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Mathius's page

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Be awesome if it was.

I missed the -3 in the animal domain so my total drops to 77.

If there was a way to increase cleric level for domains that solve the problem.

I do not think horsemaster would add any levels because every level already works towards this.

If does then that feat would be worth 19 level more levels.

An argument could be made for 3 to make up for the missing level from the animal domain.

Looks like a no on this one. They could use it though.

If we lose EH it will cost us 15 from the feat and 4 from the robe.
Cleric = 19 + 19
Hunter = 1
Boon Companion = 16
Beast rider = 8
Animal ally = 17

Turns out we can still get 4 AC and it frees up 2 more feats.

Can a half elf take an elfin multiclass bonus?
The best chose for this build would be assimir but you can not take that one.

That idea of gorilla gunners is scary. They might even hit touch AC.

Switching to a cleric with the chivalry inquisition and the animal domain frees up a feat since I do not need to be an elf any more. We lose 9 from multiclass bonus but gain 19 from level. If we take Boon companion again that will add 4 from that feat and 2 from beast rider. Total gain is 16 levels.

102 total levels for 5 full level animal companions.

Cleric is nice full caster as well.

Even if we dropped all the boon companions we would still have 4 ACs. Team work feats would be nice to fill in here.

If I was doing this for a real game I think I would want to be a hunter or caviler to make the AC better with teamwork feats. With boon companions x2 and beast rider I can have to full level rhinos at 12th level.

Packmaster hunter or pack lord druid is where I got the ability to split the AC up. Could be caviler as well.

I know animal ally works and all the boon companions work. Pretty sure that Beast rider effects all ACs and not just one.

I think that bloodline and the robe work. Any evidence against it? I can see this going the other way.

Race: Half orc
Class Oracle (Nature) 7/Hunter(Pack Lord) or Druid(Pack Master)1 /Oracle 12
All favored class bonuses to Elf Oracle special
1. Racial Heritage (Elf)
3. Nature Soul
5. Animal Ally
7. Beast Rider (Bonded Mount goes here)
9. Skill Focus (Knowledge Nature)
11. Eldritch Heritage (Sylvan)
13. Boon Companion
15. Boon Companion
17. Boon Companion
19. Boon Companion

Purchase a Robe of Arcane Heritage

Animal Ally=16 druid levels
Blood line= 14 druid levels
Robe = 4 druid levels
Boon Companion = 16 druid levels
Beast rider = 8 druid levels
Bonded mount = 19 druid levels
Favored class = 9 druid levels
Total = 86 Druid levels

Since the bloodline and druid/hunter levels allow any animal companion you can take 1 AC of any type.
2 must meet the mount or beast rider restrictions
1 must meet the Animal all or beast rider restrictions

The last 6 levels can be uses for utility animal or to free up 1 feat.
If the animal is on the beast rider list it will add 2 more levels to the total.

Improved share spell would be terrifying if you could 1/5 duration and have one spell effect them all. You would have to find a way to stay withing 5 feet of them all.

Do not need punishing kick at all for this to work. Ride by attack lets you keep moving after the attack.

One feat with half orc works. Low str hurts. Elephant and rhino are quite nice.

For a high level game I would go with one of those two and wings of flying but that is really expensive.

Not many creatures can reach 22 str.

I know that griffon or hippogriff need the silly stuff but can a roc be used as mount?

If I have level of druid and choose to take roc as my AC and then I take cavalier or other classes that have more restricted AC list what happens?

Can a flying AC be used as a mount with out all the crazy stupid monstrous mount stuff?

Same type of thing but works even more easily: Ride by attack.

Cavalry formation means that you will not interfere with the other charger in any way.

Wheeling charge and feather step make charge lanes easy to find.

Undersized mount or size small take care of any issues that large mounts have trouble with.

Rhino charge gets you move action every turn.

Both chargers will get to lance charge twice every round, share space with each other, ignore allies, ignore difficult terrain.

Just add airwalk to the mounts to get around pits and such or to get flying bad guys.

The downside, how often does a foe live through the first charge from a well build caviler?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One v many fights are boring so make sure every encounter has minions in it.

I would make it cross planes not cross country. Divination at these levels can be crazy so make sure you know what they can an can not find with divination.

Great wyrm red dragon with hoard in use. Perhaps the artifact is in the hoard. Could be a 3 way battle.

The tarrasque should make an appearance.

Fight at the heart of the sun. Fire Immune or just all kinds of dead.

Give the players a chance find out the setting is for the next battle and some time to prep for it.

Try for 6-8 encounters and only a chance to rest once. Nice bonus if no rests. Remember that if they lack something they can travel stupid fast to go and get it. Bound outsiders can cast many a buff on them the party might lack. Wish and miracle will be in play repeatedly.

The spell is not a ray. Assuming that you get to throw the ball as part of the spell it will not work.

It will work if you have to take an action to cast and a second to throw.

Intensify may work more then once. Spell perfection would allow in to add 10 in one go.

Since the spell is instant and there is no language about how long the snowball last I assume you throw it as part of the spell.

That could work. It says that team members have lives outside of you including income but if they are also crew then that can solve that. Either that or just pay them 1sp-1GP a day each. Also simply feeding and housing them might do it.

Their ship is quite small but a once they capture a bigger one that problem will go away.

Hard to get around the martial versatility. At least the scythe is right out.

So the downtime rules give me a good idea of how long it takes to recruit different types of people and how much it costs. You can buy a cult for about 2800 GP and a month of work. The problem is that he will want to take them with him. A one time move costs half of the organizations cost. If he is always moving them around how often should he have to pay the half cost thing?
Once and just call it mobile?
Every month?
Every year?

I doubt that he will want them to earn for him very often but he will want them serve him.

Good for recruitment and costs but the mobility is a factor.

Two of them claim that they are not cannibals since they are Tieflings and would not eat and outsider while the others are monk of Zon-Kuthon and a witch.

The cult builder is a gnome bard.

I will have to point that out to him. The cult builder has so far refrained from cannibalism but has helped prepare the meals. The other 4 are Hannibal Lector like and do at least respect Urgathoa.

I think he wants to try an build his cult based on not giving them to the other PCs. I will not let that one fly.

My got said a diplomacy 60 might have got them to stick around but yeah they are way down the rabbit hole.

I think I will have to look at leadership to get an idea for numbers. This number could be those who seek him out with all of their crazy.

Thing is he wants to play out gathering the followers and making them his. I am not sure what that process should be. I realize that for most NPCs it will not even be possible but for evil or impressionable it should be doable but hard.

I guess I have to wait a few days for this one but I think it will make my players happy.

This is for a skull and shackles game and the PCs are EVIL. Not just evil or Evil but EVIL. When the met some ghouls the subdued them and turned them into crew. The even engage in cannibalism with them.

One player had convinced some fellow sailors follow him with several good diplomacy checks. He was upset when I had them run screaming from the above activities. Turns out he would have been okay with a roll against he a DC he could not make but might be able to some day.

I have no problem with cult building in this game. The player would like some rules for it and I do mind providing some but I am not sure where to begin. He wants to be able to try for both brainwashing of willing recruits and Stolkhom syndrome.

Is there a good set rules for this anywhere? They will be on a ship so it will have to be mobile.

The cultists are not intended to increase combat power and I know that leadership is a thing but I do not want a cohort. Also the number of followers is not that high.

Get your mount benevolent armor to get more benefit from bodyguard.

Calth: I have to agree with MrTsFloatinghead. Your interpretation makes little sense. Casting a weapon like spell only uses the hand they use to make the attack with not the hand that cast the spell. Rays do not have a hand and touch spells can be delivered with spell strike. The casting is not a weapon ever. That casting gives you a weapon and you choose how to deliver it.

A stilled touch spell with a wielded item each hand can not be delivered. The ray can.

The also specify that it is like two weapon fighting so that you can not spell combat and two weapon fight if you have 3 hands.

Calth, even if you are correct that rays and touch spells are weapons that still would not prevent Precise Strike strike.

Casting a spell does not use a hand at all unless it has somatic component. Even then you cold still cast the spell and open a door witch requires a free hand. You can not do that while wielding two weapons.

If you cast a touch spell it still only uses the off hand to cast it not to attack with it. You attack with your primary hand twice. The simple act of casting a spell does not count attacking with a weapon.

You would only be right if they magus chose to deliver the spell as touch spell and not with spell strike through the weapon.

If I cast a still ray spell while holding a rod in may off hand and a dagger in my primary hand I can still shoot the ray. Shooting the ray does not need a hand at all.

I think the best way to run damage to do any damage not multiplied on a crit only once. Any other damage would be added to each damage roll.

A rider effect (like bleed or ability damage) is only done once.

Anything that effects an attack roll is used only on the first D20 roll. (true strike)

Anything that effects an attack modifies everything. (dragon style)

[Not just for this]Things that add more Xstr should be additive and not substitution. Could give them bonus types if you do not want them all to stack together) This way an offhand attack on a pounce or pummeling charge will not do 2x str when used with horn of the CS.

It is not clear at all to me. Basically does this count one attack with many attack rolls or many attacks.

Is there rules text to go one way or the other?

I do not see it that way at all. I think it one giant hay maker or round house not a bunch quick attacks.

If it was like those then you could get many touch spells into it but I do not think that is what is intended. I do not think it is like clustered shots.

If it is one attack then an ability like stunning fist should hit if any of attacks hit. Also only one touch spell can be delivered. An ability that effects one attack but not one attack roll would effect everything.

True strike is you next attack roll. Dragon style is your first attack.

What about miss chance and deflection abilities?

What about critical hit riders like blinding or stunning? Do I get one for each attack roll?

I am asking more from a theory stand point then for a game I will play in.

My opinion is that a stunning fist should land if any of the hits can hit and that only rider may be applied (chill touch/SA/elemental blades).

The double damage effects I think should apply to every attack since it effects the charge and not a damage roll. Same for pounce.

This gets weird with two weapon fighting since it should only do .5 str for the off hand but the feat makes it 2x. If we turn the feat into adds then we can combine dragon style, ferocity and horn for 3x damage.

Also deflection and miss chance should only apply once to the whole thing.

If what you say is true then I can use a feat like two weapon rend with pummeling style. If I have chill touch cast I can deliver more then one set of damage with this attack.

I personally lean towards the one hit instead of many. It is clearly more then one attack roll but is it more then one damage roll?

I suppose that it could be mulitpul attack and damage rolls but still be only one attack.

Pummeling Style:
As a full-round action, you can pool all your attack potential in one devastating punch. Make a number of rolls equal to the number of attacks you can make with a full attack or a flurry of blows (your choice) with the normal attack bonus for each attack. For each roll that is a hit, you deal the normal amount of damage, adding it to any damage the attack has already dealt from previous rolls (if any). If any of the attack rolls are critical threats, make one confirmation roll for the entire attack at your highest base attack bonus. If it succeeds, the entire attack is a confirmed critical hit.

If I use stunning fist with a PS does my first attack roll have to hit (many attacks) or any of the rolls (One attack)

If combined with Horn of the Criosphinx do I get 2x str on only the first attack roll (Many hits) or all attack rolls (One hit)

Either way has ramifications. If it is many hits then sneak attack or ability damage should be able to be done many times. If it is one hit then effect that effect only one attack get used on all attacks.

For that matter do all of the attack rolls get +2 to hit from charge?

investments return 5-15 percent a year but since he is transporting it himself then he should make more.

If you make the cargo a good source of income then it will be something he will want to protect. That is handing you a good plot hook. If he invests his earning is more cargo then this really does not effect WBL at all. Let PCs use trade to become wealthy but make sure they no how unbalancing a load of magic items can be to a game and tell them to use their extra money for social power.

trade goods

This should be a place to start. Beyond that you will need to add in a scarcity modifier and maybe a haggling system. Ultimate campaign might also be useful for its downtime rules.

I have no idea ifcaravan rules are any good but they are there. There is even some feats for them.

Multi armed in the race builder even says that you get more off hands.

Vestigial arms clearly do not do this.

Can we assume that any monster published before that book with more then 2 arms has this trait?

If so having more arms would not necessarily give you that race trait and edilons would not get it because the do not get race traits.

If one does not get extra attacks from having more then one does a Skeleton, Four-Armed Mudra gain three extra short sword attacks?

So if I have 4 arms I could two weapon fight with great swords. The first would be at 1.5 str and the second at .5(maybe 1) str. If I had a 5th arm I could add in a shield for all that goodness. I could also use two more limbs to cast spell while holding a rod? That would have to be quickened to all in one round.


Silver from the lone ranger

Necromancers are not really all that fun. Having a host of undead is powerful but can bog down game play easily.

I would go druid, they are actually not a hard class to play and very flexible.

Since the feat uses the word punch I would say that at least one of you attacks has to be a punch. I would even say that it has to be the first attack. Where ever that punch goes then all the rest of the attacks follow.

A ZA could punch you then follow up with arrow attacks but it would not be a flurry. Also very stupid. This feat might be great with natural weapons since you I think some of them can be 19-20 instead of just 20 for a crit.

As GM I would not allow weapons to be used for this unless they modify unarmed strikes.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Best hook I have ever used was to have a wench bring breakfest to the PCs 3 days in a row and then replace her with a young man instead. I mentioned nothing else but the PCs started asking about her. I had no plot planned that way but all of a sudden the cult I wanted them to investigate had taken her. Totally skipped the getting hired bit.

I think AndIMustMask has you best option. I would let Natan's idea work as GM but the benefit of two separate blades is that they will each have their own pool and abilities. Two level 17 blades will will be quite nice.

If endless ammo worked for reloading that would be great and solve the whole thing. As far as I can tell there is no way to use GP to speed reloading. Reloading hands only reloads something 1 time a round and has short duration.

Okay, yeah this is overpriced.
Frankly an item that just added +X to Y level would be better. I would make it something you have to wield in order to benefit from.

These rings are very expensive but you will get more slot then you claim.

A 20th level wizard can have an int of 40 with out to much trouble and sorc can do the same with cha. That gives 4 bonus spells witch would also be doubled.

What you are really paying for is the versatility. I can use PoP to spam the same buff over the whole group but this item doubles the buffs I can do that with. Also lets you leave open many more slots for niche spells.

Not sure if wands (with staff like wand) or scrolls would be cheaper party buffs.

Depends on the item but should work. The item could go back on its word.

I have informed my PCs that yes it can be done but even with a nat 20 you do not have the skill. 20s do not auto pass skill checks. If they can somehow find a way to scrap up an extra +X I will let them roll.

The missing skill points on the regular roc are spent on fly to overcome the sze penalty. Inside I would not ride it but outside you should. Having some ranks in ride is all you need.

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