you request skill checks and then provide clues leading into the direction you want them to go works.

Something like "You spot smoke raising up above the jungle." "Found a trail leading into the jungle." Traps and possible guards blocking the way you want the party heading usually works wonders for getting them to head the correct way.

Do you plan on picking up a Ring of Evasion?

If so, might want to grab the feat that bumps your Reflex save by +2

Not sure where your skills are at but if you have a high stealth check, think about grabbing the feat: Hellcat Stealth. Allows you to make a stealth check at -10 while being observed.

Then use a Elixir of Hiding (+10 stealth for a hour) and you can try hiding in plain sight.

Don't you loose out of getting access to the Arcanist Exploits if you jump to Evangelist?

Asking as some of the level 10+ Arcanist Exploits are crazy good.

0 level spells (Cantrips)
Forget about Detect Magic. You do not have the INT or the skill points to have ranks in Spell Craft & Knowledge: Arcane...unless you get something like bardic knowledge.

1 level spells
Shield is just about a must. You're going to be in melee and will want that AC. Having it as a spell, in my opinion is better then a Wand. As a spell it has a longer duration and can spell combat it. As a Wand, it's a guessing game on when to use the charges before doors and then not having it up at the start of combat.

Color Spray works wonders for your second spell. You'll be able to trade it out for Shocking Grasp when it's use starts falling off.

The issue with Chill Touch is that it is not Burst damage. Which is where a Magus can excel at.

A Magus using the Arcane Mark with Spell Combat trick has the potential to do more damage then with Chill Touch while using a high crit weapon.

That was how I was reading it but wanted to make sure if that was how others also viewed it.

This is the paragraph in the monster rules about Whirlwind that I'm wondering about -

Creatures one or more size categories smaller than the whirlwind might take damage when caught in the whirlwind (generally damage equal to the monster's slam attack for a creature of its size) and may be lifted into the air. An affected creature must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + half monster’s HD + the monster’s Strength modifier) when it comes into contact with the whirlwind or take damage as if it were hit by the whirlwind creature's slam attack. It must also succeed on a second Reflex save or be picked up bodily and held suspended in the powerful winds, automatically taking the indicated damage each round. A creature that can fly is allowed a Reflex save each round to escape the whirlwind. The creature still takes damage but can leave if the save is successful.

According to this, it kind of looks like a Air Elemental can "suck" up the swarm and do damage to it. As the swarms size is smaller.

Can a Air Elemental use Whirlwind vs a Swarm?

What happens exactly?

At low levels -

When not in melee, cast Shocking Grasp, move, attack.

When in melee, Use Arcane Mark while casting defensively. If you succeed, Great. If you flub it, Oh Well, next round.

As you level up, you can start casting Shocking Grasp in melee with little worry.

Higher level spells, I usually pick mostly for Utility, Range, or AoE.

If you grab the Wand Arcana. Using Wands do not trigger AO.

Keen is always a good choice for a high threat weapon.

Lots of misc odds and ends in the magic area that is helpful if you want to list what you have, we can then make suggestions.

Couple rules you need to figure out if you allow.

1) what weapon type would this use?
Suggest only heavy crossbow. Light & Hand would not be powerful enough for the metal 'coil'.

2) Range and accuracy?
There's a metal coil attached to that bolt.
Shocking grasp gives a bonus to hit versus metal. Do you give that bonus to the fired "shock bolt"?

3) Casting Shocking Grasp, before or after firing the crossbow?
If before, what happens if the crossbow bolt misses?
Do you loose the Shocking Grasp?

4) Cost for the modified crossbow, shock bolts, & metal coil?
Are the shock bolts & metal coil recoverable on a miss?

5) Is damage modified any from normal crossbow bolts & shocking grasp?
Depending on how you balance this, maybe knock the damage die down one size.
What happens on crits?

These questions all need answers if you allow this to be legal in your game.

Is this a straight up CON check or can you buff the check with other abilities, like traits or class bonuses?

How set are you to having Ragathiel as your Deity?
If you worship Erastil (LongBow) you can pick up the trait: Deadeye Bowman (Inner Sea Gods) which allows you to shot through a single creature with a Longbow without that creature providing soft cover (+4 AC Bonus)

If you plan on using a weapon with a good damage die, Arsenal Chaplain in my opinion, is straight up better. As it gives you more accuracy with weapon training. Being able to hit is always better.
Giving up 2 Blessing for the War Blessing can be slightly painful. Thing is, the War Blessing is a good blessing and getting it as a swift action without spending a feat is pure goodness.
You do loss Channel Energy but as a Warpriest, you should not be using it as it cost too much.

Play a Dwarf. You're fighting giants. Smash them in the kneecaps.

I'd suggest not multi-classing as a Warpriest, because -
1) lack of skill points. Something you mentioned that you wanted more then 2 per level.
2) Warpriest are one of those classes that are just better without multi-classing. Multiclassing they just loose too much as almost all their abilities scale up with their levels.

For PFS, have you thought about going with the Savage Technologist (Barbarain Archetype)? Does face the problem of being a expensive gear wise build.

For Flavor, suggest maybe picking up the Tricks Steal. Allowing him to steal stuff in combat.

Feats Skill Focus Stealth and Hellcat Stealth. Gives him a chance to hide in combat.

This is a Goblin. You need fireworks and lots of them. They can provide distractions for your activities...if you're not distracted by the pretty fire flowers in the sky.

Wand of Mage Armor & Long Strider for the more serious, utility stuff.

**Rambling Thoughts**

I'm a fan of the Magus but with your limitations I'd suggest passing on it.
Reasoning why -
Magus's pretty much require access to Pearls of Power & with what you suggested you're looking for, Wands of True Strike.

Need at least 3 levels in Magus to pick up the Wand Arcane. Using the Wand of True Strike combo with the Wand Arcana, Spell Strike, & your Greater Trip makes lots of Vicious Stomp happiness.

Otherwise with out that wand, the amount of times you're able to do this is limited.

Another reason to use a Wand for your Spell Combat is the lack of requiring to make a Defensive casting check. As is, you'll probably be failing this check at least 25% of the time starting out if you have to cast a spell in combat.

Question: Would your GM allow the Arcane Mark from the Magus cheese?
Asked as some GMs on this board do not allow it.

Trying to find out how to figure out the Hit Points on Weapons made of Adamantine & Mithral.

Mainly for a -
Adamantine Bastard Sword
Mithral Rapier

While I can find their Hardness, no idea on how to factor their Hit Points.

Where do Rangers get their divine spells from?

Rangers Spells are of the divine type. Can this mean they get their spells from a Deity?

Question is more from a mechanic prospective as there's certain game mechanics (both good & bad) if the question can be answered as a yes.

Last minute add -

If going with the Weapon of the Chosen/Vital Strike Feat line, I like using Oversized Weapons with a decent crit range. Think rolling 2D20 to hit with and the extra damage dice size more then make up for the -2 to hit penalty when using oversized weapon.

might face the problem of access to oversized weapons depending on the game your gm is running. So check on that before making a decision.

Couple feats (most have already been mentioned) -

Toughness (You'll need the health)
Power Attack (A must when 2handing)
Furious Focus (Helps when Power Attacking for that first attack)
Improved Critical - 9th level bonus feat (for the improved crit range)

Opitional, strongly suggested
Weapon of the Chosen, Improved Weapon of the Chosen, and Greater Weapon of the Chosen (Helps getting through certain types of DR, a 'fake' blind fighting feat, and improved accuracy with a single attack)
Vital Strike - 6th level Bonus feat (Works great with weapon of the chosen feat line, Power attack, Furious Focus, and Vital Strike for just that extra damage. Tack on Improved Crit at 9th level and you have a great chance to deal serious damage with a Alpha Strike.)

That's 8 Feats there that'll take you to 9th level warpriest, if you go this way.

This topic came up in a PFS meeting and PFS is by RAW.

Question just came up because of the number of ways PFS players used RAW to avoid or reduce the Fatigued condition when using Furious Finish and Rage cycling.

So we started parsing the RAW of everything and this is some of the stuff we came up with.

What happens, by RAW, when you use Furious Finish?

Furious Finish
While raging, when you use the Vital Strike feat, you can choose not to roll your damage dice and instead deal damage equal to the maximum roll possible on those damage dice. If you do, your rage immediately ends, and you are fatigued (even if you would not normally be).

Rage (ending)
A barbarian can end her rage as a free action and is fatigued after rage for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the rage.

A fatigued character can neither run nor charge and takes a –2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. Doing anything that would normally cause fatigue causes the fatigued character to become exhausted. After 8 hours of complete rest, fatigued characters are no longer fatigued.

Question (going strictly by RAW) -
What happens after you use Furious Finish?

Here's what it looks to me to do
Furious Finish ends the Rage, from ending the Rage you become Fatigued.
Furious Finish also applies the Fatigued condition to you.

You now have two conditions of Fatigue. Do you become exhausted?
This is going by strict RAW.

How long does it take to recover from Furious Finish Fatigued condition?
By RAW it's looking like 8 hours, as Furious Finish has applied the Fatigued condition and not the Rage power.

If this is all correct for Furious Finish (by RAW) it completely destroys Vital Strike/Furious Finish builds

Have no idea yet how this works but if it does require two feats, that is already a pretty heavy catch with all the other TWF feat you'll want.

Need a RAW check for Shield of Darkness and if I understand this spell correctly -

Shield of Darkness (from Book of Shadows)
Description: You shield yourself with darkness, reducing the illumination level in your space to magical darkness and granting you total concealment. Your opponents are automatically aware of which squares you occupy, preventing you from attempting Stealth checks using this concealment unless every square adjacent to you has an illumination level of darkness or lower. Shield of darkness does not hinder your vision, and creatures that can see in magical darkness ignore this effect.

Question -
No matter what the light level is, if you cast this spell, you are covered in magical darkness?

From my reading of the RAW, this is correct. With the way the rules for light work, I'm not sure.

Question -
If someone casts Daylight (or any higher level light spell) as long as that spell isn't on you, do you stay in this magical darkness?

Again, my reading of the RAW, you'd stay in that magical darkness. Unless the light spell is directly casted on you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How min/MAX are the Players?

Having one or two players with OP characters can ruin the play for others.

Players also need to get together and figure out what classes they'll play and why they'd be in the same party.

What resources will be allowed.
Some class combos can be crazy powerful. Nothing is worse then having a single party member deal a one hit kill shot for a major event, over and over again.

General Info -
As a spymaster his spell selection should focus on information gathering (Divination & enchantments - charm spells) and escape/survival. What the party should be worried about is his bodyguards and traps.

Question: Is there a reason for the Spymaster to fight the party?
Normally, I'd have him spend 2-3 rounds 'buffing' his bodyguards and then Dim-Dooring away.

Tactics -
Need something to shut down that Witch, depending on the type of Witch can completely dominate any encounter with humanoids.

The spell Darkness and Darkvision can be a pain for the party. Fact is, depending on if they have darkvision or no way to dispel it, can shut down the effectiveness of a lot of the party.

Slow can be a extremely nasty spell for a Arcanist with them having the ability to bump the DC up by 2 with a arcanist point.

Is there a reason you want trip/Disarm?

I've only found those feats as being of limited use. As the CMD you need to target climbs faster then your skills (usually).

Here's something else you can try -
(this is something I'm working on)

Human Warpriest (Arsenal Chaplain Archetype) of Pharasma
STR 15, DEX 15, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 7
Racial bump to strength making it a 17 and bumping it every time 4 levels.

1) Class-Weapon Focus Daggers, Feat: Fey Foundling, Feat: TWF
3) Feat: Deific Obedience (bones in a spiral Death/life - +2 Sacred bonus with dagger to hit), Bonus Feat: Quickdraw
5) Fervor 2D6, Feat: Power Attack, Weapon Training: Daggers +1/+1
6) Favored Race Feat: Weapon Specialization - Daggers, Class Feat: Improved TWF
7) Feat: Double Slice
9) Bonus Feat: Improved Critical-Daggers, Feat: Toughness, Weapon Training: Daggers improves to +2/+2

*Feat: Quick Draw allows you to do fun things with a Quick Draw Shield, plus pulling out more daggers if needed.
*Don't need to invest into a magical shield as Magical Vestments will last most of the day for you. Same with Rings of Protection as Shield of Faith provides the same deflect bonus.
*Divine Favor provides a very good bonus to your attack & damage roll.
*You can grab some offensive spells for range attacks (Big fan of Burst of Radiance)

*Does face the problem of the build being MAD and require lots of support building up your stats.
*Need to pick something up to bump up your DEX by +2 by 6th level.

At 6th level, armed with two +1 daggers, Divine Favor with the Fate's Favor Trait, Strength of 20, power attacking, and improved TWF - this is what I should be attacking at -
+14 (main attack), +14 (TWF attack), +9 (Improved TWF)
+4 BAB +5 STR +1 Weapon Focus +1 Magic +1 Weapon Training +2 Pharasma Obedience +4 Divine Favor -2 improved TWF -2 Power Attack

Static Damage -
+18 (main hand damage), +13 (Off Hand damage)
+5 STR, +1 Magic, +4 Divine Favor, +2 Weapon Specialization, +1 River Rat Trait, +1 Weapon Training, +4 Power Attack, -3 STR offhand, -2 Power attack Off Hand

There's a bunch of different damage shields.

Couple different spells but an example is the Wizard: Fire Shield -
This spell wreathes you in flame and causes damage to each creature that attacks you in melee. The flames also protect you from either cold-based or fire-based attacks (your choice).

Any creature striking you with its body or a handheld weapon deals normal damage, but at the same time the attacker takes 1d6 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +15). This damage is either cold damage (if the shield protects against fire-based attacks) or fire damage (if the shield protects against cold-based attacks). If the attacker has spell resistance, it applies to this effect. Creatures wielding weapons with exceptional reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you.

There's also a couple monster abilities that deal damage when someone attacks and hits them in melee range.

Lots and lots of different type. All deal damage to whoever attacks and hits them in melee range.

Do Damage Shields effect the targeted CMD for Grapple checks?

I know if you hit with a attack when someone is trying to make a grapple check you get to add the damage you do to your CMD vs that grappler. Would the damage done by a damage shield also add to that CMD check?

Your biggest problem is the line in spell combat -

...while wielding a light or one handed weapon.

Course, if you can talk your GM into allowing something else...
Problem with talking the GM into something else is that a Magus is already a pretty powerful class.


...all I wanted was a place I could show it, in printed form, it was legal and counted towards your GM stars for re-running scenarios.

Clearest example I've found so far was about earning the 5th star.


Thanks all for the replies.

This was one of those things I was sure on till someone new to GM was under the impression it did not work that way. So I wanted to make sure this wasn't something I was assuming and there was a clear ruling one way or another that I could show them.

The -
you must have 150 sessions reported for your 5th star, and 50 of these must be different scenarios
- is clear enough for me



Just read through the guide and this is what I found -

The stars are visible on your Pathfinder Society ID card. You can earn
up to four stars for running a certain number of reported games, as follows...

it's the only thing I can find saying anything about getting credit for running the same scenario more then once.
Lots of things about burning GM stars to get re-play credit towards characters, but nothing (I can find) clearly stating you get credit towards your GM star for re-running the same scenarios.


OK, now we have different rulings on this.


Thanks, that's what I thought. Just had some folks that assumed it did not work that way and I wanted to double check before telling them that you still got star credit.

I've only multi-run a few scenarios. Plus, you run a couple ADP for pathfinder credit and you can earn stars fast.


Do you get GMing credit for running the same scenario multiple times?

I know you can only apply GM credit to 1 character but if you run the same scenario multiple times, do those extra times count towards your GM stars?

Did do a quick read through but couldn't find a answer in the guide.

Obscuring Mist: Used mainly as a sort of leveling field for -
Creatures that can do Greater Darkness at Will
Creatures that are hard hitting and have Reach
Invisible Creatures that use a lot of hit&run tactics
Creatures with Ranged Attacks that fly

These are not 1st level but can be very useful -

See Invis
Lesser Restoration


You sure on it only increasing by (1) if I complete (4) missions on the year 8?

As it does state it scales by the based number of goals completed. By reading that, I would then assume my (7) missions completed from year 7 would stack with the newly completed (4) missions from year 8.

The example giving, isn't that clear on this.


Question: I have a year 7 and a year 8 Silver Crusade Faction card. On the year 7 I have completed (7) faction missions. On the year 8 I've completed (2) faction missions.

I'm a little confused on how I figure out the 2nd tier reward for the Silver Crusade.

(4+ goals): Once per adventure, you can use the lay on hands class feature as though you were a paladin whose level equals the number of goals you have completed.

Both years have the same faction reward but confused if I only count it as (7) faction missions completed as I haven't meet the reward for year 8 yet, or as (9) faction missions completed as they stack.

I built myself a Strength based Magus with the Improved & Greater Trip feats. Picked up a Wand of True Strike and used with a the Wand Arcana he was able to trip almost everything (BAB + 20[true strike] + 4 [trip feats] + Weapon bonuses - 2 [spell combat]).

For defense, use shield, mirror image, and blur.

Gives you a hard to be attacked target while doing the same thing the monk is doing.

Another nasty trick was wearing Spell Storing Armor and having Frigid Touch stored in it. Get hit, Frigid Touch goes off and the attacker takes 4D6 Cold damage and is staggered. No more attacks that round.
Suggest you save this for when the Monk tries grappling or you need to run away.

Lots and lots of nasty things you can do with a magus. Worse comes to worse, Magus casts Gaseous Form and runs away.

Re-Training -
With the limited levels of Unchained Barbarian you have, I might want to re-train that to the Savage Technician Barbarian archetype. Savage Tech adds to your STR & DEX while raging.

Was going to suggest you re-train your Ninja levels to Unchained Rogue. With 4 levels in Unchained rogue you get a lot of good stuff. Problem with this is that it doesn't work too well with the Trident for a weapon.

Grab the Furious enchantment for your weapon.

Do Swashbuckler's special abilities work while you're raging?
Not sure on that and you might want some kind of proof if a GM asks.

Just some random thoughts -

Will saves: There is a Ioun Stone, that once socketed into a Wayfinder, gives a effect similar to Protection from Evil. Believe found in the *Chamber of Secrets* book.

You can also pick up a couple levels of fighter and with those extra feats grab Iron Will and Improved Iron Will.

Gear question - Quick Runner Shirt: I thought that was made illegal in PFS.

I do like your Swashbuckler idea, just not sure how it would work out. You do need some way to get DEX to damage.

Going the trip route -
Things are going to start getting very hard to trip. As they'll have a very good CMD. My opinion is it's just not worth it unless you can get some crazy trip numbers.

Just have one problem with them porting into jail -

How will the King know they're porting back to the palace with a Troll?

If this is a home game, I usually have places of importance (like palaces) warded to prevent teleportation. Prevents those assassins from porting in, killing, then porting out.

As changeable as she is, I would think maybe some type of Vigilante....

Just have no idea how to make that work.

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