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Marvolio's page

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Although there may be less profit in demonstrating mastery of the Arts Arcane to the peasantry of our venerable homeland, it's always good to touch base with the ancient shores of our birth. If nothing else, surely a re-gathering of the old families will open up new avenues for profit, as well as rekindle fond memories.

Perhaps there is real Pathfinder business to be found in our ancient home. Or perhaps the Society can be drawn here to serve our own purposes. Either way, the cleverest man wins. That's a deal I'm always willing to take.


What it should be:

•Belt: belts, sashes and girdles.
•Body: robes, gowns, vestments and suits of armor
•Chest: mantles, slips, shirts and vests.
•Face: glasses, goggles, veils and masks.
•Feet: boots, shoes and slippers.
•Hands: gauntlets and gloves.
•Held (up to two): shields, weapons, wands, rods or items.
•Head: headbands, phylacteries, circlets, crowns, hats and helms.
•Loins: kilts, skirts and trousers.
•Neck: amulets, brooches, medallions, necklaces, periapts and scarabs.
•Ring (up to two): rings.
•Shoulders: capes and cloaks.
•Wrist: bracelets and bracers.

I've added a "Loins" slot, and combined the "body" and "armor" slots. This cuts down on potential layering while keeping allowing reasonable slots.

Instead of "eyes," there's a "face" slot above. That includes masks, which are worn on the front of the head, rather than on top.

To be balanced, I removed the "forehead" slot and combined it with the "head" slot. Wearing a headband and a circlet doesn't make much sense.

I also changed the "shield" slot to a "held" slot, representing any number of handheld items, including any weapons, or other items in hand.

I think that list would make the most sense, when considering the range of items available.


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When I think about it, Aroden's plan was to descend from his plane to rule an empire in the Prime Material Plane directly. There's probably a reason that gods don't get to do that.

Since he died just as his return was about to occur, it seems likely that some other deity (or consortium of deities) immediately took advantage of his change in status from divine to physically incarnate, to slay him for his presumptuousness. And let's face it, "I'm going to come back and rule the world in person" is pretty presumptuous, in a game world that's otherwise constantly balanced between opposing deities fighting over it.

If a god could come rule the Prime Material Plane in person from the center of a physical/geographic empire, then they'd all try to do it. What keeps them from doing it is likely that such a step makes you potentially subject to dying (which they are not so long as they remain in their Outer Plane). The Prime Material Plane is constantly in a "Mexican standoff" situation between all of the outer deities. That's what makes the game multiverse fun.

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Have I mentioned lately that I'd love an AP that delves more into what exactly happened to him or deals with the remnants of his followers?

As I understand it, most of Aroden's followers went over to Iomedae, his herald at the time. That's why she's called "the Inheritor."

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