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Red Dragon

Matrix Dragon's page

1,289 posts. Alias of Matrixryu.


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Caleb D'natin wrote:
Would a half kitusne be ppossible?

I don't see why not. It happened in at least one Japanese legend, and in Pathfinder terms shapeshifting makes it possible.

Azten wrote:
Somehow I doubt possession wouldn't be enchantment. Foxfire would like be evocation based, and life drain necromancy. Maybe like the Dhampir ability(feat?).

I believe that the new possession spells from Occult Adventures are actually necromancy like magic jar. Kitsune are just currently no better at using those spells than anyone else ;)

I'm really looking forward to finally getting some real information on the kitsune from this book. Right now all we know is that they kind of exist and have an odd connection to both the spirits and humans. There are so many unanswered questions.

We know nothing about where they came from, why they can only turn very specifically into humans and nothing else, why Daikitsu is so different from her race, or how kitsune even find one another when so many of them are pretending to be human. Plus, the subject of half-kitsune has never been addressed even though they almost certainly exist. Kitsune are shapeshifters after all: in Tian Xia half-kitsune they should probably be more common than half-elves and half-orcs, lol.

I just hope that Alex finds some way to balance our need for information with the need for more character options. I'm still holding my breath for some of the non-enchantment kitsune themed powers from various legends such as foxfire, life drain, and possession ;)

Azten wrote:

Apparently Wyvaran is supposed to cover that, sadly. I mentioned earlier in this thread how much I'd enjoy a draconic Dragon Race(not humanoid in shape), and got a reply that such a race was very unlikely to happen in a player companion. Might get something akin to Skinwalkers though.

Now that I think about it, a Dragon variant for Skinwalker could be very, very cool!

As cool as Draconic Skinwalkers would be, this would require the existence of actual weredragons. Some of my favorite books have been those with "weredragons", but they don't really fit very well with the current definition of Lycanthrope in Pathfinder. Dragon's aren't animals, so weredragons shouldn't exist.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
And, of course, Golarion isn't like the campaigns Dragon Magic was designed for.

Yea, unfortunately the lack of dragons in Golarion that makes me wonder if I should just switch to 5e or find a 3rd party setting to use. For me, dragons are the best part of fantasy. This player's companion should hold me over for a while though :)

I am a little worried about how many races are in this book and the space issues. However, I am glad to see that these races are getting attention! I'll definitely be picking this one up. :)

Charlie Bell wrote:
I'm amused that objective morality would shatter anyone's verisimilitude in a game with literal gods and demons.

This so much.

Anyway, I think that objective morality, when properly thought out, can be both a 'good' and reasonable thing that adds a lot of depth to a setting. Just because some things are labeled "good" and others are labeled "evil" doesn't mean everything has to be black and white.

I'm extremely pleased by the large number of shapeshifting options in this book. I am going to have to see what I can figure out with the shapeshifting alchemist though, because he gives up *a lot* for those abilities.

I purchased this book mostly for the sections on Apsu and Dahak, and I was certainly not disappointed. I'm glad that we finally know what their main motivations and interests on Golarion are, and I love the Paladin/Antipaladin codes.

I have to say, I think an adventure path about the arrival of the final battle between Apsu and Dahak would be great. The players could swing the battle in favor of either god by actively seeking out and destroying important dragons and followers of either side.

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Honestly, all a high level wizard really would need to do is start Planar Binding outsiders with DR/magic (protection vs guns) and greater teleport. Then he can show them live TV of various world leaders and have them teleport in and kill them. Then just use easily available pictures of other important government centers (from the internet of course) to give information for further teleports for cleanup. The wizard could eliminate most of the governments in the world without anyone being able to figure out where the attacks are coming from or who is doing it.

Once chaos has taken over, then he can start building an army. Gathering loyal followers should be easy for for someone who can summon or create important resources when the world has fallen into chaos. Plus, no one would have weapons that could challenge his bound outsiders who DR/magic. He could slowly take over and place simulacrum of himself as governers to handle logistics. It would take a while, but who is going to stop him since he has already eliminated all the governments.

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The real problem that the wizard would run into is that costs aren't measured in gold anymore so he would have a heck of a time figuring out how to craft things and what size diamond he needs for his Wish spells ;)

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In my opinion, the Hellknights are basically the incarnation of the saying "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Well, certain definitions of it at least.

Terminalmancer wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Gamerskum wrote:
So any chance that Celestial healing's 1 round/ 2 levels was a typo?
I totally get that Celestial Healing should be worse than Infernal Healing, but it's so much worse that it's basically a waste of text as written...

Yea, it is basically on the list of spells that will almost never be used. If you're high enough level to actually get good healing out of Celestial Healing, you may as well just summon an outsider who can cast Heal on you to get some real celestial healing!

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I have a little bit of trouble taking the Red Raven seriously since my kitsune enchanter hit him with a dominate person in a certain PFS scenario, muahahaha...

MendedWall12 wrote:

Ranger nocks arrow and draws bow: Freeze Gnomey-Mcgnomepants! You so mutch as twitch a hand on those reins and I'll drop this arrow in your eyesocket.

It would be my assumption as the player of this character that I could in fact ready the action to release that arrow if the gnome so much as twitches a muscle on the reins.

Now, is the initiative rolled right there? If so, what if the ranger botches the roll? Clearly the gnome isn't going to be surprised, so there's no surprise round....

Now you see, my question as a player here would be "That guy just spent a move action to draw his weapon. That's his surprise round.I get to roll initiative to see if I get to act before he readies his action, right?

I know some players who will be very happy to hear that there is a lawful evil antipaladin archetype now. LE stuff doesn't necessarily automatically go on my banned list, lol.

Looking forward to seeing the final Vigilante. I'm mostly looking forward to the spellcasting archetypes, so I'm hoping that they don't give up almost *everything* for their spellcasting like that new fighter archetype does.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Dragon Oracle is good, but I'd also enjoy a 'draconic' Oracle curse. Maybe one that provides an increasing natural armor bonus at the price of worsened use of social skills or the like?
Or a compulsion to hoard material wealth rather than spending it. :]

This is an excellent idea for an draconic oracle curse. Maybe the character should feel compelled to always make sure he always has an amount of gold at least equal to the value of what he's wearing :)

Another possibility would be some sort of 'hording' drawback trait, so that this would be available to all players and not just oracles.

My issue with The Child of Acavna and Amazen is that it is about as good as a bloodrager who never enters a rage. Seriously.

I may houserule that the archetype gets to keep Weapon Training to keep it up to par.

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I love charisma based classes and I should have been one the the Overwhelming Soul's biggest fans. However... the changes to the class are so mathematically painful that I can't bring myself to build one.

Let me put it this way: a standard kineticist who simply gives himself enough burn at the start of each day to have hit points equivalent to that of an Overwhelming Soul will be both more accurate and deal more damage per hit than the Overwhelming Soul. This is because the static bonuses that the Overwhelming Soul gets are significantly weaker than what the standard kineticist gets with just a few points of burn, not to mention that it is more MAD.

Being good with diplomacy and such is nice, but I don't think it should cost such a big chunk of your combat and utility abilities.

The one thing that was annoying about 3.5 prestige classes was that they made you have to plan out your entire character, from level 1 to level 20, if you wanted to qualify for more than just one of them.

I'm just going to repost this here since it was in an inappropriate thread before:

Personally, I feel like it is very likely that Mengkare could be being influenced or controlled by the Aboleth. Some of the stuff he's doing is *very* similar to the Aboleth's influence upon the Azlanti. Plus, his dislike of the gods Aboleth-like as well.

The plus side of him being Aboleth controlled is that it sidesteps most of the alignment drama ;)

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I really hope that this book has some sort of options for characters who get infected with lycanthropy and try to suppress and control it to use it as a weapon. Something that also keeps the character's power level in line with the other players, like a prestige class.

It is kind of annoying that currently the only real options with lycanthropy are to either cure the character or create a new character. Anything else often leads to alignment drama or party imbalance.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I new it, Mengkare is a Veiled Master;)

I've been kind of suspecting either this or that he's being controlled by a Veiled Master since his experiments seem a little too similar to what the Abolith did with the Azlanti. Having that odd dislike of the gods seems very Abolith-like as well.

Having the Abolith involved also nicely sidesteps some of the alignment drama, lol.

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Oh please let there be a dragon type eidolon for the unchained summoner... :D

Those of you who are writing this player's companion sure have your work cut out for you, because it is going to be hard to meet all these expectations with a mere 32 pages, lol. Considering how good the last few player's companions have been though, I am looking forward to this one :)

Shisumo wrote:
Child of AnA is the "arcane paladin" people have asked for off and on since before Pathfinder even came out.

Right, the thing that bothers me is how weak it is compared to any other full bab caster. If you took away a paladin's ability to smite evil it *might* still be better than the Child of AnA.

QuidEst wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:

Soo, I love this book, but I have to ask this: Is there any real point to running a fighter with the "Child of Acavna and Amazen" archetype? At first I was excited because it gives the fighter some bloodrager-like spellcasting ability. However, he gives up *all weapon training* and five feats for it! Six feats if you count the one lost for extra skills at level 1. WHAT?

I can see losing some feats to gain minor spellcasting, but losing weapon training as well is just silly. Why would you ever run this over a ranger, bloodrager, or paladin if you want a full BAB character with a little spellcasting?

Prepared arcane 4/9 casting. That's the main draw, I think.

True, I guess this is pretty much the only single classed full bab prepared caster. Well, that is arcane at least.

Soo, I love this book, but I have to ask this: Is there any real point to running a fighter with the "Child of Acavna and Amazen" archetype? At first I was excited because it gives the fighter some bloodrager-like spellcasting ability. However, he gives up *all weapon training* and five feats for it! Six feats if you count the one lost for extra skills at level 1. What the?

I can see losing some feats to gain minor spellcasting, but losing weapon training as well is just silly. Why would you run this over a ranger, bloodrager, or paladin if you want a full BAB character with a little spellcasting?

I was looking over the Eldritch Scoundrel and thinking it was a little weak. That was until I found that it could use spell levels as ki points to power ninja tricks. Thats... amazing.

I think this is the way the ninja class should have been done in the first place. It might actually be possible to build a really good Forgotten Trick user with this archetype.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The Wyrmwraith is high on my list of terrifying monsters. A single one of those things should be able to wipe out all life on a planet. All it needs to do is pop up unannounced in a heavily populated city, turn everyone into dread wraiths under its control, and then send them out to all the surrounding towns. Then those send the Dread Wraiths they created to the next towns. Repeat as necessary.

Seriously. How do you stop something that simply has to use its breath weapon to turn a dozen commoners into CR 13 Dreadwraiths. If a Wyrmwraith attacked a city there would be dozens if not hundreds of Dreadwraiths in *minutes*. Plus, even if you kill the Wyrmwraith, that just frees the Dreadwraiths. It would take a well prepared and organized freakishly high level party to deal with that.

I'm a software engineer.... so I guess I would be one of those wizards who sits in a tower all day creating custom spells for clients. With a golem making hobby, since I like painting/crafting miniatures ;)

Amanda Hamon Kunz wrote:
Redelia wrote:
Will this include Paladin codes as appropriate?
It sure will.

Oooo! Paladin of Apsu code? Pleeese? :D

Well, it will be a campaign or two late for my paladin of apsu, but it would be cool to read and see how close I was.

Nathanael Love wrote:
There are obviously plenty of people who either aren't bothered by the bloat, or actively want the additional options.

For me there won't be enough options until it is possible to build every single character imaginable.... and for each of those builds to be equally combat effective. So yes, I actively want more options :)

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I'd love some archetypes which change the flavor of the kineticist's power source. For example: What about a kineticist who draws his power from the spirit(s) of dragons instead of getting it from an elemental plane?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It makes sense to me. If you go unconscious or get dazed while flying you are technically still in control of the spell, you just aren't telling to to keep you in the air. It says that it takes concentration to fly after all. Seriously, do you expect a 3rd level spell to have a protective safety cushion against every possible downside or counter?

I would suggest taking a look at Hero Lab if you want an easy way to quickly level up characters. It is a little expensive, but it will give you a list of all available feats that your character qualifies for (for the books that you have purchased in hero lab).

Alternatively, I would suggest having all your players sit down and plan out your feat selections for your character's entire lifetime in a single sitting. For every level. That way you will already know what you're getting when you level up.

I'm pretty sure my dump stat is CON. I've been dealing with chronic pain problems for years and have asthma. That situation hasn't done good things for my STR either.

Since I'm a programmer and a video gamer, I'm going to guess that INT and DEX are my two main stats.

Sooo.... Alchemist or Wizard?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The reason why the "There is too much bloat" argument baffles me is because it assumes that you have to know how everything works to GM the game. Unless you are running PFS, you don't. You only need to know how the specific classes your players are running work. Who cares if they have a billion options if they are coming to your game with only a few of them?

I will admit that this doesn't help PFS GMs, but that's just a corner case compared to how most groups experience their roleplaying games.

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Avatar The Last Airbender had the weirdest party. Almost all kineticists and some sort of fighter/ranger? Since they all had different elements and the hydrokineticist picked up kinetic healing early on they actually had a well balanced party. Well, except for some reason the GM let the Aerokineticist use his 20th level capstone super early in the campaign. That turned out to be overpowered, so he took the ability away half way through the campaign and gave it back when the final boss fight started going bad.

I do have to say that the lack of dragon themed campaigns (except for Dragon's Demand, which was great) in Pathfinder has almost saddened me enough to get me to look into D&D 5e. I'll never have to worry about there being too few dragons over there.

I never really got to play the older editions of D&D as much as I would have liked so I never got to experience the 'draconic overload' in D&D that apparently got everyone at Paizo so sick of dragons in their rpgs, lol.

Luckily, it isn't too hard to make anime inspired characters in pathfinder, though you generally have to pick from the more magically attuned martial classes to do it well.

My favorate anime creation: a Naruto inspired synthesist summoner. His eidolon was a nine-tailed (shadow) fox, and he used the full dimensional dervish chain. Being able to teleport step in between every attack and flank with yourself while being in eidolon form was awesome and thematic.

The funny thing though, I guess while it is possible to mimic anime inspired abilities the "power" attacks are thing thing that's missing. It is hard to mimic the explosive power that is found in a lot of animes without actually casting a fireball.

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Now, this is a good argument for homeschooling in Cheliax. ;)

thejeff wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
I don't see how looking at what the setting treats as magical is somehow more arbitrary than just saying "anything unrealistic is automatically magical no matter what setting we're looking at".
You think a dividing line between "violates the laws of physics" and "doesn't violate the laws of physics" is arbitrary?

Except that if the setting itself isn't running by our laws of physics, that's not a really useful distinction.

It doesn't really matter anyway. You have to accept that most of the PF setting runs on magic or on different laws of physics already (humanoid giants, giant bugs, huge flying creatures, not to mention high-level martials all break out of realism already.) Once you've done so, holding martials to realism because they don't have magic is silly. They're already unrealistic.

Holding martials within certain limits because that matches the aesthetic you're aiming for does make sense. But it needs to acknowledged that way.

This is a good point, but I see two issues with this.

First, if the laws of physics are different you still run into the issue of "Why is the non-magical class on par with the magical class." The magically empowered one should still leave the physics bound fighter in the dust because the magically empowered class should be able to push limits in the same way as the fighter while *also* benefiting from magic.

The other issue is that if the laws of physics are set in the Pathfinder world in such a way to explain why they can do a few normally "impossible" things, why can't the fighter smash down buildings and move super fast to match the insane speed and strength he uses to tear down a dragon in seconds? The rules are letting him hit things faster and harder than should be possible, but he doesn't seem to benefit from these 'loose' physics in any other way.

Edit: To me, it all ends up feeling a bit arbitrary and inconsistant. Like the Pathfinder world can't decide if it wants to be realistic or not realistic.

thejeff wrote:

Just to point out something often overlooked - It depends on the magic. Pathfinder style high fantasy level magic, sure it gets practically impossible for martials to compete.

But not all fantasy magic allows for invisible flying projected images dropping meteor swarms.

I agree with you. In a game where magic is much more toned down than pathfinder there is no reason to give the martials 'anime' powers. I think the reason people keep asking for 'anime' powers in Pathfinder though is specifically because it has that level of rediculous magical power where you have to wonder why it even has a "non-magical Fighter" class.

In a way though, Pathfinder Fighters are already Anime characters. Though shear training and force of will, they can gain enough hit points to survive lava and meteor swarms. Fighters can kill a Great Wyrm Dragon in seconds if they get close enough. The fact that the game acts like that sort of thing *isn't* magical really bothers me. It also makes me wonder why people don't want to give fighters ablities like "split a building with a single sword swing" while they're at it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Greylurker wrote:
Which is essentially the same description you could apply to Chi. The simple truth is that High Fantasy Martial combat isn't martial. It's always paired with something else. The best Pure Martial stuff are things like Samurai Champeloo where melee combat is combined with skill use to perform stunts.

The problem is that in a world with supernatural powers the only way a martial character should be able contribue meaningfully is by becoming supernatural in his own right. It doesn't matter how he does this, he could gain Chi, martial magic or anything else. However, a purely reality bound martial character being able to keep up with a supernatural martial character is very.... unrealistic. ;)

I've always found it silly that pathfinder tries to put realistic and magical characters on the same level. To me, this is kind of like saying that if Han Solo had a few more levels in Star Wars Episode 5 he would have been able to actually harm Darth Vader. The fact that pathfinder acts like such a thing is possible by trying to put the non-magical on par with the supernatural actually breaks my suspension of disbelief.

Heck, in a fantasy rpg where you are allowed to play as a wizard, all non-supernatural classes should be npc classes. Expecting balance in a party with a non-magical ranger and Gandolf the Grey is just silly. Soo.... yes, bring on the 'anime' powers! Give fighters the same level to break the laws of phyisics that wizards have. Or at least explain that +15-20 bab at high levels as something magical. To me, it will only make Pathfinder more believable!

Edit-TLDR: So, I guess I do agree with your point. High Fantasy Martial combat isn't martial. The problem is that Pathfinder is kind of high fantasy. So, what are these non-magical fighters doing here in this high fantasy game?

Another option is to require the summoner to use one of the summoner archetypes that replaces Summon Monster. There are a few of them and then that would reduce him down to just using the eidolon.

Honestly, the encounters in serpent's skull are so weak that I can see many different types of characters soloing the thing. This isn't just about the summoner being powerful. When I GMed this campaign often I ended up having my party fight three *buffed* encounters at a time to keep things interesting.

Basically, Paizo always makes their encounters too weak. I suggest always doing at least two of the following: advanced templates for all monsters, maxed hit points for all monsters, add 2 or 3 levels to boss mosnters, and/or simply having the party fight three of the book's encounters at a time.

If you increase the number of monsters and their power to the point that the summoner *needs* help and can't solo things, then you're good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heh, I actually enjoyed watching Avatar in 3D. I think it added a lot to the movie.

Then again, I was the only one among my group of friends who didn't come out of that movie theater stumbling like a drunk. It takes *a lot* to make me motion sick.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Zerri wrote:
Of course, for any of these books to happen, we need to blow out Paizo's stock on Blood of Shadows first.
I don't know if we need to blow out stock, but I think its worth remembering that we went over a year between Blood of the Elements and Blood of Shadow, and I'm willing to bet that the lukewarm (if not downright hostile) reaction to Blood of the Elements had something to do with that.

Yea, Paizo seems to have a bad habit of focusing on the wrong things when they write the 'blood of' books and I bet it is hurting their sales. The vampire one focused too much on an unplayable monster rather than giving us more info on dampires. Blood of Elements only gave 2 pages to each subrace. Blood of the Moon was closer to the right monster/player race mix but had a lot of errors.

We'll have to see how Blood of Shadows comes out, but hopefully it is more focused and better edited than the other ones.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Lukas Stariha wrote:

Upon looking at the Kineticist elements, there is a serious problem with every non-universal infusion for Wood and Void from Occult Adventures: They don't have listed associated blasts.

It is unclear if Pushing is available for both Gravity and Negative Blast or if any Wood Composite Blast can use Deadly Earth, Entangling, Impale or Pushing.
EDIT: I just checked, and indeed the intros (in the simple blast text) tell you the associated blasts.

I think this is true for all blasts except for Negative Admixture. Currently, I don't think Negative Admixture can be combined with anything. Is it supposed to be usable with all infusions that can be used with Negative Blast?

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