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I think that we can assume smite in CR since she would not be fighting the party if they were not evil.

For a better comparison try a level 16 NPC paladin and level 20 NPC paladin.

How does she compare to that?

Of course the cube eventually gets bigger. Eventually it becomes 2 cubes. The orcs may not want a second cube. Once they get one they may need to find a new home.

Mainly I would just like to see magic reflected in the world.

Also why are wizards not interested in money?

It would still be a 5th level spell to recharge the staff. If the staff has detect magic as well as fabricate then any one who can cast detect magic or fabricate can recharge it. That opens the recharging to many classes that do not get fabricate.

The UMD part is simply use the staff to cast fabricate if you do not have it on your list.

Xexyz you are right about the pathfinder economy being broken. As it stands there is no point in trade. Nothing sells more in one place then another. The only reason to move goods is that they can not be made somewhere.

Fabricate is still broken. With a spell like fabricate there is no reason for world not be at least industrial and possibly post scarcity.

I think simply making the duration of fabricate or any other spells that make something from nothing permanent instead of instant would solve many problems.

Wall stone is a permanent some thing from nothing spell as well. At 12th level it makes more stone then it costs to hire the caster.

I am not saying this one is OP but it would change the world.

With the Lyre I was thinking of the force march rules. The first 8 are trivial and adding 2 more should be doable but gets difficult after that.
Imagine a skeleton lord player who never needs to eat and does not get tired.

The coldwarp key can fab any metal but is limited to base metal for is major creation power. My calculations assumed that just sold iron as trade good.

A staff that can fabricate an item worth 3K cost 68K. It takes no material and pays for itself in 23 days. It will make you more then 1 million GP a year and you will never run out of markets since you can poof up metal ingots to sell.

For a small extra charge you can add a low level spell that will allow a non wizard to charge it and UMD will trigger it.

To get an idea of how to price items that can flat out make money for you we have to look no further then the lyre of building.

Any one who uses this to make money will never fail a DC 18 check. A fifth level anything with a 20 cha with skill focus, prodigy and extra traits grants you a +17. It can probably be done at 1st level if one real tries and brings magic into it.

This item makes 60GP an hour and the player can play for 10 hours before he needs to stop in all likely hood. This amounts to 600 GP a week and costs 13000 to buy. It takes 22 weeks to make a profit.

After that user makes 31200 GP a year.

Another item that allow is even better for money making is the coldwarp key. The key can make 9 cubic feet of iron a day. That is 441 GP a day in iron. It can then be shaped in to field plate. At bare minimum it makes 440 GP a day. It can also craft a gold statue worth 100K (66K profit). It can do more but you can not sell things for more then that.

Lets call it 2200 a week. At that rate it takes 21 weeks to break even and the you make 114K a year.

Items clearly get better as go up in price but it looks like a money making item should cost about 20 times its weekly income. The problem is that the ratio gets better as the price goes up.

Either one of these items can destroy a labor force.

I mean how many man hours does it take to produce 4420 pounds of iron?

Buffs like life bubble great. Had PCs in low earth orbit when they encountered a caster.

Dispel magic got real scary.

At high levels one should assume that the BBEG has a lair not conducive to PC life. That way the PC have to use resources to deal with environment and dispel magic is very potent tool.

An example would be anything immune to fire should have a very hot lair.

Lichs have not O2 in their sanctum.

Aquatics is water have a huge advantage. Water needs 3 effects to deal with (breath, freedom of movement, a swim speed). They might not be worth dispelling but uses a fair bit of party resources to deal with.

I think many of the spells listed a best in class and they do change how the game is played.

The cliffs of insanity are not a challenge to 5th level party.

I think teleport would be made better by making int always scatter. It is great for getting to distant city but awful for getting into the king's bedchamber. Cities set up teleport traps that casters want to get stuck in so they end up in the town square. For small village aim high and use feather fall to land safely.

Simalcrim and planar binding can shatter a game.

Enlarge person is not OP in that is game breaking but is is really good.

Cummune without cost is know everything eventually.

Got ninjaed i was responding to Azoriel.

I agree that the helm does not have size limit and can not bring others but is the "you" the wearer even if activated by another party.

That is what I hoped for.

An animal can probably activate a command word item but getting to teleport where you want would be very tricky. I do not thing a zombie of golem can do it all. If the item does then it should work.

The other solution i found was the wayfinder of the stars but it is very expensive and only works once per day instead 3 times. Still if I can get the creature to count as the activater then an animate ship can take along all riders.

I am not sure you can enchant part of a construct as an item.

Yes I do mean the helm is intelligent.

The helm does not allow you cast teleport. It teleports the wearer.

A character wearing this helm may teleport three times per day, instantly transporting himself and objects he might be carrying on his person to a designated destination, exactly as if he had cast the spell of the same name.

Unlike the teleport spell you can not bring anyone with you.

The basic goal I have is to find a way to teleport a colossal creature. It can be done if the creature uses the magic itself but that is hard for mindless undead, constructs and animals.

If impart mind works on constructs that would solve the issue.

I thought the helm may work since it does not cast teleport like the boots do. They issue then is can the helm be brought along since it counts as creature and magic item.

If a colossal construct is wearing an intelligent helm of teleportation and it is activated by the item does the the helm teleport, the construct teleport, or both.

The helm does not have the CL to teleport something colossal.
Since intelligent items count as creatures are they brought along automatically with gear of do they count towards teleport limits?

Is they effect any different with boots?

Can Lyre of Building be used to shape the bay?

For reference a 10 x 10 x 10 cube of stone weighs about 100 tons.
Dirt in the same volume weighs about 40 tons.

Lets assume you need 20 feet of elevation to get above the high tide mark. That means you need between 1 and 2 tons per square foot.

A colossal quadruped ant haul and a heavy lift belt needs a str of 81 to move island in a single trip.

An advanced giant Basilosaurus has a str 51 if it has +2 str item. That means it can move that much earth in 64 trips. If you can use a zombie that allows easy control and no need of the belt.

Sky step allows fast movement.

If you avoid going with an undead you can polymorph it into a smaller form then teleport it. All it carries should merge with the form. Other ways include magic jar or boots of teleportation.

Nice I may use that.

As written he is martial. My PCs scoff at they idea of a high level non caster being the real threat unless taken by surprise.

Blaster I think would be most fun and least likely to end in a few lucky rolls.

If a PC want to bind something wit 15+ HD or gate in something like a plantar or pit fiend would they not almost immediately be missed?

Is it cannot that theses guys are actually infinite in number?

What reasonable defenses against being bound be common enough to be considered standard? Not just spells but plans of action and so on.

So my PC are running through skull and shackles and by they end they want to to take down the hurricane king. The AP does provide stats but I have changed things.

In my world he is known to cast 9th level arcane spells and is thought to be a wizard. He drinks all the time and does whatever seams fun in moment. He does not rule in any real sense so much as no one has been able to knock him off the hill.

My party has witch and cleric has full casters but that is not as flexible as the sorc/wiz list. How far should I have the wizard push it before decides that he is no longer amuses and will simply find some thing else to do.

At his level he can have numerous bound or simed minions, clones, demi planes or simply the ability to hide really well.

How should I build him and to what level should I take him to lead to an exciting conclusion. What actual threats does a 14th level party pose to a 17th level wizard. They will not have all that long to prepare. A few days at most.

An archetype they slows casting somewhat and grants an animal companion at 1st level may be what you want. As for the planer travel you could have the archetype offer favored terrains (different plains). Favored terrain is a ranger class feature.

Since rangers get an AC it could work as well. Would need to make it arcane and give it better spell casting. This variant would be more martial.

There is also a plains walker prestige path. Not sure it fits.

Magus is bit complicated to play. I do not have guide in front of me but you do need to understand that spell combat and spell strike are independent of each other but can mesh very easily.

Magus is a very powerful NOVA class. In PFS is does quite well but can struggle in games that have 6+ encounters in a day.

The are a blast to play and while the very powerful they tend not have simple I win buttons that can trivialize an encounter. I recommend them highly.

Oh I know that blasting is not the most effective way to play a caster.

It can be great fun though.

Thanks for all the advice. I found out that the event is for level 1. I would go with a cleric but my friend will enjoy a pyro sorc more. I will give him orc bloodline and some sort elemental just in case of fire resistance. 4d4+4 is plenty at first level.

Burning arc is much better then scoring ray as a 2nd level blast. Thanks.

The expoiter wizard will suffer more at higher levels. You are right that at low levels he can bump all his blasts. My goal as blaster is to be able to blast 12 times a day. That is why I wait to 8th level to switch over to fireball. I do not like only having 2 or 3 blasts.

I am thinking cleric with a sorc dip for the first four levels. Much more survivable and fire resistance not common there. After that I will go with wizard/sorc.

Still need to determine if exploiter wizard is worth it. Hard to tell since you only add the CL or DC when spend a point. Might run out to fast to be worthwhile.

I agree. Generally a pre racial 18 is not worth it. A 17 can be though.

I found the characters do not level in this event. He just does not know what level it is for. I need to build him the best blaster for each level.

The cleric can memorized his domain spells but the versatility of not needing to memorize your blasts is not to be underrated.

For prebuilt PFS characters what kind of access to items do you get?

okay I see how you are swapping the elemental type now.

The cleric is a neat idea. I see how swapped out the elements.
That build gets a bit mad though since it needs Int 13 for spell focus and cha can not be dumped due to sorc levels and channeling. Dex is not as need though.

How does a cleric gain an extra spell over a specialist wizard.

Domain spontaneity is nice but adding metamagic takes full round action.

Access to the cleric spell list over the first 12 levels is nice.

Gonna have to think that one through.

I am thinking of a human wizard (admixture) with the following progession

S 7 D 14 C 12 I 17 W 12 Ch 12 All level bumps and racial bonuses to int

Trait: Spell Hunter, Magical Knack

L1 Spell focus, Spell Spec(burning hands), Mages Tattoo
L2 [Cross blood sorc Draconic/orc]
L3 Intense Spell
L6 Heighten spell, Preferred spell [Change SS to Scoring ray]
L7 Empower spell
L9 Greater spell focus[switch SS to fireball]
L11 Maximize Spell, Dazing

If rods are fairly easy to get I swap out empower/maximize spell for spell penetration and either improved init or familiar.

Losing admixture for 1 CL or save does not seam worth it.
I am not sure what school arcanist is.

Retraining will be needed at levels 6 and 9

I am pretty good at optimizing but I do not actually play PFS. I am building a blaster caster for friend to use in a dungeon delve.

Personally I would build pure wizard since I like the flexibility to change to any element on the fly and the versatility that comes with being a wizard. I am not sure this will be the best way to for a PFS dungeon delve.

I generally would avoid a dip into sorc just for more damage since you lose early spell access and CL but it may be worth it in PFS.

Fireball is the best blast in the game but it usually not worth to focus on it until you can cast several times. I usually find the flaming hands is good for levels 1-4, scorching ray for 5-8, and fireball can be used at 9+. That way I do not run out of my best spell to early. Does this same logic apply to PFS?

Normally I would go human or elf. If a more focus build would work then a pyro gnome sorc might be the way to go.

Lastly I do not know how available metamagic rods are.

That one works quite well.

good ones.

Floating disk and some wooden walls with arrow slits gives nice cover the archer.

I have bard who does use charm person in fights. He charms the foe then uses bluff or diplomacy to suggest less then optimal tactics against the other PCs or to surrender because they have already lost. This takes at least 2 actions. I am fine with that kind of thing.

Don't hurt them it's a misunderstanding leads to non lethal attacks.

There is 5 of us and only 4 of you give up now leads to 1 guy throwing down his sword. He may even try convince the others. It helps that my PCs have a rep for accepting surrender.

Run away you do not want to be a part of this causes a guy to just leave.

A goz mask or fogcutter lenses and misty/smoky environment will go along way. You can also just add the ability to the creature.

Let it have combo heal/breath of life ability that operates as an immediate action that auto triggers when HP goes below 0 or conditions that would deny actions. (daze, stunned, staggered)

While fog would reduce the effectiveness gaze attacks are an auto thing.

An attack with a weapon the misses lets him sunder the weapon (hard skin)

The drake ability of speed surge is great for a boss. (swift move)

AoEs are better then full attacks for keeping the party alive.

Standard action whirlwind attack.

Maticore tail spines are great for ranged attacks.

poison skin that adds poison to natural attacks and poisons you if you hit with a natural weapon.

High DR with a plot related work around. (Must play a song on a stringed instrument with in 60 feet of it. Make a perform check, reduce DR by the check. Base DR of 40)

I would let ghost sound play the song as well and use CL+int/cha for the skill check.

Nice use cantrips that are good on their own.

Boots of levitation and breeze would allow for slow but long flights. Mage hand would be extra slow but would work.

Ahh, I never got into that.

It wouldn't go over my head i would catch it.

Create pit works well with just anything you put in a pit.

How does a 3rd level character dig a 5 foot cube of stone in 3 hits?

It has 900 HP and hardness of 8. Also realize that A DM is fully within his rights to say your weapon is the wrong type to damage a wall. Picks would work but swords and axes will dull after a few hits and a dagger will be useless.

That never really gets old.

Good stuff Imbcitus.

Web + burning hands. This one begs for familiar with a wand.

Now just put the web in created pit covered by a silent image.

My issue with Hydraulic Shove is that in never seams to work. Pushing folks into pits it always nice though.

Create pit and silent image. That is really nasty.

When one falls in make a bluff check to convince others that you caused the earth swallow him up.

The issue with EE and soften earth is how many times per day you can cast it. If you can remove a 5x5x10 foot area of stone each day how does that compare to what a man with a pick can do. I would guess it to be more.

That would make digging through stone much easier. I wonder how many many hours it takes to dig out a 5 foot cube of stone.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am trying to think of things that would have much larger impact on the world/story/combat then just two 2 spells at random. I want to limit it to 2nd level and lower spells. It is is not a problem if they come from different classes.

My ideas so far
Levitate+ant haul=crane
Add enlarge person for greater effect.
This is not that useful in combat can make construction much easier.

Levitate+glide=limited flight at 3rd level.
This will make crossing a valley rather simple. Also allows a bombing runs over a village.

air bubble+slip stream=much easier underwater adventures.
Sure this one has been thought of before but is worth mentioning.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That would be a good episode but for these purposes, no. They are led by a 6th level expert.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I have found that the barfight can be a refreshing way to show just how powerful the PC have become.

At 5th level the PCs take on the 20 to 40 1st to 3rd level commoners/warriors.

At 8th level the martial does it by himself. If he power attacks he might kill them even with nonlethal.

At 11th level the wizard and oracle team up and win with unarmed strikes.
If they are evil they might just kill them all with single spell.

Beyond that you scale the whole thing up with armies. At one point I had 15h level level party deal with 3000 1st level archers. They simply put up protection from arrows and ignored them.

The Barb had DR and simply walked tore it down with his bare hands.
It was at this point they stopped caring about fortifications and realized that armies mean nothing if the other side as has mid teen NPCs and the other side does not.

To put it different way. If you have a million soldiers and the other side has the JLA can you win?

A caster with a a few enlarger persons memorized along with mook giants using vital strike can make the few hits they get it count for more. Improved vital strike for those with +11 bab. Also remember to use power attack. If you roll damage with your attack roll even a miss can scare them a bit.

To help with accuracy use bless, prayer and haste. That combo is great on any group of mooks.

I like it so far. You write very well. I know that you have not done it yet but I am guessing that Seliax will know protection from/resist fire.

It drives me crazy when I say a main plot line encounter take on road in an 11th level adventure. Or spellcasters without dispel magic. Or timelines the assume the PCs take a week to go 150 miles. Or solos with no ranged ability.

On a different note I have never understood why my most adventures do not react to an alarm. If the BBEG is a caster he should spend 5 10 15 rounds buffing up then go an hunt down them intruders.

Adding in a thing the BBEG must do can prevent his hunting but still puts in a nice time pressure.

So I was wondering how the adventure with the white dragon is coming.

I may have missed it some where upthread.
Also wow on 432 post in this thread.

Homer Simpson is a good example of a low int low wis character.

Based on what what others have said I would go with the 85 IQ. Good examples would include Dan Conner (Roseane). He gets into trouble but is not stupid. He can run a business with difficulty and deals reasonably with others. I say I 7 W 11 or 12 C 11.

Joey has 7 int 10 wis and 13 cha.

Kevin from Daria is most likely a 7 int 9 wis and 10 cha character.

As long as none of your scores above 13 or below 7 then look at the total. Dan Conner is a good everyman with low int.

Joey is plain stupid and is not wise enough to hide it but functions due to being likeable.

Kevin is stupid and makes poor desions and is not really likable enough to overcome it.

Animate dead on gargantuan swimmer to turn it into a fast zombie. Then use mule back cords and heavylift belt. This will let it two your boat.

I really do not care home much wealth the PCs have in non magic items. This often increases their narrative power but not their tactical power.

If they end up owning a castle I have great hook for stories or I can just leave in in the background. Either way does not unbalance the game.

I would not let them convert it to gold to buy magic items.

This chart makes sense to me. The only weird thing is the D4s and I am not sure there is anything in the game that does 5d4 damage.

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