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Thanks. Simply increasing str allows you make one heck of a transport.

Ability Score Modification: Using this modification, a crafter can permanently increase one of the construct’s ability scores by +2 per modification. He cannot increase any abilities with a score of 0. The cost for permanently increasing an ability score is 5,000 gp.

Is this really a liner stat increase that can be repeated numerous times?

Can a humanoid construct use any magic item?

For all of these questions you need to know the frame the magic locks to.

Even if enlarge or reduce person does conserve momentum it not unreasonable for the spell to also assume the world is not moving. This is quite useful for many rule cool situations that try and take advantage of it.

As for feather fall, if he falls 60 feet or less then he is at the bottom of the mast. If it is more then that then the boat gets a turn and can sail out from under him. Falling happens on the turn you fall and is also completed then unless it is more then 500 (or 60 with FF) in the same turn. This makes no sense with physics but makes game play simpler.

It would not be at all far fetched to thing that the spell anchors the ship and you end up at the bottom of the mast even on 200 foot fall with starts and stops by the boat. Since flying creatures do not anchor to ship then I do not think that FF does either.

What if the ship is an animated object and has life bubble cast on it?

Did I break the thread?

Also want to see a write up of the skills. I would love to see them as relevant at high levels. I have seen PCs with a +70 in something but it never important how high it is past a certain level.

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I just did a good deed by giving some money to a guy to help him replace the money he'd accidentally dropped and was picked up by someone else. He'd been crying because without the money he'd be stranded at the airport, so I withdrew some money from my checking account to help him, and his relief was palpable. He even hugged me! I know this was the right thing to do. So why do I find myself feeling guilty about it and trying to convince myself of that? In an RPG I'd do that sort of thing in a heartbeat. Why does it feel like I wasted money instead?

First off: Good for you with your selfless giving. Everyone should try and always help when they see a need and are able.

When one gives it is easy to try and base it on the worth of receiver then on the depth of the need. If you give do not worry if you scammed or if they money is well spent. The act of giving is the important point and you put good out in the world.

Cloth cleric is thing that is needed.

How are you handling neat class only things like wildshape or spell combat.

Feats? Class options?

If I can mix and match with more options in one class then it makes it raises the optimization ceiling and makes it easier to make a poor character.

Love the revision so far.

When I design encounters I wan the boss to be able to to down the tank with 1 full attack. Anything less then that and it it not enough of a threat to them. They almost always are successful in preventing the full attack from happening but the that expenditure often lets the caster get off a spell or two before dieing.

If the hydra gets a full attack it is very likely to down 2nd level character even if it is a tank. On the other hand it only has +3 will save. Color spray combined with CdG will end this one real fast.

A second level party might need a little warning in order to defeat a hydra but there are many ways 2nd level party can take this guy down.

It only has +6 to hit so a prepared tank can deal with him for long time.
Full plate + large shield + dex is AC 22. If the tank fights defensively that will mean an 18 needed to hit.

It speed allows kiting.

It is only animal intelligent so you can lure it into a trap.

Its AC is low enough that a party of bruisers may be able to overwhelm it.

slumber is a great weapon at level 2. If you have that then it is worth it to put spell slots on defense and party buffs.

Do not try for bad touch spells. Wait for spectral hand or be a cleric.

Unseen servants can carry curtains or other objects that break line of sight and offer concealment. Cover might happen with peice of plywood but many GMs will nix that.

If you are outsite mounts are great.

Wow, your house rules sound awesome!

When can I start playing them?
How are you going to publish them?
Want me to play test? My group is filled with powergamers.
Is there a google doc or something of the nuts and bolts yet?
Also how is the vengeance of the white dragon coming?

Just a crazy a thought for the primal companion.

Feats: Evolved companion (pounce)
Extra evolution x2

This grants a pool of 28 points for evolutions.

10 points for huge.
12 points for 6 extra heads.
6 points for 6 bites.

Every bite does str x2 damage.

Base Str 14 +16 huge +6 AC increases = 36
Animal growth adds 8 more 42
+6 item as well for 48
+4 inherent for 52
+5 amulet
strong jaw is nice as well

So far that is a 7 bites +34 (8d6+49) That works out to 539 HP average per round and only needing a 2 to hit a standard CR 20 monster. Power attack is -4 penalty for +12 damage. Some DMs might make it +16. That is either an additionally 84 or 112 damage.

Feat wise I like to increase int to make thing more available. I might invest 3 feats into heavy armor prof since dex is low anyway. Barding will really help to increase AC.

Like many bruisers his will save will be bad. At 20th level that often means 1 spell and he out of the fight.

I think that a sacred huntmaster with the chivalry inquisition grows as double level. That can be useful if you want to multi-class.

Does large AC with the large evolution become huge?
Does strong jaw stack with INA if the AC is gargantuan?

Does the strong jaw dice doubling clause count as size increase?

Do you have to be a hunter?

Well there is a reason P6 and P8 exist. It is really a question of 4th level spells.

Any way out the, the spells that really change the game start coming on-line at 5th level. Teleport and raise dead change the entire feel of the game once PCs can casually cast them.

For caster I find that 8 is enough to fully flesh them out in a fun ways while martials are good through about 11. I agree with PFS's decision to cap at 12.

Overall though 8 is where many many great things come on-line.

Pretty awesome out of the box thinking.

I do not think there are any rules for force feeding but that is where the rule of cool comes in.

This is a place to post a moment when you as GM through the rules out of the window or as player your GM let you do something totally outside the rules.

Please describe the scene and then give us the ad hoc rules that determined success or failure.

I am DM a group 2nd level characters and tonight had an epic ending to a boss fight. The group ends up fighting a Doru. The group is on the second story of a house that has balcony around courtyard. The doru is flying over the drop while consistently failing to charm or suggest any one. The DR means the archer can not hurt it easily but she did crit for a few damage. The big bad melee canon has no good ranged and the casters are tapped.

The bruiser then gets an idea; swing the 40 pound rock on rope around and then hurl it at the darn thing. While doing this he cast true strike. He got real upset when the duro went invisible and hid. Unfortunately for the div, the hunter told his cat to grapple the thing. It found it with scent and ended standing on thing with the thing under its paws. The bruiser then hurled the rock under the cat and pulped it with good hit.

I declared he need at least a 20 str to try this but buffs had him at 22 for the moment.
He needed to spend a full round action to get the rock up to speed.
He was on the edge of the balcony so I made him roll acrobatics not fall off. The heavy armor wearer was not really happy about that one.
He took a -6 to hit with ranged attack with put him at -4.
He then had to make second acro check and concentration check to cast true strike. Rolled like a boss.
He rolled only 4 on die to hit but it was enough to hit just barely.
I ruled 3d10+1.5str for damage and 31 damage makes short work of a 16 HP foe.
He got very lucky the cat was able to find and grapple it. If not he would have lost the true strike.

Quite an epic win for them against a foe that would otherwise be quite hard to beat.

Still watch and still waiting on more of the white dragons shenanigans.

Also any idea why my browser does not load the list of topics? Just sits there with the little wheel spinning around.

Witch with the slumber hex is quite powerful but I have to give it to the pet classes.

Halfing caviler for the front line and DPR. (ride by attack not SC)


That seams about right.

I think they very useful on offense but not so much on defense.

I agree with you Kayerloth. I just think that 'normal' will not involve large numbers of offensive troops. I think it will instead look like a bunch of superheros dealing with all the real threats. Only once they are subdued is an occupation force brought in.

I also think defenses would be targeted at dealing with mid level threats. High level threats can not really be defended against.

I like you neutrality thing. Maybe an exception is made for champions when forces appear balanced. That would be a fun way to use PCs.

I think that once 4th level spells come online you will be required to become neutral. The question becomes what breaks the neutrality. Does feeding the troops, info gathering, magic item creation? When does adventuring become warfare?

Mine are level 9. They fail DC 30 all the time but not with things they do well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In my game I have a bard with about 60 to bluff and diplomacy when he really cranks it up. I let him make instant converts out people (he is a cult leader) with DC 40+5/HD. This takes 1 min to try. He takes a -20 to do it as full round action.

The magus is the group leader and he has an intimidate in the 40s. He wants to kill with a glance. I told him he can do intimidate-50 HP to a single target as full round action. He can keep going until he fails to do a HP. He likes being able to literally glare someone to death.

Those are very cool but they do not really help in combat.

The bard was quite happy recently when he convinced some outsiders that he is a god forced into mortal form and that they should give him the help due a god. He took a -50 on that bluff check but the nat 20 gave him 31. They outsiders had sense motive but not enough.

The monk has crazy levels of heal that he use to torture folks with out them dieing. He worships ZK and so do his loony followers. They see his work as art. Since he is so good at it followers from around the world seek him out. This one really does not help the PCs much since it also tends to attract paladins and the PCs find that inconvenient.

There is no real rules for this stuff but they understand it is not meant to allow a high skill to be a win button in combat. It does give them quite the narrative power.

Dracovar; if you can chuck high level control wind spells then whole nations will fall before you. They only thing that stops a high level caster is a high level caster.

They will run into the problem of occupying the country but they can certainly destroy it. A high level caster is a nuke. I think they meet that threshold when the gain 7th level spells.

I wonder if a non proliferation pact would form and those who can cast 7th+ spells would take measure to keep any one else from getting them. Killing them once they obtain 7th level spells and a bit of time becomes very difficult. Not sure if that applies to druids.

I have to agree with Claxon, there just to many easy ways to casually wipe out an army.

The can be useful as an occupation force but I see little value to them as an offensive force.

On the other hand they are quite useful on defense when paired with things like wands or staffs. Massed archer is nice as well. If they have arrow slits to fire out of they get evasion. They may slow down the offense long enough for the cities big boys to arrive.

What they will not be is useful in melee. They will also not be threat to anyone behind a solid defense.

It looks to me like a wand or staff with fireball in it would hold of an army far better then siege weapons.

Catapults are cheaper and their ammo is generally inexpensive but they are non-mobile, require crews, cover a much smaller area (often just 1 square), and can miss. They do have longer range.

On the other hand a guy with can wipe out 100 and it is rechargeable while a wand user might take out as many as 1000 soldiers.

A wand or staff user can be buffed massively for defense and then just fly out over the opposing army.

If catapult ammo in the form shrapnel was available and covered large are that make them better but the alchemist fire ammo costs almost as much as charge from a wand and does not do enough damage in the secondary area to remove 2nd level warriors.

Once we have PCs going after the establishment I would need to find a way to calculate just how hard a fight a 3rd level wizard is with a staff that contains fireball.

Actually staffs are great way to go. If a guy has 2 staffs or 30 does not really change how difficult he is to defeat personally.

Even if stolen they do not work for long for those who can not recharge them.

Staffs would fit better with the long term view of elves.

I can give them limited access to last ditch 6th+ level spells.

A staff given to lower level underling vastly increases his effectiveness.

There a great treasure to hide a vault since they are only needed for nova situations.

With UMD is allows allows wizards to use divine spells regularly. It goes both ways. Just need a the right kinds of spells in the staff.

Lets low level caster have a higher CL with the loaner.

A staff with fireball in it might be better for defending a town and it is rechargeable. I can see staffs becoming a badge of office.

I like the idea of blood sacrifices.

I guess that blood could work if they hunted down all the elves. That might be hard though.

Well even at 10th level, those who play on the worlds stage can still give them a beat down. Of course that is only likely if they try an burn the kingdom to the ground. If they go for a coup the BIGs on the outside are unlikely to care.

I think that in my world most NPCs stop gaining levels because they are given land and subjects. Once they have them they do not have time for that adventuring nonsense. When a crisis happens a few die but those who step up and solve also gain the levels needed to fill those shoes.

I am toying with idea for my sample kingdom.

A thousand years ago a small band of elves sailed far from the rest of the world and found an uninhibited archipelago. They also brought many human slaves with them. The elves came this far so they could study magic (wizards) in peace and quiet. To this day many elves still become wizards and use their arcane talents to maintain lordship over the humans. The humans much faster population growth has led to fear among the elves and Asmodeus and his followers used to establish his church as the lawful church of the land.

Even a thousand years later much of the land is wilderness. Humanoids are never quite exterminated because they help to keep the human population in check. Non elven spell casters are watch very closely and if they are gain to much power they are put down. Often they can be bought of with a small fief and then they die of old age while the elves are still young. Good clerics that do not oppose the social order are allowed to to their thing. Those who can not be convinced that the chaos they would bring to topple the order would do more evil then good are crushed.

Still, with their long life spans the elves have let some fast growing caster and his comrades slip through their fingers. Entire islands have been lost to these upstart but they age undoes their works and eventually the old heroes die and the elves move in with might and magic.

Elves rarely stay dead since head of the church has a staff of life and will raise any elf with it.

Just thoughts.

I think you are right no that, especially at low levels. The higher level casters (and their martial comrades) will still deal with low level threats because it hurts their friends/subjects/minions. It should not be that hard for them to keep them from popping up within the kingdom. At the edges they may not see it as important.

Still a kingdom like this has plenty of wilderness so neat/dangerous places that do not target villages have plenty of places to hide. If the PCs poking with a stick makes it target civilization there is not that much available right away. Unless you can send an SOS with magic then it might take a guy with horse a few days to get the word out.

The PCs may need to keep "whatever" at bay for 24 to 48 hours before the big guns show up.

You found my sources. That is indeed where I got my info.

That density is a bit less then my proposed kingdom but it tends to be on the low end for Europe anyway. More evidence that Galorian should have more population.

Well give in exchange for eternal loyalty.

Forgot that one. Thanks.


I guess that is what I am trying to do. For now i am going to use my stats and lets see what a small kingdom would look like.

We have population 3 million folks. The land is fertile but monster lurk about so we go with a population density of 40 per square miles. This will cover an area of about 75,000 square miles. This is about the size of South Dakota.

We are looking at maybe 1 Metropolis or maybe not.
2-3 large cities
7-10 small cities
10-15 large towns
15-20 small towns
That is total of 30 to 50 urban centers
The generator I use defines a village as up to 1000, Towns as 1-8K, cities as 8-12K, and big cities as 12K+. Based on that there can be far more small towns. It came up with 1 big and 7 small cities and 36 towns with an average population of 5K. There are near 6K villages with an average 450 folks.

The distance between large towns and cities around 75 miles. That would mean that troops at 1 would need a week to relieve town. Generally they will have to defend themselves but fast reaction force can reach a village from a town in a day.

As far caster go:
We have 1 caster with 5th level spells.
9 with 4th (2 wiz, 2 sorc, 2 cleric, 2 oracle, 1 druid)
90 with 3rd (20, wiz, 20 sorc, 20 cleric, 20 oracle, 10 druids)
900 with 2nd
9000 with 1st

Using my settlement sizes it looks like small towns can will have 3nd level caster, large towns a 5th, cities will have a 7th level caster. There is single source for 5th level spells. Now that is a just one guy who can do so the whole spell list will not be available.

This means that not every large town will have a guy with fireball.

There are 10-20 druids in the entire kingdom who can cast plant growth. A few clerics might have it as well. Lets say at most 40 castings a day of plant growth. If some how that happened that would produce enough food to feed half a million extra people.

Lessor planar ally is available to two 2 to 5 casters. This can do alot. Greater TP a will can move 250 tons of supplies around the kingdom, carry a msg every village in the kingdom, drop things on an army with impunity. These may cost a few thousand GP do do but can be worth it. 6 yes/no questions for 100 to 150 GP is a steal.

Wall of stone can over time become very impressive. Once a day for year gives a wall 15 feet high and 1 mile long.

Teleport means that the rescue squad can get there right now.
Control wind means that an invading army dies on the first windy day.

How would this much magic effect the kingdom? Does this avoid the tippyverse? Is so low that gives mid level PCs to much agency in the world? (a 7th party would have fair shot at an coup while an 11th would barely break a sweat.)

Well the PC in question is a dwarven monk so his normal swim speed is 90 and then they stack on slip stream to make it 110 (140 with haste).

He has some way of making his monk speed effect swim but not fly speeds.

Since the dwarf is permanently size large and has a heavy lift belt and mule back cords he can routinely move around several tons.

Since is not a mount he would simply be carrying the other PC. Maybe apply the grappled condition to the rider?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Um, sell your old one?
Give it to a follower?
Transfer the enchantment to different PCs armor?

Cloak of the manta ray only works in salt water but makes salt water a tolerable living condition, can life bubble provide the salt water?

Normally that would end up with PC flopping around on the ground but skyswim allows him to fly. If life bubble works then the skyswim should work.

The wear of the cloak is large and a Magus would love to ride him in order to be able to move an full attack. That is standard with a mount but can a manta ray be used and are there rules for intelligent mounts?

I think that the attack with mount rules would apply but instead for your own attacks.

I put this in advice because I want advice on how to run as well as what the rules say.

RDM42 you correct is what you say. That is why I hate the guidelines we have do just that. It is why I am working on new guidelines.

For me, I am DC lack of continuity kills a story for me. If casters are as common as sandport the world look vastly different.

I would like to lower spellcasting enough that armies still matter at least on some level. If towns can routinely field a some one who can fly and wields wand of fireball then a mass of 2nd warriors will never matter. On the other hand if a wands only in cities and then countryside can still be ravaged by a hoard of orcs. Eventually the city is likely to send someone to deal with hoard but maybe not before it burns the PCs home town to the ground.

Plant growth is probably the spell changes the world the most. A kingdom that can field that spell once a day every day frees grows enough extra food to feed 11 to 18 thousand extra people.

I think with my propose demographics there will not be enough casters to an entire kingdom but if I am wrong about that then huge advantage of non agricultural labor should be noted. Also a staff with Plant growth and detect magic can be UMDed by any one and recharged by any one with 3rd level spells. Stealing that staff can really hurt a kingdom that relies on it.

But I wear full plant and switching to breast plate will lower my AC.

I thought is 300K for Absalom. Any way it have 1.3 M in villages to support it.

True about them accumulating. Got to think about that.

I think the population density is far to low to accurate if 40 million is the total population.

My rough guess is that the inner sea has about 8M sq mi of land. That is a population density of about 5 people per square mile.

My research shows that 40 to 50 would be more in line with the land area.

That would bring The total to 320 to 400 million and if that is the case then what I have proposed should work.

I was wrong about 1 thing though; 1 in 300 is less then 1 to a village.

I know the demographics presented gamemaster's guide. I just think that is way to common.

Assuming that urban life is 10 percent of the population then all of your numbers go up by a factor of 10.

That puts a caster with 8th level spells at 1 in 250K. The inner sea has about 40M so that would mean that there are 160 folks in the that region alone who can cast 8th level spells.

I just hate using cities to try a derive demographics because it is hard to know how much of the world that caster represents. Now if urbanity actually causes casters then this reasonable but that seams unlikely.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would put Absalum in the 3M range since I am including all of the support structure. This assumes the 90/10 rule for urban living. That said maybe I was using modern population figures. I should scale things back to represent a lower population.

4 caster with 9th levels spells ever is about what i am going for.

Looking at the inner sea region I would want to include 1 or 2 casters with 7th level spells. I might make one of them capable of 8th level spells. There we be 11 to 13 casters (not including the first 2) capable of 6th level spells. Then 130-140 casters with 5th level spells. 1500 with 4th, 15K with 3rd, 150K with 2nd, and 1.5M with 1st.

I found a thread places the inner seas population at around 40 million.
Since Garund is less populace and only half developed I would need to divide all of my by 10. That means that 1 in 30 folks is a full caster.

That would imply that about 1 in 10 has a PC level.

I think this makes magic to common on the bottom end.

Interesting world T. Looks like my numbers make high level characters even more rare then you.

I feel that it should be difficult for towns to obtain a wand of fireball for defensive purposes. Even at my level a province is likely to be able to stock pile a few of them. A single wand user could seriously disrupt an army.

Since 0th level spell are accessible with out being a full caster I would guess that maybe 1 in 100 folks can use a 0th level spell. The cracked orange Ioun stone makes them even easier to gain.

If the water was permanent then casting create water all day every day would really add up. Since it fades it will help but not near enough to solve an issue like California.

I did occur to that an army of low level warriors means very little when many town and most cities can afford wands of fireball. The are great for defense but do not batter down walls well at all.

I purposely made the caster population low. I am not sure it counts as low magic though.

Since the tippyverse requires TP circles to force the concentration of cities I figured that if we limit the the number something like 6 ever in all of history then we can say that did not happen. I also have rules that make traps not the best thing ever for spell spam.

The question is how magical is world that has casters as low as I do. I think at this point food still needs to be grown and fabricate machines will not dominate manufacturing. Food production really forces the spread of folks across the land, if it can not be replaced with magic then we still see a villages dominate.

On the other hand towns will have easy access to levitate so building can be tall quite easily.

Making casting this low though does have the issue that 7th level PC party has the magical fire power to be a major issue in a city or even a metropolis. This is not necessarily a bad thing but does need to be accounted when thinking of PC agency.

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