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Matt2VK's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,150 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Random thoughts

Bars are usually in a civilized town/city. This usually means -
1) Use of weapons in city limits lands you in trouble with the law.
2) Use of magic against others in city limits land you in trouble with the law.
3) Bars are usually patrolled by the city watch or have their own 'enforcers'.

Usually as soon as a weapon get's pulled (or spell casted), I'd figure 1D4+6 rounds for the city guards to show up. +/- a couple rounds depending on the location of the bar.
Weapons also usually mean people getting the heck out of the bar as fast as possible and finger pointing once the city guards show up.

Some bars might not even let people in wearing / carrying armor and weapons. As those might be seen as trouble magnets.

Location and cliental of the bar can play a big part of what happens in a bar fight.

Parties reputation can have a big effect on the aftermath of a Bar Fight.

Most high level character shouldn't get into that many bar fights. If they do, those same characters should easily win it in a round or two but then have to deal with the aftermath.
Low and mid tier bar fights just run as normal without using weapons or magic. If weapons or magic get's used, drop the law down on them. Judges really like fining adventures ^_^.
Only thing to worry about is if the party has a monk, brawler, or someone else skilled in unarmed combat.
If you want to be mean, mix in a level 1 or 2 commoner as they can be one-shotted, dead. Lots of trouble for the party then.

I've been seeing a fair number of Kineticist popping up recently, each with a different type of build. No idea how to play one but Kineticist seem to be pretty flexible on how they play. Those playing them seem to be happy with the class.

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I'don't take a strong look at Clustered Shot. At your level you should start encountering more creatures with DR. Clustered Shot helps you to punch through that DR.


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Here's a completely different suggestion -

Have a GM race boon sheet added to the GM Resources page.

How it would work -
On the sheet would be a number of different races, each race would have a number of boxes. Those boxes could then be checked off for each ran scenario that was not applied to a character. Once that race has all those boxes checked off, that race could be applied to one character.

Reasoning behind this -
(1) Cuts down on all the low level GM babies that most dedicated GM seem to have.
(2) A nice reward for GMs to get but is something they have to work towards. Also allows those GM some goodies that can't make the major Cons for one reason or another.
(3) Different races are fun!

What type of character are you looking for? As is, it's looking like you want another martial/melee character with you suggesting a possible Armor Master Ftr 5/Hellknight 6 build.

Have you tried a Swashbuckler build yet?
They are another melee martial build that can have a very different play style.

Toughness is just about a must. Take a look at the shield feat line (easiest way I found is look at the ranger weapon & shield style).

*Cheese* might have been to strong a word. Crafting magical items, while done in a reasonable manor, is not *cheese*. It's when players start trying to OP it that it becomes *cheese*. Usually, sooner or later, someone sits at the table and then demands "Why can't I build that?" Was easier to just say no at the start then having to deal with it.

Which is a completely different topic then this thread.

Sorry about the high jacking of it.

While you are all figuring out your pricing for the +Shield AC bonus, you've forgotten to include the price for being immune to Magic Missiles.

This also sounds like a Hand Slot item.

Question -
What would be the skill check DC for this?
As a 5th level Arcanist I'm thinking for something this hard there is a decent chance for failure.

...Have never messed with magic creation effects as it's always been seen as *Cheese*.

Reason for Shield Other - I'm the main healer. Plus it's cheaper and easier self healing with Fey Foundling.

Party was kind of in the spot of needing both a tank and healer. Originally I planned on going with the Oracle/Paladin build but having party members of "questionable" alignment nixed that idea. So I jumped to the next best thing - warpriest.

At the moment, this is for a Warpriest @ level 7. I have [sort of] a open feat slot and was trying to figure out a way to get more health. As my character has Fey Foundling and I like using the 2nd level spell Shield Other.

Came very close to death once due to both my Shield Other and my character failing a Reflex save vs a fireball at the same time. Just want a bit more of a health cushion for the future.

Is there a Amulet of False Life in PFS?
Thinking there is but not finding it. Have only found homebrew and D&D items for it.

Using a Amulet of Natural Armor at moment and while I might trade it out for more health, not sure that's the item for it.

PS. Not Human and don't meet the INT requirements for fast learning.

Looking for a Feat/Item to get more health. Already have Toughness. Feat/Item can not be race specific. I'm hoping there's something out there I've missed while looking.

I'm hoping that there's another Feat besides Toughness or some magical item that's not +CON (already have the +CON bonus) that would increase my health.

Agree with the No. Reasoning -

More work for you as the GM. You have to "balance" stuff around his character. There's been a number of threads on this forum about trying to balance a encounter to be challenging to a OP character without wiping the rest of the party.

Is it fair to the other players? Even if the other players do agree to it now, would they agree to it as they level up?

Might want to ask for a leveling progressing sheet on how your players see their character (feats, powers, & classes) as they level up. Main reason for this is that I've seen some seriously overpowered combos on characters that can wreck the enjoyment for everyone but the player playing them. Gives you a chance to decide if you want to allow these combos and the player a chance to explain why he should have these combos.

How set are you to being a Arcanist?

I was going to build one till I spotted the Exploit Wizard. this Wizard archetype gives you access to Arcane Points like the Arcanist and the Arcanists exploits every 4 levels.

You do have to give up your favor schools and the Arcane Bond/Familiar that a normal wizard gets.

So at 11th level you'd have -
8 Arcane points in your arcane reservoir.
3 Arcanist Exploits

While having all the basic normal 11th level wizard stuff.

Mummies Mask, Half Dead City is pretty much a Dungeon Crawl that is very tough and challenging. I would never try running this for people new to pfs or a non-optimized party. Just too many fights that have the potential for nasty things to happen.

Since you mentioned this was a OP party, Half Dead City should challenge them and you wouldn't need to hold back on some of the nastiness that might happen.

At 6th level I'd drop Lunge in place of the Feat: Weapon Specialization. As those bonus feats can meet the Fighter requirements.

Gives you a extra +2 damage and starts you on that feat chain.

Otherwise looks good.

Tarondor wrote:
Matt2VK wrote:
Not sure I'd spend the 3 feats for Weapon of the Chosen if I'm using a Long Spear. Don't consider the feat investment vs what it boosts for using a spear as a good pay off. Think there's a number of pole arm feats that would work better.
Is that because the longspear doesn't have an expanded crit range?

That's one of the reasons. The other is I think (don't know) there's a number of Pole-Arm Feats that are chain feats. Someone with a better idea of Pole Arm Feats and how they work need to answer that.

It's all a matter on if you have the feats available to grab the Weapon of the Chosen feat line. 3 feats are a pretty hefty investment if you have a better use for them elsewhere. It all depends on what you're planning on doing with your Warpriest.

PS. If this is a "Home Game", I'd be seriously tempted to try and ask your GM to allow there to be a Feat that gives you 2 extra Fervor. Buffing and healing yourself as a swift action more times can be crazy good.

PSS. Getting gear for your character - Warpriests don't really need a Ring of Protection. They have a LOT of spells that buff their AC deflection and these spells usually are higher deflection buffs then you can get rings for. Same could also be said for Cloak of Resistances. If you plan on using those spells, you can save your gold for other items/purchases.

Channeling for Warpriest - Bad idea, it's just too costly. If you grab Toughness and have a decent CON, (and maybe grab the Fey foundling Feat at 1st level), use the 2nd level spell Shield Other and use that Fervor to Swift Action heal yourself with a Cure Spell instead.

The Warpriests Weapon and Armor class ability buffs are at best, in my opinion, situational use only. They're another Swift action to use and have a very limited number of uses. So loosing them for something else doesn't really hurt.

Not sure I'd spend the 3 feats for Weapon of the Chosen if I'm using a Long Spear. Don't consider the feat investment vs what it boosts for using a spear as a good pay off. Think there's a number of pole arm feats that would work better.

Have no idea what those feats are as I've never built a pole arm build but have seen them in use a time or two.

Weapon of the Chosen is a great feat line. Not all of them require a Swift Action to use. They do require you to use your deities favored weapon for that feat line.

Only problem with the Weapon of the Chosen is it's a bit feat intensive at 3 feats. But it does give you a 'fake' blind fighting feat, a aligned weapon, and 'roll two D20s and take the high' for attack rolls. Which means if you're using a high crit range weapon you can be critting a lot.

Couple questions for you as there's a number of different replies -

1) How much Min/Max do you want your character?

2) Weapons - Is long spear set in stone? You don't actually have to use your deities favored weapon.

3) Assuming you're using a 20 point buy for character creature. True or not?

4) Is this a home game and anything not allowed?

I have become a big fan of the Arsenal Chaplain, Warpriest Archetype.

Couple items I think very strongly about -
A) Ranks in UMD. Love this skill but with the skill ranks for Warpriests and CHA being a dump skill I have a tough time deciding on putting ranks in it or not. If I go with it, I grab the heaviest armor I can and try to use wands of Longstrider and Featherstep.

B) Human is usually the preferred race for Warpriest. Two reasons why, (1) Preferred class bonus. Instead of making a choice between health or a skill rank when you level you can instead grab 1/6 of the class bonus feat. Spending 6 levels to grab the class bonus feat of Toughness is crazy good. (2) That extra skill rank. Warpriests are skill rank starved.

C) Perception is not a class skill and you need to decide if you want to invest in it or not. If you're wearing heavy armor your AC and Flat footed AC will both be about the same. If you don't mind not making all those spot checks and being surprised I'd skip investing in it. I would grab the Feat: Combat Reflexes if you have a reach weapon as this would still allow you to take AOs while you're flat footed (surprise rounds and before your first combat action).

PS. Someone else will have to help you out farther as it's late here and just browsing the forums before calling it a night.

Usually you want to try and stay away from having a lot of creatures on the battlefield. As if they all take separate actions this can slow the game way down.
If you want these creatures on the field for one reason or another, I usually just have them move around and auto-assist one or two 'main' creatures. This saves time from avoiding all the rolls and are usually one hit/one kill from the party.
Doing something like this can simplify your task. (1) There's less paperwork on your end. You only need to keep track of 1 or 2 creatures. All the others are just assist machines to them. (2) Can slow the party down and keep them away from your squishy bad guys. (3) Allows these minions to have a chance to actually do something to the party without having to roll a "20". (4) Allows certain feats and spells your players might have to really shine [like Cleave].

Speed bumps I call them.


I've had that same issue come up before. Usually all it took was to wait a couple of days and then I was able to report it. No idea why, just assumed it was a server-side load issue.

...or it could have been a brain f*rt issue and I was making some simple mistake.
...Nah, it was a server issue.

:) :) :)


I'miss curious how this change would work mult-classing. I have noticed theres a number of different items that seem balanced but when combined with a number of different classes is completely broken.

While I'd like to see more options opened for the unchained monk, I fear the abuse of this feat tree in other builds.

Thanks. Thought for sure I read through that a couple of times looking for it.

Can Warpriest convert their memorized spells for the day to Cure (or Harm) spells?

Can you tell me where, if they can, it is printed in the books?

I know that on the D20 website it says they still can but I can't find anywhere in the books that allow the warpriest to expend any prepared spell that isn't an orison to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower.

1st level Spells -
Suggest you drop Expeditious Retreat and go with Feather Steps. Duration on Feather Steps is a lot better and it's effect can be very useful.

Saving Finale should be on your list of spells to get. While it will only effect you, re-rolling a failed save can be a life-saver.

Armor -
Be sure you check the MAX Dex modifier allowed on your armor and where you plan to have your DEX end up at. I've seen a couple builds where there DEX modifier was higher then the Armor allowed.

Rage Powers - Guarded Life might be enough to keep you from death.

Thanks for all the advice. I'll tweak the build some more but it'll be a couple of hours.

Planning on using a wand of mage armor and using the arcanist exploit to d-door away from trouble when needed.

Very rarely am I allowed to pre-buff and spending action for casting Shield, Mirror Image, or any other type of defensive spell just seems like a bad idea.

Forgot to subtract the -2 from my wisdom.

Have Quick study at 8th level. Was going grab at 4th but wanted the arcanist move action D-Door.

Debated between Ray of Enfeeblement and Touch of Gracelessness. Decided Gracelessness was better due to lowering the targets AC / Reflex and on the slim chance it fails, might fall prone.

I'll give those guides a look.

I'mean hoping to be behind some big beefy fighters and if not, use the arcane exploit to D-door away.

Building myself a level 6 Exploit Wizard (APG archetype). I have very little experience building and running a pure caster and have come here for help/advice.

This is what I have so far - and my plans out to 10th level.
Exploit Wizard (APG), Wayang
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 21
WIS 12

Skills (42) Knowledge: Arcana 6(14), Knowledge: Dungeon 6(14), Knowledge: Engineering 1(9), Knowledge: Local 2(10), Knowledge: Nature 3(11), Knowledge: Planes 6(14), Knowledge: Religion 6(14), Spellcraft 6(14)
Languages (5) Common, Draconic, Wayang, ?, ?, ?

HP 38

BAB +3
Fort +2(+3), Reflex +2(+5), Will +5(+5)

Spells per Day (Memorized) -
0/4: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Open/Close
1/5 Burning Hands, Magic Missile x2, Touch of Gracelessness, Wave Shield
2/4 Frigid Touch x2, Burst of Radiance, Striken Heart
3/3 Force Punch, Haste, Slow

Spells Known
(1/10) Burning Hands (Evo), Color spray (ill), Comp Lang (Div), Disguise Self (ill), Endure Elements (Abj), Grease (Conj), Magic Missile (Evo), Touch of Gracelessness (Tran, APG), Vanish (ill), Wave Shield (Abjur, ACG)
(2/4) Burst of Radiance (Evo, Champ), Frigid Touch (Evo, UM), Investigative Mind (ench, ACG), Stricken Heart (Nec, ACG)
(3/4) Force Punch (Evo, UM) Haste, Slow (tran), Vampiric Touch

Arcane Reservoir: 3+1/2 level points
1) Arcane Exploit: Potent Magic (Increase CL or save DC by 2), Spell Focus: Trans, Feat: Weapon Finesse
2) -
3) Feat: Spell Focus Evocation
4) Arcane Exploit: Dim door self 10' per level for 5' of movement, Bump INT +1
5) Meta Magic: Persistent Spell, Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Transmutation
6) -
7) Feat: Improved Initiative
8) Arcane Exploit: Quick Study, Bump INT +1
9) Feat: Toughness
10) Meta Magic: Dazing Spell

Character has access to a magical item that allows him to make touch attacks out to 15'. Allowing me to make use of some of the very nice touch spells that Wizards have and I want try and make use of.

Easiest way to solve the issue is to ask the players how they plan to overthrow Cheliex. Then work the story from there.

I can see lots of interesting possibilities with this type of story, depending on the plans of the party. Party just needs to remember no plan survives contact with the enemy.

It's not impossible. Just very, very difficult to do. With lots of hidden problems.

Running in and trying to smash the government is just about impossible. A more socal, gathering allies, might work...over a long time. Which most parties just don't want to invest the time and effort into. They want to smash stuff. ;)

Cheliex does have its enemies, just that those enemies follow the "devil you know" vs complete chaos rule.

I'miss a firm believer in actions have consequences. Way, way too many players think they can do stuff and not face those consequences.

If the players want to act like thugs (destroying government buildings and attacking government employees), treat them like thugs. They'llc be playing into House Thull's hands. Allowing House Thull to 'preach' fear and pass stricter laws.
If the party wants to join a group seeking to help people in Cheliex, example: Bellflower Network, run a different story.

Just for grins, have some Demon puppet master send them on missions to 'destroy' the Cheliex government while also end up dragging their names through mud.

Going have to go back and re-work my idea.

My original plan was to take a bunch of extra Rage powers and then rage cycle those powers while casting spells. Since that isn't going to work now, not sure what I'll end up doing. Might scrap this idea completely and try something else.

shadowkras wrote:

Im not that expert on skalds. Why do you need to drop your song?

I get that the ally must drop it so he can cast his spells, but he would gain the benefits again on the next turn automatically according to the text on Raging Song, unless he chooses again to drop it on each turn.

This is my first serious look at the Skald, as seen by the mistakes I've made in the build. I was trying to rage power cycle but what I was trying to do wasn't legal.

Grigorii wrote:
Matt2VK wrote:

Question: I'll be having my Spirit Totems up and on everyone effected by my Rage Song. When do those spirits attack happen?

On my turn or on the party members turn?
I'm assuming you can move up to someone and have the spirits attack them. Kind of as if the spirits are using you as a mount.

I run that Spirit Totem attacks happen at any point during the ally's turn.

Just remember that you can't share rage powers you get from Extra Rage. You probably don't need Elemental Rage if you are going to focus on casting (FAQ).

Have you looked at Skald's Vigor and Greater Skald's Vigor?

Did not know that about the Extra Rage Feat and the Rage Power.

I did look at the Skald's Vigor & Greater Skald's Vigor. As I'm planning on staying out of melee, Skald's Vigor would do little for me. I'd just be taking it as a stepping stone for Greater Skald's Vigor and I'm not sure it's worth it.

I'm trying to munchkin and abuse the rules as far as I can for a Human, PFS legal, Skald. Here's what I have and at the bottom, how I think things work. Any suggestion on how to improve the munchkining of the character would be appreciated.

Plan is, at 7th level -
Move action start my Rage Song (everyone get's benifits of Rage Song)
Standard Action, cast a spell

Parties turn -
Casters drop song as free action, then take their normal actions.
Melee damage dealers use the Rage Songs effects and the Rage powers

My turn comes around again -
Drop song as free action
Move action start my Rage Song (everyone get's benifits of Rage Song) again - Rage cycling (Could not find anything on being fatigued.)
Standard Action, cast a Spell


Question: I'll be having my Spirit Totems up and on everyone effected by my Rage Song. When do those spirits attack happen?
On my turn or on the party members turn?
I'm assuming you can move up to someone and have the spirits attack them. Kind of as if the spirits are using you as a mount.

Here's the Build I have so far - any advice on improving it?
(I know my strength is bad, at first draft I had it higher but then figured out I wasn't planning on doing much melee so it got nerfed)
Starting at 6th level
Skald, Human

DEX 10
CON 15
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 18+2

Traits: Undecided, Unnatural Presence (Faith): Can Intimidate animals and vermin,
HP 51
saves - Fort: 5+1(+1 song), Ref: 2+0, Will: 5-2(+1 Song)
+4 vs all sonic or language-dependent effects

BAB: +4

1) Bardic Knowledge, Cantrips, Inspire Rage +1 (+2 STR/+4CON), Raging Song (1+CHA+[levelx2]+Extra Performance), (PFS) Extra Performance (6 extra rounds), Feat: Raging Vitality, Feat: Improved Initiative
3) Feat: Extra Rage Power - Guarded Life, Rage Power - Spirit Totem, Lesser, Song of the march (allows long distance travel without fatigue)
4) Uncanny Dodge
5) Spell Kenning (Once per day by expending a Skald spell slot of same level, cast any spell on Bard, Cleric, or Wizard spell list - 1 round casting time.), Feat: Spell Focus-Enchantment
6) Song of Strength (adds 1/2 level to STR check or STR skill check) Rage Power - Spirit Totem
7) Lore Master (able to take 10 on knowledge checks, once per day can take 20), Feat: Extra Rage - Elemental Rage, Lesser
8) Improved Uncanny Dodge
9) DR/1, Rage Power - Unexpected Strike (Core), Feat: Extra Rage - Elemental Rage
11) Feat: Extra Rage - Spirit Totem, Greater
12) Rage Power - Come and Get Me

Spells Known (0/6) Dancing Lights, Detect magic, Mage hand, Open/Close, Read magic, Summon Instrument
(1/4) Cord of Shards, Grease, Hideous Laughter, Vanish
(2/4) Blistering Invective (UC-language dependent), Cacophous Call (ACG), Pugwampi's Grace (ISMpg59), Summon Swarm
Can cast (1/6, 2/5) @ sixth level

30 skill ranks @ 6th level (CHA skills have a +2 CHA item)
All Knowledge Checks 1/2 Skald level
Bluff 1(10), Knowledge: Arcana 1(9), Knowledge: Dungeon 1(9), Knowledge: Nature 1(9), Knowledge: Planes 9(9), Knowledge: Religion 1(9), Linguistics 4(7), Perform: Drums (Handle Animals/Intimidate) 6(15), Perform: Oratory 6(15), Spell Craft 6(9), UMD 6(15)

Languages (4): Suggestions? Going have a lot of language dependent spells.

Something a bit different -
Go with a negative channel cleric with the alternate channel feature & quick channel feat.
This allows you, as a move action, to negative energy channel a bad status effect with a high DC saving throw. There's a number of different types of bad status you can choose from, but I think the worse is the ones that apply nauseating condition. This saves you your standard action for anything else.
Only bad thing about doing this is its a bit feat intensive and burns through your channels fast.

About Magical Lineage, that trait can work on any spell up to level 3.
Something I've been tempted to try is using Magical Lineage with Frigid Touch (2nd level Magus Spell) and add the Rime Spell metamagic feat to it.
Staggering a creature for one round and entangling it for two rounds can be painful.

GAH! Sorry just got up and caffeine hadn't kicked in yet. So I missed that part.

As it is, I'm thinking you're going to be too MAD. The Eldritch Scion does not make a good Magus archetype. They just loose too much for what they gain. It might be doable making a normal Magus/Swashbuckler Gestalt with a 25 point buy. It all depends on what you want this character to be and do.

think the real question is -

How many levels of each class are you planning on going?

I've tried dual classing before, with the Magus being the primary class. Ended up not liking it as I felt I was loosing more then gaining with the second class. As the magus get's most of his damage from his spells and loosing that level or two can hurt.

Then I built myself a mutt, a character with 3 different classes that had a couple levels of Magus and had fun with that one. As I was using the magus more for utility spells & spell combat.
Doing something like this doesn't require a very high INT. A INT of 12 to 14 is plenty to get you by.

One of the biggest things going for the Arcanist over the wizard/society is it's ability to up the spell DC by 1 or by 2 using a exploit.

This ability can bring back life to your low level spells and make your high level spells more deadly.

Thanks a lot for that suggestion. Going to try and build some thing like that.

Need some building advice for a Barbarian character type I'm working on. Couple requirements I've already got built in -

Race: Dual Talent Human (+2 STR, +2 CHA)
STR 16+2
DEX 12
CON 14
WIS 10
CHA 14+2

Rage Powers I must have - for character background
Spirit Totem, Lesser
Spirit Totem (Barbarian 6, Spirit Totem Lesser)
Spirit Totem, Greater (Barbarian 10, Spirit)

Now I was going to try making him into a Unchained Barbarian as I've never tried that class type before. Then got to thinking with that CHA bonus, why not make him into a Bloodrager?

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about building this Spirit Totem Barbarian type?

how about a bag or 2 of Caltrops. use them as a projectile or something you can spread out over the floor. ^_^


John Compton wrote:
At this time there are no Pathfinder Society legal pregenerated characters that use Pathfinder Unchained. If you're primarily interested in how the iconic characters look at 5th level using the unchained rules, take a look at Pathfinder Quest: Fane of Fangs.

Thanks. Had seen some pregens for the unchained but thinking about it now, those might have been pre-view characters for Unchained promotion or Fane of Fangs characters.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can someone post the link to the PFS Unchained Characters?

Have seen them before but I can not find the link. Any help appreciated.

Just wanted to toss up a feat that I think is pretty cool

From: Magic Tactics Toolbox

Ability Mastery (Item Mastery)
Preqs: UMD 3, Fort +4, Magic Item with Trransmut spell of 2nd level or higher
Benefit: +2 enhancement to a ability score for 24 hours

Ranking: Green (Good)

I'd rank it higher for as MAD as warpriests can get, it's a way to bump up some of the warpriests stats. Why I don't rank it higher is because of the lack of Warpriests skills. Although UMD is a very useful skill...

Was hoping something was added with all the new splat books.
I don't see where burning a feat for two more fervor would be overpowered. Monks, paladins, clerics, even magus have a feat that allows extra uses of a class ability.

Why I tossed up Color Spray is at that level all it does is a AoE stun for 1 round if they fail their save. Stun also causes them to drop anything they're holding.

If they are stunned and dropped something, just have her touch the item dropped and cast Node of Blasting on it. <Evil Grin>

If you want to go way over your budget, give her a Rod of Lesser Reach. 3 times a day she can alter the range of a 3rd level or lower spell up one range. Biggy is changing Touch Spells to Close Spells. Would also be a very nice reward that your players would use once they defeat her.

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