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I only ever worry about this kind of stuff at low level and then only for big things or weak characters. Once they character gets and ant haul belt even a weak character can carry reasonable things and permanently enlarger dwarf with one gets crazy fast. My current game is a zany mega dungeon. At first level the pooled wealth to by a yak, a cart, and driver. The driver gets about 10 times what he would with a profession check so he is very loyal. This allowed them to cart out a wine cellar the found.

I think the big difference between slavery and restricted freedom is the concept of personhood. If a person is denied their personhood then they are slave. I do not denying personhood to a thinking being is ever good. By this definition slavery is never good.

That said being in bondage to the government or an individual is not slavery unless it is also dehumanizing. An argument can be had about bondage always being dehumanizing.

One can also say that some governments enslave most of their populations.

Mature adult Blue dragon got here a year ago and made the tower his. He just wants the library witch he has yet to access.

So I have PCs who want be able to more quickly get a bunch of buffs.

They would like a gem then can cast multiple buffs into then activate later as standard action.

The spell slot is occupied until the spell is released from the gem and fades after 24 hours. (The do not want more spells, just to turn them on faster)

No personal spells

Spells effect only the holder of the gem even if the original spell could effect an area or more then one target.

An example would be a gem that could hold 6 levels of spells of up to 3rd level.

The casters in the group fill it with Haste, enlarge person, and bull's strength and then give it to the fighter.

Several hours later the party encounters a dragon that breaths on the PCs and downs the casters. The fighter spends a round and now gains the benefit of all 3 spells as if they were just cast.

Timeless magic on a demi plane gives all the time we need.

Make a sim of The infernal duke. Recast timestop and make him go deal with the issue since he can leave while still under time stop.

Or make a time dragon and go back far enough to stop the launch.

I realize that. I was switching because the base gnoll race or monster is dull. The kuru have a neat bite ability as well as the bite in the first place. I just figured that gnarled would bring their CR up to somewhere near a 1.

I am aiming for a CR 4 for 6 players with gnolls being a CR 1 each. I am changing over to the Kuru for their neat bite.

Gnolls have great flavor but rules wise they are boring and seam a bit weak for their CR.

They are mean to be kind of scary for my level 1 PCs but if I compare them to my PCs they worse in almost every way except HP.

I was thinking that gnarled Kuru warrior 1 armed with a long spear.

I was thinking of going with a simple weapon focus for the feat.

So what do folks think would be the most interesting way to beef up a gnoll to be a CR 1 threat?

I am thinking that a D6 bite and reach would do the trick. Sub power attack for multi attack. No reach on the bites.

I was just double checking my self before I give them a buff.
I was considering adding two to all stats or giving them natural reach or both. Also considered adding a d6 bite and more Nat armor or some sort pack bonus.

I was considering doing just that but also wanted to discuss the general point of either under CRed humanoids or over CRed NPCs with their first level and NPC wealth.

I just ran an adventure with hobgoblins and we are moving on to gnolls. Hobgoblins are tougher in every way then gnolls, this made compare the above categories.

To me most CR 1/2 humanoids are about the same as 2 HD humanoids.

Is this a case of the money difference between NPC and PC gear at 1st level not being enough to matter? A 1st level fighter with its 390 GP and one with one with 260 are both CR 1 or CR 1/2.

My instincts tell me that CR 1/2 accurate and that would mean that most of the CR 1 humanoids and monstrous humanoids are under CRed but I wanted to double check before a boost my gnolls.

The right fix fell like it should be better stats for humanoids and better natural weapons and armor for monstrous humanoids.

Silly players not going where I thought they were going. This will be great when they actually go that way.

this is for a home game anyway. Thanks I will look in it.

Title says it all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My own rules on Simulacrum are as follows.

No undead or constructs since those are not actually alive in the first place.

No outsiders (except native) since the are their soul.

SLA CL is cut in half, if the spell can not normally be cast at that level it is replaces with a different spell along the same lines.

The Simulacrum thinks it is the original but only knows what the caster knows of the original.

They can replenish spell slots, make magic item, accrue social status and the like.

They can not retrain or gain levels.

Magic heals them at half effectiveness but they do not heal from rest.

The do need to eat, breath, sleep, etc as if they were the original creature. They do not age.

They do not have soul. If a soul is is some how granted to one the creator lose control. GM discretion as to the personality. They can now gain in power and they do age.

I need a riddle whose answer is eighty. It can be an equation or riddle but I would like two simpler forms for successful int checks.

Do not worry, the PC can by pass the riddle with a sledge hammer or DD check. They just get a bonus for solving the riddle.

There are some pretty hard core math guys in the group so calculus is not beyond them but they would be quite rusty.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

He was immune to retaliation due to range reasons, not because they could not see him.

The logarithmic scale is great. The only other rule I would like to see is modifiers to size beyond colossal. For example, the pcs are in the middle of a desert and want to find a settlement. The nearest hamlet is 40 miles away. The PCs use a levitate spell to be able to see over the horizon. What is the perception DC to notice the hamlet?

The Dr Monroe idea is quite neat. I need some plot. That is why I am doing the job board bit.

Any thoughts by anyone?

My players are tired of plot and stories and just want to focus on combat and comedic role play. We have also chosen to use E6. Big 6 bonus are baked into leveling. As such I plan to make it hard for them to accumulate large amounts of wealth. They will have to pay for their lifestyle and pay the interest back on the loans they needed to take out to get an adventures license. The will eventually get a chance a big score that can get them ahead and from their get rich like their idols (the 6th level delvers)

dungeon setup:
I am using a hex grid for the overall map of the dungeon. The far farther from center the more dangerous the hex. The hexs are not in the real world. Only the the center hex is the real world and it is the only way into the dungeon (except when it is not). A hex is filled with all kinds of monsters and even if you kill them they eventually respawn. The city over the dungeon pays adventures to help suppress the monster population. The dungeon walls often contain gems and valuable metals so teams are sent in to mine those. Also with in a given hex are doors that lead to demiplanes. Each demiplane is a nice convenient self convenient adventure site of any type imaginable. Site must be cleared quickly because mook level bad guys respawn fairly quickly (hours to days). If the high end monsters a dealt with the whole area resets. The theme stays the same but the maps and monsters may change around. This exploited because the loot also resets. Hexs can also reset witch shifts the map and may take away some sites and make others available. It is also dangerous since every monster in the zone re spawns all at once. basically the hex needs to be explored and tames all over again.

Given the above I am looking to create a job board the the PCs to pick from. I have 14 potential jobs for them to pick from but each one just few words at this point. I could use more job ideas (for 1st level PCs) and to flesh each one out into paragraph of to.

This first six involve traveling to door in the dungeon and entering a site to hunt a creature and harvest something form it. I think any of the following would be neat. Ankhek, Dire ape, Cockatrice, Giant scorpion, minotaur, or yeti.

The next to involve escorting a wagon to a door. They will get gaurds for so we can focus on the site but an attack or two on the way back might spice things up if they site was to easy. The first is a winery complete with already aged wine and the other involves harvesting water melons (they grow no where else). The both benefit form being heavy and fragile.

The next task is being the wagon guards for a more experience team while the go and clear a zone and bring the loot out.

Mining draws monsters in like nothing else so for this one you are part of team and assigned a zone so that you can intercept the baddies before they get all the noise.

Speaking of zones I was thinking they could take job manning a strong point so that those who get in over their heads (most adventures are warrior 1 or 2) can train their monsters into the PCs. They could also be given a zone to patrol and be asked to run towards the sound of screams.

Lastly they could escort a mapping or reading team around a hex. Reading involves lots of bulky fragile eq used to determine the true nature of the dungeon.

I know I am bad a presentation. Sorry about wall of text.

I think 6th level casters are more fun since they are not as powerful. They also can usually swing a weapon and that is fun.

Mostly I need to know what to do to become a PFS GM. Thanks.

I a PF gm with a load experience but i have never played in PFS. We have regular game but we do not like play if any one is absent. We have chosen to play PFS scenarios when there is an absent player. I would like make is official so that characters can be taken to cons.

Can someone point me to where I need to go and what I need to do to accomplish this?

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1000 sims of creatures with a decent STR and some int, griffins work. Grab 1000 commoners. Fly over the city with you hostages. Drop 50 every round they do not surrender. If they fight, just leave and repeat somewhere else. Oh yeah drop them all at once if they fight.

Lets say that wyrm is right and it is hard to become wizard and takes years to accomplish.

Lets take 2 small countries of 1 million folks each. Neither one has much magical infrastructure at this point. If 1 invests 10 percent into magical colleges and training wizard core is there anything 2 can do that does not involve magic with the same coin? I think the answer is no and since that is the case that means that while peasants can not easily afford magical training, countries can.

This guide really breaks things down well. The blog is excellent as well.

With 5 players you will want 3 to 10 monsters in an encounter. 1 or 2 get overwhelmed by action economy and more then 10 monsters is very unwieldy.

A plane with several gates back to the material plane can connect every important site it the world easily. The cost of two permanent castings is quite low compared to the trade value of the new road.

An animated object can be given a fly speed the str carry many thousands of tons. Can also be done with undead or trained dinos.

Traps allow the spamming of spells (the should require ammo) to point where a raise dead and remove disease trap be in every town.

Fabricate allows mass production.

Levitate allows floating platforms for defense.

Here is a thought. If corpse is still a creature, does this mean that I can cast haste on a corpse?

This can matter since breath life can bring them back before haste would end.

Remember that an RPG is not a computer game. Since rules must go through GM with a human brain first we do not need a rule to say that if your PC falls into water that you are now wet.

dead creatures not getting to act falls into that category.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As a GM I would not allow it to be fixed to an item. It has to be tied to a location. I may allow you to tie to a location that moves. A portal to a ship or flying castle or chicken hut could work in my games. The downside would be that the portal is destroyed if the ship/castle/chicken hut is destroyed.

In a world where flight is available (even the spell) will look different because walls will not be a valid defense of towns. Bunkers would need to be used. Maybe that is why we have dungeons.

trapper ranger or commoner

Some house rules that help.

At will abilities are changed to 5 times a day on all things everywhere.

Traps that copy spells need a wand, scroll, staff, or x times a day item to power them.

Fabricate has no material component but instead targets the materials.

CL for magic item creation is your base CL and is a hard prereq.

If PCs are not interested in running a kingdom or exploiting infinite wealth loopholes then use the RAW. If they are then a trade/economic system will be needed.

A lyre of building or staff with fabricate in it are still crazy powerful but they are cost more and take longer to pay for themselves.

I tend to agree with Ael. I think he takes things to far with his arguments but his points are good.

The main reason to address this issue is the PCs. Lets say a party reaches 11th level and has liberated a small country from tyrant and decides to run the country themselves.

This is the situation that breaks immersion for folks like Ael and I.

Food security and national defense will be primary responsibilities.

As rulers we need to know what is going on across the country. Many outsiders have greater teleport at will. 20 or 30 such creatures with a fly speed can easily watch over vast swaths of the country side. Any attack on your villages and towns will be spotted and things like armies and big creatures will be spotted early. They can they teleport to the PCs who then teleport to the problem and deal with it.

Lantern and hound Archons serve this purpose wonderfully. They can be gained through planar ally, planar binding, plane shift+dominate monster(or simply asking) or simulacrim.

That is pretty good start on national security.

A simulacrim, bound, or allied bronze dragon (juvenile) will feed 168K civilians, more if they work more then 8 hours a day. Traps of create food and water cost 16500 GP and can feed 400K civilians. Logistics will reduce that that still....
Plant growth at will exsits among the fea, some outsiders can cast it or have it as an SLA. This alone will add hugely to a food supply.

At this point a lot of labor has been freed up simply by PC action. A wizard could start wizards college. If even 1 in 50 folks obtain wiz 1 there is enough magic to change everything.

The PCs then ask why other LG countries did not do this. They ask tyrants do not do some of it at least. They may want the people servile but they also want prosperous.

I do not think that tech as we know would happen in world with magic in it.

On the other hand it very hard to come up with a reason that large empires like Cheliax do not have have things like and air force or teleport networks or other magitech thing.

A lyre of building costs 13K to buy. In an hour is does 600 man/days of labor. Assuming it is only unskilled labor that is still 60 GP of work. If this allows a craft or profession check that increases to 600 GP in that single hour. Even at worst it will pay for itself in 50 months. At even untrained crafting levels it only takes 5 months to pay for itself. This can be reduced even more if the perform checks can be made to play longer.

A coldwarp key can make 9 cubic feet of processed metal a day. Lets call that about 400 GP a day in ingots. This means it takes less then 4 months to pay for this item purely by harvesting metal. If you go for equipping troops with full plate it can be done even faster.

With just this we have fairly good resource harvesting an building.

First off I was making a very over the top point using the trap rules.

A staff is slower but pays for itself in few months. The point is that is possible to make almost anything out of plain nothing. Since this is a one time cost this means that magic can replace all resource gathering and manufacturing processes.

In my games I rule that it does not work that way. Fabricate targets materials instead of using them as a component. Traps need source for the spells they cast like a wand, scroll, or staff. Also the lyre of building is a one time use item at the same cost. My PCs still buy them routinely.

So lets say that magic prevents tech from developing. How do you prevent magic from simply replacing tech?

For a stupidly low price I can have 14400 of something a day.

A fabricate trap only costs 2250 GP to make. On top of that I need to invest 33.3 times the value of the what ever I want. I will choose magic item crafting materials as my finished good. If I invest 3333 extra gp I only need trigger the trap 50 times to have all the material I need to craft for a full day.

A village of 500 with have little trouble affording that.

So we have now established that village (or 3rd level party) can access enough wealth craft items forever.

The highest spellcraft check I can see for an item would be about a 40.

Since you can take 10 we only need a modifier of 30 to make any item we can imagine.

A 5th wizard can have craft wondrous item, skill focus, Magical Aptitude, extra traits (Theoretical Magician) and 5 ranks in a class skill.

We are at +16. Start with 15 int. Headband of int +6, tome +5 and skill item gets us to a +29. Humans have extra feat and some races might be able to get a racial bonus to bump us over 30.

That crafter might be a bit over specific but losing 10 points still allows creation on most items.

This means a 5th level wizard and village can make any item given enough time.

3rd level adepts can make many low level items.

One of my issues is that CL and other prereqs can be skipped by a more difficult check. This allows much lower level wizards to access high level spells.

I just realized that control must be transferable since you can buy a construct that you did not make.

I know you can give that order but I am not clear on weather or not the object can understand language.

That sidebar would indicate that caster is the pilot but does not say weather he can transfer control.

Thanks for the wagon.

Where in SnS is the stuff about animate ships?

Yes it can drive itself, but how do you let others guide it?

I must have missed those.

I was not sure if you can pass control by ordering it to follow directions of others.

I like the spinning gear idea.

A large animated object can be made strong enough to drag or even lift colossal things. That wold mean that a 5th level caster and enough money can make bomber.

I think tanks and planes are quite viable with this as long as control can be transferred or is unnecessary due to constant motion.

I big worry at this level of play is dex damage and touch attacks. I would give him a way to resist that kind of stuff. Mirror image works.

what did you find?

I would let the PC control the NPC allies if they join the fight. Otherwise alot the game is the players watching yo fight yourself.

For fun, have something down the Ks quickly then grab them and run. This works well if some get grabbed and others do not.

I am not sure that a golem can be a a vehicle. I know I can animate a wagon and make that permanent. I was just wondering if there is a way to transfer control of it to others.

If I animate a wagon and order it to allow itself to be driven does that work?

Basically is there a method of transferring control that can be passed on even with out the makers presence or knowledge.

I want be able to animate a wagon then sell it to someone else. I also want that guy to be able to pass it on to others and so on down the line.

I was thinking of building in a piloting mechanism and commanding the construct to follow the piloting rig.

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