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Mathius's page

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That would be a good episode but for these purposes, no. They are led by a 6th level expert.

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I have found that the barfight can be a refreshing way to show just how powerful the PC have become.

At 5th level the PCs take on the 20 to 40 1st to 3rd level commoners/warriors.

At 8th level the martial does it by himself. If he power attacks he might kill them even with nonlethal.

At 11th level the wizard and oracle team up and win with unarmed strikes.
If they are evil they might just kill them all with single spell.

Beyond that you scale the whole thing up with armies. At one point I had 15h level level party deal with 3000 1st level archers. They simply put up protection from arrows and ignored them.

The Barb had DR and simply walked tore it down with his bare hands.
It was at this point they stopped caring about fortifications and realized that armies mean nothing if the other side as has mid teen NPCs and the other side does not.

To put it different way. If you have a million soldiers and the other side has the JLA can you win?

A caster with a a few enlarger persons memorized along with mook giants using vital strike can make the few hits they get it count for more. Improved vital strike for those with +11 bab. Also remember to use power attack. If you roll damage with your attack roll even a miss can scare them a bit.

To help with accuracy use bless, prayer and haste. That combo is great on any group of mooks.

I like it so far. You write very well. I know that you have not done it yet but I am guessing that Seliax will know protection from/resist fire.

It drives me crazy when I say a main plot line encounter take on road in an 11th level adventure. Or spellcasters without dispel magic. Or timelines the assume the PCs take a week to go 150 miles. Or solos with no ranged ability.

On a different note I have never understood why my most adventures do not react to an alarm. If the BBEG is a caster he should spend 5 10 15 rounds buffing up then go an hunt down them intruders.

Adding in a thing the BBEG must do can prevent his hunting but still puts in a nice time pressure.

So I was wondering how the adventure with the white dragon is coming.

I may have missed it some where upthread.
Also wow on 432 post in this thread.

Homer Simpson is a good example of a low int low wis character.

Based on what what others have said I would go with the 85 IQ. Good examples would include Dan Conner (Roseane). He gets into trouble but is not stupid. He can run a business with difficulty and deals reasonably with others. I say I 7 W 11 or 12 C 11.

Joey has 7 int 10 wis and 13 cha.

Kevin from Daria is most likely a 7 int 9 wis and 10 cha character.

As long as none of your scores above 13 or below 7 then look at the total. Dan Conner is a good everyman with low int.

Joey is plain stupid and is not wise enough to hide it but functions due to being likeable.

Kevin is stupid and makes poor desions and is not really likable enough to overcome it.

Animate dead on gargantuan swimmer to turn it into a fast zombie. Then use mule back cords and heavylift belt. This will let it two your boat.

I really do not care home much wealth the PCs have in non magic items. This often increases their narrative power but not their tactical power.

If they end up owning a castle I have great hook for stories or I can just leave in in the background. Either way does not unbalance the game.

I would not let them convert it to gold to buy magic items.

This chart makes sense to me. The only weird thing is the D4s and I am not sure there is anything in the game that does 5d4 damage.


Do you know how the D4s work?

Fighter 2 can shore really help any martial build find the feats it needs.

Mutation warrior is great but the one with 4 skill points and free combat expertise is good to.

How would increase or decrease 4d4, 5d4, 7d4 an other prime d4s increase?

How would 6d4 increase? It could be 4d6 or 3d8. Once we know that any other divisible by 6 is easy to do.

Once y=2 or greater the progression is always yd6 yd8 1.5yd6 1.5d8

That means that 16d6 16d8 then 24d6 24d8 then 36d6 36d8

I am not sure there is any combination in the game that will allow a PC to get to 36d6 but at least we know how.

I can not site a source but I would go with 1x str for the longspear. I would also make power attack do -1 for +2 damage.

I know that is it a house rule but I have every 1/2 str make PA better by 1.

I would allow razortusk as well as tusked for any race that it makes sense for. I can see catfolk, goblin, orc, half orc and maybe some other.

The ring is probably the best way to, but 5K for a non big 6 item is quite painful before 7th or 8th level.

I can also see giving up cat's luck for a bite.

For any core race that is true but it makes sense for catfolk. Just make it a race trait available to any race decent teeth and note that adopted does not let you take it.

Or it represents surgery.

That is a very nice bite but is limited in the number to rounds/day. Still possible worthy it. Not being secondary is nice.

life before net makes sense

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Any word on the adventure with the white dragon?

Might have missed it somewhere.

Also, love your slow posting blog. Filled with good stuff.

Not that long distance shipping makes any sense when you can just teleport but hey since it goes by ship anyway I would love to know just how much stuff flows through the area.

I always figured that Cheliax still traded with them it just cost more since they no longer own the place.

I doubt their are enough Sargavian ships to carry all the stuff so others need to send their own ships.

Most of the goods get through anyway just nor necessarily with the same owner. I am sure many merchants love buying up the plunder from the pirates and then take it to wear it was going anyway. They just have to hope they do not get pirated before the can get away.

It is not a CR 8. It is CR 7 since you have 6 PCs.

Just remember that you need to add 50 percent your exp budget to get the same CR when you have 6 players.

Not having a cleric will make this tougher but the paladin might be able to channel by then. I figure that the fighter, paladin, and magus should be able to deal with a ghoul each in 1 round. The bomber may need more then 1 bomb to kill them but he can hit 2-4 of them in a single shot.

Alot of the witch stuff will not work on undead and rogue part will be low. Unless this character goes for buffing they will probably not be useful.

If the bard has the same spells his best bet is counter spelling the bard. Countersong can be nice as well.

No full casters means no 3rd level spells. At least 1 well place fireball will not end the encounter.

You can have ghouls run if the bard dies early.

I doubt you need levels for the ghouls. A single level and eq will add far more then 1 CR to these guys.

Since ghouls are really not designed as ranged combatants and they have a crippling rider on their melee attacks I think having 3 of them start of using crossbows makes the encounter easier.

The long hallway idea is a good one but since the ghouls will not be able to attack in the surprize round and simply move in i do not think it merits extra exp. Also i suspect that the PCs should be able to trip the encounter early they may be able to turn things around.

You have 4800 exp in this encounter, enough for CR 7 fight against 6 PCs. If they are level 3 they will find this very very hard since ghouls are quite tough for their CR. A level 5 party will chew through this pretty fast since ghoul HP and defenses are low enough that 1 or 2 will fall to each PCs standard action. A lucky cleric channel could clear them all out and if the cleric has quick channel and bursts of twice he can clear all the mooks on his turn (at 5th level).

I suggest removing 2 ghouls and 1 small ghoul for a 3rd level party and adding 2-4 more ghouls for a 5th level party. If the PCs fall for the ambush they will be in real trouble but if they can prevent themselves from being surrounded they fight should be tough be fair.

If the PCs can target the bard early on and deal with him they fight will be easy. This cold be done by an archer, flight, acrobatics, or spells. Command undead of a fireball might take him out real fast.

Based on some super rough estimates I have come up with Cheliax as having a size of 2700 hexes and Sargava as having around 900. This of course assumes that my eyeball estimate of size is remotely close and that every hex is actually claimed.

Another factor is that Cheliax has 367,515 population in notable settlements while 26,600. Since most population is rural i think we can multiply these figures by 10. Based on population Cheliax is 14 times bigger instead of the 3 times geography would suggest.

Looking at ultimate rulership we can determine population of hex but i need to find a way to from population to economy instead of the other way around.

The Shackles lives by siphoning off some of the trade between the inner sea and Garund.

I think most ships that go through this area would be come out of Sargava.

It is clear that trade runs from Sargava to Cheliax.

I am not sure what other countries would have a treaty with Sargava.

I want to try and use the the the UC rules to figure how much potential plunder travels through the region. Based on these rules it would be a 10 percent of the combined economy total of those two countries.

Now we just need to figure out what the economy stat would be for each country.

The first step would be to figure out the size of each country.

bump again

This sounds out of my league. I am just glad that I can use it. Now I just need to get my program to open it. My excel is old and open office is screwy.

This sheet is a good reason to fix a nagging problem.

I have thought about mass combat in pathfinder but always seams to me that a 11+ level party can simply just tear through any amount of level 1-3 characters.

Chemlak that assumes that the reduction in unrest does not go away when you demolish the house. It does not seam all that awful to allow 3BP and 1 build (and your free build) to be used to reduce unrest by 1. All it does is save you a lot. Of course if tearing in down does not cause an increase in unrest then only reason to not tear them down is save on build edicts. I guess the 1 BP can mean something as well but in general I think I want my lots to actually do something.

That means that tearing down a tenement would not reduce unrest. I think I am okay with that to. People would not be happy to have their house torn down.

Now that I think about the house trick does not actually work. I would build then only when i have unrest and then slowly demo them and kill the unrest with stability checks. The main issue is that houses and tenements have no long term benefit so I would rather use that space for something that does.

The neighborhood rule helps with that since you can use the lot for other things.

I really like the idea of population tracking. It really bothered me that it did not exist in UC. The hex modifiers are great.

I am not sure about using them in settlements. It does solve the problem for river or coastal cities but a city with out those has very hard time gaining population. I am thinking about using your half and doubled building values based on squares but you will not get the higher item availability or spellcasting or modifiers until you have the population.

Conversely you can benefit from being a town or city sooner if you can get your population up before you fill the grid.

This would be a reason to leave tenements up. They really would boost your population.

I really like that hex improvements are far better then city improvements. This encourages expansion.

That's what I thought. Makes the brickyard and the lumberyard incredibly good investments since terrain improvements are already the best bank for your buck. A foundry is nice but but more limited because it only effects one mine.

Is there any reason to have a stability or loyalty greater then your control DC?

It seams that maximizing economy while just getting but on the others is your best bet for fast safe growth.

I tend to dig into the math as well. Since the river and coast multipliers are in effect then the numbers make more sense.

Thanks Jason for a great project.

New question: how is a the lumber mill supposed work? I understand the price drop part but how is the extra BP supposed to work?

I was just doing some math.

I am I doing something wrong with the population by building or are the figures to low?

A town is supposed to have more then 200 residents and take up more 2-4 squares

We start our settlement as a village and build a monastery, library, and brewery. That is a village of 35 monks.

Lets say the beer the brew is quite good and someone wants to build a bar to sell it. We add in a house and a tavern. We are now in "town" with only 140 population.

This is much worse at the town/city boundary. A city is supposed to have more then 5000 residents. The only way I can find is to abuse the heck out the neighborhood rules. If you build 16 tenement/jails you end up with 2400 residents in your town. Since population is doubled for cities that will be 4800 once you expand. In order to qualify by population you would need build a building that add at least 100 population base. There are many that do not.

With the jail/tenement combo a district has maximum population of 10800. Even if we wait until the first district is totally full of this crazy combo we still end up with a metropolis of less then 11K residents.

Also the figures for many things seam quite low since they are not just 1 store but a whole district. The numbers seam to better represent just 1 or 2 such establishments.

Also, with greater demiplane you can put add gate to the plane. This gate can open to the abyss.

If I plane shift to the astral and then actually find some other plane do I need to use plane shift to cross that boundary?

Basically can some astral thing just come along and jump into my plane with out plane shift.

Glad I found this. I hope this means I need not do math to track a kingdom. I like urule.

Now I just need to get excel to work.
Not your sheet just my stupid PC.

Wow thanks for the fast response.

A house costs 3 to build. A house cost 1 to tear down and only 2 to rebuild. Since your first house can be free this essentially means that you can spend 3 BP per settlement to drop an unrest.

Now that I think about that is not really a bad thing. Basically you renovate the neighborhood and kill some unrest.

Also means tenements can make a buffer for you. Just tear them down if an event give you a bunch of unrest.

Edit:Just realized that demolition uses a build edict.

Also I was wondering why their is no discount for building a small building then upgrading?

Also why do big giant builds give discounts on small things and not the other way around?

I do not quite understand the neighborhood rule.

Does this mean that I could get 8 buildings into one square as long as four of them are houses?

If I build a building that deals with unrest does that mean that reduces or adds that every month or just once?


I kill 2-3 PCs over the course of most campaigns. These are almost always in boss encounters and usually result in a new PC.

At cons I kill about 1 PC every 90 min. (not PFS)

Running ODnD I kill one PC every 10 min. This is not a big deal since making a new PC takes 30 seconds and give a guy a chance to get some pizza or whatever before the rest are dead or back in town.

If you have cleric ally you can use wind walk to follow them.

If you can sneak onto their ship and hide, have your invisible familiar carry around the focus gem while you magic jar them all to death.

Water breathing should allow you to get under their boat and put a hole in it.

If you have access to planer binding, an air elemental should be fast enough to catch the ship.

If you know where they are going to be in a few days you can plane shift twice and hope this gets you close enough to head them off at the pass.

A tree feather token dropped from up high breaks a ship.

Fast zombie with a good swim speed and quad move forever and overtake a ship. Same with a flier.

Fireball gets most of the crew. Wall of fire burns a ship up.

Magic hat lets you join the crew.

So I am running skull and shackles and my PCs went off the rails. They are 8th level and just claimed bag island for their own.

Bag island itself looks big enough to cover 5 hexes and another 10 unclaimed hexes for the loop of surrounding islands.

The 3 settlements in the exist in the kingdom the smallest has 3 buildings while the largest has 6. I base this on population.

What would you put in each one and would you have any hex improvements?

Also how would you account for all the trade coming through?

I do not want build each pirate lords little kingdom but the all the crossing trade agreements should be econ boost. Also they would not have trade routes but instead pray on them.

I guess I just need a little guidance on how to run things from here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Create greater demi plane twice two get to gates. The first is at the aggressor army, the second at the capital.

This works even better then the teleportation circle. Wagons can easily fit through the gate and it is now just a matter of marching 1/10 of mile instead 450.

Create a simulacrum of a genie. Have it create 3 more. In less then a day you can have 20k genies and they grant every solider +6 to all stats.

Dominate/charm/copy a great wyrm red dragon an use his at will wall of fire from beyond arrow range to burn up the defending army.

Any outsider with greater teleport can drop rocks on the defending army from a mile up.

Convert the wizards items to cash and it is enough for 30K troops. Just buy half the enemy army.

two world magic is what I was thinking off.

I have also house ruled that you can double up traits in a category with the extra traits feat. Spellhunter is nice but the fluff does not work for many a build. I have no problem letting in two magic traits if you spent a feat. Besides he then has reactionary for init and a skill one.

I was wrong about the stone.

I think there is a trait that adds it to the list. Also there is an ioun stone.

Touch of fatigue makes sense with spellstrike while arcane mark works RAW is not RAI in my opinion.

Great guide.

At second level this allows a magus to get a second attack all them time using touch of fatigue.

Do not forget they still need to make a concentration check if they are threatened to cast defensively. Also the spell cast in spell combat need not be a touch spell. They can cast haste or color spray just fine.

This not related to your questions but to high level play in general.

Do not be afraid to take the gloves off. PCs have so many resources at their disposal that even killing 3 out of 4 them may only slow them down a little. That said if you target their gear it can really hurt so do that with caution. Know what they can do so you know how much killing them actually hurts. If they are new to high level play then they may not be aware of how easy it is to get around death.

Also do not be surprised if the PCs can just bypass encounters with creative spell use or the that martial can kill anything with one full attack.

Knowing the rules in advance will save you a lot of time. Glad you got the help you need there.

I am not kasatha are a very balance race.
They are high on the racial points scale and have no weaknesses.

For those who run published materiel.

Many times info or details are available on a simple roll. Just give these to the PCs.

Never make give them a chance to fail at getting need info unless you have way to get it to them a different way. If the different way is simply an NPC speaking up or other minor thing that cost the PCs nothing just give it to them.

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