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Red Dragon

Matrix Dragon's page

767 posts. Alias of Matrixryu.


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I have to say that I find it kind of odd that Saventh is listed as 'only' a fighter 20/champion 6 considering that she basically defeated a god single handedly. At least, the more recent descriptions of Ydersius make him sound like a god rather than a demigod.

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Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Chemlak wrote:

There's an FAQ request about this floating around somewhere.

There are three schools of thought:

1) The character is undetectable by any means (including Perception skill checks, blind sight, tremorsense and true seeing).

2) The character is undetectable by magic, but senses work normally.

3) The character is immune to "detect" spells and any effects based on the scry spell.

Pick your preference. I waver between 1 and 2.

Yes, it is 1. Because mythic.

I really wish that it wasn't option 1, because this lead my GM to just ban the ability before the party's ninja could abuse it.

'It has to be awsome because it is mythic' is nice, but the players still need to be challenged in some way.

They didn't add in anything to increase the DC of the alchemical items yet? Ah well, at least it sounds like there is something for making poisons useful. Might actually do something with the Poison Use ability for once, lol.

agnelcow wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
I'm kind of curious about what an Iroran Paladin is like, especially considering that I thought there already was a prestige class for that. If this archetype does the paladin/monk thing without having to multiclass, that will be pretty cool :D

It does indeed do the paladin/monk thing with no multiclass, although it's not compatible with the Champion of Irori PrC.

** spoiler omitted **

Looks like an archetype that I will have to try sometime!

Btw, I have to say that I'm glad that CHA to AC bonus is limited by Paladin level. For a second I was thinking about just how OP my Paladin/Dragon Disciple would become with CHA to AC. However, he has only two paladin levels, so it wouldn't make a big difference.

Fun fact: a Star Archon can use smite evil, and then use the touch attack option with meteor swarm to utterly destroy something. +19 damage to each of the four meteors.

I often stack mirror image with invisibility as an extra layer of protection against people with see invisibility.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Robert Jordan wrote:
I realize it was probably an attempt at balancing it, but I feel it may be a bit too heavy handed. Level 5 would have been where I put it especially as this restriction wasn't in the prior versions of Sable Company Marines. Which are the ones I really care about.

Level 5 is definitely too early. Wizards are just learning how to cast fly at Level 7. Not to spark "Fighters can't have nice things" debates, but it seems rather cheap to give out a feat that invalidates that spell the level that wizards get it. Also, Leadership is a 7th level feats. You can take flying monsters around Level 7 for mounts too, so I imagine that the designer didn't want to step on Leadership's toes.

From a Roleplaying set-up, maybe the animal companion isn't mature enough to fly until 7th Level. We don't really know much about griffon / hippocampus life cycles.

Wizards can actually cast fly at level 5, since it is a 3rd level spell.

I am running my first multiclass character, though most of his multiclass choices will probably be made obsolite when the bloodrager comes out. In the end, he should be a silver dragon sorcerer 12 / paladin 2 / nature oracle 1 / dragon disciple 4. Also mythic guardian/archmage with the ability to use his caster level as his BAB while polymorphed. Will have very good attack power, and adds his charisma to pretty much every one of his stats.

Karui Kage wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
I know it is extremely unlikely, but is there any information/material for Daikitsu in the book?
There is a single sentence.

Lol! Well, I guess at least it isn't nothing ;)

I know it is extremely unlikely, but is there any information/material for Daikitsu in the book?

I'm kind of curious about what an Iroran Paladin is like, especially considering that I thought there already was a prestige class for that. If this archetype does the paladin/monk thing without having to multiclass, that will be pretty cool :D

TriOmegaZero wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

The ability to cast 3rd level spells in this case does NOT mean spell-like abilities.

That's an unfortunate side effect of a FAQ entry, and frankly, we should re-evaluate that FAQ entry since spellcasting is NOT the same as spell-like abilities.

Well, I'm glad I never engaged in those shenanigans then.

Same here! And I am glad that more talk about fixing this weird exploit is finally happening XD

Lord Gadigan wrote:

Apsu gets-

A Feat (Divine Barrier -> Channel energy to protect allies from energy damage), two Traits, a neck-slot magic item, a paragraph of info on the first 'Monster Deities' page, and an entry in the appendix.

Dahak gets-
A Feat (Hunter of Dahak -> Increases favored enemy bonus by 2 against metallic dragons), two Traits, a neck-slot magic item, a paragraph of info on the first 'Monster Deities' page, and an entry in the appendix.

Ooo, very interested in seeing these :D

Do 'minor' gods like Apsu and Dahak only get mentioned in the appendix, or is there any new information or support for them?

Dylos wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Axial wrote:

I'd like to know what prevents the Evangelist from being horribly overpowered. You can lose one level and then progress in your Aligned class and the Evangelist simultaneously, almost like Gestalt-classing. Personally, I don't see why anyone wouldn't be an Evangelist.

Paizo should address this soon.

Losing a level for wizards, witches, and clerics slows you down a bit. Losing a level for sorcerers and oracles is painful.
Painful yes, but there are cases that I would consider it. For example, an Oracle of Pharasma can get another revelation for free from the tier 3 boon, and that revelation can be from bones even if bones is not their mystery.

I haven't seen this prestige class yet, but I do have to point out that there is a simmilar one already for certain sorcerers: Dragon Disciple. And not all Draconic Sorcerers dip into that class, because the casting power loss IS pretty painful.

Eidolons are essentially whatever you want them to be.

One of my characters had an eidolon who was essentially a summoned aspect of an extremely powerful dragon. The idea was that extremely powerful (nearly god level) creatures could begin splitting of avatars and aspects of themselves, and summoners could make pacts to summon one of these aspects.

Another character I ran was a synthesist summoner. His eidolon was a shadow creature that actually resided in the character's shadow most of the time, and when he 'summoned' it the eidolon would come out of his shadow and envelop him. Plus, part of the backstory was that the eidolon used to be much more powerful, but lost that power and was now stuck in the character's shadow. When the summoner was 'evolving' the eidolon, he was really helping it regain its former power.

"Atrocious wrote:
I agree with your sentiment Geraint, please don't put hardcovers in the regular subscriptions.

But if they take it out of the subscription, then there would be no way to get the book+pdf bundle :(

I actually started up my Campaign Setting subscription again specifically for this book.

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Well, here's hoping that there will be some new information on Apsu for my Paladin/Dragon Disciple. Also, that enough humans worship Daikitsu that she will get mentioned at least, hah.

I was pretty interested in this book since I have been wanting to play a skinwalker character. I thought it would be an interesting way to get a peek at what such a character might be like. I have to say that the things I'm reading about what the skinwalkers are doing in the book makes it likely that this isn't a good book to get character ideas from :(

Plus, I read book 1 of the Game of Thrones and decided it was too graphic for my tastes. If people are comparing it to that then I think that settles things for me, lol.

As long as all the books about humans get renamed to "Boring People of Golarion" ;)

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Atarlost wrote:
Nobody even wants to like the summoner.

Objection! The summoner's flavor makes it one of my favorate classes, and I know that I'm not the only one. ;)

Admittedly though, the class does needs one of the following to not mess up a game: a rework, gm supervision, or a very well prepared and trustworthy player running it.

Hey James! Just curious: excluding the swashbuckler, what class are you the most excited for in the Advanced Class Guide?

And stuff like this is why if my players ever learn that Paragon surge exists I will tell them it is banned, lol. I am a bit of a powergamer and even I pretend this spell doesn't exist.

Nathanael Love wrote:

What is so wrong with the game we have now that yoy want to destroy it right away for something new?

What makes you think that PF 2.0 is going to fix everything I or any other person dislikes about the game without destroying what I or any other person likes?

The core rulebook is littered with problems that I have to houserule in order to prevent them from driving me crazy. Beyond that, some issues are so inherent to the 3.5 basis of the system that it would be impossible to fix them without a new edition. So yes, considering the fun I have with pathfinder already... I get kind of excited about how much more fun it would be if it wasn't littered with issues.

You're right, it isn't guaranteed that a new edition would fix everything or that it will be the fixes that I want, but that is a gamble that I would be perfectly willing to take.

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*Sigh* All these people just refusing to buy a new edition that hasn't even been announced yet.

You claim that you wouldn't buy the next edition.... However, if you decide that the next edition is better and that you would have more fun playing it you probably will start buying it.

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Lemmy wrote:

"Oh no! A martial class can move 10ft. and still be effective! HOW DARE THEY? NERF IT INTO NOTHINGNESS! Now excuse me while my Cleric teleports as a move action and then casts 2 different spells..."

Apparently, Pounce should be exclusive to 6th level Druids and 1st level Synthesists.

Beastmorph Alchemists get pounce as well at level 10. I would also call the Dimensional Dervish feat chain a varient of pounce since you can get full attacks out of it.

Plus, archers are superior to pouncers in general since they basically get to make a full attack and ignore DR at the same time....

Be careful about calling for one or two things to get nerfed when there are 10 other options that do the same thing. All you'll do is make the other options more popular.

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Zhayne wrote:
Oh, and of course ... NO ALIGNMENT.

Not sure that Alignment actually needs to go, but I could see it's impact getting reduced so that 'normal people' are essentially all netural no matter what they believe. You'd have to be directly associated with a god or some other power in order to have a strong enough alignment for it to matter.

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I have to say that when my group did eyes of the ten it was pretty easy. Then again, each character was an optomized monstrocity. We would have had a good chance of completing the thing with *two* characters.

There are 1 or 2 tough spots, but basically expect the usual season 1-2 difficulty.

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The main thing that would need to be fixed in a new edition is preventing the game's numbers from getting out of wack at high levels. It is beyond annoying that saving throws and BAB diverge so much at high levels. It is possible to work around it, but I wish it wasn't an issue in the first place.

In addition, the 'big six' magical items need to all be destroyed and never seen again. I hate it when I see some fancy magical item with a great and fun ability, and then have to say "I can't use that, because I would die without my Cloak of Resistance". I would like choosing magical items to become an actual choice again.

bbangerter wrote:
Rikkan wrote:
Somatic (S): A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You must have at least one hand free to provide a somatic component.
So you need at least 1 hand free, any creature without hands can't cast.

This needs to be read with the understanding that the rules were written with a humanoid in mind as that is what we, as humans, easily relate to.

There are a number of creatures that have spell casting abilities but are not of humanoid form. Dragons, naga, and various others.

These creatures are able to cast spells in their natural form, but just like a human changed into a snake could not cast these spells, a naga changed into a human (or some other non-snake form - squirrel, bear, whatever) should not be able to cast these spells - because it is not a form that is native to them.

From what I have been able to tell, this rule applies to non-humanoids as well whenever they don't 'naturally' start off as spellcasters. I have seen several monsters with class levels in an adventure path use Still Spell: their tactics block specifically calls out that they need Still Spell in order to cast their spells. One such example was an intellect devourer sorcerer that needed Still Spell whenever it hadn't taken over someone's body.

A humanoid who polymorphs into certain forms (such as animals in general) can't cast spells in that form because it isn't natural for him.

JiCi wrote:
The Block Knight wrote:
Feros wrote:
EDIT: And in regards to the book itself, I suspect that some of the gods from outside the Inner Sea region—such as Tian Xia and Vudran deities—will be given some coverage with that many gods.
They've already said that this book won't cover Tian Xia or Vudran deities at all.
Aaaw... even though it's the Inner Sea Gods, it would have been nice to get.

I'm hoping that there are enough people asking about the Tian Xia gods that Paizo is considering making a smaller book on them.

In order to cast most spells while in animal form you basically need Eschew Materials, Still Spell, and Silent Spell (though deaf curse covers that). Even with all that you probably won't be able to cast any spells that require a focus since Eschew Materials doesn't cover for those.

I would go with Enduring Armor if you are planning to use Dragon Form. Otherwise, go with component Freedom.

I may as well mention that when I ran serpent's skull for my moderately optomized group I had to buff the heck out of the entire final book in order to keep things challenging. Every single enemy got the advanced template, and bosses also got mythic tiers/templates and maxed HP. I had to buff the final boss into essentially a mythic CR 24 in order to put up a good and frightening fight against my five level 15 players.

That was a 5 CR increase... which tells me that there is more of an issue here than my group just being well optomized, well equipped via crafting, and having one extra player. Do those things really make a 5 CR difference? I can't even imagine what my GM who is running WotR is going to have to do to buff the final encounter against six well optomized level 20 tier 10 players. He might have to push the final boss to CR 35 just to survive a round against our archer ranger!

I may as well also mention that my players actually had problems in book 4 of Serpent's Skull, so it seems to me that part if the issue may be that Paizo is simply underestimating how powerful high level characters can be.

I managed to run a very fun/frightening solo final boss encounter for Serpent's Skull. I won't give any spoilers, but basically I upgraded final the boss with the following:

Agile Mythic Template
Invincible Mythic Telplate
Quicken Spell Like Ability for two of his Spell-like abilities
'Hero' Points to give him a limited number of extra actions and save bonuses to avoid instant death.
And of course, the Advanced Template

Between the Agile Template, Quicken Spell-like ability, and the 'hero' points this guy had he was getting about the equivilent of four to six standard action equivilents per round against a party of five. I also made sure to make full use of the boss's reach + combat reflexes to have him trip anyone who tried to get near him.

The party had to get extrmely creative with their spells and abilities to bring this guy down. I think he lasted 10 rounds and took out half the party before dieing. These were among the only deaths in the campaign, and they had raise spells, so even the dead players had fun with the fight. It ended up being a very fun and memorable final boss encounter.

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To me, the real annoyance with skinwalkers is that several of their mental stat bonuses are only applied when shifted. Not only does this not make sense thematically since the shift is supposed to be more physical than mental, it also hoses skinwalker spellcasters and special ability users. Unless they stay in their shifted form for an entire day they don't get bonus spells per day or extra ability uses from that mental stat.

If I houserule anything about skinwalkers, it will be that they gain their physical stats bonus while shifted and the mental ones will be perminant.

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Personally, for small cracks I would recommend liquid green stuff rather than the putty version.

Alexander Augunas wrote:

As a huge fan of kitsune, I do not want to see Blood of the Beast. The common elements between "animal-like races" are not strong enough to warrant a ton of them being smashed into a single book and if they were, I'm sure it would end up looking like the last page of Bastards of Golarion where nothing really new was said about or provided for each race.

I have to agree with this. It seems that in order to get good info on a race, something as small as these player companion books needs to be at least half way focused on it.

So, the main problem with this character is his skills?

The thing here is that inquisitors are supposed to be good at skills... especially compared to all 3 of the classes the other players are running (all are combat classes). It is almost like having a skill monkey bard in the party. Taking that away from the character without giving him a corosponding combat boost would defeat half the point of playing an inquisitor.

At best I would suggest maybe giving the other 3 players +2 skill points per level if you want them to be able to contribute more when it comes to skill checks. The inquisitor can't be good at everything, and the other players could cover the gaps.

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J-Gal wrote:
And another group with 2 half-orcs, a kitsune, a human (thank the lord) and a vishkanya.

I'm suddenly amused by the thought of playing a kitsune in a group like this and having the character try to convince everyone that HE is the one human in the party.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just a thought. Since Pathfinder Kitsune have a bit of a fey theme, they could probably also fit into a fey themed Player Companion. After all, their semi homeland seems to bet the Forest of the Spirits and Kitsune who aren't from that area generally know Sylvan. Plus, just look at the spells they get from the Magical Tail chain... definitely fey/trickery themed spells.

Though, I'm betting that this setup is probably unlikely (or would mean getting very little info on kitsune) since I be there are a lot of other fey related things that Paizo wants to talk about first. Still, I figured it was worth mentioning since a fey themed book is probably more likely to come out than a 'blood of beasts' or kitsune focused book.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I do have to point out that it messes with my suspension of disbelief when every time a party member dies he is randomly replaced with someone who just *happens* to have the same powerlevel and goals as the rest of the party. Especially at mid to high levels.

I'd rather have Raise Dead in the game than replacement character silliness.

I'd love to see a 'Blood of Dragons' book.

While D&D may have been a little too dragon obsessed, I feel that Pathfinder has kind of gone too far in the opposate direction by barely mentioning the species at all outside of bestaries.

Personally, I usually just ask for GM permission to have my kitsune's number of tails be based on his highest level castable spell. Sure, it is just for show and a houserule at that point, but it works.

Alex Putnam wrote:

Ahem, if I might sneak in here and give my two CP.

@Hayato: It's possible but unlikely to see a Kitsune of Golarion book for the same reason there's not been a "Strix of Golarion" or "Duergar of Golarion" book. Although the kitsune stats have been reprinted in the ARG, the core RPG books are setting agnostic and fluff-light.

With the core focus of the setting as the Inner Sea Region, Paizo's been intentionally cautious about venturing off the map. It took years to get supplements about the Dragon Empires, and then they were shorter softcovers and also tied and timed to both the PFS metaplot for the season and an adventure path, both of which are the major bed and butter for the brand and setting as a whole.

Lisa Stevens has said several times that one of the lessons learned from the TSR days is not to split your audience, and to some gamers, "Asian"-themed setting material doesn't jive with their table's preferences. Paizo's kitchen sink/compartmentalization and "test the waters" approach are a method to give spice and variety without splitting up their core audience.

So for the same reasons there's not been a hardcover on Ilbydos or player companion on Vudra, it may be a while before Paizo dives back into Tian Xia whole hog. Or not. I'm not privvy to Paizo's plans. Much. :)

The thing that seems odd about this to me though... is that Paizo has been publishing books on races that simply aren't playable for most groups. Orcs, Kobolds, and Goblins are both (generally) evil and generally have stat spreads that are not attractive to players.

You would think that even though kitsune are from an 'off map' area and aren't as ingrained into the roleplaying culture as some other races that they would do better than some of these other player companion books simply because they are more playable.

Still though, I wouldn't be surprised that if they are ever reprinted it will be in some sort of multi-race book.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Hayato Ken wrote:

Or instead: Blood of the FOX!

Localized Kitsune all over Golarion!

It wouldn't be a page of the Next Player Companions thread if someone didn't ask for a book on Kitsune ;)

Not sure if someone else already called this out but...

Mythic lunge says that while lunge is active you get a +2 bonus on attacks of opportunity. This bonus is unlikely to ever apply to anything since lunge's effects only increase your reach until the end of your turn, not until your next turn.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The Dragon Empires primer has a fair bit for kitsune, including a racial pounce.

Personally, even with that I feel like we know almost nothing about the race.

The other issue is that there are still a ton of 'real world' mythological powers that kitsune have that are unavailable in pathfinder. That, and that no one wants to burn 8 feats to build a 9 tailed fox, so a lot of people are hoping for a book that gives alternate methods (I vote sorcerer bloodline).

You may want to take a look at the trickster path as well. There are a few abilities in there that are good for monks, and you can get Fleet Charge as a trickster as well.

Take a look at the Dual Path mythic feat. If you use that you could pick up additional powers from another path.

One reason I suggest looking at trickster is so you can grab Path Dabbling. You can use that to pick up any mythic power that you qualify for from another path.... such as Enduring Armor from the archmage. A monk with a 3+Tier AC bonus can be scary hard to hit.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
Eirikrautha wrote:
Athaleon wrote:
Or is this because I said in the Swashbuckler thread that this was great for Swashbucklers?
You know, you might have been joking when you posted that, but it makes a lot of sense. One of the main complaints against the Swashbuckler Parry was that it was so much less than Crane Wing (a feat that anyone could take). Now that the ACG is in production, they fix the problem by... nerfing Crane Wing! LOL!

Honestly, I think the swashbuckler is exactly why Crane Wing is getting nerfed. A lot of people were talking about how the best swash build was to pick up Crane Wing so you could deflect TWO attacks per round. One with Crane Wing, and one with Parry.

Well... at least if this isn't the main reason, it is probably part of it.

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