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Mathius's page

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I figured the bird will never attack an enemy but will often fly through threatened area.

I will be an ranged attacker without point blank mastery so I will invoke when I shoot. My AC is high but the bird can add even more.

The weapon will not help but a helpful (halfling) bird with +5 benevolent armor will add 9.

I think that will get the build to a 64AC vs AoO

I am willing to drop dodge and mobility but i am not sure what I would drop them for. If I do I will have 3 open feats. I have no slots open for myself so teamwork feats are out.

I would love a roc but rangers do not get them. I am taking a bird while playing a small race. I do not get it until 7th and by then I hope to have permanent reduce person.

Thanks you. I think there is some sort of weapon enchantment that can help as well but I have not found it yet.

So my little Birdy is looking at

Dodge, Mobility, Combat Reflexes, Body guard, Extra traits (helpful,?), improved natural armor plus one more, maybe fleet.

Dex will get to 18 and int will be 3.

Not to often that I will suffer 5 AoO in a round.

Now i have to add in treasure


Specifically I want ride a bird and since it will not be meant as an attacker I figured that bodyguarding might be a way to go.

Also has this been hashed out in some other thread?

Yours is the conservative standpoint.

I do not think a SU ability counts as a spell even if it acts like one.

I agree that wild shape can not be used with other polymorph spells or effects.

The last line only prevents size related spells not all magical effects.

I will concede that the 2nd sentence could lead one to treat any polymoprh effect as a spell.

If SU effect counts as spell in can be dispelled. I do not think that wildshape can be dispelled.

Do you have any evidence that SU that mimic spells count as spells?

In addition, other spells that change your size have no effect on you while you are under the effects of a polymorph spell.

Wildshape is not a polymoprh spell. It just works like one. If you take it like that then one size effecting spell can be added.

Also, the growth domain is a SU ability to enlarge person. This should work with a polymorph spell.

I know this is stretching raw.

Arsinoitherium is great!

A hunter can take this form.

I was hoping there would be something that allowed others to play the big hit game well.

I also thought you could combine enlarge person, righteous might, and animal growth to go colossal. While wildshape is not a poly effect, size increasing spells have line that pervents stack with each other.

Meant D8s so things just get worse.

24d8 is 768 damage.

That left out d6 might scale three times becoming 3d6 and taking the total to 786.

The conqueror ooze is a build that uses the cave druid archetype to gain ooze wildshape.

The Carnivorous Crystal Ooze is medium and has a natural attack of 7d6.

Improved natural attack takes 6d6 to 8d6.

Strong jaw takes 8d16 to 16d6.

Assuming that a beastshape is not an effect that increases your size then it is possible to use a spell to become large. This is debatable. The effect will overlap with and not stack with wildshape so far as stat boosts go.

That takes damage to 24d6.

Assuming you take 4 levels in a full BAB class you get greater vital strike at 20th level.

This lets you vital strike for 96d6

Rageing plus furious finish allows this to be maximized to 576.

Stack on all static mods and you get to darn high.


Minotaur double Xbow has less penalties and does a D10 to start with. Still not good enough.

Is there anything out there that can even come close to the Ooze, Carnivorous Crystal in terms of attack dice for a natural weapon?

I would love anything that is medium at 2d6 or better. That would be a large at 3d6 and so on.

Preferable something that can be wildshaped into.

Giants are doable with a mask but I am not sure any of them have get big enough with a natural attack.

Alter self allows humanoids so might be something there.

Some thoughts on the double crossbow.

I do not think you can fire it with one hand so wielding an oversized one is out. It would be cool if having 3 arms would let you wield an oversized two handed weapon.

The double crossbow can not be full attacked with any way out since the fastest reload you can get is swift action. 11 levels of gunslinger is still nice for the free reload every turn.

To take full advantage of vital strike one needs at least a +16 BAB and to be as large as possible.

The best I have come up with is using the polymorph any object to transform our gunslinger into rift giant. Since there are no spells that turn you into gargantuan giant your stats stay the same.

Use the plant domain to activate the growth ability to become colossal.

Gravity bow does not change the size of your weapon so it should still work on colossal crossbow.


Adding in a pinch of barbarian with furious finish allow this to maximized.

This 512 damage plus double any static mods and only a -2 to dex.

Assuming we can add 45 in static mods then we will break 600 points in one shot but it that does not seam all that impressive for a 2oth level character.

I would be willing to bet a that two Xbows can do better with there 9 attacks.

Mask of Giants:
This wooden mask depicts a leering humanoid with an oversized nose and ears. If the wearer has the wild shape class feature, the mask allows her to use wild shape to take the form of a humanoid with the giant subtype. The forms allowed by a lesser mask of giants are ogre, troll, fire giant, frost giant, or stone giant. If the form has any of the following abilities, the wearer gains the listed ability: darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent. In giant form, the wearer gains a +4 size bonus to Strength, a –2 penalty to Dexterity, and a +1 natural armor bonus.

A greater mask of giants has all the powers of a lesser mask, plus additional abilities in giant form. If the form has any of the following abilities, the wearer gains the listed ability: rend (2d6 damage), regeneration 5 (acid or fire), rock catching, rock throwing (range 60 feet, 2d6 damage). If the chosen giant form has immunity or resistance to any energy type, the wearer gains resistance 20 to that energy type when in giant form. If the giant form has vulnerability to an energy type, the wearer gains that vulnerability when in giant form. In giant form, the wearer gains a +6 size bonus to Strength, a –2 penalty to Dexterity, a +4 size bonus to Constitution, and a +4 natural armor bonus.

Does the greater version of this allow for forms other then those listed with the lessor?

I am not say a goblin can be redeemed but a paladin would insist on a quick death.

Using the body as bait might be okay.

Let a cool thing work once. After the game make sure that the players know it worked due to cool and not to expect it work again.

Thanks. I would love to have contingent dispel magic on my real body but if it is an object then you can not put spells on it.

If I had a polymorph effect up when I cast astral projection would my real body stay changed?

I really want to cast it from my own demi plane and have up protection spells but that is difficult if I am now and object.

With the astral projection spell.

Any thoughts form any one?

Sorry if in the the wrong place. I think this is more a Galorian thing then specific to the AP

So I am giving my players a ship at the end of book one but things went way off the rails. The got marooned on Bonewrack Isle instead of shipwrecked. For some reason the Infernous had scroll of salvage hidden under its decks for the PCs to find.

I intend the infernous to be the flag ship of one of the pirate kings of yore. It is very small but highly magical. The magical add-ons are will not function and will require make whole to restore. For the PCs to use make whole they will need to make sure they have all the pieces and enough caster level to repair the item. I intent to change make whole to only require CL+2 to restore an item instead of CLx2.

What is the history of the Infernous?
What is the histroy of the Pirate king who captained her?
Why was it sunk?
Why is there a salvage scroll hidden there for the PCs to find.

For the ship itself I am using Fire as She Bears rules. Dex starts at 11 instead of 10. 2 hull sections and 3 rigging sections. Made of darkwood with a sleek hull. This allows me to get away with a small crew but the boat will be slow and will carry very little cargo until magic is obtained. The ship is very maneuverable.

Any other mundane things I should put on the ship?
What magic should I use and what CL should I make them? I know that death knell will add one the PCs level so the CL should be at least 1 higher then I want them to have it at.
I can slow down the magic if I need to with macguffins.

Thanks in adavance.

I thought they were added to the cost but I could be wrong.


Throw exp out the window. Most APs come with a guide as to when the PCs should be what level.

This discourages EX farming and does not punish players for not opening every door.

In Mummy's mask I would grant one level after each dungeon.

If I am in an astral body (or created one on a different plane) and someone successfully casts imprisonment on me and then astral projection ends?

Same question but with trap the soul, parasitic soul, binding, temporal statis.

1. polymorph any object yourself into a sprite
2. equip belt of the weasel
3. enter a demi-plane that is only 6" x 6" x 6"

You will be squeezing but that does not effect casting.

I could not find a fine form capable of casting.

This would be better if it could be done with a form of spell but I can not find diminutive form that can spell cast. If you one is available you can combine it with reduce person to become fine.

That would allow a 3" x 3" x 3" demi-plane.

Wishport may allow you to enter someones space but even a diminutive creature needs a 6" x 6" x 3" space to squeeze into.

There are creatures small enough to enter this space with you but I do not think any of them can cast. That would give you huge advantage.

Immunity to crits will stop a coup de grace but a strong creature or one with dex to damage can do a lot a damage fast but this should buy you at least a round and maybe more.

Going to want a contingent dispel magic set to end your astral projection if anything else enters the plane with you.

There are many things that violate the purpose of the rule but are legal.

I am not sure this even does that though. The time required to gather magic capital will be considerable. Also it takes 2 feats to make it 25 gold instead of 50.

Extra time to to save money is not necessarily a bad thing.

This does not seam as bad a blood money.

I would allow it to effect an area of stone.

I think a 3 inch cube is the smallest area you can work with so no thin but long cuts to drop an entire ceiling on someone. In a game I ran a 14th level cleric dropped a 20 by 20 stone out a roof so the party could fly in from the top instead of the front door. Also landed it on the demon.

Trapping gets a reflex save.

Damage can not be direct but it can start an avalanche.

Cutting a tower is hard because the are made up of many stones.

A targeted stone can not increase in volume but I would allow wielding with the spell.

If a magic item gets some of its cost from expensive components can you pay that part of the price with magic capital?

Okay so traits will not help that much. I think you can trait up to 20 percent. That would save you 5000 GP.

Since you can buy magic capital for 25 GP (with the right feat) then the 75000 would only cost 18750.

The remaining 17500 would cost 4375 in magic capital.

Total cost for the ring is then 23125.

This means that each wish only cost about 1/3 the price they normally do.

Of course it will take forever to generate 925 magic capital. Good use for sno cones.

srd wrote:

Ring of Three Wishes

Aura strong universal; CL 20th
Slot ring; Price 120,000 gp; Weight —

This ring is set with three rubies. Each ruby stores a wish spell, activated by the ring. When a wish is used, that ruby disappears. For a randomly generated ring, roll 1d3 to determine the remaining number of rubies. When all the wishes are used, the ring becomes a non-magical item.
Construction Requirements

Forge Ring, miracle or wish; Cost 97,500 gp.

My theory on the cost is 75k is material components and the other 22500 is for the ring.

Does a trait like Eldritch Smith apply to the 97500 or the 22500?

Can I use magic capital to pay for all 97500 GP of the ring or just the 22500?

Also vital strike is great for NPC mooks who often will not hit the high AC front line fighter. At least when the do it hurts.

A foe can be alive for any number of reason after a full attack. You can roll poorly, miss chance, very high AC, mirror image, contingent heal, High HP.

As a DM I allow any standard action stuff to combine together. I am really worried about making cleave better when pouncing and mounted charges exist. At least with HP damage the BBEG will not end up as chicken.

Skill items are pretty cheap.

A druid could go a long way to balance things out.

Maybe an inquisitor or oracle can make a good archer and have nice spell support.

The main thing you need to do is get some healing into the party but you should avoid a dedicated healer. Many cleric builds heal well even if the invest nothing in it and focus on melee or buffing.

Hunter could work to.

I thought you could only have one clone at a time.

Yeah that would work.

Good ideas. Gonna have to work that in.

I know the math allows more but I would go with 25 feet for solid and 50 for hollow.

If you want really big, build a scale model with 10-100 pieces and then enlarge the pieces with the spell.

Lifting should not be a problem since if you really want to to you can make a build that can lift an aircraft carrier. A heavy lift belt plus ant haul on a colossal flier should let you build it.

Or permanent shrink item on each piece with the same command word and knowledge engineering allows for pretty cool growth sequence on the colossus.

A bard is great officer but bard song does not cover enough area to influence a battle involving 10,000 troops.

I am going to go with sorc or wizard. Sorc will have better ability to lead the troops with cha skills but the wizard will have more knowledge and tactics.

Both can decimate an army on their own.

Lets call out an E6 world where large numbers of troops will make a difference. I 15t level party or 100,000 2nd level warriors is not a hard choice.

In that case I am going to call out the caviler for his banner or the lore warden.

Very true Claxon but I am not the GM if I post "The paranoids guide to home security" I want to build something and post it.

This wizard rules a the world and the mighty heros want to depose him. How do you do it?

Thank you all.

I am doing this a thought exercise more then anything else. I do not expect to be able to pull this off in real game. Besides I do not see how this could be fun.

I was more thinking of this for BBEG in a game that I run. Even then most games do not get to this point so it is more what could a truly paranoid wizard set up still inside the rules.

Of coarse after you build it you have others look for ways to tear through it. Wishport past most defenses seamed the easiest so I am trying to prevent that.


What i would really like to do is set all this up and then astral project out to do whatever I do.

That rules out a dead or antimagic zone but not a rope trick or magnificent mansion. Dimensional lock can be overcome with SR so set mine as high possible then cast 20 times to get out. Spellbane works to but sets up a non locked area.

I tend to thing that a spell is not a local condition but that is DM judgement.

I intend the area to be deadly but I would really like him to have to come in through the front door.

Any way to be inside a golem? Armor is a start but the golem can not act on its own.

Cast astral projection then soul jar something and come back to your original body in that one. Then Minimus Containment on yourself. Put the gem inside the golem with the binding to end if the astral projection ends.

You would have to know to wish yourself inside the golem and that may not be possible at all due to magic immunity.


If I cast astral projection and then a dimensional lock is placed on over my slumbering body does it end the spell?

If not and the spell end for other reasons can get back to my body?

If I have SR can attempt to teleport into a locked area?

Well forcing them into the risky version of wish is the best I am going to get. Same with miracles, if the deity says yes then there nothing I can do about it.

I do intend the area around me to be a death trap but the farther from the the better.

I the idea for dead magic plane was for there to be a portal to the material and to Dimension locked plane. That way who ever wants to see me has to go through the dead magic plane filled with golems.

I can see that but what if they do know where I am?

Of course if I am the only who has ever seen my plane then if other suspect it they do not actually know it.

I agree with Wraithstrike and Kayerloth.

Wish that guy to the sun, yep. That is pretty good way to destroy anything not fire immune. Since the sun is not a disintegration or death then event the big T goes dies forever if you can remove its immunity to fire.

I also think you could wish into a dead magic zone.

I tend to think that a spell in not a local condtion though since dimensional lock stops gate and that is a dedicated 9th level travel spell.

What about being inside a rope trick or behemoth golem with 7 other creatures?

So if I am a high level caster and I have built a wonderful hide what can do to keep out wishing intruders.

Can they wish themselves into my square?
Do active spells count as local conditions?
Can the enter magnificent mansion?
Does dimensional lock keep them out?
Anti magic zone?
What about surrounding myself with solid materiel?
I tend to thing dimensional lock would keep them out because it stops gate and that is dedicated 8th level spell.

Magnificent mansion is 7th level but has language about only invited guest being allowed in.

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