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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,112 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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About Magical Lineage, that trait can work on any spell up to level 3.
Something I've been tempted to try is using Magical Lineage with Frigid Touch (2nd level Magus Spell) and add the Rime Spell metamagic feat to it.
Staggering a creature for one round and entangling it for two rounds can be painful.

GAH! Sorry just got up and caffeine hadn't kicked in yet. So I missed that part.

As it is, I'm thinking you're going to be too MAD. The Eldritch Scion does not make a good Magus archetype. They just loose too much for what they gain. It might be doable making a normal Magus/Swashbuckler Gestalt with a 25 point buy. It all depends on what you want this character to be and do.

think the real question is -

How many levels of each class are you planning on going?

I've tried dual classing before, with the Magus being the primary class. Ended up not liking it as I felt I was loosing more then gaining with the second class. As the magus get's most of his damage from his spells and loosing that level or two can hurt.

Then I built myself a mutt, a character with 3 different classes that had a couple levels of Magus and had fun with that one. As I was using the magus more for utility spells & spell combat.
Doing something like this doesn't require a very high INT. A INT of 12 to 14 is plenty to get you by.

One of the biggest things going for the Arcanist over the wizard/society is it's ability to up the spell DC by 1 or by 2 using a exploit.

This ability can bring back life to your low level spells and make your high level spells more deadly.

Thanks a lot for that suggestion. Going to try and build some thing like that.

Need some building advice for a Barbarian character type I'm working on. Couple requirements I've already got built in -

Race: Dual Talent Human (+2 STR, +2 CHA)
STR 16+2
DEX 12
CON 14
WIS 10
CHA 14+2

Rage Powers I must have - for character background
Spirit Totem, Lesser
Spirit Totem (Barbarian 6, Spirit Totem Lesser)
Spirit Totem, Greater (Barbarian 10, Spirit)

Now I was going to try making him into a Unchained Barbarian as I've never tried that class type before. Then got to thinking with that CHA bonus, why not make him into a Bloodrager?

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about building this Spirit Totem Barbarian type?

how about a bag or 2 of Caltrops. use them as a projectile or something you can spread out over the floor. ^_^


John Compton wrote:
At this time there are no Pathfinder Society legal pregenerated characters that use Pathfinder Unchained. If you're primarily interested in how the iconic characters look at 5th level using the unchained rules, take a look at Pathfinder Quest: Fane of Fangs.

Thanks. Had seen some pregens for the unchained but thinking about it now, those might have been pre-view characters for Unchained promotion or Fane of Fangs characters.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can someone post the link to the PFS Unchained Characters?

Have seen them before but I can not find the link. Any help appreciated.

Just wanted to toss up a feat that I think is pretty cool

From: Magic Tactics Toolbox

Ability Mastery (Item Mastery)
Preqs: UMD 3, Fort +4, Magic Item with Trransmut spell of 2nd level or higher
Benefit: +2 enhancement to a ability score for 24 hours

Ranking: Green (Good)

I'd rank it higher for as MAD as warpriests can get, it's a way to bump up some of the warpriests stats. Why I don't rank it higher is because of the lack of Warpriests skills. Although UMD is a very useful skill...

Was hoping something was added with all the new splat books.
I don't see where burning a feat for two more fervor would be overpowered. Monks, paladins, clerics, even magus have a feat that allows extra uses of a class ability.

Why I tossed up Color Spray is at that level all it does is a AoE stun for 1 round if they fail their save. Stun also causes them to drop anything they're holding.

If they are stunned and dropped something, just have her touch the item dropped and cast Node of Blasting on it. <Evil Grin>

If you want to go way over your budget, give her a Rod of Lesser Reach. 3 times a day she can alter the range of a 3rd level or lower spell up one range. Biggy is changing Touch Spells to Close Spells. Would also be a very nice reward that your players would use once they defeat her.

I'm trying to figure out a way to upgrade my number of Fervor uses per day. Is there any feat or items out (That's not 3rd party) the can be used to increase my daily use of Fervor?

Think a lot will depend on how you want her to act. From what I assumed in the first post, your bad gal is first introduced in the near the front of the dungeon with a couple minions.

"Fool's" she shouts, "You have come to meet your doom!"
"Minions, take care of them. Here's something to give you a challenge." as she finger wiggles and casts Silence on a minion. Then leaves the room.

Node of Blasting is something I'd use as a trap and a type of alarm for guards.

Magic Aura is a great spell if the party likes using Detect Magic and you want to slow the party down and to get them paranoid. Just drop it on a doorknob or two or a torch on a wall and watch the party go crazy. Or you use it to cover up magic traps.


Please ignore the above misspelled / wrong words. My "helpful" spell correcter is not helpful at all.

I'miss not sure on this but I'm assuming this Mesmerizist is evil. A simple protection from evil spell can make life very difficult.

Spells - couple after a quick look
3rd Displacement, Node of Blasting, Vampirism Touch

2nd Mirror Image, Silence

1st Color Spray, Expeditious Retreat, Fool's Gold, Magic Aura

These are just some suggestions that are 'outside' the typical Mesmerist spell list. What I tossed up there would help keep him alive and to set traps in convenient, painful places.

I'd also give him a potion of gaseous format just to make sure he has a very good chance to escape the first encounter.

If you're new to PFS play, I'd suggest taking a look at the slayer over the rogue for your 1st PFS character.

While Rogues are fun to play, they require either team work with your party or someone that really knows the tricks on how to get things done with a rogue. While a Slayer is more of a combat style rogue and is a simpler class to play.

If you do decide on rogue, the above examples are a good starting point for you.

There's been a lot of new stuff added for the fighter in the last couple of splat books. Not sure what's PFS legal but these stuff helps "round out" the fighter.

I'll debate with you on if Vital Strike is a good feat. There's a Feat (Furious Finish) that works with the rage power & vital strike feat, allows you to do max damage (but it ends your rage) with a melee attack. Move up to someone, Rage, Vital Strike, Furious Finish, do around 70+ damage, then fatigued for 2 rounds.
If you switch over to a high crit weapon like a Nodachi and crit while doing this, most things get one shotted.

Picked up Magic Tactics Toolbox.

While it doesn't really have any metamagic feats I'm interested in. It does carry a number of feats that look like they'd be fun to play with. Specifically, the feats that use the UMD skill.

Low magic fantasy games can be a pain to play in. The biggest issue you'll face is the down time for injured players. If you have some type of game mechanic to fix the down time issue, it can go a bit smoother.

The other issue is there's so much nice "magic" in pathfinder and a lot of it is built into the game mechanics. You're players are going to want some type of access to this magic sooner or later. Even if they say they want to play in a low magic game.
You can get around this by the points you've already brought up. Magic is distrusted and heavily regulated.

If you want a out line of the official chase rules, you can do a Web search using -
Chase scene pathfinder

Should show you some Web pages talking about it

There's a subsystem for chase scenes. I believe it's in the game masters guide. What I posted is a simplified version of it and is kind of how it's handled in PFS.

Chase scenes can be fun and really show off skill based characters. They do have one real problem, they seriously can penalize low skill base or certain build types of characters.
Aid others can really come in hand on these checks but doing slow can slow the party down

Couple questions -

1) How long is this encounter supposed to last in real time?
Most combat encounters only last 2 - 4 rounds. Your talking about delaying them for at least 6 rounds.

2) Where is this taking place at - City, Farmstead, Cave system, etc?

Comment - Hellknights are usually members of the law or have some type of law backing them. What is going on is probably legal, at least by the law the Hellknight is following. Factor that in and it can put a twist to the encounter. Possible things to add that can mess up the party -
* Conscript guards. These are people that got drafted into helping the hellknight. They're more scared of him and what he represents then what they're doing. Party may not want to kill these conscripts.
* Reinforcements. If this takes place in a city and the Hellknight is a member of the law, he can raise a alarm and reinforcements can be on the way.

Possible ways to run the encounter -
Fight, plan on it taking 2-4 rounds.
Modified Chase scene. If you're not sure how those work, you have a number of different tasks the party needs to accomplish with assigned DCs before they can move on. Some examples for what you've described -

Buildings on fire. All the doors and windows are barred/boarded shut and you need to break in. Strength Check to pull the boards off DC 15 / Disable Device to pop them off DC 18

Mad dash through the burning rooms. Acrobatics to avoid the flames DC 18 / Fort save to ignore the flames DC 15

Ceiling has caved in leaving a pile of burning debris in the way. Bullrush your way through those debris with a CMB DC 18 / DC 15 Cimb over the debris.

Free the Prisoners DC ??

Then get the prisoners out DC ??

Don't be afraid to allow the players to use their own abilities in new and novel ways. As long as they make sense for the situation.

Raise (or lower) the DCs for the number of rounds it takes to free and get the prisoners out. After so many rounds start having the prisoners making Fort saves vs smoke. With the DC raising each round. 1st failed save: Prisoners starts coughing and hacking. 2nd failed: Unconscious. 3rd fail - dead

Don't be afraid to adjust the loot that drops (or give access) to fit the party a bit better.

Giving them access to wands, scrolls, and potions can make the encounters recoverable with less downtime.

That's what I was thinking, was also hoping I was wrong.

Was hoping there might have been something else out there, maybe in one of the new splat books.

Was messing around with a low level warpriest and got to thinking -

Is there any good metamagic feats for a Warpriest?

There's a lot of good, 1st level buffing spells I like for warpriest and I was trying to decide if there was any metamagic feats that would be worth bumping those 1st levels spells to 2nd level?

At moment, I can't think, or find, any feats of this type that I'd like to take but I feel there should be some. So anyone know of them?

Looking to apply the metamagic feat to self-buffing spells, probably just 1st level spells.
Only one I can think of at this time is Extend for spell duration.

If you're looking for something basic and core -

Cleric with lots of channels. Then pick up the quick channel feat at 5th level. Allows you to channel as a move action.

If you want to assist/buff party, grab the Domain: Luck with the 'Bit of Luck' power.

Building the cleric, suggest you go with a -
14-16 Wisdom (don't really need higher unless you plan on casting offensive type spells.)
16 CHA for your channeling.

Second: Don't go with the Bastard Sword. Paladins are hurting on feats & skill ranks.

Couple questions -

How do you view multi-classing?
Paladins just do not get skill points. You can multiclass a couple levels without really hurting yourself and grab those skill points in a couple different classes.

If you want a mount, you should go with a small class - medium mount, and go with a lance. Lances can be nasty when charging. If you go multi-classing and grab 4 levels of Rogue/Scout, you pick up a lot of skill points and 2D6 SA when charging & double damage with the weapon.
If you don't want to loose that many levels of paladin, a couple levels in Hunter would also work.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Grappling is broken. It's not too bad with monsters but for a player character specced for grappling it can be insane (Seen a Grappling specced character in that level range with a +42 grapple check). Think I read some where that Grappling is on the list of things Piazo wants to take a look at and maybe do a complete re-write of the grappling rules.

There's a number of different ways to help out vs Grappled condition (for the players). The cheapest are the spells Grease & Liberating Command, both first level spells.

Doesn't Myrmidarch allow Spell Combat to work with Ranged Weapon Attacks?

I'm just not sure Rapid Reload will work with Spell Combat as Spell Combat is a full round action and requires one hand to be free for that full round.

I'd be interested in your build if you can get it to work.

This depends a lot on your party but if you have someone using a 2-handed weapon with a big crit multiplier, I'd think about picking up the Feat: Butterfly Sting.

The Feat: Butterfly Sting allows you to pass your crit to the next person to make a melee attack on the target you critted against.

With you're CHA, if it's a high magic game, think about picking up the UMD. There's a number of good, utility spells that are personal, which UMD will allow you to use if on wands or scrolls.

If your party is being Rule-Lawyer snits. Be sure the person detecting magic is standing out front. Party members that are in the cone the person is casting detect magic will almost always have magical items and screw up the first step of the spell.

Casting spells is not Stealthy. Allow you're monsters a chance to detect and prep a ambush. More time the party spends, the better prep you can give you're monsters.

Don't know anything about Gunslingers but will the Rapid Reload work with Spell Combat?

If possible, I'd go over your character mechanics with your PFS GM to make sure you're both on the same page.

Spells -
You're a range character, while having a decent defense is good, no real reason to buff it with "in Combat" spells. Save those spell slots for pure offensive spells. (You shouldn't need mirror image)

Spell, 1st level Cleric (found in Inner Sea Gods pg 244)

Unwelcome Halo
This spell causes the target to glow as if surrounded by a halo of light. This halo sheds normal light in a 20-foot radius from the creature, and increases the light level by one step for an additional 20 feet. This halo makes it impossible for the creature to gain concealment in nonmagical darkness, and in dim or darker conditions, the creature’s glow can be seen even if it is not within direct line of sight.

If unwelcome halo is brought into an area of magical darkness (or vice versa), the effects of both spells are temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist within the overlapping fields of effect.

What I'm interested in is bolded.

Here's how I want to use this spell -

Nasty creature hits party with magical darkness. I then cast Unwelcome Halo on a party member.

If I understand this spell correctly, that magical Darkness, no matter what spell level it is, will go *I'm Temporarily Negated!* overwritten and the party will then be in ambient light.

I'm also assuming that the light condition will stay at the ambient light till either the Magical Darkness is over-written by a higher light spell or the duration of the Magical Darkness or Unwelcome Halo spell expire.

Is this tactic legal by RAW (for PFS)?

Here's a point to think about for DEX Defenses -

With your high point buy (30 points), you're going to be maxing out the Max DEX bonus to armor. Most armor maxes out at +6 to +8 DEX modifier, even with exotic materials.

I'm figuring you'd probably have a +6 DEX modifier by level 4, without any magical enhancements.
So if you do go the DEX way, plan out what you'll be doing for Armor.

I like low level games (under level 10) which might be why I'm heavily in favor of the Strength Magus as I feel they're just better in that level range.

It's really a choice in play styles.

I prefer the Strength over Dexterity. Quick look at why -

STR is usually has less feat requirements as DEX builds need DEX to hit/DEX to damage feats.
STR checks seem to come up more often in Pathfinder. While DEX skills do come up fairly often, they can be gotten around by putting a rank or two of skill points in those skills.
STR helps out more for the different types of CMB checks.
Better Melee Touch Attacks
Can Carry more.

While DEX builds usually have -
Higher defenses
Better Reflex Saves
Higher Initiative
Less MAD character builds, can dump Strength.
Better Ranged Touch attacks.

I suggests you do a quick layout of both types of build to level 10 with 2-3 Mythic Tiers in that build (Mythic builds are broken) and figure out which build you like and fits your character concept best.

In home games you really should run everything by your GM first on character creation. Some of the stuff out there is crazy, and stacked with certain builds, super powerful and legal.

If you're building a character and want to grab/meld different archetypes for Roleplaying/Story purposes and it's OK with the GM, go for it. Just be sure this doesn't wreck the game for the other players or the GM.
There's nothing worse then making a character that is twice as powerful as the rest of the party. Getting a encounter that challenges this character can completely wipe the rest of the party.
There's actually threads in this forum on this situation happening and GM asking for advice on what to do. Usually no good answer as what ever the GM ends up doing will tick off someone.

Some fun stuff you might want to try out -

This link takes you to a bunch of modules, of which some are free downloads.

Grab the Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins.

This is a module where your table gets to run around and play goblins. The more crazy and insane you're players are, the more crazy and insane fun everyone can have.

Just be sure you tell everyone that this is a one shot and that Goblins aren't really a legal pathfinder character race...unless you, as GM decide it's legal :)

Agree, no Pets or Summons.

If you're only going to have 5 to 6 of them at the table per gaming session, it won't be too bad. You'll have to figure out a reason why those people can keep jumping in and out of the story.

Have them make out little cards with all their calculations already done. Nothing slows the game down more then some one trying to add up 4 to 5 different numbers.

You need something to stick out in the middle of the table where everyone can see that you can write Player Group Buffs on. Tell the Players they are responsible for those buffs and try to add those buffs after their turn is over, tough. Rolling the game back a person or 3 is a royal pain.

Going around the table in order goes a lot faster then trying to figure out where people are in initiative order. Also allows people to know when their turn is coming up and they should be prepped for it.
If you do want to play with Initiative, I've found folding a 3x5 card in 1/2 and having everyone write their names on both sides in big letters. Then set these named tents up in order where everyone can see them works best. It's easy to move those name tents around for people that delay or ready actions. Maybe have them pre-roll a bunch of initiatives and have those name tents set up ahead of time.

Suggest your first run or two with everyone be a simple dungeon crawl. Social events can be a lot of fun but take a lot of prep work on the GM part and will almost always leave someone out and bored.

Stay away from stuff that can nerf players characters due to bad dice rolls. How you figure if it's bad or not, is if it's something that can completely freeze the player out of a encounter if his dice are cold and can't make the DC roll. A good example of this is the Cause Fear spell. It is not that fun to spend 1D4 round running away and then you need to spend those same 1D4 rounds running back.

All of those abilities but channel energy are touch. A Ranged Stabilize has saved a number of lives.

But I do agree with it being that it's not really worth the least not till it saves some ones life. Problem is, I think there's just a whole lot more better traits out there.

How would you go about casting a spell in secret?

Normally casting a spell is a big and flashy affair. I know there are some class features that do allow you to conceal spell casting but how would you go about casting a spell secretly if you don't have those features?

Biggest example is Charm Person in a crowded room.

*Know this has come up before but the search function didn't really help me.

Magical Talent allows you to use one 0 level spell as a SLA once a day.
Not very impressive but for Stabilize it's probably all you need. Not sure I'd waste a talent for it.

That's the only other one I could find in a quick search and have to get back to work.

RaizielDragon wrote:
What trait gives a cantrip? Stabilize might not be bad as a trait.

You would have to ask that. Now I have to look it up :)

Two-World Magic was what I was thinking of but that wont work for you.

There should be others and making a quick look for them now but hopefully someone else knows and can post it.

Sarenrae might be a good choice for a deity, or you can take a look on the Archives of Nethys web site for a quick overview of pathfinder deities.

If you want to spend a trait to stabilize someone. There are traits that allow cantrip uses. Pick up the Clerics Stabilize orison which can be used at range.

I'd switch your DEX and INT stats around. A Kensai is more of a fighter then a caster. You want that DEX to be as high as possible for your to hit and to damage. A 16 INT is about all a Magus really needs.

If going UMD, suggests you grab the familiar arcana and then the Improved Familiar feat. Pick yourself up a familiar that can use wands. Can help you a lot with action economy.

Curious, have you looked at the Swashbuckler class yet?

From what it sounds like you want, the Swashbuckler might work a bit better.

Suggestions -

I'd probably skip Reactionary, unless you're planning on picking up Improved Initiative or have a high dex modifier to help with your initiative roll. That extra +2 on initiative rolls, by itself, won't help that much and with Full Plate, you're AC and Flat-Footed AC will both be about the same.

Dangerously Curious: +1 to UMD & UMD becomes a class skill.
There's a number of utility 1st level spells that are useful, (Longstrider & Leadblades can become your favorites). You do face two main issues for taking this trait -
1) Lack of skill points
2) Access to these wands in the world you're playing in. (If you're GM will allow access to buying wands (or even scrolls but those UMD are a lot higher) I'd seriously think about this.

I like the Slayer idea better, while using a Sword, Two-Bladed.

Quick Build -
Human, STR 16+2(18), DEX 16, Con 14, INT 9, WIS 10, CHA 7
1 Exotic Weapon: Sword Two-Bladed,
2 Slayer Talent-Ranger Training: TWF
3 Double Slice
4 Slayer Talent-Rogue: Weapon Training (Sword, 2-Bladed Weapon Focus), STR +1
5 Iron Will
6 Slayer Talent-Ranger Training: Improved TWF
7 Hammer the Gap
8 Slayer Talent-Rogue Powerful Sneak, STR +1
9 Improved Critical
10 Slayer Talent-Ranger Training: 2-Weapon Rend

2-Bladed Sword, while it costs a exotic weapon feat does allow you to make a 2-handed attack for when you just get your standard attack action in. Plus it has a decent damage die and crit range.

While you do loose out on some feats from not going pure fighter. You do make up for it by having more skill ranks, studied target, and sneak attack damage.

If you want a more stat balanced character -
STR 16+2(18), DEX 14, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10
at 4th level bump DEX up to 15. Exchange the Feats Iron Will & Double Slice places.
8th & 12 level put your stat bumps into STR.

Enlarge Person has a long cast time. At your level, if you have access to them, Potions of Enlarge person work better.

Expeditious Retreat - don't see on the list. Has it's uses.

Grease - My spell pick. Just for it's multiple uses and is very helpful for those monsters that like to grapple.

I really like feather fall but it's hard to use a spell slot for some thing that only comes up rarely.

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